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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Kaiser Permanente?
    • 4,476,427 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
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    Reviewed Jan. 7, 2024

    Called the Kaiser Advice nurse seeking urgent care appointment on a Sunday, 1/7/24. She wanted me to speak with a physician about my symptoms. The female doctor was incredibly unprofessional and curt. As a UC Davis Registered Nurse myself, I would NEVER recommend Kaiser to anyone I loved or cared about. We will certainly be dropping Kaiser come open enrollment. Thanks for absolutely nothing!

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    Reviewed Jan. 6, 2024

    What the hell happened to Kaiser? I have been with them on and off since I was a kid. Up until 2019, I praised them for their ease of use and available services. I had them for minimal use in 2022, with no issues. Yet when restarting my Platinum coverage for $8,734.79 /year on Jan 1, 2024 - attempted to call and schedule an appointment with any available physician within 50 miles and was told there was an 8-week wait for the furthest medical office or 10-week wait for the nearest to me (still 30-mins away).

    I refuse to pay $730 a month, to get a $1460 single doctor's visit. I'll be filing a chargeback with my bank immediately! If they contest, I've already arranged legal to lawyer up. BUYER BEWARE! Do not enroll in any level of Kaiser coverage, because you're better off paying out of pocket for a private practice or Urgent Care to get basic needs me. This is an absolute *S*C*A*M* provider (or lack thereof).


    I, too, have been with Kaiser for years. Since 1982. You are correct. The service has gone to hell. I can't get an appointment for weeks out. I do have a nice doctor right now but was referred to the GI dept. because of ongoing issues with my colon. I've been on the "list" for about three months and still am not on a schedule. I need an upper and lower GI. Nothing to do but wait and suffer! I understand the reason we can't get an appointment, is because Kaiser signed with the government to care for the illegals. The poor doctors are very busy. I don't blame them. I blame the administrators. It's very frustrating.

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    Reviewed Dec. 11, 2023

    For anyone thinking about getting Kaiser, RUN. For anyone who has Kaiser SWITCH. Kaiser is not a place you want to be if you get sick. They could never make up their mind what my dad's diagnosis was. However, he had a blood clot which they stopped treating leading to organ failure. The nurses were not turning him. They threatened our family with restraining orders to keep us away from the hospital. They made it extremely difficult for people to visit. They weren’t honest about the state of his condition. They never let him rest, they were rude, abrupt and treated him like a pin cushion. They killed his spirit and told him to give up, told my family to give up.

    The rapid speed at which he declined was one of the scariest things I had ever seen in my life. My father died from septic shock due to gross negligence, poor treatment and lack of cleanliness of the hospital. We would come in and creams or ointments they were using were left out and open, he had a huge bed sore they lied about. They intubated him for too long and admitted they had no one to excavate him. There’s so much more but I can’t address it here. Stay away from this slaughterhouse of a hospital, not worth wasting your money on insurance to in the end not have a doctor be able to treat you and be ignored by staff. When we tried to take him out of network they denied multiple times. My dad was young and we are still in shock and angry. He’s very loved and will be missed.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 14, 2023

    Fortunately I'm not even a member. I was offered their health plan by my employer. I was trying to make an informed decision and I contacted them many times and I could never get a proper answer. At this point I will not be choosing this company and I feel bad for the people that have Kaiser Permanente as their only option.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed Nov. 2, 2023

    It's not that I don’t ever get sick. The reason I don’t like going to the hospital is that all they do is give you pills pills pills everything and now it’s hard getting an appointment in person they want to do video calls when I really get sick. I rather go to Tijuana and pay cash instead of this Kaiser people.

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    Reviewed Oct. 30, 2023

    My 82-year-old father was having some coughing and breathing difficulties. It took him forever to get an appointment, which wound up being on a Monday. It was not with his regular doctor. This guy did a subpar job examining him and told him that he took an x-ray and his lungs were clear. 3 days later, his regular doctor gave him a phone appointment and told him he could hear through the phone that my dad was having trouble and he needed to get some antibiotics. My dad went and got them and took them for 2 days. On Friday, he was admitted to the hospital. On Saturday, he died. His life was over in a matter of days and I blame the doctor who lied about taking an x-ray. Or maybe he's that incompetent that he doesn't know how to read them. Either way, my father is dead now and it's all because of Kaiser.

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    Reviewed Oct. 18, 2023

    Subpar insurance with substandard care. Very disappointed/unsatisfied with KP, especially since we pay over $1,000 per month for insurance. Most of the administrators, caregivers, and medical personnel are either unqualified, inept, or just stretched so thin that they don't really even care. Many, many things fall thru the cracks at KP and most of the time the left hand does not even know what the right hand is doing. The majority of the caregivers we have seen (be it at TownPark, GlenLake, Sandy Springs, Cumberland, or Holly Springs locations) are simply going thru the motions and are not genuinely concerned about quality patient care in the least. Sadly, our entire Healthcare system in this country has gone to the dogs.

    Yesterday, I waited over 1 hour in a waiting area before I was called back for appt. I arrived in building at 3:20 pm for my 3:30 appt. I had to wait in a short line with 1-2 people in front of me to check in. I checked it at 3:28pm according to my check-in receipt. I paid a co-pay and proceeded to go & sit down. Sat in waiting room for 45 mins before I got up and asked the check-in attendent, had the dermatology dept had an emergency or why were they running so late? She said "No, they were not running behind." I proceeded to tell her I'd been waiting nearly 45 mins and still have not been called.

    She phoned back to dermatology.. Apparently, they had canceled my appt and considered me a "no show." She apologized and instructed me to sit back down in waiting room and they would eventually see me. I was the only person left in the waiting room at this point. Personnel was closing and locking up doors, etc. Nonetheless, someone finally called me back about 15-18 mins later. I was seen, even tho it appeared as tho the office was closed, no one was around, etc. For over a year now, we've been very disappointed in the service, lack of quality care, the exorbitant costs, the inept caregivers with KP, and this incident was pretty much my last straw. I plan to be dropping KP very soon, during the open enrollment period next month.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Oct. 18, 2023

    Kaiser is the worst insurance/health care I have ever received. As a woman with an urgent health issue (cervical surgery); they completely forgot about my appointment and have not called me back despite my multiple attempts at calling and leaving voicemails to be seen by someone. I have had to SEEK CARE OUTSIDE my Kaiser HMO and pay OUT OF POCKET because the healthcare has dropped the ball so hard and no other clinics accept Kaiser.

    I am going to sue so hard for the out of pocket expenses I have had to pay despite paying nearly a THOUSAND dollars for their insurance PER MONTH as an individual. When receiving a critical injury that could have ended up in losing an appendage, Kaiser had no availability in their ER and SENT ME AWAY. Again, I had to seek care outside my HMO and pay out of pocket for yet another treatment and prescription. To this day, I have yet to be seen by a Kaiser provider. Disappointment is an understatement. Legal action will be taken.

    Reviewed Oct. 14, 2023

    Ok, I know Kaiser isn’t perfect and they have issues but I moved out of CA to a state that doesn’t have KP and it SUCKS. I miss Kaiser so much. Having that all in one healthcare was amazing especially compared to the crap I’m dealing with now. I actually had a medication denied by my current insurance and that never happened when I had Kaiser. One thing I will say though, you have to be the squeaky wheel and advocate for yourself at Kaiser. I used the website a lot to message my doctors which was great because then I didn’t have to go in. I miss how easy it was to contact them, make appointments and get rx refills. Maybe someday they’ll make it to my new state.

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    Reviewed Oct. 10, 2023

    I just subscribed and am counting the days until open enrollment when I can leave Kaiser. Their website is useless. The services are limited despite the plan being a PPO. It has taken me several hours to figure out COVID/Flu vaccines are only covered by their pharmacies in my area. If I weren’t paying so much in premiums I’d just go to Walmart and pay for the vaccines myself. Super frustrating. Never again.

