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MetLife ruling may affect life insurance premiums

The company says it will be more competitive if it is no longer judged to be "too big to fail"

MetLife is the largest life insurance company in the United States. About 100 million consumers worldwide rely on it for life insurance, annuities, and oth...


Large jury settlement fuels concerns about talcum powder and ovarian cancer

Johnson & Johnson insists its Johnson's Baby Powder is safe

Talcum powder seems pretty inoffensive. It's been around forever, doesn't cost much, and just about everybody uses it at one time or another. But ever sinc...


How to make the best out of moving to a new place

Follow these tips to make the moving process easier

Moving to a new home can be very exciting, but for some it can be a headache. Essentially, you’re packing up your life into a few boxes, so if you’re not o...


Billionaires fund new cancer research center

Johns Hopkins center will conduct immunotherapy research

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Jones Apparel Group founder Sidney Kimmel both wrote checks for $50 million, while a dozen additional supp...


Microsoft will build ad blocker into Edge browser

Consumers' impatience with obtrusive ads gets harder to ignore

The war against obtrusive Internet advertising is going from a guerrilla conflict to shock and awe, with no less a titan than Microsoft announcing that it ...


Spring clean your home using vinegar

Vinegar is a natural cleaning solution that can be used to clean countless items

Whether it’s warmer weather or tradition that inspires us to tackle spring cleaning, there’s no denying that it’s a refreshing way to begin a new season. B...


How to prolong the life of freshly cut garden flowers

Vase solutions and other tips to help your arrangement stay fresh longer

For many gardeners, one of the joys of growing flowers is having the ability to cut a few blooms to fill a vase. Spring flowers can be an especially welcom...


First quarter gas prices lowest in 12 years

But what do the next three months hold?

When it comes to gasoline prices, consumers generally ask, “what have you done for me lately?” It's fine that fuel prices these last three months have been...


You won't believe where presidential candidates' YouTube ads are running

Consumer group finds political ads in jihadist videos

Yes, it's a new era in politics. Just look at both the Democratic and Republican presidential races and it's hard to escape that conclusion.And to prom...


Citi unveils Costco Go Anywhere credit card

New card offers more rewards, including 4% cash back on gas

In early March, Costco announced it had entered into a new credit card agreement with Citi to replace its current co-branded American Express card. Now, Ci...


Time running short for many to take required retirement plan distributions

First-timers must act quickly

If you turned 70½ during 2015 you'd best get a move on.Seniors who have reached that age must -- in most cases -- start receiving required minimum dist...


Improvements earn Toyota Prius top safety award

An improved front crash prevention system made the difference

Acing the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's (IIHS) small overlap front test has helped the 2016 Toyota Prius earn the organization's TOP SAFETY PICK...


Pace of job-cutting falls in March

Much of the increase in cuts was in energy and retail

The number of people who found they no longer had their jobs fell in March from the mark set the month before.Outpl...


Mortgage applications drop led by refinancings

Contract interest rates were mixed

Mortgage applications fell last week for the third week running. The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) reports its Market Composite Index -- a measure ...


Toshiba recalls laptop computer battery packs

The lithium-ion battery packs can overheat

Toshiba America Information Systems of Irvine, Calif., is recalling about 101,000 Panasonic battery packs used in Toshiba laptop computers in the U.S. and...


GM wins its first big ignition switch case

Louisiana crash was caused by slippery roads, New York jury finds

After deliberating for less than a day, a federal jury in New York City has cleared General Motors of liability in a 2014 accident supposedly caused by the...


Cancer fundraising sham derailed; bilked donors out of $187 million

The charities are being dissolved and their founder is banned from working for non-profits

A CFA officeTwo nationwide sham cancer charities are being closed and their leader is banned from working for non-profits under a settlement with the...


Ringly launches a fashion-forward smart bracelet

The sleek-looking gold bracelets can notify users of smartphone messages and even help them stay fit

Ever wish fitness wearables could be a little less bulky? Or maybe you long to be able to take your eyes off your phone without missing important alerts? I...


FDA approves use of abortion pill later in pregnancy

Mifeprex can be used as late as 70 days under the new guidelines

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has agreed to expand the use of the abortion pill Mifeprex, also known as RU-486, to 70 days of gestation inste...


Gree to pay record civil penalty

The company is accused of failing to report defective dehumidifiers

To settle charges that it failed to report defects in its humidifiers, Gree Electric Appliances and its subsidiaries will pay a record $15.45 million civil...


Study: parents who practice 'sensitive caregiving' may turn out a more successful adult

The effects of sensitive caregiving during early childhood spanned over three decades

Raising a child who will become a competent, well-adjusted adult is the goal of most parents, but wading through the ever-deepening sea of child developmen...


Wells Fargo to pay $8.5 million for not disclosing that consumer calls were recorded

The state considers the suit a victory for consumer privacy

If you’ve ever called a customer service line, then you may be all too familiar with the initial spiel or automated message that you hear before talking to...


Credit cards can help insure your rental car

We highlight three that provide primary coverage at no extra charge

When you travel, your credit card may offer a number of rewards, ranging from miles to cash back. A very useful reward is insurance coverage at the car ren...


Soda consumption lowest since 1985

Beverage Digest reports that sales dropped another 1.2% last year

Consumers' tastes continue to evolve when it comes to beverages. They're still thirsty, but not for carbonated sodas.In its year-end report for 2015, B...


Retailers want another reduction in swipe fee

Bank transaction costs have gone down, industry group claims

About five years ago, the Federal Reserve stepped in and imposed a cap, significantly lowering the “swipe fee” credit card lenders charged for each debit c...


Medivation under fire over drug price

Lawmakers hold out threat of revoking patent

Another drug company has found itself under criticism by some members of Congress over the price of one of its drugs.Lawmakers say Xtandi, a drug owned...


Economy adds another 200k private sector jobs in March

As usual, it was smaller companies that contributed the most

March was another good month for job creation, according to the ADP National Employment Report.Produced by ADP in collaboration with Moody's Analytics,...


IIHS: Time to turn on the headlights

New ratings show most need improvement

The headlights are probably the last thing you think about when deciding which new car to buy.However, a new report from the Insurance Institute for Hi...


2016 -- a banner year for teen summer employment?

Teen employment is at an all-time high

If you're a teen who wants a job this summer, 2016 may be your year.According to the Challenger, Gray & Christmas (CG&E) annual teen summer job outlook...


Cooper recalls Roadmaster RM234 tires

The tires may have a pin-sized hole in the sidewall

Cooper Tire & Rubber is recalling 577 Roadmaster RM234 tires, size 295/75R22.5, manufactured August 6, 2015, to September 5, 2015 (weeks 3115-3515). ...


Justice Department withdraws court order that would force Apple to bypass its own security

The action comes after a successful attempt to access information on the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters

After an extended period of protest from privacy advocates and Apple, it looks like the FBI won’t be needing the tech company’s assistance in unlocking the...


How pet ownership can help the elderly

Senior citizens who own a pet may experience numerous health benefits, studies suggest

Paw-shaped car magnets featuring the phrase, ‘who rescued who’ are a common sight on the road, and our canine companions see frequent use as therapy dogs. ...


Federal Reserve backing away from interest rate hikes

Fed Chair Janet Yellen says the economy has softened since December

What a difference three months makes.In December, the Federal Reserve announced a modest quarter-point increase in the Federal Funds interest rate and ...


Car insurance companies worried about self-driving cars

Fewer accidents could be a threat to the insurance business

Car insurance companies are worried about self-driving cars -- and it's not because they're afraid the self-drivers will cause more accidents. Quite the op...


Help make your garage sale a success with these tips

Expert suggestions that can help ensure your garage sale efforts pay off

Spring is an ideal time to hold a garage sale. Sellers may have found themselves up to their ears in items accumulated over the winter, and buyers have bee...


