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I ordered Lenovo Vibe X3 mobile in eBay website. They send to me more than 6 months used mobile. If I ask to customer care they are telling contact seller. If I contact seller, seller is telling contact eBay customer care. Nobody is responding. What am try to say is don't buy with eBay.

After 14 years as an eBay seller who has prior to a few weeks ago has never lost an eBay complaint I have had enough. Apparently eBay has decided that the Seller has no rights and the Buyer is always right. After selling a toner cartridge with "NO RETURNS" clearly listed in the description the Buyer decided because the box (not the cartridge) was damaged they wanted to return it. Prior to the return request I had to beg the Buyer for 9 days to pay (on a buy it now purchase) and when they finally did pay they had never responded to any of the 3 emails (2 from me and one from eBay). I then notified them when their product shipped with tracking number attached as I said I would in the auction.

When they requested a return I explained that this was a "No Return Purchase" and had to wait to escalate for 6 more days. As soon (within 1 hour) as I escalated the complaint eBay sent me an email saying they had ruled in favor of the buyer and I would be responsible for paying return shipping, ALL Fees etc "as soon as they (eBay) received notification of delivery. Now I am not sure, but I normally receive a tracking number when something is being shipped to me, but not from eBay, they got it, but never shared it with me, oh they did offer to give it to me during the call, kind of a day late though. On October 3rd eBay then charged me all of the fees, shipping etc, but I still have not received my item back.

I called eBay and was told that they shipped it back to an address that we changed 4 years ago (not the address they used to verify the account when I called in, which was the same address that they had for ship to, and return address on original shipment which was also done thru eBay) and since it was still in my file I am out of luck. Obviously the conversation was much longer and more explicit than that, but needless to say I heard a lot of "eBay Policy states" etc. so the final outcome is I talked to 3 customer service reps, 2 supervisors and the final supervisor agrees that I was mistreated, eBay and its employees misrepresented Policy, and my item was shipped back to the wrong address, BUT eBay Policy would only allow her to refund me the $7.38 in seller's fees.

So all told I am out the $70.00 I sold the item for, the 7.00 PayPal charge me for accepting the money, the 12.50 for shipping the item, the whatever eBay decides to charge me for shipping the item back to the wrong address, and they are going to credit me $7.38 in fees they collected for me selling the item. Final outcome for selling a $70.00 item Seller loses 101.50 or thereabouts and has no product to resell. Awesome customer service job eBay. NEVER AGAIN. They have lost a 14 year customer over $70.00. Really smart business move.

I've used eBay gift cards to purchase coins for my coin collection for a couple of years now. It was a better deal than PayPal cash cards because eBay does not charge a fee for the card and PayPal cash cards cost 3.99 for the card itself before you load it. Was eBay losing huge sums of money from these transactions? Why did they change their policy? My coin collecting is just a hobby and a lot of the coins don't cost much so paying for the PayPal card cost of 3.99 can be a large percentage of the cost of the item. eBay card use for coins was great while it lasted, but now, for me, the restrictions are a colossal negative. I will now use whatever alternative to eBay that I can to buy my coins. I mean who made them the consumer police anyway. Their job is to run an Auction house. The other crap is up to the IRS.

I have been a satisfied eBay customer for some years but lately I've been dunned by sellers who want me to change negative to positive ratings, and one seller who won't accept back an electrical appliance that broke on the third time of use (that seller says the item is four months old so we have to work through the warranty; my opinion is that seller should have accepted the item back without question, which is what a good store would do). It's just too darned much trouble to order through this online site any longer, and I am stopping my patronage. Mind you, this has been my "Filene's Basement"-type online department store, and they will now lose a really, really good client.

Have you ever had a complaint with eBay? The customer service department {WHAT A JOKE} is run by a bunch of 18 year old idiots who read a complaint then draw a pencil line to the answer. They have no idea what they are doing and just read off a list of answers provided by eBay. Complete MORONS with no idea of fair play or reasonable & FAIR. GO SQUASH YOUR PIMPLES & GET OF YOUR FAT BOTTOMS & FIND OUT WHAT & WHEN TO DO THE RIGHT THING. I am sure you do not tell of your employment at parties. You would be by yourself very quickly. Grow up. Go and find a real job.

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eBay is "on the side" of the buyer. They will not do anything to assist the seller should an issue arise no matter how simple, nor if it is a US Federal regulation for them to do so. Avoid eBay and go with other 3rd part selling sites like Bonanza. I spent nearly 5 hours on the phone with them today to try and get them to assist me in working with the buyer to reach an amicable resolution and they would not do anything except "close" the sale which would have put the money I should receive in jeopardy. It is odd that they are not equally loyal to buyers and sellers as us sellers are the ONLY reason they exist. Without our items there would be no need for buyers.

