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Two Men and a Truck is a moving company with more than 380 locations across the U.S., Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Prices vary by location, but Two Men and a Truck’s costs trend lower than its competitors’. Additional services include packing and unpacking, temporary storage and expedited moves. Contact a local franchise for exact pricing and services.

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      How do I know I can trust these reviews about Two Men and a Truck?
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      • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
      • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
      • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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      Verified purchase
      Customer ServicePriceMoversDamage

      Reviewed Nov. 17, 2023

      I contracted Two Men and A truck to move my furniture and appliances on 3/7/2023. They charged me $1,480.09. They were moving my stuff for a distance of 13.3 miles. During the move, the movers caused damages to everything they touched. The head mover reported the incidents to their office and took pictures. I followed up with numerous calls and pictures of the damages. Some damage was caused to my property fixtures as well. They had two of their reps come to my house on two different occasions to access the damages. Repaired the house fixtures and was notified they will be reaching back to me with a resolution to the other damages. That never happened. I have emailed and called them on numerous occasions to no avail. The pictures are too many to upload. If you are looking for a company to move your junk, then they might be the right people to contact.


      Reviewed Nov. 9, 2023

      I had a really bad experience with Two Men and a Truck Movers. First, the movers did not bring part of a bed frame in the truck so my son, wife and me had to go back and get the frame parts and assemble it ourselves (disassemble/assemble was included in price). Second, the movers did not bring boxes upstairs, they left about 30 boxes on the first floor of a three level townhome. Third, the movers did not disassemble/assemble our wall unit to bring it to the 2nd or main level so it was left in the garage. Fourth, the movers lost an original authentic art piece, which is valued around $1,000.00. The reason is was undetected during the move is because the movers just left without letting us (home owners) know so we were not able to discuss thing that were left undone or missing. A terrible experience. MHS.

      Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPriceQuote AccuracyPacking

      Reviewed Oct. 27, 2023

      The franchise owner, Jeremy, did a walk through with 2 helpers then left. During the preparing of the furniture, Riley stopped and increased the original quote. This continued to happen and was not justified. Extra because more things than they thought, I was still packing when they arrived, truck not big enough (after all items were identified with the pre estimate, plus deposit!). I finally realized they were taking advantage of a 74 yo woman alone.

      So, Jeremy said he would just charge for 6 hrs (the move is by hours not furnishings), went to new location, they unloaded in the driveway and left. I called and Jeremy said they did not like my directions (protect the newly done hardwood, etc.). They did not do one thing as advertised - just wanted money and no service! I have contacted the corporate office and Jeremy’s boss. This is Two Men And a Truck Cookeville Tn. Unfortunately, I paid because Jeremy said only he could take the money; unknown to me they left right after - I expected them to finish the job!


      Reviewed Oct. 24, 2023

      Don't be fooled by this company. I practically did all my move myself over a month. They came on date selected to move. It took them 1.5 hours to move me and they billed me for 2.5 hours. What a ripoff service. No other company charges you for their guys to leave and drive somewhere else. Guys did a great job, company is a ripoff service.

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      Customer ServiceMovers

      Reviewed Sept. 22, 2023

      One rep came to my home to evaluate how many boxes would be needed. I am disabled, and when I opened the door for him, then stepped back with my walker, I fell. I had to call 9-1-1 to help me get up. The rep kept looking over my apt, did not ask me how I was doing, and left before the ambulance arrived! The next day, Two Men & a Truck called me and said they refused to do my move, which they had agreed to several weeks earlier. This was on a Friday afternoon. I needed to move on Monday! I only had a weekend to find a new mover. Fortunately, I was able to do so. Two Men & a Truck did return my deposit. However, there was no recognition of how much trouble they had caused me. I felt that they had decided they did not want to serve a handicapped person, which is discrimination.

      Customer ServiceMoversQuote AccuracyPacking

      Reviewed Sept. 6, 2023

      My son hired Two Men and a Truck to load a truck from his one bedroom apartment, first thing mover says, "is this all going on the truck?" Well, isn't that purpose of moving, that it all goes on a truck! Next, the mover then tells my son they are only moving what was put on the estimate, PFFFFFFFT! Next, one mover is loading the truck with boxes while the other is on his phone. After about an hour all they had loaded on the truck was boxes. They hadn't moved any furniture yet. It wasn't looking like they weren't going to get it all moved. So, me and my wife and my son started moving things to the hall and even to the truck. I caught the one guy on his phone and said to him, "he wasn't being paid to be on the phone." Finally, they didn't know how to stack a truck, I had to rearrange the load so all would fit on the truck. I would never hire this company.

