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Verizon is all about not letting customers contact them directly, is a shell game of keeping from getting real support. I changed service and still have the remaining router. Trying to get instructions to return, and no help. It is unfortunate that such a big company is so unattached to their customers.

The reason for this review is because I feel extremely uncomfortable, taken advantage of, and that the possibility of illegal actions, has occurred, when I discovered a new fee (regional sports network fee) on my bill. This situation reminds me of Verizon's latest class action lawsuit. To my knowledge and research so far based on the review of past and current bills as well as talking with a Verizon associate, the fee/tax is there for receiving the local sports channels according to Verizon associate.

My points made to the associate are as followed: 1) I did not know what the fee is. No explanation as to what the fee is on my bill. The fee occurred out of nowhere (No prior notice or current notice, of a new fee on the bill. All other fees and surcharges are mentioned and explained on prior and current bills.); I want to know why this new fee is not mentioned or given noticed to the consumer and explained on the bills? 2) I questioned how do they determine this fee, since the first bill containing the first regional sport network fee was $7.83 and the subsequent three other bills containing the regional sports network fee are $5.89. I told the associate it looks like they are arbitrarily coming up with a cost.

The associate (Mia) says she would refund the difference. I told the associate "the way this addition cost occurred from my perspective is underhanded, the company is not transparent, and I do not understand that after approximately ten years of having the programming of Prime HD and paying a cost for that programming that already included the sports channels why is there now an extra fee." 3) The associate says "it is a tax." I questioned "is a fee a tax." The other fees and surcharges explained on the bill says fees are not taxes.

Anyway, the associate asked if there was a notice about the new fee in a e-mail. I told the associate that I do not believe so. The associate reported that an investigation would be done. When asked when I would hear back from Verizon, the associate paused. I then told her "if the reports was not positive, I would like to make a complaint." The associate then told me I would hear something in 24-48 hours. I talked with Mia the associate on Friday, Aug 19, 2016. The associate contradicted herself a couple of times (fee vs. taxes). She told me, although I am not exact with this. To the effect that the tax/fee applied to a certain programming or something. This led me to ask her if other programming received the fee. The associate changed her response by saying that others received this fee as well.

I will provide an update regarding the investigation but I wanted to express my feelings and thoughts that this situation seems very similar to Verizon's latest class action suit - at least the principles of it. During my updates regarding this issue, if I find that I am wrong and overlooked a notice of this fee and an explanation of this fee I will take responsibility and indicate so. I would also like to know if others have experienced this situation of the regional sports network fee suddenly appearing on your bill without advanced notice or even an explanation as to what this bill is for, considering the sports channels are already paid for in the programming package. I do have photos to substantiate my case so far but I choose to wait at this time until Verizon's investigation is complete.

Issue with Verizon begins June 27, 2016. I spoke to a gentleman in the customer service department that assured me that the phone number at my residence at the time would stay and I would receive a brand new number. I need the number of over 25 years to remain at the address due to my mother have several serious health issues and all of her doctors and family members know that number. Once I moved into new residence, I still had the old number that was to remain at previous address, this begins the calamity of errors.

On 7/2/16 my mother had her services installed by Verizon. She asked the person doing the installation about her phone number and he said he did not know about the issue. They installed then called customer service and was told that the phone number was being held and after a period of 80 days, my mother was to call back and request the # and it would be changed. I assured her that this does not seem like normal practices and that we should follow up on that answer. I placed a call that day to Verizon and was told by another person at customer service that the answer I was given was incorrect and that this would have to go to tech support, but should not be hard to resolve. When sent to tech support, I was told that this is a 24-48 hour fix and the problem should be resolved by 7/5/16.

7/5/16 came and not only was the issue not corrected, but the follow up call that was promised did not happen. I called Verizon back on 7/6/16 and talked to a person in customer service named Darren. Darren told me that he needed, for legal reasons to have my mother on the phone as well. I assured Darren that was fine and proceeded to call my mother. Once all three of us were on the call, I let Darren know that I did not want the old phone # and that it should go to my mother. Darren said that was all he needed on the recorded line. Darren then hung up with my mother and proceeded to remain on the line with me. Darren then said that he needs to leave a message on my voicemail with the new # **. I still have this voicemail as record. We then waited as told another 24-48 hours, this again came and went with the number still not being transferred correctly.

I placed another call on 7/25/16. I was told during this call to customer service at the number had been given to someone else and that I can try and request to have that number again, but chances are that we are stuck with the two current numbers that we have. I told the rep that this was a serious issues that involved health issues and that it needed to be expedited. I was assured that it would be and that someone will be in contact soon about the issue.