I bought a laptop from eBay and it arrived with the wrong hard drive. The seller told me to return the item and ship it back. After I shipped it back, I did not receive a refund for the shipping cost. I called eBay and said that I had to use the eBay return shipping label, which the seller did NOT provide until after I returned the item.

I called eBay and they told me I should of known to call them instead of shipping the item back. How am I suppose to know to call them back when the seller said he approved the refund and there is no warning on the returns page about NOT shipping an item back without an eBay return label? I talked with multiple eBay representatives and all of them told me that it is common sense to call ebay before returning an item. If that is the case, then put that on the returns page. Horrible ebay policy, they need to fix their returns page to clearly state that.

I have been a long time eBay user, and have loved them for years. However within the last couple years I have noticed a HUGE increase of 'scam sellers' on the site. In the past 2 years I have been sold: 1. A laptop that was cracked and malfunctioning. 2. A music box that didn't work. 3. Defective dvds. 4. MANY items from Chinese sellers that were of unbelievably poor quality. 5. Used/non-working cell phone batteries advertised as "new." There have been other things but I can't list them all.

It seems like people are using eBay to unload garbage on consumers, that they are unable to sell in shops because of their defects. And you can't rely on eBay's feedback either, as most of these sellers have good feedback. They know some way of getting the negatives removed from their feedback page by contacting eBay. As far as the return policy goes, it is hit or miss. I have been able to retrieve my money back at times, but other times eBay has allowed crooks to take my money. Ebay can be a good place to find rare items that you cannot find anywhere else. Unfortunately dishonest sellers have made it a very risky place to shop. Proceed at your own risk.

I ordered an item which was supposed to delivered within 2 weeks. The seller didn't ship it for a long time, and I had to buy it from another source because there was no response from eBay seller regarding the delayed item. Finally after one month the item arrived. eBay refuses to censure the seller or even accept my review for the seller.

Avoid seller "qualitycellz" - I ordered a cell phone from him and it did not reach to me. They delivered it somewhere else but charged my account. The seller is noncooperative. Seller has blocked me from making feedback on eBay. Do not go for what eBay rating shows. This is what eBay replied when I made my feedback - "Hi, recently, you opened an eBay Buyer Protection case for New Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus G928v 32GB Verizon + GSM Factory Unlocked 4G LTE. We also received the feedback you left for the transaction, but it's been removed from the seller's feedback profile because of a recent decision on the eBay Buyer Protection case."

I purchased an item which cost only $8.75 from eBay. PayPal declined the transaction. I sent a message to the seller to cancel the order because I faced a problem with PayPal. When the seller knew about that, he quickly opened a case in eBay to force me to pay. ((He didn't ship the item yet, and wanted me to pay))!!! When I tried to contact with eBay customer service by sending messages as I used to if I faced any problem, I didn't find this service. It was probably removed. I found only three contact options: "Ask the Community", "call us", and "call me".

Anyway, I refused to pay. And I tried to close my account in eBay. However, they refused the cancellation. They said that if I want to close my account, I have to close the case that the seller opened by paying. Then I decided to contact with eBay by using " Ask the Community " which I knew later that most of them are sellers. "eBay community" didn't help me with anything.

The seller caused me a problem for nothing. What should I do??? He forced me to pay again. And again PayPal declined the transaction. Even after I told the seller that there was a problem with PayPal, he refused to cancel the case. He didn't ship the item yet and wanted me to pay for nothing. People be careful. EBay will not protect you. When you need their help, you will not find them. Please be careful and don't deal with eBay and PayPal. They don't deserve even a 0% rating.

eBay - ** joke... Ordered gps smart tracker watch from China. The watch was used and the usb charge port was broken as well as sim card slot. Useless junk. Contacted seller, no response. Contacted eBay - couldn't help me but asked me to open a claim with PayPal. Opened the claim, they told me "wow how horrible. We will be able to help you. You will get your 29.99 back..." Waited a few days. They told me that I have no PayPal account (lol) and that my claim was closed in seller's favor... ** idiots to say the least... Filed a dispute charge with my bank and they have refunded me the money. Stay away from shina and **bay as well as **pal morons.

