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I signed up with Verizon Fios thinking I was going to save money from a cable company. The sales rep and I were on the phone over an hour, she was great! I requested the $69.99 1 year service without a contract. By the time we finished she explained my bill would be $120 and some change which would include taxes. Unbelievable! After service was installed, I realized on the smaller box there is no TV GUIDE. I called VZ and was told the small boxes do not come with a guide. Who in this day and age would have a tv without a guide and would have to flip channels to know what is actually showing on the set?? Not I! One week after service the small box stopped working. I was immediately sent another box. That box doesn't work!

VZ now has to send a technician to my residence on a Sunday! The technical support person after speaking to me finally decides she needs to verify who I am. She asked for my account #. I advised her I did not have it on me and she can do like the other 2 technicians did when I originally called on Oct 7 to advise them my service wasn't working, simply send a code to my cell while we're on the phone. She advised me they do not do that. I emphatically informed her you most certainly do because I have 2 codes here that two different technicians sent me to verify who I am. I asked for a supervisor. The VZ Rep put me on hold for several minutes then came back and said she didn't have to verify who I am and informed me a technician will be out on Sunday. Verizon has the worse customer service and the worse service!!!

My Verizon FiOS bill and account (I have cable and internet) have been completely messed up and wrong for the past 82 days (since July 17th, 2016; today is October 7th, 2016). That is coming up on 12 full weeks. I have literally spent, at the very least, 16 hours and 82 days trying to get my account and bill repaired. I have spoken to at least 7 supervisors and 1 manager. I have, essentially, wasted more than two full-time work days trying to rectify the issue and it has yet to be resolved. It is despicable and disgusting. Furthermore, in addition to my bill being incorrect for 4 months (July, August, September, and October bills were all very incorrect). The system will not set my phone number to my account, thus I must always go through extra verification whenever I contact them.

Also, my bill was wrong for 9 of the first 11 months of opening the account (May 2015-January 2016; account opened March 2015) and finally got "fixed" via a small credit being applied. The website, within my account, has notified me, ad nauseam, that they are waiting for me to verify my phone number on my account. I have received emails that I have not responded to the text that was sent to verify my number. I requested a text be sent to my phone more than 50 times (it only takes the click of a link, so I click repeatedly). No text has ever been sent. Ever. I have asked why the system is not working each of the 15-20 times I have called to inquire about my bill over the past 82 days and nothing has been done.

I was told by 2 supervisors that a ticket was placed in some technical department regarding my phone number not being able to be used to verify my account, but when I spoke to supervisors and representatives after them, I was told that no such ticket was ever placed and is not on file anywhere. Therefore, to date, nothing at all has been done about that issue. I have been told by 1 rep and 3 supervisors that I will receive a phone call to check and see if things were fixed with my bill. Not one of those 4 people ever called me; even though we set up dates and times for the calls to happen from them. The amount of my time, energy, and peace of mind that has been expended on this issue is far beyond anything that is acceptable. They even had the audacity to attach a late fee to my most recent bill because I would not pay any of it until I spoke to someone about why it is still wrong after so much time.

And when I did pay it, it was still within the time frame for not accruing a late fee. So even that system does not work properly. Additionally, every time this is discussed, I am told to "disregard what you see and pay *x amount* instead." The purpose of receiving a bill is to see what I am being charged and to pay that amount. I am sick and tired of having to call and talk for multiple hours to be given some random amount to jot down on a post-it to pay. I want my bill to be correct! It should be accurate! Even further, often times when I do call, after I am placed on hold for up to 30 minutes at times, their system disconnects me and I have to begin from scratch. Each interaction has been no less than 45 minutes and most times upwards of 2 hours.

I am a full-time Doctoral student, full-time government employee, and full-time volunteer in three different cities. I commute multiple times per week and I have a home for which to care. I cannot and will not deal with this any longer!!! It has taken over my time and energy; which are already exhausted to the maximum capacity. The way I have been treated, disregarded, lied to, ignored, and misled is reprehensible and I honestly do not understand how Verizon can be allowed to keep doing business. They need to be shut down and overhauled immediately until they learn how to do their jobs and how to treat loyal customers who pay their money for service. I am sickened by this. Beyond sickened.

There should be a law banning sales reps coming to your home! They pitch what sounds like a great deal but is it really? Couldn't understand some of the things he was telling me! But I understood I could cancel 30 days after installation. But I don't want to cancel after installation. I thought I read somewhere where I could cancel before installation. Is this true? I really didn't want Fios but the sales rep kept pushing and said I could cancel. I've heard and read about complaints against Fios. A lot of people not too happy with Verizon/Fios. I would like to call and cancel now but am afraid of the hassle and headaches and being put on hold!! I wanted to send an email but can't. I have to call! Any suggestions?