On 8/5/16 I called customer service about the transferring/release of the proper phone number. On this call I was told that I have two accounts with Verizon and that is causing the issue. However when I originally called at the end of June to have services transferred to new address, I was told you can not have two accounts under one name at Verizon. I was also told that I had that phone number restricted and that a request ticket would need to be sent to tech support to have it released and then once it is released I could transfer it to my mother. I asked that the issue be expedited and again that this is a serious issue that needs the utmost attention due to a person's health. The gentleman said that he will call tech support while he has me on the phone. I was pleasantly pleased as it seemed that I reached someone who actually gave a damn.

The gentleman switched over from tech support to our call twice during the duration to keep me updated as to what was going on during the call. However after the second time he switched away from our call he never came back. I waited on hold for over 45 minutes. Finally I felt completely disgusted and I hung up. No one from Verizon tried to reach back out that day or the following day to follow up with me. I was again led to believe this issues was expedited and that in 24-48 hrs the issue would be resolved and that "someone" would be reaching out on this issue.

On 8/9/15 I placed another call to customer support and asked to speak to a manager. I explained my issue to the person on the phone while I waited. At first they did not understand my situation and thought that I need to transfer the number to my current residence. This call lasted over 45 mins and AGAIN, I was told 24-48 hrs to reconcile this matter. Again this did not come true and issue still persisted.

On 8/12/16 I reached out to resolve my issue once and for all. I requested to talk to a supervisor immediately, I was told that there was not one present and if I could leave my information with them and wait to be called back. I again explained my issue and that I needed the matter reconciled today, mainly due to my mother's health issues. Again I was told that to either wait, or call back, I expressed my displeasure and said that I would wait. I was then transferred, but to my surprise it was to International Tech Support. I then asked to be transferred back to customer service and that I was sent here wrongfully. I spoke to another person in customer support and requested a callback immediately. I was actually called back by a manager the same day and I began to explain the situation. I explained that I wanted the phone # to go from my current account to my mother's and it needs to be expedited due to health matters.

I was told by a supervisor that I actually have 2 accounts with Verizon, even though previously I was told this is not possible. The supervisor proceeded to explain to me that several people have tried to correct the matter, but they keep sending the phone # to my current address and the fact that I still have another account this is certainly not helping the matter. I conveyed that I was told I couldn't have two accounts, that I would have the issue resolved in 24-48 hrs numerous times and that I have only been lied to. The supervisor explained that they can put in a request form to have the number released and to then have it transferred to the proper account.

I conveyed my extreme displeasure in the execution on this matter or the lack of. I was then told that I would get a follow up call on 8/16/16. I explained that this was my breaking point and that if this issue is not resolved in the time frame given, that I would cancel my service with Verizon. I placed another call to Verizon on 8/15/16. When I reached someone at customer service I gave my information to them and they told me they could now bring up my account. I proceeded to give my acct #, social, address, DOB, and full name; yet somehow I was not found. I conveyed to be transferred to a supervisor and that I would wait. I magically was sent to Web Support. I then explained that I was sent here and do not know how or why and any help they could give me would be greatly appreciated. The employee was very kind and said that they would stay on the phone until I reached a supervisor.

We then began a three way call back to customer support. When connected with someone in customer support a strange thing happened after the employee from Web Support explained the situation, we both were hung up on. The person was now upset and apologized to me about the inconvenience and proceeded to make another call. We got through right away and again she explained that I needed to speak to a supervisor. The person explained to both of us that there is a very long wait and that they currently only have one supervisor on the floor. This call took place on a Monday at 9am. I highly doubt this statement. The employee from Web Support said that we will both wait. During this time I again explained my situation and the amount of times I had to call only to still not have the issue resolved.

After waiting over 20 mins the employee asked if there even was a supervisor and why they had not come to the phone yet. The rep explained that they had put in a request and that there currently was not a supervisor on the floor at the present time. The person from Web Support replied, "Is this normal practice or do you not want get a supervisor? The customer is requesting a supervisor." The worker assured us that this was normal procedure and that once there is one available, I will be able to speak to them.

During my arduous wait, I asked the rep why they can not seem to transfer the number. I was told that it is restricted and that they need to contact an offline agency to have it released and once it is I can then have it transferred to the proper place. I then asked "If I cancel my service would it affect the process of the number being transferred?" I was told and I quote, "if you cancel your service, you can not transfer the number." I again explained that this is a very serious matter, because of it having to do with my mother's health. This did not get me anywhere, or get a supervisor on the phone any faster.

