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Consumer groups ask Facebook to clarify content removal policies

The company has said that it will be allowing more 'newsworthy' and 'significant' content in the future

As social media continues to flourish in the Internet Age, many consumers are beginning to first hear about news through their online accounts. First-hand...


Why move to Canada when Mexico beckons?

Despite the vilification we heap on Mexico, it is a friendly and welcoming country

As my colleague Mark Huffman notes in a report on migrating to Canada, it's not something to be taken lightly. For one thing, Canada doesn't much want you...


How to immigrate to Canada

Either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump supporters may find this helpful

In the election cycles since the American population became so ideologically polarized, there has always been a celebrity or two declaring “I'm leaving the...


How to prepare your dog for the arrival of a new baby

Set the stage for a harmonious future by teaching your pup how to interact with the baby

Although opinions on the term pet “parent” may vary, there’s no denying the fact that pet ownership is a big responsibility. In households without children...


Southwest reaffirms its stance on not charging baggage fees

CEO Gary Kelly spares 'no thought whatsoever on charging bags'

The airline industry can be a harsh business. In a world where money is king and companies are always looking out for the bottom line, not scraping in reve...


Hospitals show some improvement in safety

But an estimated 200,000 Americans still die from medical errors

When people are seriously ill or injured, they are usually admitted to a hospital. But it turns out that a hospital may not exactly be the safest place to...


Experimental Alzheimer's drug shows promise

Cleveland Clinic researchers say NTRX-07 targets the disease, not the symptoms

Despite potential breaththroughs in Alzheimer's disease research, a cure has remained out of reach.But researchers at the Cleveland Clinic have present...


IRS unveils 2017 pension plan limitations

There's no change in the limit for 401(k) contributions

An increase is on the way from the Internal Revenue Service pertaining to income ranges and determining eligibility for making deductible contributions to...


September's consumer spending increase outpaces incomes gain

Durable goods accounted for the bulk of spending

Consumers enjoyed an increase of $46.7 billion, or 0.3%, in personal income in September.The Commerce Department reports disposable personal income (DP...


Jury awards $70 million in baby powder cancer case

Plaintiffs charge Johnson & Johnson knew of alleged cancer risk; the company denies it

Concerns that women were unknowingly placing themselves in danger by using baby powder for feminine hygeine date back to 1971, when gynecological researche...


How to make sure your child's Halloween costume is safe

Tips to help parents avoid costume-related health and safety dangers

For children, picking out a costume is often half the fun of Halloween. But parents have the responsibility of making sure that every element of their chil...


How the presidential election is affecting consumers' holiday spending this year

The National Retail Federation says uncertain consumers are being more cautious

With November just around the corner, many consumers across the U.S. would normally be shopping up a storm for the upcoming holiday season. While that’s st...


Feds make arrests in major international scam

Elaborate scheme was based out of five call centers in India

Indictments in connection with massive scams are rare. Arrests are even rarer, since the perpetrators tend to work outside the U.S.Despite that, the Ju...


Economic growth gets a bump in the third quarter

Consumer spending helped power the increase in GDP

The economy stepped it up in the third quarter of the year, according to the government's "advance" look at how things are going.According to the Comme...


H-E-B recalls star chairs due to fall hazard

Weld defects can cause the armrest to detach from the base

H-E-B is recalling about 650 Brazos Embossed star chairs.Weld defects can cause the armrest to detach from base, posing a fall hazard to consumers....


Twitter cuts 9% of its workforce and decides to shut down Vine

The moves are an attempt to halt a long stretch of slowing revenue growth

The hardships seem to keep mounting for Twitter. Due to stagnant user growth and a compendium of other factors, the company recently began looking to sell...


Purple Carrot meal kits may be heading to Whole Foods

Could grocery store shelves be the next stop for gourmet meal kits?

In an effort to cater to younger consumers’ love of convenience and plant-based meals, Purple Carrot is bringing its meal kits to Whole Foods stores.In...


Three highly rated airline credit cards

Consumers who travel a lot might benefit from one of these

Consumers should be aware by now that there are big advantages to using a rewards credit card, and in particular, a card that rewards certain things.Fo...


Verizon executive says the company needs more information on the Yahoo data breach

What they find out could affect how much they pay for their acquisition

It’s been a little over a month since Yahoo confirmed details of its massive data breach, which compromised information on roughly 500 million user account...


New car sales drop sharply in October

For consumers, that can create some bargains

Consumers continue to flock to new car showrooms, but in fewer numbers this month. With October drawing to a close, industry analysts are predicting sales...


Pending home sales head higher in September

Sales are now at their fifth highest level over the past year

Following a drop of 2.5% in August, pending home sales have climbed to their their fifth highest level over th...


Dodge Vipers with airbag issues recalled

The wires for the driver's front airbag may be pinched.

Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling 14 model year 2016 Dodge Vipers manufactured May 24, 2016, to August 28, 2016 on which the wires for the driver's front...


