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I called them to ask about prices because my internet is down and was ready to switch from TWC to a more reliable internet service. As I was on the phone with the guy (wish I got his name) he was very rude and he sounded like he hated his job. I initially told him that I'm just calling around getting prices for my wife and I to sit down and compare. He kept pushing me to order it right there on the phone. Being very pushy. Saying things like, "I just don't see why you don't order it now, if you don't like it you can call back and cancel. Why do you have to ask your wife to get cable?"

I told him I didn't want my credit check run by the company yet because I wanted to see what my wife said. He then got angry even though I started our conversations with, "I'm just calling for prices and to see if you service my area, if I like it I'll call you guys back after I discuss it". He wouldn't stop saying that he already put all my information into the computer and all he needs to do is get me qualified to order their service. Except I didn't want to be qualified and I didn't ask him to put all my info into his computer. In fact I couldn't get a word in because he kept asking me all these questions while ignoring the questions I asked.

Finally after telling the Customer service guy "no thank you" nicely and even trying to laugh it off because it was all ridiculous that he's so pushy that I wanted to not make a decision based on a 5 minute phone call he got pissed and told me, "Fine, call back when you make a decision," and hung up. If this is how a company treats you when they want your money I can't even imagine how they treat you once they have your money and you're locked into a 2 year contract. I don't want to find out. TWC is horrible reliability and iffy internet but at least every time I call their customer service they put on a fake face and are nice to their customers.

When Verizon was sold without any warning we were without telephone, internet and cable for 2 weeks. I am a telemarketer who phones into another system to do my job. I lost my job because we had no landline. If Verizon thinks I'm going to pay for coverage we never received and caused me to lose my job they are crazy. Now they are trying to collect payment when my contract with them ended in June.

I first tried to set up service in the beginning of May to be set up by the 10th, we would be at our new place the day before. I noticed no one came so I called and there was no record of the order, and by the second rep we figured out that someone spelled my name wrong. So I had to restart everything all over to get service set up on the 24th. I noticed the box that I had and the rep on the phone had difficulty getting a signal sent to the box that came with the house, so I would have figured that they would bring a new Cable worked for one or two days afterwards and out it went. Three days without cable or internet, so they gave us a credit for that bill once we got our cable back. It was a measly 34.47 for 3 days of no tv, phone or internet.

When we finally got our bill it was WRONG! I was charged for the Ultimate Cable bundle plan instead of the Preferred Cable plan. No matter how much I try to explain each person (4 people) tell me either tell me the 34.47 was the adjustment or the 77.00 that I saved on the bundles was my adjustments. I saved the chat transaction on that convo, it was too ridiculous not to save. I tried to explain to Joey that 210.05 (total bill) - 34.47 (credit) = 175.58 (final charge) is different from 189.29 (this month and what I should have been charged). I am tell him that if I would have been charged what I should have been my balance last month would have been 154.82 instead of 175.58, but I keep getting the, "The credits were adjusted on last day of May 2016. The May 2016 bill came before the adjustment as your billing cycle is 20 of every month."

My billing cycle ends on the 20th but my May 31st credit adjusted onto June's bill but didn't change the price??? I paid half of 175.58 (88.58 6/13) and the rest 87.00 on 6/21. Prior to the credit my bill was 210.05 and this month is 189.29 but I had the same service. I am owed 20.76 and all I hear is "You already had some money taken out of your bill." The 77.00 (promotional discount) and 34.47 3-day loss of service... I am not being told any new adjustments.

To replace the battery in the Fios box is very difficult when you are a senior citizen, so I called for service. I was told that even though I pay $120.00 a year for maintenance it doesn't cover this service. To have help there was a service fee plus I had to buy the $40.00 battery. When Fios was installed I was told that Verizon would replace the battery no fee. They can change policy whenever they feel like it with no regards to their customers. Thoroughly disgusted with Verizon. Stay away if possible. Will be checking into a new service.

FIOS is not available where I live and the only landline service Verizon provides here (old fashioned, copper wires) does nothing useful to reduce the torrent of robocalls. I get several every day. Time Warner now offers good phone service which does block robocalls. Given the lack of attention to Verizon customers who want robocalls effectively blocked, why would a customer like me want to switch to FIOS when Verizon makes it available here.

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I have a huge complaint with Verizon FIOS customer service and the technical team. My experience from last night and today with both Verizon technical support and Verizon customer service were awful. My phone, TV and internet have been down since yesterday Tuesday, June 28, 2016. After going through the steps with the automated machine trying to troubleshoot and fix the issue. I was transferred to a representative in Mexico and was told a technical team could only come and fix my service on Friday, July 1st and I would need to be home all day.

