PhotoValley Milk Products is recalling 50-pound bags of nonfat milk powder and sweet cream buttermilk powder produced from December 10, 2015, to July 5, 2016.

Concerns have been raised regarding the cleaning records for the drying equipment used to produce these products, casting doubt on whether these products may have contained salmonella.

However, testing by has not found salmonella in any of these products

The recalled products can be identified by the following lot numbers which can be found in the lower right front of each bag:

High Heat Nonfat Dry Milk Powder Loin 50# bags with a shelf life of 18 months with the following Lot numbers #:

  • H151210, H151216, H151217, H151219, H151221, H151222, H151224, H151226, H151227, H151230, H151231, H160101, H160103, H160105, H160106, H160109, H160111, H160112, H160115, H160119, H160125, H160126, H160129, H160201, H160202, H160205, H160208, H160211, H160212, H160218, H160222, H160223, H160224, H160227, H160323, H160406, H160411, H160412, H160414, H160415, H160419, H160420, H160422, H160425, H160502, H160504, H160506, H160510, H160608, H160621, H160627, H160705

Sweet Cream Buttermilk Powder in 50 # bags with a shelf life of 12 months with the following lot numbers #:

  • B151218, B160107, B160113, B160121, B160127, B160203, B160209, B160215, B160216, B160225, B160302, B160316, B160326, B160418 B160421

These products are not sold directly to consumers, but are used as ingredients in a number of foods such as bakery products.

What to do

Customers who purchased the recalled products have been notified by Valley Milk and instructed to return the suspect powder or document the destruction of the powder, after contacting Valley Milk for specific instructions.

Consumers with questions may contact Michael Curtis at 301-512-5053 or by email at immediately for instructions.



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