After waiting an hour and 40 minutes, I was able to speak to a supervisor. I was told that there was already a ticket processed and sent to the offsite agency about releasing the number and that the best they could do was contact tech support. I conveyed that I do not want anything other than a resolution and that this is a matter that needs to be taken seriously and expedited. I then asked the supervisor that if I cancel my service will it affect the transfer of the number. The response that was given is a direct quote, "if you cancel your service sir, you will still be able to transfer the number; cancelling of your service will not affect the transfer." I then replied that I wanted to cancel my service.

On 8/16/16 I was called back by the supervisor whom I spoke with on 8/12. They told me that they have been trying to resolve my issue, but see that I have terminated my service. I explained that I had given more than enough chances and that even when told that someone's health was part of the matter, it still got me nowhere. At that point I was told that in order to transfer the #, I would have to reinstate my service and that the problem would now take a WEEK to correct.

At this point I stated that I feel like I am being scammed and that this is BY FAR the worst customer service experiment that I have ever been involved in or even heard of. I also stated that I feel like Verizon has a serious issue since I have talk to two supervisors one day apart and gotten two different answers, as well as that it is now going to take a week to complete when on I was told as well as my mother that this would only take 24-48 hrs. I was assured that this was the proper procedure and that in order to fulfil my request I had to cancel my request for termination. I begrudgingly agreed to have the service reinstated for the sake of the transfer. All told I contacted Verizon 15 separate times and have one voicemail stating the issue to be resolved in 24 hrs.

Being a customer for the past 8 years, the customer service has become awful. I had 3 days of no internet, TV and phone. When I finally got a live person on the phone they weren't helpful at all. I spent 8 hours, 18 minutes on the phone. That's 34 phone calls in 3 days. I couldn't conduct business, never mind anything else. I figured out what the problem was, I just needed the part. I asked where I could get it, could they ship it express, have one of their techs drop it off. But no. No help. No explanations, no nothing. I'm very disgusted and plan on getting these services somewhere else.

I ordered Fios Bundle that was to be installed April 15, 2016 same day Verizon strike started. The Bundle was to install 100x100 mps, tv custom and phone for $69.95 a month for two years. A medical installation month later a 50x50 mps was installed, The Tech advised after the strike the service would be increased to 100x100. This never happened. After numerous phone calls I agreed to 79.95 a month two years with an upgrade to 150x150 mps however this price is 109.99. I spent several hours on phone 8/16/2016 and was told that they Verizon will not honor the 75.99 for 150x150 nor the 69.95 for 100x100. Do not trust anything told over the phone when one deals on advertise offers. The order I should have is ** that was supposed to be installed dated April 13, 2016.

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Obviously having an internet connection today is becoming more of a necessity. In our area (Wny) we have two main companies, Verizon and time Warner and the difference in pricing between the two isn't much different. If you want to "save" they encourage you to spend more by including bundled services. The entire model is shady as hell. Both companies continue to raise rates of basic services to encourage you to upgrade services. Apologies for the tangent, my main gripe is with verizon. At this point my only other option is Time Warner.

We've had verizon Dsl for over 10 years. The original rate was 29 dollars. Fast forward to now and for 8 mbs it's 61 dollars per month. I realize the speed has doubled, however there are no other slower options for people on a fixed income. On top of that while shopping around I noticed that the price we are paying is very close in price to a basic fios subscription, which conveniently isn't located in our area. I'm no fan of the government poking it's nose in private business but at what point are legislators going to step in and do something considering how critical being connected is to modern life. Argh!

I have only had fios home service for 2 weeks and out of the 2 weeks we had 3 good days of service. Technician never show up and they give you the run around. I refuse to pay the bill.

Let me start off by saying that Verizon Fios will take your money and lie to you. Terrible decision, I signed up for Service with them and unfortunately wanted to disconnect. Which means I would have to pay $140 termination fee (which I had no problem with). What did bother me is that they're charging me an extra one month of service that was not used and had been disconnected before the cycle. My final bill should not be more than 300 bill including everything yet, it's almost $400. Don't do it to yourself. They're crooks. I disconnected the 25th of July, yet they're charging me for the month of August, unbelievable. If I would of used the service I would not care paying but I did not.

I was having problems with on demand. So I called and the automated system verified my account. Then I got transfer to a customer service person who asked me the same question but could not verify my account. He argued with me for 30 minutes that I did not have an account because he could not find it. I have had Verizon for years and called before. He would not let me speak to a supervisor because it is the same system. Finally he gave up and got a supervisor. The supervisor found my account right away. The customer service treated me like an idiot. He even ask to read the name on my remote. Verizon needs to get better customer service people.