Federal Trade Commission sues VW over its 'clean diesel' claims

The agency wants the court to order Volkswagen to compensate consumers who bought its cars

You can add the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to the long list of those suing Volkswagen. The agency wants the automaker to be ordered to compensate the 5...


Using tax refund to pay off debt usually a good use of money

The goal should be to prevent future debt

A recent survey of taxpayers showed just 23% planned to use their income tax refund to pay off debt. Before the financial crisis of 2008, 55% earmarked the...


Recession fear just won't go away

But maybe the economy is just changing into something we haven't seen before

Monday's revised first quarter Gross Domestic Income (GDI) estimate shocked a lot of economists. It probably shouldn't have.Wall Street traders have be...


Consumers show a bit more confidence in March

The short-term outlook has become more favorable

It appears spring has brought with it a little consumer optimism about the course of the economy.The Conference Board reports its Consumer Confidence I...


Specialized Bicycle Components recalls headlights and taillights

The lights can overheat, posing fire and burn hazards

Specialized Bicycle Components of Morgan Hill, Calif., is recalling about 110,000 Specialized bicycle headlights and taillights. The headlights and...


Smallbatch Pets recalls frozen dog duckbatch sliders

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes

Smallbatch Pets is recalling one lot of frozen dog duckbatch sliders. The product may be contaminated with Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes....


Volkswagen recalls model year 2015-2016 e-Golf vehicles

The vehicle's electric drive motor may shut down unexpectedly

Volkswagen Group of America is recalling 5,561 model year 2015-2016 e-Golf vehicles manufactured May 21, 2014, to March 1, 2016. Oversensitive diag...


Online fund-raising offers quick response to personal tragedies

But friends and caregivers shouldn't ignore established charities and public agencies

Sadly, tragedies happen everyday. When they hit close to home -- to family, friends, or colleagues -- thoughts ofte...


Study: bisphenol A replacement has its drawbacks

Bisphenol S linked to excess fat formation

Manufacturers have been moving away from the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) as a plastic hardener in packaging and bottles, over health concerns.Many have...


New limits expected for financial advisors

New rules designed to end conflict of interest in financial advice

The Department of Labor (DOL) is expected to finalize new rules soon, governing what financial advisors, who often guide consumers' retirement saving effor...


Pending home sales surge to seven-month high

Industry analysts are encouraged by the February showing

In what one analyst called “promising strides,” pending home sales rose to their highest level in seven months during February.The National Association...


Volkswagen recalls model year 2011-2016 Touaregs

The brake pedal pivot pin could move, causing the pedal to dislodge

Volkswagen Group of America is recalling 46,700 model year 2011-2016 Touaregs. The brake pedal pivot pin may be missing a circlip, allowing the piv...


Feds make it easier for some Corinthian College students to get out of loans

Former students at 91 campuses in 24 states are eligible for the latest debt relief program

Students at 91 former Corinthian College campuses in 24 states will have an clearer path to loan forgiveness, U.S. Education Secretary John B. King Jr. sai...


Travel Spotlight: New York City

Here are three "insider" spots every visitor should see

What’s it like to be a New York City insider? Insiders seek unique and authentic experiences that showcase the flavor of a locality. If you enjoy history, ...


How to select an auto loan

Start by not letting the car dealer get it for you

A critical part of buying a car or truck these days is the financing. Almost no one pays cash for their ride, so finding a loan with the best terms – or at...


Cost of living up? Don't blame food prices

Weather, disease and demand all play a big part in food prices increases and decreases

Food prices are often blamed for increases in the cost of living but grocers will tell you consumers need a better understanding of why food prices fluctua...


Fisher Price's vision of the future is full of holograms and amazing technology

A video illustrates how technology could be seamlessly integrated into the parenting experience

Families of the future are in for a tech-immersive child-rearing experience if Fisher-Price’s vision of the future is any indication. The toy company recen...


Researchers discover the gene that links lack of sleep and metabolic disorders

The gene is the reason why going to sleep hungry is so hard to do

Are you getting enough sleep at night? If you’re not, then you may have more problems than being groggy at work the next day. ...


Average gas price back over $2 a gallon

Forty-five states see higher prices this week over last

With U.S. oil refineries cutting back on gasoline production during spring maintenance, and the switch over to summer blend fuel, the price of gasoline is ...


Do your finances need some spring cleaning?

If so, here's where to start

As you pick up and put away around the house, and maybe even dust and scrub, don't overlook your checkbook.Every once in a while your finances need som...


Fourth-quarter economic growth revised upward

Corporate profits continued to fall

Final figures for economic performance at the end of last year are out, and the news isn't particularly encouraging.According to the Bureau of Economic...


American Gourmet Roasted/Salted Pistachios recalled

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella

American Gourmet of Vista, Calif., is recalling American Gourmet Roasted/Salted Pistachios. The product may be contaminated with Salmonella. ...


GM recalls model year 2016 Malibus

The side air bag may move out of position during deployment

General Motors is recalling 3,137 model year 2016 Malibus manufactured February 16, 2016, to March 5, 2016. The two weld studs that mount the front...


VW fails to submit plan to get its rigged diesels off the road

California VW diesel owners are finding they can't renew their registration while VW dawdles

A U.S. District Court judge has given Volkswagen one more month to come up with an acceptable plan to get its rigged diesel engines off the road, after the...


Corinthian Colleges ordered to pay $1.1 billion in California settlement

Court finds the chain of for-profit schools deceived students and used unlawful debt collection practices

Corinthian Colleges, Inc., the defunct chain of for-profit schools that filed for bankruptcy in 2015, faces a $1.1 billion court judgment that may help pro...


Discovery could lead to improved cognitive function in Alzheimer's patients and the elderly

Decreasing excess proteins at the cellular level could be the key

The threat of Alzheimer’s disease continues to weigh heavily on nations across the world. An increasing number of people will soon reach the age where the ...


Sugary juices marketed to kids contain a full day's worth of sugar, study finds

Researchers say labels on fruit juices and smoothies may be misleading

Juices are adored by many children, and often, the colorful concoctions are a regular part of kids' diets. Labels on juices and smoothies seem to assure pa...


How do you manage retirement in the freelance economy?

Policymakers agree fundamental reforms may be needed

The workplace has changed since the Great Recession. Full-time jobs with generous benefits are still available, but there are far fewer than there was a de...


Virgin America seen as a takeover target

A Chinese conglomerate is rumored to be in hot pursuit, others may join in

Virgin America may be about to hit puberty. The luxurious little carrier has become a takeover target after announcing that it was being courted by an unna...


Practical backyard upgrades that you can tackle on your own

Pet-friendly plantings to help ensure your pooch stays safe

As warmer weather approaches, many homeowners are planning to tackle outdoor renovations. Nine in ten homeowners are planning on sprucing up their yard in ...


Researchers make progress in fight against Zika virus

Experts at Southern Research have developed an assay that is an important step towards developing a vaccine

Researchers are still working hard to understand the Zika virus and stop it from spreading. The illness, which has been connected to cases of microcephaly ...


More would-be homeowners may have to keep renting

Home prices have quickly become less affordable for more consumers

After the housing market inflated into a huge bubble in the early 2000s, crashing in 2008, policymakers wanted to make sure it didn't happen again.They...


Despite declining smoking rates, tobacco firms doing just fine

Tobacco sales overseas are booming

In that bygone era, when cigarette advertisements were everywhere, Camel had a campaign that asked, “are you smoking more but enjoying it less?”As anyo...


Initial jobless claims creep higher

Continued improvement in the labor market is a strong possibility

Fifty-five in a row.That's how many weeks the new jobless claims total has been under the 300,000 mark.The Department of Labor (DOL) is reporting f...


Zoox is the latest entrant in the self-driving-car derby

The Zoox is "what comes after the car," the company's founder says

Until now, most of the companies working on self-driving vehicles have been household names -- Google, Ford, Tesla, and so forth. But now along comes Zoox,...


Banks, credit unions asked to help protect seniors from financial exploitation

Older consumers are often victimized by family members and others but do not report it

Financial exploitation costs America's seniors billions of dollars per year, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) wants banks and credit uni...