Toyota recalls model year 2016-2017 Prius vehicles with braking issue

The foot-operated parking brake system that has a parking brake cable that may disengage

Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing is recalling 91,585 model year 2016-2017 Prius vehicles manufactured August 6, 2015, to October 3, 2016.The re...


Gaiser's European Style Provision recalls chicken and pork bologna products

The products may contain nonfat dry milk, an allergen not declared on the label

Gaiser’s European Style Provision Inc., of Union, N.J., is recalling approximately 3,895 pounds of chicken and pork bologna products formulated with meat a...


Google parent Alphabet pulls the plug on Google Fiber

Companies back away from fiber, which helped free them from the yoke of oppressive regulations

If you've been waiting for Google Fiber to come to your city, you can stop waiting. It's not coming. Like Verizon and other carriers that once enthusia...


EpiPen rival resuming sales next year

The Auvi-Q was recalled because of dosage problems that the company says have been resolved

Mylan NV’s aggressive pricing of its EpiPen emergency injector has brought Congressional investigations, widespread denunciation from consumer and health a...


FanDuel, DraftKings, reach settlement with New York

Both firms pay the state $6 million over marketing practices

The long and bitter war between the two major daily fantasy sports (DFS) enterprises and the state of New York has reached a peaceful conclusion.New Yo...


Scientists plan to release more mosquitoes in fight against Zika

Introducing mosquitoes with a counteractive infection should lower mosquito-borne diseases

You might think having more mosquitoes around would aggravate mosquito-borne viruses like Zika, chikungunya, and dengue fever. However, according to a BBC...


What parents can do to make Halloween healthier for kids

Here's what to do with all that candy your child brings home

Halloween and candy go hand-in-hand, but consuming too many sugary treats can be harmful to kids’ health. So how can parents keep their children from overi...


Target unveils holiday shopping strategy

Survey shows growing backlash against Thanksgiving Day openings

Retailers are trying to get a leg-up on competitors in the holiday shopping sweepstakes, especially as spending continues to migrate to the internet. Many...


Don't get tricked by zombie debt

There are ways to deal with debt that has come back to life

Calls from debt collectors are always unpleasant. But when the calls are trying to collect so-called “zombie debt,” they can be downright scary."As the...


A September bounce-back for sales of new homes

Prices of all homes continued climbing

New home sales have rebounded from the sharp decline they posted in August.Figures released by the Commerce Department s...


Mortgage applications on the decline following slight uptick

Contract interest rates were mixed

Following a move -- albeit small -- to higher ground the previous week, mortgage applications posted a decline of 4.1% in the week ending October 21.Th...


Airline ticket costs decline

But the add-ons keep mounting

Consumers traveling by air this past spring saw the amount they paid for a ticket go down.The Transportation Department's Bureau of Transportation Stat...


Fiddle Diddles recalls car seat strap systems

Small internal parts can pose a choking hazard to young children

Fiddle Diddles of Maple Grove, Minn., is recalling about 250 LullaBelay car seat strap systems.The carabiners attached to the strap system contain smal...


Crider recalls canned organic roasted chicken breast

The product may be contaminated with foreign materials

Crider Inc., of Stillmore, Ga., is recalling approximately 5,610 pounds of canned organic roasted chicken breast that may be contaminated with foreign mate...


Court approves $15 billion VW diesel settlement

The approval closes another chapter in the 'clean diesel' scandal that shook confidence in automakers

A federal court judge today approved the $15 billion settlement between Volkswagen and consumers who owned or leased a Volkswagen or Audi 2.0-liter TDI "cl...


DirecTV Now will provide 100 channels for $35

AT&T says the bargain-priced service will debut later this year

Taking a page from Walmart's "falling prices" slogan, AT&T; says its streaming TV package, DirecTV Now, will cost just $35 a month for 100 channels when it...


What's in a name? A bit less, if it's Trump

Trump's vulgar remarks about women have damaged his brand as well as his campaign

The video clip showing Donald Trump making vulgar comments about women didn't do much for his campaign prospects and studies have also found it damaged his...


Do you really need a brick-and-mortar bank?

If so, you may have a hard time finding one soon

With direct deposit, ATMs everywhere, and the ability to deposit that birthday check from your grandmother with your mobile phone, do you really need to go...


Airbnb sues New York after the passing of anti-sublet legislation

The state will not enforce its new law until after the suit has been resolved

It seems that New York has reached a decision regarding its enforcement of short-term rental laws. This past Friday, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill th...


Honda preparing launch of fuel cell model

The Honda Clarity will debut in California in the next few weeks

Lately, the automotive world has been focused on self-driving technology. But automakers are also developing ways to make vehicles more fuel efficient, reg...


AT&T: most cyber attacks use old weapons

Report says businesses need to do better job of using existing cyber defenses

The denial of service attack that last week briefly blocked access to major web sites was amazingly simple. Hackers used malware to infect millions of inte...


Consumer confidence down for first time in three months

The short-term outlook softened a bit

After posting gains in each of the previous two months, consumer confidence in the economy took a negative turn in October.The Conference Board reports...