I am writing about two separate experiences I have had with Verizon DSL customer service that have occurred over the course of the last two weeks. I am the manager of a small hotel. Reliable internet is of the upmost importance, as we conduct a large amount of business through online booking websites, and we offer free Wi-Fi to our customers as well. On the night of July 28, our building was struck by lightning and we had a power surge that fried some of our electronic devices. One of the casualties was our Verizon DSL Modem/Router. I immediately called Verizon DSL customer service.

After waiting on hold (which was to be expected. I really didn't mind.), and going through their automated system (which they said helps them direct me to the right person), I finally got through to a representative. The representative could not find my account at first, even though I gave them the phone number for THEIR DSL line. After throwing whatever information I could at them, they were finally able to find my account. At this point I was informed that I needed to be transferred to another department because it was a business account (even though the automated system asked me if it was a business account or residential, and selected business). So I went through the entire process again. And again they could not find my account. When they finally did, they told me that they were sending me a new router, and I would be receiving it Saturday.

So I waited out my 48 hours with no internet to run my business, and had to explain to my angry hotel guests why we did not have the free Wi-Fi that was advertised. And then Saturday came and went, no delivery. I would have tried to track my delivery, but the confirmation email that they sent me did not even mention the fact that I was getting a new modem delivered! So I found myself, once again, on the phone with Verizon customer service. And once again, the automated system brought me to the wrong person, who, once again, could not find my account. I was transferred to another department, which was CLOSED. So I called back, and went through the exact same process again. I was told that they did not know why I did not receive my delivery, and to call back Monday during their business hours.

So on Monday, (now Day 4 trying to run a hotel with NO INTERNET) I called again. I went through the frustrating process of being sent to the wrong person again. I was finally transferred to the right person, who had difficulty pulling up my account, again. Once they did find it, they were able to give me a UPS tracking number and told me that I would be getting my delivery that day. However, they also informed me that there was no way that I would have received the delivery on Saturday like I was originally told, so it seems I was misinformed from the beginning. Sometime that afternoon, I received my modem. Finally!

Then I opened it, connected it and it did not work. There were absolutely no instructions, or even a number for tech support. I went online and found one, and then called. AGAIN I was transferred to the wrong department (even though I was calling about an entirely different issue). AGAIN they had difficulty locating my account. Once they did, the technician on the phone was very helpful, and he walked me through everything so I could get my internet up and running. Fast forward to yesterday. We use a wireless extender in our hotel to boost our wireless signal. The extender has had difficulty connecting to the router. In addition, our service has been intermittent at best. Again, this is a hotel that NEEDS internet. Not just for us, but for our customers. After being confronted by the third unhappy customer that day, I decided it was time to call Verizon again.

I will spare you the gory details of the two hours that my colleague spent on the phone just trying to get a technician to come out today. After threatening to cancel our service, Verizon finally agreed to send someone out. They were supposed to arrive between 11 am and 2 pm. The customer service rep from the "Elite Department" told him that if no one showed up by 2, to call right away. So at 2 pm when (surprise, surprise) no one showed up, my coworker called the "Elite Department" direct number.

This was supposed to help us not have to go through all the frustrations we had in the past when we called Verizon. Except it didn't. It just brought us right to Verizon Customer service. Another half an hour on the phone to be told that the technician would be arriving between 2:30 and 3:30. At 4 pm, when they still had not showed up, he called again. It is now 5 pm. He just got off the phone. They claim that we will see someone by the end of today. I will not be surprised if no one shows up.

How can a business possibly operate like this? How can they not even have a basic customer support line that doesn't make you want to rip your hair out before you even TALK to the right person. Most of the actual representatives we have spoken to have been helpful. But it is all empty promises, and running around in circles! How can they not find your account when you give them YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER??? How can they treat customers this way. Not having internet is having a HUGE negative impact on our business and we cannot even get basic technical support. If this issue is not resolved, not only will we be taking our business elsewhere, but we will be making sure that every business owner we know (and we know quite a few) does as well.

How about this, was with Verizon for 2 yrs. Contract ended, tried to renew, increase of $40 a month, did not agree. Now trying to get new service, low promotional rates due not apply to my area. I had 50/10 internet. Try to get promotional just internet rate of 50/50 or 50/10. Was told at the store and over the phone that since my area is not wired for 150 Mbps I cannot get the low rate and was given a rate of $79.99/ month. In their words, I have to pay more than the promotional rate of $49.99, although I want the 50/10, because my area is not wired for the 150 speed. But I was offered many options of a higher price. It's 2016 and a national company is still playing the bait and switch of decades ago.