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    Reviewed Oct. 6, 2023

    From the beginning it was disappointment! Before subscribing I was guided by a agent of my county that explained several options for Medicare coverage. I ended up selecting the advertised 5 STAR Kaiser Permanente Program. The first thing I did was try to arrange knee injections. These were noted in the literature as a covered service. The Dr I spoke with denied they (KP) did knee injection. I told him it's advertised in their brochure. He just denied it. Ultimately I got a referral to Johns Hopkins that performed the injections and billed KP. This happened twice before KP called and said they'd do the injection from now on "Just for me!".

    During this time I had my first appointment for my Primary Care Physician. I got to the office twenty minutes early. In line to check in I read a sign to have your KP card ready. Well, I didn't have mine. So I had twenty minutes to get it and I lived close. I was eight minutes late and I explained why. Receptionist said I could have showed something else. But then proceeded to delay my appointment for one hour and forty five minutes, to punish me! When the nurse arrived to escort me to a examination room the receptionist kept locking and unlocking the door and laughing at her antics. When I asked this same nurse why the receptionist delayed me so, she responded by scolding me for being late! The Dr also did nothing, just listened to me without response like a machine.

    I've never been back. There have been all sorts of communications and misprints that take place regularly but the coud'gras was in October 2022. I had fallen running in my yard and tore my a/c joint apart and the coracoids. I finally saw a surgeon after a month. Surgery occurred 4.5 months later! When asked what technique he would use he stated "...There's gotta be 1600 ways to reconstruct the clavicle and tendons, and I won't know till I get in there!" Then I waited and waited and waited for surgery. Four and a half months passed before I got to be repaired. I had to go to a hospital 54 miles from my home to be operated on! I ended up utilizing a benefit to taxi to and from on the day of surgery. I did everything the doctor told me to do. No weight in my hand more "than a cup of coffee!". I complied.

    When I started physical therapy I again followed instruction and did my "homework" as best I could but it was quite intensive and sometimes I couldn't do all of the stretches. PT went on for a month and a half and I was proceeding well with range of motion being restored quickly. A new stretch was introduced, reaching across to touch my opposite shoulder to stretch scapula muscles. This was painful but so was everything else. I just followed instruction and did what I could. After about a week I complained of specific discomfort with this exercise. I reported escalating discomfort at the next two PT appointments. That weekend the operation let go. My clavicle rose out of its compartment, pointing almost straight up.

    When I saw the surgeon he finally ordered an MRI for the first time. He never went over it with me! He tried to say it's still OK. I refuted his estimation of repair. He suggested another surgeon thirty miles in the other direction which I did see for a second opinion. He went over the MRI with me and that's when I discovered my surgeon had only wrapped a cadaver tendon around the clavicle and sutured in place. From my research on this repair it was a technique from the seventies, that failed most of the time. In addition, the MRI indicated several other injuries from the fall that were never considered because he would never look at the emergency room films or order anything but x-rays- useless!

    So the second opinion Dr agreed to perform corrective surgery to fix what the first person had screwed up. He estimated two months to get to it, and I hesitantly agreed. No one called me to schedule for at least a month and a half. When she said November 8th I explained the doctor had said within two months. She replied "Well if he said two months then he's gonna have to come up with a date." She said she'd call back but never did. I asked for the doctor's help in getting a date but in all my communications with the second doctor's office he never responded. Only an assistant verified they'd gotten the message and she would inform the doctor. He never helped.

    I finally searched my phone of the scheduling person's number and called. I finally got her and she scheduled the surgery November 13th! In addition the surgery this time will be in Silver Spring, Md, 46 miles away. I look forward to being repaired and I'm pretty sure this surgeon will do a good job. I'm nervous though, KP employees are going on strike across the country and this may again negatively impact my repairs. So the moral to the story is KP has lost their edge, with their patience, their employees, but posted 3.13 billion dollar net income before the third quarter. Much better care anywhere else!

    Reviewed Oct. 5, 2023

    I have been with Kaiser for several years until now. Once my Doctor Who I had from the beginning left in June 2021 all I had was problems with the doctors that I selected the majority of have a little experience in the medical field and have from countries you have never heard of. The quality of care is terrible. The doctors appear not to care about their patients, and do as less as possible, during examinations, especially annual physicals. Don’t waste your money and jeopardize your health with this company. You will regret it!!

    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 19, 2023

    I am writing about the most unacceptable encounter with Kaiser I have had in over 25 years. My PCP put in an order for an MRI of my pelvis. I had to wait over a month for an appointment which I went to on September 14, 2023. Prior to the appointment I got numerous text messages and KP.org messages reminding me and confirming my appointment.

    I waited 1 ½ hours to be serviced. I remained patient because I saw the radiology waiting area was very full. Finally, a radiology staffer asked me if we could talk in another area. He then told me they could not perform the procedure because “the order the doctor put in is not correct for the findings they were examining.” He stated the MRI had to be conducted another way that required an intestinal cleansing. He also said they would have to reschedule me for the special MRI and that someone would call me to reschedule and provide prep instructions.

    Am I to understand that the order was not looked at or reviewed prior to my arrival?? Apparently not looked at until it was my turn to be serviced, in the moment, to receive service. I want the proper procedure performed on me, but my outrage is the timing of looking at the order, especially since I received numerous reminders and confirmations from Kaiser prior to the appointment. There have been several instances where the services were not on par. However, I accept that Kaiser will have emergencies, unforeseens and errors which are a human factor. But this occurrence was not an unforeseen, emergency or error.

    It was unprofessionalism, inconsiderate and incompetent. Is it your practice to review the order prior to the appointment or do you just see members “on the fly?” A phone call prior to the appointment about the mix-up would have been acceptable. I changed another appointment and drove from Washington, DC to make this appointment at the Largo office. Otherwise I may not have been seen for months. Also, please note that I paid my $100 co-pay upon arrival and I was not seen.

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    Reviewed Sept. 12, 2023

    I'd like to know why Kaiser Permanente is ALWAYS LAST to get the flu vaccine every year? They are always LAST to get anything like RSV vaccine and Covid-19 vaccine. I am EXTREMELY UNHAPPY WITH KAISER P. Also therapies that MayoCclinic say is beneficial Kaiser does NOT allow, saying it does not work when Mayo Clinic says the practice is a good option.

    Customer ServiceCoverageOnline & AppStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 8, 2023

    If I could give zero stars I would, without a second thought. I vaguely remember being told that Kaiser was the worst health insurance before signing up, but I figured "how bad could it really be". I'm a young healthy adult with no pre-existing medical conditions. All I needed was insurance for my regular health check-ins and my prescription medication refills. So I signed up for the Bronze deductible plan because it seemed to include everything I needed. After waiting a couple weeks I received an email that my account was active and I could now sign up for a PCP and get my medical records transferred over. After choosing a PCP, I noticed that the earliest available appointment I could schedule was two weeks away and it was a virtual appointment. Okay I thought, "maybe my PCP has a busy schedule these next couple of weeks, but I have prescriptions I need refilled".

    After 3 hours of waiting on hold while being transferred from one customer service rep to the next, I decided to try the chat box function and speak with a nurse. After re-explaining that I needed my prescriptions refilled and I could not wait for my appointment with my PCP 2 weeks away, the nurse/doctor scheduled me for an in-person visit the following day. During the visit I was persuaded to get a tetanus shot I didn't need and was told I would need to get a urine test to receive a refill on my "controlled substance". A urine test?! I've been taking this medication for the last 3 years and nobody ever requested a drug test to receive the prescription. Plus, nowhere on Kaiser's website is it listed that "a urine sample is required for all controlled substances". Weird I thought, but if it's only once a year and it's included in my plan (without a copay), it's not that big a deal.