I don't even know where to start. I've had so many terrible experiences with eBay - I just hope another honest and ethical competitor comes along soon because I love the idea behind eBay but the people running the show clearly care nothing for their consumers and hopefully will reap what they sow. My latest example: I placed an order on 9/13/16. Six days later I noticed it hadn't been shipped yet so I contacted the seller who said he/she would send the tracking number later that day. I never heard back from them. On 9/27/16 I opened a case requesting a refund for an item not received and left the appropriate, negative feedback.

The next day the seller wrote back that they would be shipping the item. I responded that that was unacceptable and that I had requested a refund. They commented that they would issue the refund anyway and that I should just keep the item. The seller never issued the refund and I noticed that the feedback I had left had a positive, not negative rating. I contacted eBay to address both issues; they said that now that the seller had shipped the item I had to just wait for it and try to do a return at a later date (are you kidding me), and that they could do nothing about the feedback rating. I asked for a supervisor, was put on an extremely long hold, then told they were all on a call and that I would get a call back at a later time.

The next day a supervisor called and regurgitated the same things the first (very rude) customer service rep originally said and could do nothing to help with either issue. I asked how to escalate the issue and was given an 800 number to the executive offices. I tried to call the number only to find that it was no longer functional (eBay message stated that it was no longer in use). I then opened a Better Business Bureau complaint and lo and behold, the person who responded basically parroted what the previous two reps said and basically apologized that she could not help at all. DISGUSTING way to treat their customers. I have always done honest business with eBay as both a buyer and seller and they continue to show just how little they value that relationship.

I recently bought what I thought would be 2 Algae scrubber covers (saltwater aquarium product) for 12.99 from someone on eBay, and what I received was just one and I was shocked to find out it was so badly made it wasn't worth one dollar. So I tried to contact the seller and there now seems to be no way to do that directly (no phone or email address on eBay policy) so I tried to contact eBay. I sent a message asking them to call me on their so called help/contact/ resolution page. I know they have my correct phone number because they called me in the past but all I got was a no reply email (I cannot use this email to reply to them) stating that they tried to call me.

However that is a downright lie because my phone is fully charged and is only a foot away so I would have heard it and right after I received the email I received a call from a friend so I know it was on and working at the time. However they told me that they tried and couldn't get through and now it seems everything on the web site is conveniently down again. If that was the truth then why didn't they ask me to resend them my number or ask me to call them. This company not only doesn't care about the seller anymore it also doesn't give a damn about the buyer either. This company is a pirate company like bootleg movie companies and should be shut down for good.

There is absolutely no comprehension from this company as to what customer service actually is. The most nightmare experience any shopper can have now is to use eBay and for online purchases. The likelihood now in the majority of cases is that the goods you pay for rarely materialize, and even if and when they do, they are rarely are they as described on the website. Electrical items in particular are a major fraud problem. Often if these are new they are imported copies that have never passed any European safety standards, and if you are considering buying second hand or vintage electrical items, these are generally goods which have previously been disposed of and/or salvaged from a skip or reclamation unit.

Individual sellers who often list items in an online auction frequently use friends and relatives to bid up the price of the goods they are trying to sell and this activity is well known to eBay, but is also something which they will happily turn a blind eye because their business is reliant on the final end action value of the item. Ebay claim to have a buyer guarantee to get your money back should problems arise with a purchase, but in order to get any redress, even after weeks of waiting for a refund, both eBay and PayPal rules that you firstly have to pay out even MORE money at your own cost by returning the known fake items back to the criminals where often these goods are again advertised on a different eBay owned website called Gumtree.

And if for example under the eBay terms and conditions in order to even get a refund the cost of returning the fraudulent items back by a tracked and signed for courier service is more than the actual item originally cost, or is perhaps especially weighty or even from another country then you will lose a huge amount of money either way even with the offer of 'have postage on us' from PayPal which is only a maximum of fifteen pounds. The fraudulent sellers meanwhile continue trading quite happily on the eBay website.

The days of finding a bargain on this type of auction website are well and truly over and the risks are far too high at the end of the day to make this a viable online shopping experience. When you take into account the excessive and over inflated seller costs of the initial postage, the disappointment of not receiving what you have ordered or in addition, when the item is not as even described if and when it does arrive, then perhaps there are much better and cheaper shopping experiences to be found elsewhere.

The initial purchases are without any difficulties, however I have encountered some problems afterward relative to Q&A. If and when I have spoken with a rep., my concerns were answered in a professional manner. And ensuring if there further questions/concerns. My purchases were auto related and one has to have a layman knowledge of the product in which he/she are interested in purchasing. The site allows one to research to ensure the correct part(s) for the appropriate vehicle. Have knowledge of the product in which you are interested in. Do check other sites. Check the difference between OEM and spin-offs.

