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Autolist: VW owners getting a sweet deal

Reparations more than make up for loss of vehicle values

Suddenly, it's not so bad being the owner of a Volkswagen TDI “clean diesel” car. The settlement announced this week by VW will reward owners handsomely, a...


Amazon promises more TV deals on Prime Day

Shopping expert expects retailer to correct some mistakes from last year is releasing a few details about its second annual Prime Day, a July 12 shopping event that is designed to get consumers doing their Christmas s...


Consumers pick Jeep & Disney as most patriotic brands

"Believability and authenticity" are more important than flag-waving

How are Jeeps and Mickey Mouse alike? Consumers regard them both as highly patriotic, that's how. In fact, Jeep and Disney tied for first place in a new Br...


The Brexit vote: what's it mean for your money?

According to many financial experts, the impact will be mostly positive

Now that British voters have decided to leave the European Union, the shock on the financial markets has begun to wear off. Cooler heads are pondering what...


Helicopter parenting deemed detrimental to emerging adults, study finds

Children of helicopter parents report lower self-efficacy and life satisfaction

Making sure a child grows up in a safe and supportive environment is of the utmost importance to many parents. But oftentimes, the need to protect and nurt...


Would you pay for one-hour drone package delivery?

73% of consumers say they would pay up to $10 for express drone delivery

Does $10 sound about right for getting delivery of online purchases by drone in one hour? Seventy-three percent of consumers say they would pay that and 79...


Exercise may provide an immediate academic boost for kids, research shows

Experts say regular physical activity helps brain development

Kids don’t have to be sitting at a desk to experience a boost in brain power. In fact, time spent out of the classroom may actually help kids get better gr...


Xpeed Learning Academy targeted Chinese families, NY charges

Families spent thousands to help their children get ahead, with few results, state alleges

It's become a cliché that Asian families are ardent in their pursuit of education. The downside of that worthy pursuit is that it creates opportunities for...


Researchers make breakthrough in brain cancer research

A new discovery in how tumor cells grow gives hope for future therapies

A new breakthrough in brain cancer research has shed light on how fatal brain tumors grow and has introduced a new drug target for treatment of the disease...


Two huge entertainment companies are joining forces

Lionsgate is acquiring Starz for $4.4 billion

Lionsgate and Starz, who together are responsible for much of the video entertainment you watch on cable and internet, are joining forces.Lionsgate has...


Consumer spending rises in May, outpacing income gains

Jobless claims were on the rise last week

Consumers loosened up their purse strings a bit last month.The Commerce Department reports personal consumption expendi...


Volkswagen recalls model year 2008-2009 Audi A4, A5, and Q5 vehicles

The airbag control units may corrode and fail

Volkswagen Group of America is recalling model year 2008-2009 Audi A4, A5, and Q5 vehicles, in which the airbag control units may corrode and fail. ...


Eillien's Candies recalls various sizes and brands of snack products

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Eillien's Candies of Green Bay, Wis., is recalling various snack products containing Roasted-Salted Sunflower Kernels and Roasted-Unsalted Sunflower Kernel...


Fresh Express recalls Caesar Salad Kits

The product may contain walnuts, an allergen not listed on the label

Fresh Express Incorporated is recalling 7.6-oz. net weight Fresh Express Caesar Salad Kits. The product may contain walnuts, an allergen not listed...


Eat your fruits and vegetables to avoid type 2 diabetes

Researchers say eating these foods reduce risk factors that lead to the disease

Adopting a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables is beneficial from a general health standpoint, but a new study suggests that it may also reduce the ...


Pups who panic over fireworks may benefit from a new calming gel

A non-sedative gel can now be prescribed to treat noise aversion in dogs

Does a forecasted thunderstorm leave you in anticipation of a night spent trying to calm your anxiety-ridden pooch? If so, you might be interested to l...


Uber will begin measuring drivers' safe-driving behavior on the road

Uber is also taking credit for reducing DWI arrests in Atlanta

Uber will be looking even more closely over its drivers' shoulders as its latest app rolls out -- it will be monitoring its drivers' behavior on the road, ...


Why avoiding mosquitoes may be your only Zika defense this summer

Federal funding to combat the virus has become a political football

Warm weather has arrived for the summer in much of the U.S.. and so have the mosquitoes. Whether any of them carry the Zika virus, which has triggered a he...


New non-invasive cancer therapy shows promise

A newly patented cancer therapy induces cell death by altering cell acidity

A new method for treating cancer may provide hope to children and patients with inoperable forms of the disease. The technique, which has been patented by ...


Use caution when supporting crowd-sourced causes

Connecticut attorney general says scammers have moved into the space

Crowdsourcing is a way for charities and public interest causes to quickly raise money. Companies like GoFundMe and Kickstarter have been game-changers, al...


Lawmaker urges elder abuse predator list

Officials see sharing information as key to reducing scams

People convicted of sexual predator crimes go on a national list so that others are aware of the potential danger they may pose.A member of Congress ha...


Pending home sales post first decline in four months

Sales were down in all four major regions

After three straight months of increases, pending home sales have suffered a decline.The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports its Pending Hom...


Mortgage applications continue to see-saw

Contract interest rates were mixed

Mortgage applications were lower last week for the second time in three weeks.According to the Mortgage Bankers Association,  applications were down 2....


A strong rebound for consumer confidence

'Cautious optimism' is the June takeaway

A nice comeback for consumer confidence in June.After falling nearly two points in May -- to 92.4 -- The Conference Board's Consumer Confidence Index® ...


GNP recalls chicken products

The products may be contaminated with extraneous materials

GNP Company of Cold Spring, Minn., is recalling approximately 55,608 pounds of chicken products. Sand and black soil were found in some of the prod...


Polaris recalls Ranger ROVs

The ROVs can overheat during heavy engine loading

Polaris Industries Inc., of Medina, Minn., is recalling about 43,000 Polaris Ranger 570 ROVs. The ROVs can overheat during heavy engine loading, sl...


Integrated Food Service recalls ready-to-eat sandwiches

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Integrated Food Service (IFS), is recalling certain ready-to-eat sandwiches because that may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. No illnes...


National Frozen Foods recalls frozen green peas and frozen mixed vegetables

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

National Frozen Foods Corporation is voluntarily recalling a limited quantity of Not-Ready-To Eat frozen green peas and frozen mixed vegetables. Th...


Toyota recalls Prius and Lexus CT vehicles

The airbag inflators could separate

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., is recalling about 482,000 model year 2010 - 2012 Prius; 2010 and 2012 Prius Plug-In Hybrids; and 2011 and 2012 Lexus CT 200h v...


Details of VW Dieselgate settlements made public

Owners of affected VW, Audi vehicles eligible for buybacks or lease terminations

The $14.7 billion settlements agreed to by Volkswagen today provide buyback and lease termination deals for nearly 500,000 consumers who bought the company...


VW diesel owners could get $10,000 in settlement headed for court Tuesday

Federal judge is expected to sign off on deal with $15 billion price tag

A few days ago, it was reported that Volkswagen would pay $10 billion to settle charges that it rigged more than 400,000 TDI "clean diesel" cars with softw...


Google subsidiary looks at ways to improve parking and city life in general

Maybe Sidewalk Labs could also take over the TSA and eliminate the long lines?

Looking for a parking space? Google may soon know where they are. It probably knows where you are too, so maybe it would make sense to put those data point...


Your college student may be taught by a part-time professor

But rise in part-time faculty may be part of a long-term trend

For consumers spending tens of thousands of dollars to send a son or daughter to college, and maybe going into debt to do so, this may come as a shock: you...


The healthy way to handle food cravings during pregnancy

Health problems may await women who frequently give in to cravings, research shows

Somewhere between the nausea and fatigue, pregnant women may find themselves struck by a food craving.An estimated 50 to 90 percent of all pregnant wom...


New rule bans certain types of payment methods by telemarketers

The new rule is aimed at scammers and con artists

As of now, the Federal Trade Commission bans certain types of payment methods by telemarketers, as part of an effort to reduce scammers' and con artists' a...


Why seniors should limit alcohol consumption

Researchers say alcohol damages already dysfunctional immune system

In recent years there has been plenty of research suggesting that there are health benefits that come with moderate alcohol consumption. Here's a study sug...


Long naps can damage health, study finds

What you should know before dozing off during the day

A midday snooze may be just the energy boost you need to power through the rest of your day. But napping for too long may have a negative impact on health....


Drought-stricken California sitting on huge pool of water

Stanford researchers discover large aquifer beneath state's Central Valley

California has a water problem. Maybe that's something of an understatement.The state has been under drought conditions for well over four years and be...