I called 1-800-verizon to find out why my account was cancelled. I moved from Brooklyn, NY to Long Island and I transferred my service on Sept 4th, 2016. I had no problem that day transferring service and I received confirmation emails and an installation date and time email. I was told I would be able to use my account on my computer until my service is restored in my new home. I didn't check on that and then one day I wanted to watch and I tried to log in, it didn't work. SO, I went online to Verizon and my account was cancelled. I have been on the phone this morning for 2 HOURS! I am speaking with representatives of Verizon in the PHILIPPINES who do not understanding what I am saying.

They keep putting me on hold, saying UM UM UM and keep having me repeat what I am saying and they keep calling me Ms. Mary. THAT'S MY FIRST NAME. The cannot understand when I read my order # and they keep getting it incorrect and then they come back and repeat all the security questions again. I rarely yell at people but this was Madness!! I lost my temper, told them I was cancelling my account with Verizon and I will find another way to get internet and TV. The representative sounded panicked, started saying "Please. Please " I could hear another voice in the background and when I asked to speak to a Supervisor they wouldn't get on the phone!

I had to give a good enough reason for a supervisor! Flipping out was not good enough for them... the rep was told to tell me that SHE could help me with whatever my problem was. THE SUPERVISOR would NOT get on the phone and I KNOW they were listening in on the call because I could hear them instructing the rep. The noise in the background when I was put on hold was like listening to a street carnival, yelling... laughing. I told them this was like a nightmare and hung up! I don't even have the words to express how upset I am. I wanted to use FIOS, now I am in a new neighborhood and I have to find a new internet provider and I have no idea how much this is going to cost.

I signed up with Comcast and initially, an American, took my call very bubbly with a great attitude. I believe this was all to get my business in the first place. I switched from another Cable company and thought Verizon would be any better. Well, it's certainly NOT!! I attempted to perform the self install myself and the wifi would not connect stating the PW was not correct. Myself and 2 other people in my home typed it numerous times as it states on the router. We then called Verizon approx 9pm at 1-800-837-4966 which is the number the American sales agent assured me a domestic agent will pick up 24 hours a day if I needed help.

Well, as I had complaints about the previous cable company, this particular 1-800 number routed me overseas. I repeatedly asked for domestic agent in the US. The first time we called, the rep kept me on hold for over 20 minutes then all of a sudden, there was silence with no music, and the phone hung up. We called 2x after and both overseas reps stated 'a supervisor in the US will pick up immediately, just hold on'. We were then placed ANOTHER 30-40 minutes both times!! And what was worst is that we were again routed to the same overseas dept just a different rep/agent!!! This is ridiculous.

The reason I rather speak w/ an agent in the US is that, the reps overseas clearly are not held accountable for the ill advising they tell customers. The overseas reps say anything that will get you off their line. This is absolutely a rip-off. I am not paying over $100 of my hard earned money to get bounced around for hours and not being helped.

I have reached out to an attorney, and he has reviewed the contract. Lack of service for 1 day is clearly a breach of contract!!! I have documented each time I call them (cell phone log via the bill) and also the names and ID numbers of each rep I am transferred. I will be going to court to retrieve my money back for breach of contract. It's only $15 to file in the courts where I am located. This is a shame as I am a Verizon Shareholder but guess I will be selling my shares after all this.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND BUYING VERIZON SHARES AS THIS COMPANY IS AN ABSOLUTE FRAUD. Do as I did and take these fraudulent people to court. No customer deserves this type of service. I've only had the service for a short time and already I am receiving this garbage service. Take Comcast to court and get every dime back. Make sure you document EVERYTHING and keep a log of everything. Depending where you live you can even record the conversation. They are a waste of my money and my time.

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These people are ridiculous and shady! For the first two years of Verizon Fios, we were okay with them, then after the promotional period when they jacked up our rates, we have been battling with them in the outrageous prices they have been charging us. We have changed our plan around, lowered the quality, only to seem to be the same cost. So finally, after the past three months of being charged nearly $1000 within that time period, we signed up with another company, and phoned Fios to cancel BUT THEY WON'T CANCEL!!!

We have already disconnected service, how can they keep charging us for service we don't have?!?! Furthermore, their customer service is rude, talking over us, lecturing us on lateness (which, why does it matter if we pay every month including any late fee), not telling us their name, hanging up on us, transferring us time and time again to redundant extensions. WE JUST WANT TO CANCEL!!! We have wasted over two hours today of our small business owner's time and still have nothing resolved. So frustrating. Such a waste. Never again Fios! You are not that good to be worth this hassle.