Home prices continue to climb

Portland, Seattle, and Denver led the way

Home prices continued their gains in August on both an annual and month-to-month basis.According to the S&P; CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices, the Nation...


Media Megadeal: AT&T buying Time Warner for $85 billion

The biggest media consolidation yet redraws the landscape

It started when Comcast bought NBCUniversal for $30 billion. Then Verizon snapped up AOL and Yahoo. Now the consolidation of media content and distribution...


Feds press carmakers to beef up cybersecurity

High-profile hacks of cars have brought pressure from Congress for stiffer rules

The challenge of making cars safe from hackers is a recent one, and there aren't really any rules of the road that cover the issue. The National Highway Tr...


Proposed AT&T-Time Warner merger likely to face strong opposition

Public interest, political sectors grow increasingly skeptical of these deals

Consolidation continues in the media and communications industries, but the latest proposed deal is getting some strong push-back.Over the weekend, AT&...


Airbnb plans rule changes in anticipation of coming New York legislation

The company hopes to stop renters from taking advantage of the system

Last week, we reported on how a new bill making its way through the New York legislature could impose strict fines on consumers who violate the state’s ren...


For men, the effects of a happy childhood may span decades

Having a caring family could translate to a more secure marriage, study finds

Growing up in a warm, caring household could give men an advantage when it comes to managing stress. Researchers say this could, in turn, make them more li...


Credit card worries weighing on consumers

Survey finds credit cards are a much bigger concern than student loans

Student loan debt has been a growing concern over the last three years, as the outstanding loan total has surged past $1 trillion.And make no mistake,...


TD Ameritrade to acquire Scottrade

Consolidation continues among online stock brokers

Two online brokerages, which retail investors use to make stock purchases without paying a traditional full-service broker, are merging.TD Ameritrade h...


Brookwood Farms recalls pulled pork product

The product contains soy, an allergen not declared on the label

Brookwood Farms of Siler City, N.C., is recalling approximately 126,570 pounds of pulled pork product.The product contains soy, an allergen not declare...


Model year 2015-2016 Ford Edge vehicles recalled

The vehicles may have incorrect Antilock Brake System and Electronic Stability Control software

Ford Motor Company is recalling 53 model year 2015-2016 Ford Edge vehicles manufactured February 9, 2015, to August 12, 2016.During dealer servicing, t...


How technology can help save your trip

Here are some handy gadgets that will help keep your travels on track

It wasn’t until we boarded our train that my husband realized he was missing his travel bag with his iPad. Our techie daughter remotely locked the device a...


Why the internet has gotten so annoying

Advertising threatens to obscure the web's more useful functions

Once upon a time – let's say five or 10 years ago – the average internet user could enjoy a wide range of free content on the internet in relative peace....


New York looks to crack down on Airbnb

A prospective law could mean fines of up to $7,500 for consumers who list their homes

Airbnb has faced regulatory obstacles for years now. In the past, several state agencies had called on the company to make the names of hosts available. An...


Study suggests fast food calorie posting is probably pointless

Consumers need to know what calories mean and be motivated to reduce them

Fast food chains will soon be required to post calorie information on menus but researchers at New York University say that based on the experience of chai...


Child traffic deaths vary widely among states

Child deaths 12 times higher in Mississippi than in Massachusetts, study finds

Children are much more likely to die in a car crash in Mississippi than in Massachusetts. That's among the findings of a new study that found wide variatio...


Should you open a store credit account?

If you already have a general purpose credit card, probably not

When checking out at a chain department store, the clerk might ask if you would like to open a charge account and get 10% off your purchase. Should you? Pr...


How to stop yourself from catching a cold

Tips that can help keep your immune system in tip-top, cold-fighting shape

Getting sick isn’t cheap. In fact, a recent study by GoBankingRates found that coming down with a few colds per year can end up costing adults around $1,00...


Conference Board forecasts continued moderate economic growth

First-time jobless claims shot higher last week

The latest economic forecast from The Conference Board suggests continued moderate growth into 2017.The Board's Lead...


Summer Classics recalls swivel rocking lounge chairs

The seat bucket of the lounge chairs can break away from the base

Summer Classics of Pelham, Ala., is recalling about 800 swivel rocking lounge chairs.The seat bucket of the lounge chairs can break away from the base...


Model year 2017 Lincoln Continentals recalled

The headlights may have been built with incorrect lenses

Ford Motor Company is recalling 1,827 model year 2017 Lincoln Continentals manufactured June 14, 2016, to September 23, 2016 and equipped with high intensi...


Tyson Foods recalls frozen popcorn chicken products

The products may be contaminated with extraneous materials

Tyson Foods of New Holland, Pa., is recalling approximately 1,148 pounds of frozen popcorn chicken products.The products may be contaminated with extra...