Chipotle launches aggressive rewards program to win back customers

Frequent customers will earn points toward free food

Perhaps feeling the financial impact of its well-documented foodborne illness problems in late 2015, Chipotle Mexican Grill has launched an aggressive summ...


Home prices up in April -- but at a slower pace

That marks six straight monthly increases

House prices rose in value across the U.S. in April, but at a slower pace on both a year-over-year and month-over-month basis.According to the S&P;/Cas...


First quarter economic growth revised higher

Still, it's a slowdown from the previous three months

The third time was the charm when it comes to growth in the economy.The Commerce Department has taken its third and final look at how things were going...


Earnest Eats Dark Chocolate Almond Chewy Granola Bars recalled

The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Earnest Eats is recalling 6.2-oz. cartons of Earnest Eats Dark Chocolate Almond Bars. The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes....


Green Cuisine recalls Pesto Pasta Salad with Arugula

The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Green Cuisine is recalling Pesto Pasta Salad with Arugula that may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. There have been no reported illness...


HP Recalls Batteries for HP and Compaq notebook computers

The battery packs can overheat, posing fire and burn hazards

HP Inc., of Palo Alto, Calif., is recalling about 48,100 HP lithium-ion batteries in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The battery packs can overheat, p...


Ten expenses you should be budgeting for

Protect your budget by expecting the unexpected

Budgets are to money as maps are to roads -- which is to say, they’re an integral part of helping you see where you’re going. But while you might think...


Backup cameras may not be enough to reduce backover accidents

Are drivers depending on the cameras too much? Or too little?

So we have all these new backup cameras in cars, but we're still backing into people and things. Why?The obvious answer is that we're not paying attent...


New drug has potential to slow down or reverse development of asthma

Trials with the drug are currently underway

The number of people in the U.S. who suffer from asthma has steadily been climbing in recent years. According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, a...


Could your child's toys be making them sick?

Viruses can stick around on plastic toys longer than you might think

The plastic toys strewn across your child’s bedroom floor may be harboring harmful viruses, new research suggests. Researchers at Georgia State Univers...


Even with insurance, your hospital stay will cost you

University of Michigan study finds out-of-pocket cost likely to exceed $1,000

Consumers with private health insurance are paying more out of pocket when they check into a hospital, and the amount has risen in just the last few years....


Here are five retirement destinations that can stretch your savings

What you pay for a house can make a big difference

Much of the discussion of retirement revolves around how much money you need to save for a successful retirement.That number, of course, is different f...


Independence Day weekend could bring some traffic jams

AAA projects record travel over the holiday weekend

If you are traveling this Independence Day weekend – and the odds say you will be – you can expect some crowded highways.According to the latest projec...


Why homeownership is at its lowest level in decades

Among entry-level homes, prices are surging and inventory is shrinking

With home prices rising and inventory shrinking, the homeownership rate in the U.S. has hit its lowest point in nearly 50 years.That's the conclusion o...


Volkswagen recalls model year 2016 Golf R vehicles

The Federal Certification Label may list an incorrect rear axle weight limit

Volkswagen Group of America is recalling 11 model year 2016 Golf R vehicles manufactured March 17, 2016 to March 23, 2016. The recalled vehicles ma...


Essential Foods recalls four flavors of Globespun Gourmet wraps

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Essential Foods of Seattle, Wash., is recalling four flavors of Globespun Gourmet wraps. The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogen...


Kroger expands sunflower products recall

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

The Kroger Co. has expanded its earlier recall of several products containing sunflower seeds that may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. ...


What the heck is Brexit and why should you care?

British voters surprised the markets, and markets hate surprises

U.S. consumers awoke Friday morning to some shocking news. Voters in the UK voted Thursday to withdraw from the European Union (EU), a political and econom...


Volkswagen diesel owners to get up to $7,000, reports say

VW may still have to buy back some cars if it can't fix them

The ink is not yet dry, but reports say Volkswagen is agreeing to pay owners of its TDI "clean diesels" up to $7,000 and fund a grant program to reduce air...


Senators blast cable TV providers over refund policies

Cable TV one issue that unites Senate Republicans and Democrats

Two members of the U.S. Senate – a Republican and a Democrat – are taking cable TV providers to task for failing to provide refunds to consumers who have b...


Researchers find a new way to boost memory

Their recent findings explain just how memories can be formed

They say that memory is one of the first things to go when you get older, but that saying might be going out the window if the scientific community has its...


The head-to-toe benefits of one hour in the garden

Gardeners reap countless physical and mental health benefits, studies show

There’s a lot to dig about gardening. The simple act of spending time outdoors already comes with a number of mental health benefits, but gardeners may exp...


Car sales suggest no slowdown in the economy project highest June car sales since 2005s

Despite persistent signs of economic weakness, consumers continue to shrug off concerns in two areas – housing and cars, admittedly the two biggest purchas...


Six cool tips for pet parents

How to beat the heat with your pooch

Summer isn’t an ideal time to be wearing a fur coat. For this reason, a hot summer day can feel even hotter to a dog. Overheating and dehydration are j...


Why home prices keep rising, even though the economy isn't

Shortage of homes may turn off buyers, Trulia warns

If you have been shopping for a home in recent months, it's likely you've encountered a puzzling situation. Home prices keep going up, yet you and many of ...


When does cool become creepy?

In-store technology can be cool but things like facial recognition get creepy quickly

Getting a coupon on your phone while browsing in a store is one thing. Having a salesperson stroll up and address you by name is quite another, a new study...


GM hit with 'dirty diesel' suit

It's accused of rigging its Cruze diesel to deceive emissions tests

General Motors has joined Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz in the Dieselgate scandal. A class action lawsuit alleges that GM misled consumers who paid $2,000 e...


IIHS considers safety test with focus on passenger protection

As it stands now, there isn't much

A new safety test may be in the works at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) -- one that would rate passenger-side protection as part of the ...


HelloFresh recalls frozen peas

The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

HelloFresh of New York, N.Y., is recalling frozen peas that have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. No illnesses or cust...


Kashi amends date codes on recalled items

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Kashi Company is amending the date codes for Kashi GOLEAN® Honey Pecan Baklava Bars and Bear Naked® Soft Baked Granola, Cinnamon + Sunflower Butter that we...


Crescent Specialty Foods recalls raw pistachios

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella

Crescent Specialty Foods of Everett, Wash., is recalling 6-oz. bags of Crescent Pistachio Raw. The product may be contaminated with Salmonella....


The Land of Nod recalls octopus rattles

The fabric discs on the tentacles of the octopus rattles can detach

The Land of Nod of Morton Grove, Ill., is recalling about 550 Octo-rattles. The fabric discs on the tentacles of the octopus rattles can detach, po...


Zupan's Markets recalls Macaroni Salad with Cheddar Cheese

The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Zupan's Markets is recalling its Macaroni Salad with Cheddar Cheese which may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. There have been no repor...


Fiat Chrysler steps up recall of Jeeps, other models with rollaway issues

The cars are 'unsafe in any driveway,' critic charges after death of actor Anton Yelchin

Fiat Chrysler (FCA) is stepping up its recall of 1.1 million Jeeps and other models with a gear shifter that has been blamed for the death of actor Anton Y...


$6.3 million going to consumers who bought Kevin Trudeau's book

The perennial pitchman claimed to reveal health secrets 'they don't want you to know about'

Unfortunately, many people think that big drug companies and the government know how to cure common illnesses but keep the solution secret to protect drug...


Researchers work towards creating super strains of broccoli

The vegetables are being bred to contain 'mega-doses' of beneficial compounds

Although young children and picky eaters often turn their nose up at it, broccoli is one of the most nutritious superfoods out there. And now, it looks lik...


How your high expectations may be impacting your child

Intrusive parents can create overly self-critical kids, study finds

You only want the best for your child, so it’s only natural that you would want them to get the best grades. But could your high expectations be setting th...


Study: new cars make biggest quality improvement in seven years

J.D. Power says auto quality has never been higher

Consumers who purchase a new car this year can expect fewer problems and improved quality over any vehicle they might have purchased last year.That's t...


The color of your kitchen could cost you money

White walls may not be the smartest choice, according to a survey

Planning on selling your home? If so, it might be time to break out the paint bucket and rollers; a new survey finds that homes with white walls sell for l...


Judge rules against Amazon in charges run up by children

Google and Apple have already refunded more than $50 million

One of the most basic principles of contract law is that both parties must be competent adults, meaning that children can't enter into or be bound by contr...


Why more businesses are helping employees with student loans

Surveys show Millennials value it more that other employee benefits

The student loan debt crisis has been well documented. Millions of young Americans have gotten educations with the expectation it would make their lives be...