So... I pay my Verizon Fios bill on 9/30/16 at 10:25 am est and get a 'late payment' notification on 10/3/16. When I call customer service they tell me that since I use a checking acct and not a credit card to pay the bill that it can take up to 14 business days for the 'check' to clear? This is an online payment that they state "We will receive immediate notification of your payment..." which is suddenly no longer possible. I have paid this bill for years without a problem and the payment posts within 24 hours. What's happening, Verizon? You seem to be sliding back into the 'Stone Age'. Maybe I should just start sending in paper checks from this day forward. Terrible service and too expensive. We are slowly getting rid of the need for TV and are looking around for other internet only providers to take the place of this terrible company.

Verizon Fios has the worst customer service. They are rude and make you hold in line for two hours! I just received a bill "for past due payment." Every time I would call they would give me different information. I just spoke with SAM who I also asked who to give me her employment id/verification and said she was not allowed to give that to me. Sam was very rude and would cut me off when I would talk and she also yelled plenty of time and said "listen for me to finish." After I the customer have waited sooo long and been patient with them after not showing up for 3 different installment dates. They still send me this bill.

Please stay away from Fios. Do not sign a contract with Verizon. It will get you stuck with company which horrible in customer service. Their technicians are unable to do anything. If you ask themselves for help the respond would be "what you want me to do" or "you go ahead and try to disconnect the service". Hahahaha. They do not show I spend hours trying to talk to those things. They're just a bunches of idiots.

At a loss for words! Installation of internet and TV canceled 4 times. Current Verizon phone line is draped on neighbor's clothesline pole and has been for quite some time. Requested this to be fixed with second setup appt. That was about a month ago. Verizon called to cancel again today. New Day will not work for me, and can't get through on phone. Tried for over an hour. Tried 2 different numbers, selected different prompts, only to be put on waiting, and most were totally inaccessible (443-992-4550). Also tried 8553863737. After previous cancellation, they were willing to waive the setup fee (if they hold true to their word). At this point, I don't know if that is enough.

I was so happy with Verizon Fios until just recently when I attempted to downgrade services. The customer care department is very rude on the phone after 2 hours on the phone. They did downgrade my service but took away my internet security suite to "lower my bundle" without telling me. Luckily I saw this and called customer service and the agent stated he could not add the security suite back on. After another 2 hours on the phone I got so frustrated I went online and added it myself in less then 5 mins.

Verizon Fios is great as far as speed and tv packages but the rates go up and up and up no matter how you try to reduce the bill. The customer service staff is either extremely rude or poorly trained. Very disappointed customer. It's either Verizon Fios or Comcast which both are monopolies and rip offs. I'm looking into getting Netflix and Hulu plus as an alternative to Fios. I hope to be a former customer of Verizon soon. Be very careful before you do business with Verizon. Thank goodness I dont have wireless with this company.

Verizon is a joke! I am trying to give them money to use their residential Internet service. They mailed me the Router and they were supposed to install my service on Sept 2nd. The problem is that they didn't show up. No phone call, no information, nothing. So I call in and they apologize and reschedule for a few days later. And guess what? NO SHOW again! That's 2 days I missed work. I call again and they apologize and reschedule. Is the 3rd time the charm??? NO! still no show.

You might think this is a joke but I am actually on my 7th time rescheduling. I have missed 4 days of work and my wife has missed 2. Every time I call it's a different excuse. VERIZON! How can you no-show to install someone's service 6 times?? I am trying to give you money and you cannot do the very basic part of your service and actually install the service. What a horrible business model this is. At least call me so I am not just waiting all day. Horrible Horrible service. Oh and guess what? They are rescheduling me for a 7th time. I would bet all on red with these odds. Because I am getting nowhere. I guess I have to go the social media route.

I don't normally write reviews, but I felt it was important to let consumers know what a terrible company they are. I spent 1:07 yesterday on the phone (wasting my life!) to get nowhere with 3 customer service people who told me lies and talked to me in their confusing language. "Thank you for your patience, but here's what we can do for you..." [Proceeded to tell me with confusing numbers and deceitful ploys.] That they were not able to do anything that I asked. Worse, they tried to deny my request and lock me in for a 2 year contract! I just don't think that people should me made to feel stupid. It's not good business. After being a "loyal and valued" customer for so many years, they could not honor my simple request. That is not acceptable and as a consumer, we are powerless to do anything against this monopoly provider except to tell the world truly how awful they are.

