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I purchased two mattresses from Evine at the time they were called ShopNBC. They stated that the beds had a 10 year warranty. Well one of the beds its completely sagging. When I called them they stated that I had to go through Serta which is the beds manufacturer. I had to pay them $35.00 to come check the bed. Then Serta would not honor the warranty, that the bed was stained which is totally LIE. The bed has always been protected with a mattress protector. Bottom line is I spent over $1,000 and they refused to honor their so called 10 year warranty. We have only had the bed for about 3 years or less.

I purchased a new tablet from Evine June 24th 2016. I wasn't sure if I would keep it for myself or gift to one of my grandchildren for Christmas, so I did not open it within the 30 days return period. Recently my computer stopped working and after a few days without the computer I decided to open the tablet and use that until I got my computer working again. Much to my chagrin I find I was sent a used tablet with scratches and even hard small droplets of something (who knows what) on the screen. I attempted to use the tablet, but it would not function.

I called Evine customer service and got an apology and was told perhaps it was a return that accidentally got put in with the new items or that it was returned but didn't appear damaged. Then I was told that I am not eligible for a refund. So too bad for me as it was over the 30 day return period and Evine would not accept it back. Buyer Beware with Evine-they send out used merchandise they advertise as new! If you do decide to order be sure to check all your new purchases immediately!

I cancelled an auto-ship item in June 2016, by phone via Evine's customer service rep. They shipped the same item again August 2016 and now October 2016. I called customer service and asked them to cancel the Auto-ship again and refund me the Prepaid postage since the auto-ship was their error. They agreed, but never refunded the $6.99 x 2 for prior shipping. Now I will have to call them again to ask for 3 shipping refunds. The items were returned the same day as received and I was never credited the returned shipping as promised. I checked the website under my account and noticed that the customer service person never updated my account. This is not good business and I will not order from EVINE again.

I purchased a bluetooth headset from Evine in August and 2 weeks later the headset just stop working. I kept plugging it up hoping it would catch on but it never did. I called Evine customer service to ask if they could send me a return slip even though it was over the 30 days. I still shouldn't have to pay for a product that stop working in a 2-month period. It don't work but I still got to paid for it. I could see if I had it for a while but I just got it. This is why I don't like shopping online. I don't think I will be shopping from Evine again. They didn't even try to help me.

First time I ordered from EVINE. I never receive my package. Took me over 2 months to receive. Just received order and something is missing. Both times has been horrible. All I want is my order and I expect what I order to be in the box. So now it will probably take me 3-4 weeks to receive my vitamins. Very frustrating!

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Bought this little Trio (brand), 7" Tablet from Evine. Pretty little thing. Aqua color. Open box, Wow! Nice! Then let's turn it on. All the fun stops. It starts displaying all sorts of letters but no one is touching it. OK can Evine offer me another? Nope only offer call warranty company... OK fine I get some 20 year old sounding punk who starts asking for this number and that, My response? I do not have those numbers, so he says call Evine. Evine tells me to call warranty Dept who then once again ask for these "special" numbers... in other words "Go away boy. You bother me". They started barraging my phone with calls wanting me to finish paying them which I have no intention of paying more on this piece of junk trio tablet. Beware of Evine you, will only get apologies and JUNK!!! BEWARE.

I purchased an 'Ultimate PC SUITE' Dell Laptop from Evine on 8/11/2016. Being a senior citizen I waited til my children were here to try to sign on 9/25/16. I'm not computer savvy and technology is so foreign to me. The number for Express Tech Support 24/7 hotline # 800-885-5866 is simply someone trying to sell me a $100 certificate to be used by anyone in the family. Very high pressure. Not tech support at all. This so irritated me. I'm unable to sign on and the lifetime support we were to have with it is a farce from what Dell tells me. It'll cost for them to reset the password on something I've never even used. Now it's past the time to send it back so looks like we're out the $600+ we paid. I just feel we've been taken and Evine should not even be allowed to be on TV.

