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Last updated: Dec. 8, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2017

My father had a group policy with MetLife. He had his wife at the time as beneficiary. She died before him. When I called about the policy they said it had been paid out but refused to tell me who to. What's the best way to force them to tell who it was paid to?

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 30, 2017

At the end of my 10 year term life insurance, they jacked up my rates WITH NO WARNING or notice from $39/month to $490/month by the time I caught it. No request to sign up at a reasonable rate, no call from a representative, just automatically withdrew it from my account until I caught it. In the end, I paid $14,800 in 31 months for insurance while I was busy sending my boys off to the Marines, and focused on getting my business off the ground. Did they care or offer me any money back? Sure... 2 months payment. Their legal argument... "we sent you a bill way back in December, once a year, with a little tiny number in the lower right hand corner that showed the new increase". Thanks for the compassion jerks. They didn't care at all. "Wow, you must be mad...." Yeah I'm glad, now you can keep my thousands of dollars and sleep well while I end up on Medicaid because I can't afford healthcare. I should have died, then it would have been worth it all.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 18, 2017

Just in case anyone has a life insurance policy from MetLife/Brighthouse and wants to make any sort of change, I was told I was responsible for finding a financial broker. They couldn't find one for me, nor could verify if any broker would be able to service the policy... Pathetic. To anyone that might be considering obtaining a new policy with either of these companies - rethink it. There are plenty of other companies that provide an actual LIVE person that you can speak with or meet in person. These 2 companies no longer can provide that in the life insurance space. If your insurance broker goes out of business for any reason, you are on your own. Dated 10/18/2017.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 27, 2017

Have had MetLife for 30 years. They are always on top of things that really matter. For as long as I have had their insurance (annuity) they never make mistakes.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 20, 2017

My father worked for the US Postal Service and paid into his life insurance for 20 years. When w passed I was in prison. Well MetLife never found me to tell me about the policy which they have a responsibility to do so. My Father never named me as a beneficiary because I am his only child so he figured I would be the only one who would get the money. Well because they never told me about the policy after one year they paid the policy to the executor my cousin.

They knew he had a child and knew my name. I had a phone in my name at my sister's house and I had a daughter in state care. They could have found me in a few minutes if they tried. I after I found out about the policy I called them and they told me I did not file a claim within a year so they paid the policy out. They would not tell me who claimed it and told me if I wanted to find out who, they paid to get a court order. How rude. I've called them many times and they are very rude. I just can't see them paying $250,000 without investigating who they paid and did they do everything possible to find the only child. They broke the law by not telling me and paying someone else my father's insurance. Don't do business with this co. if you want your children to have what you paid into for 20 years.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 20, 2017

I have had life insurance with MetLife for six years and I am pleased with my policy. It is sufficient for my needs. It is enough for my children to make sure my wishes are carried out and my bills are paid. They should have a little left over to use for important thing in their life.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 14, 2017

There were some settlements MetLife had to make, and this was done quickly and efficiently. I also had several claims for deceased family members, and received the payments for these in a timely manner.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 11, 2017

Am beneficiary for a life policy. They completely ignored my request as to THEIR OPTIONS of method of payment. Of the 2 options, they chose the one I did not want. It opens and maintains an account with THEM. Jerks. Just what you need when you are grieving and accounts are frozen due to death. A giant conglomerate to delay your payout and try to make money off of you. Isn't it enough that they already made their profit off my dad? What a bunch of creeps.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 6, 2017

First, let me say that MetLife reps are very friendly when selling you a policy but become very cold when you attempt to receive payments on the policy. Indeed the job of a MetLife rep at payment time is to deny you payment. I purchased AARP MetLife LTC some 20 years ago on the advice of a friend who worked for the company. I read the contract when it came and thought I understood it. I would advise anyone considering any company's LTC to allow someone in the health field or a lawyer to read any insurance contract. You have so many days to cancel your contract if you do not think the contract is fair. Had I done this I would not have lost 20 years of payments to this company.

When I sought payment for home care I was denied. I had a health care company president read the contract and she concluded it was unbelievably unfair and written so as to deny payment. You must almost be in a coma before payment is granted. All other LTC contracts (according to my health care person who reviewed the MetLife contract) consider bathing and transferring two separate items. Some even include cooking meals and cleaning as an ADL. MetLife does not. I needed assistance for dressing, meal cooking, shopping, transport to MD appts. and other issues and was told I did not. This was based on their own appraisal of me by their own RN.