    I'll just wait one more day until the lab results are received and my doctor can refill my meds. Unsurprisingly I come to find that the urine test is NOT included in my plan and there is a $120 copay. For something I have never been, nor should be required to take as a pre-req for getting my prescription medication. So I ended up spending around 15 hours being "transferred" from one customer service rep to another and getting straight up lied to; "the supervisor will call back before the end of the day", **. Each person I spoke to (service reps, doctors, management, billing etc) had something to say that contradicted the previous person. It was full of mayhem. Don't ever listen to anyone who says the "law is XYZ", without providing documentation that backs up their statements. The law is NOT that every healthcare provider MUST administer a urine test before refilling prescriptions for controlled substances.

    The law clearly states that it is at the discretion of the provider meaning it's not illegal for Kaiser to request that from patients before refilling their prescription request. I'm sure you know where I'm going with this. Kaiser Permanente's insurance is a massive, ingeniously designed, SCAM. The fact that companies like Kaiser still exist and don't have a plethora of lawsuits against them speaks volumes as to why the US has one of the worst healthcare systems in the world (or sorry, compared to other Western countries of equivalent GDP per capita). AVOID AT ALL COSTS! (Do not pass go, do not PAY $200).

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    Reviewed Aug. 8, 2023

    The years we were with Kaiser Permanente were awful. My husband had a testicle removed because of nerve damage, and his testosterone levels plummeted over the years. When we tried to get him in to see endocrinology, they made him do a blood test, and because his numbers were at the very lowest number of their 'normal' range, they took one look at his weight and refused to even see--let alone treat--him. Both his knees after years in the fire department and several seasons jousting were bone on bone and he was having extreme pain and difficulty walking. They took one look at his weight and refused to treat him, stating he could have a somewhat more difficult time in recovery.

    So instead, they did NOTHING, leaving him that way for four years. Now that we have a different insurance company, he's recovering EASILY for his first of two knee replacements (they were astonished he'd been bone on bone so long) and the urologist very quickly prescribed testosterone for his VERY LOW levels, again, astonished that Kaiser had left him that way. All Kaiser will do is take your money and neglect your health.


    Reviewed July 25, 2023

    If I could give zero star I would do that. This place is like a robbing the patient's money. They charged me for Flu vaccine!! I went for annual dr visit here and the Dr ** ask me questions. They charge me for each and any of the question that she asked. It is like stealing money. My wife is working in medicine and we know how these scammers work. Do not even go here. They charge for everything!! SCAM!

    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed July 10, 2023

    Kaiser is unresponsive and lacks actual care/integrity. Trust me when I say, look elsewhere. You will regret choosing Kaiser. They have let me walk on a broken foot bone for 7 days as of today. They have not so much as called me back, they even cancelled my appointment and did not bother to reschedule it.

    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed July 10, 2023

    Made 3 calls trying to get a Dr. Appt. for a bump and pain on my side (like hernia). Finally got a phone Dr. appt. 10 days out. Appointment was scheduled for 8:40 a.m....An hour later and no call. This isn't new. KP routinely puts you "through the hoops" when you try and get care. I will be changing health providers at my annual renewal. They really don't care about the health of their clients.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed July 5, 2023

    I’ve been with Kaiser Permenante since 2017 never have I thought about leaving Kaiser Permenante until now. I saw Dr. O…,DO in Urgent Care Southwood for neck pain x 1 week 5/20/2023. I explained to Dr. O… I was in constant pain in my neck area x 1 week. The doctor felt the need to order a drug Screen (did not inform me). My belief is when doctors hear pain they believe immediately that patients are drug seekers and some are. That’s why you should always take the time to read the patient’s chart. I wonder if they read the patient’s history before they make up in their mind that patients are drug seekers. Yes the word called pain makes some physicians feel that before getting to know a patient they automatically feel patients are drug seekers.

    Nowhere is there an indication that I am nor had I ever been one in my past. I’ve had Lupus, liver and lung sarcoidosis since 2013. I’ve had osteoarthritis and DDD for a few years as well as other autoimmune disorders. That’s why I say again it’s good to read the patients history before you pass judgment. I Saw Dr. L…,5/23/2023 due to neck pain. I informed her that I had a chest x-ray and it was discovered that I had DDD and osteoarthritis. She ordered a MRI of my neck. I called radiology and they informed me that the next available was 7/17/2023. I thought to myself but I’m in pain. 5/25/2023 and 6/4/2023 I left 2 messages for Dr. L…, saying that I’m still having severe pain and could she possibly put a stat on the MRI so I wouldn’t have to wait until 07/19. Her nurse M…M, NP responded by medical portal on 5/25 and 6/7. I was very displeased with her messages.

    Dr. L…., decided to call 7/3/2023 after I left the first two messages in May and early June in the medical portal. And had been to urgent care several times. I think at times people forget you are human and yes feel pain at times. I don’t have to take steroids or pain medication if I don’t want to. I worked in the medical field for several years with different specialties. I had the pleasure of working for an excellent surgeon. I saw what pain meds can do to people. It can cause severe constipation and I already have IBS. While steroids treats inflammation it also have other serious side effects. So why would I want to take either one. I had so many steroids in my system that I became pre diabetic. But did any doctor read that in my chart before prejudging me.

    I remember I was constantly told you should always smile when talking to people over the phone. I clearly knew Dr. L…, wasn’t smiling while she was speaking to me. She started asking me where was my pain. I'm thinking to myself she should have been more concerned to hear I’m still having pain. And the fact that I’m still having pain whether it's constant pain in my neck or upper back who cares: I’ve been suffering with this pain for over a month (I thought she could have acted like she cared). She basically said without saying she would not order a stat MRI. She also told me not to go back to the ER.

    I assumed because I refused to take opioids or steroids. Sometimes it’s not what you say but how you say it. I thought she was rude and unprofessional the way she spoke to me over the phone. After being with Kaiser almost 6 years come September I’m really considering leaving Kaiser. I just don’t understand while some of their doctors are excellent (my doctors that are treating me now are the best). Others act like they don’t care.

    Reviewed July 4, 2023

    I have had Kaiser for eight years now and I always gave them high marks, but I am now really sick for the very first time and no one here could care less. My doctor doesn’t seem the least bit interested in diagnosing and treating my condition and other departments that provide specialized services have long wait times and are completely unsympathetic in getting me the testing and treatment that I need. I will be changing to another provider next year.

    Customer ServicePriceOnline & AppStaff

    Reviewed June 28, 2023

    Kaiser used to be incredible many years ago. But they take Medicaid now which is great for many people. But now you won’t ever get seen right away. It’s incredibly busy due to that. Meaning long lines to see a good doctor, long lines to get medicine, long waits to talk with someone about your issues. Examples, 6-8 month to get a mammogram. 1-2 months to see a specialist and another month to see your primary doctor.

    I guess waits can be anywhere. So I just usually see whoever is available. Which is not always a good idea. I had to find the right doctor who listened. But she takes over a month to see her. I email her, takes 3 days or longer to hear back, and she has her team call. But never leaves me a message. Even though I signed forms to leave a message.

    Kaiser doctors are really nice. But I don’t think I get the best care either. Some are just not very knowledgeable at all. So if you come to Kaiser, I suggest to fight for your care! It’s your body and health. At times they gave me medications that were not good. Muscle relaxers, and then said I had a UTI. When I just had other minor issue. I did not have an uti either. Always get a 2nd opinion here. Always research and don’t believe everything they say.

    The pros are that, it is nice to email your doctor, see your tests and medical record on their app. You also can set up an appointment. So I like that. You can go to any Kaiser and find any doctor if you wanted to travel further too. But I would not recommend it. I used to love Kaiser. But over the years, quality keeps going down. My other irritation with Kaiser is how they really push back on giving you a referral for a specialist. Which can be frustrating. I get they are limited staff. So they have to have some boundaries. But if I was sent to a specialist sooner, a lot of issues could have been avoided too.