They could only give me an appointment between 8:30 and 5. I asked to speak with a supervisor to see what they could do for me, was put on hold but somehow I was transferred to someone in India. When I told him that I was on hold to speak with a supervisor I was again transferred back to Mexico and was told by the supervisor Joan that he was going to see what he could do for me and will give me a call back today between 9 and 10 am. Never got a call back from him.

I called again at 3 pm today and had to go through the automated machine again. Funny how Fios thinks the machine can help a customer when the customer has no service and had already called to report its service is not working. I had to explain everything again to the representative that I had no service since yesterday and I was supposed to have gotten a call back from the representative I spoke with yesterday but he never called me. I needed to have my service fixed prior to Friday because we could not go without the internet until then.

I was told that there was nothing they could do for me. They did not have a technician to come out before Friday and that my appointment and that I had to be home between 8:30 and 5. I do not understand why I have to wait until Friday to have my service fixed by Verizon Fios. This is totally unacceptable. I needed to work from home last night but could not work because I had no internet service. I tried to explaining to the representative that I work from home on a regular basis and need my internet but that did not matter to them.

Is Verizon FIOS going to compensate me for not having any service for all of these days and also for being home all day Friday, waiting for their technician, since I do not have internet access I cannot work from home. Can someone please let me know what's going on with the Verizon Fios customer service? I want to cancel my service but just need time to shop around for a new service provider. I also do not want to go through the aggravation of changing my email address and phone. Thank you.

I have the slowest internet there is. I was told I was at the end of the line, that why I keep getting unknown calls I supposed have a block on my line, not to get calls with a phone number showing on my phone. This is the second time I called Verizon. The first time I called I was told they would look into it but when I called today I was transferred 3 times. No one could help me and I ask for a supervisor. I could not get one to talk to. Can someone tell me how to make calls all over the world with out using a phone number. It seems like Verizon cannot stop them and does not a thing about them.

I signed up for internet for the first time when I bought my new home and asked the Verizon agent many different times and ways what my total bill would be and he "forgot" to mention the additional $10/month rental fee that showed up on my first bill after I'd already been charged $80 for installation. I was told "Sorry" and that I could cancel my plan within 30 days but would not be refunded the $80 so I'm now paying Verizon's already expensive prices plus an extra $120/yr. So angry, when this plan expires I will never use Verizon again just on principle. Perhaps I was naive to not know there would be an equipment rental fee but I think their response was just bad business.

Before we install the triple bundle in my house from Verizon Fios, we were offered a $300 visa card. Within 2 months we called to find out about the Card and we were told to wait another month. The third month came and we never received it. I called today to complain and I was told that we did not "qualify" for such Card.

Thanks a lot Verizon. We are disconnecting the services and going with somebody else. Do yourself a favor, STAY AWAY FROM VERIZON.

6/22/2016 9:15 am. Verizon van, **. A service technician (maybe not - don't know) requested access to the house next door through my yard. He said he asked because I have a dog, which leads me to believe he would have bypassed this step if the dog was not around. I replied that whenever access was needed the owner requested it. We do this to protect ourselves. I had not been notified. So, I asked if they were home so I could check with them. He said yes but I rang and rang and got no answer. They were NOT home. After about 20 minutes someone did come out of the top apartment of the private home. But I did not know them. The technician was getting rude so I asked for an id and he refused to show me anything.

I called verizon for verification twice, but each time after a 15 minute wait I was sent to a supervisor, and I asked for verification that the technician was theirs. The last supervisor said her name was Ms. ** said they could not find out if anyone was sent to the address. I asked to at least let me know if I should be calling the police. But No. I could not verify the technician was theirs or file a complaint about the situation and technician via phone or online. Both supervisors hung up on me when I asked how to file a complaint. I stayed outside watching. If they tried to enter I was going to call the police.

I want to complain about the technician's rudeness and presumptions and refusal to provide information, about the company's failure to monitor their service personnel and know where they should be and to help honest citizens and customers to know whether or not a person was sent by them and about their failure to train them to deal courteously with the public, and to complain about the supervisors hanging up the minute they hear the word 'complaint'.

