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Last updated: May 11, 2017

25 123inkjets Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: May 11, 2017

I placed an order on April 20th to Ontario, Canada. I received an email the same day saying the order was shipped, along with an estimated delivery date of Saturday, April 22nd. On April 22nd, I checked the tracking number which said the order was indeed delivered that day to a place called Simi Valley, California. This was odd to me so I contacted a representative on their Live Chat Help service who told me that the order was indeed shipped out and that the Simi Valley address was where my package was switched over from USPS to CanadaPost and that I could follow the tracking number on CanadaPost moving forward.

I waited patiently a while longer, and I believe it was Thursday, May 4 when I contacted a Live Chat rep again. I noticed a bit of attitude from this individual, but overall, that was fine by me. He told me that I actually could NOT track my package through CanadaPost but that it was on its way and should be there by the expected delivery date of Monday, May 8 which is the 12th business day after my order was placed. I asked him what my next step would be if the order was not in, and he said I could contact Customer Service again and they would see what they can do.

Tuesday, May 9th - still no order so I go on the Live Chat to inquire yet again. At the same time, I receive an email from this company stating that the order was NEVER DELIVERED due to INSUFFICIENT ADDRESS and that the order never even left California. No part of the address I provided was incomplete and I have received countless packages to my address from all over the world (Australia, Europe, Asia, United States...). The Live Chat agent wasn't all that helpful so I called the company myself and spoke with a woman named Lizette.

Lizette was friendly and pleasant to deal with, but she couldn't do anything to help me with this order. I then spoke with the manager Jessica, who was friendly enough other than cutting me off multiple times while I was talking. I was insistent on having this order expedited to me as I run a business that was dependent on this order arriving in a timely fashion. I was told that is not going to happen since I live in Canada.

Even though I personally checked UPS pricing which would have the order to me on Wednesday, May 17 for less than my original cost of shipping but was told that since the order comes from the Warehouse, 123Inkjets must use the shipping contract they have with USPS. I understand the need to follow the protocols when dealing with issues, but the circumstances were extenuating and I was expecting better customer service.

I didn't make any mistake. I did everything right. I noticed right away on April 22nd that something was wrong but was ensured not once, but TWICE that it was on its way and to just keep waiting... I waited and waited and waited and in the end, the package never came, and this company did absolutely nothing to help me. Manager Jessica issued a full refund on the order and that was that. I wasn't getting my order. I guess if you want things done right (or at all apparently), you have to do them yourself. So I was able to make arrangements to have the order delivered to a friend in Massena, New York but that still left me with a 7-hour drive to Massena from my home address.

What a terrible experience I have had with this company. As I told their manager Jessica, if their company was willing to go above and beyond to correct the mistakes that THEY made, I would continue to order weekly and be a happy and patient customer. But at this point, I am so livid and frustrated with the service or lack thereof. I will NEVER purchase from this company again. They should hire me as their Customer Service Manager because I resolved my own issue better than any of their employees.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 10, 2017

I ordered two cartridges of each color a few months ago as backups for when my ink ran out. Now that I have tried using the cartridges from, most of them do not work. My printer gives me an error saying that the cartridge is damaged. Now I am out the money I paid. Stick with the genuine cartridges. At least you know they'll work and if not, you can get a refund.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2016

I had 100 e-mails from 123Inkjets in my mailbox today and I am so sick of it!!! Yes I have opted out but we all know that is a joke. I have called the office of this company and left a message for their marketing department. I am sick and tired of this deluge of e-mails.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 24, 2016

I ordered a toner cartridge on 5/16/2016. It arrived about a week later. I did not open the box as it was ordered as a spare on 6/23/2016. We ran out of black toner. When I opened the box it had a magenta toner in it and the packing slip clearly says black toner. When I called customer service after being on hold for 7 minutes the girl I spoke with said they had a 30 return policy on wrong products received but would check with her supervisor.

After being put on hold again for 4 minutes she said her manager wasn't available and she would have to email me with what they could do 2 minutes later. I received a email that said it was over 30 days and nothing could be done however they would be happy to send another if I wanted to call back with a credit card number. Instead I just went to Staples. STAY CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 11, 2016

I ordered 3 ink cartridges (because I know sometimes companies like this don't always have the best quality product). Each of the cartridges didn't work on my Epson xp 320 and now I'm out the money and time it takes to talk to this ** company. DON'T EVER ORDER FROM THEM! Save your time and money and go to Walmart.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 17, 2015

These guys are, by far, the biggest morons I have ever had to deal with. I run 2 businesses and my wife is in grad school. We need to utilize our printer virtually every minute of the day and then some. However, since our printer does not work without ink, we ordered from these shmucks, thinking that the order was sent out within a reasonable amount of time, after placing and paying for the cartridges. This order was placed on Friday, August 7th. On Tuesday, August 11th, I called to find out when I should expect to receive my order, and they said, "Oh, Mr. **, yeah about that... your order just came into our warehouse, because it was on back order, but it is going out today." So after them not offering anything more than a obligatory apology for my inconvenience, that was the end of that call, but I was angry, as I and my wife have been needing to print quite a bit of material, and it has now been backing up.

