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I have asked Kaiser to stop calling me to have a mammogram for about 15 years. I've filed complaints 3 times with member services. Member services says "It's for my own good" and agrees with the policy to keep calling. I changed my telephone number, so they started calling my son at work to tell me to have a mammogram. I have spoken with the manager at the radiology lab and asked them not to call over and over again. They told me they will not stop. What can I do to get these calls to stop?

Took two months to get online access since I had insurance and just needed additional for my son. No one followed up in the 5 or so calls I made, and I was paying for services I couldn't really use. Then when I canceled, they continued to bill and I have been fighting them for 4 months to get my money back. I have sent them proof of insurance 2 times now, and no one has bothered to follow up. You also can't cancel or communicate unless by paper snail mail. No fax no email. What is this, 1980? It's a slap in the face that I had to pay for this service at all. By the way, I don't use most conventional medicine and would not need insurance so Obamacare hurts my family and bank and wallet. The healthy pay for the sick to be cared for. Thanks a lot.

I have been back and forth with my psychiatrist for the last 3 weeks. Each time, she puts me on a new medication. NONE of which are specifically for anxiety and panic disorder. I've been put on an ** (with zero results), an ** (again, no results) and then an ** that nearly sent me to the hospital because of my reaction. Their solution? Put me on ANOTHER ** with no back up or complementary medication like a ** or something similar to cope with the panic attacks - especially if the ** can take 6-10 weeks to finally kick in. My doctor ignored my final emails requesting either a new medication or a complementary one just in case, and proceeded to prescribe the ** anyways. This will be the FIFTH prescription I will most likely waste money on and have a to throw away because they can't get it right the first time, or listen to their patients concerns.

I have had fibromyalgia for 20 years and my former doctor has managed it for the past 12 years with 7.5 mg of ** at bedtime. I take no other drugs or pain killers. Within the past three months Kaiser's inexperienced know-it-all doctors and administrative staff have demanded I take a stronger more dangerous drug of **. When I refused, they took me off my medication. Now I've gained 20 pounds, can't sleep, glad to quit work and am in constant pain. These monsters should be fired! They cite side effects. ** has far worse side effects than a good night's sleep and health management. According to the Mayo Clinic, ** is a known protocol drug for fibromyalgia and has less side effects than **. Crazy maniacs at work!

Myself, my mother and my father have all belonged to KP for DECADES. Actually, I got wise to them after three years and cancelled and went to a REAL insurance company. Kaiser made lots of money on my Mom and Dad, as they didn't get ill until they were in their 90's and KP had received all of their Medicare money for all of that time. Dad is gone now. Even though his Dad died of prostate cancer, KP never checked him until he was having problems and his numbers were a whopping 115 (normal is about 2). So Dad dies and now Mom is getting the same runaround. A nice doctor that she can NEVER GET IN TOUCH WITH AND RARELY SEE.

Her latest problem is a blood pressure (after a recent heart attack they didn't find) is low, low blood pressure. She has emailed her doctor and that is just a cylindrical file that goes directly to the trash. I looked at all of the medications she was receiving and about 3/4 of them she did not need. Who gives a person THREE blood pressure medications when they have low bp? Cholesterol for a 90 year old that has been scanned and has no plague. The list goes on. So I wrote the doctor and told him that on a certain date I was going to start weaning her off of medications. NO ANSWER.

I weaned her off. She has recently called... oh that is a good one... calling KAISER. EVERY SINGLE KAISER IN CA HAS THE SAME NUMBER THAT YOU DIAL. TWO MILLION PEOPLE CALLING ONE NUMBER... It's really fun. Of course, rarely does anyone answer. And no one answers the messages you leave. Mom's recent email about bp at 80 over 50 was very upsetting. No answer. So I went to a nurse and she told me to take her off of the blood pressure meds (I had already read up and taken her off of the extra one) and keep checking her bp until it starts to rise. So that is what I'm doing.

If she gets a heart attack or stroke I'm suing Kaiser to the hilt! Right now all I can do is warn all of you out there to NOT GO TO KAISER! Now that Obamacare has come into existence Kaiser sees another way to make money. All of the Welfare and Disability patients aren't enough for them... Now they want all of the Obamacare patients too. So, as a result, she NEVER gets to see her own doctor and he NEVER answers his emails and she can't get KP to answer the phone... much worse than it was before... if that is possible.

So I am telling you, people, DO NOT SIGN UP FOR KAISER. They say they need 10,000 more doctors to fill their quota (they is the Kaiser Doctors and Kaiser nurses). They don't have enough facilities to take care of the huge amount of people they have. Also, I was told by a Kaiser doctor... THIS IS THE BIG ONE, that they get paid bonuses by the amount of lab tests and procedures they DON'T DO. The less they do, the bigger their bonus. If they are bad and actually treat people, NO BONUS. I didn't just make this up. I was told this by a Kaiser Doctor! So, what do YOU think? Want to try Kaiser?

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I am a Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine physician who deals with patients requiring home supplies frequently, particularly those who necessitate tracheostomy supplies. My father himself has a tracheostomy (not on a ventilator), and requires care supplies for management of the tracheostomy site and also nebulized air compressor device/supplies to provide mist while wearing a tracheostomy mask. On most occasions, I order the supplies for him so that my parents do not have to deal with the challenges of reordering supplies.

I am appalled by the customer service provided by the monopoly that is Apria Healthcare and Kaiser Permanente. I had to order TWO supplies only, and this took the span of approximately 2 hours, with a total of 4 phone calls required (1 to the Kaiser DME department at 877-317-6230, 3 to Apria Healthcare at 800-277-4288 with 3 of the calls leading to being placed on hold for ~30 minutes, and then somehow the line was transferred to the wrong location). This is from a physician who knew EXACTLY what supplies AND reference numbers/item numbers to utilize.