    I had this lingering issue. So I kept going back to urgent care, then to ER then more waiting. Then back to several doctors, more emailing. More waiting. Finally I demanded to see a specialist. I had to fight for my health. That’s what I suggest anyway if you go here, fight for your care and always research and get 2nd opinions. I researched my own care, find what worked for me. Because a lot of their doctors just don’t know. Just a lot of back and forth, and tons of waiting. If you go to urgent care you get seen right away, but it’s more costly too.

    I’m glad I don’t have a serious/minor issue. Something minor but can turn into a bigger issue, like my blood work. It’s nice they email it, but no one explains it. And won’t tell you if something is off. I had to research my own care and tell them myself that my numbers were off. Because I would have to wait and wait for an answer. It seems like something is always lacking in quality here. Which is so sad. Because a lot of the patients here are elderly. So don’t get sick! That’s how it feels anyway. Just kinda irritating. But like I said the doctors are nice. I think with the amount of people they see, they might be on burn out too. And maybe that’s why I feel like it’s lower quality too.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed June 3, 2023

    They are horrible and only continue to get worse. Been with them for 25 yrs and all I can say is they are absolutely horrible anymore. After hurting my back they have made me wait 3 mths to get any therapy to start getting better and make me fight for medication. You use to be able to talk with an advice nurse but now their admin staff decides if you get to actually have medical advice. If you don’t disclose your medical information to these admin people then they just tell you you’ll get a call back. That may take up to a week or more anymore if you are lucky. If you actually want to see your primary doctor it will take at least a month or two for that so they always push you to the premium like urgent care and the ER where your bill becomes huge.

    They are an absolute joke and can give a rip about their patients. It so scary after being prescribed medication wrong you need to know about how they are mistreating you and call them on it. All they want to do is prescribe medication regardless if that’s what you need. They never read your charts and always want you to go over everything that is documented In Their charts. Don’t believe their markets because after 25yrs of being with them that when I see their commercials I laugh because it’s so far from the truth it’s comical. They are horrible and you will always fight for the care you pay so much money for!!!!

    Customer Service

    Reviewed May 31, 2023

    Since laying off over 3000 doctors and nurses for (rightfully) refusing the COVID vaccine, the quality of care and the ability to get appointments in a reasonable timeframe have taken a steep nosedive. Currently, I cannot make an appointment to see my primary doctor under any future timeframe. The automated phone system one has to wade through for the any type of communication will drive a normal person crazy. Call backs to specialty departments are required to use the generic main line and at least 20 minutes of selections and repeatedly submitting the same information. This is my last year with Kaiser. They are not what they used to be.

    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed April 14, 2023

    Kaiser claims to cover, (providing endless letters and phone calls to remind customers to do) three preventative cancer screening tests. They do not disclose that they only partially cover these services. When a breast cancer image does not clearly show the breast tissue, additional images are taken during the visit to make a clear diagnosis and to reduce unnecessary return visits for clarity- not an unusual event according to my unscientific research of all females around me. Kaiser states they only cover 1 mammogram per year. This additional imaging is considered "extra yearly mammograms" and the customer is required to pay. I am required to pay.

    Unless one falls under specific medical diagnosis (and this narrows the crowd significantly), complete anesthesia is not covered for Colonoscopy screenings. Has anyone ever had a colonoscopy and wanted to be aware of the procedure? They state they will cover a sedative that numbs feeling but you are awake, possibly slightly groggy in the best of circumstances. If there is too much discomfort the procedure cannot be completed. Have not gone through the procedure to attempt a cervical cancer screening - I can't even start to review what could they possibly not cover for that.

    Preventative services are done for early detection and need to be done completely to make an accurate diagnosis. During procedures Kaiser has told me it is my responsibility to ask at every action "does Kaiser cover this?" How would the person doing screening possibly know the answer to this - only accounting with the codes can truly answer. There needs to be governance over this type of selective billing. A procedure needs to be covered to the point of making the accurate diagnosis. This screening reduces their costs, why are they penny pinching for this, WHY ARE THEY ALLOWED TO PENNY PINCH FOR THIS?


    Reviewed March 28, 2023

    Kaiser has refused to pay for my son's out of network therapy sessions. Kaiser was and is still unable to provide the necessary help for my son's mental state. He needs long term help and therapy. I am very disappointed with Kaiser's plans. Kaiser needs to realize that mental health is serious, and that teens and young adults are dying due to the lack of service Kaiser provides. Kaiser's once a month therapy sessions are not enough. Kaiser's short term inpatient services are without a doubt not helpful.

    Please pay more attention to mental health, especially in teens and young adults. Stop sponsoring many events, and start helping our teens/young adults with therapy and long term mental health. If kaiser cannot provide this help, please pay for out of network help. We have an individual plan, and pay an arm and a leg every month. Other insurance companies know how serious mental health is, and are willing to pay for the services. My family and I are seriously contemplating switching to another insurance company.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed March 28, 2023

    Kaiser NW claims to have acupuncture, chiropractic and naturopathy in their Medicare Advantage plans. However there is no communication between the CHP group (where these services are funneled through) and Kaiser. I pay my premiums and even get text and email notifications about this great benefit. However CHP shows I don’t have Kaiser insurance. And, Kaiser does not respond to requests for verification. It’s March 27th. So far 3 months. It seems that KP wants you to sign up for their plan. And, not live up to their promise. I call that fraud. What else do they do this with?

    Installation & SetupPunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed March 27, 2023

    Kaiser Fontana: My 4 year old son was refused service for not having a mask on. My child has battled with anything obstructing his face or head because he had to wear a cranial helmet for a long time as an infant. Kaiser refused to see him even though 20% of people at the hospital were not wearing masks. Not including Kaiser staff either wearing it inappropriately or lowering it below their chin to speak to me. I took off of work to schedule this appointment, only to be refused service. When I spoke to a manager, they advised me that if I cared enough to have him seen, I’d force a mask on him. And don’t let me get started on their ** ER. You have to be metal detected to gain entry and the area itself is extremely unsanitary. Save your money! They’re trash since they’ve begun to accept HMO.

    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupCoverageStaff

    Reviewed March 19, 2023

    I have had Blue Shield, Aetna, and now Kaiser. Kaiser is so bad, that I found another job to get better insurance coverage. They lied to me about how to get routine care, and then charged me for their lies. If you might ever need a mammogram, a flu shot or basic care, don't expect it from Kaiser. When I finally found a way to submit a complaint, the person I talked to wasn't the person reviewing it and the person reviewing it only responded to a small portion of the story and never talked to me directly. They never asked me any questions, they just made a decision based on a small portion of what I was saying.

    Originally, They told me I needed one of their providers to refer me for a mammogram and that if I made an appointment, and got that referral, then they would partially cover my mammogram. So upon the advice of the person at customer service, I made that appointment. The person I made an appointment with said they would make the referral but, I never got the referral and they charged me for an appointment to get a referral (there was no exam, just a request for a referral.).

