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About Mercury Auto Insurance

Mercury Insurance provides personal and commercial property and auto coverage at affordable rates. Many of Mercury’s customers have stuck with the company for years, some up to a decade or two, though it services only 11 states. It has several discount opportunities and provides rideshare coverage. The company also offers home insurance and other protection.

Pros & Cons


  • Several discount options
  • Offers rideshare coverage
  • Affordable rates


  • Must file claims by phone
  • Available in just 11 states

Bottom Line

Mercury Insurance provides auto policies, including rideshare coverage. You can’t buy Mercury policies or file claims online; most policy management must be done over the phone. Mercury is available in 11 states.

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Reviewed Oct. 31, 2020

I got rip off from Mercury Insurance. After we agreed on the original price that was $526 for the insurance policy, they jacked up the price to $1293 without the consent or notification. They just sent me the bill and demanded me to pay it. When I fought for the original price of $526, all they did was delaying without making any progress. When I cancelled the policy, they charged me $170 for having the policy for a month, and refunded me $356 only. They are not reliable but only for their gain. I will give them less than zero if I could.

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Reviewed Oct. 19, 2020

On October 17th I called for a quote and I was talking to Matthew. He gave me a quote for 1700 for 12 months. I thought this price was wonderful. Then I asked for a quote if add my husband as a driver then he said 4000 for one car. This got to be a joke plus I sent proof that my accident wasn't my fault. So when I called today they said that they can't exclude my husband but he have his own car and insurance.

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Reviewed Aug. 3, 2020

I believe the premium rates are among the lowest in the industry because there have been times I've compared. I have a very good driving record but when I had a collision recently that wasn't at fault, they were very prompt and dependable, and made sure I got the best outcome possible while seeming to care a lot about making sure any injuries I might have received attention and compensation. Their customer service is excellent.

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Reviewed July 25, 2020

My husband and I have had Mercury Insurance for over 25 years, we have tried to see if any other companies that could beat Mercury’s pricing and none of the companies can. We also have our Homeowners insurance with Mercury. Our rep has been exceptional and have had excellent service for all these years.

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Reviewed July 24, 2020

I have been with this insurance company more than 10 years and they have always taken great care of me with great service, kindness, professionalism, and have handled all my issues with concern and care.

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Reviewed July 23, 2020

Customer service is often very difficult to get in touch with. I had roadside assistance included in my bill for years, and then somehow it was taken off and I didn't notice that until I needed their help. When I got in an accident, there was only one person I could talk to, and she would leave me a voicemail and tell me to call her back. When I left a message she never returned my call. This went on for a couple of weeks. I couldn't answer the phone every time it rang because I was at work.

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Reviewed April 4, 2020

Today I called you after I made my monthly payment. I explained I lost my job, the car is on the street parked and I am staying home so I was wondering if you were offering any kind of assistance. They offered me to create debt referring the full monthly payment and pay it in 60 days. How? In 2 months, my Debt amount will collected every 15 days. On Google, I notice you have a Total assets of US$5.433 billion (2018) so I was wondering if you want me to use my saving to keep paying you so your profit do not suffer alterations. I was wondering if you need the profit to buy beds for Hospitals or partner with our Governor to help all the undocumented people who pay you and have no access to unemployment. Please advise. I want make sure, during this Crisis, I am paying to the best Company sharing my values.

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Reviewed April 3, 2020

My car (Porsche) was totaled in an accident that was not my fault and the other driver had no insurance. Although I had full coverage with Mercury Insurance, including uninsured motorist coverage, they would not pay my claim and I got nothing! They were impossible to deal with and I should have taken them to Court but I did not want the hassle. I just bought a new car. They are the worst insurance company out there and not to be trusted.

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Reviewed March 5, 2020

I’ll start by saying I have been a Mercury Insurance customer since the early 1990’s. I was in an auto accident where I was rear ended. I decided to use my insurance to cover my medical bills. I have heard stories that other people’s insurance will not pay your medical. They give you the run around. I ended up using all my med pay. Instead of helping me out they fought me all the way every penny. I thought there would be loyalty but no. The first person I talked to and emailed my claims to She said, "Yes send me your info and I’ll issue your check." She states the check is being processed. Two weeks go by. I never hear from her again and no check.