It is now Tuesday, August 17th, and guess what? Yep, it's still on back order (even though they lied and told me that they was on back order a week ago, but it was going out on the truck that day...). Apart from being lied to, the thing that made me most angry is the fact that I had to call, in order to find out that my order had not even been sent out. There was no email or phone call - apparently, this must be "business as usual" for these idiots. I finally just gave up on them and canceled my order, since my back ordered package had no arrival time in the foreseeable future, and I was tired of dealing with IQ's the equivalent of a mushroom. If you have any sense about you, it doesn't matter how cheap they sell you ink. If it never comes, then it's not worth the wasted time. Unfortunately, I can't gain that time back that I wasted on this sorry excuse for a company. But I can at least urge to you to not make the same mistake.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 22, 2015

We tried them out, first time none of the ink jet cartridges worked. After providing screen shots they of the errors we received they gave us a credit and we sent the ink back. Now that I had a credit I decided to use it again after 1 year on my HP... Once again 2 of the 4 colors created problems (can not print more than one page, if I do, the color disappears... have to reset printer each time). Seriously it's not worth it, to use this site or ones like it. Too tired to call and explain all over again that my cartridges don't work. I broke down and bought OEM, now it works flawless.

Original review: March 20, 2015

I never signed up for this product. They charged my business credit card 8.95 twice in one month. They said they would give me credit for one and not the other. I was trying to save money and they charged me money for a product.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 12, 2014

ORDER so many times from them. As with every single order I ordered a lot of color & b&w cartridges. Always, from every single order there were at least 2 that were totally defective & did not work. I never bothered to contact them for replacement, but this last order I had 4 color cartridges that did not work. One did not even have any ink in it at all. A scam on their part. I called customer service & they gave me a very hard time. They said I needed to send back all the cartridges that did not work. I just discarded them since that was not possible. I did not know that you had to ship them back for credit. They won't even give me a replacement. They suck. Do NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THEM. THIS IS ON A CONSISTENT BASIS THAT I HAD PROBLEMS.

Original review: April 2, 2013

Their website provided me with the chip compatible with HP printer Hero 4.2 cartridge to refill. It didn't work when received. When talking to customer support, they explained if I looked on other part of the site, it would've told me that. I said I wanted a full refund including shipping for their software limitations. They were originally going to charge me for chips I used trying to get the cartridge to work! They finally agreed to reimburse me the full amount, less shipping. I want shipping as well. I shouldn't be out of pocket for their software limitations. It's their software that provided and allowed me to check out incompatible chip in the first place.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 31, 2012

On 1/13/12, I ordered a toner cartridge for a Xerox PE220 Laser Printer. Today, 3/31/12, I tried to install the cartridge and was unsuccessful. It would not slide into place. Looking at the invoice, it states the toner cartridge shipped was a Xerox Comp PE120 Toner - Laser Toner Cartridge PE120. Is it safe to assume your company sent the wrong cartridge? Regardless, I wish to return the cartridge and receive a credit on my credit card in the amount of $53.94. Please advise.

Original review: Sept. 8, 2011

The toners I bought for my Hp Laserjet 1312 are spitting powdered colors all over my papers I print. The quality is horrible and it is making all kinds of mess.

Original review: Feb. 5, 2011

We are a small business owner and have had a horrible experience with ADT. All of which still remains unresolved. They came out to my house, lied to me about what they could provide and then promised to notify my insurance company and process a rebate - none of which ever happened. After multiple calls to complain about the situation I was completely ignored.

Finally after five days ,someone called back. When they did, he promised to resolve any issues and to issue a 2-month credit for the inconvenience. A manager said he would do this. Now, a month later, he said he just did it about a week ago. I am totally fed up with ADT ignoring complaints, refusing to follow through with anything they have promised to do and just fed up with being ignored. What I want is appropriate compensation and a number and address to their corporate office to report these individuals and ADT refuses to give this to me.