      PriceMoversPunctuality & SpeedDamagePacking

      Reviewed Aug. 22, 2023

      We only hired Two Men & a TRUCK to move a few pieces of furniture. No boxes required. They broke and damages items including my Medical bed. I am DISABLED with many Spinal Issues. They did not know how to properly move a dual Adjustable bed. EVEN AFTER I ASKED. They stated they knew how to move it properly. NO APOLOGIES after ripping my wires. Then tried to put them back making my bed SPARK. They've refused to repair and or replace the items damaged. 2 hours of wasted work time. $347 for an in house move of 2 DRESSERS because they do not know how to ORGANIZE or UTILIZE thier time.

      They waste time!! They need SUPERVISION at ALL TIMES!! The Columbus, Ga. location hires people with NO MOVING EXPERIENCE. The MANAGEMENT is a bad as the EMPLOYEES. They never allowed me to make a claim. They just LEFT their job, NO COMPLETE! They CLAIMED we owed $700+. (FOR A 2 HR. job they WALKED OFF). They only GAVE the ADDITIONAL UP CHARGE after we reported to the BBB to help RESOLVE the matter. My bed is needed for my Medical Issues and they've refused to do the most DECEIT act. They UP CHARGE TO JUSTIFY THEIR BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES.

      Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed Aug. 21, 2023

      I was initially happy enough with their services, until I got the bill. I was billed $680 for 2 bedroom sets and a dining room table (everything was disassembled and the home I moved to is 8 houses down and LITERALLY ON THE SAME STREET)! They charged me for 4 hours when the men only worked 2.5. I called the office the next day and was assured they would reimburse me. That was a month ago. Their records showed 3 hrs of labor yet I was billed for 4 hours and the guys took a 30 minute break that I was billed $70 for.

      I called this morning and the woman on the phone told me they also billed me for the time it took the guys to drive to my home from their shop and the time it took them to get back to the shop after the job was done. Their original quote was for $415 and there was no mention I would be charged for the guys' drive time to get to and from the job. The guys were slow and both mentioned several times that they both had 5 children to feed. Initially, I felt bad for them both and gave them a $60 tip each. All in all, I paid $800 to have 2 small disassembled bedroom sets and a dining room table moved about 1000 feet.

      Customer ServiceContract & TermsMoversDamagePacking

      Reviewed July 29, 2023

      WORST MOVING EXPERIENCE EVER! I will give kudos to two employees at this location -- Joanie and Tyquan. They are the ONLY ones who have followed the Two Men and a Truck mission statement! The driver Keon was extremely unprofessional in his handling of a situation that arose and the manager T and field operations supervisor Carlos have been of little assistance in resolving my issues. I had an interstate move from Atlanta to Jacksonville. The packing of my home seemed to go smoothly -- however, I had requested and received a quote for boxes for my 65" TV and my wall art which were not on the truck when they arrived. They assured me that they would take great care of my belongings.

      Once we arrived in Jacksonville to unload the next day, things started to take a turn. I have a very large sectional sofa that the movers were well aware of when I was quoted for the move. They also had packed it on the truck in Atlanta. All of my items were removed from the truck and brought into my new home, except one section of the sofa. Keon had told me when loading that they were used to having to use the stairwells for moves and it would not be a problem. When they could not fit the piece into the elevator, the frustration level rose to a boiling point with Keon. He actually got in the truck and left Tyquan standing in the parking lot. No one could reach him as he had driven off of the complex property.

      I received a call from the move manager T trying to come up with a solution. I suggested the stairwell which was met with hesitation. 45 minutes later Keon returned and the movers got my sectional to the 4th floor stairwell landing. Because THEY DID NOT HAVE THE CORRECT TOOLS to take off standard legs on my sofa, it could not fit through the door. T wanted ME to go to Home Depot to purchase the skinny screwdriver they needed. Keon disappeared AGAIN and never returned to speak with me. I found my tools and attempted to take the legs off to fit it through the doorway but did not have the proper tool. So here's what happened....