Last week I had no internet, no house phone & no cable. I called up Verizon Fios. I could not understand the tech on the phone who was telling me what to disconnect to try & reboot the service. I had a very hard time understanding this man. I ask him if he can put someone else on the phone because I couldn't understand him. He became angry. He said I am going to have to send someone out there because "it is coming from outside why you have no service". He said with this accent that he can give me Thursday. I said "today is Saturday so you want me to go all week with no service". I said "I want to speak to a manager please". He put me on hold a very long time & the other person got on the phone who spoke the same way as him. They told me I would have to wait until Thursday. I said "you want me to go six days without any service. This is not right."

I said "I want to cancel my service please". He said "you will pay 200 for an early cancellation fee". I have had Fios for over five years. My bill is over 240.00. I said "cancel my service unless you can get someone to my house before Thursday". He said "your service is cancelled". I am so upset with this company but I have ordered Time Warner Cable & they came to me on Monday & I am so happy with their service. I am going to dispute this 200.00 fee as the service was terrible. My internet would go out everyday & we would have to reboot & our cell phone bills became very high every month because we were going over data. I am thrilled to be rid of this company & will never go back to them. Years ago we watch seven channels. These cable companies are crooks & they don't care. They become rich & hire people from other countries & probably pay them peanuts and you can't understand them.

To say their cust. service is awful is being generous. I did not want to give a star, but it made me select something. Came home July 13 to no cable/signal. Called Verizon best they could do is Sat 16. Techs walked in stated we need access to office. Called again someone suppose to be there by 4 the 19th. (office closes by 5) 10 after 5 I called got the runaround. They could try for next day between 12-5. I was livid. I asked if they could take 5 hours off from their jobs. I left 2.5 hours early that day, and 2 mos prior I also had no cable. I told person on phone forget it I'll just cancel and get Time Warner. 15 mins later tech comes says they don't have to get in house, wire needs to be spliced outside building but he can't do it.

Next morning a tech comes out a fixes it, I called Verizon and spoke to live agent to be assured they would not cancel services. They said no. Friday the 22 I had no cable, called them they said it was shut off. They said they couldn't turn it back on from office. Sat they sent techs out to turn it back on. For whatever reason they brought all new equipment and upgraded internet. I was very clear I did not ask for this and did not want it. They assured me the office did no changes to bill.

I get a bill in the mail I now have new account number lost all my rewards and credits they gave me for having no service, they doubled equipment charges and charged set up fee for their mistake. Spoke to woman yesterday she would fix. Got voice mail all fixed. So I called was told my bill would be 167.00. I asked how. They couldn't explain. They'd have woman call me back. So of course second day in row I can't go to lunch waiting for or talking to Verizon. 1.5 hours later no phone call. I am at a lost as to what to do. I am getting nowhere and have spent hours at work trying to have them fix this.

We have been unhappy with Verizon for a number of years. Promises that went unfulfilled, contracts obtained with false information by sales reps. We moved on to Comcast. I called ahead of time to cancel our services and believed I had everything set. I arranged cancellation 2 weeks in advance thinking nothing can go wrong. Ha! The very first thing to happen was the Internet protection plan offered with our internet suite was cut off immediately. Even though I would be charged another 2 weeks. Then I had to go back in and rescind the cancellation because problems arose porting our home phone number. I finally cleared all of that up and again set up cancellation for July 9, 2016, and I am told by the sales rep that I cannot do this. After assuring her that I could and that I had copies of emails sent by Verizon for the original cancellation she hung up on me.

I called again and again was treated to the same craziness I asked for a supervisor - I was told no one was available. I said I would wait. Then I was told there were no supervisors on duty - and then hung up on again. After spending a day and a half dealing with this I finally arranged cancellation of services - at least I thought I had. I received our bill the other day and lo and behold I am still being charged for service. I call and am told that this is not the final bill - the final bill will be mailed to my home and it will reflect the cancellation. I received the bill yesterday - I am being charged as if I never cancelled. I am not paying for two services. How do I report this to proper authorities? This is outright THEFT!!! I call and spend hours with drones who continue to tell me that either they cannot help me or it has been taken care of and I receive these outlandish bills. Can anyone assist?

Very poor 4G data in so-called downtown area of Manahawkin NJ where there is a number of businesses including the area motor vehicle office. Also townhomes. Customer service tells me we are in a fringe band which they said the more activity the worse the signal. Long Beach Island doesn't seem to have that problem though. I take it the vacationers are much more important than the local businesses and residence. Customer service also told us we could break our contract with no problems because we are in this so-called fringe band. Seems to me they're too cheap to add a cell or adjust the existing one. So take it from me a 30 year retired Verizon employee make sure you ask before you purchase a 4G Data Plan from Verizon if where you live is in a fringe band if so you won't be happy. I know I'm not.

