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Vistaprint is an online supplier of printed and promotional materials as well as marketing services to micro businesses and consumers. Customers are unhappy with business cards, monthly fees, ordering and customer service. The company offers printed marketing materials, promotional products and marketing services such as copywriting, design, Websites and postcard mailing.

Consumer Complaints & Reviews

Extremely disappointed in Vistaprint. We ordered a shirt that was especially designed for a gift. I purposely ordered it on 8/7/2016 to ensure that it would be processed and delivered by 8/24/2016. According to Vistaprint and the tracking number it says that the item was delivered and left in our mailbox. We live in an apartment complex and I check our mailbox multiple times a day. It was not delivered to our mailbox, leasing office or front door. I needed this delivery before 8/24/2016 because it is intended as a gift for someone who we are flying to see.

When I called to inquire about the whereabouts of my package the customer service representative Robert ** informed me that they could reissue me a new item, which they no longer had the correct size and it wouldn't be to me before we left or he would refund me for the original product. I question why they could not identify who the package was left with or where it was delivered and Roberts response to me was, there was nothing more they could do for me.

This is extremely frustrating because I am on top of all our orders and deliveries and I have never had this problem before. I even asked if they could overnight me the product and he said they would not because they could not ensure that the product would be complete within the three business day window. If you have a customer who paid for a product and the company fails to deliver the product it's shameful. I also should note that I paid extra for the shipping and handling to have it sent via UPS rather than USPS. I will never use vistaprint again and I would highly advise others to think twice prior to using them.

I have now had to cancel my second Visa debit card because Vistaprint continue to illegally debit my funds. My bank has successfully gained some refunds but state that some amounts have been outstanding for over 45 days and can't be re-debited. These are not small amounts. 14/5/16 $47.98, 4/3/16 $37.87, 24/2/16 $42.98 + more. At least they are consistent, taking out the same amounts every month. I will NEVER AGAIN USE VISTAPRINT as they scam your account. The little saving is gobbled up by scamming your account for months and months after your order. Be very careful of these people. They are definitely not ethical as per my experience on several occasions. Vistaprint, if you are honest people you will contact me through this complaint and refund my money. Anyone else had this problem as well as me and a friend? We may have a class action.

I ordered my wedding invitations through Vistaprint on the recommendation of a couple friends who recently got married. I really enjoyed the vast amount of templates as well as how customizable each one was. I ordered them and while reviewing them after ordering I noticed that somehow my fiancé and I had put this years date instead of next years date on the invites! I was devastated because I thought it would be super expensive to reorder and we are on a fairly tight budget.

I decided to send an email to them to see if we could cancel them before they were shipped but they had already shipped. I thought we were out of luck and would be paying another $200 to print new invitations. But they offered to put a credit on the account equal to what we had paid originally for the invites so that we could reorder them. So to order new invites with the proper date it cost us $30! I am super impressed with both the quality as well as how much they helped get us the invites with the right date on them - which was ultimately our fault. I was super impressed with how amazing and accommodating they were.

We were/are totally flabbergasted that in this age of 2016 a business would send all of your personal info through the web to your email! Even after we emailed Customer "Service" the Obvious, to quit sending our name/bank/address/etc to our email... they Continue to do so. From now on we will pay more and order Locally. They get an F grade.

My daughter needed business cards for a pet grooming shop she was opening and managing for a local veterinarian service. The vet was going to order cards from a commercial printer but we couldn't be sure when the cards would be ordered or when they would arrive. I ordered one box of cards from Vistaprint to tide her over until the other cards would arrive. The online tools to create a card were a little bit limited but certainly adequate. There wasn't quite as much business-specific stock art as I might have liked but I did find an illustration and a layout that I liked once I adjusted the font, type size, colors, etc.

The cards arrived on the day they were supposed to (less than a week after I ordered them, and without paying extra for faster shipping). The print quality was excellent (better than I had expected for the price). The card stock was just a bit thinner than I might have chosen if I had actual samples to choose among - they do offer heavier stock at a slightly higher price - but the cards looked really good. The cards that the vet had ordered elsewhere arrived nearly two weeks later. Those cards had cost more and they were on barely thicker stock, but the print quality wasn't any better and the design wasn't nearly as nice. We will definitely be going to Vistaprint when we need more cards.