All Tesla vehicles to have self-driving technology

Industry analyst says it's a big step forward for the auto industry

Tesla's so-called “Autopilot” feature remains somewhat controversial, after a couple of high-profile accidents this year, and the German government wants T...


Red light camera fraud draws prison sentence

Campaign contributions were funneled to local politicians to win contracts

Although red light cameras can be an effective traffic-safety tool, many consumers are suspicious of them, suspecting that money lifted from motorists isn'...


Google putting together a 'skinny' streaming video bundle

'Unplugged' will offer network shows that make it easier to dump cable

In the race to own the streaming video space, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and other services have sort of left Google's YouTube in the dust. Hoping to change th...


Retailers firming up holiday shopping plans

Sam's Club and Macy's take opposite Thanksgiving paths

With Black Friday just over a month away, more retailers are revealing their plans, not only for the official shopping season kick-off, but for advance pro...


Sales of existing homes rebound in September

First-time buyers were a major factor

After declining a month earlier, sales of previously-owned homes bounced back in September, thanks to the entry into the market of large numbers of first-t...


Airline runway delays abound in August

On-time arrival and cancellation rates were mixed

Getting off the ground in August was something of challenge if you were traveling by commercial airline.According to the Department of Transportation's...


Foreclosures drop sharply in August

Rates are the lowest in several years

The nation's foreclosure inventory plunged 29.6% and completed foreclosures were down an even sharper 42.4% from a year earlier, according to the CoreLogic...


Husqvarna recalls lawn mowers

The engine and blades may continue to operate when they should shut down

Husqvarna Consumer Outdoor Products of Charlotte, N.C., is recalling about 235,000 lawn mowers sold in the U.S. and Canada.The operator presence contro...


National Meat and Provisions recalls beef and veal products

The products may may be contaminated with E. coli O26

National Meat and Provisions of Reserve, La., is recalling approximately 2,349 pounds of beef and veal products.The products may may be contaminated wi...


Nissan recalls Versas with airbag performance issue

A seam in the fabric section of the side curtain airbags may tear during deployment

Nissan North America is recalling 1,754 model year 2017 Versas manufactured August 1, 2016, to August 16, 2016.A seam in the fabric section of the side...


Consumers to get refunds for delayed airline baggage under new federal rules

Airlines must also more accurately report on-time arrival rates and other measures

A new set of regulations passed by the Obama administration will come as welcome news to air travelers who feel they’ve been nickeled and dimed by excessiv...


Do you save money shopping online?

It all depends on what you are buying

Each year more consumers do more of their shopping online. A recent study by UPS found more than half of all shopping now takes place on the web, increasin...


Facebook's political candidate endorsement feature: is this really a good idea?

Some people think there is already too much politics on the social media site

Every four years Facebook becomes a battleground, where “friends” get into heated arguments over politics.Millions of people, it seems, believe the res...


Millennials' housing market impact may be bigger than expected

More are trying to buy homes but still face challenges

Since the housing crash eight years ago, it has been widely assumed that Millennials, who were just coming of age at that time, would be a generation of re...


Mortgage applications inch higher

Contract interest rates were the highest in several months

The Mortgage Bankers Association is reporting a slight uptick of 0.6% in new mortgage applications in the week ending October 14. The tally includes an adj...


Kuster's recalls shredded, sliced and cubed cheese

The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Kuster's, Inc. of Camden, Mich., is recalling 14,238 pounds of its shredded, sliced and cubed cheese.The product may be contaminated with Listeria mono...


Jeep Wranglers with wiring issue recalled

The front airbags and seat belt pretensioners may not deploy

Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling 182,308 model year 2016-2017 Jeep Wranglers manufactured June 16, 2015, to August 14, 2016.In certain crash conditio...


Nutricrush Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bar recalled

The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Nutrisystem Everyday, the retail division of Nutrisystem, Inc., is recalling Nutricrush Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bars.The product may be contaminate...


LF Products recalls barstools

Screws on the barstools can loosen, posing a fall hazard

LF Products of Singapore is recalling about 114,200 Sawyer barstools sold in the U.S. and Canada.Screws on the barstools can loosen, posing a fall haza...


Survey suggests U.S. consumers are starting to save more

Researchers say 65% of Americans are tightening up their monthly budget

In the wake of the financial crisis, consumers found themselves in dire straits when it came to meeting expenses. Many were forced to cut back on certain l...


Three low-cost home security devices

Each can help you keep an eye on your home and prevent intruders

Your home and the people who live there are worth protecting, but it’s likely that you can’t be there every moment to protect your palace.Fortunately,...


Apple will likely win big over Samsung's Note 7 disaster, analyst says

The expert says Apple will likely gain between 5 and 7 million customers

Samsung’s Note7 debacle has truly shaken the mobile division of the company, along with its customers’ confidence. While the South Korean company will be s...


Consumers doing a better job of managing debt payments

Bank card default rate hits seven-month low in September

The health of the economy often depends on the financial health of the consumer. The consumer's pulse can usually be measured in how he or she is managing...