When I signed up as a new customer with Verizon Fios, the promotion was to receive a $300 prepaid gift card for signing on with a 2 year contract and was advised that I would receive my gift card approximately 90 days after the start of the service. Today, I called to ask about when I should be receiving my prepaid gift card and was advised that they never had an offer of this. I pulled up their current offer and now they are offering a $200.00 prepaid gift card. Needless to say, I did not get anywhere and this is after I also had trouble with them giving me the channels that I have been paying for and 3 technicians coming out to my home and having no resolution. After they found out that 2 defective boxes were initially installed, and going 2 weeks without service, I never received a credit. Now I am stuck in this contract.

I never go out of my way to negatively review or disparage a company; however... The sales representative I first spoke with was incredibly condescending into trying to have me order things in order to not look like a "loser". The installer I first met with from this company was a nice guy. He gave me an honest input about the Verizon services and set up my box and tried to be as customer friendly as possible... Then I had a broken remote which took 1 week to send a new shipment in. Then I found out about hidden fees attached to my services. Originally I only wanted internet (12 months for $50) but I was inclined into adding local channels for just $1. Which I thought, "why not?" Because I also wanted to watch the NBA finals on ABC, but otherwise I take no regard to television services.

There was an additional hidden $2.99/ month broadcast fee + a statewide fee towards all services which was about $4.99 which granted wasn't a Verizon decision; however, something related to my state. I was never informed over the phone about this, but I did receive an email along with about 6 or 7 other emails, before I had accepted all the charges. Additionally they never sent me a set-top box so the installer gave me an HD box but honestly unknowingly I had to pay $12/month for that box. He honestly believed I got a sweet deal because he had no SD set top box on him, and that I got a "gift," but there's no way Verizon would let something like that slide.

BTW the customer rep I just spoke to just hung up on me and it took me 30 min to get into the call. And those reps are really difficult to speak with and unresponsive to direct questions. So far I don't think the internet is any better than I had with Comcast (at 20 download, 5 upload) despite promising to be 50 download/ 50 upload and "out of this world" fast. Yes that's what it says when you hit internet speed test, but overall I guess it doesn't affect much unless you're downloading tons of movies or broadcasting gaming with a webcam active and playing 1080P or something. BTW with my Verizon services phone... I get 3 bars or 2 bars in so many places, and even in 5 bars I still get a raspy phone connection, and I'm using an iPhone 6.

So disgusted with Verizon! Attempted to switch to Verizon Fios TV last week. Installation scheduled for today between 8-12. Even got a letter from them confirming the appointment. Took a day off from work. Needless to say, they never showed up. Called them all day long, at least 5 times and was told they will be there. Finally at 4pm, we were told our order fell through the cracks on their end. There is no way they could make it today! Are you kidding me. I never had such terrible customer service in my life! I am livid! I will never recommend them! I'm tempted to cancel all of us cell phones as well! What a waste of time!

Was basically scammed on the phone. Operator (who gave me ID number and name) told me there was no fee for cancelling my service. After months of unreliable service I was forced to cancel and switch to a different provider. Called back a week later to confirm that there was no fee and was told by a different operator that there would be a $600 fee. Gave the previous customer care agent's ID and she said it did not exist. This company needs to be shut down for trying to scam people. I will never return and will tell all my friends that own businesses to never sign up with Verizon.

They suck. I have been wanting cable for two weeks. Today the 15 is my appointment. I call and ask "Where is the cable?" The ** told me "Oh your appointment is on the 20." They change the date without telling me. Now I took off work and the ** said, "Whatever..."

Sales representative gave me a price quote for 3 phone line and Fios for about $108.00 and by the second month I get a bill of over $550. I called in many times, get transferred from 1 department to the other but without results. Opened up tickets but without results. I spend many hours on hold but without results, but in the meantime I got many collection calls and I told them that's really overpriced so I paid 250$ so the service should not get interrupt, but all of the sudden 1 day Verizon terminate my service for no good reason.

On May 4, 2016 I scheduled installation for Internet services with Verizon. The scheduled date was Saturday, June 11, 2016 with a 1-5 pm window. On Saturday, June 11, 2016 at 4:30 pm, I still had not heard anything and began to get worried. I called Verizon and remained on hold for 30 minutes. At the 30 minute mark I heard a recording that the office was now closed and my call disconnected. I never received a phone call, text or e-mail and the technician never showed. I called again Saturday morning and the man I spoke with told me that I would have to reschedule. He told me that the next available date was Wednesday, June 22nd, which would mean that I would remain without internet service for over a week and a half. I told him that this was not acceptable because I had had an appointment for over a month. He told me that he would talk to the dispatcher.