    When I finally found a well-hidden way to submit a claim, they said I could just self-refer and pay for my mammogram myself. So, 1) they lied to me and 2), if I am paying for it myself, what is the point of Kaiser? I was so frustrated that I found a job this better insurance because thanks to Kaiser I've gone 2 years without a mammogram when I am at risk and supposed to get one every 6 months. This entire situation has been going in circles for way too long. If you just want health, care, or healthcare, get as far as possible from these people who will deny you that while trying to extract office visit payment for doing absolutely the opposite of what they said they would do.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed March 15, 2023

    I have acid reflux, my throat sore, ears hurt and they tell me it's nothing they can give. You tell me what kind of doctors are they. It's really sad how Kaiser treat people. All I can say is hurry up November, I be so glad get rid of ** ins. I would like to give them no stars. They always say they call you back 24 to 48 hours, that's a lie. When you go back in the room waiting for the doctor you're in there for at least half hour. It's ridiculous.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 28, 2023

    I feel ignored, doctors not reading or interpreting test results. A long wait for a specialist. 1 month to see a neuro then another month for MRI. I am sick NOW! I have been bed ridden for 3 months with no care or concern from Kaiser. A month wait to see a cardio while I suffer from chest pain, difficulty breathing, light-headedness. No timely response from care team. The only provider in the county for Medicare supplement but where is the timely care as stated on their mission statement. I have asked for out of network referral to a cardio who can see me sooner but no response. At this point even sitting up in bed has become difficult. Please protect yourself or any elderly loved ones from Kaiser. In all my years I have never been treated in this manner.


    Reviewed Feb. 9, 2023

    Kaiser is horrible. They charge a ridiculous amount to the patient when receiving doctor recommended tests and procedures, including cancer screenings. Cancer is one of the number one reasons people even have insurance and preventative medicine should always be covered not charged to the patient for thousands of dollars on top of your monthly health coverage. Their business model is to make money off of people, not to help people.


    Reviewed Jan. 25, 2023

    I HIGHLY discourage you from Kaiser. The care was always below par, but after Covid, I noticed it went even further down in quality. Medical standards that they follow are the absolute minimum they can get away with. For example, I requested to have a mammogram since I am in my 40s. They told me that "THEY changed the guidelines. You don't qualify for one anymore." Okay. Odd. I then switched to Premera Blue Cross, and requested the same test. They ordered the test for me, and told me that the guidelines have NOT changed within the American Gynocology Organizations but with a Medical Insurance provider. So it's a money issue, and Kaiser decides to follow the Insurance guidelines rather than the Medical Field guidelines. That's a red flag.

    I mentioned to my dr that I felt like I needed to drop a few pounds after Covid lockdowns. She looked at me and said "You look fine." I asked for a referral for mental healthcare. They provided me with a code, but they didn't pay any amount for coverage. OVERALL, terrible care. I hate to say that because I'm sure the people who work there care about their patients to some extent. But I am beginning to think that Kaiser hires the lower half of the graduating classes of Medical School... it's also no shock that they (locally) bought out another healthcare facility that was renowned for horrific care (Group Health) and was nicknamed Group Death.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 22, 2023

    I called them twice. They hung up on me twice while I was asking them nicely about an issue. I haven’t experienced these in any other insurance before! Why would you be called customer service if you guys don’t wanna talk? If you guys don’t wanna do your job then don’t answer calls and just hang up. That is rude. I would understand if a caller/customer is yelling at you for you guys to hang up. Be nice!

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 20, 2023

    Kaiser Sacramento doctors and staff are terrible, they do not care about patients as actual people, we're treated as a number to receive inadequate "health care" from a corporate service. The doctors are sub-par and most are so young they lack real experience. The staff are rude and treat patients with disrespect. Patients cannot get appointments, responses to messages, all doctors are full so we can't switch to a different doctor. Test results are incorrect and it takes enormous convincing just to get any answers and further testing. Kaiser is a corporate system not at all in service to patients. Kaiser employees, especially the doctors, should be ashamed of the poor quality "health care" they provide.

    Customer ServiceCoveragePricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 13, 2023

    By far the worst health insurance and care provider I have ever had. I've had so many bad experiences with them, so I’ll just provide the top 6.

    1. Want to see you psychiatrist? You'll only be able to see them 2 or 3 times a year because they're booked out 4-6 months between appointments. Each psychiatrist has about a thousand patients.

    2. Want to see a specialist? Good luck. I told my primary doctor that I wanted to see a dermatologist about a couple skin conditions. He insisted I didn't need to and that he was good enough to handle it himself. Another time, I went in because my knee was hurting, which I had surgery on a few year prior. My primary said it was just because I'm overweight and just need to exercise more. I said I really would like to make sure it's not something more serious like so he wrote me a referral to get an x-ray. I scheduled it, went in to get it and found out I was going to have to pay $500. I left, then called to see why I was being charged so much. They said it was because he coded it a certain way and if he coded it differently, it would have only cost me $50.

    3. I went to see a my primary doctor (different one than before) because I found a lump I was concerned about. He agreed it was very concerning and was going to write me an urgent referral so I could get an ultrasound. When I called to schedule it, the earliest appointment was over 2 weeks away. Call me crazy, but that doesn't seem like a very appropriate timeline.

    4. Kaiser's online portal and general software system is awful. When I have a video appointment, they don't have a way to join from the online portal. I have to wait for them to send me a link to join. That doesn't sound too bad, right? Well, they have either sent me the link only via text message or not at all. So I have to copy the link over to my computer to do the appointment. Still not the worst? Well, when they have sent me the link, I get it 5-10 minutes AFTER my scheduled appointment time.

    5. The pharmacy - what a disaster. When nothing goes wrong, it's fine. Unfortunately, I've had multiple terrible experiences with the pharmacy. One time, they said I couldn't fill one of my prescriptions because it was too soon, even though their system texted me saying it was time to fill. I told them I always pick up my prescriptions together so they should either both be available to fill or neither should be. They looked through their records and said I hadn't filled one of them for over 6 months, which I knew wasn't correct since I take these meds every day and get a 90 day supply every time. Plus, these meds require my doctor to write a new prescription every time I have them filled, which they shouldn't do if I was requesting a refill too soon. I ended up picking up the meds that were ready and having to come back a few days later to get the other.

    6. My employer-sponsored coverage started at the beginning of the year. I hadn't received my Kaiser membership cards yet so I called Kaiser. I spent over an hour talking to 2 people from Kaiser, which ultimately ended with them saying, "you'll need to work with your company's HR because we don't see you in the system."

    The next day, I asked my company's HR if there was an issue. They said it looked like everything was correct on their end and even sent me a screenshot of my info in Kaiser's system. I was now able to login to Kaiser's portal, but could only access Northern California, where I used to live multiple years ago. I had been a member of Kaiser Southern California for a couple years since then so I was very confused by what was going on.

    I called Kaiser back, spoke with a total of 4 people over a couple hours. The call ended with them telling me, "we changed something on your account so you should be able to access it now." I confirmed I was still not able to access Southern California and they said, "give it 24 hours and it should be fixed." The next day, it seemed to have been fixed so I went ahead and requested refills on my prescriptions. Later that day, I get a text saying one of my prescriptions is out of stock. Fine, I'll just go pick up the other prescriptions that are marked as ready.

    I go in to pick them up. The price is way higher than usual so I ask why. The pharmacist looked and said, "weird, for some reason it didn't go through the insurance. Do you want me to do that?" Obviously, I said yes. He then takes a while to try to run it through insurance with his manager, comes back and says my insurance only covers a 30 day supply so I'll have to pay out of pocket. I said, "I've been getting 90 day supply for years and it's always gone through." He looks and sees that's true so he talks to his manager for a while, comes back to tell me there must have been a change in the policy in the new year. I said, "fine, I need the prescription so I'll just pay out of pocket."

    10 mins goes by so I ask what's going on. He replies, "Oh, we need to re-process it without the insurance." More time goes by. I see his manager talking to someone else about it. He comes back to tell me that they actually can't give me the 90 day supply at all and will need to completely start over to only give me 30. Needless to say, I will not be staying with Kaiser any longer. I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy.


    Reviewed Dec. 29, 2022

    Saw my Dr one time for a very serious condition. Was on lots of medicine. Was not listened to. Was not checked up on. It is a medical factory line. If you are slightly diff from the normal patient and need individualized care you will not receive it here. This is an insurance company out to only make money. Please I beg you do not support them. Thank you for reading.