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Original review: Dec. 2, 2010

We have bought a car from this dealership. We bought the car on October 3. Since then, we have gone multiple times up there to sign papers that they keep screwing up and saying that they forgot to have us sign something. They also did not pay the full loan off, we got a late notice which we told them about and then they paid off the remainder. They told us that the due date for our payment was December 15 as it states in all the paper work that we were given. I cannot describe how angry I am with this company and Kia! We have tried contacting this company and I even sent a complaint to Kia Motors. I received a call from Karen and I have all her information to reach her. I left messages and no one figuring this out for us seeing that we got a late notice for our payment that they are saying was due on the 19th.

I am so tired of this business and if something isn't done immediately you can have the **** car back for all I care! We will buy from someone else! How do you even enjoy a new car with all these going on? I am so tired of dealing with these. I just want this **** figured out! We bought the car on October 3 and it has been 2 months! We still haven't received any paper work! We have driven there multiple times to sign papers. They promised this and that. And now, we can’t even get a hold of anyone at the dealership or this Karen lady! We need some help and if we don’t get it, I will get a lawyer to handle this.

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Original review: Nov. 1, 2010

We own a 2008 Ford Taurus X. Last night, with 3 of our 5 children in the car, the power steering failed so we couldn't make any right turns. This morning, we went to the Ford dealer in Ipswich, MA, where we were told this part was not under warranty and we have to pay $1,000 to have this repaired. This car is just a little over 2 years old. The system failed and we end up paying for it. It doesn't seem fair at all. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. I can't imagine what would have happened, though, if we would have been on a highway and couldn't make a right turn.

Original review: Oct. 14, 2010

McAfee keeps charging your card even though you don't have the computer or the email that you had when you signed up. All of the other internet security providers send you an email telling you that your service will terminate and you need to take action to have your service continue. McAfee evidently does not do this. They just charge your card. Here is what I did. I contacted the Better Business Bureau and my credit card fraud dept. Charges were reversed but McAfee snuck two years of subscription out of me that I missed and of course, McAfee kept those two years. That is how McAfee stays in business! How is this possible? At any rate, turn them in!

Original review: Oct. 4, 2010

I've had my DVD/Navigation/Stereo installed in my 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited for some time now. Unfortunately, as I was not driving my vehicle for the past 3 days, I did not notice that the roof was leaking. I got into my vehicle and noticed that my $1400 stereo had been completely fried due to the leaking roof. I googled this problem and found that there are hundreds of other Jeep owners that also complained about the newer Jeeps having leaking roofs. I would just like my stereo to be replaced and the problem to be fixed with my roof. I have a damaged stereo system and a leaking roof on my 2008 Jeep.

Original review: Sept. 23, 2010

I, Mark ** and my wife Kim went to the Grand Hotel in Ocean City Maryland on Sept 17th -19th 2010. We went with four other couples, everybody went right to their rooms when we arrived. Our room was not ready. We arrived at 2pm, so when our room was still not ready at 4:00, we decided to call to see (they never called me on my cell phone as promised) when I called, they said the room is ready. We went to the hotel front desk and was assigned a room #308.

We went up to the room and as soon as we walked in my wife sat on the bed, there was a cockroach walking, I grabbed it and our things and went to the front desk. I showed it to the girl at the desk very quietly, (she was the supervisor on) she said they would take care of it. We wasted about 35-40 min. Had to ask again, they said it was ready now. The four couples we were with -were there as well, waiting, we all went back to the room, I turned on the bathroom light and saw a roach on the glass. We all went back to the desk, the girl was very nice, she gave us a new room and a credit of $88.40.

We thought that was acceptable. She said, since we did want to leave the hotel, we said it was too late to leave, she said she could not give us any more credit since we were still staying at this hotel, if its not bad enough to leave. We said just give us a new room. Our new room was # 519. We went up there to drop off our things and go out for the night. That was a little after 5:00- 5:30pm, we did not return until after 10:00-10:30pm, Friday night. The rest of the stay was fine. Sunday morning when we were checking out my wife went to the desk to check out and make sure about the credit. We were told that our credit was taken back and we were charged an extra $88.00 for a damaged coffee pot, glass everywhere my bill read.

We were in shock, and said we didn't use the coffee pot! We asked to speak to the Supervisor. They told us she is in the hotel but is in the pool area setting up and does not have a radio. So we walked up to the pool, she was there with a radio in her back pocket. We stepped aside and told her, we have a problem, she said, "Oh, I know about you, you trashed our room/coffee pot" and was speaking to us ill-tempered, and said, follow me I have pictures. She said all hotels have bugs, and what would you like me to do. She was extremely annoyed. I said take off the charge for the coffee pot, I did not do this. We went back and forth with her, as if to be delinquents.