Our call got disconnected and I waited 10 minutes for him to call me back. Then I called again and spoke with a woman. While on the phone with her the first man called me back. He told me they could now get me in on Wednesday June 15th. I told him that I could not understand why this was so far out when I had an appointment scheduled. Waiting until Wednesday meant that I was using up my cell phone data while I was home, had no internet or TV and lost the capability to work from home.

I then received a callback from the lady who said that the earliest available date was Tuesday, June 21. I received three different dates, so I'm not sure how these "appointments" are scheduled. I am now forced to go to another carrier and will have to wait until Thursday for my internet services due to Verizon's unreliability and poor customer service. I will now probably have extra costs for the usage of the data on my cell phone and will have to miss a day of work for the installation. This was my first and last experience with Verizon.

So I decided that I didn't need two set-top boxes any longer since I barely watch TV these days and it's usually in the living room and not in the bedroom anymore. I call Verizon and request a return label for the set-top box to be shipped back to. I package the box up and tape it thoroughly. Then I make a mistake and drop it off at a UPS drop off/pickup box and not a UPS store. It has tracking and it's an official designated UPS pickup box so I thought it would be OK. Turns out the set-top box has not been returned according to Verizon and I'm still paying the monthly charge for it for the past 8 months. During these long 8 months I've been contacting Verizon and UPS about the "missing" box.

It has been very frustrating because I didn't have the tracking number but had the receipt that came in the prepaid box that is apparently useless information. Verizon states that they don't know the tracking number of this box even with the return authorization and order receipt that I have. Although I should have wrote down the tracking number I would at least hope that it would show up somewhere on Verizon's system because they did produce the label and I do have the receipt from the return authorization. I did the same exact thing the last time I returned a set-top box and that was recorded just fine. It has been very frustrating having to deal with this return and all the while being charged for a box I no longer have.

Verizon wanted to increase our FIOS package price that we had for more than two years. We called and they agreed to re-initiate our account and kept the price the same and an installed date was given. Then unbelievable things happened afterwards. A few days before the re-installation date, a Verizon representative called and offered to keep our price the same without re-installation and sent us an email to confirm this change. Then Verizon sent another email to say that they made mistake and the second order is not correct and or we pay double the monthly charge. Also we could not restore our first order. I have no idea why a big company like Verizon would want to play a game as this with their customers. Will never ever use any of Verizon services.

I have had FiOS service at three different addresses before and have never had this issue. I just set up FiOS service at a new address and got slapped with a $80 setup fee plus an extra $30.64 in miscellaneous other fees and surcharges. I was never told about this fee when the Verizon sales representative set up my account. I've contacted Verizon three times and they have refused to refund the fees. They keep saying "This was a legitimate charge." After threatening to cancel service, they finally offered me a $40 credit, but I'm still going to have to pay an extra $70.64 that I was never told about. It's because of issues like this that I dumped Verizon Wireless over a year ago. If only I actually had an option to go with a different internet service provider, I would never pay Verizon another penny ever.

I have been on hold with FIOS for 40 nonconsecutive hours last week (a full weeks work) simply trying to cancel my service which I had problems with from the start. No one could tell me why I had problems with this DVR service... I asked for a technician but never got one. Finally I got so frustrated with troubleshooting and no resolution that I gave up... Verizon did credit my account for a service I was paying for but not able to use. I had a whole new internet and cable company replace Verizon in 2 days...

I still haven't heard from Verizon, they have no idea that they just lost a customer. 12 hour hold times is unacceptable and then they had the audacity to charge me $210 for their bad service... I should be refunded the amount honestly. I have a very influential job so I've told everybody I know about this and already my parents and 15 others family members have also disconnect service... Next is my cell phone. I'm just so shocked and disappointed. I thought they were the best... Guess I was wrong.

My installation set up with FIOS/Frontier was scheduled a month ago for today between 8-12. Thus far NO ONE has called me to confirm or update me on the installation of service. I had to be the proactive one and they still had no solid information on when service would be connected. I took time off work and I need internet in order to work from home. I am thus far highly dissatisfied and customer service is poor already as they make promises they do not keep and I am not even an official customer yet!!!

Ordered service a month ago and got an install window between 1-5. I cleared my schedule and waited all day. No technician, no call, no text, nothing. I called the "customer service" number and after giving my info to the computer, was on hold for over an hour before giving up. I had previously left Verizon for their terrible service and I see that things haven't changed. I would give 0 stars if possible.