A METLIFE physician reads the request and decides - after never seeing you - that the best doctors in Boston are incorrect. The MetLife rep tells me that the MD's reports do not indicate I need help with the ADL's (Activities of Daily Living). The MetLife rep does not tell me that the Md must clearly state in the words of the contract what help you need - that a medical reports from many doctors saying that I had serious medical issues was not enough. After almost of year of appeals and denials, I canceled the policy. I only wish I had never purchased it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 3, 2017

I have been trying to get a payout for my mom's long term care insurance. I have called many times and every time I call I never get the same answer. The Agent assigned to me seems to be incompetent. She has given me deadlines several times and has never met them on her end. One time was four weeks late. She was honest and told me she forgot about the case. Since then I have been told three times that I would have a check. All three times there is some problem that I am not notified of. The latest is information that MetLife has been sent twice.

While on the phone I looked up the email and read the info the rep said we were missing. It is now July 3rd, I was told by my assigned agent I would have a check by early to mid April. I am three months past what I was told. I am extremely frustrated and upset I have to go through this when MetLife has all the information they need. I keep getting a new excuse every time I call the company. It takes a lot to get me angry but MetLife has done it.

MetLife employees do not care about the people they service, bottom line. They are there to collect a salary, and get in and out of the workday with as little effort as possible. Of all the people I have talked none of them give the impression of caring about people. Insurance is a business that deals with the care and service of people, and no on cares about people. Especially the agent that is assigned the case. How can you forget about a case? How can you tell a customer they will have something three times and not come through three times? How can you ask for information, be sent the information and not realize you have the information? How can need more information for case, and NOT contact the people for the information when they have called multiple times? I have even asked what can I do to speed this process up and not a word was said about not having information.

It is baffling to me is how a company can expect the customers to pay the premium on time in full. But not even come close to getting claims processed in an efficient quick manner, or honor the deadlines the company sets. I am at a loss of how MetLife can operate like this. It takes a lot for me to lose my cool but I have done it with the reps on the phone. The one I talked to I used poor language and raised my voice with. She did not deserve that. She was not listening, or willing to check and was disrespectful but she did not deserve to be treated how I treated her.

I hope something can be done soon. We started the process in January, it is now July and I have no promise of resolution. My expectations for MetLife or any company are simple: Honesty, Integrity, Great communication, To be treated with respect, Efficient process of business. MetLife has not met any of these simple expectations. I hope it changes in the future.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 27, 2017

I own 16 policies that I pay over 2,000 a month for. I call for service as I am fully retired and I am sent somewhere in the world where they do not speak english. So I ask for someone that speaks clearer and I am transferred to another part of the world and it is not much better. I try to explain what I need and it takes about 45 minutes as I had to spell my name 13 times and my address is taking 15 times to get right. So I ask a manager to get me to America... after all I live here and that is where MetLife is... The call transfer took another 35 minutes and the person I got could not help with life insurance questions. They put me on hold 17 minutes and the person that came on could not help with all my policies... only the whole life. So I get transferred and I get to the original person from two hours ago... In a far away land where they do not speak english. I have to give him all my info again to even be sent to a place to help me.

20 minutes later the interrogation has ended and I am switched. I come back to America... I'm so happy... But the person does not deal with life insurance. I have seen this play before. 15 minutes later a person who is a woman comes on... she is rude as all hell. She says I am speaking too fast. She then says be calm... She tells me she is trying to help me. She is so slow that 30 minutes have gone by and she is looking at each policy like the fbi. I try to help her and she keeps saying please be quiet sir. I ask for a full value loan on my policy and finally she is able to put it through.

So I then say, "Ok go to the next policy" and she tells me she can only put through one loan over the phone and then everything has to be in writing with forms she will send me... I explain that I have 16 policies for 20 years and I need some money and I can not wait for all the paperwork to go through. She says she can only do one loan and in fact there is a cap of only 20,000 dollars anyway. So I said, "I have 225k there why only 20k at a time?" And she says those are the rules. So I give metlife my money and when I need it back then the rules prohibit me from doing anything with my money for at least 15 days... if not more. This is not what I signed up for.