I am absolutely disgusted with Verizon. We have their DSL internet, and it is the only internet I can get in my rural area. We pay a crazy amount for an internet that works about 5% of the time. Our neighbors also have this and they have problems, but it is not as bad as ours. Only one person can use the internet at a time, even if someone is just using Facebook on their phone. Videos, even videos that are less than a minute long take FOREVER to load. Lots of times, the internet will not even let us get on. Even if no one else is home, it will not load anything. We have been calling their customer service line for days and they keep arguing there is nothing wrong with our internet and we have "great" speeds.

Today we argued with them for almost 2 hours and they refuse to send someone to check our lines or do anything because "there's nothing wrong". The woman also would not connect me with a supervisor even after I had asked her to multiple times. She just kept saying "there is no problem, you have great internet." This is disgusting to me that they don't care enough about their customers to even send out a tech to check our lines. Our neighbor had to lie and they finally sent someone out to check their internet lines and the tech found that their lines were trashed and had to be replaced. But yet we cannot even get that. I am looking into even paying thousands to get a cable line ran to us just so I do not have to deal with the morons at Verizon anymore.

Verizon signed me up for a bundle package which includes internet, tv and phone. Upon signing me up I was informed there would be no tv in my area. They informed me that DirecTV would be my tv provider. I informed them I wanted Verizon only and they assured me that everything would be fine. They would bundle everything and I would not notice. I surely noticed. I gave only Verizon my information but DirecTV began debiting from my bank account without my consent and without me giving them my information.

I spent one week arguing charges and service because Verizon never came for set up until June. I attempted to cancel the service with Verizon and DirecTV. DirecTV wants to charge me $450 to cancel. I spent two weeks arguing with Verizon for putting me into a contract with DirecTV with which I cannot cancel and will cost me $450. I have now cancelled Verizon and want DirecTV cancelled because I do not want DirecTV. The service is lousy as well as the customer service. I never signed up with DirecTV directly only through Verizon; if I'm able to cancel Verizon I should be able to cancel DirecTV without a fee.

I'm representing my mother Shirley. My mother is in her eighties and do not know how to change a battery. So I called for her and they said they come out and replace the battery at no charge. But when the technician came out he told us there would be a charge for him to come out and for the battery. I am sick of this company scamming my mother and ripping her off. It's amazing how companies like Verizon Fios can rip off senior citizens.

Two sales people came in, told us how they are faster than Comcast, give us three lines instead of two, and come in lower by $50 a month, where do you sign.

They were supposed to have every ready to go by the 29th. Technician texted me 8 am saying he's on the way, never shows. Started thinking is this the way to start a relationship?

So I call in to Verizon just to be clear of service price and performance, he apologized for the tech not making it. They were really busy and would schedule another day. He mentioned the speed not being as fast or even close to Comcast, 30mb down to less than 7mb max. Getting a little queasy in my stomach. Next he mentions all the upcharges and partial charges, service and rearrangement charge? So the $136.68 after taxes and fees as we signed for is really $160. Plus they have the internet set to the main line, not the secondary, which can cause phone noise and static. Plus I find out instead of two new roll over lines, they are porting our fax number out of Metrofax! Which was not discussed at all but was on my business card. So they wrote it up. Metrofax has been perfect! I don't want to pay $24 for a $6 fax line that is paperless.

I at this point want out, put it all back. Comcast was still up and running. Tech never came in our building to complete the install or porting. Shut this down. Give it back. It's been a month almost. I got a bill today, they are claiming they are my service provider. I am beside myself. We are on Comcast modem and have been the whole time, service has been uninterrupted till today. I call them on this bill. They are talking to me like they own the line still. I turn to comcast to verify the port back is complete, yes it is. Magically Verizon still had its fingers in the switch to turn off our service after my call to them on the bill. Comcast says they do this all the time.

Twice this week--once on Monday morning until 2.30AM and once on Thursday morning until 4AM--Fios trucks have been parked outside my apartment building with lights on, engines on, and doing excessively loud roadwork. Beyond inconsiderate to spend over 4 hours doing loud construction between midnight-4AM on a weekday!

The first night it happened I asked one of the men how long they'd be there for. Immediately, he was obnoxious, saying rudely, "A long time! We're working." I said it's against NYC policy to have construction going on at these hours. Loudly and aggressively, he yelled, "Oh yeah? Go find a cop then. Go on! Go get a cop." And he kept repeating this until I walked away. I am a young, small woman who approached him with a level voice at 12.30am. There was absolutely no reason for him to be so rude or aggressive. For this pathetic excuse of a man to behave in this way, as a representative of Verizon, is appalling.