How to avoid unnecessary bank fees

NerdWallet study finds just three fees can total $1,000 over a decade

An analysis by personal finance site NerdWallet found the average consumer with a checking account paid nearly $1,000 in fees over a 10-year period. Most o...


Scammers cashing in on election season

Fraudsters exploiting loophole in Do Not Call law

The election is just three weeks away and chances are, your telephone has been ringing more than usual.That's because even if your number is on the Do...


Builder confidence slips in October

However, sales expectations were on the rise

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index (HMI), a gauge of builder confidence in the market for newly constructed...


Hyundai recalls model year 2010-2016 Genesis Coupes

The passenger front airbag may deploy improperly

Hyundai Motor America is recalling 84,500 model year 2010-2016 Genesis Coupes manufactured December 12, 2008, to June 11, 2016.The electrical harness c...


Chimparoo baby carriers recalled

The carrier's side strap can loosen unexpectedly from the buckle

L’echarpe Porte-bonheaur Inc., of Canada is recalling about 1,130 Chimparoo baby carriers sold in the U.S. and Canada.The carriers’ side strap can loos...


Verizon's PopData looks to give consumers short periods of unlimited data

Critics argue that the service falls well short of the mark, though

Consumers have been attempting to manage the data they use on their mobile devices for years, with mixed success. But as technology continues to advance an...


A warning for open-heart surgery patients

A device used during surgery may have been contaminated with long-lived bacteria

Federal health officials have a warning for open-heart surgery patients: a device used during your surgery may have been contaminated with bacteria when it...


Why you should do your holiday shopping with a credit card

The rewards can be significant

The holiday shopping season is fast approaching and surveys have shown that many consumers have been making purchases since Labor Day.So now might be a...


Pepsico plans to put consumers on a diet

Beverage and snack manufacturer plans to reduce calories, increase nutritution

It's no secret that consumers get a lot of their daily calories from beverages and snacks. As obesity rates have climbed over the last 30 years, companies...


GITI recalls a quarter-million passenger car replacement tires

The tires may develop cracks in the lower sidewall

GITI Tire (USA) is recalling 250,620 imported Primewell Valera Touring II tires, sizes 205/50R17 93V XL, 215/50R17 95V XL, 225/50R17 94V, 225/50R18 95T; 20...


Osage Gardens Organic Micro Greens recalled

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella

Osage Gardens is recalling its Osage Gardens Organic 2-oz. Micro Greens that has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.No illnesses have bee...


Postcard from Mount Rushmore

Seeing this unique monument in person is nothing like just looking at pictures

Mount Rushmore captured my interest in elementary school. No one I knew had ever ventured to South Dakota and the memorial, located so far away, seemed out...


U.S. Treasury enacts regulations to stop earnings stripping

The new rules would make it harder for some corporations to dodge taxes

One of the main political sticking points for candidates over the years has concerned taxes – more specifically, how to make sure U.S. companies pay their...


DeVry University agrees to limit job placement claims

Settlement with Education Department is latest action to rein in for-profit schools

DeVry University has agreed to limit job placement claims as part of a settlement agreement with the U.S. Department of Education, which has been cracking ...


Obama removes limits on Cuban cigars travelers can take home

But cigar stores will still be unable to import them for resale

There's a famous story that in 1962, hours before he was to extend an economic embargo against Cuba to include all trade and all products, President Kenned...


Housing market frustrating for first-time buyers

Prices continue to go up but the selection keeps going down

As we head into the end of the year with an economy that remains anemic, one factor economists are closely watching is the housing market.After crashin...


Honda recalls 2016 Civics to fix parking brake

The car could roll away if the brake is not properly engaged

American Honda is recalling about 350,000 Civic Coupes and Sedans from the 2016 model year to update software affecting Electric Parking Brake (EPB) functi...


Amid scandal, Wells Fargo CEO decides to retire

John Stumpf had felt lawmakers' wrath in Congressional appearences

In a bid to quell the furor over Wells Fargo's fraudulent accounts activity, establishing accounts without customers' permission, company chairman and CEO...


Why not getting your flu shot could cost you

Consumers spent roughly $9 billion last year in medical costs from not being vaccinated

No one likes getting sick, but it seems that many Americans are loathe to go out and get a vaccination when flu sea...

More expands flights to Cuba

Site now offers 36 routes to 10 Cuban destinations

With the thaw in U.S.-Cuban relations, it's easier now for Americans to visit the island nation, and there are even more ways to get


Feds charge 'tech support' pop-up ads were phony

Scam artists hijacked consumers' computers, charged hundreds of dollars for unnecessary repairs

Tech support scams keep popping up, just like the pop-up ads that are often used to rope in unsuspecting victims. In the latest case, the Federal Trade Com...


Holiday sales expected to grow by 3.6% this year

All told, the NRF expects consumers to spend $655.8 billion this holiday season

As we continue to march through October, consumers across the country are gearing up for the coming holiday season. In fact, many have already begun shoppi...


Why are gas prices going up?