New York to require electronic prescriptions, hoping to reduce opioid abuse

The e-scripts should also reduce errors caused by bad handwriting

For years, we've heard jokes about doctors' bad handwriting, but communicating prescriptions accurately is no joking matter. That's why New York and Minnes...


Home security market expected to see growth in coming years

Advancements in technology and connectivity are main contributors

In an increasingly connected world, new products and services are coming out all the time that can improve the lives of consumers. Solutions to many of lif...


PawsLikeMe wants to help shelter cats find their perfect human match

The site uses a scientifically-proven algorithm to match pets with people

Some dogs are just better suited to certain humans than others. That’s the idea behind PawsLikeMe, a pet adoption website that describes itself as “Eharmon...


Busy mornings call for quick and easy breakfasts for consumers

Fast-food breakfasts have increased in popularity as a result, reports suggest

For many consumers, breakfast is a meal that must somehow be incorporated into the workday. No longer do busy Americans have time for sit-down pancake brea...


Banks in rural areas freed from some regulation

Goal is more available credit in under served areas

The banking landscape today is very different from just a couple of decades ago. Banks get a lot more of their income from fees than from lending money....


Trouble choosing a qualified tax preparer?

We have some tips to help you through the maze

Well, here we are less than a month before your 2016 federal tax return is due at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) office, and you still haven't decided ...


Five new cars you can probably afford to buy instead of lease

These cars, priced under $20,000, provide an alternative to leasing

As new car sales post monthly sales records, so do their prices. The average transaction price on a new car last month was nearly $34,000, according to Kel...


Opioid painkillers to carry new boxed label warning

It's part of an effort to stem rising deaths from abuse and overdose

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has moved to stem the tide of opioid painkiller misuse, announcing class-wide safety label changes for immediate-rel...


Lumber Liquidators resolves California probe

The investigation found no wrongdoing on the part of the company

Lumber Liquidators and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) have resolved the state's inquiry into some of the company's laminate flooring imported fr...


A February pickup in new home sales

The median sales price was also on the rise

New home sales rebounded last month from their January decline.In a joint report, the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Develo...


Another decline in applications for mortgages

Contract interest rates were lower as well

Mortgage applications were down for the second week in a row and the fourth time in five weeks.The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) reports applicati...


GM recalls Chevrolet Colorados, Malibus and GMC Canyons

The driver-side front air bag may inflate improperly

General Motors is recalling 1,579 model year 2016 Chevrolet Colorados manufactured January 19, 2016, to February 2, 2016; Chevrolet Malibus manufactured Ja...


Airlines waive rebooking fees for flights through Brussels

The latest terror attack has disrupted air travel throughout Europe

Airlines are allowing travelers to rebook flights to, from, and through Brussels in light of today's terror attacks that killed more than 30 people at the ...


Drug company getting punished, but not by who you think

Firm that jacked up drug prices getting bashed by Wall Street

In the middle of last year, healthcare professionals, policymakers, and lawmakers began raising a stink about skyrocketing drug prices.They focused att...


Study: too much caregiving can cause grandma to lose her marbles

Watching the grandkids for a smaller portion of the week, however, has a positive impact on mental health

Grandmothers often make the best -- and most willing -- babysitters. For many families, grandma even takes the place of day care during the workweek. I...


Seasonal allergies may come down to when you were born

Researchers have found certain markers that tie when you were born to allergic symptoms

Tis the season for sniffling and watery eyes. Although the warmer weather is usually welcome after a cold winter season, there are many people who dread th...


Elderly may be taking dangerous drug combinations

Nearly 36% take five or more drugs regularly

Health officials have begun to pay more attention to the drugs that doctors are prescribing. In recent weeks, the attention has been on opoid painkillers, ...


You can't keep a good crook down

Tax scammers are finding new ways to take your money

We've all heard how criminals impersonating IRS agents threaten various actions to relieve you of money you supposedly owe the government.Now, however,...


Where you drive determines how much your car really costs

Owning a car in Michigan costs most, New Hampshire the least

The cost of a car doesn't end when you drive it off the lot. What you pay a dealer just gets it on the road. Keeping it on the road is going to take more m...


Two reasons your dream home will be harder to find

Both are left over from the financial crisis of 2008

Home sales are suddenly on the decline, but not for the reason you might think. There continues to be plenty of willing buyers, but they just aren't findin...


House prices inch higher in January

The gains were scattered across the country

Prices for homes were on the rise again in January.The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) reports its monthly House Price Index (HPI) was up a seaso...


Panasonic recalls lithium-ion laptop battery packs

Conductive foreign material was mixed into the battery cells during manufacturing

Panasonic Corporation of North America of Newark, N.J., is recalling about 500 lithium-ion (Li-ion) computer battery packs in the U.S. and Canada. ...


FanDuel and DraftKings settle in New York, shutting down games within the state

Both companies agree not to accept players from the lucrative market, at least for now

If you had put money on DraftKings and FanDuel, the two daily fantasy sports (DFS) giants, prevailing over New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, you...


Toyota hopes to lease more used cars and trucks

It's a way to deal with the flood of off-lease vehicles now hitting dealers' lots

Leasing has become a popular way for consumers to get their hands on a car that's a bit more expensive than they can afford. It's also a way for dealers to...


Honest Company may regret its choice of a name

Reports charge the company's detergent contains a chemical it says it never uses

Years ago, Google vowed not to be evil, providing a handy hook for anyone wanting to criticize its subsequent actions. The same might be said of the Honest...


Apple rolls out a smaller iPhone and iPad

The iPhone SE is basically a smaller 6S with more power than previous smaller models

Ask anyone who has an iPhone 6S Plus how they like it and you'll most likely hear all the usual gushing about the resolution, the apps, the battery life, a...


Growing your own food? Some herbs and veggies offer a better return than others, study finds

Research shows that certain types of produce cost more to grow than to buy at the store

Some choose to garden for the experience, but for others, the joy of gardening can be found in the end result. Successfully growing your own herbs and vege...


National poll reveals that parents are skeptical when it comes to online doctor reviews

Despite misgivings, many still use the sources when it comes to picking a doctor for their child

With the flourishing of online communities and forums, it’s easier than ever to get an opinion on anything that you can think of. This is especially useful...


Planning on flying with a pet? Keep these tips in mind

What you can do to help ensure your dog stays safe and relaxed while flying

Spring travel season is upon us, and airlines are predicting record-high numbers of air travelers this March and April. But while a stress-free vacation ma...


Traditional or Roth IRA: which is best?

It largely depends on your income level during retirement

You probably hear it a lot – Americans aren't saving enough for retirement. So you finally decide to do something about it and open an Individual Retiremen...


Update older Kindles or lose Internet connectivity

Amazon says critical software update required by March 22

If you own a kindle purchased before 2013, Amazon says you'll need to install a critical software update before Tuesday, March 22, or lose access to the In...


Picking the best rewards credit card

First, decide what type of reward is best for you

Fortunately for consumers, the credit card business is highly competitive. Different issuers compete, not so much on the rates they charge borrowers – almo...


Church's Chicken expands education benefits for employees

The franchise will pay for employees at company-owned stores to complete high school

Some companies provide college tuition assistance for their employees, a nice perk when the cost of a college degree keeps rising.But many employees – ...


RacerMate recalls CompuTrainer blue flywheels

The blue flywheel can shatter while in use and throw metal pieces into the air

RacerMate of Seattle, Wash., is recalling about 25,000 CompuTrainer blue flywheels. The blue flywheel can shatter while in use and throw metal piec...


Hyundai recalls model year 2016-2017 Santa Fe vehicles

The audible warning when front seat occupants do not fasten their seat belts may fail

Hyundai Motor America is recalling 34,200 model year 2016-2017 Santa Fe vehicles manufactured September 1, 2015 to February 12, 2016. The wires in ...