After this, it turned out that they did not order the correct supply and were going to charge me erroneously for the cost. I then contacted Apria/Kaiser the following day (Thursday), spent another 2 hours of time with them regarding the wrong order, and was told that I would not be charged the cost of the supplies. I then called the 3rd day (Friday) to verify the information because I did not believe in the competency of the staff after my first 2 days of interactions. I ultimately discovered that (1) the correct supplies/quantities were NOT ordered (there were only 2 of them needed!! Mind boggling.) and (2) I was billed the cost of the supplies that were sent incorrectly because they had already left the warehouse. This again took another 1.5-2 hours of my life. Ultimately, we added 2 more items on that day, but there was still a mistake in the quantity delivered.

My frustration is obviously for my time invested - in ordering just 2 supplies, mind you. I am also frustrated about being billed supplies that I did NOT request. More importantly, I am frustrated for the thousands of patients who have NO medical background and need to deal with Apria (and Kaiser) on a recurrent basis. The service department makes it so difficult to obtain the correct supplies, and more importantly have extensive "hold times" exceeding 30 minutes. They then transfer you to the incorrect locations without your confirmation when they specifically report this will not happen.

They do not call you back when they disconnect you from the line even though they verified specifically that they would call back in this situation, and also reconfirmed (my) telephone number for call-back. After my 2nd disconnected call, I started verifying that they had the contact information so I would not have to spend such a long time on "hold", but they did not provide the courtesy of returning a call.

During our interactions, I remained civil and professional, having to recurrently relay the issues with new staff members every time. It was very frustrating, however, to deal with the incompetency that exists with the staff in this specific aspect of healthcare. Medical supplies, partially for those within limited HMOs, are contracted to specific companies and thus exists the monopoly with Medicare and co-payments. To ameliorate the problem, I would have liked to bypass Kaiser all together, but this was not possible as it is his HMO provider.

I have placed a request for the reimbursement for the supplies that were delivered incorrectly, but was informed that (1) it will take over 1 month for my file to be reviewed by Kaiser and (2) they will most likely not provide a reimbursement even though it was their error. This is an abuse. I don't care if it's $3 or $300 out-of-pocket cost, it's still an abuse of a multi-billion dollar industry and should not be happening. How can we fix this? How can be make these people accountable? And how can I get reimbursed for the erroneous supplies AND my time? My telephone logs along will verify that I was on the phone with them for these extensive time periods.

I am bipolar and I have counseling. That is until now. I have been very depressed and I have try to get appointing. This is after being in a step-down program which was not check out. When I walk in there was bm all over floor. It was like a convent home. I was to be given counseling. I had 3 sessions. I choose to leave in a week. I was trying to get help because my niece had just committed suicide. When I got back I saw my counselor and case manager. They told me I was going to see case Manager for a couple of weeks and I found out that I can't be helped for six months. I am fighting with them. I have a complaint with medicare and member services. I pull my records and Kaiser has put in a note that one there that files can't be seen. Also I need a adviser to help. Someone please help me. They got fine 4000000 for not giving service in a timely manner.

This year as of 2-25-16. I've had nothing but unresolved medical conditions. I've not been able to move or anything and keep getting shoved off for care. No one seems to want to care or take the time out of their busy schedule to figure out what's been the underlying issue. Rather than medicating me. I'm frustrated to no end. And it's been months I still can't walk or lay down without going numb.

Since last more than 3 weeks, I have a problem with kaiser web service help, I cannot attach anything to the letter I wrote to my doctor. I call almost every body in member service and lots of tech. support. Every member service I talk to gave me an advice. To do this and that. One member told me to take my laptop to one kaiser silver spring center nearer to me, I have no choice but to follow her instruction. Once I reached to this center they said they do not have any body can resolve my problem. Somebody said ask my doctor!

I spend my own money and hire well known tech person who goes all over world, He check everything and finally he said there is nothing wrong from my side only it can be fixed from Kaiser side. Tech support cut the ticket to 2nd tier tech support. No one call me since 3 weeks. Even I tried to get director's phone number, but no one gave me phone number nor their e mail address, Kaiser has no system to resolve the tech problem. Directors are so isolated that they do not know what is going on. Why they do not have online contact info,

During the first week of July 2016 I went to Urgent Care at Kaiser. They treated me for back / neck issue. When I went to my primary care physician, he would not write me out of work despite really excruciating pain. Upon writing to Kaiser, they called me back and wrote me out of work, but there were more problems to come. The primary was supposed to refer me to get an X ray. Office personnel sent me to the wrong place and when I did get to the right place, there was no order. The primary put in their report that I had been given prescriptions for drugs that I've never been prescribed. A few days of waiting and I had to contact Kaiser. The referral to a surgeon never happened. They had to take care of that. The surgeon wanted to try physical therapy and said they would contact Kaiser - who was supposed to contact me. That never happened.

From the first day of July 2016 to the current day (4 August 2016) there is no record of any of this save of the initial visit to Urgent Care. So, they have tried to send me back to work injured; they've done relatively little to help me get treatment; they've stopped recording my visits, prescriptions, etc. BTW, they sent me back early from a sickness a few years ago. I pleaded with them for three more days, but they sent me back. I got injured the day I went back and was out for months due to injuries sustained.

Kaiser Permanente is the worst insurance/medical group I have ever experienced. Went to the ED, Dr. ** said I needed a MRI asap on my shoulder and put in a request to my primary care for referral. Neither the Dr or I have heard a word from my primary and when I try to call and at least speak to his nurse the operator won't even put the call through. Said I have to wait till they are ready to speak to me then they will call. Funny how an ED DR from Legacy hospital is more accessible than my own supposed primary care... This is NOT THE FIRST TIME I'VE HAD ISSUES LIKE THIS...--I ABSOLUTELY HATE KAISER PERMANENTE!!! NO time, horrible patient care, unskilled Dr's, cut short visits after waiting hour passed appt. time. Horrible all around!!!

