A simple text message can now get you a Walmart order

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Shoppers never have to forget an item again – the new texting feature allows on-demand updates to your shopping cart

Walmart has consistently stayed on top of the latest technological advancements, and its new feature will make it easier than ever for consumers to shop. 

The retailer has recently announced Text to Shop – a new service that will allow shoppers to text items they’re interested in, adding then to their shopping carts. The feature is linked to customers’ Walmart accounts, making it easy to identify frequently purchased items and speeding up the checkout process. 

“Run out of protein powder making your morning smoothie? Text Walmart to add it to your cart,” wrote Dominique Essig, vice president of conversational commerce, Store No8. “Hosting a few more people at the dinner table than you originally planned? Text Walmart to quickly reorder the ingredients you need and schedule your pickup. Planning a backyard campout with the kids? Make sure to add s’mores fixings to your list, then schedule for delivery to give yourself extra time to enjoy with the kiddos.” 

How does it work? 

For starters, utilizing Text to Shop requires no additional downloads or costs. Walmart shoppers need to simply sign up, link their Walmart account, and then utilize all the features. 

Walmart says the goal of Text to Shop is to make shopping more convenient for consumers no matter where they are. It’s easy to reorder frequently purchased items, add things to an existing order, or create a new order – in the amount of time it takes to send a text message. 

There’s no limit to what you can add to your cart – everything from workout equipment, to snacks, or household essentials is included. The service can also be used to check if items are in stock or are currently being sold at Walmart. 

There are several ways shoppers can utilize Text to Shop: 

  • Text to Search: If you’re looking for an item, but have nothing specific in mind, sending a text describing your item will yield a response from Walmart that includes links to the most relevant items available based on your description. From there, you can add the item to your cart, refine your search, or request new results. 

  • View and Update Your Cart: At any time, you can text Text to Shop to find any items that are currently in your Walmart shopping cart. You’ll receive a text back with a detailed list of all the items in your cart, including their cost, and also the option to check out or schedule a time to pick up your order. 

  • Schedule Pick Up or Delivery: Text to Shop allows customers to choose how they want to receive their Walmart order – delivered to their home, shipped to their address, or picked up at your local store. Shoppers can also text to confirm a pickup or delivery slot. Additionally, if after selecting a pickup or delivery time you want to change how you receive your order, a text message can make that happen. 

  • View, Confirm, and Pay: At any time, shoppers can use Text to Shop to see their orders, confirm all the items are correct, and then pay and checkout. However, even after checking out, it’s still possible to text any updates or revisions to the order prior to pickup or delivery. 

  • Reorder Favorites: Because Text to Shop is linked to your Walmart account and saves your purchase history, it’s easy for shoppers to quickly reorder their favorite items. 

Shoppers can learn more and sign up for Text to Shop here

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