One hour on the phone with 3 unresponsive and incompetent customer service people is not okay. Confusing us with "options" and numbers that don't add up is not okay. Deceiving us by trying to lock in a contract is not okay. They treat the customer like idiots and unfortunately, if you try to escalate it, you get more of the same and you just have wasted more and more time. We are cancelling and while it's harder for us to transition providers, on principle --- nobody who has been "loyal" should be made to feel like powerless idiots. It's not okay.

Over two years ago, we made the switch from Comcast to Verizon Fios as we received a flyer in the mail for all NEW customers with Verizon Fios, you receive a bundle deal and a $400.00 visa gift card. Well from day one, the experience we received with this company has been extremely unprofessional! First, we NEVER RECEIVED OUR GIFT CARD. We made several attempts to have this sent to us and NO ONE EVER SENT IT TO US!

Secondly, someone obtained our account information in Boston, when we live in NJ and was ordering movies to our account. We were never notified from Verizon of this being done. We found out from attempting to order a movie one night and were told that we were not able to as there are restrictions on our account. After 2 to 3 hours on the phone with customer service and the fraud department this matter was still NOT fixed! It took over 1 1/2 years and several calls on our end to have this fixed. Each time we have tried to reach someone in customer service we are on hold for at least 25 to 30 mins and then the person tells us they cannot help us and to call another department. Only to call that department and find out they are CLOSED!

The last encounter we had was just the other night, when received notification that our payment had not been received yet, when we mailed out our payment 30 days prior to it being due. So we called to make sure they were aware of the check number and the date the check was sent. Well, the gentleman who answered could not understand what we were saying and kept cutting us off. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was told I was being transferred only to be transferred to the main number and be told that their department is CLOSED! Needless to say, this matter was never addressed. Mind you, it was only 8pm at night. Another attempt was made the following day and again we were on hold for 25mins and were disconnected! THIS COMPANY IS THE WORSE. THEY ARE EXTREMELY RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL AND HAVE NO SENSE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE.

It is unbelievable to me that Verizon Fios is in the Palisades Center Mall and does not provide service to a business in the mall. I know for a fact that there are businesses that have been fighting for 2 years to get service just like myself. They are the only providers in the mall but do not service ALL customers of the mall. That is why 50 family members and myself have switched all our personal accounts away from Verizon. Bad business practice. If I could give Verizon a "0" rating I would.

A good warning to anyone else that has VERIZON FIOS... Long story short - My 80 something parents have Verizon Fios - home phone/internet/TV. The bill is in my dad's name - my mom an auth. user - Dad died. All mom wants to do is not change anything just change the bill into her name - easy?? Oh no not with Verizon even though they have been paid on time customer for over 20 years. Verizon want to see death certificate and pull my mom's credit!! Just to put bill in her name. Finally after phone calls lasting over an hour and speaking to CSRs in the Philippines etc. someone in the USA calls her to say it's done BUT... by now she's had quite enough of Verizon and wants to cancel.

You know what they done? Because the bill went in her name she was now a "new customer" and they want an early termination fee of $280! Verizon be afraid. Be very afraid... Made a complaint with the BBB to see if it can be resolved. Will follow up with FTC complaint if not, but what a bunch of shysters... I will not let my dear ol' mom get ripped off like this.

I have been a Verizon Fios customer for years and for the most part I am very satisfied, however, for a company that claims to be the best in the industry, they have the worse and most problem plagued website. It is unresponsive, crashes all the time and take forever to load. Furthermore, they have no way to contact them by email to help them by making suggestions. You have to call and you get someone in foreign country that hardly understands English and at the end, says they can't help you anyway.

We have had Verizon Fios for several years and we recently upgraded our internet speed. Our new service is been horrible and has not worked since we got it. After spending numerous hours on the phone with Customer Service we have had no luck and when calling Verizon for credit for the service we have not been able to use but have been charged for - the customer service rep actually blamed us and asked why we had taken so long to report the problem (2 days - we were trying to reboot and figure out what was going on). Will never renew our service with Verizon and wish we had more alternatives.

I was moved to Frontier sometime in last year, I believe. My bill went up by few bucks at that time, which I called twice and was on hold for more than 30 min and never got any representative. Time went on, and one fine Thursday in June, internet stopped working. I called them and was told after wasting 3 hours on phone with various representatives from different departments (and supervisors) that they can't fix it and someone will come after 4 days. Then my bill was bumped up recently by $22. After 2.5 hours of phone with 4 different representatives, 2 of them seem to have phone problem, english problem and unable to transfer to their supervisor, I was transferred the call to Collection and Collection tried to transfer the call again to Customer Rep and call was dropped. I want to pull my hair. What kind of morons Frontier hires for customer rep. I want to transfer to another reliable company where things work smoothly.