Model year 2014 Nissan Rogues recalled

The fuel pump may fail

Nissan North America is recalling 46,671 model year 2014 Nissan Rogues manufactured July 25, 2013, to December 21, 2013, and February 1, 2014, to June 7, 2...


What if Apple's engineers refuse to crack open the iPhone?

Ordering the corporation to do it is one thing; getting its employees to agree is another

In all the back-and-forth sabre rattling over the FBI's demand that Apple help it break into the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino terrorists, there...


Fast food CEO: get ready for fully automated restaurants

Says higher minimum wage will cause the restaurant model to change

Andy Puzder, CEO of the parent company of Carl's Jr. and Hardees, has seen the future of fast food – and there aren't very many people in it. At least on t...


High-flying hoverboards laid low by import ban

The devices violate patents held by Segway, International Trade Commission rules

Hoverboards just can't catch a break. First they were taking heat because their batteries had an unfortunate tendency to catch fire. And now they're being ...


Immune cells may have a strong link to Lou Gehrig's disease

Research may change the way doctors think about ALS and Alzheimer's

The latest research on ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease, might be a game changer in how this devastating condition is treated, according to researchers at Ceda...


Staples says the FTC is "simply wrong" to oppose its merger with Office Depot

The companies allege that the agency conducted a flawed analysis and doesn't understand the competitive marketplace

Back in December, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) put its foot down, saying that a merger between Staples and Office Depot would give the former an unfa...


Three nutritious plant proteins found under water

Expand your plant-based protein options with algae, duckweed, and seaweed

Plant-based proteins are the answer to a variety of consumer concerns, from health or moral to environmental. Whatever the reason you’re looking to cut bac...


Tax deadline a month away

The IRS offers a number of tools that might help last minute filers

Because the traditional tax deadline of April 15 is a holiday this year, the deadline for filing your 2015 federal income tax return has been extended to A...


Payday loan marketer to pay New York $1 million

Company websites collected personal information that was not properly protected

State financial regulators in New York said a company called Blue Global LLC made two big mistakes.First, it marketed payday loans to New Yorkers. Payd...


Leading indicators suggest continued modest economic growth

The Leading Economic Index posted its first gain in three months

Although it's not roaring back, the U.S. economy appears poised to continue expanding in the early part of this year.The Conference Board reports its L...


Decline in auto service customer satisfaction tied to soaring recalls

Audi and MINI dealers got the highest consumer ratings

For the first time in six years customer satisfaction with dealer service related to an automotive recall has declined, according to J.D. Power.The dro...


Life insurance rates may jump for new moms with postpartum depression

The simplest precaution is to buy insurance before starting a family

New moms and pregnant women often suffer from bouts of depression, leading a government panel to recommend recently that all such women be screened for the...


Automakers and feds agree to incorporate forward crash-prevention systems in future car models

The agreement covers that vast majority of passenger vehicles and may help mitigate thousands of accidents

It looks like U.S. roads may be getting a little safer in the future. According to a report by Consumer Reports, a group of major automakers have come to a...


Four productive uses for your tax refund

Adding to an emergency cash reserve tops the list

Consumers are usually getting a windfall of cash about this time of year, making them feel a little wealthier.It's not from winning the lottery. Actual...


Jenn-Air teams up with Nest to create even smarter appliances

The luxury appliance company's integration with Nest will offer users added peace of mind

Homes are getting smarter and cars are driving themselves. Up next? App-connected appliances that help users turn out better meals with ease and comfort. ...


Know your rights when it comes to security deposits

Navigating the biggest source of conflict between landlord and tenant

If you rent your home, you almost certainly were required to give the landlord a security deposit before moving in.The deposit is to cover damage and b...


Robocaller hounded millions with vacation packages, feds charge

Many of those called were on the Do Not Call list, the FTC alleges

It may sometimes seem that telemarketers are using the Do Not Call Registry as a phone book. While it may not be quite that bad, the fact is that robocalls...


California provides car insurance premium comparisons

It's a handy tool that could save California consumers thousands of dollars

Trying to find the lowest car insurance premium can be a time-consuming task. There are online sites that claim to offer unbiased information but many are...


Some companies now offer time off for pet bereavement

Experts say it's critical that pet owners be allowed time off to mourn the loss of a pet

The bond between humans and their pets is special and often quite strong. Dogs and cats are like members of the family -- which is why losing one can bring...


Easter spending expected to be greater than ever in 2016

An NRF survey calculates that consumers will spend $17.3 billion on the holiday this year

Easter has long been a favorite holiday for consumers – in many ways, it can be the definitive marker for the arrival of Spring, and children are always ex...


Realtors worry about shortage of new homes

New single-family homes aren't being built in enough numbers

Wednesday's release of new home construction data showed a sharp rise in homebuilding activity, but it might not be enough to meet demand.A survey by t...


Relationship over? Quick, find your credit card

Jilted partners on a joint account are known to go on revenge spending sprees

Nearly everyone pursues love with high hopes and stars in their eyes. But when a relationship ends, there can be a range of negative emotions – anger, sorr...


Job openings on the rise in January

Initial jobless claims at a milestone

There were 5.5 million job openings in January, a gain of 260,000 from the month before, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).Hires, on th...


SRAM Recalls Zipp bicycle wheel hubs

The hub flanges on the front hubs can fail, posing crash and injury hazards

SRAM LLC of Chicago, Ill., is recalling about 57,000 Zipp 88 aluminum front hubs in the U.S and Canada. The hub flanges on the front hubs can fail,...


Ashland Food recalls organic raw macadamia nuts

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella

Ashland Food Co-op (AFC) of Ashland, Ore., is recalling organic raw macadamia nuts that may be contaminated with Salmonella. No illnesses have been...


Zipp bicycle quick releases recalled

The quick releases can fail to engage in the closed position

SRAM LLC, of Chicago, Ill., is recalling about 6,400 Zipp bicycle quick releases. The quick releases can fail to engage in the closed position, pos...


CDC releases guidelines in hopes of curbing opioid prescriptions

Several agencies have taken steps towards addressing America's opioid dependence

Opioid use in the U.S. has ballooned out of control in recent years, leading to increased numbers of overdoses and a general dependence on pain killers tha...


Researchers have found a way to improve the stem cell donation process

It would eliminate many potential side effects and make the process much quicker

While it has seen its share of controversy in the past, stem cell research has proven to be one of the most promising areas of study in the scientific comm...


Best refrigerators for style and quality

Five refrigerators named top picks by online experts

There's a lot to consider before deciding on a refrigerator. French door or top freezer? Stainless or white? Is it large enough to store a Thanksgiving tur...


Survey: most college students “financially illiterate”

Group finds widespread cluelessness when it comes to debt and credit

Colleges are full of smart people. But when it comes to managing debt, there appears to be a huge knowledge gap at our institutions of higher learning....


Consumers appear to be managing their growing debt

Credit default rates hold steady in February

One way to gauge consumers' financial health is to look at their credit payments. If they pay on time, they're generally doing well. If they are in default...


Separating good debt from bad

Before borrowing money, you should first answer some questions

Debt can be a sensitive subject. There are those who firmly believe there is no such thing as “good” debt, while others look at it sort of like fire – it c...


New home construction shows signs of life in February

The outlook for the next few months isn't so promising

After tumbling in January, the pace of new home constructions stepped it up last month.A joint announcement from the Census Bureau and the Department o...


Mortgage applications slip

Refinancings were at their lowest level in seven months

Mortgage applications fell last week for the third time in four weeks, with applications for refinancing continuing their decline.The Mortgage Bankers ...


Texas Star Nut & Food expands pistachio recall

The products may be contaminated with Salmonella

Texas Star Nut & Food Company is expanding its previous recall of pistachios. The products may be contaminated with Salmonella. The expande...


Google wants Congress to put self-driving cars in the fast lane

The states shouldn't be allowed to stand in the way of progress, Google argues

Google is determined to get its self-driving cars on the road and doesn't want any roadblocks being erected by the states, so today it will ask Congress to...