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I've ordered many products from them and have been very pleased. Unfortunately I made an error with the dates on one of my orders. Not only did they correct the error, but they reprinted them without charge!

Something happened to Vistaprint since I started to use them a decade ago. The last business cards I received look bad at the first sight. The fact they shipped bad product to me means no one looked at it before shipping. That indicates gaped quality control process that may hurt these guys in a long run. And with bad QC there is no guarantee it won't happen again. There were just too many obvious flaws in printing like random paint stains and cutting (rough edge) that should have been picked up at final check before shipping. I noticed these in first 3 seconds after taking the new card out of the box.

Also, the overall print resolution is very low and when I compare it with my old business cards, it makes new ones not acceptable to be handed over to new potential customer. What happened guys? I added one more star because they process my refund immediately which deserves recognition. I wish I could give them 3 start but I cannot say I was satisfied with the experience, so two stars is what the truth is. I wish Vistaprint tighten quality check process to prevent more customers walking away. Good luck.

Created a custom banner but when finished could not edit to include as outdoor material with grommets. Phoned in and the rep had to re-create my banner which seemed fine because I reviewed it again before clicking to order and pay. When the banners arrived the logo is distorted and looks terrible. THEIR ONLINE ORDERING IS NOT WYSIWYG! What a waste of time, money and effort for my small business. I can't believe the printer would actually, with a sound mind, print the banners all fuzzy and distorted but the rest of the contact information clear and concise. Not what I signed off on to have printed! I had ordered a banner in 2015 from Vistaprint using their own stock setup and the same thing happened. They were having a "sale" last month and forgetting my 2015 experience used them again.

Vistaprint does fine with business cards but they should leave the banners and such to experienced professionals. Now this small business has to find another vendor and get the banners done correctly for an upcoming event (and pay rush services now that the Vistaprint ones look like **!). I would advise avoiding Vistaprint for any banners and such. Go ahead and get your business cards here cheap but go elsewhere for any type of quality banner.

I will never order from this company again. It took a week after my estimated date to get my business card so don't pay your extra cash as well as I never received my promo box. They don't tell you it takes a month or more before you receive it in the mail so that they can charge you the full price. So you're not really getting a free trial like they tell you. I called to try to cancel the promo box. The rep would not do it for me. I had to figure it out online myself.

They made the product as promised with excellent service and quality. I would love to work with them again.

Please do not spend your time making cards, brochures and other business related items at Vistaprint. I used their services for over 10 years and spent countless hours designing labels and brochures as well as business cards. They have problems now and you cannot access your portfolio to make any changes to your materials. I am told (for the past 6 months) they are "working on it." They now tell me I have to go through all the things that I have ordered, place the item in my shopping cart, and then I can edit them. They do not seem to understand that I do not have time to go through endless (over 100) items to locate them and make changes. They also do not have a way to allow you to delete things you no longer order, which makes it VERY time consuming to have to go through 100's of items that you do not even use any longer.

They charge excessive shipping fees on top of everything else. I am so upset that I will be forced to pay yet another company to do these cards, labels and brochures, the set up fees alone would be astronomical. I urge you, if you have a business and plan to use the same design for your items FIND A REPUTABLE company that you can depend on for years. It grieves me that I have spent countless hours designing materials that I can no longer access.

Horrible experience. Ordered bookmarks for my father's funeral and paid for expedited shipping to make sure I had the memorial bookmark for the funeral. I received an email less than 36 hours before the service that there was problem meeting the deadline. I called and spent over an hour on hold and got cut off four times. I finally spoke with a person and they said they will miss the deadline. I got a refund but that does not really help me with the funeral, they should not commit to a delivery they can't meet! I'll never use them again and recommend you think twice before using them.

Entered Vistaprint website through page promising 500 business cards for $9.99. Designed cards with a B/W back side, which the design page said would cost an additional $2.99 (discounted from about $5.99). Charged $9.74 for the back side. Maybe we missed a notification, but that was a surprise. Triple what we expected. Not a lot of money, but we have not done business printing for about 5 years, and wanted to determine if this company was still on the ball. We have always been happy with their service and products in the past. Chatted with Customer Support. Refunded the full $9.74 plus taxes on the spot and emailed us the proof. That's service, we think. Extraordinary.