Just installed a new home security system. Consequently I needed to upgrade my internet service with Verizon, so I called CS. A) On hold for 10 mins., B) heavy accented CSR, and C) I requested an upgrade and was told "only package was $120.00 with 300/300". Way too much in cost and power. Expressed my shock at the amount and asked for lower increase. CS stated that she will have to (get this) "call me back. I spoke with my higher ups". I asked about lower priced packages but was told the same. I was being pushed into a deal I did not want. I did not buy. I felt forced into with other options at this time from a major phone company.

I live in NYC. I switched from TWC to Fios in Jan 2010. At that time my cable bill was ridiculous (at 200 for Double Play) and Fios seemed like the way out. I'm now leaving Fios for these reasons: (1) my Fios bill is astronomical (at $250 for Triple Play); (2) My Fios Wi-Fi speed sucks (I pay for 75/75 and receive 25/18); (3) using the included "simultaneous ring" landline phone feature prevents me from receiving any calls at all on my Fios home phone; (4) I was without Fios landline phone service for 3 months because Verizon wouldn't come out for repair, despite the fact that they "scheduled" 4 appointments and gave me order numbers. I feel as though I was being "penalized" with 2 yr. contract renewal price increases for being a loyal Fios customer for over 5 years. I'm tired of feeling trapped by a contract. Verizon only cares about attracting new customers and gives less than a damn about retaining existing customers.

I purchased the Verizon Triple Play back in December 2015. As part of my promotional package I was supposed to get the premium cable channels free for the first 12 months. EVERY month since then I have had to call customer support to get this charge removed from my bill. None of the agents can give me a reason as to why this keeps occurring. Multiple "tickets" have been opened with their tech department, but this issue is still on going. Make sure you review your bill before making any payments. Signing up for their auto-payment would be a mistake.

Here is the timeline I've been dealing with. In Mid-March of 2016, I was living in a condo and had Verizon Fios internet. At this time, I sold my condo and was in the process of buying a house. So, I contacted Verizon, and things seemed to go fine. I told them I would be moving out of the condo in mid-april, and wouldn't be in my new residence until beginning of May. Again, getting the theory down was easy. The person I talked to seemed to understand that I wanted to simply move my internet service to my new address, and then add TV service. This is where it started getting hairy. I basically had to threaten to cancel all my services and go with a competitor to get consistent price quote from Verizon for services. Once I did that, I was able to get the move scheduled.

So, expectation was set for me to have a technician at my house the day after we closed on the house sale, May 5th. They were to show up in the afternoon. So, the afternoon before, I called to confirm my appointment since I hadn't heard anything, and the customer "service" representative informed me that they had missed my installation appointment. I asked how they had "missed" it when it wasn't supposed to happen until the next day, and I was informed, "Oh, we wouldn't have come anyway. We're on strike". Ok, so, I had whoever I spoke to change my internet install to a self install since the wire was already run to the house, and then schedule a technician out for May 23rd to install TV. Now, keep in mind that my entire install was scheduled WAY in advance, 6 weeks in advance. So, despite there being a strike, there should have been SOMEONE available to do this install. But, it is what it is.

So, May 23rd rolls around, and I had a 5 hour window when someone was supposed to show to install the TV service. It was around 4pm, one hour before the end of my window, and I called back in to find out if/when someone was coming and I was informed I had no service scheduled. After a bit of digging, it was discovered that the TV service was also changed to a self install and that I should have my set top boxes to do this. Which I didn't have, never received them. So, again after more digging, it was discovered that they had sent my set top boxes to the old address, and they had already been returned to the Verizon Warehouse. So, I told them to forget sending me a tech, just send me the set top boxes, and I would ALSO install this service myself.

So, after confirming my address for them 5 times and being on the phone for 3 hours, I had some set top boxes supposedly heading my way. I would be receiving them mid-week, about 3-4 days from the time of the previous call. I was given a tracking number, and was able to see the progress of my package, but no other details. On the final day, when the package was finally delivered, I saw that it was, yet again, delivered to my OLD ADDRESS. So, I didn't even involve Verizon here, clearly it's impossible for those bottom-of-the-barrel mongoloids to do even the smallest thing right. I called an old neighbor and arranged to meet them halfway between my old town and new town to retrieve these boxes. Finally, after months of trying, I had some set top boxes to start using the services I was paying for.