I have many policies and I may need a loan on any one or more of them... I can not keep going through this hell. So I am now writing the state insurance dept as I have recorded the last 4 phone transfers and the people trying to understand me. By the way I graduated with a masters and I speak perfectly as I was born here in America. I was not able to buy the things I needed for summer and this was not supposed to be the case... it is my money after all. It is 16 days and still no money has arrived... I lost the deposit on the car I tried to buy and my son lost the house he was buying as he did not have the down payment in time. I have closed all my annuities and looking to close all the insurance policies and go elsewhere. They do not care about customers at all.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 17, 2017

Did not receive my bill for my homeowners policy. Called MetLife twice. Second time spoke to Anthony who extended the policy until June 30th in order for you to get our bill to pay as it was being re-routed to our winter home. I received my bill 5 days later, called to make a payment .Was told by a heavily accent woman who did not speak good English nor have good understanding that the policy was cancelled too bad for us! When I demanded to speak to a supervisor she got snippy and tried to talk over me. I hung up on her after filling her ear with something I knew she could understand... and called back and it was reinstated along with an apology from MetLife. These folks are the worst. Next call Monday to the Attorney General in CT to report them and their practices followed by a call to the Insurance commissioner... Enough of these buffoons.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 14, 2017
When my family of five bought MetLife 95. We've been promised the policy, it will be paid for by itself after 8 years. About 10 years later, they did notify us, no need to pay premium. Then one day, they cancelled all our policy, reason. "elapse payment". They said they notify us with regular mail to the insured. But the owner of the policyholder lives out of states, he never got the letter. We also asked Metlife Chandler Office, "Why didn't you register mail us instead of regular mail,

why didn't you get premium from our "cash account"? Chandler office said, "Those stocks already under another management company." And that is it, we lost all our insurance, the whole family.

I called their Chandler AZ location where we got our policy, I was mad, and said, "This is so wrong, should I get a lawyer?" The second they heard "lawyer", they refused to take my call; answer my questions. Reason: "You mention one word, lawyer, we can't talk to you anymore". The way Metlife doing business is so evil. If there is rating of minus star. I will give them minus 10.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 28, 2017

It was so unfortunate to give a cheque of Aed 4425 on the name of MetLife by trust on the name of such reputed company for approval of a group policy on 21 Dec 2017 to an agent Mr Sunil ** whose co-coordinator is Mr Dinesh ** (very dry and non-responsive) in Dubai but without approving the policy they deposited my cheque in bank. After lot of requests/telephone calls, ultimately wrote them an email to cancel the proposal and refund our money which is not at all due as an insurance claim.

It took more than two months, making calls almost every day on toll free number, and around exchanged around 60 emails and having useless answers without any result. No response to a single call or email especially from agent or Manager. I have to put my own effort and deal with toll free call center. Keeping on hold every time to waste 10-15 minutes everyday and ending call with a reference number of complaint. No responsible answer. I wonder how and why they took my money if the policy was not approved? Still, don't know why they have such bad system. Never-ever again in my life for Metlife. If they do like this with customers for normal refund what they will do on any claim!! Very unfortunate to deal with such company.

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Original review: May 5, 2017

I buy medicine from MetLife site. They promised to getting 30% discount but actually, we get 20% discount with VAT extra. Medicines are selling with all inclusive. Then why charge VAT? At outside medical store not charge VAT on medicine because of its all inclusive. So finally I am not satisfied with your site.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 4, 2017

As a business owner, they are HORRIBLE to work with. It is absolutely painful to work with them. If I ran my business this way I would be out of business. The list of hoops they make you jump through just goes on and on. They won't mail invoices, they won't take payment over the phone. They don't staff their call centers to speak with someone on the phone, they cash your payments and don't apply it to your account. The list goes on and on. I have only used them for 6 months and I am definitely in the market for find a replacement. Surely there has to be an insurance company that doesn't treat their customers this way.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 1, 2017

Very unprofessional, salespeople come and go, lie to your face. Then when they get fired, there is nobody to talk with. 3 rate increases in 3 years, 60 percent increase. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. VERY UNTRUSTWORTHY.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 26, 2017