Verizon is all about not letting customers contact them directly, is a shell game of keeping from getting real support. I changed service and still have the remaining router. Trying to get instructions to return, and no help. It is unfortunate that such a big company is so unattached to their customers.

The reason for this review is because I feel extremely uncomfortable, taken advantage of, and that the possibility of illegal actions, has occurred, when I discovered a new fee (regional sports network fee) on my bill. This situation reminds me of Verizon's latest class action lawsuit. To my knowledge and research so far based on the review of past and current bills as well as talking with a Verizon associate, the fee/tax is there for receiving the local sports channels according to Verizon associate.

My points made to the associate are as followed: 1) I did not know what the fee is. No explanation as to what the fee is on my bill. The fee occurred out of nowhere (No prior notice or current notice, of a new fee on the bill. All other fees and surcharges are mentioned and explained on prior and current bills.); I want to know why this new fee is not mentioned or given noticed to the consumer and explained on the bills? 2) I questioned how do they determine this fee, since the first bill containing the first regional sport network fee was $7.83 and the subsequent three other bills containing the regional sports network fee are $5.89. I told the associate it looks like they are arbitrarily coming up with a cost.

The associate (Mia) says she would refund the difference. I told the associate "the way this addition cost occurred from my perspective is underhanded, the company is not transparent, and I do not understand that after approximately ten years of having the programming of Prime HD and paying a cost for that programming that already included the sports channels why is there now an extra fee." 3) The associate says "it is a tax." I questioned "is a fee a tax." The other fees and surcharges explained on the bill says fees are not taxes.

Anyway, the associate asked if there was a notice about the new fee in a e-mail. I told the associate that I do not believe so. The associate reported that an investigation would be done. When asked when I would hear back from Verizon, the associate paused. I then told her "if the reports was not positive, I would like to make a complaint." The associate then told me I would hear something in 24-48 hours. I talked with Mia the associate on Friday, Aug 19, 2016. The associate contradicted herself a couple of times (fee vs. taxes). She told me, although I am not exact with this. To the effect that the tax/fee applied to a certain programming or something. This led me to ask her if other programming received the fee. The associate changed her response by saying that others received this fee as well.

I will provide an update regarding the investigation but I wanted to express my feelings and thoughts that this situation seems very similar to Verizon's latest class action suit - at least the principles of it. During my updates regarding this issue, if I find that I am wrong and overlooked a notice of this fee and an explanation of this fee I will take responsibility and indicate so. I would also like to know if others have experienced this situation of the regional sports network fee suddenly appearing on your bill without advanced notice or even an explanation as to what this bill is for, considering the sports channels are already paid for in the programming package. I do have photos to substantiate my case so far but I choose to wait at this time until Verizon's investigation is complete.

Issue with Verizon begins June 27, 2016. I spoke to a gentleman in the customer service department that assured me that the phone number at my residence at the time would stay and I would receive a brand new number. I need the number of over 25 years to remain at the address due to my mother have several serious health issues and all of her doctors and family members know that number. Once I moved into new residence, I still had the old number that was to remain at previous address, this begins the calamity of errors.

On 7/2/16 my mother had her services installed by Verizon. She asked the person doing the installation about her phone number and he said he did not know about the issue. They installed then called customer service and was told that the phone number was being held and after a period of 80 days, my mother was to call back and request the # and it would be changed. I assured her that this does not seem like normal practices and that we should follow up on that answer. I placed a call that day to Verizon and was told by another person at customer service that the answer I was given was incorrect and that this would have to go to tech support, but should not be hard to resolve. When sent to tech support, I was told that this is a 24-48 hour fix and the problem should be resolved by 7/5/16.

7/5/16 came and not only was the issue not corrected, but the follow up call that was promised did not happen. I called Verizon back on 7/6/16 and talked to a person in customer service named Darren. Darren told me that he needed, for legal reasons to have my mother on the phone as well. I assured Darren that was fine and proceeded to call my mother. Once all three of us were on the call, I let Darren know that I did not want the old phone # and that it should go to my mother. Darren said that was all he needed on the recorded line. Darren then hung up with my mother and proceeded to remain on the line with me. Darren then said that he needs to leave a message on my voicemail with the new # **. I still have this voicemail as record. We then waited as told another 24-48 hours, this again came and went with the number still not being transferred correctly.

I placed another call on 7/25/16. I was told during this call to customer service at the number had been given to someone else and that I can try and request to have that number again, but chances are that we are stuck with the two current numbers that we have. I told the rep that this was a serious issues that involved health issues and that it needed to be expedited. I was assured that it would be and that someone will be in contact soon about the issue.