I called and she quit and no one can get into her email. I’ll have to resend all my info. So I resend it to another person Noel. He says he needs more info for the claim so I send it to him. I get some money Then he disappears and I get another guy Jack. He was the worst. He decided he’s not going to send me any money. Just kept giving me the run around. I talked to his supervisor and nothing. I finally got a lawyer involved they finally sent me money. It's my own insurance company. It’s horrible that you're in an accident, hurting and You use your insurance company because you think they are on your side and they are not. I will not recommend them to anyone. You're going through pain and suffering then fight with companies like that is awful. Their med pay custom service needs an overhaul.

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Reviewed Feb. 27, 2020

When I first got my policy with Mercury, I told them I drive my car very little (<3000miles/year). They wanted proof and told me they would bill me for the higher premium now, and give me a credit if I submit proof later on. Ok, fair enough. Fast forward a few months, when I finally have enough data to prove my low mileage. I submit the proof and they give me a credit, but not for the full difference in price, but a *pro-rated* amount. Since my policy period is more than half over, this means I get back less than half of what I'm due.

Essentially they expect me to provide proof for something that hasn't happened yet, which is obviously impossible. The reasonable thing to do would be either 1) back-date the discount so the full amount is refunded (which, by the way, is what Geico and most other large insurance companies do), 2) charge the premium for the lower mileage now, and scale up the charge if no or contradicting proof is submitted later. As it stands, they're charging me for miles I haven't driven.

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Reviewed Jan. 24, 2020

I was in the process of moving but not a definite, no big deal. I call the insurance company to notify them of the move to the new address and they immediately processed the information. Policy goes up about forty dollars monthly without them telling me. Later I get the notification. Mind you, they never asked for any documentation on the new address.

Two weeks later and long story short, I tell them I never proceeded to the new address and that I requested for my rate to be reverted back to the original monthly installment. NOW it's a problem, they told me I have to show proof that I'm still living at the original residence and was even told that the reason why I stop the moving process is because I seen the rate go up. Are you serious, even if that was the main reason, what is it to you if I didn't want to move cause I didn't want my insurance to go up. That should make sense to the logical people but to Mercury Insurance, they are just another corporate manipulative scumbags.

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Reviewed Jan. 18, 2020

I would like to complement Mercury Auto Insurance co. on their, just incredibly professional, and business like manner, of handling all the details involved of an unfortunate auto accident, that I was involved in. They really took a huge load of preasure off of my shoulders, at an extremely stressful time for me. I really cannot thank them enough!


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Reviewed Jan. 12, 2020

Mercury has great prices, and after a water leak took great care of us. I was so happy with them. Yet I just got a notice they are cancelling me. I guess as long as you don't file a claim, they will take your money. As soon as you cost them any money, they drop you.

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Reviewed Jan. 10, 2020

I TRIED to get car insurance through Mercury Insurance for my wife and my daughter. What MISTAKE that turned out to be!! During our initial call I told the young lady that my daughter had an at fault accident. We were given a quote of $ 241.88 to start with payments of $ 242.83. We called back to give the young lady our information and vehicle vin numbers. We were told that The initial quote was wrong. The NEW quote JUMPED to $ 817 to start. What kind of scam are you running??!!

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Reviewed Dec. 5, 2019

We have been with Mercury insurance for about 3 years now and all I have yet to see is an increase on our bill. We have the good driver discount and no accidents and it went up 58.00 this year. Certainly will be looking for a more honest insurance company after this one runs out. Thanks but no thanks.

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Reviewed Dec. 2, 2019

My agent sucks and overall service sucked. I returned my car in Sep, and they still took withdrew from my account and then I had to give copies of the paper 3+ times over to my agent. It's still not cancelled and just got another bill from them. It's ridiculous.

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Reviewed Oct. 15, 2019

I got hit by a Mercedes SUV driven by an middle-aged Indian lady having Mercury auto insurance, who crossed the red light casually and seemed to be substance intoxicated. Despite the expired insurance policy shown to me by that Indian lady, GEICO, my auto insurance, helped filing a claim to Mercury on my behalf. Once my claim was submitted to Mercury, that is when the situation went south. I was assigned an adjuster, and I was given her extension number, too.

My first attempt to call this adjuster was around 10:30 to 11 am. I kept getting into her automated voice message, but luckily, my phone call went through. She replied me that the claim has not been reviewed, and it took 48 hours to review. She said she would call me back once the claim has been reviewed. Note: The claim was actually submitted more than 48 hours ago by GEICO. Around 2:43 PM, the Mercury adjuster called me back, but I was too late by a few seconds to pick up her phone call. She left a voice message, and I promptly returned her call after I listened to her voice message. This time around, between 2:45 PM until their office closing time 4:00 PM, my phone call was not answered at all. I made more than 30 attempts to call her back during that time period, but I had 0 success to reach her.