Airbnb will let you complain about noisy renters

It's an effort to silence complaints about loud parties and unruly guests

Airbnb is popular with renters and property owners but not so popular with neighbors, who say the short-term rentals are turning their apartment and condo ...


Lord & Taylor settles with the FTC over deceptive advertising claims

The company paid sources to endorse their product but did not disclose that to consumers

Popular, national retailer Lord & Taylor has agreed to settle a complaint made by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that it did not disclose that it paid...


Children with younger siblings may be healthier, study finds

Researchers find an association between having a younger sibling and a healthier BMI

The desire to give your first born a buddy to play with might factor into your decision to have another baby. But research shows there is another benefit t...


Why honeybees are disappearing

Polish researchers may have uncovered an important clue

For the last decade or so, honeybees have been disappearing at an alarming rate. There's a name for it – colony collapse disorder (CCD).There have been...


Sweepstakes scam netted millions -- and a prison sentence

Call center operator sentenced to nine years in prison

A Virginia man who operated call centers in Costa Rica has been sentenced to nine years in prison for his part in a sweepstakes scam that defrauded elderly...


Study: gender stereotypes haven't changed in 30 years

Researchers find that people are just as likely as they were in 1983 to believe in traditional gender roles

Have we really come as far as we think we have in combating traditional gender stereotypes over the years? As it turns out, maybe not. Women and men ha...


Honest Dollar provides low-cost retirement plans for small businesses

Small company is being acquired by Goldman Sachs

Investment bank Goldman Sachs is purchasing  Honest Dollar, which operates retirement plans for employees of small companies that don't have an employer-sp...


Asking for a discount is an effective way to save money

But a survey finds only about 20% of us bother to ask

The business environment today is hyper competitive. There are lots of businesses selling things and only so many consumers buying them.The fact that t...


Is having a savings account worthwhile?

It is if it will help you accumulate savings. Just don't expect any interest.

Years ago most consumers parked spare cash in a passbook savings account at their bank, a place where money could be separated from cash needed for day to ...


Home builder confidence at a plateau

Concerns remain about lot and labor shortages

Builders remained confident in March in the market for newly-built single-family homes.The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)/Wells Fargo Hou...


Retail sales weakness continues in February

January's performance was also worse than reported

Consumers remained sluggish in the early part of 2016.The Commerce Department reports retail sales for February were down a seasonally adjusted 0.1% fr...


Producer prices drop in February

Costs have held steady for the past 12 months

The cost of living on the wholesale level ticked lower last month.Figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), show the Producer Price Ind...


A good start in 2016 for air travelers

No domestic fliers were left sitting on the tarmac

Airline on-time arrival rates showed improvement in January on both a year-over-year and month-over-month basis.According to the Department of Transpor...


Kanan Enterprises recalls natural in-shell pistachios

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella

Kanan Enterprises is recalling natural in-shell pistachios. The product may be contaminated with Salmonella. Favorites Natural Pistachios c...


Florida bill requires life insurance companies to pay up when policyholders die

Companies too often look the other way, lawmakers say

Consumers often search high and low for the best life insurance rate but then neglect to inform their beneficiaries about the details of their policy. The...


Scientists report breakthrough in Zika virus research

The discovery explains how the virus poses a threat to pregnant women

Pregnant women who contract the Zika virus may be at heightened risk of delivering a baby with birth defects. Scientists at Florida State University say th...


Researchers find out why Americans don't buy more annuities

Simple answer: we don't like to think about death

The idea behind an annuity is that, in exchange for an upfront investment, it guarantees you an agreed-upon income for the rest of your life. But annuities...


Poor families pay more for diapers, government data shows

Low-income families see federal aid for other essentials, but not diapers

Diapers fall under the “necessary, but expensive” category. They're an ongoing expense that can put a strain on any budget. But while middle-class and ...


Choosing a home security camera -- local or cloud-based storage?

Each method has its benefits and drawbacks

Ensuring that privacy and security can be maintained in their homes is important to many consumers. But no matter where you live, there is always the chanc...


The four best airline credit cards

They aren't for everyone, but if you travel a lot you can reap generous rewards

It should be noted upfront that an airline credit card won't be the best choice for most consumers. Unless you travel a lot, a card offering a generous cas...


Retirement can lead to improved health, study finds

Researchers say that having more personal time can help foster positive lifestyle changes

Experts have become increasingly worried about the ability of U.S. citizens to save for retirement. A recent report from 2015 showed that up to 30 million ...


Skipping breakfast doesn't cause weight gain, study finds

However, routinely skipping the first meal of the day can have other impacts on your health

Breakfast: it’s been called the most important meal of the day. But can skipping it really lead to weight gain -- or is this just a myth invented by cereal...


Car repair costs vary widely, state-to-state

Consumers in northern states tend to pay most

Nothing blows your monthly budget faster than an expensive and unanticipated car repair bill. Sadly, car repairs appear to be a major reason people head fo...


Average gasoline price creeping back toward $2 a gallon

But prices are still much lower than they were at this time last year

Motorists nationwide may have noticed gasoline prices are rising faster in some areas than others. Two things are responsible.The price of oil has rall...


Room & Board recalls Doyle arm chairs and side chairs

The backrest can break during normal use

Room & Board of Minneapolis, Minn., is recalling about 1,500 Doyle arm chairs and side chairs. The backrest can break during normal use, posing a l...


Awareness Corp. recalls Boost Tea

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella

Awareness Corp. of Mesa, Ariz., is recalling its 7.4-oz. container of Boost Tea. The product may be contaminated with Salmonella. No illnes...


Nissan recalls model year 2013-2015 LEAF vehicles

The relay inside the electronic brake booster may freeze in very cold temperatures

Nissan North America is recalling 46,859 model year 2013-2015 LEAF vehicles manufactured November 19, 2012, to July 31, 2015. In very cold temperat...


New privacy rules proposed for Internet service providers

Consumers would get more control over how their data is used

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) will consider new rules for Internet service providers (ISP) that would limit their ability to use consumer's br...


Complaining can harm your health, research shows

Chronic curmudgeons may also be harming the health of those who listen to them

Releasing some steam by way of complaining may seem like a healthier alternative to keeping it all inside. But according to author and human nature researc...


Senate bill would limit Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Measure would nullify agency guidance on indirect auto financing

Sen. Jerry Moran (R-KS) has introduced a bill that would place limits on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's (CFPB) power to regulate the auto finan...


Florida sues another timeshare reseller

Claims company guaranteed it had a buyer but demanded an upfront fee

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has filed a lawsuit against a company she accuses of violating Florida's Timeshare Resale Accountability Act.Florida...


Uncle Sam may owe you money -- really

Folks who haven't filed a 2012 federal income tax return may be due a refund

If you didn't filed a federal income tax return for 2012, you may be poorer for it.The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has refunds totaling $950 million...


When should you take that prescription?

Some medications should be taken at certain times of the day. If in doubt, ask your pharmacist

When you pick up a prescription at the pharmacy, the label may say it should be taken "everyday" or "once daily." While that's clear enough, it leaves open...


'Incredible shrinking airline seats' under attack

Senator vows to fight for more seat width and leg room

As airlines work to squeeze in a few more passengers, they may collide with U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), who wants to require that airlines p...


United Airlines squeezing in a few more seats

Airline is adding a 10th seat to each row in coach on some Boeing 777s

Flying coach is about to get a little more uncomfortable. United Airlines has confirmed to USA Today that it is adding a seat to each row on 19 of its 74 B...


Nature's Eats Natural Pistachio Kernels recalled

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella

Texas Star Nut and Food Co., is recalling the following product: Brand Product Size Lot Code Best Buy Date ...


Anchor Industries recalls safety pool covers

The hooks used to connect the cover’s cables to the wall can break

Anchor Industries of Evansville, Ind., is recalling about 350 safety pool covers. The brass-plated snap hooks used to connect the cover’s cables to...