On 8/5/16 I called customer service about the transferring/release of the proper phone number. On this call I was told that I have two accounts with Verizon and that is causing the issue. However when I originally called at the end of June to have services transferred to new address, I was told you can not have two accounts under one name at Verizon. I was also told that I had that phone number restricted and that a request ticket would need to be sent to tech support to have it released and then once it is released I could transfer it to my mother. I asked that the issue be expedited and again that this is a serious issue that needs the utmost attention due to a person's health. The gentleman said that he will call tech support while he has me on the phone. I was pleasantly pleased as it seemed that I reached someone who actually gave a damn.

The gentleman switched over from tech support to our call twice during the duration to keep me updated as to what was going on during the call. However after the second time he switched away from our call he never came back. I waited on hold for over 45 minutes. Finally I felt completely disgusted and I hung up. No one from Verizon tried to reach back out that day or the following day to follow up with me. I was again led to believe this issues was expedited and that in 24-48 hrs the issue would be resolved and that "someone" would be reaching out on this issue.

On 8/9/15 I placed another call to customer support and asked to speak to a manager. I explained my issue to the person on the phone while I waited. At first they did not understand my situation and thought that I need to transfer the number to my current residence. This call lasted over 45 mins and AGAIN, I was told 24-48 hrs to reconcile this matter. Again this did not come true and issue still persisted.

On 8/12/16 I reached out to resolve my issue once and for all. I requested to talk to a supervisor immediately, I was told that there was not one present and if I could leave my information with them and wait to be called back. I again explained my issue and that I needed the matter reconciled today, mainly due to my mother's health issues. Again I was told that to either wait, or call back, I expressed my displeasure and said that I would wait. I was then transferred, but to my surprise it was to International Tech Support. I then asked to be transferred back to customer service and that I was sent here wrongfully. I spoke to another person in customer support and requested a callback immediately. I was actually called back by a manager the same day and I began to explain the situation. I explained that I wanted the phone # to go from my current account to my mother's and it needs to be expedited due to health matters.

I was told by a supervisor that I actually have 2 accounts with Verizon, even though previously I was told this is not possible. The supervisor proceeded to explain to me that several people have tried to correct the matter, but they keep sending the phone # to my current address and the fact that I still have another account this is certainly not helping the matter. I conveyed that I was told I couldn't have two accounts, that I would have the issue resolved in 24-48 hrs numerous times and that I have only been lied to. The supervisor explained that they can put in a request form to have the number released and to then have it transferred to the proper account.

I conveyed my extreme displeasure in the execution on this matter or the lack of. I was then told that I would get a follow up call on 8/16/16. I explained that this was my breaking point and that if this issue is not resolved in the time frame given, that I would cancel my service with Verizon. I placed another call to Verizon on 8/15/16. When I reached someone at customer service I gave my information to them and they told me they could now bring up my account. I proceeded to give my acct #, social, address, DOB, and full name; yet somehow I was not found. I conveyed to be transferred to a supervisor and that I would wait. I magically was sent to Web Support. I then explained that I was sent here and do not know how or why and any help they could give me would be greatly appreciated. The employee was very kind and said that they would stay on the phone until I reached a supervisor.

We then began a three way call back to customer support. When connected with someone in customer support a strange thing happened after the employee from Web Support explained the situation, we both were hung up on. The person was now upset and apologized to me about the inconvenience and proceeded to make another call. We got through right away and again she explained that I needed to speak to a supervisor. The person explained to both of us that there is a very long wait and that they currently only have one supervisor on the floor. This call took place on a Monday at 9am. I highly doubt this statement. The employee from Web Support said that we will both wait. During this time I again explained my situation and the amount of times I had to call only to still not have the issue resolved.

After waiting over 20 mins the employee asked if there even was a supervisor and why they had not come to the phone yet. The rep explained that they had put in a request and that there currently was not a supervisor on the floor at the present time. The person from Web Support replied, "Is this normal practice or do you not want get a supervisor? The customer is requesting a supervisor." The worker assured us that this was normal procedure and that once there is one available, I will be able to speak to them.

During my arduous wait, I asked the rep why they can not seem to transfer the number. I was told that it is restricted and that they need to contact an offline agency to have it released and once it is I can then have it transferred to the proper place. I then asked "If I cancel my service would it affect the process of the number being transferred?" I was told and I quote, "if you cancel your service, you can not transfer the number." I again explained that this is a very serious matter, because of it having to do with my mother's health. This did not get me anywhere, or get a supervisor on the phone any faster.