Why health officials are worried about tainted frozen vegetables

Vegetables reportedly used as ingredients in 350 other products

In late April, we reported what, at the time, appeared to be a routine recall: CRF Frozen Foods of Washington state was recalling 15 frozen vegetable items...


New home sales take a hit in May

Still, sales are above where they were a year earlier

May was a tough month for sales of new single-family houses.The Commerce Department reports sales dropped 6.0% last month to a seasonally adjusted annu...


House prices creep higher in April

Jobless claims posted a big decline last week

The latest report from the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) shows house prices scored a small advance during April....


G & M Co. recalls beef products

The products may be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7

G & M Co., of Newark, N.J., is recalling approximately 3,586 pounds of beef products that may be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7. There have been...


How to raise a successful, happy child

New study sheds light on how parenting style can affect a child's future

When it comes to raising kids, are you a die hard disciplinarian or a laid back libertarian? Whatever your parenting style, studies show it can have a big ...


The one thing you can do to start saving money

Trying to save without a budget is like building without a blueprint

As we have reported a number of times that, since the financial crisis of 2008, more consumers have struggled to save money.There are many reasons for ...


New study shows that more hearts should be accepted for transplant in the future

Researchers hope that people in need of transplant will benefit soon

Since the first successful surgery in 1967, researchers have worked tirelessly to perfect the process behind heart transplants. While there is still more w...


Which credit cards provide the best travel insurance protection?

According to a study, the Chase Sapphine Preferred comes out on top

There are many things that can derail a vacation, leading to some hefty expense for those with non-refundable reservations. That's why many consumers choos...


Two surprising new trends in baby naming

Why you might soon be seeing more babies named Hillary

Parents often spend hours pouring over baby naming books and websites in an effort to find just the right name for their little one.It’s an important d...


Mayo Clinic teams with Google to improve health information

Google Symptom Search features expert information and advice

We all do it. At the first sign of illness we head for the the internet and Google our symptoms.What we find, of course, could be almost anything. Cred...


Why would Mark Zuckerberg tape over his web camera?

Maybe because the inter-connected world is full of threats

Mark Zuckerberg made news this week when he posted a picture of himself at his desk. The news was supposed to be Instagram's announcement of 500 million ac...


Previously-owned homes sell at fastest clip in more than nine years

Median sales prices were at an all-time high

You have to go back nearly a decade to find a time when previously-owned owned homes were selling at a faster pace than they did in May.According to th...


Mortgage applications turn higher

Contract interest rates were mostly lower

Mortgage applications last week have rebounded from the previous week's decline.Data from the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Weekly Mortgage Applicatio...


Sony recalls VAIO laptop computer battery packs

The lithium-ion battery packs can overheat

Sony Electronics of San Diego, Calif., is recalling about 1,700 Panasonic battery packs used in Sony Electronics laptop computers in the U.S. and Canada....


Infiniti Q50s and Q50 Hybrids recalled

The Direct Adaptive Steering system may malfunction

Nissan North America is recalling 28,182 model year 2014-2016 Infiniti Q50s manufactured December 26, 2012, to December 11, 2015, and Infiniti Q50 Hybrids ...


Anton Yelchin's Jeep had been recalled

There have been hundreds of similar rollaway accidents involving Chrysler products

The death of Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin attracted a lot of attention, but it is only one of hundreds of rollaway incidents involving Jeeps and other Chr...


FAA gives commercial drones takeoff clearance

But the agency failed to implement any privacy restrictions despite protests

Commercial drones can get ready to line up on the taxiways. The Federal Aviation Administration today released its final rule on drones, cheering business ...


Study highlights importance of exercising as we age

Findings show that seniors who exercise are able to recover more quickly from injury

As people age, many have a tendency to write off exercise as something meant for younger people. After all, if you’ve made it to your senior years relative...


Doctor Trusted certification program was bogus: FTC

The company behind the program has agreed to pay $603,000 to settle FTC charges

The "Doctor Trusted" certification program used to peddle all kinds of products on more than 800 websites was bogus, the Federal Trade Commission charged, ...


The magic number of kids that makes stay-at-home moms the happiest

More kids may not always equal a more frazzled mom, survey finds

You might assume that one or two would be a more sanity-preserving number of children. But if it’s happiness you’re after, you might want to consider addin...


A surprising shift in employee benefits

Telecommuting is in, job sharing is out

If you work at a mid-size to large company, benefits likely make up an important part of your compensation package.But in the last 20 years, the items ...


More legal issues for Volkswagen

Former executives reportedly under investigation in Germany

The fallout from Volkswagen's admitted diesel emissions cheating scandal is increasing in courtrooms around the world.But the latest action doesn't con...


Tech support companies reach $27 million fraud settlement

FTC and Florida accuse firms of scamming consumers nationwide

If someone contacts you, claiming they have technical expertise and can see that your computer has problems, look out. If you don't hang up right away, you...


The decline in foreclosures continues

The foreclosure inventory was down sharply

Global property information provider CoreLogic reports completed foreclosures across the country fell 15.8% in April -- to 37,000 from 43,000 a year earlie...


Honey Bunchie recalls Gourmet Honey Bars

The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogene

Honey Bunchie is recalling a limited number of Honey Bunchies Gourmet Honey Bars The product contains sunflower kernels that may be contaminated wi...


Asian Jade Customs Brokerage recalls sausage products

The product did not undergo import inspection

Asian Jade Customs Brokerage of Springfield Gardens, N.Y., is recalling approximately 762 pounds of imported sausage products that were not presented at th...


Hershey recalls SoFit products

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

The Hershey Company is recalling three products sold under the SoFit brand. The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. T...


BMW is recalling vehicles with a front driveshaft universal joint issue

The universal joint could fail, increasing the risk of a crash

BMW of North America is recalling 21,493 model year 2011 X5 xDrive 35i, xDrive50i, X5 M, X6 xDrive35i, X6 xDrive50i, and X6 M vehicles manufactured April 5...


Your Amex card's no good at Costco anymore

The warehouse chain has switched its allegiance to Visa cards

What's in your wallet? If it's an American Express card and you're on your way to Costco, you may want to turn around and head for Walmart or Target. This ...


Consumer groups say payday lending rule should have no loopholes

Proposed exemptions would continue "business as usual" they charge

A group of public interest groups, while generally applauding proposed federal rules to rein in payday lending, say the proposed rules should not be watere...


Settlement ends dispute between Zillow and Realtors

Real estate interests and Dow Jones claimed Zillow stole trade secrets

Zillow is sort of the Google of real estate. It wasn't long ago that real estate agents and their powerful lobbying organizations had realty listings prett...


Ticketmaster issuing free tickets to settle class action lawsuit

The emails to Ticketmaster customers may look like scams so read carefully

That email you got from Ticketmaster offering free tickets? Don't delete it -- it's not a scam. The emails went out to millions of Ticketmaster customers a...


Researchers identify vital genetic pathways for Zika virus

Shutting down these pathways could halt infection in its tracks

There have been many concerns over the past few months about the emergence of the Zika virus. Many experts have cautioned that the virus, which has been sh...


$400 million on its way to e-book buyers

Publishers and Apple paying twice the amount lost by consumers

If you're a big reader, watch your mail and check your online e-book accounts closely. Apple and five big publishers are dishing out $400 million to consum...


Five plants that ward off mosquitoes

Make your yard or patio an itch-free zone by incorporating these plants

Despite not receiving an invitation, mosquitoes are often the first guests to show up to a backyard party or gathering. And they sure have a knack for maki...


What are the top brands in the world today?

Google, Amazon, & Samsung are the top three; Apple doesn't make the top ten

A few years ago, you might have guessed that Apple would be the top brand in the world but today it's Google, followed by Amazon and Samsung, according to ...


Many consumers in the dark about blueberries' health benefits

Researchers say blueberry producers need to do a better job of informing consumers

It seems not a week goes by without another medical study singing the praises of blueberries. The tiny fruit, rich in antioxidants, is credited with a mult...


Lumber Liquidators to halt sales of Chinese-made laminate flooring

Affected consumers may request a free test kit

Lumber Liquidators in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has agreed to not continue sales of laminate wood flooring that it had...


Adobe's economic measure differs from the government's

The Digital Price Index show signs of deflation

In the same week the U.S. Labor Department released its May Consumer Price Index (CPI), showing a slight rise in prices, Adobe issued its Digital Price Ind...


Gas prices headed lower

The biggest declines are occurring in the Midwest

Just in time for the official start of summer, gasoline prices are headed lower again. After steadily rising since March, the national average of self-serv...


Three outdoor patio trends to embrace

Concrete accents, teak furniture, and bright colors are summer 2016's stand-out trends

The sights, smells, and sounds of summer are perhaps best enjoyed on a patio or deck. But if your outdoor space is looking lackluster, it may be time to sp...