      MY SECTIONAL WAS LEFT ON THE STAIRWELL LANDING (WHICH IS A FIRE HAZARD) AND I WAS GIVEN A $150 CREDIT ON MY $3900 MOVE!!!! INSULTING!! Also, NONE of my furniture was unwrapped or put back together (which I was assured would happen since it is part of the contract). I also have some pretty significant scratches on my dark wood furniture. I have attempted to have someone call me and resolve the issue multiple times. I suggested a resolution to Carlos 4 days ago and have not heard back. This location has broken the "Grandmother Rule" of Two Men and a Truck on many levels at this point. Next stop....the national headquarters for the company. I may be a single woman, but I will wield a mighty sword when I am wronged.

      k. c. increased rating by 4 stars.
      MoversQuote AccuracyDamage
      After a positive interaction with Two Men and a Truck, k. c. increased their star rating on Aug. 18, 2023.

      Updated review: Aug. 18, 2023

      Two Men and a Truck has agreed to refund me for my furniture that was damaged.

      Original Review: July 26, 2023

      I hired Two Men and a Truck in NJ to move a small load. You get quoted a low estimate and then it doubles when they leave. But besides that, they lost some of my items and damaged my furniture and then gave me a quote to replace. Pennies they offered, but I was fine with that. You get what you pay for. But they ruined two couches and ripped a king mattress and offered me a mattress cover to put over a newer mattress. The mattress is a year old and there is no way I want a mattress cover. I was told by the Piscataway NJ unit that now it will take 3 months to decide what the outcome will be because they had to ask a manager. That is ridiculous, they may think I will forget about it but I won't. I will wait it out then take action. Beware!!

      Reviewed June 2, 2023

      Turned a 6 hour move into 8.5 hours because they round up on every part of the move. Charged both coming and going. Charged from the time they say they left the office. I've lived in Florida and moved almost every year and NEVER once did any other company charge like that. DO NOT USE! There are much better options out there.

      Customer ServiceContract & TermsMoversPunctuality & SpeedDamagePacking

      Reviewed June 2, 2023

      I don’t ever recall taking the time to leave a review. I guess I’ve always felt too busy and that it just wasn’t worth my time. That is until today when I was taken to collections by Two Men and a Truck for an unpaid bill from a year and a half ago. In October of 2021 I hired this company for a partial move. I had flexibility so I was just trying to move some of my things and then I was going to move the remaining items the following weekend. I was not able to be present for most of this move as I was attending my Father’s celebration of life ceremony. My wife was left supervising most of the process. I was present for the arrival of the three movers.

      The day started with them backing their truck up into my lawn leaving an approximately 5 foot chunk of my lawn torn up by their bumper. It went downhill from there. None of these people appeared to have experience in moving, my wife had to provide a screwdriver to one of the movers and then he asked her how to use it! They literally scratched, dropped, lost, or ruined nearly every single item they touched. They dragged a heavy dresser down the stairs banging it down every single step with drawers flying open into the wall. When my wife said that she had seen others either remove drawers or wrap

      The dresser so the drawers wouldn’t fall out, the mover said, “That’s a great idea!”. They had already broken the mirror Bracket off by this point as they attempted to use it as a handle. My brand new deck railing was scraped through because they dragged the patio furniture across it several times. One of the patio chairs disappeared by the time they got to the new house. My wife said they dropped the vast majority of the boxes they carried out breaking several items on my front sidewalk. By the time they were loaded my wife was upset and worried. This process was not only incompetently handled but VERY slow with only a small portion of the expected amount actually moved.

      Upon arriving at the new house they began unloading which was handled in a similar manner but relatively uneventful until it came time to move my sectional sofa inside. This is when my wife felt the need to disturb me even though I was at my Father's celebration of life. She called and said to please come home as soon as possible, she had witnessed the movers trying to force the sectional sofa through the basement sliding door. She said things were breaking and pieces were snapping off. She asked the movers if she could help by removing the door handle herself as she saw that it was about to break from the way they were hitting it.