I've had MetLife Life insurance for 30 years. Same policy. Contacted them about my life insurance and also I had more money. 2 different times to invest, 1st was when I wanted to move my cash value on my acc. somewhere where it could make more $$, agent told me that my policy would be eaten up and gone in no time, so I hung up. 2nd was I had money from a loved one dying and wanted to invest that money, same agent got back with me, I was in a store when he called and didn't want to mention the amount so gave him a low ball amount, which it was more, but where I was in a store I ask if he would call me back, he said yes and we set up a time for that afternoon. That was 3 months ago, since have talked to a supervisor, made a complaint, she said I'd hear back from someone about investing the money.

Now that was 3 weeks ago, so called again and talked to someone in corporate office, lo and behold MetLife has no agents anymore. It all went to, get this, Mass mutual!!! There is no MetLife Life insurance anymore!!! And due to the fact I bought my insurance through MetLife mass mutual can't take a complaint!!! So I said, “Okay I will invest my money somewhere else.” There is no more MetLife people. It is now mass mutual!!! So beware. Not customer friendly -- they will give you the runaround, and it took me contacting them many times to find this out about the company change before they told me anything! If you have MetLife and your agent’s name is Doug, beware!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 25, 2017

We have had a relationship with MetLife for more than 20 years that is about to end. I have my auto policy (five cars and four drivers), my homeowners policy and two life insurance policies (for my wife and myself) with MetLife. I would guess over the course of these 20+ years in our relationship I have sent MetLife $80,000 - $100,000 in premiums. Last year we added a couple newer cars to our Auto Policy and removed an older one. At that time my premium went up (as I expected) about $1000 per year. In January it went up another $150 per year.

Earlier this month I got an email notification that I received a new auto insurance document. I took a look at it and saw my auto insurance was going up about another $1000 per year to $4844 per year. I have been driving since I turned 16 with no accidents and no tickets. My wife, additionally has an impeccable driving record. My oldest daughter (now 24) has never had a ticket and had one fender bender more than 3 years ago. My youngest daughter (now 21) has never had a ticket and was sitting at a stop light about a year ago when an older gentleman in a Tesla rear-ended her at a high rate of speed, totaling my car. He thought the car would stop for him; go figure. She has never been in an at-fault accident either.

So of course I called MetLife to see what's up with all the hikes. I called and spoke to Mark earlier this week and he told me the rate increase was due to my oldest daughter's fender bender more than three years ago. I expressed how I found that very odd and unreasonable. He said, and I'll use the exact term, "That's just a MetLife rule." I jokingly said, "It's a MetLife rule to screw life long customers for an accident that occurred 3+ years ago?" I found that hard to believe. But he said the only thing he could suggest would be for me to take a Defensive Driver course, get the certificate, send it to MetLife so I could get a 5% discount. Again, I laughed. After 40+ years of accident free driving I have neither the time nor the need for such a course.

Interestingly, a day or two later I got a real letter from MetLife saying you are indeed jacking my rates and I have the opportunity to protest this by going through some process with the State of Maryland. The letter also states, and I quote, "The actual reason or reasons for the increase are: ... Incidents and/or conditions that impacted the premium include: Christine **'s activity: NOT at fault accident on 05/03/2016 (Claimant Vehicle Rear-ended Insured) & Driver licensed less than 5 years with activity. Seriously??? She was rear-ended by a filthy rich nitwit sitting at a stoplight (luckily uninjured) but hit hard enough to total my good car that I had to fight USAA insurance for months to get settled and because of that, my rates are skyrocketing? Great rule MetLife!

So, I called MetLife again last night angered that Mark gave me a different reason than the letter did. The young lady I spoke to last night had an odd name I can't recall but after having me on hold for a bit said, the reason my rates are going up is because everyone in the area is having a rate increase (you know actuarial stuff). So, Met Life has provided me three different reasons as to why my rates are skyrocketing since mid last year; none of them seem valid.

My answer to that is good riddance MetLife. I am awaiting a call from a MetLife supervisor to verbally voice the points above. If there is a customer retention person or department or someone from MetLife that deals with Better Business Bureau complaints, I'd love for you to send this info to them and escalate this to MetLife management because the rate increases are unfounded and ludicrous in my opinion. If any of the reasons I have been given are MetLife rules, I speculate you won't be a very successful business much longer.