Great Grains Protein Blend – Honey, Oats & Seeds cereal recalled

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Post Consumer Brands is recalling a limited quantity of its Great Grains Protein Blend – Honey, Oats & Seeds cereal. The products may be contaminat...


Creative Snacks expands recall of sunflower seed products

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Creative Snacks of Greensboro, N.C., is expanding its earlier recall of specific lot codes of bulk and packaged sunflower seed products. The produc...


Southeast Toyota Distributors recalls Camry, Highlander, Tundra, Scion FR-S, and tC vehicles

The vehicles may have an incorrect Load Carrying Capacity Modification Label

Southeast Toyota Distributors (SET) is recalling 2,520 model year 2016 Toyota Camry and Highlander, 2015-2016 Toyota Tundra, Scion FR-S, and tC vehicles....


NoGii recalls Nuts About Berries Paleo Bars

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

NoGii is recalling its Nuts About Berries Paleo Bars. The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes The company says it has ...


Chevrolet Sonic, Trax and Spark vehicles recalled

The seatbelt and ignition warning chime may not function properly

General Motors is recalling 18,780 model year 2015-2016 Chevrolet Sonic and Trax, and 2013-2015 Spark vehicles equipped with a Bring Your Own Media radio....


Bounce USA recalls Apple Cinnamon Protein Punch Energy Balls

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Bounce USA of Bend, Ore., is recalling Bounce Apple Cinnamon Protein Punch Energy Balls (newly named Apple Cinnamon Protein Energy Balls). The prod...


Travel insurance provides some security in a risky world

Illness, accidents and other emergencies can cost you bigtime if you don't insure properly

Two weeks before our cruise to Australia and New Zealand, my husband realized we forgot to purchase travel insurance. We had booked through a new travel ag...


Study: T-Mobile's Binge On not what it seems

Subscribers may get low quality video without knowing why, researchers caution

Nearly all advertising skims over certain unpleasant details, and a study by Northeastern University suggests that T-Mobile's description of Binge On falls...


Gun sales surge, thanks to some new buyers

LGBT community reportedly among new gun owners in wake of Orlando attack

In the wake of the horrific massacre at an Orlando gay nightclub, Democrats in the Senate mounted a filibuster to force a vote on gun control legislation....


Philadelphia votes to tax most sweetened beverages

Beverage makers say they'll challenge the tax in court

Philadelphia has become the first major city to impose a tax on beverages, a measure aimed at raising revenue as much as it is at resolving health issues....


Poor sleep at night leads to worsened moods in teens

One study shows that restricted sleep can lead to increased feelings of nervousness, sadness, and anger in adolescents

Parents with teenagers know very well that they can be moody at times, but is that grumpy attitude being caused by lack of sleep? Researchers from the Amer...


Vitamin D -- who needs it? Nearly nobody

Study finds the popular vitamin's benefits aren't measurable for most people

Vitamin D is sort of like Mom, apple pie, and so forth. But a new Canadian study finds there's little scientific evidence to back up all the claims made fo...


Physical exercise helps boost memory, study says

New research shows that exercising four hours after learning something new will help you remember it

Students have come up with a million different strategies for remembering information for an important test or presentation, but new research shows that ma...


Mortgage rates at three year low

Despite that, mortgage applications dipped last week

From a financial standpoint, this is not a bad time to be taking out a mortgage. Home loan rates have fallen once again and haven't been this low in three...


Ally Bank issues cash back credit card

Provides additional 10% bonus when cash is redeemed in Ally bank account

Ally Bank has issued a new rewards credit card. The Ally CashBack Credit Card joins the ranks of other cards that reward customers by returning a percentag...


New home construction dips in May

Plans for building in the months ahead edged higher

A bit of a slowdown last month for the home construction industry.The Commerce Department reports ground-breaking for privately-owned housing dipped 0....


Taylors Candy recalls Stuckey’s Sunflower Kernels

The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Taylors Candy of Alsip, Ill., is recalling Stuckey’s bags of Sunflower Kernels. The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. ...


Rucker's Wholesale and Service recalls Sunflower Kernels, Sweet & Salty Mix, Cajun Hot Mix

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Rucker’s Wholesale and Service Co. of Bridgeport, Ill., is recalling Sunflower Kernels, Sweet & Salty Mix, and Cajun Hot Mix. The products may be c...


Grand Rapids Chair recalls chairs and barstools

The back leg of the chairs can bend and the seat tabs or screws on the seat can loosen

Grand Rapids Chair Company of Byron Center, Mich., is recalling about 2,300 Sadie Chairs and barstools. The back leg of the chairs can bend and the...


Ford recalls model year 2016 Lincoln MKX vehicles

The child seat tether anchors in the second row center seating position are blocked

Ford Motor Company is recalling five model year 2016 Lincoln MKX vehicles manufactured September 24, 2015. An incorrect seat back trim cover was in...


Fed once again keeps interest rates where they are

Seven years of easy money still hasn't sufficiently stoked the economy

What are we to take away from the Federal Reserve's unsurprising decision this week not to raise interest rates?That seven years of easy money at histo...


Flower delivery complaints bloom in the spring

All flower delivery services have occasional problems, but some have more than their share

Screengrab from is prime time for flowers. Between Mother's Day, Father's Day, and all the graduations and spring wed...


Research reveals how overeating leads to even more eating

A study shows that eating too much blocks a hormone that allows a person to feel full

Losing weight can be difficult for a number of different reasons. If you’re just starting out, it can be difficult to make certain necessary life changes, ...


FDA slaps Whole Foods over sanitation concerns

Inspectors found a long list of alleged violations at a processing plant near Boston

Prepared foods are all the rage these days, with many consumers paying big bucks to grab take-out dinners at the supermarket. While it can be a time-saver,...


New dating app matches couples based on shared political views

Matches based on a person's views on important issues

Differing political views can put a strain on any relationship, but romantic partnerships may struggle the most under the weight of a political divide. ...


Small Alzheimer's study produces huge results

Therapy helped patients with early Alzheimer's regain memory function

Currently there is no cure for Alzheimer's disease (AD), a progressive neurological disease that is ultimately fatal.However, there have been a number ...


No evidence coffee causes cancer, WHO finds; hot beverages may, though

Even very hot water is implicated in some cancers, researchers say

Here's the good news for coffee drinkers: the World Health Organization (WHO) has concluded it doesn't cause cancer. But the bad news is that very hot beve...


How much more does it cost to raise a girl?

New data reveals two categories where parents of girls spend more

Hearing the words “It’s a girl” at your 20-week ultrasound may do more than just seal the fate of the nursery wall color; it may determine how much you wil...


The hidden costs of having a job

CareerBuilder survey finds it costs an average of $3,300 a year to bring home a paycheck

We normally think of employment in terms of how much we get paid. But have you ever stopped to calculate just how much it costs to have a job?The folks...


For-profit schools' accrediting body may lose federal accreditation

The agency that accredited defunct Corinthian Colleges ignored warning flags, report finds

The end may be near for the organization that issues accreditations to for-profit universities. Department of Education staff members who have been investi...


Volkswagen announces major shift to electric vehicles

Company plans 30 electric vehicle models within 10 years

Still coping with the aftermath of its diesel emissions cheating scandal, Volkswagen has announced a major shift in direction – away from diesel and gasoli...


Builder confidence on the rise again

The outlook is strong for the second half of 2016

Builder confidence is rising again after holding steady for the past four months.The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)/Wells Fargo Housing M...


Consumer prices up moderately in May

Energy costs rose for a third straight month

Photo (c) mybaitshop - FotoliaThe cost of living crept upward in May, with energy prices moving higher for a third straight month.The Bureau of L...


Auldey Toys recalls Sky Rover toys

The USB charging cords sold with the toy can overheat

Auldey Toys North America of Quincy, Mass., is recalling about 325,000 Sky Rover toys. The USB charging cords sold with the toy can overheat, posin...


First Source expands recall of various products containing sunflower kernels

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

First Source of Tonawanda, N.Y., is expanding its earlier recall of various products containing sunflower kernels. The products may be contaminated...


Rucker's Makin' Batch Candies recalls Dollywood Cajun Mix

The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Rucker’s Makin’ Batch Candies Bridgeport, Ill., is recalling specific batches of Dollywood Cajun Mix. The product may be contaminated with Listeria...


Subaru recalls 135k vehicles with airbag inflator issue

The inflators may rupture due to propellant degradation

Subaru of America is recalling 135,696 model year 2003-2004 Legacy, Outback; 2006-2008 Impreza, Tribeca; 2006 Saab 9-2x; and 2003-2006 Baja vehicles origin...