I've been having several symptoms for the past 4 months and still no diagnosis of what's causing all my issues. I've been off work for two months already and my issues are simply compounding. I have visited the E.R. about 7 times, 4 visits outside of kaiser's network. More work is done at other hospitals in one E.R. visit, compared to 2 months going from one place to another with kaiser (quality care). The E.R. Doctor, not from kaiser, advised me to see my doctor right away. When I spoke with Kaiser and gave them the same message, they kindly said, "oh yes, we have an appointment available 30 days from now" (pathetic). The E.R. Doctor also recommended a nuclear treadmill test. When I passed this message over to a cardiologist from kaiser, he flatly denied to have such a test taken. We ended up arguing, and he flat out walked out the room. This kind of service is outrageous and deadly.

Treatment at kaiser is a joke. I won't speak for everybody, but I can certainly speak by my experience. So much time is wasted between procedures. Their scheduling strategy is a danger to public health. You pretty much have to push your doctor around to get things done. The only way you'll actually get effective treatment is if you are literally dying in front of them. At least that's the way they make it sound and look. Example, Visit the urgent care department. They can't do much. You're advised to see your doctor. Well good luck. That's a month down the road, but come back to urgent care if you feel the same way again to be told the same thing and get nothing done again.

It doesn't add up. File a grievance? Good luck as well. Nothing much gain. Pretty much their own people. But worth a try. They make it sound like somebody's hand was slapped. Doctors are so passive, not proactive. It's like you have to go in there and tell them what you think you have in order for them to take action or else you'll be sent home with nothing done. And no,they're not the kind of doctors that follow up on your health. So yes, you need to be pushy. They rely so much on xrays and blood work. If nothing comes up with these basic tests, you are literally on your own. They have no expertise, to think beyond the scope of those tests to give you some insight of what's wrong with you. If that's what it takes to make money at kaiser. Then sign me up!!! I'll just sit here, and wait to see what the xray or blood work tells me to do for patients.

Forget patient testimony. What you have to share with them doesn't matter, if it wasn't picked up by an xray or lab. They're lost. "Go home. You're fine. You have anxiety." (Oh really?). Just tell me, you don't know what to do. I am paying monthly dues to have procedures done on me for the sake of my health not to hear doctors talk about why they refuse to order procedures that may hold the answer to my sickness. First chance I get, I'm switching.

I want to file a complaint against the radiology department at Kaiser Permanente in Morrow, GA and against the person that was supposed to do a mammogram on me last Wednesday but did not. She refuse telling me that my doctors do not know what they are talking about that I do not need to get another mammogram since I just got one less than six months ago. She continue on telling me that if she did the breast exam then she would get in trouble with her doctors and she told me that my doctors who told me to get the mammogram done because they saw lumps in my breast from the first mammogram that look like it might be cancerous don't know what they are talking about.

If two different doctors tell me that there is something going on in my breast and they need another mammogram to find out what is going on I do not understand how someone who do not practice medical can go against what my doctors are saying. I also do not understand how Kaiser Permanente can have a million commercials about early detection and prevention and you would have someone like this person trying to discourage me and refusing to do the mammogram work for you.

My appointment was for Wed, July 20, 2016 at 2pm. I got there and was told that I was at the wrong location. They said that I could be seen but I would have to wait until 4:50pm. I wait almost 3hrs. I went back into the room, got undress, went into the room where the mammograms are do and that's when she start to tell me that my doctors don't know what they were talking about, I don't need to get another breast exam, I need to wait until August to get my breast exam again and if she does the mammogram then she would be in trouble with her supervisor. I pay almost $200 a month for this health insurance and for someone to refuse to do a mammogram that I do need to see if my the lumps are forming into cancerous cells - a person that never went to school for medicine is trying to convince me that the doctors don't know what they are talking about when it is her who do not know what she is talking about.

I pay too much money to go through what I went through. She was unprofessional and rude. You see all of these commercials for Kaiser Permanente about early detection for cancer and that is what I am trying to do but can't get the screening that I pay for. I think I will file a lawsuit in this matter because of the refuse of treatment when my the month that I pay covers mammograms. I will file a lawsuit. I have contact an lawyer right now as I speak. I want this person fired and any and everyone that had something to do with this. I have the right to get an mammogram - that is what I pay for every month and for you to or to have any staff advise someone not to get a mammogram when two different doctors suggest that I get one is crazy. I am a ** women and In women under 45, breast cancer is more common in ** women than ** women.

Overall, ** women are more likely to die of breast cancer. FIVE ** WOMEN DIE NEEDLESSLY PER DAY FROM BREAST CANCER IN THE UNITED STATES. I have made it my mission to find out who she is and who her supervisor is and all the people responsible for refuse me service. I pay my health insurance almost $200 every month and I can't even get an mammogram when my doctor told me that I need to get an second mammogram. I see that you are trying to save money but are you trying to save lives?

This company doesn't even live up to what they are stand for. Early detection, prevent care is what you show on the t.v commercials but not what I saw on Wed, July 20, 2016. I am in a lot of pain. My breast hurt and I am going to take legal matters. My health insurance pay so that I can get breast exam and for me to sit there while someone who never went to medical school, who is not a doctor tell me that my doctors are wrong and I don't need a mammogram is like insulting my intelligence. She need to be fired today!!! The fact that someone who does not have a degree in medicine, who never been to school for medicine could tell me that I do not need to get another mammogram and that my doctors do not know what they are talking about is outrageous.

To me a person like that should never be allowed to work in a hospital. She should be fire and anyone that had anything to do with it like her supervisor since she said that she would get in trouble with her supervisor she should be fired as well. If you do not practice medicine then you have no right to tell a paying customer that you advise them against getting a mammogram.

Is this how you "VALUE" your customers and how Kaiser Permanente take pride in the quality of the health care and the quality of the service they provide? Hiring people like her who refuse to even give me an mammogram that could help if I detect breast cancer, for Kaiser Permanente to have someone like that on their staff says a lot and if she did that to me how many more people is she doing the same thing to?

