Have you been considering a Costco membership? This new deal might help you decide.

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The membership club is offering store cash to new members for the next few weeks

Households contending with inflation may be considering a warehouse club membership for stocking up on essentials. Research in 2021 found they can save consumers money if they can afford to buy in bulk. 

While the cost of such memberships may seem daunting, Costco is offering new members a special deal if they sign up before June 11: $30 in digital cash to use at the store. 

While Costco offers two tiers of membership – Gold ($60 annually) and Executive ($120 annually) – the promotion will be applied to either option but is only valid through June 11. 

How to redeem the reward

Prospective Costco members who want to earn $30 toward their first shopping trip need to enroll in a membership online at costco.com and sign up for automatic membership renewal using a Visa credit card. 

From there, you’ll receive an email with a unique promo code that will be worth $30 to use at Costco. Once the promo code is entered, the price of the membership will reflect a $0.01 deduction, which is how consumers will know their digital cash is being processed. 

Costco says that new members should expect to see the $30 in their email inboxes within two weeks of signing up, and they’re free to use it on their next shopping trip. However, there are a few stipulations on how that money can be used.

The reward can’t be used for gas, food court purchases, car washes, Instacart orders, the Costco Photo Center, Costco Next or upgrading your membership. 

Though Costco allows multiple family members to be on the same membership, the $30 reward is limited to one per membership account. Additionally, “new members” are those who have never had Costco memberships before or those whose memberships have expired for at least 18 months. 

While Costco’s CFO announced late last year that members shouldn’t expect price increases on their membership fees anytime soon, the membership warehouse doesn’t typically offer discounts or perks for enrolling. 

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