AMA calls gun violence a public health crisis, gears up to fight Congress

Congress blocks CDC research into gun violence that kills 30,000 per year

The National Rifle Association is a powerful lobbying organization. But it may be outgunned by the American Medical Association, which Tuesday declared gun...


Affordable Care Act policies projected to rise in 2017

Kaiser Family Foundation analyzed projected rates in 14 major metros

One feature of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is to make health coverage available to all Americans. Another was to keep it affordable.While availabilit...


Weight-loss device pumps food out of your stomach

Patients who use the device lose an average of 46 pounds in one year

Photo (c) Aspire BariatricsWe all know that the way to lose, or at least control, weight is to eat less. That's easier said than done for most people...


New app Winnie helps parents find kid-friendly locations nearby

Parents can let other parents know in advance if, for instance, a certain spot is good for preschoolers

With kids home for the summer, parents might soon find themselves drowning in a sea of sentences starting with, “I’m bored.”Indeed, it can be difficult...


Consumers come clean about public restrooms

What happens in the bathroom doesn't always stay in the bathroom

If you travel, go to a ball game or concert, or spend time shopping, chances are you will frequent a public restroom every once in a while. Admittedly, som...


Study: most patients getting opioids have leftover pills

Johns Hopkins researchers call it "a big concern"

Physicians are compassionate people, and when their patients are in pain, they naturally want to provide them with as much relief as possible.When powe...


Credit scores: what you don't know could hurt you

Difference in car insurance rate just one area where a bad score can hurt

First, the good news. Most consumers understand the basics of credit scores and how they work.An annual survey by the Consumer Federation of America (C...


Wholesale inflation up for a second straight month

Energy prices led the advance

The cost of living one step shy of the retail level rose in May for the second straight month.The Department of Labor (DOL) reports the Producer Price ...


Mortgage applications head downward

Contract interest rates were uniformly lower

Mortgage applications moved lower in the week that included an adjustment for the Memorial Day holiday.According to the Mortgage Bankers Association’s ...


Hy-Vee recalls salad topping and trail mix products

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Hy-Vee, Inc. of West Des Moines, Iowa, is recalling one of its salad toppings and additional trail mix products across its eight-state region. The ...


Subaru recalls model year 2003-2004 vehicles with airbag inflator issue

The inflators may rupture due to propellant degradation

Subaru of America is recalling 88,131 model year 2003-2004 Legacy, Outback, and Baja vehicles originally sold or that have ever been registered in Alaska, ...


Hyundai recalls model year 2016 Tucsons

The secondary hood latch may not adequately secure the hood to prevent it from opening

Hyundai Motor Company is recalling 81,000 model year 2016 Tucsons manufactured May 19, 2015 to March 14, 2016. If the primary hood latch has been r...


Publix recalls nut, seed and raisin mix

The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Publix Super Markets is recalling nut, seed and raisin mix that may be adulterated with Listeria monocytogenes. There have been no reported cases o...


Mazda recalls vehicles with airbag inflator issue

The inflators may rupture due to propellant degradation

Mazda North America Operations is recalling 236,280 vehicles in two zones. The first is “Zone A” and includes model year 2009-2011 Mazda6, 2007-201...


Atkins Nutritionals recalls numerous bar products

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Atkins Nutritionals is recalling limited lot codes of certain bar products that may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. There have been no...


BMW recalls vehicles with child restraint seats anchor issue

Child restraint seats may not be anchored properly

BMW of North America is recalling 188,668 model year 2011-2017, X3 sDrive28i, X3 xDrive28i and X3 xDrive35i, vehicles manufactured July 2, 2010 to April 14...


Appeals court upholds Net Neutrality

Justices rule FCC acted properly when it declared internet a public utility

A federal appeals court has turned aside an industry challenge, upholding the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) Open Internet Order – also known as...


Credit or debit? When to choose one or the other

There are pros and cons to both

Many consumers carry both a debit card and one or more credit cards. They are both plastic and they both can be used to make purchases.But when should...


Caffeine can't make up for continued lack of sleep

Researchers find that the benefits of caffeine only last for two days after repeated loss of sleep

Most everyone knows how important sleep is to infants and children, but there are still many adults out there who only get a few hours of sleep per night. ...


How much sleep should kids be getting at each age?

The American Academy of Pediatrics' new sleep recommendations for children

Anyone who has been in the presence of a fussy, tired kid or a sleep-deprived teen knows just how much sleep can impact a child’s state. Irritability i...


Report: smartphone sales growth in sharp decline

Consumers have fewer reasons to upgrade their devices

Have you bought a new smartphone lately? Chances are, the answer is no. Fewer consumers, it seems, feel the need to constantly update their devices.Tha...


Apple unveils system upgrades at developers conference

In new operating system, Siri is being assigned more tasks

It was show and tell day for Apple, as the company previewed the latest wrinkles in iOS 10 for developers attending the annual World Wide Developers Confer...


Retail sales up again in May

It's the second gain in a row

Consumers continued to spend in May, sending retail sales up for a second consecutive month.The Census Bureau reports sales were up 0.5% last month tot...


Airline service complaints drop in April

On-time arrival rates were higher and cancellation rates were down

Air travelers, it appears, were a pretty content bunch in early spring.According to the Department of Transportation's (DOT) Air Travel Consumer Report...


Honda recalls motorcycles with airbag inflator issue

The inflators may rupture due to propellant degradation

The American Honda Motor Co. is recalling 2,701 motorcycles in two zones. The first is “Zone A” and includes model year 2006-2010 Honda GL1800 (Gol...


Butterfield Foods recalls broccoli salad kit products

The products may be adulterated with Listeria monocytogenes

Butterfield Foods of Noblesville, Ind., is recalling approximately 15,966 pounds of broccoli salad dressing products The products may be adulterate...


Subaru recalls vehicles with airbag inflator issue

The inflators may rupture due to propellant degradation

Subaru of America is recalling 159,274 model year 2003-2004 Legacy, Outback; 2009-2011 Legacy, Outback Forester; 2006-2011 Impreza, Tribeca; 2003-2006 Baja...


Nu Life Market recalls Sun Life Sunflower Spread

The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Nu Life Market of Scott City, Kan., is recalling approximately 300 jars of its three flavors of Sun Life brand Sunflower Spread. The product may be...


Mazda recalls vehicles with airbag inflator issue

The inflators may rupture due to propellant degradation

Mazda North American Operations is recalling 495,348 vehicles in three zones. The first is is "Zone A" and includes model year 2004-2011 RX-8; 2004...


Discovery of new T cells may help boost immune systems of the elderly

The cells will help fight infection and viruses for those with declining immune systems

Catching a cold can be something of a pain for adults who work on a busy schedule, but as you get older it can become a serious medical issue. The human im...


Ways to participate in Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

June is an ideal time to adopt a cat, but you don't have to adopt to make a difference

The annual increase in feline breeding is accompanied by what is known as "kitten season" -- a time in which animal shelters become flooded with homeless a...


Facebook will zap your photo albums if you don't upgrade to Moments

"Unlimited" photo syncing ends July 7

Back in 2012, Facebook introduced a photo syncing feature and promised "unlimited" automatic photo uploads from smartphones into a private album, similar t...


Housing recovering more slowly in the Rust Belt

Zillow reports most negative equity found in industrial Midwest and northeast

Buying a home in California is pretty expensive. Seven of the ten hottest real estate markets happen to be in that state.Rising prices returned billion...


Five tips for growing healthy roses

If roses could talk, they would surely impart this wisdom

The rose is a classic flower whose bright pop of color is sure to add vibrancy to whatever garden it graces. Roses are undoubtedly easy to love, but th...


Walgreens ends relationship with Theranos

Drug retailer concerned about ongoing government investigations into testing firm

Walgreens has dropped the curtain on its alliance with Theranos, a Silicon Valley start-up company that once promised to be a major disruptor in the medica...


Tribune Media stations, WGN America go dark on Dish

The stations and Dish are fighting over fees, leaving consumers in the dark

Tribune Media and Dish Network have gone to war over fees and, as always in such cases, consumers are the losers. Tribune's 42 local TV stations and its WG...


Microsoft buying LinkedIn, says it will remain independent

The professional network has more than 433 million members

Microsoft is buying LinkedIn for about $26 billion, the companies announced today. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said LinkedIn will "retain its distinct bran...


Brown & Haley expands recall of Mountain Thins “Trail Mix”

The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Brown & Haley of Tacoma, Wash., is expanding its earlier recall to include one additional lot of Mountain Thins “Trail Mix” flavor. The product con...


MaraNatha recalls sunflower seed butter

The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

MaraNatha of Lake Success, N.Y., is recalling a limited number of retail lots of MaraNatha® All Natural Sunflower Seed Butter. The product may be c...