What is Kaiser Permanente? Are you trying to save money by limit the services that your customers are paying for? Are trying to cut corners on the behalf of your customer's lives? If you value your customers like your motto say then why would I be refuse service for a simple mammogram that can detect whether or not I have breast cancer? Is my life not important to you? Do my life even matter or just the money you receive from me the important part? Do you even care that I might have breast cancer? I care. It keeps me up at night sometimes wondering and praying. I want to tell all consumers not to ever have Kaiser Permanente as your health care. Find someone that really cares and not just say that they do.

I had been with Kaiser for a few years, and during that time was diagnosed with an ascending aortic aneurysm, pulmonary aneurysm, aortic valve leakage and mitral valve leakage. I am also overweight. Their advice was to lose weight, which I am in total agreement with. Now, trying to get any help, nutritional guidelines etc out of Kaiser was impossible. I spoke with my primary, my cardiologist, another covering cardiologist who told me flat out when I asked for help losing weight "There is no help for you, get out of my office", and got no assistance whatsoever. They did tell me about a medical weight loss program they offered, which is not covered at all by Kaiser, and would have cost me $2,700.00 for 3 months.

I switched to a PPO plan with a different insurance carrier and now see a cardiologist (read one of my previous posts about my fight with them about my heart conditions) and a nutritionist in the cardiology department, and in one visit I have all the proper nutrition guidelines I need, and am on my way to a healthy weight and BMI. Do not go to Kaiser for help with nutrition, weight loss, heart problems - or anything. They won't help you, but they will be glad to take your premiums every month for what adds up to nothing.

Kaiser Permanente is the worst healthcare available in this country. The personnel is incompetent. Since joining six months ago, I have experienced nothing but frustration with the smallest of things. Getting someone on the telephone is impossible. You cannot even leave a message because voice mail boxes are full. No one returns calls. I have requested films/X-rays that got lost and/or took 3 weeks to show up. I have been "lost" while sitting in waiting rooms waiting for my name to be called. My prescriptions have been "lost." My doctor has ordered extra tests for which I have been billed during routine exams. The list goes on and on. INCOMPETENCE is the only way to describe this organization. Poorly run and poorly managed. Cannot reach anyone by phone. You are not allowed to walk in and speak to anyone. They insist that you "email or call." No one responds to calls or emails.

I was sold a bill of goods. As a retired senior on Medicare I was with United Health Care. A salesperson told me how good KP was and that my hospital coverage would be less with KP than my United plan (not true). So I got on board. BIG MISTAKE! First thing is I told them to take my payment out of my Social Security. They said fine. Then got a bill and called them. They told me they were having problems with SS so I best pay the bill direct. Gave her a credit card. They hit the card not one time but two times!! Two days later Social Security sends me a letter that they were withholding funds and paying KP as I had agreed. So now they were billing me and being paid by SS!! Took weeks and long time on hold to fix this problem they created! My co pays are higher.

Also when you see a doctor pay that co pay just wait. You will get a bill for more very soon! You never can call your Dr's office as you would. You have to call some 800 number and talk with someone that seems clueless most of the time. I made a big mistake. Now I must wait until October to sign back onto United Health Care and that will not take effect until Jan. So as of now I will avoid using KP and hope I can hold on until Jan without needing heath care. I have zero trust in KP. Be very aware before you make the same mistake as me!

An 18 year KP veteran experiences a pre-identified, pre-disposed anticipated back surgery scheduled 6 days from now. Requires primary care provider visit to get a referral to back surgery for. The soonest available primary care provider appointment in 11 Days!!! Poor Management; Overworked/overscheduled staff.

They agreed to reimburse me for a bill inconsistent with their original quote. To me, that remedies the problem.

I signed up with Kaiser Permanente through Marketplace. For last year everything went fine but this year after May 2016 my monthly premium jump 200%. I called and was told they received info from Marketplace. I did a conference call with KP and MP, spent 3.5 hours on phone and Marketplace confirmed no change was made on their side since 1/1/2016. See billing logs for record: 05/01/2016 $398.47; 04/01/2016 $108.73; 03/01/2016 $108.73; 02/01/2016 $108.73; 01/01/2016 $108.73.

For month of June they fixed the billing but remove my dependent (my wife) from my policy. Again I called, spend few hours with KP. They hang up on few times saying I have to call Marketplace as they send the change request. I called Marketplace, spent 45 min on phone. They confirmed no change on their side and they escalated the case for someone to look into this.

Please do not sign up with KP. They make unauthorized changes to your account and will hold you responsible for payments. They will not see you no matter how serious sick you are. In my case my wife is suffering like fish without water for lower stomach pain but these money hunger devil will not see her because her policy is deactivated when it should not be. I wish to move away from them as soon as open enrollment and trust me 50+ of my families and friends will do the same! Externally disappointing to see your loved one suffering and can't do much. :(

I have been changing HMOs every year since my doctor retired about 5 now and Kaiser is the worst. You have to do everything yourself. My old doctor took care of me, let me know when I needed test or whatever, talked about my problems. These guys do nothing. You have to tell them, diagnose yourself, they'll look up on the computer to see what to do and print out a paper of what you are supposed to do (could of done that online. GOOGLE). And then they say everything in one place. Why do I have to travel 10 miles to see a specialist. I live 5 mins from the main hospital and closer to other facilities, how is this all in one place. In conclusion, I HATE KAISER PERMANENTE.

Kaiser used to be good, if not very good. It has been two years now that from mostly what we believe is they damaged my nerve during the surgery, and of course they won't take responsibility. For two years, they keep misdiagnosing me with every kind of condition there is. First they told me I have Lyme disease. Took a month worth of medication, then they said I never had it. One spine doctor said "You may have a tumor in the spine." That was false! I was told I may have MS. That was also false. Now they are saying I may have a autoimmune neuropathy, which I have to get tested still. Anyways the runarounds. I have to visit the ER so many times, because the pain gets so intense, and they just prescribe neuropathic medications, which I don't get any use out of so far. I am close on cancelling my insurance with Kaiser.

