Walmart's new digital updates are designed to make holiday shopping easier

Photo (c) C. Sondy - Getty Images

The new features are available on both the retailer’s website and mobile app

Like a growing number of major retailers this year, Walmart is in full holiday mode. The company has announced its month-long Black Friday plans, top toys list, new holiday return policies, and an updated gift guide and toy selection for the 2022 holiday season. 

Now, to tie all of those things together, and improve customers’ online shopping experience, Walmart has also enhanced its website and mobile app. The updates, which were rolled out this week, will make it easier than ever to make purchases this holiday season – and beyond. 

“As many of us start preparing to welcome friends and family members into our homes for the holidays, Walmart is taking the same actions to get our ‘house’ ready for holiday shopping,” wrote Brock McKeel, senior vice president of site experience and Walmart eCommerce. “We’re pulling out all the stops for our customers on, ensuring that they have fast, frictionless, engaging, and personalized shopping experiences that save them time, save them money, and make shopping on our site just as easy as shopping in one of our stores.” 

Saving money, prioritizing convenience 

Walmart says its new digital features are all about helping consumers save money and facilitating a fast, convenient shopping experience. 

One of the new features tags all sale items in green. The green price tag will help shoppers easily identify which items are on sale and what the discounted prices are. 

For shoppers in a hurry, there will now be the option to immediately “buy now.” Rather than going through the entire checkout process, or scrolling through tons of items, Walmart shoppers can skip right to the end to make shopping faster. 

Additionally, Walmart will start showing suggestions of items that shoppers either regularly purchase or that are increasingly popular. The website and the app will start showing how many people have added certain items to their cart and how many people are looking at specific items. 

When it comes to Black Friday, consumers won’t have to stress about missing out on big-ticket items. Walmart will now offer virtual queues, which will allow shoppers to continue browsing the site or app, while virtually holding their spot for popular items.

Not only will this feature highlight on the screen how long shoppers are able to hold something in their carts, but shoppers can wait in multiple queues to make sure they get everything on their shopping lists. 

“Every improvement to the site experience helps us create a faster, more engaging, and more personalized experience for our customers, and we’re just getting started,” McKeel wrote. “The closest store to our customer is in their pocket, and they can trust us to make it easy for them to save time, save money, and ultimately, live better this holiday season.”

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