Feeling desperate, I made an attempt to reach Mercury customer service, and the customer service lady checked on this adjuster, and informed me that the adjuster was on the phone. Apparently, the adjuster was on the phone from 2:45 PM until 4:00 PM, when the office closed, without making any attempt to call me back. That speaks volume on how terrible Mercury claim adjusters are in handling the claimers. I also asked GEICO for a help to contact the adjuster, but GEICO claim staff had 0 success in getting in contacting her as well. Please avoid using Mercury Insurance if you can if you have to file a claim. Their claim adjusters are terrible in giving a quality customer service. There are better insurance companies with stronger financial situation and less questionable company history.

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Reviewed Oct. 10, 2019

We are a active duty military family who just bought their first home. There was a fire down the street from our house and we had damage to our pool filter and ash just being all over the house and cars even my sectional in the house. They had their guys come out then my pool guy came out said my motor burnt out because we had too much ash in the motor and filter. We had damage to our sectional. The furniture technician I hired from the company I bought the sectional from came out. Said what needed to be done. A month later Mercury does not want to pay and wants once again someone from their company to come out to test for ash. Hello. You have waited over a month. We cleaned most of it up!!! Horrible company!!!! It took them 2 weeks just to reimburse our food money. Who does that!!!!

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Reviewed Oct. 3, 2019

I filed a claim for water damage in my home. The adjuster hired contractors that wasn’t licensed. My bathrooms was not finished after me and my disabled children stayed in a hotel for 6 months to return home to bathrooms that wasn’t finished. They then canceled my claim after I reported them to the Georgia insurance fraud department.

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Reviewed Sept. 9, 2019

Mercury has provided great service, however the only negative is that they do not provide a rental vehicle during an accident. Otherwise, they’re great. Claims are processed immediately, representatives are always available, and they offer competitive rates.

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Reviewed Aug. 26, 2019

I have been with Mercury Insurance Company for over 40 years. The last time I received a renewal notice I decided to see if I could get a better price. I checked with Auto Club, Allstate and several other companies. Mercury had the best price for the coverage that I desired.

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Reviewed July 22, 2019

An insured Mercury Insurance driver sideswipes my car that was briefly parked in a shopping center parking lot. I provide detailed pictures of the incident, including where her car was parked next to mine (within inches of my car with the front wheels sharply turned away from mine). Orange markings on her car correspond to the exact height of orange markings on my car (paint/primer transfer). I could go on and on here with proof, but the other driver denies hitting my car. I went to an auto body shop they recommended also to document. I also made a report with my own insurance company, who concluded the other driver was 100% at fault. I would prefer to collect from the other driver's insurance for a variety of reasons, but it looks like I'll need to collect from my own. How is it that two insurance companies come to the exact opposite conclusion? Anyway, avoid Mercury Insurance at all costs.

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Reviewed July 19, 2019

Don't even try to cancel your policy. It's harder than pulling teeth. The model they use is you sign up with insurance through the parent company "Mercury Insurance" and once you have your policy, they assign you to a local Agent. The local Agent IS NOT MERCURY. They are privately owned insurance companies. Dealing with the local insurance agent is a NIGHTMARE! It almost seems like they work out of a basement at their parents' house. The runaround and headaches with trying to do anything with your policy is an absolute nightmare! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS... Spend the extra $50 and go with ANY OTHER insurance company. DISASTER they are!

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Reviewed July 2, 2019

They go way out of their way to help you not only with coverage but support when you need it. The rates are fair. My agent is so wonderful. Insuraide. They make you feel like they are their only customer.

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Reviewed June 27, 2019

So my vehicle was involved in an accident early May of this year. I filed a claim and was okay with Mercury not paying for any damages or covering the cost on MY vehicle because the driver was not under my insurance policy. Totally acceptable and I agreed with that. 2 weeks later I receive a call from Enterprise saying Mercury had put in a request for me to get a rental due to the loss my car. I confirmed with them that it was true and was told it was and that it would be covered $30/day. I agreed and picked up the car two days later than when I was first notified.