I have had a number of jobs where fortunately I have always had PPO. My latest company only offered Kaiser. My husband who had Kaiser for years and decided that he would go with the insurance carrier that I had with my previous employer. He was shocked how incredibly efficient the doctors who accepted my PPO. When I took on a new role with this another company, it was my first-hand experience with Kaiser. My husband who by this time loved the PPO remembered why he never went to the doctor previously when he had Kaiser. My doctor which is the same as his told me that I had gallstones and that I needed surgery to take them out. I asked if there was an alternative solution to surgery. He said no. Then I asked, "What happens when you go untreated?" His immediate answer was "You die." Really??? Is THAT what doctors are suppose to say?

My husband had to go in to the same doctor for a knee injury. Not only did the doctor provide the wrong prognosis on what was wrong - he sent my husband to the X-ray office and marked the wrong leg for X-rays. When he got to the hospital they said they could not take him because the doctor needs to correct on paper that it was the wrong leg and my husband would have to come back when it is corrected. He was not allowed to just simply tell them that it was the other leg. Lastly when my husband was told by the Kaiser customer service representative on the phone to go to the Kaiser urgent care on Saturday. When we got there, and he had to painfully hobble to the counter, the lady behind it said, "Oh sorry, we can't accept you because our facility closed 5 mins ago. You will have to go to our affiliate hospital." Little did we know that we would have to pay $4K to go to that one. Kaiser really does SUCK!

On Tuesday June 28 a phone conference was held concerning my wife's medical coverage (Donna **) who is currently in a nursing facility here in Florence, Oregon (Regency Florence). Kaiser has determined that my wife should be discharged from Regency. My wife had surgery in March that inserted a drain tube into her stomach, removed her gall bladder, sectioned her intestine, and then operated on her brain to repair the damage that resulted from a stroke she had the same day. All of this occurred within a 4 hour period on March 17. My wife is paralyzed on her right side, she cannot toilet herself, needs total hands on assistance for daily activities, and has a feeding tube to her stomach. How can Kaiser believe she is ready to be discharged?

Since her stroke and surgeries she has only been outside a nursing facility once and that did not go well. I would love to hear the reasoning behind Kaiser's decision to discharge her. I know that there is no way in the world that I can provide the level of care that my wife needs. I've been a member of Kaiser since 1974. I have always supported and spoke highly about Kaiser. I think that is coming to an abrupt end. I will be posting my feelings of my wife's treatment everywhere possible. With everything we've been dealing with, Kaiser's refusal to continue her treatment/rehab is something I never expected. Fool me once...

We pay thru our employer. We pay thru our pay check. We pay a copay. We pay for services that are overpriced. No in house financing. We need to get approved for outside financing. What if we can't get approved? Can't afford to pay more.

For at least 8 months prior to Sept. 2015, my fiance and I had tried to get Kaiser to acknowledge something was wrong with my fiance's father's mental state. He was a danger to himself and others. IE: Erratic driving, causing accidents. Set fire to his kitchen and tried to put it out with bug spray. His roommate stopped him. His personal hygiene was atrocious, he reeked of urine and feces with stains all down his pants. Taking medication not prescribed to him, belonging to his girlfriend who has schizophrenia. We witnessed this!

He was missing for over a week and had moved 2 times to new residences within that 2 weeks. He was very paranoid. Police had to help us locate him. Kaiser wanted to do psych eval and told us since he goes to AA, they would send a team to the AA meeting but we had to have police with us. We set that up, called Kaiser in the morning to tell them we were ready to do this. They then told us they don't do that. We eventually got him into the ER on Sept. 4/2015. He had stomach pain and called us to take him in. They were refusing to do the psych eval. Had a social worker talk to us, who seen nothing wrong with the accidents, fire, buying random people iPhones or giving random people his bank account numbers, etc.

I threatened to sue them. We were not leaving until they did the psych eval. They did the eval and determined he was not capable of being on his own and admitted him to the Jewish Home for the Aging which is hour drive one way from where we live. We were up to see him almost every day, when we weren't, we were cleaning his apartment out which was full of mold. We fought with that facility's social worker to be able to get him to sign POA to his son. I went above social worker's head and found out he was lying to us and cannot deny him legal representation which this social worker was also doing. Even his attorney friend got into it with this social worker. It took us over half of Sept. to get this signed.

We had to clean out his apt. and get his stuff into storage and the other apt. he had as well. He was diagnosed with dementia, psychosis with behavioral disturbances. He was released to our care on October 4th, 2015. It's been a constant fight with Kaiser. The stomach pain they said at first was two small hernias while he was in Reseda but they were not going to do anything about it. It was not, it was one big hernia that we had fixed after he came home with us, along with cataracts on both eyes. We had a cyst removed that he was pulling at and aggravating it. It was growing fast. We asked them to remove another one on his lower back he kept messing with but they refused, saying it would not cause issues.

It then became inflamed overnight with pustules on it. Called Kaiser to make appt. No call back as they said they would. Called Kaiser Urgent Care the next day as it was worse. Nurse wanted him in asap and said it was infected. Took him in, it was too infected to drain. Medication given. It broke open. Called Kaiser, no appt. Called Urgent Care, got him in, again. They cleaned and bandaged it. Gave us some supplies, changed medication to stronger medication and a pain med.

When it could be removed, finally got him into surgery. His health is going fast. He was complaining of back pain in his spine. We took him to Dr. several times and they said they didn't know what was causing it. He keeps leaning to the left and has gait ataxia really bad. Took him to chiropractor who said his spine was very out of alignment, adjusted it and it lasted for a week. Come to find out, he has arthritis in his spine and several disks that disintegrated and Kaiser had known this for 6 years! We found out he is supposed to see neurology once a year and missed last apt. in 2014.