Refrigerator sales are red hot as utilities try to meet clean air goals

A new refrigerator can be twice as efficient as an older one

President Obama has his critics, but the refrigerator industry loves him. That's because his drive to clean up power plant emissions is making refrigerator...


Researchers discover cause of insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes

The discovery may lead to new treatment options for the disease

Over 29 million people in the U.S. have diabetes, and over eight million who have it are undiagnosed, according to a 2014 statistical analysis. Although th...


Plant proteins and an emphasis on avoided ingredients will be big in 2016, experts say

Asian noodles also make the list of the year's most influential food trends

As we previously reported, it seems 2016 will be the year of consumers favoring better-for-you snacks that can be consumed on the go. In a blog post, M...


Autolist: U.S. carmakers benefiting from VW's woes

VWs taking longer to sell and do so for less

Volkswagen CEO Michael Horn's sudden resignation this week is the prelude to an even bigger drama coming up at the end of the month. That's when VW lawyers...


American diet largely dependent on “ultra processed” food

Researchers find that ultra processed food provides more than half of daily calories for typical consumers

Your local supermarket offers a rich bounty of food choices, a variety that was unimaginable 100 years ago. In spite of that, most of us seem to gravitate ...


Volkswagen America CEO resigns

His replacement has days to come up with diesel scandal fix

Volkswagen still said how it plans to fix all those diesel powered cars with software designed to help them fool U.S. emissions test. And it will be up to ...


Brackets vs. business, otherwise known as March Madness

The tournament takes center court at the workplace

It's that time of year when business productivity is about to go down the drain.According to outplacement consultanc...


Wonderful Pistachios recalls pistachios

The products may be contaminated with Salmonella

Wonderful Pistachios is recalling a limited number of flavors and sizes of in-shell and shelled pistachios. The products may be contaminated with S...


Stay safe while traveling – how to avoid becoming a victim

Here are some simple ways to keep yourself and your valuables safe

On our first trip to Italy, my spouse and I confidently navigated Rome on our own. While taking a local bus, my husband realized we did not know which stop...


FDA: be cautious of claims made by dietary supplements and nonprescription drugs

Many of these products may not be regulated and could cause serious harm

Many consumers have become fixated on dietary supplements or other nonprescription drugs that boast that they are “all natural.” But beware – many such pro...


Michigan, Montana and New Jersey have the highest car insurance premiums

Maine, Ohio and Wisconsin have the lowest. The reasons? They include traffic, crime and regulations

Michigan, Montana, and New Jersey are the three most expensive states to insure a car, according to a new survey. Louisiana and Oklahoma round out the top...


Consumers ran up big credit card bills last year

The fourth quarter 2015 increase in debt was larger than for all of 2014

Economists and stock market prognosticators appear sharply divided. Things are about to get really bad, or maybe not.True, the world economy isn't grow...


Amazon inks deal to lease 20 aircraft to deliver packages

The move will allow the company more control over its operations and provide faster delivery times

Way back in December of 2013, Amazon unveiled its concept for Amazon Prime Air – a drone delivery service that would be able to deliver packages to custome...


Higher levels of mindfulness linked to healthy glucose levels, study finds

Being more aware of your surroundings and metacognitive are just two ways to become more mindful

Practicing mindfulness comes with a myriad of scientifically proven benefits. From mood improvement and stress reduction to higher levels of optimism and s...


Amazon jumps into home shopping TV

Style Code Live will feature products available through Amazon's foray into video streaming will take another turn tonight when the online giant premiers its first live show. The program is not just entertai...


Chipotle closes Massachusetts restaurant after employees get sick

So far, no customers have reported illnesses

Boston media sources are reporting that Chipotle has closed a Massachusetts store temporarily after several employees got sick, at least one with a confirm...


Why leasing a car may be a good deal for consumers

An industry insider warns it's not a very good deal for car companies

As the cost of new cars keeps going up – and the average transaction price is now north of $34,000 – leasing becomes a more popular option for consumers....


Mortgage applications inch upward after two straight declines

Contract interest rates were on the rise as well

After posting two drops in as many weeks, mortgage applications have turned higher.The Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey from the Mortgage Bankers As...


Foreclosure inventory down again in January

The serious mortgage delinquency rate is at an eight-year low

The inventory of foreclosed houses continued to shrink in January.Property information, analytics, and data-enabled services provider CoreLogic reports...


Maxi Canada recalls chicken product

The product may be contaminated with metal pieces

Maxi Canada of Quebec, Canada, is recalling 103,752 pounds of chicken product exported to the United States. The product may be contaminated with m...


Women protest tampon taxes

Women's health products shouldn't be singled out for taxation, advocates argue

Is it fair that women must pay sales tax on tampons while men's health products like Rogaine are tax-free in many states? Women around the country say it's...


Virginia governor signs daily fantasy sports law

First state to formally declare the games are legal

Virginia has become the first state to formally establish the legality of daily fantasy sports (DFS), which many other states have declared to be illegal g...


Virtual reality? Who needs it?

Study finds little interest in the much-hyped new technology

Software developers have been saying that virtual reality will hit consumers like a wildly hypnotic and habit-forming drug. Maybe, but a new study released...


U.S. Supreme Court denies Apple appeal on price-fixing charges

The company must pay $400 million to e-book consumers

After years of appeals and court proceedings, the U.S. Supreme Court has closed the book on a suit against Apple. On Monday, the court ruled that the compa...


Parents of 'difficult' children are more likely to use devices to calm them, study finds

Experts say an overdependence on iPads and mobile devices could have an impact on a child's longer-term development

Hand a screaming child an iPad, and in a split second you’ll see a radically different child -- one who is calm, quiet, and focused on the screen.Using...


Broadband Internet subsidy proposed for low-income consumers

FCC will consider expanding the current Lifeline program

Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler has proposed an expansion of the FCC's Lifeline program to include help in paying for broadband...


Senator, trade group challenge airline fuel surcharges

The surcharges are "unfair and deceptive," Sen. Richard Blumenthal charges

The price of oil may be down but you'd never know it from looking at airline surcharges. And Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) doesn't think that's right....


Apps to help divorced couples co-parent more efficiently

These apps are helping parents collaborate and communicate to ensure their child's life stays smooth and consistent

Keeping a child’s life consistent is the name of the game for divorced parents. But even the most organized parents can find it difficult to orchestrate th...


Amazon set to open second bookstore in San Diego

Plans to open more locations across the nation have been speculated on as well

After opening its first bookstore in Seattle this past November, Amazon is staging to open another literary location in San Diego this summer. Original rum...


NightSwapping cuts the cost of leisure travel

Let strangers stay with you and you can stay with strangers

Let's say you and your family are considering a weekend getaway – maybe to an exciting city or the peaceful countryside.One way to cut costs is with an...


Study: diet, inactivity may increase Alzheimer's risk

Alzheimer's Association has long advocated healthy diet and exercise

Doctors aren't sure what causes Alzheimer's disease, a cognitive degeneration that is ultimately fatal. There may be a number of contributing factors. That...


Heavy coffee drinkers less likely to get MS

Six cups a day appears to reduce inflammatory response

Coffee drinkers, especially those who load up on the beverage each day, may be less likely to develop multiple sclerosis (MS).That's the conclusion of ...


Google goes public with Project Fi

The low-cost wireless service had been available by invititation only

Google is extending its Project Fi mobile network, which lets customers pay only for the data they actually use, making it available to anyone with a recen...


I Works defendant faces $7 million judgment

Consumers lost $280 million through deceptive "trial" memberships, feds charged

One of the defendants in the I Works scheme faces a $7 million judgment as part of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. Loyd Johnston is one of ...


CFPB taking complaints on consumer loans from online marketplace lenders

A new consumer bulletin has information and tips on marketplace lending

Got a gripe about online lending? The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) wants to hear it.The agency is now accepting complaints from consumer...


Chrysler 200s recalled

The passenger air bag may improperly deploy in the event of a crash

Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling 78 model year 2015 Chrysler 200 vehicles manufactured April 7, 2014, to August 3, 2015. During service work, the...