      After several attempts and after breaking off all of the legs from the sectional, they gave up trying to get it inside. That’s when, presumably out of frustration, they dragged the leather sectional, on its back across the paver patio which tore and scratched the leather. The sliding glass door frame was damaged, the screen slider was broken, the woodwork was damaged, and the door would no longer open or close correctly by the time they were done. Additionally, it began to rain. It was at this time I arrived. I was very frustrated and asked the movers if they intended to do anything about my sofa being rained on. They informed me that there’s nothing they could do, it wouldn’t fit. At this time, I asked my two sons (who were with me) to grab an end and between us we managed to move the sectional inside without doing any damage in less than a minute.

      When I questioned one of the two movers who were still on site about the damage they had done (by now the “leader” had left) one of them actually looked at me and said “how do we know you didn’t do this damage?”. Luckily before I lost my temper, the other guy says “come on dude, you know we did that”. At least he had some integrity I guess. Sectional $6500, dresser $1500, railing $2500, deck furniture $200 (but it won’t match), broken glasses, picture frames, misc??? Leaving my family event, freaking out my wife, dealing with repairs etc and the inconvenience of it all? The hourly bill for their work came to $2100 which I cancelled with my credit card company for obvious reasons once the management proved difficult to reach. Funny, they had my wife sign all of the final “work completed to my satisfaction” docs prior to moving ANYTHING, seems legit right?

      When I was finally able to reach anyone in management they gave me a total run around. They asked for pics but then the pics weren’t good enough. There were always several days between calls as they were never available and there was always a reason they couldn’t handle it. I’ve got six kids and three jobs so I don’t have a lot of time.

      It got to a point where I just decided I would eat the damages in exchange for the bill and try to forget about the whole thing. I never heard anything again until 18 months later when I got a notice I’m being sent to collections for the original bill. I haven’t reviewed it yet but I can only assume there is a clause in the contract that I only have 18 months to collect damages. They probably wait until that period expires before sending to collections so I have no recourse. This experience was the worst I’ve ever had with any business in my life. Incompetence, laziness, unethical behavior; this is a disgusting company to do business with. I’m sure there are good franchises but I had a nightmare experience that I will never forget.

      Customer ServicePacking

      Reviewed May 10, 2023

      I hired Two Men and a Truck to provide me with removing men to move the contents of my home from the house into a storage container in the driveway. They sent me a little girl, approximately 22 years old, who couldn’t carry a heavy suitcase let alone, a China closets and heavy furniture. Along with another middle-aged woman, and a young man who had little to no experience moving furniture! They showed up at my house on Saturday morning dropped off by an Uber! No handtruck, no dollies, no nothing. The only thing they brought with them was plastic wrap, and the first thing they wanted to do was waste time wrapping dresser drawers with plastic, I insisted empty dresser drawers did not need to be wrapped!

      When I called their office to complain, they told me they don’t discriminate against women. I do not discriminate against women either, but I did not hire a very small 20 something year old girl as a moving man or a middle-age woman. If that were my intention, I would’ve used my wife and daughter. If it had not been for me, supplying them with a handtruck and myself, and my son, helping with the heavy furniture, the move would not have taken place and after all the nonsense these people subjected me to they charged me an additional half hour, On top of the $905 they charged me for three hours!

      I asked Eric repeatedly, the young man who seem to be in charge if we were still within the time constraints so that I would not be charged additional time and every time I asked him he told me yes, but apparently he was so new to the company he did not understand the policy that they have to allow a half hour travel time to get back to their base! I have hired numerous moving companies in my 63 years of moving many times, and I have never had a moving company send me a young girl, a middle-age woman, and another young guy with little to no experience! Do yourself a favor and do not use this company.

      Profile pic of the author.

      Reviewed May 9, 2023

      I had used this company in Houston previously when I moved from my townhouse to my current apartment. That move was great.. no problems.. HOWEVER this time I was moving my 2 bedroom apartment from Houston to Tyler Texas.. a four hour drive. I spoke to someone named Troy about the move.. I even sent pictures of all of the rooms and things to be moved. WELL I packed almost everything everything in my apartment in plastic bins. The only thing left were clothes and the kitchen. On the day of the move... two great guys came and started loading the the afternoon they were running out of the boxes they brought...

      but continued to load the truck 4 in the afternoon... they started leaving... I stopped them and asked them why they were leaving without loading the kitchen. They said, "YOU DIDN'T PURCHASE A KITCHEN PA CKAGE..."