I wanted to get my thoughts down in writing for a Better Business Bureau report I intend to file when I have a few minutes. I'd love to hear from someone with stature and tenure at MetLife to explain this increase to me rationally. There are dozens of insurance companies that would appreciate my business at a reasonable price. I have a couple quotes already that prove MetLife is attempting to gouge me; a 20+ year customer that always pays on time and is essentially claim free. As I told the young lady last night, I'll be happy to take MetLife's call anytime to discuss in the hopes of hearing some ethical reasonable reply. She said I would hear back within 24 hours. Looking forward to the call.

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Original review: April 20, 2017

We've had MetLife Insurance policies for 27 years. My husband's policy was increased over $100 a month so we stopped it and he went with Mass Mutual. I have had automatic withdrawals for my policy with MetLife deducted every month. Last week, I got a letter from MetLife stating that my policy was ending. I called and spoke with a male rep who told me that as long as payments were made, the policy would be active. He assured me there would be no problem.

Last week, I got a refund check from them in the exact amount of a monthly payment. I called them and spoke with a female rep I had difficulty understanding. She said the policy lapsed because a payment wasn't made last month. I told her I checked my bank statement, and a payment was deducted last month and that MetLife sent me a refund check for this payment. She kept saying that a payment wasn't made last month but I could make up the payment and the policy would be reinstated.

I went online but the system wouldn't accept a payment. I called again today and got the same rep. She said she would have to check further. When she did, she told me that because I was 70, the policy ended. No one told me that the policy would be ending at 70. 27 years of payment and I have nothing to show for it. I will be issuing a complaint with the Insurance Commission. Stay away from MetLife.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 2, 2017

Unethical behavior. Put in a claim on a life insurance policy that my mother paid on for years through her employer. They ignored my claim & when I called rep. said I may have put down another insurance claim amount on the estate filing with the NC courts since it did not show MetLife name & policy # -? Insinuating that my attorney filed the estate claim fraudulently! Then Denise ** told my attorney I was not listed as executor, which I was. 2 weeks later, no call back from MetLife but I received full check payment! They just delayed payment and caused me to have to pay all funeral expenses out of pocket due to their payment delay which was about 2 months and caused mental and financial hardship on my family at a time of grief. I would never do business with this company!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 30, 2017

As an employee of CitiGroup, (which they are crooked also when it comes to benefits), I have a disability policy and a group Universal GUL Life Policy. CitiGroup purchased my employer in 2000. At that time, my disability policy and my Life Insurance Policy was issued by MetLife at that time. I was "grandfathered" in, in all of my employee benefits. MetLife was solely responsible for the management of these two benefits. They dropped my disability, and after a four year court battle, they were found to be arbitrary and unlawfully terminated my disability benefits. They had to pay all of my attorney fees, expenses, and backpay. They, Citigroup, and MetLife were ordered by the court to reinstate ALL of my ancillary benefits. Neither company did, other than group health insurance.

MetLife illegally rewrote my life policy several times without my permission, and against the order of the court. My cash equity has now been completely taken away from me. METLIFE CHEATS IN EVERY WAY!!! Never ever do business with this company, they are completely unscrupulous, they hide behind ERISA, and they do not care one iota about the policy holder. If you do not believe me, simply do a google search of all the people they have cheated, the lawsuits all over the country, (even their own employees who were wrongly terminated for refusal to rewrite these policies to divest customers of their cash equity).

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 18, 2017

My husband passed in Jan 2017. MetLife has made me stressed and mentally emotional. They made a mistake in getting a broker for my terminally ill husband who MetLife was working with strategic financial group which assigned a broker to handle this conversion. He was assigned on Nov 25th and states he or his 3 brokers never received the email. MetLife was supposed to contact the Memphis office with screenshots from the conversations with Mr. ** out of Chattanooga. I call and relive my husband's death every day to say it's still in review. They are in the wrong and I also think it's time to write to the insurance Dept of complaints in Nashville and start a class action lawsuits also.