Model year 2015, 2016 Dodge Darts recalled

The control module may fail to prevent an un-commanded torque event

Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling 1,232 model year 2016 Dodge Darts manufactured July 25, 2015, to December 16, 2015 and equipped with a 2.0L engine and a...


Honda recalls NSS300 and NSS300A scooters

Brake fluid may leak

American Honda Motor Co. is recalling 1,984 model year 2014 NSS300 and NSS300A scooters manufactured June 18, 2013, to September 12, 2013. The rear...


Hyundai recalls Genesis and Equus vehicles

Corrosion can cause intermittent or total loss of windshield wiper function

Hyundai Motor America is recalling 18,700 model year 2012 Genesis vehicles manufactured August 1, 2011, to April 30, 2012, and 2011-2013 Equus vehicles man...


Ransomware now targeting Apple computers

Palo Alto Networks discovered the first attack over the weekend

Researchers at Palo Alto Networks say they discovered what appears to be the first ransomware attack on Apple MacIntosh users over the weekend.Ransomwa...


Biodiesel fraudster gets 10-year prison sentence

Houston firm allegedly made millions on non-existent biodiesel fuel

As if Volkswagen hadn't done enough to besmirch the image of diesel fuel, a Houston man has been sentenced to more than 10 years in prison for selling frau...


Study: photographing a meal prior to consumption leads to greater overall satisfaction

The 'amateur food-photographer' phenomenon is here to stay and holds opportunities for marketers, researchers say

Before social media, it would seem strange -- at least somewhat -- to see someone snapping a photo of their meal before eating it. But nowadays, it’s becom...


Young children think differently when it comes to what's fair

Researchers find that young children are more likely to punish or reward a whole group for the actions of one person

The concept of “fairness” is one that many parents of young children know well. Whether you’re doling out a punishment or doing something that a youngster ...


Feds settle with Verizon Wireless in “supercookie” probe

Carrier will change practices and pay $1.3 million fine

For years Verizon Wireless has been inserting unique identifier headers (UIDH) – known as “supercookies” – into its customers’ mobile Internet traffic. Cus...


Alzheimer's disease may be more versatile than previously thought

Researchers have found that the risk for developing the disease may not just be hereditary

Researchers from around the world have been working tirelessly towards understanding, and hopefully one day curing, Alzheimer’s disease. While experts stil...


Oil prices are rising. Here's what it could mean at the pump

More analysts think oil prices could hit $50 a barrel by the end of the year

For weeks now, the chatter in the oil industry has been that OPEC would finally get its act together and agree to limit production. That, the reasoning wen...


How to create a bee garden

Help out the hard working species by offering them a flower-rich habitat

Bees are small but mighty creatures. Some of their buzzworthy accomplishments include pollinating 75% of our flowering plants, beautifying our planet, and ...


App to measure blood pressure misses high blood pressure in 8 out of 10 patients, study finds

Researchers say there is a need for scientific validation and regulation as health apps become more popular

Smartphones have gotten smarter than ever in recent years, having evolved to even be able to help with a user’s health needs. They can monitor heart rate, ...


It's true, a high-protein diet will make you feel fuller

But it is important to choose your protein carefully

New research has confirmed the long-held belief that a diet rich in protein makes you feel more full and less prone to over-eat.Purdue University resea...


Report: income inequality a factor in retirement savings

Researchers say higher income Americans have saved a lot more

Once upon a time the average American consumer worked at the same place for 30 or 40 years and retired with a modest pension and Social Security, enough to...


IRS struggling against growing refund fraud

Fraudsters now targeting specific individuals with phishing scam

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has had its hands full so far this year dealing with fraud.In late February the tax agency announced that last year'...


Perdue Foods recalls chicken nugget products

The products may be contaminated with extraneous plastic materials

Perdue Foods of Gainesville, Ga., is recalling approximately 4,530 pounds of chicken nugget products produced for Applegate Farms. The products may...


Progressive Gourmet recalls sausage egg cheese muffin

The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Progressive Gourmet of Wilmington, Mass., is recalling its 6-oz. packages of Sausage, Egg, and Cheddar Cheese on English Muffin breakfast sandwiches manufa...


Schnucks Markets recalls Maytag Dairy Farms Blue Cheese

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Maytag Blue Cheese has been recalled from 17 Schnucks Markets locations in the Midwest. The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogene...


AT&T creating a streaming version of DirecTV

Details are scarce but the service looks to be similar to Dish Network's Sling TV

When AT&T bought DirecTV, it was seen as a rather traditional -- even backward -- move. After all, the common wisdom is that satellite TV is old hat, soon...


Business expert: Takata faces “long road to recovery”

Severity of problem and how it was handled add up to uncertain future

The Takata airbag recall list keeps getting longer. So far, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) puts the total at 28 million vehicle...


Adolescent abuse of prescription drugs to treat ADHD a cause for concern

One study shows that 88% of young people who used them in the last 30 days got them from someone else

The abuse of prescription drugs has continued to plague consumers in the U.S. Deaths due to overdose continue to rise and state agencies are still trying t...


Privacy groups line up behind Apple against FBI

Security measures either protect everyone or no one, the groups argue

There has been so much back-and-forth in the Apple-FBI dispute that it has at times resembled one of this year's jousting contests posing as presidential d...


Senate bill would nix tax breaks for drug advertising

Sen. Al Franken says the ads drive up health costs and minimize risks

A Senate bill seeks to end the tax break drug companies enjoy when they spend money advertising prescription drugs to consumers."Doctors and medical pr...


Aging computer users more likely to stay mentally sharp

Study finds computer use makes it 42% less likely you'll suffer memory problems

People are living longer, reaching age 90 and beyond in greater numbers than ever before.But as you age, keeping engaged in social activities and using...


New York settles with opioid drug maker

Attorney General says drug is highly abused in the state

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says he has reached a settlement agreement with Endo Health Solutions and Endo Pharmaceutical, makers and distr...


Price of spring break getaways going down

Travel industry passing on savings in competition for marketshare

Gas prices are lower than they were last year, but that's not the only reason your spring break getaway will probably be cheaper than it was in 2015.Ex...


Top 10 SUVs priced under $25,000

Kelley Blue Book picks the top vehicles consumers seem to love

Low gasoline prices have reignited America's love affair with the sports utility vehicle. SUV and truck sales powered U.S. auto sales higher in 2015, as co...


The U.S. job machine keeps cranking

More than 240,000 people found work in February

Another 242,000 jobs were created in February, led by employment gains in health care and social assistance and retail trade. At the same time, according t...


Feds tell Virginia soybean business to clean up its act

The firm was cited for selling contaminated sprouts

At the request of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia put Henry’s Farm, Inc., in Woodford,...


BI-LO store recalls cantaloupes

The fruit may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

A single BI-LO store in Glennville, Ga., is recalling fresh products containing cantaloupe. The fruit may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogen...


Loki Fish Company recalls smoked pink salmon

The product is contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Loki Fish Company of Seattle, Wash., is recalling two lots of Wild Smoked Pink Salmon Portions. The product is contaminated with Listeria monocytog...


Namias of Arizona recalls chicken products

The products contain hydrolyzed soy protein, an allergen not listed on the label

Namias of Arizona of Tucson, Ariz., is recalling approximately 19,200 pounds of chicken products. The products contain hydrolyzed soy protein, an a...


Hy-Vee recalls Maytag Blue Cheese

The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Hy-Vee of West Des Moines, Iowa, is recalling Maytag Raw Milk Blue Cheese across its eight-state region. The product may be contaminated with Liste...


Senator wants ammonium nitrate out of airbags past and future

But federal safety regulators say that's not the answer

In an odd way, Takata's explosion-prone airbags may be contributing to highway safety. As the owner of two cars with the recalled devices, I can testify th...