      Now I ask you... if I'm moving 4 hours away from my apartment why wouldn't I pack my kitchen??? I called the office and got some smart mouthed woman who asked me me if I had ever moved before... I'm 78 years old military veteran... how many times do you think I've moved in a 20 year history??? We went to my new home 4 hour away and the gentlemen unloaded the truck and left. My brother and I had to go back to Houston the next day and load the kitchen...I was charged 2100 dollar for this fiasco...

      I will stress that the young men who moved me were excellent...THE MANAGER TROY AND HIS SIDEKICK WOMAN need to go to work a Mcdonalds... these two need to off their cell phones and assess and go make a general inspection of what needs to be done at the residence to be moved. l NEVER NEVER NEVER USE THIS COMPANY. It would be better to rent a Uhaul and movers provided by uhaul and do it yourself... Disgust and anger are the two words I have for this company.

      MoversQuote AccuracyPunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed May 7, 2023

      Our movers, Brian ** and BT ** were professional, courteous and efficient. They handled our belongings carefully. They kept to the quoted schedule, moved all our belongings into storage and answered all our questions. We would definitely ask for the team again. It was an excellent experience.

      Customer ServicePriceMoversPunctuality & SpeedDamage

      Reviewed May 6, 2023

      I hired these movers for a move on April, 28 2023. They were 1.5 hours late and took 20 min to get going. They scratched my floor trying to move the couch and it is a very small couch. It took them 2.5 hours to load a couch, dresser, bed, tv stand, desk and a TV. They wouldn't take the TV at first because the truck wasn't full enough so I mentioned calling the manager after which they agreed to take it.

      Upon getting to the new place, they couldn't get the couch in and damaged the walls. They put the bed together wrong and left the dresser in the wrong part of the room when I asked twice to have it moved. They told us they would be back at 9am the next morning to complete the move (couch). We were ok with that. They didn't show up or call the next day. They called at 9:45 when everyone was gone and begged to come complete the move at which point we informed them it was too late, we were not interested in any business moving forward based on the horrible experience.

      I spoke to a manager about the damages done and they acknowledged it and told me a manager would call me. Instead of contacting me to resolve the issues, they charged me another $156 for "extra time made on the move." They moved 6 pieces of furniture (I moved the rest myself throughout the day) and 2 boxes 1.4 km and are trying to charge for over $800 for the move after they damaged both properties. I was quoted at $600 before anything happened. I signed nothing to complete the move. They have continued to try to put charges on my credit card without authorization which I have now have had to report as fraud. DO NOT USE THEM.

      Customer ServicePriceQuote Accuracy

      Reviewed April 6, 2023

      I'm moving about a 20-minute drive from where I live right now, and the quote he gave me was $500 when all I'm moving is a PC with a desk, 2 bags of clothes, a toaster oven, microwave, mini fridge and a bicycle. Just the contents of my tiny bedroom. I laughed and hung up. Found someone who can do it for $50.

      Customer ServiceMoversQuote AccuracyPunctuality & SpeedDamagePacking

      Reviewed March 31, 2023

      This company is all talk and poor performance! I am a single person moving 2 bedrooms and garage storage items one city over and the 2 guys that came were initially enthusiastic and after looking at everything that I already packed confirmed that the 2 guys could move me within the 3 hour paid window of time. Not only did they go over the 3 hours forcing me to pay several hundred dollars more than originally quoted but also broke several items that were valuable.

      Apparently they are given a 30 minute break where they left and 8 drawer dresser tilted up on its side in the new garage for that whole time breaking the plastic settings the drawer rails for into preventing the drawers from being able to slide in and out smoothly. Why they left a dresser sit on its side like that and disappear into their truck is the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

      They told me originally that I could leave the drawers full but then the movers complained that it was too heavy for them and to remove the drawers. Needless to say the $1800 dresser was ruined because once the drawers were removed with the plastic clip pieces broken and the silver rolling balls all over the ground from the drawer track, the dresser was being damaged. I even watched one of the movers walk around the corner to get high from my upstairs bedroom window. This is the worst moving experience and poor customer service in any of my moves, and I would never use them again or recommend them to anyone. You are better off hiring strangers through Craigslist to move you.