Original review: March 15, 2017

I received a letter from MetLife where they doubled my premium. I called Customer Service and while talking to them asked who was my Beneficiary on record. They had no idea, they told me that in a transfer of records the name of my Beneficiary was lost. They had no idea who had ever been my Beneficiary, or how long they had not known. They did however know to double my premium so that they would receive their payment on time.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 17, 2017

The absolute worse company ever. Customer service was awful. I canceled my policy and had to pay a cancellation fee on top of my state fee. They never tell you these things unless you're leaving. I had automatic payments and once I took them off, my premium went up, which is CRAZY!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 10, 2017

I purchased a whole life policy for both my husband and myself about 8 years ago. I have continued to pay on these policies every month through an automatic deduction set up at the time of purchase. I just happened to notice on a form that was sent that the terms of the policy were changed so that at the age of 90 my policy would no longer have a payout! If I didn't inadvertently become aware of the change in my policy my policies would be worthless if we lived past 90.

I contacted my agent and he contacted Metlife first regarding my policy. Metlife claimed I was late on payments so they changed the terms of the policy. My agent informed them I had an automatic deduction - they tried to do it with my husband's policy as well. They are impossible to reach and their customer service is nonexistent. They lack integrity in their operations. I truly regret doing business with them and fear my family will some day have trouble collecting on our policies. I do not recommend using this company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 9, 2017

This company insured my daughter's car. She had an accident from poor repairs on putting on tires which Discount Tire- over tighter lug nuts. MetLife had my daughter take the car to their DRP shop who failed to repair the car properly. They failed to put in a lower control arm and bail joint ordered in writing to pick up the car 1800 miles away while ordered by her Doctor to stay on bed rest or they would pull the rental. She picked up the car against my wishes. Car was all over the road, lost control twice on this trip and ended up on my orders to stop and take to shop. Found ball joint and lower control arm never replaced but claimed alignment was good, not possible. Was claims manager car was unsafe.

MetLife takes no ownership of this as expected. It is their DRP shop- makes them look bad. Car now is total loss per them. Review any company for insurance they all claim to give the best prices- but the service is what matters- cheap insurance is as bad as none. This company by far is worst insurance company out there. Do your homework before you buy!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 2, 2017

As a widow I had no idea the lengths MetLife would go to. They find new reasons to stall paying beneficiary. They make me relive weekly how my husband died. He passed Toxicology reports. Doctors reports. And yet they want me to fill out a blank authorization so they can look into his entire medical history since birth! Questions like does he have aids? Autoimmune diseases. Alcohol abuse, psychiatric problems, drug abuse. HOW DARE THEY defamate my husband's character. He died in a tragic car accident. None of those questions have any relevance to my husband's death. None of their business!!!

He was a good husband and God fearing man. And METLIFE wants to take away his dignity, his privacy and his last gesture was to care for his wife if he ever died. METLIFE IS GREEDY and doesn't care how much they hurt me. If they can keep money from a widow they feel as if they won. They have been sued in the past. Maybe it's time for a class action lawsuit!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 27, 2017

I had MetLife for more than thirty years. I like their policy, the paid up and the ability to use the yearly dividends to purchase more insurance. My experience with the company has been nothing but positive. Glad I insured with them.

Original review: Jan. 23, 2017

Agent sold me life insurance. After 15-20 years when I needed to do a withdrawal they gave me worst time of my life. I spoke with 15-20 different agents and 2-3 supervisors, NONE knows how to do the job. Mistakes after mistakes. Now it's been 3 weeks and I am still get runaround. WORST customer service and you cannot talk to anyone higher. They will tell you "NO, I am the highest you can go over the phone."

MetLife expert review by Neal Frankle

MetLife, Inc. is the holding company for Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (Met Life). The parent company (MetLife, Inc.) is one the largest insurance sales companies in the world. MetLife, Inc. has over 90 million customers in over 60 countries and started their business in 1868. MetLife, Inc. is headquartered in New York City.

  • Wide range of products: Besides offering a complete line of life insurance, Met also sells auto, dental, disability, long-term care, and small-business insurance.

  • Competitive: Met is often very competitive in a variety of different product markets.

  • Convenient: Provides one-stop shopping for customers who value that service.

  • Convenience: Customers may become complacent and opt for the convenience of having one company handle all their insurance needs rather than shop for the best product for each area.

  • Risk: Having one company provide all the insurance needs for an individual or company increases risk.

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