October of 2015 purchased LG Tracfone. Last week, September of 2016, phone would not hold a charge nor take a charge. Advised by Tracfone to mail back phone. They did not advise me what they would do. They sent me refurbished phone, blank. I lost all my information. I lost my phone number. They took my phone case. Will do nothing for me. Called Evine Live where I purchased phone. Their return policy is 30 days. They do not stand by their products. Don't purchase anything there. Now, I have no phone. Phone less than one year old. Evine sells garbage.

I was charged $18.99 for 3 Day shipping on 9/18/2016 but I received email for a delivery date 9/28/2016 not acceptable, when I notified them they told it wasn't in stock, they were waiting for a delivery. They are deceitful and not trustworthy... They should have said not in stock - will notify when back in style.

Whatever you do don't purchase this Chinese made product. I wanted an Air Fryer with a large capacity and was duped into paying $120+ for this unit. During the very first use the stirring paddle melted halfway through the cooking cycle. Had I not been vigilant it could have resulted in a serious situation. I wrote a review warning others of this issue but they refuse to post it on their website. After writing to Customer service I got a reply stating I would be contact by a customer service representative within 72 hours.

Well what a surprise 100 + hours later and nothing! Take a look at the reviews on the site, large number of people hate this cheaply made appliance. I wish they had those reviews when I purchased but it was new with no reviews posted. I purchased Invicta watches from the same company and they send out returned items that have no factory packing and have obviously been used. Send anything back and you are made to pay mailing costs both ways. Never again will I purchase from this company and I advise you to use Amazon or even Jet rather than Evine.

I ordered a twin and a queen Cozelle Microfiber Embroidered Vine Sheets. They are so cheap. I washed them in cold water, and dried for a short time. They fell apart. I paid $49.58. I really wish someone would call me and I want my money back. I feel this product is very cheap and I cannot believe I paid $37.60 and $11.98 for shipping. I am so unhappy, and I do not believe I will order anything else from Evine. Well, I do hope I either get an email or a call and yes I want a refund for this purchase!!!

I called EVINE after making payment on a past due account three times in error. I had received notification by mail on two value pay accounts, where payment did not go through. I called EVINE to have one payments transferred to the other account that was due. The rep said they can't do that, so asked why. She said they just can't. I just didn't accept that as an so asked for a supervisor, Olivia who basically gave me same line, started laughing at me and hung up. So now I call back for a manager, I told the Kevin who answered that I wanted a manager not a supervisor. He proceeds to tell me they're the same thing, I told him they are not. After being on hold for a few minutes a woman comes on the line, saying "Kevin." I said, "It's not Kevin." She did not address herself. I had to ask her name status. She said her name was Daniel, and that she was a senior manager.

I explained the situation, and that the supervisor before laughed and hung up on me, for which she have little comment on. She repeated the same worn out answers others before her repeated. I told her it did like she knew her systems very well because I did believe that this day in age their systems were incapable of transferring a payment. She said been there nine years and she knew her systems, and in just she can't help me and everything is lalala wonderful. She said Daniel, EVINE, and she represent co. I said you do represent the company. Anyone who answers the phone represent the company.

It seemed the calmer I was the more upset she got. I told her she needed to improve her customer service skill and department. And of course the hang up. I will never shop at EVINE again, ever. I have worked in customer service all my life and never been treated so badly. The reps who answer the phone are polite enough, the supervisor and manager are horrible, they have no customer skill whatsoever. There is something wrong, especially when you have people in senior management hanging up on customers.

Several months ago I placed approximately six orders with Evine. I tracked the orders through the UPS website. The orders were shown to be delivered by UPS to my house at the same time. My son was home all that day but did not see the delivery person let alone the orders. When I got home from work I called UPS to find out where my orders were delivered to. I actually spoke to the UPS driver who admitted he delivered them to the wrong house. By the time he went back to the house the merchandise was gone and the homeowner claimed they did not see the deliveries. I immediately called Evine to let them know my orders were missing due to UPS delivering to the wrong address. A few days later Evine sent me claim forms to fill out so I could get a refund on my orders. I filed the claims and was refunded my money.