Ordered business cards and they have not arrived, not one Vistaprint representative "knows" where they are or could track them down. Vistaprint offered to reship them for a Tuesday arrival date, but frankly, I am not convinced the new shipment will arrive... This one didn't. I have no faith left in this company's promises. Besides that, I needed them last evening (estimated date of arrival) for a business meeting I scheduled specifically around the arrival of these, not four days from today. They have cost me money in business. Why can they not overnight these business cards? Nicholas in customer service offered me a full refund and to resend the order, but... A full refund does not cover the business that I have now lost due to not having my items.

I was transferred to a manager, Vanessa... She still only offered two days shipping on new order, with full refund. So now I am out hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars because I will not have the items I ordered and paid for and expected to have, by their promised date. Vanessa refused to even try asking the post office where my items were. She assumes they were tell her they don't know. She's not trying very hard, is she? Should've gone with Moo... My husband convinced me to go with Vistaprint because they were cheaper. You really do get what you pay for.

I have been ordering from this company for the past 6 years. Always liked their service, however in the past 6 months I have had to phone in on a few occasions to correct mistakes. One project I received a refund since the mistake was made on their part. The refund which is held in your account has an expiry date. It's my refund and they are going to put an expiry date of when it can be used. Not good practice. I have not received a response on whether or not I will receive the money back onto my credit card. Recently and I am so upset about this. I had a project that I completing. It took about 10 hours to finish. Because I did not go back to it within 2 months their system deleted the project.

When I phoned into Vistaprint the explanation I received was: the company sends out everyone e-mails when their project has been sitting for 2 months without being worked on. This saves customers money since the server they use only has limited space. When I told her I did not receive this e-mail, she told me to check my junk mail. I thought she was kidding me when she told me to check my junk mail. Deleting items is not to save customers money. Prior to their changes, I had unfinished work in the server for months before going back and paying for the item. This forces people to pay for items at Vistaprint's timing. Just sick that I did all that work and it is gone with no apology from this company. Not even a response to my e-mail. I am now looking for a new printing company, even if that means I pay a higher price.

I was skeptical about using Vistaprint with all the negative reviews, but I'm glad I did. I recently ordered some business cards from them and I didn't receive my order in the mail lol. The UPS company said it had been delivered, but I never got it. I sent VP a couple emails really upset and they sent an email stating that they'd send them to me again with a tracking number. The tracking number didn't work so I thought oh no... But the very next day I received the business cards overnight USPS! And they looked beautiful! Exactly how they looked on the sample shown on the site. Very happy! They went above and beyond to make me happy, so maybe Vista Print has new management or something. :)

I have been using Vistaprint for over 3 years now and may I say I am very please with their services. They give you the option to review your products before placing your order. They have live chat support which I think is super convenient. Their prices are affordable and convenient, I can say they get the job done.

I have ordered business cards from Vistaprint for years now and in the past they were very reliable and produced good quality cards for a reasonable price. For about the last year every time I order their signature card stock (it's the medium weight) I get the standard which is flimsy and I cannot use it. Every single time I order I have to call in, wait on hold forever and then speak with someone who asks me to take a picture of the card (the picture would be the same on standard as signature because it is the same picture on the business card). Then I have to wait another week to get the correct cards.

The last three times this has happened I have called in and told them that it happens all the time BUT nobody does anything about it. They were good in the past but I would not recommend ordering anything from them today. They couldn't care less about the quality of their product or customer service as I realized as I spoke with Nikita today. She kept giggling about the situation as if it was really funny. Unbelievable!!!

I have been using Vistaprint for the last 5 years and the last 3 months of print material and lack of customer support has led me to seek out other suppliers. We spend thousands due to our several businesses and unfortunately they are losing the quality and poor customer service. My reverse white text is appearing green on all our print material. The proofs look perfect on the screen. Contrary to the material once it arrives. I've reached out to their customer service more than 5 times without a response.

The electronic artwork files are prepared by our in-house graphic designers and we have reviewed the files before sending them in for printing. That's what happens when you grow too fast. Something gives and in this case the customer is the one who seeks service elsewhere. You need to pay attention to the ones like us because we were your biggest cheerleaders and we told everyone how great and reliable your service was. Not anymore.

Vistaprint have taken 4 unauthorised payments from my account and I am disgusted by this!!! I want my money back immediately and would warn everyone to stay away from Vistaprint.