Got him apt. Dr. was nice. Frontal lobe dementia was determined and were told most aggressive form. He has diffuse brain atrophy so the parts that control inhibition is damaged. He gets violent. Psychiatrist put him on medication for aggression. It made him sleep constantly to where you couldn't wake him at all. He wouldn't drink or eat during this. Kept telling them he was fecal hoarding, they said no. He's just manipulating. WHAT? We gave him stool softeners and laxatives they prescribed. It wasn't working. Had to call 911 for an intervention on 2 occasions as he got violent.

Second time, we get call from social worker at Kaiser the following day, who immediately told us on the phone that if we did not pick him up they were going to charge my fiance with abandonment. No one had said anything to her except, "hello," when we answered the call. That social worker was way out of line. We had been told that they were keeping him for a few days to run tests and IV for dehydration. We even called up there several times a day to check on him and his son visited him, taking him clothing, prior to that call from her.

They keep pressing us to put him in a home and keep saying they can monitor him 24/7. There is nothing a home can do that we can't do here at ours. This month, June 2016, we woke him up one morning and he had these marks on his skin and a huge water blister on his inside elbow. We thought maybe some kind of reaction to the medications caused the blister and we keep telling them he picks at his skin, saying there are strings in his skin or something crawling on him. I and the psych nurse thinks it's some kind of neuropathy. I have neuropathy, so I know it can feel like that. Kaiser had him go to Sunnyside nursing facility for rehab. He was in fact, fecal hoarding and required enemas and such several times a day. It was blocking his intestines, exactly like I had told them he was doing.

Just because I am not a doctor does not mean that I am an idiot either. I had even told them his pain was what was causing his aggression, time after time. We had a meeting with a social worker, doctor and nurse at Sunnyside. I reiterated my issues with Kaiser and no one seemed to be on the same page. The doctor at the meeting assured us if we put him in a home, they could keep him from falling. Her and I slightly argued about this. They also said that doctors told them that we wanted to put him in a home, which was never said by us. They would not tell us which doctor said this. They NEVER do. I inquired about a hospital bed because on one of the papers we got from Kaiser after an appt. clearly said under INSTRUCTIONS: Bed bound, wheelchair bound. She said that's not what that means.

How else can that be interpreted? We then met with the physical therapists who did not understand why they would have given him a cane or even do physical therapy because he cannot retain the information. He could only walk 30 feet with a walker and even then, there were 2 people holding him up to do it. I had inquired about a hospital bed in the meeting so it would be easier for him to get up when he could and such but we were told no, that there was no reason for that bed.

After we had left, we got a call from Sunnyside about an incident where he got up from his wheelchair and bolted after a non-existent child, fell and cut his eyebrow above his right eye and had other contusions. That blew the doctor's theory out of the water that they can prevent falls. We told them it was not their fault because he does exactly the same thing at home when he gets those hallucinations like that and we even told them in the meeting we just had. Upon his release, they were going to have a nurse come by our home and physical therapist.

The nurse was just here, June 28/16 and even she says it is clearly obvious he cannot walk and does not understand why they had given him a walker and that he does need a hospital bed but that physical therapist would have to request this. He was not coherent enough to even talk to the nurse. Kaiser had told us that the nurse would be here in the morning and the physical therapist in the afternoon. Nurse said that wasn't accurate, that the physical therapist would call us within 48 hours to schedule a time to come and if they don't, to call them.

The medication is making him like a zombie. He barely eats or drinks and is having issues with chewing and swallowing. He sleeps almost constantly. He yells if you try to lightly touch him, that it hurts. We think he hurt his shoulder when he fell at the facility, he is complaining of shoulder pain and cannot move that arm hardly at all. What blows our mind most of all, is the psychiatrist's view of this. First meeting with him, I think was October of 2015. He said to not say or do anything to create fear, talk softly to him. Then right after he said that, right in front of my fiance's father, like he isn't even there, he said... "He has dementia. He is going to die," and shrugged. WHO DOES THAT?

I looked at his father and he sunk down into the chair with this terrified look on his face. Now every time we have to see the psychiatrist, he fights us and cries, real tears. He begs us not to put him away in a home and thinks that is what we are planning when we tell him he has an appointment with the psychiatrist. Kaiser set us up with a wheelchair rental with Apria but every time we try to pay for it online, it won't go through. The first payment went through, fine. Then it won't work and it has locked my fiance out of it.

We didn't know it had not gone through the second time. It looked like it had gone through. We had Apria reset the pw for the account and still cannot access it. The bank says there were no requests for the payment to even be denied by the bank. My fiancé went in person to talk to the bank. Originally we had gotten the wheelchair delivered at the end of January but it was defective so it took them a couple weeks to give us a different one. It's a mess and hard to know what is even going on with that because you try to call them and you can never get through so you leave a message.

Not many people have my fiancé's cell number. We use his for medical things to do with his father and mine for other friends and such to call. We get calls from blocked numbers, usually it's Kaiser or people affiliated with Kaiser and when we answer the call, either the person doesn't say anything and hangs up or they talk to us in Spanish and we can't understand them and they hang up. We think that's what's happening with Apria. We think it's them calling us but really don't want to deal with the payment issues on that wheelchair.

I am now looking elsewhere to purchase one instead of this renting. We are frustrated by the misinformation, lack of information we don't get that is detrimental to this man's well being. The nurse that was here told us that the departments don't have the same access to the medical history and records, that they are on different systems, between doctors and departments and that it was worse when everything was on paper. Their issues within their hospital should not reflect on what we do or try to do. People there need to get on the same page between each other and us. We are thinking about calling his old employer to see if we can't get a different medical coverage because Kaiser is horrible.

I would give this pigsty masquerading as a healthcare institution a zero star if this was an option. Kaiser Permanente in Southern California keeps sending me fraudulent charges. It took months for them to clear everything. I thought the worst was over until I noted on my recent credit card statement copay charges for service that was not rendered. I did not give them my credit card information. They must have stored this somewhere and automatically charged my card without my authorization. Please check your credit card statement closely.