After waiting an hour and 40 minutes, I was able to speak to a supervisor. I was told that there was already a ticket processed and sent to the offsite agency about releasing the number and that the best they could do was contact tech support. I conveyed that I do not want anything other than a resolution and that this is a matter that needs to be taken seriously and expedited. I then asked the supervisor that if I cancel my service will it affect the transfer of the number. The response that was given is a direct quote, "if you cancel your service sir, you will still be able to transfer the number; cancelling of your service will not affect the transfer." I then replied that I wanted to cancel my service.

On 8/16/16 I was called back by the supervisor whom I spoke with on 8/12. They told me that they have been trying to resolve my issue, but see that I have terminated my service. I explained that I had given more than enough chances and that even when told that someone's health was part of the matter, it still got me nowhere. At that point I was told that in order to transfer the #, I would have to reinstate my service and that the problem would now take a WEEK to correct.

At this point I stated that I feel like I am being scammed and that this is BY FAR the worst customer service experiment that I have ever been involved in or even heard of. I also stated that I feel like Verizon has a serious issue since I have talk to two supervisors one day apart and gotten two different answers, as well as that it is now going to take a week to complete when on I was told as well as my mother that this would only take 24-48 hrs. I was assured that this was the proper procedure and that in order to fulfil my request I had to cancel my request for termination. I begrudgingly agreed to have the service reinstated for the sake of the transfer. All told I contacted Verizon 15 separate times and have one voicemail stating the issue to be resolved in 24 hrs.

Being a customer for the past 8 years, the customer service has become awful. I had 3 days of no internet, TV and phone. When I finally got a live person on the phone they weren't helpful at all. I spent 8 hours, 18 minutes on the phone. That's 34 phone calls in 3 days. I couldn't conduct business, never mind anything else. I figured out what the problem was, I just needed the part. I asked where I could get it, could they ship it express, have one of their techs drop it off. But no. No help. No explanations, no nothing. I'm very disgusted and plan on getting these services somewhere else.

I ordered Fios Bundle that was to be installed April 15, 2016 same day Verizon strike started. The Bundle was to install 100x100 mps, tv custom and phone for $69.95 a month for two years. A medical installation month later a 50x50 mps was installed, The Tech advised after the strike the service would be increased to 100x100. This never happened. After numerous phone calls I agreed to 79.95 a month two years with an upgrade to 150x150 mps however this price is 109.99. I spent several hours on phone 8/16/2016 and was told that they Verizon will not honor the 75.99 for 150x150 nor the 69.95 for 100x100. Do not trust anything told over the phone when one deals on advertise offers. The order I should have is ** that was supposed to be installed dated April 13, 2016.

Obviously having an internet connection today is becoming more of a necessity. In our area (Wny) we have two main companies, Verizon and time Warner and the difference in pricing between the two isn't much different. If you want to "save" they encourage you to spend more by including bundled services. The entire model is shady as hell. Both companies continue to raise rates of basic services to encourage you to upgrade services. Apologies for the tangent, my main gripe is with verizon. At this point my only other option is Time Warner.

We've had verizon Dsl for over 10 years. The original rate was 29 dollars. Fast forward to now and for 8 mbs it's 61 dollars per month. I realize the speed has doubled, however there are no other slower options for people on a fixed income. On top of that while shopping around I noticed that the price we are paying is very close in price to a basic fios subscription, which conveniently isn't located in our area. I'm no fan of the government poking it's nose in private business but at what point are legislators going to step in and do something considering how critical being connected is to modern life. Argh!

I have only had fios home service for 2 weeks and out of the 2 weeks we had 3 good days of service. Technician never show up and they give you the run around. I refuse to pay the bill.

Let me start off by saying that Verizon Fios will take your money and lie to you. Terrible decision, I signed up for Service with them and unfortunately wanted to disconnect. Which means I would have to pay $140 termination fee (which I had no problem with). What did bother me is that they're charging me an extra one month of service that was not used and had been disconnected before the cycle. My final bill should not be more than 300 bill including everything yet, it's almost $400. Don't do it to yourself. They're crooks. I disconnected the 25th of July, yet they're charging me for the month of August, unbelievable. If I would of used the service I would not care paying but I did not.

I was having problems with on demand. So I called and the automated system verified my account. Then I got transfer to a customer service person who asked me the same question but could not verify my account. He argued with me for 30 minutes that I did not have an account because he could not find it. I have had Verizon for years and called before. He would not let me speak to a supervisor because it is the same system. Finally he gave up and got a supervisor. The supervisor found my account right away. The customer service treated me like an idiot. He even ask to read the name on my remote. Verizon needs to get better customer service people.