When I tried to order again from Evine they had locked out my account. I called Evine and was forwarded to Loss Prevention. They said my account had been closed due to the lost shipment and the claims I had filed. I explained to them it was UPS who had lost my orders due to no fault of my own and I was not about to pay for something I didn't receive. They treated me like a criminal. It was terrible the way they treated me. I emailed them a couple of months later asking them to review my account status only for them to email me back and say it was my fault my account was closed. They make terrible business decisions. I told them they needed to take it up with UPS. It wasn't my fault they misdelivered the merchandise. I had given the correct address. They would rather lose the business of a very good customer rather than work with that customer and fix the problem which is UPS. Bad company to deal with.

Charged me $573.00 for unwrapped skin product placed in a plastic velvet bag in a black box with no paperwork. Totally unsanitary and refused to take product back, I would not trust this company to buy anything, even bubble gum! Nasty people who place you on a long hold and promise things they never deliver on... It is sad that companies are so greedy and rude. They only want your money. I have filed a report with the FDA to report unsealed products that they shipped. The only good thing is that they don't sell baby food. If they did... throw it right in the trash. I guess this is what you would call a fly by night company. Should have researched them first.

I had ordered 5 pieces of clothing from Evine. 4 shirts, 1 dress and a lightweight duster. I was charged separately for each individual item to ship even though they were all shipped in the same package. The shipping was 23.00. Outrageous. The quality wasn't as good as I would get from QVC or HSN. I sent 3 of the pieces back and had to pay for the shipping back. It took forever to get credit back to my account. When I called they said they were backed logged. That took a month. Needless to say I don't use that company anymore.

I have been buying from EVINE since it was ValueVision. I have never had a problem on my purchases or returns. I always use ValuePay and pay with a debit card. All my orders have been delivered on time and in great condition. Very nice and helpful people. Looking forward to many more purchases. Thank you!

The bill for ALL mailing and return fees. Other better online co's I have ordered from email return labels. EVINE fees are higher than most. I will return ALL of my orders in ONE box for ONE fee. Very DISAPPOINTED with EVINE. Never again, I will continue to order from HSN, QVC etc. I have advised many friends & family of this issue. They also agree, as much as we order from these shopping networks, their help with mailing fees is much help. Again, NO THANKS EVINE!! I was billed 11.00 dollars to return 1 pair sandals. Go figure!!

I purchased a One World top on 6/23/16. I returned it on 7/2/16. Never heard a thing. EVINE placed it back in stock on 7/13/16. No return was ever processed into my account. Called them and they said after return shipping fee there was nothing left to refund. Okay, I get it, I used EasyPay, but couldn't they at least send an email saying this? Over the past year I have been buying from them. They have gotten progressively worse customer service.

I have paid off my account at least twice and I still keep getting statements that I owe more. Last month I called and told me that I owed such and such amount and that would be all. Well again here in August I got another statement. Also they have charged me 3 late fees for no reason. Also, I received a refund check that I paid too much, but the next month they added it back into my bill. I called and was given a stupid statement. I calculated up the charges and, indeed, they charged my refund check back into my charges. Also, I sent back an item and they returned it back to me with a letter that said I had previously tried to return this item and therefore, they would not accept it back, which I had NEVER tried to send it back. I am very angry.

For all these problems, no one wanted to answer about these problems. They would switch me back and fourth between Evine and Synchrony Bank. And on top of that, they hung up on me. I have sent them a certified letter today, but after I noticed that any disputes have to be submitted within 60 days. I am disabled and sick a lot. Did not suspect any billing problems until too late. So I guess I will get nowhere with this. Not sure what else to do. Can't afford a lawyer. When this gets straightened out, I will cancel my credit card and credit line with them. They are a horrible experience. I will NEVER buy ANYTHING from them again! This is an evil company. Wonder why they changed their name. Perhaps they were sued? WONDER WHY?

