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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Progressive Motorcycle Insurance?
    • 4,482,017 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed Jan. 7, 2024

    I would like to write this review about Progressive Motorcycle Insurance. I have carried Progressive insurance on my motorcycle for over 10 years and never had any claims or violations during that time. This past year, in April of 2022, I experienced the loss of my very pristine 2009 Can-Am Spyder while it was parked inside my garage. The entire property, consisting of our cabin, garage, and approximately 92 pine trees, succumbed to a wildfire which consumed everything in a 22,000-acre area.

    When I reported this loss to Progressive, they insisted on towing the remnants from Flagstaff (where the wildfire was located) down to Phoenix to be assessed for the damage, even though I had sent them pictures of the burnt frame, which is all that remained (even the engine and wheels were gone). They stated that they needed the frame's VIN number. I had to plan a trip up to the burn area to meet with the tow truck operator to point out the wreckage, as I also had several off-road ATVs that were also lost in the fire. The towing company could not give me an exact time, so I had to be nearby the burned property during a 4-hour window when they might show up.

    Once the truck arrived, the driver refused to pick up the wreckage because it was too far back in what remained of the garage, and he was going to have to move some other objects to get to the motorcycle frame. Fortunately, I had another person there with me, and together the two of us were able to make enough room for the tow truck's winch to hook up to the motorcycle's frame and drag it out and onto the flatbed of the tow truck. Then the truck left, and I never knew where my frame ended up. I did receive a message sometime after, confirming that my motorcycle was indeed a total loss. They failed to offer a settlement amount which was enough to replace my motorcycle.

    My 2009 Can-Am Spyder had just 4000 miles on it. This bike was always garage kept and never was ridden in rain, mud, snow, or anything that could cause any cosmetic or mechanical damage to it. I expressed my disbelief about the amount and even sent many examples of comparable motorcycles for sale within 500 miles of my location.

    The people at Progressive told me that they didn't need to provide enough payment to purchase another motorcycle, just the market value. Okay, market value seems to me to be the amount to purchase a like model vehicle. Makes sense, right? I never asked to have any kind of vehicle to use since mine was burnt up. If it were my only means of transportation, this might have been the case. What if it had been stolen? What if it could've been repaired? Then, I would have needed a temporary vehicle to drive. I never asked nor was offered any of these. At any rate, I will never recommend Progressive insurance to anyone and will never use this company again. I thought this was a decent and reputable company, but it turns out they are neither.

    Reviewed July 12, 2023

    Not only did they make me feel like my motorcycle being stolen was my fault they are dragging my claim on. Then have the audacity to say it can take time sometimes. I did the appropriate steps. My motorcycle had a lot of sentimental value and they’re making this whole experience. Terrific. Definitely switching insurance companies when I’m through with this claim.

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      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed July 13, 2020

      Flat tire on my heritage softail on my birthday when leaving for a trip on Friday. Called for a tow. I have their best plan with towing, trip interruption, etc. Kept calling me back telling me it would be just a few minutes longer. Four hours later a "manager" called me telling me it had been escalated to her, but that she was unable to find a tow operates that could tow my bike 11 miles. She wanted me to leave it there until Tuesday. I'm in a major metro. She then tried to tell me that the reason for problem was that tow operators don't really operate on the weekends and those that do, don't have more than one employee and even then, don't have access to the necessary flat bed. Pure B.S. Doesn't even deserve consideration. What a load! Insulting to anybody's intelligence.

      I politely explained that this wasn't true. No joke, I simply explained politely and calmly that tow trucks are all over the metro operating on weekends. One just drove past me while we were on the phone. She got mad, told me that "if you run the towing why don't you just call one!". I calmly and politely replied that it was ridiculous that I've paid Progressive for this service and they are unable or willing to deliver. Then she hung up on me. Don't use this company, liars, rude, liars.


      Reviewed July 9, 2019

      I've had Progressive covering my motorcycle for about 6 years with no accidents or tickets. I had them for a few years before this on my scooter too, no accidents or tickets on that either. Their prices are fine although they seem to go up and down a few dollars every month and nobody at Progressive can explain why this is to me. Anyways, I was hit by a car a couple of weeks ago and the bike was nearly totaled. The other driver, the police report and multiple witnesses all agreed I had done nothing wrong and the other driver was at fault. My attorneys suggested going through my Progressive insurance as it would be faster and then Progressive would recoup their losses from the other driver's insurance later.