I am writing about two separate experiences I have had with Verizon DSL customer service that have occurred over the course of the last two weeks. I am the manager of a small hotel. Reliable internet is of the upmost importance, as we conduct a large amount of business through online booking websites, and we offer free Wi-Fi to our customers as well. On the night of July 28, our building was struck by lightning and we had a power surge that fried some of our electronic devices. One of the casualties was our Verizon DSL Modem/Router. I immediately called Verizon DSL customer service.

After waiting on hold (which was to be expected. I really didn't mind.), and going through their automated system (which they said helps them direct me to the right person), I finally got through to a representative. The representative could not find my account at first, even though I gave them the phone number for THEIR DSL line. After throwing whatever information I could at them, they were finally able to find my account. At this point I was informed that I needed to be transferred to another department because it was a business account (even though the automated system asked me if it was a business account or residential, and selected business). So I went through the entire process again. And again they could not find my account. When they finally did, they told me that they were sending me a new router, and I would be receiving it Saturday.

So I waited out my 48 hours with no internet to run my business, and had to explain to my angry hotel guests why we did not have the free Wi-Fi that was advertised. And then Saturday came and went, no delivery. I would have tried to track my delivery, but the confirmation email that they sent me did not even mention the fact that I was getting a new modem delivered! So I found myself, once again, on the phone with Verizon customer service. And once again, the automated system brought me to the wrong person, who, once again, could not find my account. I was transferred to another department, which was CLOSED. So I called back, and went through the exact same process again. I was told that they did not know why I did not receive my delivery, and to call back Monday during their business hours.

So on Monday, (now Day 4 trying to run a hotel with NO INTERNET) I called again. I went through the frustrating process of being sent to the wrong person again. I was finally transferred to the right person, who had difficulty pulling up my account, again. Once they did find it, they were able to give me a UPS tracking number and told me that I would be getting my delivery that day. However, they also informed me that there was no way that I would have received the delivery on Saturday like I was originally told, so it seems I was misinformed from the beginning. Sometime that afternoon, I received my modem. Finally!

Then I opened it, connected it and it did not work. There were absolutely no instructions, or even a number for tech support. I went online and found one, and then called. AGAIN I was transferred to the wrong department (even though I was calling about an entirely different issue). AGAIN they had difficulty locating my account. Once they did, the technician on the phone was very helpful, and he walked me through everything so I could get my internet up and running. Fast forward to yesterday. We use a wireless extender in our hotel to boost our wireless signal. The extender has had difficulty connecting to the router. In addition, our service has been intermittent at best. Again, this is a hotel that NEEDS internet. Not just for us, but for our customers. After being confronted by the third unhappy customer that day, I decided it was time to call Verizon again.

I will spare you the gory details of the two hours that my colleague spent on the phone just trying to get a technician to come out today. After threatening to cancel our service, Verizon finally agreed to send someone out. They were supposed to arrive between 11 am and 2 pm. The customer service rep from the "Elite Department" told him that if no one showed up by 2, to call right away. So at 2 pm when (surprise, surprise) no one showed up, my coworker called the "Elite Department" direct number.

This was supposed to help us not have to go through all the frustrations we had in the past when we called Verizon. Except it didn't. It just brought us right to Verizon Customer service. Another half an hour on the phone to be told that the technician would be arriving between 2:30 and 3:30. At 4 pm, when they still had not showed up, he called again. It is now 5 pm. He just got off the phone. They claim that we will see someone by the end of today. I will not be surprised if no one shows up.

How can a business possibly operate like this? How can they not even have a basic customer support line that doesn't make you want to rip your hair out before you even TALK to the right person. Most of the actual representatives we have spoken to have been helpful. But it is all empty promises, and running around in circles! How can they not find your account when you give them YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER??? How can they treat customers this way. Not having internet is having a HUGE negative impact on our business and we cannot even get basic technical support. If this issue is not resolved, not only will we be taking our business elsewhere, but we will be making sure that every business owner we know (and we know quite a few) does as well.

How about this, was with Verizon for 2 yrs. Contract ended, tried to renew, increase of $40 a month, did not agree. Now trying to get new service, low promotional rates due not apply to my area. I had 50/10 internet. Try to get promotional just internet rate of 50/50 or 50/10. Was told at the store and over the phone that since my area is not wired for 150 Mbps I cannot get the low rate and was given a rate of $79.99/ month. In their words, I have to pay more than the promotional rate of $49.99, although I want the 50/10, because my area is not wired for the 150 speed. But I was offered many options of a higher price. It's 2016 and a national company is still playing the bait and switch of decades ago.

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