Free help preparing tax returns is available

You may be eligible for one of several assistance programs

Would you like help preparing your tax returns? How about some FREE help?You may be eligible to receive free tax help at more than 12,000 preparation s...


Google introduces facial-recognition payment app

Leave the smartphone in your pocket. Just show your face and say "I'll pay with Google"

Why should you have to wrestle your smartphone from your pocket to pay for that double grande caramel macchiato?Google doesn't think you should. It's w...


New device lets surgeons see inside clogged arteries

Real-time view improves safety, effectiveness of artery-cleaning procedure

Lots of proud parents and grandparents have framed "fetal photos" of their offspring proudly displayed. Soon they'll be able to add before-and-after images...


Online payment portal Dwolla dinged for its security practices

Feds say consumers were deceived about the data security risks of using the online system

Regulators are serving notice a fast-growing online money-transfer business, stating that they must safeguard consumers' private data and live up to the pr...


Postal rates poised to go down

Approval of the last rate hike, it turns out, was only temporary

The headline probably looks like it's from Bizarro World. Can that be right? The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is going to reduce the cost of mailing a letter...


More "flipping" leads to fears of another housing bubble

RealtyTrac reports house flipping was up in 75% of the nation's housing markets last year

In the early 2000s, easy money and lax lending standards fueled a housing bubble that crashed with devastating impact in 2008.Home prices are rising on...


Why drug prices are such a hot button issue

Industry business model may skew competition, leading to sharply higher prices

On Wall Street in recent weeks, stock prices for pharmaceutical companies have led market declines as investors have tended to avoid the sector. It's an el...


More growth in the services sector

Only three industries reported contraction in February

The services, or non-manufacturing, sector of the economy continued to chug along in February.In their latest Non-Manufacturing...


Job cuts decline in February

The energy sector bore the brunt of the terminations

The pace of job-cutting posted a decline last month after kicking off the new year with a surge to a six-month high.Outplacement consultancy Challenger...


Ford recalls F-150 trucks with Multi-Contour Seats

An adult in the front passenger seat may be misclassified as a child

Ford Motor Company (Ford) is recalling 2,894 model year 2016 F-150 trucks manufactured April 27, 2015, to November 22, 2015, and equipped with Multi-Contou...


Toyota expands Takata airbag safety recall

Another 198,000 vehicles are being added

Toyota Motor Sales, USA is expanding two of its recalls involving Takata front passenger air bag inflators. The recalled vehicles are equipped with...


Researchers find vulnerabilities in OpenSSL

Hackers could intercept vital information about software

In the Internet world, programmers use a software library called OpenSSL to create applications designed to run in a highly secure environment, with protec...


Seniors seen as big market for self-driving cars

As consumers "age out" of driving, autonomous cars could become a life-saver

Florence Swanson's winning artwork (Photo credit: Google)New car designs are generally aimed at younger drivers, but the developers of self-driving c...


Sports Authority files for bankruptcy

The company will close up to 140 stores as it attempts to reorganize

Sports Authority Inc., a chain that provides an assortment of athletic gear and recreational equipment, filed for bankruptcy today after a lackluster 2015....


Expansion of Lifeline telephone subsidy to include broadband moves forward

Coalition of public interest groups and broadband providers add their support to FCC efforts

For nearly as long as there have been telephones, there have been attempts to achieve the goal of "universal service" -- making telephone service available...


Cash is still king amongst Millennials, survey finds

But a growing number prefer payment apps such as PayPal or Venmo

It may come as a surprise that the nation’s digital natives -- i.e. Millennials -- still prefer paper products in any facet. But as it turns out, good old ...


U.S. bans e-cigarettes on commercial flights

Passengers should be protected from unwanted exposure to chemicals, feds decree

Most airlines have already banned e-cigarettes on their flights and now the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has made it official -- e-cigs are bann...


States challenge caps on inmate telephone call rates

Arkansas says prisons and jails need the money

In October the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued an order that set legal limits on what jails and prisons could charge for telephone calls to ...


Appellate Court declines to dismiss suit against Trump University

New York Attorney General will proceed with $40 million lawsuit

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump may have won big on Super Tuesday primary night, but earlier in the day he lost in New York's Appellate Cour...


Debt collection and identity theft top the list of complaints to the FTC in 2015

Consumers can now create a personalized identity theft recovery plan

Consumers filed a lot of complaints with the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Consumer Sentinel Network last year, according to the agency’s new data book,...


Study: Mortgage originators still racially discriminate

African-Americans face hurdles at the very beginning of the process

The Fair Housing Act was part of the landmark civil rights legislation that became law in the 1960s. It didn't eradicate racial discrimination in housing i...


When it comes to eating sprouts, do the benefits outweigh the risks?

In the wake of yet another outbreak, some believe sprouts should come with a warning label

If we learned anything from Chipotle’s recent E. coli outbreak, it’s that fresh, locally sourced foods aren’t always a guaranteed slam dunk in the health d...


ADP: Additions to February payrolls top 200k

Large businesses showed “surprisingly strong” job gains

Another strong month for private sector employment gains.The ADP National Employment Report says payrolls rose by 214,000 from January to February with...


FDA agrees to take a closer look at Essure, an implantable birth-control device

Critics want the device taken off the market until its safety can be proven

Essure, an implantable birth-control device, has been on the market for nearly 14 years, but after recent litigation and reports o...


Study finds online sites lag in detecting rental scams

Craigslist caught fewer than half of obvious scams, NYU researchers report

Trying to rent an apartment in New York, San Francisco, or any other high-cost city where housing is in high demand can be very tricky. It doesn't make it ...


Why you shouldn't list 'multitasking' on a resume

An expert debunks three common myths of multitasking

When building a resume, job seekers are often quick to note their ability to multitask. But while it might seem like your ability to juggle multiple tasks ...


Gasoline prices on the rise

A California reader wonders why diesel prices are also going up

Gasoline prices are rising a bit nationwide, but it has less to do with a stabilizing price of oil than annual refinery maintenance, which reduces output a...


Study: More than half of lawn mower injuries to children require amputation

The number of accidents involving children is "alarming," surgeons find

A lawn mower is one of those things that is inherently unsafe. It therefore requires great caution by users and bystanders, but a new study finds that's to...


Study: people with insulin resistance may benefit from eating strawberries

Strawberries are one of the top ten superfoods for a diabetes meal plan

Strawberries have already been called a nutritional “whole-in-one,” but a new study finds that people with insulin resistance (IR) may especially benefit f...


How beneficial is an “intense cardio” workout?

Researcher warns high levels of intense exercise can lead to permanent changes to the heart

There's some debate in the fitness world about the effectiveness of what is known as “intense cardio,” a high-energy, fat-burning exercise regimen.Its ...


Paying upfront often ends badly

Unless you are dealing with a known business, you might not get what you pay for

When you deal with a known, well-established business, you should have a pretty high level of confidence that you'll get what you pay for.When purchasi...


AARP study finds drug prices rose six times faster than inflation

Prices rose nearly 10% from 2006-2013

Skyrocketing drug prices have been in the news in recent months, with Congress holding hearings and presidential candidates turning drug costs into an elec...


A year-over-year surge in home prices in January

The northwest and Rocky Mountain states led the way

January was a good month for homeowners as prices rose on both a year-over-year and month-over-month basis.Property information, analytics and data-ena...


Whole Foods Market recalls Maytag Raw Milk Blue Cheese

The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Whole Foods Market in Austin, Texas, has issued a national recall for Maytag Raw Milk Blue Cheese. The product may be contaminated with Listeria mo...


Sally Sherman Foods recalls chicken salad products

The products may be adulterated with Listeria monocytogenes

Sally Sherman Foods of Mount Vernon, N.Y., is recalling approximately 3,004 pounds of various chicken products. The products may be adulterated wit...


GM recalls model year 2016 Buick Regals

The power-steering assist system may fail

General Motors is recalling 74 model year 2016 Buick Regals manufactured August 30, 2015, to February 12, 2016. The realled vehicles have a power-s...