Love buying items that I can't find in stores and eBay is the right place for that. They are great at helping you get the seller's attention when they don't ship the item out in a timely fashion. Paypal makes everything easier. eBay is the best online shopping spot for great deals.

In regards to item nr 302083134860 on Ebay - USSR DIVER WATCH SCUBA SOVIET ZLATOUST STEEL GENIUNE MILITARY RARITY EXCELLENT (302083134860). I bid on the item and told the seller that I will make payment on the 11 October 2016. The seller then made a case that I want to cancel the transaction which is not the case and neither did I communicate any suggestion that I want to cancel transaction. Ebay then posted me on 2016/09/29 a email - "We want to let you know that frommyrusheart cancelled your order and mentioned the reason as The buyer asked to cancel the order, or there's an issue with the buyer's address. Keep in mind that an unpaid item can be recorded on your account and result in future restrictions to your account. You don't need to do anything else."

Ebay made this decision without consulting the consumer. Ebay violated my rights as a consumer by acting on hearsay. Ebay finish their message by threatening to place restrictions on my account. Ebay finished the message "You don't need to do anything else", it left me without any right to appeal. Neither did they ask for evidence of me canceling the transaction or that my address might be the problem. Please cancel the order cancellation since the cancellation process was fraudulent without me making a suggestion or without communicating to me prior to cancellation.

Avoid this seller savoryconsulting100. I won a laptop from this person. I was suppose to receive laptop by the following Friday. I received notification that item was shipped. After several days of no tracking I contacted and never received any response. After several more days I went through eBay's refund process. After several more days nothing from eBay or savoryconsulting100. I then left negative feedback and less than an hour later I received notification from eBay stating they favored for the seller. I have been following savoryconsulting100 and I am not sure how they do it but every time I see a negative review it somehow gets removed. This is my first time having a problem on eBay. I still think eBay is a great place to get things as long as you don't run into garbage like savoryconsulting100.

I've been with eBay more than 10 years now. eBay used to deliver high quality service, and care about their customers, but lately it's very poor. I brought an item from the seller, and my package is lost or stolen. I contacted the seller, and told me to check with my neighbor, friend or check with local mail office like it's not their responsibility anymore after the item is sent out. If I have to go through so much hassle to deal with this why would I even want to order at the first place.

The seller also mentioned if someone already signed for me? They've tracked my item was left at the front door, and how could they left at the front door if it requires my signature. They gave me a run around, and obviously didn't want to refund my money. I ordered ton of stuffs on eBay and very accurate, but this time is very frustrated. I opened a case and eBay quickly decided to take the seller's side, and not refund my money. The money back guaranteed from eBay is not truth, if the item is lost or stolen, you won't get your money back. I will stick with Amazon from now on.

I am very unhappy with my purchase of a trumpet from elderarrows through eBay. I needed to buy a trumpet for my son who wanted to join the band. I needed it before Sept 15, Thursday, for his 2nd band class. I’ve made bids to buy other trumpets but didn’t win and I was watching other trumpets for sale including the one for sale by elderarrows. The item for sale is a used trumpet and its case. There is no mouthpiece included. The item was advertised as used and is supposed to be "An item that has been used previously. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used."

Elderarrows has a high-rating in eBay and I thought that would be a good sign to buy from this seller. Since this seller has a high rating and that eBay has a guarantee, I decided to buy. Before making an offer, I asked elderarrows if the trumpet is functional, especially if the valves and slides work. The seller responded that the slides and valves work well but probably needs service before use. I made an offer to buy for $170 on Sept 8th and paid immediately through PayPal. The item arrived on Sept 16, Friday, a day after my son’s class and 8 days since I paid for it.

When my son finally got to the band class on Sept 22nd, the trumpet does not work. I don’t know how the seller said the trumpet works, especially valves and slides, because you cannot even blow into the trumpet. The band teacher had to look into the main pipe of the trumpet and said something is stuck inside it that stops the air from flowing. The trumpet is not working if the air does not flow through it!! I contacted elderarrows and the seller said they are unaware of the problem. My question is, how can they mark an item as used (supposed to be usable and functional) if they don’t know if it works? If they don’t know if it works, shouldn’t they advertise it as ‘for parts only’? I know my son needed a trumpet and I was told that the music shops are very busy at this time. I cannot afford to buy another trumpet especially with the time constraint.