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceMoversDamage

      Reviewed Feb. 14, 2023

      Scheduled my move with the Delray Beach, FL office for 12/22/22. Items were left in my home and not loaded on the truck. No effort was made to rectify. 2 movers were sent, but one got injured and could not finish the move. It was a 2 hour move to Naples, FL. Had to move my own items off the truck and up the stairs with the remaining mover. Was called and told not to get on the truck and help was on the way. No help ever arrived. Furniture severely damaged. Suffered multiple bruises. Paid over $2000 and only $150 refund was issued for dissatisfaction. Would not recommend to anyone. Horrible customer service and even the corporate office was no help in correcting this awful situation.

      Customer ServicePriceMoversQuote AccuracyDamagePacking

      Reviewed Jan. 15, 2023

      I hired this company to move me in July. They sent lovely guys that were new except for one. They didn’t the entire day in two rooms. I had to guide the third one and tell them how to write on the boxes. They did not have pens. One of her packed nixed upside down and they packed my wine which got out in a hot truck. I started packing to help. I bought the guys food and water then we returned to packing. The third mover was new and wandered around. The next day when the crew that loads the boxes on the truck to take them to my new place, we’re livid that the packing was only completed in two rooms. They called management who came to review and they called more guys over to know it out which took the entire day and into the night. Because some of the boxes were packed upside down, and opened on my stairs which broke on my wood stairs and scratched the wood.

      The guys were exhausted as I was after packing and kidding my car. They got lazy at the end understandably and as a result items weren’t completed and some furniture left at the house. I was then charged $6000 for a 7 mile move. I called management to make it right that as a result of their misdirects, I was not paying for that. It was given to review by person who was not in the team that came to Inspect what had not been done by the packers, when the moving guys called complaining. I was told that I had to pay for the hour out in and was then charged liver $6000 for 7 miles. I’m moving this weekend to Dallas and it’s costing me $3500 with another company with ethics. I think this felt so fraudulent that they can send people to stand around and hang out at my house taking their time and not knowing what they are doing then charge me for their incompetence.

      They should have made right for me. How often do you get management called. Over by their own team then add more people because if the guys the day before. I should not have had to lay for the day before. It was unacceptable and they never made it right, even being dishonest to my credit card company by ignoring their investigation. I would never recommend this company and hope no one ever gets scammed like I did.

      Customer ServicePriceQuote Accuracy

      Reviewed Dec. 30, 2022

      We were quoted an amount but then was charged $600 more than what was quoted. When we called and talk to the manager we told him that he had been lied to. He replied with “that is your prerogative.” We will never be using this company again.

      PriceQuote AccuracyDamagePacking

      Reviewed Nov. 24, 2022

      This is not an honest moving company. The things that they do show how little regard they have for their customer. They will demand maybe $300-$500 more than estimated price about halfway through packing truck and threaten not to finish packing truck if you don't agree. They also like dirty tricks such as telling you that last person who put your bed together damaged it and you need to pay more for them to fix it. I reminded them they were the last ones who moved me and put my bed together and I was sure they could handle it.


      Reviewed Oct. 5, 2022

      DO NOT USE THIS MOVING COMPANY! Absolutely Horrible Workmanship. Andrew, Dillion, Max and Orlando were the four guys that came to pack us out. Andrew did the loading of the truck while the other three moved stuff to the garage. So let's start with the good. They were friendly and professional and did a great job of getting the safe out of the basement. However, that's where the quality ended and the nightmare began.

      When we started on the furniture I told Andrew specifically I had plenty of blanket (3 dozen) and could get more if needed and to be sure to protect the dining room chairs. You will see by the pictures they did not do as I asked. The chairs, tables, bed furniture are not just scratched, they are gouged. No blanket protection on hardly any of the chairs and to make matters worse they stacked boxes and other furniture on the unprotected chairs. They actually took the time to wrap my dryer in a blanket and then in plastic but yet stacked chairs on each other with nothing protecting them. And the boot prints on the leather. I must have asked him 6 or 7 times if he needed more blankets and that I could run to get more, "Oh no we are good." Let the pictures speak for them self.