So, I get the boxes home, and I begin the setup. Apparently, the coax in my living room is disconnected somewhere. So, I NEED to have Verizon's help, or someone's help getting this installed. I'm pretty technical, but tracing wires inside my walls is out of my depth. So, begrudgingly, I called Verizon again, and scheduled ANOTHER service request. I was told someone would be out in 2 days, between X hour and Y hour and they would call 30 minutes ahead of time to ensure I was there. Great! Maybe finally I can get this garbage set up!

So, I wait two days, another no show. I call Verizon to find out what the problem is, and I wasn't scheduled for the date they promised, I was scheduled for 3 weeks from NOW! So, I'm beyond livid. I told the person I spoke to to cancel my order, and cancel my service and I demanded a refund for anything I'd been charged during this month and they responded with a "there's nothing we can do" answer. So, I've filed a BBB complaint. This all reached its crescendo last week, and I have yet to see that TV "service" removed from my account. I've given Verizon until the close of business today to remove it or I'm filing another BBB complaint; and I will continue filing a complaint every day until this is resolved.

FYI, I called Dish Network, and was able to get TV service installed and activated for about $30/month less than Verizon would charge, plus I get to add service to 3 rooms instead of 2, I get more channels, plus premium movie channels free for 3 months. On top of that, Verizon was going to charge me $26.66/month for 3 months to install the service, where Dish Network will install it for free, and I don't have to pay for equipment either. Not only that, but the Dish Network price is good for 24 months where the best Verizon could do was guarantee a price for 12. So, if you're here to complain about Verizon Fios TV, I recommend Dish Network instead. PS. I now see below that I can add an order number for Consumer Affairs to review... Verizon only ever gave me one order number, and that was back in March.

In February 2016 I decided to get Verizon FiOS at the house I am renting, as the previous person living here was planning to disconnect. I went online to get a quote and schedule an appointment. Verizon FiOS no showed to the appointment with no call, which was a little annoying as I had to take off work to be at the house. I called in questioning why no one showed up. I was told it was because the previous account holder never returned their call so they cancelled my appointment and decided I didn't need to be notified. To cover for their complete blunder, they decided the best course of action would be to just transfer the previous account into my name, then I could adjust it as needed. After about 30 minutes of listening to this very nice, but not very effective customer service representative we finally started the transfer process. I had requested only 100/100 internet, as I am signed up for most standalone streaming services.

I had no use for TV or phone. The representative stated if I kept a local TV package it would drop my bill to $85 (close to the price I was originally quoted). I agreed to leave it at that. My first bill was about $92. Then the next month my account ballooned to $146.34. I called in to find out what the issue was. Something about additional TV packages was blamed. I was told wait till the next billing cycle and the issue will be resolved. A few days later our accounts were switched over to Frontier. Frontier now refuses to do anything about Verizon mistakes. Verizon claims it's all on Frontier. Never trust either company to honor their word or quotes. Always get written documentation... even with it, it's difficult to get either company to address their serious customer service failures.

In April during the hockey playoffs I went to a channel that said "you do not have the 'regional sports package'. For only $5 more a month get this package." Seemed fair. Of course with Verizon there is nothing easy, fair, or short. My bill went up $30 a month. They said "if you have the regional sports package you must upgrade to the preferred package." So instead of simply adding $5 a month as advertised, they took the liberty of increasing my bill. Two hours later we got it back to our original bill. Verizon is dishonest, poor customer service, terrible equipment for TV, a clunky remote control, the worst DVR service and simply a company I do not want to do business with. I will be getting rid of the TV, and considering my cell phone as I have had them 12 years, but that is how much I dislike this company.

The rating of a one is generous but they don't allow zero stars which is what they deserve for customer service. I know Verizon is on strike but I ordered new service at the beginning of April and they have not shown up three times now, even though I have called to confirm the day before; in addition, no one contacts you to say the service was rescheduled. Apologies don't get it when you take off of work for no reason!!! This is awful. I would recommend not order any type of service from Verizon until after the strike is over.

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Another of the largest ISPs, Verizon supports its core mobile phone operations with fiber optic cable Internet. Verizon intends to expand coverage in existing locations, but is not expanding into new regions. Verizon has also sold its FiOS operations in a few states, including Texas, Florida and California.

  • Price advantage: Verizon's biggest competitor is Comcast, so it strives to offer lower prices in markets where the two compete directly.
  • Fewer restrictions: In many markets, Verizon offers FiOS with no contract, so customers are not locked into their services.
  • Super fast ISP: has ranked FiOs as the fastest ISP provider 3 years in a row.
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