Horrible customer service. Extremely disjointed and unorganized entity. I originally ordered triple pay service online and then decided to call and see if there was a way to get rid of phone service. (Who uses land lines in this day and age??) I was told I wouldn't save anything removing the phone but there was a special deal for faster internet, and no additional fees, while saving a few bucks through a promotional monthly credit for equipment. I accepted and then got a quote saying there would be installation fees. (What?) I called back once more and was told that installation is required for the internet speed quoted, so I said revert back to what I originally ordered. They accepted and stated I would still get the equipment credit.

A few days later, I received an email (no call) saying they cancelled my order. I called back, spent another hour on the phone, and was told I'd get the same deal as I originally got online but with the equipment credit. Finally got everything going, but with a week delay without service. I never received an email confirmation (my mistake, should have followed up on that). When I got my first bill, it was more than the original online quote, and I did not receive the promised promo equipment credit. I called and went through chat services and they all just told me there's no record of an order with promotional credits and that phone orders have different prices than online orders.

Basically, short story, bait and switch, and their representatives are liars. Everyone has a different opinion and offer different deals, there is no uniformity. The difference is a measly 10 dollars a month, which I don't care about, but the principle of the matter is what makes me so angry. Don't promise something and then not give it!!!

I called them to ask about prices because my internet is down and was ready to switch from TWC to a more reliable internet service. As I was on the phone with the guy (wish I got his name) he was very rude and he sounded like he hated his job. I initially told him that I'm just calling around getting prices for my wife and I to sit down and compare. He kept pushing me to order it right there on the phone. Being very pushy. Saying things like, "I just don't see why you don't order it now, if you don't like it you can call back and cancel. Why do you have to ask your wife to get cable?"

I told him I didn't want my credit check run by the company yet because I wanted to see what my wife said. He then got angry even though I started our conversations with, "I'm just calling for prices and to see if you service my area, if I like it I'll call you guys back after I discuss it". He wouldn't stop saying that he already put all my information into the computer and all he needs to do is get me qualified to order their service. Except I didn't want to be qualified and I didn't ask him to put all my info into his computer. In fact I couldn't get a word in because he kept asking me all these questions while ignoring the questions I asked.

Finally after telling the Customer service guy "no thank you" nicely and even trying to laugh it off because it was all ridiculous that he's so pushy that I wanted to not make a decision based on a 5 minute phone call he got pissed and told me, "Fine, call back when you make a decision," and hung up. If this is how a company treats you when they want your money I can't even imagine how they treat you once they have your money and you're locked into a 2 year contract. I don't want to find out. TWC is horrible reliability and iffy internet but at least every time I call their customer service they put on a fake face and are nice to their customers.

When Verizon was sold without any warning we were without telephone, internet and cable for 2 weeks. I am a telemarketer who phones into another system to do my job. I lost my job because we had no landline. If Verizon thinks I'm going to pay for coverage we never received and caused me to lose my job they are crazy. Now they are trying to collect payment when my contract with them ended in June.

I first tried to set up service in the beginning of May to be set up by the 10th, we would be at our new place the day before. I noticed no one came so I called and there was no record of the order, and by the second rep we figured out that someone spelled my name wrong. So I had to restart everything all over to get service set up on the 24th. I noticed the box that I had and the rep on the phone had difficulty getting a signal sent to the box that came with the house, so I would have figured that they would bring a new Cable worked for one or two days afterwards and out it went. Three days without cable or internet, so they gave us a credit for that bill once we got our cable back. It was a measly 34.47 for 3 days of no tv, phone or internet.

When we finally got our bill it was WRONG! I was charged for the Ultimate Cable bundle plan instead of the Preferred Cable plan. No matter how much I try to explain each person (4 people) tell me either tell me the 34.47 was the adjustment or the 77.00 that I saved on the bundles was my adjustments. I saved the chat transaction on that convo, it was too ridiculous not to save. I tried to explain to Joey that 210.05 (total bill) - 34.47 (credit) = 175.58 (final charge) is different from 189.29 (this month and what I should have been charged). I am tell him that if I would have been charged what I should have been my balance last month would have been 154.82 instead of 175.58, but I keep getting the, "The credits were adjusted on last day of May 2016. The May 2016 bill came before the adjustment as your billing cycle is 20 of every month."

My billing cycle ends on the 20th but my May 31st credit adjusted onto June's bill but didn't change the price??? I paid half of 175.58 (88.58 6/13) and the rest 87.00 on 6/21. Prior to the credit my bill was 210.05 and this month is 189.29 but I had the same service. I am owed 20.76 and all I hear is "You already had some money taken out of your bill." The 77.00 (promotional discount) and 34.47 3-day loss of service... I am not being told any new adjustments.

