Walmart revamps its website to improve consumers' experience

Photo (c) People Images - Getty Images

The new look mimics the way people scroll through social media

Late last year, Walmart announced updates to its website and mobile app, with an eye on making holiday shopping more convenient for consumers. 

Now, the retailer is again announcing updates to its online interface to help shoppers find what they’re looking for. 

“Now, we’re improving how our customers can explore the endless aisles of with a sleek new look and experience that offers a more engaging way to browse and discover our incredible assortment,” said Tom Ward, executive vice president and chief eCommerce officer at Walmart. 

What can shoppers expect?

Walmart is updating both its website and its mobile app, and the new features are designed to mimic the ways that consumers scroll through social media. 

The homepage will feature the biggest changes, as it will now include videos and images, and the highlighted items will change depending on the season and time of year. During football season or the holidays, shoppers will see special deals and sales on the Walmart app and website. 

For instance, currently, Walmart’s homepage features various ways shoppers can save on Easter essentials. Everything from Easter basket must-haves to sales on Easter candy and egg coloring kits, and kids’ spring clothes are showcased on the homepage to give consumers easy access to things they’re likely in the market for right now. 

However, as the year goes on, shoppers can expect to see changes on the homepage, including furniture, home goods, clothing, food, electronics, and more. 

With this update, Walmart hopes to shift its homepage to a product-focused site and make it easier for shoppers to get what they need at any given moment. 

“Whether customers shop with us on the Walmart app, on, or in stores, we are fully connecting the experience across channels to remove friction and make shopping easier than ever before,” said Ward. “Looking ahead, we will continue to innovate to deliver an experience that makes Walmart our customers’ first choice for online shopping, every day, every season, for every item.” 

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