Walmart unveils top toys of 2022 ahead of the holiday season

Photo (c) Cat Lane - Getty Images

The list is out over a month earlier than it was in 2021

Is it too early to start holiday shopping? Not according to Walmart. 

The discount retail chain has unveiled its 2022 Top Toy List – over a month earlier than its 2021 release date. The goal of the early release is to help consumers be more organized in their holiday shopping this year, and offer shoppers the best deals possible on some of the most popular items. 

“We know our customers are shopping early, and finding the lowest prices on toy gifts is a priority for many families this year,” said Laura Rush, Walmart’s senior vice president of Electronics, Toys, and Seasonal. “We’re excited to help our customers as they start their holiday shopping by announcing our Top Toy List today and providing them with a fantastic selection of toys in stores and on at low prices only Walmart can deliver.” 

For consumers looking to save money amid rising costs in just about every shopping category, the majority of Walmart’s Top Toys are budget-friendly. With nearly 60 toys on the list, many are under $25 and more than half are under $50. On top of that, Walmart is offering customers even more savings on the toys. 

Shoppers won’t have to pass on brands or items that their kids love and want the most because of cost. These discounts are offered on just about every item, and cover brands like Paw Patrol, Jurassic World, LEGO, and more. 

Top toy trends of 2022

Walmart has broken down the list into several categories, including toys that are great for playdates, what to get for kids who love video games, and the best discount options, among several others. 

Some discount items include: LOL dolls, Pokemon figure packs, and a Squishmallow – all of which are under $20. Under the “Need for Speed” category, shoppers can range from a number of different Hot Wheels sets to an electric bike or Razor scooter. There are also the latest toys from Marvel, Disney’s Encanto, and Star Wars. 

For consumers looking to spend a little more money this holiday season, some pricier items have also made the list. The Nintendo Switch ($299), an electric bike ($398), and an electric scooter ($249) are just a few of the toys to splurge on this holiday season. 

Walmart has also categorized their top toy picks based on kids’ ages and shoppers’ budgets, so consumers have many ways to access these selections. All of the items on Walmart’s Top Toys List are now available either for order or preorder. 

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