      When it came time for the bill, it was padded it by an hour. They claim they left their shop at 0800 and took 30 minutes to drive 4.2 miles to storage unit. We also bought them lunch and they took a 30 minute break and billed us for that as well. They also tried to bill me for a truck that I did not even use or need, they did eventually remove the truck from the bill. Now Andrew did a great job getting every into the truck, if he had only taken the time to protect my furniture this review would be entirely different. There is absolutely no excuse for his lack of concern or care for our furniture. Furniture stacked on furniture, boxes stacked on unprotected furniture, bags stuffed on furniture, ceramic pots placed on furniture. Boots prints on the leather.

      There isn't any amount of money one could pay me to use or recommend this company ever again. 100% unreliable, untrustworthy incompetent. Even the company that unloaded the truck made numerous comments about how bad this pack job was and how could anyone load furniture unprotected the way they did. I have over a 100 pictures of the damage they did. Reach out and I will share them with you. YOU ARE A FOOL TO USE THIS COMPANY!

      MoversPunctuality & SpeedDamagePacking

      Reviewed Sept. 28, 2022

      The real issue is if they damage your personal property they will not fix it. They damaged frame of brand new Andersen door in a brand new house. Pieces of the bottom part of door frame were cracked and chipped away by them rolling dolly over it. Notified company immediately. They came out and said, "Get a quote." They never followed up. Kept calling and another worker came out. They said, "It is cosmetic." Told them, "We do not accept this" and they said they would follow up. They never did. Quotes were given for replacement. They said dollies are supposed to have protection so they do not damage property but they are old.

      Damaged garage wall. Did not properly patch hole and never came back to fix it. They will not fix any large damages. The move took significantly longer due to weather and circumstances. This was understandable. At the end of the day almost all of the crew were sitting outside when there was still furniture to build. Hired them to pack kitchen also. The boxes they did not label, a quarter of the kitchen they never packed.


      Reviewed Sept. 23, 2022

      I had the McKinney branch move and pack us last month. The service was horrible. They are unresponsive and unprofessional. Due to their negligence, several items are destroyed. We purchased the extra insurance and what they offered us is not even 1/10 of replacing our items. I would not even give them 1 star.. but I had to put something.

      Customer ServicePriceMoversQuote AccuracyPunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed July 22, 2022

      My experience with Two Men And A Truck provided an unprofessional catastrophic avoidable mixup. That’s what it was. I made my reservation weeks in advance. I called back and confirmed several times and reviewed what I was moving. During the reservation process I was asked about how much stuff I had and what kind of stuff I had to move. There was a full disclosure of all the addresses involved and elevators and stairs and parking. And for unexplained reasons I was assigned to a team with a truck that had no lift or no ramp. The driver called me during the last half an hour of the window of time the team was scheduled to pick up my stuff. That’s before they ever got to the place where things were to be picked up.

      During the call I asked the driver “How are you going to mover my armoire. I don’t have much stuff but I do have two armoires.” He asked me to take a picture of my things. And I remind you, this is minutes before the scheduled arrival of the vehicle to pick up my stuff. The answer was “We are canceling the move. We can’t pick it up. It’s too big.” Let me just say that they are armoires of typical dimensions. They are 6 feet tall by 4 feet wide by 18 inches deep. They’re not gigantic baroque furniture pieces. But that was it. My move was canceled. I won’t carry-on about how my house sale was closing the very next day. And how much trouble this cost me.

      My opinion of this company is that the dispatcher needs to review policy and needs to do a much better job communicating to the customers what is it that they can move and what they can’t. I suggest they be much more inquisitive about the services possible and the needs of the customer. How can someone who moves maybe two or three times in a lifetime with a house full of furniture, know what a company can or cannot move. Especially when they already interviewed me in advance to give me the estimate. They should be ashamed. I didn’t loose any money to them but I lost a hell of a lot of time and anxiety. My cancellation was for an appointment the day my house sale was closing. Needless to say I’ve move on to another company quickly. Until they address this problem make it much more clear to the customer, I would strongly suggest you find another company.