Toyota recalls vehicles with airbag inflator issue

The inflators may rupture due to propellant degradation

Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing (Toyota) is recalling a total of 1,654,713 vehicles in two zones. The first is "Zone A" and includes model...


Police can now strip the money right off your card

Civil asset forfeiture takes a big leap forward, thanks to technology

Carrying a lot of cash is dangerous. Criminals may take it and so may the cops, who increasingly view having a lot of cash ...


New drug shows surprising ability to clear psoriasis

Researchers estimate the efficacy of the drug to be near 80 percent, even for moderate and severe cases

Psoriasis – a condition that causes itchy, dry, red skin – affects approximately 3 percent of the world’s population. The symptoms can cause quite a lot of...


Travel spotlight: The Washington, D.C., art scene is more than monuments

Three "insider" museums every art-lover should see

Our nation’s capital boasts spectacular art museums, and many of them are free. But don’t let an admission charge discourage you from visiting these three ...


Tesla goes ballistic over reports that it asked a customer to sign a nondisclosure agreement

The agreement could be construed as asking the consumer not to report suspension problems to regulators

Tesla is sort of the Donald Trump of the automotive world. It responds with over-the-top condemnation to any mildly negative criticism or assertion.Cur...


PetSmart partners with 'The Secret Life of Pets' for new ad campaign

Two new TV spots will show animated pets shopping solo at PetSmart

Universal Pictures’ “The Secret Life of Pets,” a comedy about the lives our pets lead when we’re not home, is poised for big success at the box office this...


Study: loan co-signers often lose money

More than a quarter experience a damaged relationship with their co-borrower

Before you co-sign for a loan, consider this: in a new study, 38% of the people co-signing on a loan had to pay some or all of the debt because the princip...


Cereal makers asked to update nutrition labels on kids' cereals

New FDA standards will require labels to reflect realistic serving size

It’s no secret that some of the most popular cereals marketed to kids contain more than just a scant amount of sugar. What may be surprising to learn, howe...


Restaurant poll shows who's hot and who's not

Subway and Chick-Fil-A remain consumer favorites in Harris Poll

Subway remains the champ of sandwich shop brands while there's a new contender in the fast casual Mexican category.The annual Harris Poll of consumers ...


Some contrarian advice on retirement saving

Financial adviser disputes appeal of tax-deferred accounts

There is a lot of worry among financial planners about Americans' lack of retirement saving.The advice is usually straightforward: take advantage of ta...


Home prices post solid gain in April

Low mortgage rates and inventory are major factors

Home prices were up again in April, on both a year-over-year and month-over-month basisCoreLogic reports prices across the country -- including distres...


ACH Food Companies recalls of salad toppings

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

ACH Food Companies of Memphis, Tenn., is recalling Durkee® Salad Topping, Food Club® branded Salad Topping and Hy-Vee® Garden Style Salad Topping. ...


Far East Brokers recalls children’s chairs and swings

The screen-printing on the fabric of the chairs and swings contains excessive levels of lead

Far East Brokers and Consultants of Jacksonville, Fla., is recalling about 6,000 children's chairs and swings. The screen-printing on the fabric of...


Another recall expansion from Hickory Harvest

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Hickory Harvest Foods is again expanding its recall of products that may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. No illnesses have been report...


Kwik Tek recalls sleds

The front handle bar assembly can break

Kwik Tek of Denver, Colo., is recalling about 4,200 Hammerhead sleds. The front handle bar assembly can break, posing a crash hazard. No in...


Focus Bicycles recalls Spine bicycles

The frame may collapse, posing a fall hazard to the rider

Focus Bicycles USA of Carlsbad, Calif., is recalling about 80 Focus Spine bicycles. The bicycle seatstay or linkage component parts used to connect...


Quaker Oats expands recall of Quinoa Granola Bars

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

The Quaker Oats Company has expanded its earlier recall of all Quaker® Quinoa Granola Bars.. The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocyt...


Californians can now ask their doctors to help them die

New law takes effect today, makes California the fifth state to legalize assisted dying

Add California to the list of states where you can ask your doctor to help you end it all. The End of Life Option Act goes into effect today and allows ter...


Going to bed late may negatively impact health

A study shows that those who go to bed late eat more fast food and exercise less

If you’re a consumer who loves burning the midnight oil and staying up late, you’re obviously going to be hitting the hay at a later time than most. While ...


Feds move against thousands of websites selling unapproved prescription drugs

The drugs include DNP, a herbicide that is highly toxic but often used as a weight-loss remedy

The internet may be a little less congested today. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken action against 4,402 websites that it says are sel...


Cloud-based healthcare site published private patient data, FTC charges

Practice Fusion surveyed patients and published the results, which often included sensitive material

A cloud-based health records company violated patients trust by soliciting "incredibly sensitive" information that it then made public as part of an attemp...


Keeping infants’ skin protected from the sun

Sunscreen isn’t the sole solution, experts say

Summertime, with its abundance of opportunities to be outside, means you might soon find yourself stocking up on sunscreen. But not every member of the fam...


Best credit cards for rental car coverage

Nearly all cards provide some coverage, but there can be plenty of exclusions

Your credit card can get you more than cash back on purchases and points toward perks. Most provide some basic rental car insurance. Some coverage is bette...


Drivers beware! Investors are buying oil again

So, what does that mean for the low gas prices we've been enjoying?

For consumers, the last two years have been “the good old days” when it comes to gasoline prices. A growing glut of oil on the world markets led to huge pr...


Breaking down the cost of homeownership

Study ranks U.S. metros for highest and lowest overall housing costs

There is often spirited debate over whether it is cheaper to own a home or rent it. Usually, it will depend on a particular metro area. Some markets are ch...


Renters face obstacles to becoming homeowners

California Realtors' survey shows most renters would like to buy, but can't right now

Since the housing bubble popped, it has become more of a challenge to buy a home. For that reason, home sales plunged in 2009 and 2010.But the market h...


Dads likely to get their due this year

Father’s Day spending is projected to hit a record high

Finally -- some respect!According to the annual National Retail Federation (NRF) survey, consumers plan to spend more than ever on Father’s Day this ye...


Job openings hold steady in April, as new hires edged lower

Initial jobless claims remained below 300,00 last week

There wasn't a lot of change in the labor market during April.The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the number of jo...


SunOpta further expands its recall sunflower kernel products

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

SunOpta is expanding for a second time its recall of certain sunflower kernel products. The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogene...


Keurig Kold loses its fizz, goes flat

Company pulls the plug on the expensive in-home drink-maker

It sounded either brilliant or dumb, depending on your point of view -- Keurig Kold, a countertop machine that would make Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper and other c...


LAPD getting 100 electric BMW i3 cars for non-emergency use

The men and women in blue are going green

You may not see them in any of those freeway chases for which LA is famous, but the Los Angeles Police Department is putting 100 all-electric BMW i3s on th...


Feds warn of dangers of abusing Imodium

It's being used to treat opioid withdrawal symptoms, sometimes with deadly results

An over-the-counter drug that's used to treat diarrhea is also being used by opioid addicts to get high and to relieve the symptoms of opioid withdrawal, w...


Online shopping tops 50% for first time, UPS study finds

Smartphones are playing a bigger role in shopping, even in stores

More than half of all shopping now takes place online, according to a new study by UPS. The delivery giant'...


Remo MORE app adds 'Controlled Access Mode' feature

The update allows parents to block apps and internet on a child's device indefinitely or for a set time

Remo MORE, an app that helps parents protect and monitor kids’ online safety, recently announced the addition of an update called “controlled access mode.”...


Chase Sapphire Preferred wins honors as best travel card

Initial 50,000 bonus points impressed the judges

If you were to choose a credit card solely for use to pay travel expenses, recommends the Chase Sapphire Preferred card.The credit card...


Passengers in trucks now required to buckle up

One-third of passengers killed in truck crashes were unbelted, study found

If you've ever ridden in the passenger seat of a tractor-trailer truck, you probably felt pretty secure, sort of like being in an Escalade on steroids. But...


How coffee can improve your workout

Studies show that drinking a cup of coffee can improve your performance and mood at the gym

Coffee is perhaps best known for its ability to inject a little pep into an otherwise sluggish morning routine. But waking up with a cup of joe may have ev...


Republicans propose repeal of Dodd-Frank

Key lawmaker says landmark legislation is holding back economic growth

The Republican chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Rep. Jeb Hensarling of Texas, has proposed replacing Dodd-Frank, the sweeping regulatory...


Report: Obesity is getting worse

CDC research finds 40% of U.S. women can be classified as obese

The trend has been undeniable for at least three decades. Americans are increasingly overweight and even obese.A report published in the Journal of the...