      Progressive came back and confirmed they were totaling it out and offered me about 40% of the actual value of the bike. I refused and went back and forth with them/attorneys and their reasoning for the lower amount was that the bike is currently not drivable and not in good condition... after the accident. They're refusing to give the value of the bike as it was before the accident (I sent over maintenance receipts, photos of the bike right before the accident, affidavit from my mechanic who confirmed the bike was in excellent condition and the tires, brakes, seat had all been recently replaced and a sound system added). Lawyers talked to them about all of this and came back with an even lower price for no good reason. I'll be switching insurance and lawyers immediately but the way Progressive handled my claim was a joke compared to what I paid for coverage. Will not recommend them to anybody going forward.


      Reviewed July 5, 2019

      I am not one to write reviews on companies or products but this is ridiculous. I have seen a couple other reviews but I wanted to make another about this topic. I have been with Progressive for a couple years with my motorcycles and my truck without a single accident. In regards to their motorcycle policies, you have to apply for a year policy, nothing less. With that being said, in Texas, if you cancel, they will keep 10% of the entire cost of the year policy. This is absolutely outrageous for people in the military that do not always need insurance for nowhere near that long. When I talked to a supervisor, she couldn't do anything about it and I told her that I would not be going back and I would not be recommending anyone to them. This did not seem to bother her and she did not help any further. I will never recommend Progressive to anyone ever again because of this blatant disregard for customer satisfaction.

      Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

      Reviewed March 16, 2019

      I pay for premium motorcycle insurance that covers everything from medical to roadside assistance. My two experiences with Progressive's (Agero) towing has been a nightmare. They tried to make me pay 350 dollars yesterday for a tow that was covered by my policy. When I called back a second time they said they made a mistake and finally covered the cost, very dishonest business practice that could fool a lot of people into paying more than they have to.

      Progressive hides behind the fact that they use a separate agency (Agero) to handle towing so whenever you call to give feedback on the experience they act like it's not their problem and run you through a bureaucracy pipeline that makes the department of motor vehicles feel like a vacation. They do this to wear you down and give up on trying to pursue recourse for their terrible customer service.

      If your experience was slow or the staff tried to overcharge you for something covered by your policy, they always say, "You'll have to deal with Agero directly, it's not our problem" and refer you to an email that never gets answered. Progressive clearly doesn't care about customer service or keeping detailed records of their cases which is the worst feeling when you're stranded in the middle of nowhere.

      When I call they often have no idea what tow I'm talking about, or what was discussed on a previous phone call and use that as an excuse to not help because they have "no record of this ever happening." I've used roadside assistance twice this year. The first time they left me stranded on the side of the road for 5 hours, a long time to wait if you're only wearing motorcycle gear in 40 degree weather. The second time they tried to overcharge me for my tow. They said they would send me a gift card as an apology and it never arrived even after I called them 5 times over the course of 3 months to follow up about it.

      When you call Progressive to give feedback about the experience they tell you that you have to work with Agero directly. I don't care how your internal departments work, Progressive, this is your responsibility. It makes me wonder how they'll handle a future claim in the event of a serious accident when I need medical attention. I sure hope Agero doesn't also handle their medical claims department, or else I'd probably be swindled into paying full price for something that again is covered by my premium policy.

      I called them yesterday to give this feedback and they said they would follow up but never did, so now I'm writing this review in hopes that someone thinking of getting motorcycle insurance through progressive will reconsider. Get Geico and AAA, they're great. Once my policy is up in June I'm switching to Geico. Very disappointed, Flo.

      CoveragePunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed March 5, 2019

      On February 7th, 2019, my motorcycle was backed into. I was not on it but inside a home of a relatives. Other party had insurance but unwilling to give me a fair value nor repair value of my bike. Ended up being more repair work than it was to claim a total loss. I was completely saddened. I called Progressive for help and they advised better to open a claim on my policy even if not my fault and I wouldn't be dinged for this since I was not near my vehicle on the reports. So I did. Both insurance appraisers looked at my motorcycle and two separate figures in totally different amounts came back. A huge difference by a few thousand dollars. I had Progressive indeed on my side, a rental car (since my other vehicle was also in ill repair) and a check in my hand by the middle of the month.