I paid to have the trumpet fixed and the shop was able to take out a clear/silicon looking item from inside the trumpet. My guess was that it was a hearing plug but I am not sure. After paying $80 and buying a mouthpiece for $50+, I ended up paying $300 for the trumpet. I knew there were other trumpets for sale that were marked as immaculate that were available to buy at a lower price. But I am now stuck with this one at a more expensive price. I opened a case with eBay but eBay does not want to refund my purchase because the trumpet has been changed.

What am I supposed to do? Wait for their 30 days or so to determine what to do with the trumpet? I did not buy the item because I just fancy it; I bought it because I needed it. Anyway, to make a long story short, I will not buy from eBay again and I do not trust elderarrows when they say an item is used and functional. Maybe I’ll close my PayPal account too since they are owned by eBay. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED.

I just want to tell everyone what a "TERRIBLE" experience I had in attempting to purchase a $14.95 item on eBay today. I started at 8 am till 9:26 and still no satisfaction, transfer, transfer. I again later that day still no satisfaction. This time 35 minutes. Apparently eBay has decided to make it extremely difficult to buy something and not bidding on it. If this isn't resolved don't waste your time anymore. I'm one dissatisfied customer. (4) chrome Porsche center caps.

Ebay does not offer a 'customer service'! I returned an item because it was not as described. Being small and light I sent it back by first class mail. At first the seller denied receiving this return so I left a negative feedback. She then twice offered to refund but only on condition that I remove the negative feedback - this amounts to blackmail and surely not something eBay would condone - they do! They denied my refund because I did not have a tracking number (not possible with first class post) and removed negative feedback, encouraging seller to be dishonest again to another unsuspecting purchaser. She was then able to resell the item making double the profit, which means even more fees for eBay! Obviously the fees obtained by this seller is more important than their customers or in fact honesty. Do not expect any support from eBay, they do not care about customers only making money, even if it is dishonestly.

I bought a phone off eBay and paid with PayPal. The item arrived missing parts and not working. I asked to return it and eBay told me to ship it back. I sent it back. When the seller received it he lied. Claimed I sent a different phone eBay closes my case as did PayPal. So I lost my 100 dollars and the seller techpayless2013 got to keep the phone and the money. Now he can relist it. eBay, Paypal and techpayless2013 will all make money again. I think it is a scam.

DON'T BUY FROM EBAY. THEY ARE NOT HONEST. NEITHER IS PRICEPOUNDERS, LLC. I purchased apatite rock from Pricepounders LLC through eBay for $18.53. Instead of 3 lb they sent 2 1/2 pounds. I got a return label from them and sent the product back. Pricepounders LLC has not refunded me. They will not respond to my messages. Ebay says they have a money back guarantee. However, they sent me an email stating they have ruled not to reimburse me.

Hi, I have purchase "Micro Sd Card Memory TF Card 128Gb Class 10 With Sd Adapter" (Item ID: 222235979345) with spending 950 on ebay with adonesq8 seller. The given item is not working since beginning at all. As per ebay seller has to refund the balance but no information of seller and he is not contactable at all. Please be aware with such fake seller.

Has to be the world in the world. You submit data, they say you already have an account and the system keeps looping around. Never ever buy or sell anything on eBay.

Dear Ashish ** and eBay team. I just asked a question to all of you. Ebay and the registered eBay shippers send fake items to the customers. Recently I was ordered one 64 gb Samsung EVO micro SD card to ebay. Item number is 272362492696 shown in ebay website. I ordered and pay money by my card. But unfortunately I received two 32 gb cards. I raised complaint and the ebay team refund my money. And also gifted two 32 gb fake memory cards. Recently I using these memory cards but they don't work.

After this I was gone to Samsung service center and Shown to the executive, after seen cards the service center executive told me these cards are fake. "Please through them. The shipper making fool to you." The shipper contact number not reachable and continues switch off. I think eBay team take solid action against the shipper and black listed. So in future they don't send this type fake shipments. Please take action and revert me ASAP.

Colton ** works for eBay. I got bullied by a buyer and I canceled an order and Colton did not take off the negative feedback. One of the other gals that works there said, "don't worry we will take it off." Then Colton refused to help with this matter. He should be fired for treating his sellers like this!

I have been a seller on eBay for years. If I start an item off at 99p and sell it, that's my fault. I am an honest eBayer. This month I have won several auctions and the seller refuses to send it, eBay said they will report seller but what to stop them opening another account if their first account is closed. It stinks. eBay look after those who make them the money. Buyer beware. Shop elsewhere.

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