      Customer ServiceMovers

      Reviewed June 7, 2022

      The Receptionist at the Gulfport Office basically called me a LIAR. So the move from my place in Ocean Springs to my new house in Biloxi went fine. The guys were nice and helpful. I even treated them to lunch at HARTZ buffet. And I tipped them well. They had an issue hooking my couch up and putting back together. Some pets of the couch don’t work well still. I have a plug-in platform bed that Rooms to go installed 4 years ago. IT HAS ELECTRONICS. These operate the vibration and Zero gravity features.

      Didn’t realize these 2 issues until the next day. The bed is heavy so I need help to move it in order to see what the issue is. I CALLED THEIR OFFICE. This lady called me back after speaking with the lead mover. She said firstly that THEY let customers know ahead of time they don’t deal with electronics. MANY people that can afford their service have either of the 2 pieces of furniture I have, if not both. After I tried to explain that the power cord for the bed was on the ground near the bed, I told the lead guy that I will put it my truck. When they put the bed together no one asked me for the cord. The receptionist said there was NO POWER to the bed. I said YES THERE WAS. Used it within last week. She persisted that I was either lying or delusional as she was banking on the mover who was working in the heat and working all morning and into the evening as they were on their way to yet another job.

      TWO MEN AND A TRUCK HAVE NOT REACHED OUT TO ME IN ANY FASHION. IT HAS BEEN 5-6 days now. I asked if they could come out and fix what they broke basically. I even paid the extra insurance. Not sure what that covered but I WILL POST THIS REVIEW ON LOCAL SOCIAL MEDIA. It’s sad because the owner, Mike, came out and he seemed nice and helpful. Maybe she is a relative she feels she can act anyway she wants.

      Customer ServiceSales & MarketingMoversDamage

      Reviewed May 5, 2022

      Company has really poor communication skills at all levels. What we purchased was not what they delivered. Last minute changes to agreed upon services and massive upcharges at every step of the move. They failed to properly staff or supply shipping materials for our move. Items broken were not compensated for and they tried at every step to deny any liability for any damage. If you have several spare thousands laying around and don't care if your property gets where it is going in one piece these guys can help you out. Otherwise steer clear of this company. Poor customer service, lousy sales process and over charges at every turn. They failed to provide adequate personnel or materials for the job and left us in a bind to move several loads of things on our own. Have an attorney look at the contract. It is written to relieve them of almost anything they break.

      Customer ServiceQuote Accuracy

      Reviewed April 22, 2022

      I am relating my experience with the moving company - Two Men and a Truck. I requested a quote from this company and unfortunately I had to cancel my request before the move due to a family emergency. The company billed my credit card for $477.00, three days prior to the scheduled date of the move, without notifying me prior to this action. I called the company 48 hours before the projected move date and requested a refund. They refused to cancel the unauthorized charge to my credit card and refused to return my calls. Please be aware of unsavory practices that are being perpetrated by companies such as this one.

      Customer ServicePriceMoversQuote AccuracyDamagePacking

      Reviewed April 18, 2022

      Traumatized Experience. ***BEWARE*** I hired Two Men and a Truck to move my belongings and one of the movers that the company sent (Omar) was extremely aggressive with my belongings and instead of smart assessment & maneuvering he ended up forcing my sofa through the same doorway it came IN THROUGH, damaging the sofa, a wall and a painting which can not be repaired or replaced. He also misplaced a piece to a lamp that’s no longer of use. This mover did not handle my belongings with concern or care. I was shocked, hurt and angered because these are my precious things. Instead of Omar apologizing he got on the moving truck played music and sang loudly… he was aggressive. When I tried to talk to Omar about what he did his reply was the company doesn’t pay him enough to care about people's things.

      I immediately called and spoke with Joel the Operations Manager for Two Men about Omar’s aggression and the damage to my painting! Joel knew of Omar’s aggression and told me not to worry about the damages. He would compensate me for them. Instead of compensation for the damages Joel the Op manager insist on sending someone to fix the damages which I don’t have time neither do I want to deal with anyone else and I shouldn’t have to. Two Men sent an aggressive problematic employee to my house he caused me anxiety, broke up and purposely misplaced my thing which the company isn’t willing to compensate me for! I had to pay Two Men 1700 even with the damages and anxiety caused by Omar plus I will be charged for the wall damage caused by Omar. Two Men also charged me more than originally quoted price. ***DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR MONEY. Their movers will not handle your belongings with care.***

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