The weekend manager told us that as soon as we walked out of our room it was re-rented about 4:45pm. She said the maid went right to the room to check it out and found a broken coffee pot on the floor. We said we did not do anything like that, she told us that they had pictures. The picture she showed us was of the floor and the coffee pot was demolished and smashed, and it looked like the room was trashed! Not just a broken coffee pot. I said we absolutely did not do this. Let's call the police, that room is destroyed. She said, "No, you just broke the pot."

I told her that is more than a coffee pot. I want to call the police. She said that is not our procedure. I said, I want the security videos checked immediately. "I will wait," she said. She couldn't that Monday, they would view the security tape. I said call me on my cell phone as soon as this happens. She said, she promised, and if it was wrong she would give us a free stay for our next visit.(?) She also told us that if we had any other questions we could call Patrick the head manager.

We called Patrick, first thing Monday morning. Patrick told me, he would find out what happened and call me back. When he did, he said we got our room 308- keys at 4:08pm and did not go to the room until 4:45pm and then went back to the room at 8pm and did the damage to the room. I asked him if that is what you think, why didn't someone come to our new room 519 and tell us what happened, his story was that no one went to the room until 8am Saturday morning. I told him that the stories between you and yesterday manager. Don't make any sense and don't match. He told me it does not matter, when you rent a room at the desk and you sign -you take responsibility for that room, so if you did it or not or if someone got your key or which ever it is your responsibility and your fault for the 1st room. If a person has a problem with a bug in their room and has to be moved to another room at 5:15pm Friday night and they do the new paperwork and sign.

We all went up to the new room at 5:15pm. How can we be held responsible and liable 3 hours later for the first room! My first key should have been cleared out as soon as my new room was assigned at 5:15pm (or at least in a timely fashion). Friday night, if your employees did not do their jobs that is not my responsibility. Now, I will not take responsibility for the 1st room and will not pay my bill at all. This whole situation is preposterous and ridiculous. You have held me up each time there was a situation, and when checking out to catch the ferry back.

P.S. Also asked to see the security video for the garage as well as the front doors to show we weren't even in the building at that time! Now, Patrick tells us there is no security in the hall ways at all and it doesn't matter about front door video because we could have snuck back in another door without video. I want nothing to do with this. Awaiting your response I remain.

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Original review: Sept. 23, 2010

Home Depot at Home Services installed a roof on my house six years ago. I bought the top-of-the-line Timberline Ultra lifetime shingles. They made a mistake and installed a thinner lower quality shingle (the Timerline 30 year shingle). My insurance company recently caught the error after the roof was totaled in a hail storm. After a month of calling, I have been unable to get Home Depot to come and look at the roof and the GAF (shingle manufacturer) inspector will not come look at it either. GAF issues the warranty for Timberline shingles installed by Home Depot, guaranteeing proper installation and protection against material defects, etc.

So far, GAF has said that putting the wrong shingles on my house does not qualify as "misapplication." The first time I called Home Depot about this issue, they stated that their records indicated that the thinner 30 year shingle was installed on my roof. I told them that I paid for the thicker lifetime shingle so they pulled the original paperwork from archives. The original paperwork shows that the contract was for the thick Timberline Ultra lifetime shingles and they have paper that shows they paid their distributor for the thick Timberline Ultras. So now, Home Depot is taking the position that the thick shingles are on my roof, despite the inconsistencies in their records, despite the determination by my insurance company that the shingles are a 30 year thickness, and despite the fact that neither Home Depot nor GAF has come back to my roof to take a look.

My insurance company will only replace my totaled roof with a thin 30 year shingle because that is what is on my roof. I want thick lifetime shingles on my house because that is what I originally paid for. Home Depot and GAF are trying to avoid responsibility for this mistake. If they had installed the thick Timberline Ultra lifetime shingles that I contracted for, then the roof may not even have been totaled in the first place. A huge mistake (or possibly fraud) by Home Depot's roofers and after a month of dealing with them, I can tell that they are only concerned about their own skins. Nobody will help me.

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Original review: Sept. 23, 2010

I had the worst experience cashing my check today. On Saturday, I was told to come back because the office they had to call about my check was closed. That was no problem. But today, I came back to the location and the teller was very rude to me. She said she couldn't cash my check. I called the company and the person I spoke told me I should had no problems cashing my check. She claimed she called the company but she told me they keep on getting transferred. I guess she didn't want to help me so she said she couldn't do anything about it.

