MightyTV can help you decide what to watch

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This Tinder-esque app learns your taste in movies

When firing up Netflix or Hulu, rarely is it the goal to spend 20 minutes deciding what to watch. But often, that’s exactly what happens.

Now, a new Tinder-style app called MightyTV wants to help you “swipe away the frustration of what to watch next.” The app uses algorithms to match streaming content with your own personal taste. Its matchmaking process also factors in the opinions of your close friends.

To get the algorithm up and running, MightyTV has users skim through movie recommendations and say whether they like, love, or dislike each one. As the app gets to know you better, its recommendations will get smarter.

If you typically watch with a spouse or friend, the app's algorithm can combine your taste preferences. Its "mash up" feature can recommend programming that should be a hybrid of both of your tastes.

Browses all accounts

MightyTV browses all your streaming services, so it can wade through whatever combination of Netflix, HBO, or Amazon you’ve got. The app can also help consumers select a show or movie based on what’s free and what’s not.

The app was developed with the intent to create “one front door to all your content,” founder and CEO Brian Adams tells TechCrunch. “Our goal is for you to discover something that you really want to watch -- swiping is a way to get there.”

For now, MightyTV is iPhone-only (it's free). But if you have an Apple TV, you can stream it to your TV via AirPlay.

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