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    Reviewed Dec. 11, 2022

    Two years ago I had major joint pain. My doctor took X-rays and told me “there’s nothing wrong, it is psychological.” (No psych referral though.) Then, a year and a half later…. I had a physical with my new Primary Care Provider (PCP) in May. He made a comment that I’d “be a diabetic in 10 years.” I didn’t give it thought, until July, when I sent him an email in the KP App. No reply. Every week, for four weeks, I emailed with no reply. Again, I changed doctors. The new doctor had a “first available” in November, three months away. I waited. My KP app showed my appointment, until a week before, when it disappeared. I email a note, asking if it was still on. No reply. Two notes later, and two days before my assignment, I got a phone call. “Unfortunately, we have to cancel that appointment. His next first available is February.” Glad I emailed.

    At this point I settled for any doctor that could see me, and got in to meet a very nice resident that spent time with me and even looked at my joints. The referral I was given for my joints got me to a person that could identify swelling and painful areas just by comparing sides. One wrist has fewer wrinkles, since it’s inflamed. Same with my elbows. So, I could have gone six months waiting for an appointment with my PCP, in hopes it would not be canceled again. Things that could have been treated as soon as discussed were discounted and treatment was seriously delayed. I’m the expert on my body and know when it’s not working right. The doctor is the expert on the human body. But, with Kaiser, it seems that people get only urgent treatment anymore. We are told to wait six months for an appointment, but pay our monthly premiums on time. It’s not right.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 8, 2022

    From what I have been made aware of and it was backed up by the pulmonary doctor my problem started on June 15 2021. I was not aware that I had fluid in my lung then but it states that in the info on their website. I was never treated for that or informed of it either. I was treated for a POSSIBLE blood clot but they said they thought it was a blood clot but not for sure. They put me on blood thinners and hospitalized me for 3 days.

    I talked to the pulmonary doctor and she agreed with me. She said she did not think it was a blood clot I had back then and took me off the blood thinner because of the kind of work I do. Because an injury could cause me to bleed out faster. She figure it was the lesser of two evils because the downside of that is that in putting me on a blood thinner and taking me off them I am now more likely to a blood clot than if I had not been put on them. I was not aware of this until I started checking the info on my doctor visits starting with June 2021 when I was hospitalized for a POSSIBLE blood clot.

    Anyways now onto the rest. I had multiple visits after the being hospitalized as follow up appointments. I went in on Sept 21, 2021 to the urgent care with swelling in my legs. They treated me but it never really went completely away. Then on Dec 8 2021 I went to the urgent care who sent me to the er because I was suffering from shortness of breath. All they did was prescribe me more meds & sent me home. They never did a chest x-ray. It kept getting worse to the point that on April 12, 2022 I again went to the urgent care complaining of shortness of breath. They prescribed me more meds and sent me home. Again they never did a chest x-ray. And again it got worse not better and I went back to the urgent care on April 26th with the same complaints. They prescribed me more meds and sent me home. Again they never did a chest x-ray.

    We waited thinking that maybe it was kidney related and since I had an appointment with my kidney doctor on May 16th. Nothing came of that and it kept getting worse. It got so bad that I could not walk half a block without gasping for air. I had to be pushed in a wheelchair by my girlfriend from the parking lot when I had to go in for my MRI because I could not walk that far without having an attack. After that we waited hoping that my phone appointment with Dr ** would be able to get some results because the urgent care visits were a waste of time since all they would do is prescribe more meds and send me home without doing a chest x-ray.

    I missed the phone appointment because I could not answer the phone in time. I waited 30 minutes for him to call again and he did not call again so I called to try to let his office know what happened and the person I talked to could not get hold of anyone in his office so I left a message telling what happened. I got another appointment with Dr ** for June 10th, 2021. Meanwhile my girlfriend and me as well as her son had called his office trying to get help at least twice so he aware there was a problem. On June 10th, 2022 I got a call early in the morning cancelling my phone appointment with Dr ** and they rescheduled it for the end of July.

    On June 11, 2022 I went back to the urgent care with the same complaints as well as complaining my shoulder hurt when I fell down from having a problem breathing. I basically passed out when that happened. They finally did a chest xray but did not contact me with the results. On June 15th 2022 I came home from work and felt really bad, so bad it scared my girlfriend who told me, "You are going to the urgent care again" so I went back to the urgent care and the doctor there took one look at the xray from my last visit and sent me to the er where they hospitalized me. One lung was almost completely full of fluid. Obviously it had been building up for the last year and until the one doctor saw the xrays they did nothing to treat me for it, just gave me more pills & sent me home each time.


    Reviewed Dec. 7, 2022

    I am so frustrated with Kaiser in Northern California and the service that I am receiving. They are horrible, it takes months to get in to see someone, to get a specialist is almost impossible and the doctors just don't seem to care if you are hurt or in pain.

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    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed Dec. 4, 2022

    Kaiser Folsom is the worst insurance to have. Doctors prescribe meds without even examining you. When you have a urgent matter they don’t return your calls. I have been sick for 3 weeks now and they keep prescribing meds and have not seen me once. They need to be investigated.


    Reviewed Nov. 3, 2022

    Kaiser doctors do not give adequate consideration to the symptoms you report. Instead, the symptoms are brushed off based on statistics and age believing that everything is ruled out and advising to take better care of yourself. When you already take care of your health and body and practice a healthy lifestyle but still have certain symptoms that are dismissed, something is wrong with the system. Kaiser is not for people with real concerns, nor is it a good health insurance provider. The doctors having the power to decide whether referral is warranted for a specialist or specific test is detrimental to one's health.

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    Reviewed Oct. 19, 2022

    Kaiser is good when it is good but overall bad in an emergency unless I suppose you get to Emergency in an ambulance. After experiencing acute and severe debilitating back pain (on my knees on the floor and unable to get to the backroom) and receiving the lack of care I felt necessary left me with serious doubt about my future care within the Kaiser health care system. I could not get an appt to see a back doctor (in person appt is and was 2 months out). I managed to get to Urgent care and got medicine but medication did not help in the least.

    Managed to snag a same day appt with some unknown doctor who prescribed stronger meds to address my back pain. Still did not help. Was finally referred to Physical Medicine where a doctor there prescribed medication strong enough to alleviate the inflammation. Managed to see my PCP (only because there was a patient cancellation, otherwise wouldn't have been able to see him) who said there was no diagnosis (when in reality there was and I didn't even know as nobody bothered to explain to me I had lumbar radiculopathy aka sciatica). Lack of and poor communication.

    I am really fed up with doctors asking me questions when I'm a patient and they should be aiding and guiding me. Neighbors and friends said I need a cane to assist me walking and to secure a Handicap Parking Placard. I had to go inquire over and over and over to get the placard to assist me as I continued to limp along due to two herniated disks. I'm looking to switch to PPO insurance. Kaiser is FOR PROFIT regardless what the ads that say otherwise. Until Kaiser hires sufficient doctors to address the volume of patients, it will continue to dole out less than acceptable standards in dealing with patients with acute onset immediate crisis care needs.


    Reviewed Oct. 18, 2022

    Kaiser's doctors and health practitioners give me the impression of having 0 interest in patients and just try to do as little as possible interaction with patients and treating patients. Kaiser pays the most and hence attracts these types who are motivated only by money. Those who must interact with patients are understaffed so they have a line of patients at any given time and do not have time to provide human interaction. I have had to resort to holistic herbal treatments and energy healing since switching to Kaiser. I avoid going to the doctor because I leave feeling so awful. Luckily I am from a country where health care is also exclusive to the wealthy and useless for everyone else, so we know how to treat most diseases with herbal medicines. I am horrified to imagine Americans without this background trusting their Kaiser doctors who I can tell do not at all, or do not have time to care.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 13, 2022

    I am trying to get a refill for some medication. The Kaiser pharmacy said it can take up to 5 business days get the refill. That's up to a week if it's not placed on a Monday. Crazy right? I tried to contact my doctor by email. The response I got was from her assistant telling me it can take up to 5 business days for her to respond to emails. Sigh. No help there. There is no way to call your Dr. office directly. So basically I'm screwed. I may go to urgent care as a last resort. What a waste of time resources.