I have been with EVINE Live for 10 years now. I have bought jewelry, sheets, kitchen items, and I have only sent back a few items and they have been prompt in returning refund. The rings I have bought have been appraised much higher than what I bought the item for. I will continue to be a loyal customer to EVINE Live!!!!

I purchased a Sleeping Beauty from Gem Insider. I was so excited to have this ring & had hopes to pass it on as a family heirloom. A few weeks ago two stones fell out & now the ring is completely useless. The stones were a very odd shape. I called Evine & they no longer have that ring & she told me that Paul does not do repairs. Now what can I do? This ring was made in China. All this has been very upsetting.

I ordered Cook's Companion® 4-in-1 Chill, Brew, Filter & Infuse 3qt Tritan Pitcher - 461-177. It's a pitcher with a cylindrical compartment in the middle that fruits can be placed in to infuse water. The design is very awkward and stupid. At the top it has crevices that are unnecessary and impossible to reach. After only 3 weeks of use the top compartments started to show spots of black mold!!! I tried my best to clean it but since it's designed in a way that can't be reached for cleaning, I couldn't do anything. So I called evine.com immediately and said that I want to return it. They sent me a shipping label and couple of days later, when the UPS guy came for a pick up, he picked this up as well.

Weeks went by and no return was issued. I called, I was told that the item was received but has not been scanned yet. The representative said it'll be scanned and the refund will be issued that week. Another week went by and not only they didn't issue a refund, I received the mold infested pitcher back in the mail!!! I called them and to my horror they said that UPS delivered it to their facility couple of days after the 30 days and NO REFUND. They want the item back in their warehouse 30 days within the time they ship it out to the customer!!!! Clearly this is a tactic to make sure they avoid returns and don't send people's money back. NO ONE IS STUPID!!!! They scammed me with a garbage product, I can't use it and my money is gone. They should not be allowed to do this. I called and the "supervisor" hung up on me!

They stole from me. Canceled my order that I made with a pre-paid credit card. "The name on the card didn't match the name it was being sent to"... After a week... Because it was a gift that my step-daughter wanted I went and ordered it again with my credit card info. It was again canceled and flag as fraudulent. Called their fraud dept. Thought I had it all straight. Got a call at my job from EVINE with my bank on the line wanting all my information- SS#, date of birth. Not feeling so safe with one of their employee having all of my credit information. Will NEVER, NEVER use this company again... EVINE is the FRAUDULENT ONE!!!

They sell cheap merchandise, it is awful and they charge a lot for each item you order. STAY AWAY. There really isn't anything that they sell that is quality and if you want to order a few things in one day it is at least if not more 4.99 to ship. So not only are you not getting good Customer Service and quality merchandise you are overpaying for each item.

I ordered 2 creams and was sent an invoice stating they sent 2 creams and was billed for 2 creams but received only 1 cream. I called customer service and told them the problem and after they told me all the steps they had to go through to see if indeed I was correct. They had to send a letter to me and they had to send this to that department and something to another department and then I would be notified by email if I was going to get the cream. I told them to forget it and I was going to send back the cream as I have been a long term, good customer. If there is a problem with the other 2 shopping channels they send out the missing item right away. I have now cancelled all my auto delivery items and will never buy another item from Evine again. The worst customer service in the world!!! They lost a good customer who buys a lot of items from them. No more and I will tell everyone I know to never buy from them.

Please be advised that if you are going use the value pay service, Evine will do a credit check. I was not aware of this until now. I checked my credit and there it was. I had no idea. I would have paid for the entire purchase and not used value pay. Evine does not need your social security number, just your name and address. Equifax is the agency that they use. I called to ask about the inquiry and the credit department was so rude. Fyi, the name submitted for the credit check from Evine was different than my name on file. I recently got married and did not change my name on file with Equifax. That did not stop that credit check, but I could not even see the results of the inquiry dispute until I faxed over a copy of my SS# and driver's license. Customers beware and read all the fine print. I will not purchase another thing from this company and as for Equifax... They are all in bed together.