I ordered some business cards. They arrived in about a week. When I inspected the business cards, they had been poorly cut, with white space around the top and left sides (only on the back). I called Vistaprint customer service, and described the problem to them. They were immediately able to find the source of the problem and issue a new order, at no cost to me. I would highly recommend Vistaprint's customer service and business card printing service.

Cannot order. Your website sucks. When I put the information on computer it will display what I just wrote leaving content not on screen.

I never made a purchase and have no idea how they got my credit card details. I found 6 charges made today on my online acct.

We found ourselves with the need to write a check for a single bill each month. So I wanted to order some plain jane checks. I ordered these through Vistaprint. Their pricing draws you in but by the time you add in all the fees the checks become expensive. They never provided the tracking information as stated. I requested it via email twice after I received an email that my order shipped. Each time I was told to check back later. I finally broke down and called them and that even more pathetic than the emails. Customer service is severely lacking, quality is minimum at best and pricing is high for minimum service and quality.

So far, we have been well pleased with the products we have ordered from Vistaprint. Does this success have anything to do with the time of year the order was placed (early June) or our location (the Midwest)? The order was shipped rapidly and the print quality on the magnets is superb! I just pray that the outstanding quality continues and that I will be able to report the same excellent results with the order for wedding invitations.

We ordered some save-the-date photo postcards and they arrived in a timely manner and the graphics were acceptable. The price was reasonable. Given how much negative feedback there is out there on many of the major online print companies, I realize that whether an order comes out good or bad amounts to taking a gamble, regardless of what particular company it is that you are ordering from.

I want to share with my experience of dealing with Vistaprint. I've been a customer of Vistaprint for over 10 years. 5 years in the US and 5 years in another country. Business cards, calendars, flyers and stuff like that. Then a website with email (5 years). One day when my payment was due I didn't find my country in the list to choose from. So I politely contacted customer service which said "Sorry." I've never got any explanations from Vistaprint, so I assume that political situation somehow affected their weak minds to remove one or another country.

My account was closed, no website, no email with all the letters. I've asked to give me some time at least to inform my business partners of changing email, to save the contacts. So they did - I've been granted the access to my completely empty mailbox. I see this situation as a betrayal of a loyal customer. I address this to the people who want to deal with Vistaprint - if you are not sure that you'll spend the rest of your days in the US you might want to think twice.

Last year I ordered business cards and the experience was very pleasant. However trying to reorder them has been a nightmare. The only thing I needed to do on my reorder was to change my title but they have lost my logo so they are unable to reprint the cards unless I resupply them with the logo again, which I no longer have available to me. I have called their "customer service" and they have been absolutely no help. So beware, if you have a problem you are on your own. I am going elsewhere.

They are very bad in T-Shirt printing. Their printing will go off only in one wash. It's waste of money. Please never ever try.

If I can give a half a star or none I would, but 1 star seems to be the minimum required. I have tried to get my company's uniform patches done with Vistaprint not once, not twice, but several times and I kept getting the same response. They could not help me because the colors were too difficult to work on and the product may not look good. I went with these people because I thought they were the best and could do pretty much anything their customers needed, as they make it look on their very expensive tv commercials. I thought these people had the tools necessary to get the job done, but wow! Was I wrong! I had to outsource and have what I needed done in China, where they had no problem following our design and did exactly what we needed.

We were absolutely thrilled and happy with the work they did in China and have been doing business with them since. Also, my business cards suck, but I have been stuck with them since I bought them from Vistaprint over a year ago. Their templates are horrible with only a few to select (no creative designs), so I have been wanting to just make new ones. In my naive nature I have try, yet again, to have Vistaprint do my business cards but with the system they have it's a little bit of a pain in the ** to have it done and they still lack a few things like, having maybe our logo faded in the background to be able to write on top and have a good presentation. It is difficult to write our company name without having the letters of the template underneath.

Anyway, if I start to name every issue I have to overcome this comment will be too long to read, so I went to a place where they specialize in business cards and they did a magnificent work. Every time I give one of business cards people tend to ask me where I had them done. I am puzzled and amazed Vistaprint it is still in business because I am sure I am not the only one who had a bad experience with them. A real American company would do anything to satisfy their customers needs, not have them outsource because they were unable to do the job. Again, how Vistaprint it is still in business it's beyond me.