    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed Oct. 8, 2022

    I am having severe back pain since last February, God knows how many months it took Kaiser to schedule me to see Pain Management and physical therapy. Finally, they agreed base on my condition to do pain block and I have been waiting two weeks for them to call and schedule me for procedure. They called me this morning at 7:15 am and I missed the call and once I called back they told me I have to wait till next week. I am so pissed off. If you file complaints it takes them 3 months to respond and they send you bunch of papers which takes you hours to read… Horrible service. I can’t wait to reach 65 and get different health insurance and I am encouraging my husband and my sister both to leave Kaiser… they are worthless.

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    Reviewed Oct. 7, 2022

    As a self-employed individual I have had insurance through Premera in 2020, Regence in 2021 and Kaiser in 2022. Kaiser was by far, the biggest mistake. Aside from catastrophic coverage which thankfully we did not need, I would accept Kaiser coverage for my family if it was given for free. I chose Kaiser because monthly premiums was slightly less expensive and I believed the combination of insurance and providers would turn out to be superior. I was wrong.

    Kaiser's approach seems to be downgrade, delay and deny. Initial contacts may go through a web or phone consultation that is about as useful as self research using online sites like WebMD. Getting even simple prescriptions like a rash cream would be denied. My explanations that I have already tried self-researched and over-the-counter remedies is ignored. You must go through the Kaiser process at every step, even when you are happy to pay directly. The next step is typically the office visit with a general practitioner or PA. There is no luck going to straight to a specialist even when you are experienced and knowledgeable with a condition. You will wait to get these appointments unless Kaiser deems urgency.

    The providers are fine, but the care is still general and if you will pay the deductible, suffer the condition and be delayed. This will often be another wasted appointment. You will not be able to bypass the system. Your experience, research and knowledge is meaningless as is the inconvenience, expense, time and suffering. I never made it to the specialist within the process. My attempts were denied or delayed. My child was unable to sleep properly for months or to use drugs recommended for days, not continual use. When I asked to go to specialists outside of Kaiser and pay completely out-of-pocket, it was denied. They put barriers to even working with outside providers.

    I literally had to go to an outside provider, walk in to their office, explain and beg them to ignore my insurance, to provide service and charge me directly. Calling was not sufficient. When my child was eventually seen by a specialist outside Kaiser, they initially recommended a long regiment of antibiotics, since we had tried a standard regiment the year before. Kaiser denied all but over-the-counter and home remedies we were trying for years. They didn't care. Stay in the system. Outside information is not considered.

    The outside specialist also recommended a further diagnostic should this not work. We did not want to wait or go through the roadblocks that Kaiser would undoubtedly put up and had the specialist perform the diagnostic immediately. As we expected, there was reason for the chronic problem and an easy solution. It took us at least six months, much effort, costs, sleepless nights and unneeded suffering of our child trying to Kaiser. A horrible value is an understatement. Thankfully we never needed urgent medical emergency coverage and I suppose that provides some value. Beyond that, I would accept Kaiser's coverage if it was offered free of charge. Do yourself a favor, pay more in premiums elsewhere.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 30, 2022

    I called for an appointment four months ago to reduce a medication I felt was causing anxiety attacks. The nurse on the phone insisted I go to ER to ensure I wasn't having a heart attack. I did and thankfully was not, but was told by the ER doc (outside of KP) to see a cardiologist without delay. KP insisted I see my regular doc (I just switched to KP two years ago) in order to get a referral to see a cardiologist despite my having been seen by an ER doc with all tests done at their insistence. First available appointment was a month away so I made the appointment. The morning of the appointment I get to the KP facility and am told my GP is out Sick. "Can I see another Doctor for a referral and just have the blood drawn for tests?" Nope. I make another appointment- first available is three weeks out. I am on the way to the appointment and get a phone call cancelling because my GP is *still* out Sick. No one else available? Nope.

    I make another appointment with another KP doctor at another facility only a week out thanks to a cancelation- I get a phone call the morning of telling me the doctor won't do the paperwork I need because she isn't my GP. I MAKE ANOTHER APPOINTMENT (Each phone call to make an appointment takes minimum 40 minutes on Hold BTW). I manage to get a phone appointment another week later with yet another GP. This one says she's happy to get all the paperwork done - And does it over the phone sight unseen. (Bless her).

    I finally get a phone call to schedule the Stress test I am told I need to do before the cardiologist can see me. First available is three weeks out. The morning of the test I get a phone call telling me they have to cancel, BECAUSE THE DOCTOR HAS CALLED IN SICK. I manage to reschedule in the phone call - FOR MORE THAN THREE WEEKS OUT. That's where it stands now. To save people the math, I am now more than four months since calling to change medication that the KP Nurse insisted could be a heart attack and sent me to ER - where the doctor said see a cardiologist without delay. Assuming the next appointment isn't cancelled (mind, I am 0 for 4 in actually seeing a doctor who will do anything), it will be five months before I even get the Stress test to then see a cardiologist sometime after that. KP - Health Insurance in Premium Only.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 28, 2022

    I have a special needs child who will be 18 soon: with an intellectual disability/autism. I needed a VERY routine form filled in as I need to gain limited conservatorship (medical powers). It has a question where it asks if my child is capable of making informed medical decisions. Mind you this doctor chose to write a letter in lieu of the form. I explained to her that the form is a document that must be signed by her medical doctor and that the letter will not hold up. I know no one who has had this issue so I do know this is doctor specific. She had the audacity to call and say she won’t sign it because “I could sue her.” I asked for my child to be referred to someone who would. Many psychs in this department called me to say “Why won’t she do it? She is her doctor.”

    I brought in all her latest assessments that prove she is unable to make her own medical decisions (This she knows because she did write the letter. She is not against it) but she did not sign the legal form. This form is 100% necessary and there is no “not filling it in.” Because of this my child’s medical care beyond 18 is up in the air. If you have a special needs child run far far away. No one waiting Kaiser has any idea on how to care for autistic children and now even adult!

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    Reviewed Sept. 21, 2022

    I have been with Kaiser for years. I have always had a good experience until this year and it's more than 1 bad experience. In January my son had a Cat Scan for a medical issue. A cysts was found on an Organ. The Kaiser MD is the responsible Dr to report this to us and did not. Then again in May he had a Cat Scan again, and again the cysts was reported in the paperwork to the kaiser Dr. and again the same Dr failed to tell us. If I had not started reading all the hospital reports and lab work for other appointments I would not have known about it, and it does need to be seen to. The same Dr had 2 opportunities to look at his medical report correctly and didn't. This is just neglect. I filed a grievance with Kaiser in mid July and was told I would get a letter. I got no letter. I called back, they said they will resend. I got no letter. I sent an email to notify them that I would like to talk to someone about this, that no one has reached out to me.

    The person that received that email just assigned a new case number and filed another grievance against that grievance. So I called and escalated to a manager, they sent an email to the case manager and the case manager's manager and told me they will call or reach out to me. It’s been over a week, no one has bothered to reach out.