      Happy to say I've bought another bike, still with Progressive and my adjuster is elated of my new purchase. Not only a business relationship but a new found friend on two wheels! My rate will not increase over this and they went to war for me with this other insurance company trying to dupe me into thinking my bike had zero value after I knew it did! Thank you Progressive! I feel even more safer on the road these days! Not sure why others have such a hard time. I never had the first issue.


      Reviewed Feb. 25, 2019

      My 16 year old was rear ended by motorcyclist who crushed our bumper and taillight. The motorcyclist was insured by Progressive. They have us the runaround in the beginning by doing their leg work for them, taking pictures for the adjuster then wanted us to take the bumper apart ourselves to see if the impact absorber was broken (not our job). They didn't want to authorize a rental for us either, not our fault the motorcyclist hit us, we need a car to drive. Now car is supposedly finished and the paint doesn't match. We were told they will not authorize the body shop to blend the paint. WTF, there was nothing wrong with the bumper until we were hit. They are legitimate crooks.

      CoveragePunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed Feb. 15, 2019

      I took out a policy through Progressive on my new Polaris Slingshot. I needed insurance right away and did not have time to shop around. I had to pay 186.00 up front to start the insurance policy. No big deal as normally when you cancel a policy you would get a refund. Not only did they charge 1256.00 a year but within 3 weeks when I found better and cheaper insurance for 350.00 a year and canceled my policy they informed me that because I did not have the policy very long that it is prorated at 90% so my refund was only 11.00. None of this was disclosed ahead of time. I would not recommend Progressive Insurance to anyone.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Sept. 19, 2018

      I got Progressive Motorcycle Insurance through USAA. I'd just bought a bike, had the title signed over to me with all appropriate legal documentation (Michigan title, I'm in Texas), and took out a policy on the bike. While I was waiting for a repair part to come in so I could get the bike ready for inspection, registration, and titling, it was stolen. Progressive collected copies of the title (in my name), police report, bill of sale, and photos of me on the bike; actually called the former owner, and the landlord where I live to verify my story, stopped in for a surprise visit to my neighbors while I wasn't home, and went into my backyard to take pictures without any communication to me... Then said they couldn't complete the claim until I had a title with my name typed on the front, not just handwritten.

      Note: Legally those are no different. So it has now been several months of administrative processing with me missing work time to go to the county and state offices to: apply for a title, get rejected due to it being marked stolen (Progressive suggested I get them to mark it "un-stolen" so I could get the title, which is not legally possible), pick up a new police report, apply for a reversal of title rejection, and cross my fingers hoping that some kind soul in the capital will have mercy on me and release the title so I can get my reimbursement. Meanwhile, Progressive failed to stop charging me monthly until today, 2 1/2 months later, when I called to ask why I was still paying for a policy when I didn't have the bike anymore. $120 refunded instantly... But I had to ask. Use caution insuring with Progressive, even the auto detective working my case couldn't argue them into cooperating.

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      Progressive Motorcycle Insurance author review by Matthew Brodsky

      As an industry leader in the insurance industry, Progressive offers a range of products designed to protect all types of vehicles.

      • Instant online quoting: Progressive's online quote calculator makes buying insurance easier than ever.

      • Low pricing: Motorcycle insurance starts as low as $75 per year.

      • Accessory coverage available: As part of the standard package, Progressive covers accessories up to $3,000 if a covered bike gets totaled.

      • Online claims processing: File a claim online or via the phone, right from the Progressive homepage.

      • Custom motorcycle insurance: For those who put a lot of money into a bike after it comes off the lot, being able to buy up to $30,000 of coverage for customizations is a great option.

      by Matthew Brodsky Insurance Advisor

      Matthew Brodsky is an established expert on insurance, having written hundreds of articles and other pieces of content on the subject, interviewed countless practitioners, and attended dozens of conferences and events. He served as an editor at industry magazine Risk & Insurance for six years.

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