The national average price has shot up eight cents a gallon in the last month

It's fall, when oil refineries are turning out cheaper winter-grade gasoline. Oil prices remain at $50 or less a barrel and supplies are ample.So why i...


WHO urges countries to reduce consumption of sugary drinks

The organization suggests placing a tax on certain certain drinks in order to lower obesity rates

As a general rule, consumers don’t much appreciate being told what they should or shouldn’t be eating or drinking. As such, regulation in the food and beve...


Amazon launching new music service

Company also reportedly plans a chain of convenience stores

There is no question Amazon has been a disruptive force in the economy, finding ways to sell more things to consumers, often using technology to do it as e...


Government sees tightening labor market

There were a lot fewer job openings in August than July

If you have been searching for a job lately, you might have noticed employment is a little harder to come by.The U.S. Labor Department's latest Job Ope...


The disappearing PC getting even more rare

Analysts suggest that consumers just don't see the need

Does anyone use a personal computer anymore? You know, those big, clunky boxes that sit on or under a desk, connected to a keyboard, monitor and mouse?...


FCC fines Comcast $2.3 million for billing errors

The company billed customers for services they had not ordered, an investigation found

Comcast has been fined $2.3 million after the Federal Communications Commission found that it wrongfully charged cable TV customers for services and equipm...


Sprint announces initiative to provide low-income students with free wireless devices and service

The 1Million Project will help close the digital divide and give students equal opportunity to succeed

The educational system has been greatly enhanced through technology in recent years. While smartboards, interactive maps, and a plethora of online tools ha...


Hiro Baby app walks parents through the first year of parenting

New parents have lots of questions, and Hiro Baby can answer them

Embarking on the journey of parenthood is accompanied by a range of feelings. Behind the sleep-deprived eyes of a new parent, there is often stress and sha...


Experian reports many organizations still open to cyber attack

Many have developed plans but fewer have updated them

As a consumer, you trust your personal information to countless businesses and organizations.You trust your doctor to keep your health records private,...


Diesel dead? GM doesn't think so

It plans to bring diesel-powered Cruze and Equinox models to the U.S.

Volkswagen's deceptive marketing of its "clean diesel" TDIs has been widely regarded as killing any hope of reviving the market for diesel-powered cars in...


Anthem won't pay for new muscular dystrophy drug

It says the new drug is still 'investigational' even though it's approved by the FDA

There is only one drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which generally strikes children between 3 and 5...


Facebook announces new app that exclusively handles events

Whether or not users will have to download it in the future is uncertain

Facebook users may remember back a couple of years when the social media giant decided to create an app that exclusively handled its messages feature. The...


Can real doctors match online diagnosis?

Human physicians beat computers 72-34 percent in a Harvard Medical School study

Have a headache, indigestion, or a weird-looking mole? You can head to any number of websites to input your symptoms and get a list of potential diagnoses,...


Hone your home improvement skills with DIYZ

Doing it yourself isn't always easy, but this new app may change that

Avid do-it-yourselfers are no strangers to the idea of seeking out tools that make the job easier. Now, DIYers who focus their efforts on home improvement...


Choosing the right auto financing

The monthly payment isn't the only thing to be concerned about

Very few people pay cash for a car or truck, so choosing the right way to finance your ride is important.Interest rates are near record lows but vehicl...


Good Earth Egg Company recalls shell eggs

The products may be contaminated with Salmonella

Good Earth Egg Company of Bonne Terre, Mo., is recalling shell eggs that have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.The following products a...


Daily's Premium Meats recalls bacon product

The product may be adulterated with Listeria monocytogenes

Daily’s Premium Meats of Salt Lake City, Utah, is recalling approximately 170 pounds of ready-to-eat bacon product.The product may be adulterated with...


Silver Springs Farms expands beef products recall

The products may be adulterated with E. coli O157:H7

Silver Springs Farms of Harleysville, Pa., is expanding its earlier recall to include an additional 7,230 pounds of ground beef patties and burgers, and an...


Model year 2012-2013 Audi A6s and A7s recalled

The fuel hose in the engine compartment may degrade and leak fuel

Volkswagen Group of America is recalling 28,249 model year 2012-2013 Audi A6s andA7s.The vehicles have a fuel hose in the engine compartment that may d...


Travel souvenirs you’ll savor every day

Look for smaller items like caps and cups that you can use often

Each morning my spouse decides where he’ll have coffee. This morning it was Lucerne, Switzerland, yesterday it was Ghent, Belgium, and tomorrow, maybe Time...


What to do after the hurricane has passed

The Consumer Federation of America offers some advice

With Hurricane Matthew roaring up the Florida coast and threatening parts of Georgia and South Carolina, now might be a good time to review what happens wh...


GM putting ads in cars

The geo-targeted ads will be displayed on the car's infotainment system

Buses and subways are plastered with ads, and airlines increasingly are finding ways to display ads while you're strapped into your seat. So why shouldn't...