There are a lot of wastage at Kaiser because the majority of their managers especially upper managers are so inexperienced and incompetent. Most of them got their degree from diploma mills like University of Phoenix. These folks wasted so much money in creating useless positions so others can do the work for them. They have layers and layers of bureaucracy. It is tough to get into Kaiser to work for them because their HR is retarded. They have so much staff in HR that they do not know what to do except going to meetings all day long. They do not take in experienced workers. Don't feel bad if you could not work for them. Consider yourself lucky.

Most of their union folks are conservative Republicans. What an oxymoron, right? They reap money for don't exactly nothing. They need to make more money so that they can waste more. They do this by ripping off their unsuspecting customers. Well, they finally struck the last nerve of this customer. If any attorneys want to contact me, please do. I post this in hoping to find more people like me who received fraudulent charges. We need to let them know that we are not their typical stupid consumers.

I have had Kaiser insurance my entire life. It used to be great, but it has really gone downhill. I just cancelled my plan. There are so many problems, I'll try to touch on a few of the worst ones. Care - I have received substandard care at Kaiser pretty much continuously over the last couple years. Many of the Drs seem completely incompetent, and the few that are not, seem equally as disappointed in the company as I am.

I was misdiagnosed, had serious problems go undiagnosed, had serious lab results go unchecked which landed me in the hospital, they continually try to push more drugs (pain pills, anti nausea pills and antidepressants) instead of actually curing the problem. I was told my low quality of life was the best they could do for me. I payed out of pocket to see a out of network Dr, and within two weeks of different medication and supplements after testing, I felt better than I had in years and have totally regained my life! I truly feel Kaiser would have just let me die rather than help me. Most Drs visits last only 5 minutes, the Drs refuse to listen to anything you say, and end with them trying to drug you up instead of running needed tests.

Billing - I had auto bill pay set up with Kaiser and multiple times a year they would over charge me by $200-$500. Trying to get the money back was always a nightmare and consisted of hours on the phone, multiple calls and over a month to be reimbursed.

Testing - Kaiser's policy is to not run certain tests. In my case they would never test my vitamin levels, full thyroid panels or hormones even though I had numerous symptoms of having these problems. (I had to go out out of network for both of these, and in both cases my levels for all were dramatically off, some simple meds and supplements were all I needed!)

Medication - Kaiser only prescribes certain brands and types of medications, (I assume the ones they make the most money on) and if those don't work for you, too bad.

All and all I feel like Kaiser almost killed me. My thyroid issues were so bad I was having heart problems, autonomic nerve dysfunction, my average body temp had dropped to 96.8, and I had pretty much completely lost all quality of life. Just a few visits to a different Dr have saved my life, and completely restored my health. I'm shocked I suffered so bad for over two years (had become almost completely bedridden) and the answer for me was SO SIMPLE. I'm now happy and healthy again and feel like my old self. It's criminal what Kaiser is doing to their patients. If anyone is having long term health problems and has Kaiser insurance, I urge you to cancel and see another Dr. It could save your life!

So for over 6 month my Girlfriend has been talking 400mg of ** thinking it was ** and vise versa, due to a complete lack of doing your freaking job correctly... Thank you Kaiser for completely messing her up physically and emotionally... not to mention the fights and constant sleeping, me telling her she is on drugs that were not prescribed (now I feel like a complete **) and almost wrecking the truck and car due to the fatigue... About to lose her job because they're also just not being understanding. She kept in contact with you for month informing you idiots of how she felt the weight gain, fatigue, the trouble she was having in her personal and work life... but did you give two **! No you pushed her aside demanding she continue this ** RX and just about killed her! You should all be ashamed of yourselfs.

Don't you know she is a recovering drug addict and she could have relapsed due to your negligence and altogether lack of giving a crap?!? Like how in the hell do you mix up a sleeping pill and **? They look almost alike but the numbers and texture are not the same... How is it her fault because you can't label correctly? You are disgusting, making her feel like she is wasting away mentally, can't remember anything or make new memories because her brain is pretty much fried!! Can't produce serotonin now because you overdosed her on ** sleeping pills for like 8 months... Now her job is giving her ** because of the repercussions of the last few months and the side effects of taking this stuff... In that dose it's like a damn controlled substance!!! How stupid are you people...

You think I having been keeping everything now, all those emails and that visit to the ER which of course was through Kaiser, for you to pretty much tell her "oh it's ok to take 400+ mg of ** a day for 6-8 months... no you dumb-ass not like that and then tell me 600mg is the max... um no ** for an in-patient being monitored and giving a 50mg updose every 3-4 days for an extended period of time... Not to mention all the other medications that interact with that ** on such a high dose... I could seriously die inside because of what you have done to her and us and her relationship with her mother... Go to hell KAISER and take your POS Pharm techs with you.

I write this so others may know of my experience which may help them to determine if Kaiser is the right insurer for them. First off, I very rarely see the doctor. I do see my gynecologist yearly, and also get a full exam and blood work up. I chose Kaiser because at open enrollment, they seemed to offer the best plan at the best price for me. I was impressed with their emphasis on preventative care and even offered Acupuncture. I thought - great - they are progressive, forward thinking and I also liked that I could go to one place for appointments, blood work, or x-rays should I ever need them, which happens to be a short drive from where I live.

Since I signed up online, it has been nothing but trouble. First of all billing: I signed up to have auto-pay via my credit card. The first payment went through fine then I got a new credit card (same #) with a new expiration date, and it didn't occur to me to update my record on Kaiser. So the next billing cycle, I got a letter saying my credit card was denied. After waiting 30 - THIRTY minutes on the phone to get to a customer service rep, they updated the expiration date, and took my payment over the phone to bring me up to date. I thought all was well. The next month I get another letter that I am past due, and the credit card was declined.

I call Kaiser again. I was on hold a LONG time. There was NO option like some agencies have where when they are experiencing high call volume, they will simply call you back later the same day. I had to wait and wait. Got another customer rep who saw the notes on my expiration date being fixed, confirmed everything was in the system correctly and told me it may just be that it sometimes takes 2 billing cycles for billing issues to resolve. She took my payment over the phone for the outstanding balance and assured me it should correct by the next billing cycle. It did not! Same thing happened AGAIN and now my outstanding balance has grown!