Mortgage applications, refinancings post solid gains

Contract interest rates were mixed

A surge in mortgage applications last week.The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) reports applications jumped 9.3% in the week ending June 3, with an a...


Forest River recalls Solera and Coachmen Prism vehicles with airbag inflator issue

The inflators may rupture due to propellant degradation

Forest River is recalling 77 model year 2007-2014 Solera, and Coachmen Prism vehicles, built on Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner Sprinter chassis. Up...


Windy Acres recalls various snack foods

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Windy Acres Candy & Nut Company is recalling Windy Acres No Salt Sunflower Seeds, Windy Acres Fruity Trail Mix & Jungle Jim’s Roast No Salt Sunflower Seeds...


Nearly 7 million homes vulnerable to hurricane storm surges

Florida, Louisiana and Texas have the most homes at risk, new study finds

The Atlantic hurricane season is underway and insurance executives will be biting their nails ...


Antibiotic resistance may be more dangerous than previously thought

Scientists have discovered that bacteria with this trait may be stronger than other strains

At the beginning of the year, health officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that antibiotic resistance was a major concer...


Five unique Father's Day gifts

Gifts for the golfer, griller, or outdoorsman -- and one for the dad who forgets where he parked

Father’s Day (Sunday, June 19) is fast approaching, which means you may have begun to think about what type of gift to get the dad in your life.Dads ca...


Affiliate marketers spammed consumers with bogus weight-loss claims, feds charge

Hacked email accounts were allegedly used to send phony celebrity endorsements

A couple of Florida companies allegedly used hacked email accounts to bombard consumers with bogus weight-loss claims, including phony endorsements by cele...


Study finds students hit hardest by bank overdraft fees

NerdWallet study focuses on university-affiliated banks

Recently implemented banking regulations have cut down on bank overdraft charges. Now if you make a debit card purchase without sufficient funds in your ac...


How has marriage equality impacted same-sex weddings?

A new survey finds that same-sex wedding trends have changed significantly since 2013

Since the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of marriage equality, wedding planning has changed for same-sex couples in the U.S.The historically significa...


More American Airlines rewards to be based on spending, not miles

Airline joins United and Delta in adjusting its loyalty program

You can now consider it a travel trend. American Airlines has joined the club, following competitors United and Delta in adjusting its loyalty program to e...


Getting the most bang for your renting buck

GoBankingRates measures the size and cost of one-bedroom apartments

Rent takes a big bite out of your paycheck each month, but the size of the bite depends on where you live. Where you live also determines what you get in r...


Four good credit cards for buying gas

These cards pay a higher cash back reward for gasoline purchases

Gasoline prices have been low for nearly two years now but in recent weeks have been creeping up again. No one thinks they're going back to the way they we...


Cra-Z-Jewelz Ultimate Gem Jewelry Machine recalled

The “Slider Bracelet” in the jewelry making kit contains high levels of lead

LaRose Industries of Randolph, N.J., and Target Corp. of Minneapolis, Minn., are recalling about 175,000 Cra-Z-Jewelz Gem Creations. The “Slider Br...


Chrysler recalls model year 2016 Jeep Cherokees

The left halfshaft may fracture without warning

Chrysler Group is recalling 53 model year 2016 Jeep Cherokees manufactured September 30, 2015, to October 2, 2015. The left halfshaft may have been...


Kashi recalls Granola Bars and Bear Naked Granola

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Kashi Company is recalling Kashi® Trail Mix Chewy Granola Bars and Bear Naked® Soft Baked Granola, Cinnamon + Sunflower Butter. The products contai...


Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country vehicles recalled

The third row seatback may become loose and may separate from the seat frame

Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling 99 model year 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country vehicles manufactured March 16, 2016, to March 17, ...


Mercedes-Benz USA recalls vehicles with airbag inflator issue

The inflators may rupture due to propellant degradation

Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) is recalling 199,705 model year 2008-2011 C300 Sedans, C300 4matic Sedans, C350 Sedans, C63 AMG Sedans; 2010-2011 GLK350, GLK350 ...


BMW recalls vehicles with airbag inflator issue

The inflators may rupture due to propellant degradation

BMW of North America is recalling 91,806 model year 2007-2011 X5 xDrive30i, X5 xDrive35i, X5 xDrive48i, X5 xDrive50i and X5M vehicles; 2009-2011 X5 xDrive3...


Millennials choose urgent care and internet resources over primary care physicians

Experts say the tactic has serious health consequences, though

Instead of checking in with a primary care provider, busy millennials often consult WebMD or Google before heading to a retail clinic or urgent care center...


Risky listening habits may lead to permanent hearing damage in young people

A study shows that many young people are developing tinnitus due to listening to loud music

The stigma of young people listening to loud music is one that stretches back for decades, but new research shows that it may be contributing to serious he...


Baltimore considering warning for sugar-sweetened drinks

Health advocates say it could reduce consumption

In the battle against childhood obesity, many health advocates point to the over consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages as a significant contributor. Man...


Study: babies who walk earlier may have stronger bones later in life

Could help predict risk of osteoporosis or broken bones

The age at which your baby takes those first wobbly steps is worth taking note of; it could predict bone health later in life, scientists say.A new UK ...


What makes hackers do what they do?

British researcher find similarities to people with autism

Hackers are a special breed -- smart, resourceful, and often thinking outside the box. Unfortunately, they cost businesses billions of dollars and can make...


Feds charge Discount Gold Brokers defrauded consumers

The company bilked millions from consumers, the FTC alleges

A gold broker that advertised heavily on Fox News, Fox Business Network, and CNN has been accused of bilking consumers out of millions of dollars. The Fede...


Finding the best price on Amazon

Researchers say it takes a little extra work

Brick and mortar retailers continue to lose business to, which works to make the buying process easy and seamless. You search for a product, it...


Celebrity food and drink endorsements a bad influence, study finds

Nearly none of the products endorsed by celebrities are healthful, researchers say

Celebrities supplement their income quite nicely by doing endorsements for consumer products, especially food and drink items aimed at kids. How many of th...


Jaguar Land Rover North America recalls vehicles with airbag inflator issue

The inflators may rupture due to propellant degradation

Jaguar Land Rover North America is recalling 34,334 model year 2007-2011 Land Rover Range Rovers originally sold or ever registered, in Alabama, California...


Traxxas recalls X-Maxx Monster Trucks and electronic speed controls

Vehicle modification or electronic failure can result in a short circuit

Traxxas LP of McKinney, Texas, is recalling about 5,000 X-Maxx Monster Trucks and 140 VXL-6 electronic speed controls in the U.S. and Canada.Vehicl...


Model year 2016 Jeep Cherokees recalled

The right halfshaft may fracture without warning

Chrysler Group is recalling 1,029 model year 2016 Jeep Cherokees manufactured October 3, 2015, to March 22, 2016.  The right halfshaft may have bee...


Are there alternatives for payday loan borrowers?

The best alternative may be an improved credit score

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's (CFPB) proposed regulations for payday lenders produced a strong reaction from the short-term loan industry....


River cruising -- Is it for you?

River cruising is gaining in popularity and offers a completely different experience from ocean cruising

River cruises are a fast-growing segment of the cruise industry, but they offer a very different cruise experience than ocean cruising. While one is not be...


Autopsy: Prince died of opioid overdose

Will entertainer's death focus more attention on dangers of prescription painkiller addiction?

As many suspected, Prince Rogers Nelson, an iconic pop performer who simply went by “Prince,” died from an overdose of an opioid painkiller. He was found d...


Physical barriers keep women with higher BMI's from staying physically active

Study shows that injury and physical impediment are major deterrents for some women

Becoming physically active is a big part of maintaining your health, but one single approach won’t necessarily work for everyone. A new study from The Dart...


Survey: More employees working until age 70

Some want to, but most don't

If you hate your job, no doubt you're looking forward to retirement. But plenty of people like what they do.That fact, a longer life expectancy, and a ...


Accrediting agency may lose its accreditation

California is the latest state to urge the feds to yank ACICS' credentials

California Attorney General Kamala Harris thinks the largest national accrediting agency for degree-granting institutions should lose its accreditation....


Where did the oil price savings go?

Very few signs of savings going back into the economy

The price of oil has approached $50 a barrel in recent days, a recent high but only half of what it was nearly two years ago.In that time, consumers an...


An anemic employment picture in May

The economy created the lowest number of jobs in five years

On the surface, the report looks good when you consider that the unemployment rate dropped 0.3% last month to 4.7%.However, the economy created just 38...


Osprey recalls child backpack carriers

The shoulder strap may release, posing a fall hazard to a child in the carrier

Osprey Child Safety Products of Cortez, Colo., is recalling about 31,000 child backpack carriers.A cut in the plastic buckle on the shoulder strap can ...