Verizon seeks a $1 billion discount on its Yahoo acquisition

The data company's massive data breach has put a strain on negotiations

When we first reported details about Yahoo’s massive data breach, which compromised user data on 500 million accounts, we mentioned how the timing of the d...


Parents spend more time with their kids than they used to, study finds

Compared to 50 years ago, parents spend more time each day on child care

When it comes to clocking quality time with the kids, you may be doing better than you think. A new study finds that parents across most Western countries...


Zillow sees biggest rent increases in the West

After already steep climbs, Seattle renters could face another 7% rise

Home prices have risen the fastest in the major Western U.S. markets, so it shouldn't come as a shock that rents in these metros are rising as well. The la...


Backpage CEO arrested, charged with pimping

California brings criminal charges against the site's executives

For years, law enforcement officials and child welfare groups have decried the role of, a website that they say hosts ads for escort services....


Job creation slips as unemployment rate inches upward

There were fewer new jobs than analysts expected

September turned out to be something of a disappointment in terms of job creation.The Department of Labor (DOL) reports employers added 156,000 private...


Volkswagen recalls Audi Q5s and Q7s

The fuel cap flange on the affected vehicles may crack

Volkswagen Group of America is recalling 143,214 model year 2009-2012 Audi Q5s, and 2007-2012 Audi Q7s equipped with gasoline engines.The fuel cap flan...


Fresh Express recalls American Salad

The product may contain egg, milk, wheat and anchovy, allergens not declared on the label

Fresh Express is recalling of 480 cases of 11-oz. Fresh Express American Salad with a Product Code of G264A12A and Use-By Date of October 5.The product...


Burning Samsung phone causes airliner evacuation

Owner says it was one of the replacements but Samsung won't confirm

Brian Green had just boarded a Southwest Airlines flight in Louisville, bound for Baltimore. As he settled into his seat, he said he remembered to power do...


Researchers: exploding e-cigarettes more common than you think

Doctors urge greater monitoring of design and manufacturing process

When e-cigarettes were introduced a few years ago, they were presented as a safer alternative to cigarettes. They delivered the same nicotine but not the t...


Feds probe airbag deployments on Nissan Versa

Slamming the door can have unexpected consequences

If you have a Nissan Versa, you may want to be careful about slamming the door. Federal safety regulators are looking into complaints that slamming the doo...


VW shrugs, names its new crossover Atlas

German executives are seriously trying to repair the company's U.S. image

First there was the Touareg, then the Tiguan, Volkswagen crossovers that have been admired for their looks and handling but not for their Teutonic nomencla...


Don't put off holiday travel plans

Planning ahead saves both money and headaches

Traveling over the holidays? If you haven't already, now is the time to make your plans.Booking airfare is always like rolling the dice. When you do it...


Shopping for Halloween accessories online? Watch out for counterfeiters

Scammers may be selling potentially dangerous fakes

Bringing certain Halloween costumes to life often requires a few special touches. For add-ons such as makeup or spooky novelty contact lenses, consumers of...


Announced job cuts surge in September

The education sector led the increase

Employers across the U.S. announced plans to cut their workforces by 44,324 payroll positions in September -- up a whopping 38% from August.Figures rel...


Office Depot recalls Winsley chairs

The chair can tip over when the user is leaning back

Office Depot of Boca Raton, Fla, is recalling about 129,000 Winsley Mid-Back chairs.The chair can tip over when leaning back, posing a fall hazard....


Silver Springs Farms recalls beef products

The products may be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7

Silver Springs Farms of Harleysville, Pa., is recalling approximately 740 pounds of ground beef products that may be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7....


Model year 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokees recalled

The rear tow hook bracket or tow eye bracket may be loose

Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling 21 model year 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokees manufactured August 8, 2016, through August 16, 2016.The rear tow hook brack...


Mall of America acts to preserve the sanctity of Black Friday

Translation: the giant mall will close on Thanksgiving Day for the first time ever

Thanksgiving is perhaps the biggest American holiday. It originated on these shores and remains unique to the U.S. The Mall of America is America's biggest...


Report: Yahoo scanned email for U.S. intelligence

Reuters reports that the government was looking for certain combinations of characters

On the heels of news that millions of Yahoo user accounts had been compromised, a published report claims the tech company complied with a government order...


Chicago announces one-year suspension of city business for Wells Fargo

The city will not use the company's underwriting, brokerage, or trustee services

The bad news just keeps coming for Wells Fargo. After revelations that its employees signed customers up for accounts without their permission, the bank ha...


Should seniors delay getting a flu shot?

A later shot might be more effective but the danger is too many people will fail to get vaccinated

October is when there is usually a push for people to get flu shots. The vaccine is especially recommended for seniors and pregnant women.Seniors usual...


Laptop buyback offers were scams, feds charge

A Georgia company is accused of deceiving customers wanting to sell used electronics

Getting rid of old electronic devices isn't always easy. You're not allowed to dump the stuff just anywhere and there's not much of a market for many used...