So I call again (another frustrating wait on hold), this time asking to speak with a manager. A manager came on the line and explained to me that clearly there was something wrong with my financial institution (Chase) and that I should call them to find out why they were declining the charge. After explaining to him that I use that credit card regularly, including for online vendors such as Amazon, and had never once had any problems with it, he considered this and concluded that maybe their billing system needed yet another cycle to "clear" whatever problem was happening. He took my payment over the phone for the outstanding balance, and assured me all would be well. This time of course my confidence was not good so I went online and saw that my payment was in "pending" status at Chase and I thought at LAST it is fixed! but it was NOT!

I need to close up this part of the problem by saying that in order to resolve this, I sent numerous emails via their internal system to their complaint/grievance department, I sent a certified letter to the address/person listed on my paper bill and "credit card declined" letters; and all I got back was emails and letters stating that a specialist would be in touch. Eventually someone determined that it was their own systems causing the problem. One system had me on auto pay via credit card, and another had me on paper billing. The paper billing system was overwriting the auto pay system so that's why the charge would show up on my bank as "pending" then disappear.

Their OWN system was the problem and it took 5 months of extensive time and work on my part to get it fixed. Someone did call me back after it all to ensure I was "completely satisfied" with the resolution and I said to her "if this is a known problem in your systems I would suggest you coordinate with the first line team who handles billing problems to let them know so they can resolve it on first call!" But I could see she didn't really want to do anything, just make her call, and wish me well. Dealing with Kaiser on this I felt like I was dealing with a corporation and employees who were doing whatever was required of them by Kaiser- key thing being to close out any phone call as quickly as possible.

As I considered this I wondered god forbid I should have an actual medical issue will they treat me as robotically and systematically as they did with billing? My next issue is medical. I had an issue going on and needed to see a dr. I picked whoever was "taking new patients" and made an appointment. Luckily though their online system I was able to see open times and kept checking and got lucky to get an appointment quickly due to a cancellation. This part of Kaiser worked extremely well. The issue I had is one I have had in the past - several years ago - and so I described what was going on, and what I had been prescribed in the short term that helped me.

One issue is that I had not been sleeping well for many months and it was taking its toll. I asked for ** as that has worked well for me in the past. She said "Kaiser doesn't like to prescribe that because of problems people have had, so let me give you this other drug." I told her I am sensitive to medications, I hardly ever take prescriptions (it's been over 2 years since I needed anything) and I would prefer to take something that I know has worked for me in the past. I had a very bad reaction to ** (another sleeping pill) and did not want to take chances trying new things. Not doing. For my other issues, same thing.

She would not prescribe me a medication that I know has worked well in the past, a very common medication that has been around for years and years. Instead she gave me a list of books to read, and a list of supplements to buy at Vitamin Cottage. She is an MD and acted like a naturopath. I love natural medicine. I have no problem with supplements. But for the issues I was having I needed basic medical prescriptions for an immediate issue short-term that she refused to provide. I tried the sleeping pill she recommended, and next day I was groggy, head fog, couldn't get out of bed and my stress levels further agitated. I was so angry. I felt like she didn't really listen to me, she had her own agenda, and stuck with it.

By email she finally agreed to give me the medication I had previously requested and that I told her has worked for me but only a very very small quantity and said she would not ever give me any more. She treated me terribly and made me feel horrible. I haven't been on any prescription meds for over 2 years and when I have been on them it's always been short term and I end up throwing out the leftovers. She apparently didn't believe me and treated me like a drug addict on the mission to get some **.

Needless to say I will never go back to her as a doctor and if I can I will drop Kaiser. I did hear from others that at Kaiser everything depends on your PCP. I am told there are good ones but those usually are not taking new patients. So for any of you seeking services bear this in mind. After these experiences I simply cannot trust that should I have a medical emergency or diagnoses of any kind that Kaiser will treat me as anything but a number with a list of symptoms for which there is a pre-defined path to follow. Might as well be seen by a Robot.

I am a current Kaiser member that needed umbilical hernia surgery. I had a appointment on June 13th 2016 to be evaluated by the surgeon. The hernia was verified and surgery was recommended. I was told a scheduler would be contacting me sometime in the future. I was contacted the same day scheduling my pre-op on June 15th 2016 and the surgery on the June 17th 2016. I put in for the time off from work to address this matter. I went in for the pre-op testing, which they asked me about my medical history - heartbeat and lung sounds. No EKG was done, and I was not informed to run by the lab on my way out. The following day I called Kaiser about not having my labs done. They told me that my labs were drawn on June 9th 2016. That is literally impossible due to the fact that my first appointment at the surgery center was on June 13th 2016.

At this point I am getting concerned about the ability of Kaiser to result labs under the correct patient record. I call and talk to a Kaiser rep concerning my labs and I was directed to the closest Kaiser facility near my house. The following day, June 17th 2016 my check-in time for surgery was at 12:30. I check-in to pre-op on June 17th 2016, and get ready for surgery, (IV etc.). My nerves at this point are elevated waiting for the surgery to get underway. Surgery was scheduled for 14:00 and I waited until 16:15 at which my surgery was cancelled due to unforeseen reasons. I do not understand why no other surgeon was on call. I was told I would be a priority and that I would probably be contacted the next day to reschedule.

I was not contacted until Monday June 20th 2016, and they were calling me to see how my recovery was going. I could not believe it! The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing!!! I was told by the scheduler that the soonest they could get me in would be around the end of July 2016 due to my surgeon education/vacation time. I have lost ALL confidence in Kaiser's ability to perform the simplest tasks, like paperwork, pt record files etc. I am no longer going to patronize your so call medical facilities. I hope the corporation I work for pulls our account in the future, which I have issued a formal complaint to benefits. I feel like my rights have been violated and I am seeking my legal rights.

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