Volkswagen recalls 217k vehicles with airbag inflator issue

The inflators may rupture due to propellant degradation

Volkswagen Group of America is recalling 217,000 model year 2004-2008 Audi A4, and 2005-2011 Audi A6 vehicles originally sold, or ever registered, in Alaba...


Burger’s Ozark Country Cured recalls pulled pork products

The package has an incorrect label for a beef brisket product on the back

Burger’s Ozark Country Cured of  California, Mo., is recalling approximately 150 pounds of pulled pork products.The product package has the correct lab...


General Motors recalls 500k vehicles with airbag inflator issue

The inflators may rupture due to propellant degradation

General Motors is recalling 500,000 model year 2007-2008 Cadillac Escalades; Escalade ESVs;, Escalade EXTs; Chevrolet Avalanches; Silverado 1500s; Suburban...


Backroad Country brand sunflower kernel products recalled

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Troyer Cheese is recalling a limited number of products that may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. No illnesses have been reported to da...


CFPB's plan to clean up payday loans faces stiff opposition

Will Congress support the agency's attempt to protect consumers?

Flying in the face of determined and well-heeled opponents, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is proposing a new rule aimed at protecting cas...


Widespread support for raising minimum age for buying tobacco, survey finds

The move would decrease healthcare costs and smoking prevalence, researchers say

Consumers have already seen two states raise the legal age for buying tobacco products this year; Hawaii became the first state to raise the age limit to 2...


'Smart tampons' might soon be able to detect cervical cancer

Data collected could also reveal other issues, such as infections or cysts

Annual exams are one way for women to make sure everything is functioning as it should in the women’s health department. But if one of the stealthier healt...


New lip enhancement drug approved by feds

If you don't mind a little discomfort, you can now have fuller, juicier lips

Forget about the Kardashian derrieres for a moment. Let's talk lips. Lip enhancement is all the thing these days for those looking for a perkier pucker or ...


Home flipping is on the rise

RealtyTrac reports more than 6% of first quarter sales were flips

A new report by RealtyTrac, a site specializing in marketing foreclosures, shows that buying and selling properties for profit – a practice known as “flipp...


Dutch companies linked to sweepstakes schemes that scammed elderly Americans

Vulnerable U.S. victims lost tens of millions of dollars instead of collecting their supposed winnings

It's true in every language -- you can't win a sweepstakes you didn't enter. But that didn't stop two Dutch companies from allegedly scamming elderly Ameri...


Upping fruit intake during pregnancy could make your child smarter

Babies of women who ate more fruit during pregnancy ranked 6 to 7 points higher on IQ scale

Moms-to-be take all sorts of measures to protect the health of their unborn baby, from cutting out alcohol and sushi to popping prenatal vitamins. But coul...


Alaska Air expands credit card benefits

Card no longer carries foreign transaction fees

Alaska Airlines has made a couple of benefit changes to its Visa Signature Card. The credit card no longer carries foreign transaction fees, and bonus mile...


Auto leasing hits highest level ever

Experian Automotive reports 31.1% of first quarter transactions were leases

Auto leases made up 31.1% of vehicle transactions in the first quarter of the year, the largest percentage on record.The statistics, contained in the l...


2016 hurricanes could threaten 6.8 million homes

There are 19 states with Atlantic and Gulf Coast risks

Another hurricane season has begun, and homeowners along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts will keep a watchful eye on the sky during the next few months.Th...


Job cuts fall to five-month low in May

The number of terminations was down 53% from April

U.S.-based employers pulled back sharply in trimming their workforces in May.Outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas reports announced jo...


ADP: Job creation slows in May

Energy companies and manufacturers actually lost jobs

While the economy managed to crank out new jobs in May, the pace of job creation continues to slow.The ADP National Employment Report, which is produce...


Three in a row for manufacturing

Expansion comes amid continued economic growth

For the third time in as many months, the manufacturing sector of the economy was expanding in May.The Institute for ...


Audi A4 named winner of top IIHS award

A redesign enhanced many occupant protections

By offering good protection in a small overlap front crash and a superior-rated, standard front crash prevention system, the redesigned Audi A4 has earned ...


TJX recalls foldable lounge chairs

The chairs can collapse unexpectedly

The TJX Companies of Framingham, Mass., is recalling about 5,200 foldable lounge chairs The chairs can collapse unexpectedly, posing a fall and inj...


C. J. Dannemiller recalls sunflower kernels products

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

C. J. Dannemiller Co. is recalling Sun Opta Roasted Sunflower kernels – roasted and salted, and Sun Opta Roasted No Salt. The products may be conta...


Hed Cycling recalls bicycle rims

The rims can cause the brake pads to wear out unexpectedly

Hed Cycling of Roseville, Minn., is recalling about 380 bicycle rims. The rims can cause the brake pads to wear out unexpectedly, posing a crash ha...


Hickory Harvest expands recall of sunflower kernel products

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Hickory Harvest Foods is expanding its earlier recall of sunflower kernel products. The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes....


Nissan recalls model year 2013-2014 Pathfinders

The brake light switch may have been installed incorrectly

Nissan North America is recalling 79,853 model year 2013-2014 Pathfinders manufactured June 20, 2012, to June. 13, 2013. The brake light switch may...


Telecom providers major source of consumer angst

Cable TV companies disliked only slightly less than ISPs

Whether it is a cell phone company or a cable TV provider, if it is in the communications business, chances are consumers have a complaint or two about it....


FDA issues new guidelines to reduce salt in food

Excessive salt intake is blamed for high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes

Americans are a salty bunch, consuming nearly 50 percent more sodium each day than experts recommend. As a result, one in three of us have high blood press...


Quality of care is worse for obese, elderly consumers in nursing homes

Study shows that limited nursing home options may lead to worse overall care

As our loved ones grow older, sometimes hard decisions need to be made about what is the best living situation for their quality of life. While some famili...


Lawsuit charges BMW's i3 electric car slows dangerously when battery ebbs

The optional range extender that's supposed to reduce range anxiety does the opposite, the suit alleges

A class action lawsuit charges that the BMW i3 electric city car turns range anxiety into sheer panic when its optional range extender kicks in, causing th...


Chick-fil-A launches new app to speed up service

Offers free sandwich as incentive to download

Fast food companies are well aware that hungry customers don’t enjoy waiting in long lines. For this reason, a growing number of fast food chains are comin...


Important tips for pet owners planning a cook-out

Your dog may need sunscreen before joining the fun

As the grill covers start to come off for summer, many panting pups may begin eagerly awaiting a fallen scrap or two of meat. But not all of our foods -- o...


Visa teams with Marvel Comics to teach financial literacy

Entertaining tool will be available at public libraries

Tell a young person you want to help them improve their financial literacy and you might receive a glazed stare. Offer them a Marvel comic book and you mig...


Don't bet on a Fed rate hike this month

Economist says economy isn't as strong as policymakers think

Over the last couple of weeks, a number of Federal Reserve insiders, in speeches and other policy statements, have suggested the time is right for another ...


Three tips to sell your home faster

Show potential buyers the home has been appreciated and cared-for

It may be a seller's real estate market, but that doesn't mean you can't do things to make a house sell faster and for a higher price.The Texas Associa...


Study: empty nesters should be saving more for retirement

Numbers show only a slight increase in savings after the kids leave home

There is an assumption among parents that once the children leave home, they'll have a few years to sock money away for retirement. If they haven't saved e...


A slump in mortgage applications

Contract interest rates were mixed

Applications for mortgages continue to yo-yo, falling this past week after rising the week before.According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, applic...


First Source recalls various products containing sunflower kernels

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

First Source of Tonawanda, N.Y., is recalling the following items that may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes: 15 LBS Alpine Valley Fitness ...


Ferrari Californias and 458 Italias recalled

Airbag inflators may rupture resulting in serious injury or death to vehicle occupant

Ferrari North America is recalling 2,820 model year 2009-2011 Ferrari Californias manufactured February 16, 2009, to July 8, 2011, and model year 2010-2011...


E S Foods recalls Meal Breaks containing sunflower seeds

The sunflower seeds may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

E S Foods of Woodbury, N.Y., is recalling 3700 cases of Meal Breaks items containing individually packed Sunrich Natural Sunflower Kernels (Roasted & Salte...


Box Components recalls BMX bicycle forks

The steer tube can become loose in the crown of the fork

Box Components of Anaheim, Calif., is recalling about 4,100 bicycle forks. The steer tube can become loose in the crown of the fork, posing a fall ...


Chrysler recalls Fiat 500e vehicles

The propulsion system could shut down resulting in a loss of motive power

Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling 16,549 model year 2013-2016 Fiat 500e vehicles manufactured March 22, 2012, to January 29, 2016. The power inver...