A week and a half in, I receive a call from Enterprise telling me that Mercury had rejected the claim they had put in for me to get this car and that I would have to pay out of pocket. I was pissed of course and called Mercury asking them the deal. I finally got a response from Tomm ** who told me, "Oh we assumed you knew it wasn't covered after we said your car wasn't covered". You assumed I knew? When the rental is calling me 2 weeks after the fact you told me my car wasn't covered but didn't decide to mention the fact of the rental policy. The managers are STRAIGHT UP RUDE as is already and are trying to say I'm taking advantage of a situation that I now might have to pay $700 out of my own pocket?! I have proof from the rental where they have on paper stating Mercury called in this rental for me which they are trying to claim they never did. Should never get insurance from here or trust people who owe 27 million for defrauding people.

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Reviewed June 24, 2019

I’m so beyond disappointed on how Mercury is handling my claim. One of their claim holders ran a stop sign and slammed into my brand new vehicle. Being my only vehicle it has cause me so much hardship and out of pocket expenses that they have prolonged and are trying to find ever reason not to cover. The police report puts their driver at fault. I don’t know what else they need to know. They need to cover this accident. My accident was 03/08/2019 and still nothing to be resolved... After reading hundreds of reviews this seems to be their MO. Something has to be done about this. Mercury cannot be doing this to innocent individuals who have had their lives turned upside down due to one of their claim holder's negligence... I will not stop till I have this company audited for the elongated waiting times they make people for a settlement. All I want is to be reimbursed for my out of pocket expenses.

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Reviewed May 6, 2019

I am changing insurance companies after being with Mercury Insurance for years and have never made claim. My son had an accident and the response from our agent assigned to the case was very poor. Poor response, communication and very poor advocacy. We were the only ones who took any pictures and had a witness.

So the other insurance company, Allstate contacted us within hours, advocating for their client. We called our agent Mercury over 20 times in three days, no response, when we finally did get through on the 4th day she said sorry, she was out. She said wanted to talk to our son, who was in school. She said she would be in until 4:45 pm. We called at 3:45 pm for every 15 minutes, no answer, nor forwarding phone. Then she called the next day during school and said, well the other person said it was our son's fault and she seemed rushed, ready to close it out and just settle, determine that from the go get.

We said we had a witness who contradicted the other driver. The witness told us she had not talked to him and then this morning she called and in a rush said she determined it was 100% our son's fault and when what did she base this one. She really did not have an explanation. She just wanted to move on to her next case. So we will switch insurance companies as this is incompetent, no advocacy and will only cost us more $s and if you really need help from your insurance company you will not get it with Mercury.

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Reviewed April 30, 2019

I hate this company! I was told by a customer service rep to go and get a certified copy of my DMV report and submit it to them... Total waste of time!!!! Waiting in line, paying for the report, and wasting my time faxing it to them just to find out it’s nothing they can do about it! I wouldn’t recommend this overpriced company to anyone. Their reps have absolutely no knowledge of the things they are telling you... Bad customer service and a waste of my time. I am definitely looking for another company today!!!

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Reviewed April 25, 2019

My mother is elderly 83 years old, I have to assist her with her affairs, including business. She’s had Mercury for a number of years. Never had to file a claim, until December 2018. She was not at fault for the accident. Unfortunately, was referred to a terrible health clinic for treatment. To date, the claim has not been settled because the clinic has basically closed down, and Mercury insists they can’t give her more than $1,000.00 because she has no proof of medical treatment. Before the clinic closed, they provided proof her visitations. They didn’t provide the actual records showing the type of treatment or costs. I don’t know why it should matter, they know she went several times. Ultimately, my mom will be responsible for her medical bills. As well as any continued pain or suffering.

I actually asked to speak with a supervisor. The claim adjuster, Kristie referred me to Gina ** who was the most rude person I’ve ever had the displeasure of speaking with. She accused us of falsifying the treatment ledger for my mom. How insulting! This company provided horrific customer service. These people shouldn’t even be employed in a customer service capacity. After my mom finally does settle her claim, she’s taking her business to AAA.

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Reviewed March 12, 2019

My active claim with date of loss, 12/20/2018 is going on 3 months for a minor accident where I am the victim. The Mercury claims associate who was assigned to me has not resolved or given me any updates for my claim unless I call him about it. He then states he sent me an email on 3/1/2019 which I didnt get and stated we have to wait for Formosa Insurance to respond. He then quickly gave me the Formosa Insurance information so I can make a call doing his job, stating he cannot call everyday on this issue.

Obviously no one can call every day, but is this how Mercury Insurance teaches their associates to speak to and treat their clients? Try not paying your monthly premiums and see how quickly you will be contacted. I filed a complaint with Mercury requesting contact from a supervisor who understands customer service and how to resolve this matter. Also to prove customer satisfaction comments are actually read and responded to. I have yet to be contacted.

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