I placed an order for a 55" television on 7/8/2016. I order from several at home shopping networks and this is by far the worst experience I have ever had. I did not receive the television until 7/21/2016 because the television was shipped to an incorrect address. When they called 7/14/2016 to confirm shipping I advised that the address they provided was incorrect. They then advised me that it was very hard to change an address once the product had shipped (not my problem). They then had the package rerouted. Again, not delivered until 7/21/2016.

When we received the package and I opened it, plugged it in. The screen of the television is cracked internally and the view is distorted. I immediately attempted to contact customer service Saturday 7/23/2016 but they were closed. Sunday 7/24/2016 I contacted customer service and explained the situation. They advised that would email me a return ship label and further instructions. Never received the label! Monday 7/25/2016 I emailed customer service. So I waited 24 hours and still had no return shipping label in my email. On 7/26/2016 I emailed the customer service department for a 2nd time (now my 3rd attempt).

Today is 7/27/2016 and I still do not have a return shipping label. I called customer service. Explained to them that it was now my 4th attempt at getting this item returned. The representative was extremely rude. I advised her that I WILL contact my attorney if need be. We are talking about $600.00. She advised me that if I felt I needed to take that route then I should. I was not advised in my first 2 attempts that I would need to send pictures. I asked the representative how long it would take once I send the pictures, she advised 3-5 business days. Now they are requested photo documentation. It is a customer's prerogative to return an item for any reason, especially one that was received broken. Now I am being bullied and treated like the bad guy in the situation. NEVER ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!! YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!

Cook companion ceramic nonstick lightweight cast iron 6qt copper - I put this pot in the dishwasher and it dulled the pot bad. It did not say anywhere not to put these pots in the dishwasher. It said hand washing recommended. That's just a recommendations. If it was not dishwasher safe it should state that or say on your program from the host. Am very dissatisfied with customer service not caring. Just tells me there is nothing they can do. I will not order anymore from EVINE Live because of your customer service not caring about the money I spent on this product.

On July 2 about 6:30am I ordered (by phone) a circular saw. Less than one hour after the order, I went on line (customer service not available that early in the morning) to cancel the order and I got a message that it could not be cancelled. It was in process. Later, I called by phone. Same response. Could not cancel the order. On July 14 the package came. It was heavy and there was no return label. This happened to me once before with them; I had ordered a ceiling fan. It looked great on TV, not so much in person. Same thing I had to pay. Almost $30 to return it!!! Because of the cost to return the fan, was one of the reasons I decided to cancel the order on the saw. I emailed them with a complaint and received lip service.

Based on past bad experience, I can't say I was surprised that I would have to pay to return it. I called customer service on the 14th. The rep was very nice and tried to issue me a return label. Surprise, Surprise... He was unable to get approval to send a return label. They send return labels for small or lightweight things. But if you order anything heavy or bulky, no return label is enclosed. I WILL NEVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM AGAIN. I am writing this so others are not taken as I have been. THIS COMPANY IS NOTHING LIKE THE OTHER SHOPPING CHANNELS.

I had auto shipment or auto delivery every 90 days of a product. My first item was ordered March 28th. My first payment April 27th. May 27th 3rd payment. June 27th I was away on vacation and needed to update my credit card information which I had forgotten about. I got back on July 5th and paid the June 27th payment that was due and in fact paid it off. They cancelled my auto delivery and refuse to restart it. I find that very poor poor customer service by saying I was over too many days and getting my account up to date it was a holiday. I was away on vacation.

I find this unacceptable. I will not be purchasing from Evine again. This is very poor customer service and the fact that they don't even try and accommodate you in any way or say let us restart your auto delivery. Nothing. Sorry you already got your three strikes. You're out on the first time around. Plus on my auto delivery my second item should have been shipped around the middle of June so therefore I still should have had a shipment coming which I would have paid for it however they just say that they cancelled it before my payment was even due.

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