To replace the battery in the Fios box is very difficult when you are a senior citizen, so I called for service. I was told that even though I pay $120.00 a year for maintenance it doesn't cover this service. To have help there was a service fee plus I had to buy the $40.00 battery. When Fios was installed I was told that Verizon would replace the battery no fee. They can change policy whenever they feel like it with no regards to their customers. Thoroughly disgusted with Verizon. Stay away if possible. Will be checking into a new service.

FIOS is not available where I live and the only landline service Verizon provides here (old fashioned, copper wires) does nothing useful to reduce the torrent of robocalls. I get several every day. Time Warner now offers good phone service which does block robocalls. Given the lack of attention to Verizon customers who want robocalls effectively blocked, why would a customer like me want to switch to FIOS when Verizon makes it available here.

I have a huge complaint with Verizon FIOS customer service and the technical team. My experience from last night and today with both Verizon technical support and Verizon customer service were awful. My phone, TV and internet have been down since yesterday Tuesday, June 28, 2016. After going through the steps with the automated machine trying to troubleshoot and fix the issue. I was transferred to a representative in Mexico and was told a technical team could only come and fix my service on Friday, July 1st and I would need to be home all day.

They could only give me an appointment between 8:30 and 5. I asked to speak with a supervisor to see what they could do for me, was put on hold but somehow I was transferred to someone in India. When I told him that I was on hold to speak with a supervisor I was again transferred back to Mexico and was told by the supervisor Joan that he was going to see what he could do for me and will give me a call back today between 9 and 10 am. Never got a call back from him.

I called again at 3 pm today and had to go through the automated machine again. Funny how Fios thinks the machine can help a customer when the customer has no service and had already called to report its service is not working. I had to explain everything again to the representative that I had no service since yesterday and I was supposed to have gotten a call back from the representative I spoke with yesterday but he never called me. I needed to have my service fixed prior to Friday because we could not go without the internet until then.

I was told that there was nothing they could do for me. They did not have a technician to come out before Friday and that my appointment and that I had to be home between 8:30 and 5. I do not understand why I have to wait until Friday to have my service fixed by Verizon Fios. This is totally unacceptable. I needed to work from home last night but could not work because I had no internet service. I tried to explaining to the representative that I work from home on a regular basis and need my internet but that did not matter to them.

Is Verizon FIOS going to compensate me for not having any service for all of these days and also for being home all day Friday, waiting for their technician, since I do not have internet access I cannot work from home. Can someone please let me know what's going on with the Verizon Fios customer service? I want to cancel my service but just need time to shop around for a new service provider. I also do not want to go through the aggravation of changing my email address and phone. Thank you.

I have the slowest internet there is. I was told I was at the end of the line, that why I keep getting unknown calls I supposed have a block on my line, not to get calls with a phone number showing on my phone. This is the second time I called Verizon. The first time I called I was told they would look into it but when I called today I was transferred 3 times. No one could help me and I ask for a supervisor. I could not get one to talk to. Can someone tell me how to make calls all over the world with out using a phone number. It seems like Verizon cannot stop them and does not a thing about them.

I signed up for internet for the first time when I bought my new home and asked the Verizon agent many different times and ways what my total bill would be and he "forgot" to mention the additional $10/month rental fee that showed up on my first bill after I'd already been charged $80 for installation. I was told "Sorry" and that I could cancel my plan within 30 days but would not be refunded the $80 so I'm now paying Verizon's already expensive prices plus an extra $120/yr. So angry, when this plan expires I will never use Verizon again just on principle. Perhaps I was naive to not know there would be an equipment rental fee but I think their response was just bad business.

Before we install the triple bundle in my house from Verizon Fios, we were offered a $300 visa card. Within 2 months we called to find out about the Card and we were told to wait another month. The third month came and we never received it. I called today to complain and I was told that we did not "qualify" for such Card.

Thanks a lot Verizon. We are disconnecting the services and going with somebody else. Do yourself a favor, STAY AWAY FROM VERIZON.

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Another of the largest ISPs, Verizon supports its core mobile phone operations with fiber optic cable Internet. Verizon intends to expand coverage in existing locations, but is not expanding into new regions. Verizon has also sold its FiOS operations in a few states, including Texas, Florida and California.

  • Price advantage: Verizon's biggest competitor is Comcast, so it strives to offer lower prices in markets where the two compete directly.
  • Fewer restrictions: In many markets, Verizon offers FiOS with no contract, so customers are not locked into their services.
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