Of course, I was upset today because I spoke to them two times and the person I spoke to said the check was fine. She even asked for my social security number. I gave it to her to make sure she verify it to me. After the argument, I was upset, left the store. I realized I forgot my social security number. I told Valsy, teller, "Can i please have my social security number?" But she said she ripped it but in the meanwhile I saw it on the table. She had a nasty attitude.

When I left the cashier place, I went to another cashier location and I had no problems at all cashing my check there. The boss, Jack, didn't do anything to help the problem he just stood there and saw everything was going on. I never had no problems cashing my check but I do know the location has new management. I know the the owners from the past and I used to go there for years but after this I will never enter the Uneeda cashier place again. And I also wanted to get the number but when I did got the number to file for a complaint, the manager Jack gave me a wrong number.

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Original review: Sept. 21, 2010

Myself and a group of friends went here for a party on Saturday, September 18, 2010. The woman behind the counter demanded that she see and hold onto my credit card and my driver's license for the entire length of our stay. I refused, but she made a photocopy of my driver's license.

They then proceeded to hang Credit Cards and Driver's licenses of patrons on a large board behind the counter. This was visible for anyone walking into the establishment. Customers birth dates, addresses, credit card numbers and Drivers License Numbers were not protected as they insisted on holding these items. They then charged us an 18% gratuity for a waiter that we never saw. Since they had my credit card, I had my hands tied.

I worry that now my identity has been compromised as they did not give me back the copy of my driver's license. I also worry about past and future customers who do not realize this practice and whose identities could also be compromised.

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Original review: Sept. 21, 2010

When I bought a used Toyota Camry from them and financed it through the dealer the put a hidden $800 GAP insurance cost without letting me know. After signing everything, I realized there is some additional $800 in my loan amount. So I asked them to cancel it and refund my money. For the past 4 months, they have been playing delay tactics and so far I haven't got any money back, which I never asked for at first place.

Finally after 4 months, they agreed to refund my money but now they say I will get 94% of the amount plus $25 cancellation fees. I am tired of calling them all the time and waiting to get my hard earned money back.

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Original review: Sept. 21, 2010

After a calculated odds of the reigning injustice, a deceptive practice of Banking coupled with the above mentioned Recovery Service had charged me more than 422.00 US Dollar that could not be refunded because of the usual isolation, interrogation, bribe and bureaucracy to obstruct justice by suffocation. As per my last breath of survival, I had contacted the OCC with my accusation against them for what they were doing with their careless and lazy "Help With My Bank" specialists that were being paid millions of dollars from tax payers' money and do nothing.

To save their own ***, they have contacted the Bank (Wachovia Bank N.A. ) that had phished the transaction over the already existing and weak Microsoft Loophole and probable favoritism by the Senate Banking and Finance Committee. I was able to get my money back without any apology but falsified record and sudden "Your Account is Pending Closing" as conspired and co-conspired with the stalker who hacked/mongered a deal with the Bank of America using me as his family member, filing a false claim and ask it paid for himself using one of the Political Parties (Not identified) as his point of entry and laundering ability by deception. Is that American?

My account was closed on 09/10/2010 and no more tax payers' money could be eroded because I reported it on time before story was prepared. I do not like the OCC Help With My Bank Team and it's probable bribers, who do not care even when injustice makes an American citizen so very suicidal, by citing their own bible of gamble which is misuse of the law.

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Original review: Sept. 13, 2010

I bought a brown handbag from there two months back which I loved. I am a handbag lover and use to carry this with my brown trouser to work. Recently while traveling on long weekend thought of carry it. As soon I reached the destination airport, the bag shoulder belt broke from the hook. I somehow tied a knot and continued as I didn't had any option. Next day morning, its zipper broke. Well, after coming back I took the bag back to Forever 21 to get a repair or refund but they upfront refused to help. They don't care about their customer at all so will be careful from next time. Everything they sell is final sale so please be careful while buying anything from them.

Original review: Aug. 11, 2010

I ordered 2 ink cartridges from 123 inkjet and after putting them in two brand new HP printers, not one page was copied as they came out blank. I am now trying to get a refund and as I call the phone number listed, I am told that those numbers are no longer good and that I have to call a new directory system that charges $1.99 per call. It seems that greed is taking over, $1.99 a call to get customer service is wrong. Not only do they sell you garbage, they want you to pay to complain about it. Tell inkjet I am coming for them and I will talk to an attorney.

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