ATM fees hit another record high

But a survey finds many other bank costs have dropped slightly

A new report by suggests the reason so many consumers prefer not to use a bank is not all that mysterious. It can be expensive.The headlin...


Prepaid cards get new federal protections

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issues new rule to cover all prepaid cards

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)  has issued a new rule covering prepaid debit cards, providing a series of new consumer protections. The ru...


U.S. home prices continue to climb

The outlook for the year ahead remains positive

Once again, the price of U.S. homes as gauged by CoreLogic was on the rise.The property information provider says it's Home Price Index (HPI) posted a...


New jobs increase in September -- but at a slower pace

A tightening labor market gets the blame

Private sector employment eased a bit in September.According to the ADP National Employment Report, produced by the payroll firm in collaboration with...


Mortgage applications rebound following two declines

Contract interest rates headed lower

Mortgage applications have posted a solid gain after falling for two weeks in a row, rising 2.9% during the week ending September 30.The Mortgage Banke...


Google debuts a new smartphone line-up

The Pixel phones are potential iPhone-killers and won't do much for Galaxy Notes either

Since giving birth to corporate parent Alphabet, Google has been trying to grow up and act like a really serious business instead of a very successful adve...


Facebook rolls out Marketplace, its answer to Craigslist

Since Facebook requires real names, Marketplace may reduce the creep factor of online buying and selling

People have been buying and selling things on Facebook for quite awhile, even though there has been no official way to do so. So, says Facebook, it's only...


LeanSpa marketers must pay $11.9 million, appeals court rules

The affiliate marketing group used fake news sites to sell the supposed weight-loss potion

A federal appeals court has upheld an $11.9 million penalty against an affiliate marketing group for its role in promoting LeanSpa, a supposed weight-loss...


How homes of former smokers could be hazardous to your health

Researchers found that tobacco pollutants remain in the home for at least six months after a smoker has quit

Although giving up on smoking is a crucial first step towards improving a person’s health, a new study shows that health hazards from the habit persist lon...


Retailers already competing for your holiday dollars

That's because millions of consumers are already shopping

If you've been in a retail store in the last week or so, you might have noticed something odd. Retailers have completely skipped over Halloween displays an...


An IIHS top safety award for the Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The midsize luxury car aced the battery of tests

And the winner is... The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ( IIHS) has bestowed its TOP SAFETY PICK+ award on the 2016 Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Th...


Caviness Beef Packers recalls beef products

The products may be contaminated with E. coli O103

Caviness Beef Packers of Hereford, Texas, is recalling approximately 2,100 pounds of boneless beef trim products that may be contaminated with E. coli O103...


Congress demands more information over EpiPen price hikes

'Dumbed down financials' in the first hearing didn't make sense, reps say

Mylan Pharmaceuticals is continuing to feel the heat from Congress. Last month, company CEO Heather Bresch was grilled by House members over the price incr...


Should you cancel your fraudulent Wells Fargo credit card?

Doing so will probably lower your credit score, at least for a while

What if you are one of the two million Wells Fargo customers who recently discovered that the bank opened a fraudulent bank or credit card account in your...


Report: Google eyes a Twitter acquisition

Google's attempts to build a social network of its own have never quite measured up

Legend has it that Twitter has for years been a twinkle in the eyes of Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and now Bloomberg reports that Google...


App tracks Zika by enlisting the help of 'citizen scientists'

Once a week, Kidenga has users report mosquito activity in their area

Want to help public health investigators come up with new ways to fight the Zika virus? Now you can, with Kidenga -- a free app for iOS and Android devices...


How to help older adults avoid financial abuse

Using new technology, healthcare and financial services professionals can provide greater protection

With more people living longer, more senior citizens are falling victim to financial abuse or exploitation.The National Adult Protective Services Assoc...


Obamacare premiums skyrocketing in Minnesota

State's commerce commissioner says hikes not sustainable

October begins open season for changes in health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare. Consumers are now reviewing ...


Hyundai recalls model year 2007-2008 Azeras

The power-adjustable front driver seat may move unexpectedly

Hyundai Motor Company is recalling 9,700 model year 2007-2008 Azeras manufactured March 7, 2007 through August 14, 2007.The power-adjustable front driv...


Mt. Kisco Smokehouse recalls smoked salmon

The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Mt. Kisco Smokehouse of Mt. Kisco, N.Y., is recalling two types of smoked salmon that may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.No illnesses have...


Volkswagen recalls vehicles with lighting issue

The side marker lights may be inoperative under certain conditions

Volkswagen Group of America is recalling 79,895 model year 2016 TT roadsters, A3 cabriolets, A3 sedans and A3 e-trons; 2016-2017 TT coupes; 2017 A4 sedans...


BMW recalls various xdrive vehicles

The driver's front airbag inflator may have been improperly welded

BMW of North America is recalling 3,606 certain model year 2015 BMW X3 sDrive28i, X3 xDrive28i, X3 xDrive35i, X3 xDrive28d, X4 xDrive28i and X4 xDrive35i v...