PhotoGas prices are lower than they were last year, but that's not the only reason your spring break getaway will probably be cheaper than it was in 2015.

Expedia has conducted an analysis of spring break travel trends and found the average airline ticket prices to many popular destinations are down year-over-year.

The travel site says there are even deals for those who have waited until the last minute to plan a trip.

"There are any number of factors that impact spring break pricing – the price of oil, demand, weather, you name it," Expedia's Sarah Gavin said in a statement. "The good news is that all of these factors, collectively, seem to be pushing prices down.”

Gavin says the best deals appear to be in major U.S. cities. With the strong dollar, she says international travel may even be a bargain, providing you book your hotel and air travel at the same time.

Bundling offers savings

“Bundling your hotel and flight can yield hundreds in savings that disappear if booked separately," Gavin said.

Domestic travelers who travel by air, meanwhile, may see some real deals. Expedia says its analysis show flights to both Miami and Orlando are down an average 14% from last year.

Tickets to Ft. Lauderdale – ground zero for college spring breakers – are 17% cheaper. Travel to Tampa costs 9% less.

If you plan to vacation outside the continental U.S., Expedia says you'll find airfare to San Juan has fallen 15% from last year while Cancun is down 14%. Airfare to Puerto Vallarta is marked down 10%.

Cheaper hotel rates

Lodging will also cost less. Expedia says the average daily rates (ADRs) of Puerto Rico hotels are down more than 5% year over year. It will also be cheaper to stay in New Orleans, Riviera Maya, and Miami.

If the traditional spring break destinations are cheaper, it stands to reason that some non-traditional vacation spots would be even bigger bargains. Expedia says that is indeed the case, with Lake Tahoe offering the biggest year over year discount on lodging.

Other hotel bargains can be found in Portland, Ore., down 35%; Seattle, where rates are down 30%; and San Diego, where the cost of a hotel room is down 25%.

For family spring break, Expedia says big-city options like New York, Chicago, and Washington DC, along with sunny destinations such as Honolulu or Kahului, are expected to offer airfare savings between 8% and 18% from last year.

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