    In another incident, I just tried to get an appointment for my child but they are booked up at all facilities today, no appointments when I call at 7am. He needs to be seen today so I pay to go private outside of Kaiser. My son needed a prescription filled. I took the prescription to Kaiser and they refused to fill it because one of their Dr's didn't write it! But they take my monthly premium for prescription services! So now I have to pay 100% of the cost of the medicine- it makes no sense. They also canceled 2 appointments back to back the morning of the appointment with different Dr's and my son ended up in the emergency room. They really have gone down as a service provider.

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    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed Sept. 6, 2022

    I’m here unfortunately writing a review on Kaiser in Virginia. I’ve had one bad experience after another. I’m sorry to say this is the absolute worst insurance in the area. My son, with disabilities, could not get any services, and we were left to go out of network. Their mental health capabilities are atrocious. Beyond that their customer service is subpar. Please I know the price is right, but try to find another provider.

    Customer ServiceCoverageOnline & AppStaff

    Reviewed July 29, 2022

    Kaiser Permanente has to be the worst insurance that has been my biggest displeasure of doing business with! I have had nothing but problems with them ever since I signed up in August 2021. First, let me start with my prescriptions. Transferring prescriptions from your old pharmacy to Kaiser’s mail order pharmacy is a joke! I called their mail order pharmacy and had to wait 45 minutes for someone to call me back because I didn’t have time to wait on hold. I had to babysit them for a month before they were finally transferred to AllianceRX. I was so frustrated that I had to get my former employer involved, and they were even getting frustrated.

    Fast forward to March: I had trouble with their mobile application not letting me send e-mails to my doctor. I called technical support the first time, and they weren’t able to figure it out, so they escalated this issue to a “Tier 2” concern. I waited a week, and they still hadn’t fixed the issue, so I called back a second time. The woman on the other end told me I needed to call my doctor directly if I needed help, and she wouldn’t let me speak to anyone else, telling me they don’t take calls for Tier 2 concerns. So in other words, they are unable and unwilling to do their job, so I have to put up with the inconvenience! I called back again, and they raised my concern to a “Tier 2” again. Weeks passed, still no action.

    I finally got my employer involved, who investigated the matter. They told me that Kaiser mentioned that since I switched to a PPO from an HMO, I wasn’t allowed access to e-mail my doctor since their database store information only for HMO patients. This makes zero sense because I had a PPO since August and I was able to use their e-mail in the app back in January! To top this all off, each time I seek care from them, I am told that I don’t have an active policy when this is clearly not the case. I highly recommend against doing business with this insurance company. They apparently care more about making a profit from their customers than they do providing the quality care they deserve!

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed July 19, 2022

    I am very disappointed as a returning Kaiser Patient. I am a cancer and heart transplant patient and had to pay $2000 out of pocket for my medication. After being on the phone for almost two hours speaking to about seven different representatives I still got nowhere, no one could help me. I pay $500 a month for the HSA flex choice plan and feel like because I am not using Kaiser doctors they are give me a hard way to go. If my employer offered anything else I would change ASAP. They Suck.

    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPunctuality & SpeedStaffProcess

    Reviewed July 16, 2022

    A total nightmare on every level. Weeks or months to get a basic appointment. Appointments must be made online or via the 1-800 call center, which is a joke. Every person you talk to tells you something different. There's zero accountability across the board. No one cares and it's glaringly obvious. Appointments are often canceled without warning hours before you're scheduled to arrive. A courtesy text message will be sent advising you to call the 800 number to re-sched.

    Know going in that if you do call, it will likely take a good 45 minutes to an hour of being transferred to a number of absolutely useless phone operators. These people work either from home or in giant call centers that are nowhere near your providers location. Be prepared to give the same basic personal information dozens of times, regardless of you entering your info through the automated system at the beginning of your call. It's a miserable and frustrating process that is often stretched out over the course of two or three days. I've received better customer service at the DMV.

    If you love wasting time and receiving mediocre care - then Kaiser is the place for you. The doctors are lousy if you ever get to actually see one. You will often be forced to take appointments with nurse practitioners rather than an actual doctor because of staff shortages. I'd leave a less than zero star rating if possible. Horrible.

    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed July 8, 2022

    My husband and I have had to wait so long for appointments (since March 2020--when they started laying off people and closes facilities and cutting hours of operation by maybe 30%. In Dec. 2021 my husband's BP was dropping so low it was scary. We called for an immediate appointment and were put off to Dec. 18th. On Dec. 17th he had a stroke. In May 2022 he quit walking well and had incontinence and tons of pain. Back to Kaiser--3 week wait for appointment. They took labs and x-rays and sent him home. He got worse fast and Google said spinal pain w/ incontinence is an Emergency. I took him to the ER. He had the MRI the PCP's refused him--blood clot on the spine.

    When they sent him home they told me I needed two nurses or he had to go to a nursing home. But they won't even send us home PT. They say he can't drive. But to avoid providing the home PT they designated him "Not homebound". Not homebound, but in diapers, can't drive, and needs 2 nurses! Yet they bill like crazy. Your bill is never weeks late. In fact they then send extra bills you don't owe. I hear they are about to lose their 5-star medicare rating for all the "balance billing". YUCK!

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed June 21, 2022

    I've been defaulted into Kaiser Insurance since that was the choice my parents made, however I'd like to point out that I spent so much money on appointments that were pointless or not helpful in the slightest. I've had my fair share of doctors here and I've only met one therapist who genuinely seemed like they cared about me back in 2018. Other than that it's just, "Oh, you think you have a problem? Let me gaslight you into thinking otherwise," that's how it feels at least ("You're just overreacting," That's something you talk to them about not me," "Only time will tell," etc).

    I came in with a psychiatric emergency and doctors just glared over me just trying to figure out how to get me out of there the quickest. Doing ultrasounds and whatever to "satisfy" me then kicking me out the door asap. I was furious when they called me a couple hours later admitting to had glossed over something in my ultrasound to which they said to come back, and when I did they just again said, "Nope. Never mind. You're fine," teehee (keep in mind I have to pay a fee EVERY TIME I come in, so to have a pointless appointment is just SO FUN for me, a broke college student).

    For YEARS I've been trying to get a diagnosis on my mental illness, been struggling with symptoms and I'm pretty darn sure I know what I have but whenever I try to talk to someone about it they say "make an appointment here, no you were suppose to make an appointment here, didn't you know that?" All coming from my doctor only to be rewarded with a, "Sorry. You called the wrong number. You're suppose to GO HERE INSTEAD."

    I'm so tired of running around, I know what I struggle with and I know they can just write me one little note and I'll be on my merry way but no, "I can't declare what I have" because I'm not a professional, oh please you don't live in a constant state of pure lack of motivation, brink of tears for no ga damn reason or my favorite just straight up sleeping because I have nothing better to do than cry or stare at the ceiling, not like I have a ** ton of work I need/want to do, I'm just a lazy sack of crap isn't that right? I have to fall in line to whatever they tell me. Doesn't matter who tells me what. It's just a big roulette wheel of who will I "need" to talk to next and who are they gonna send me to. I just want help, and I feel like I'm never going to get it... I hate this place.

    Punctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed June 20, 2022

    Kaiser has the worst health care and horrible billing. The doctors never have any answers and just seem to not care. The doctors have repeatedly let me down from not being able to diagnose my heart condition, to causing my miscarriage and now having no answers to my severe joint pain. I was also forced to see two unnecessary specialist before sending me to the one I requested and needed. They downplay every concern and brush you off unless you need surgery or are actively dying.

    The nurse practitioner prescribed me a medication that most likely caused my miscarriage. Studies have shown a link to the relation and other countries don’t prescribe it to pregnant woman. Many OBs here won’t use it either. One week after taking it, I started to have miscarriage symptoms. I went to the ER and they said I was fine. Two days later I was worse and back in the ER. One week later I lost my baby at 18 weeks! Had I not been put on that medication or had been put on bed rest sooner, I’d probably be holding my baby.

    On top of our loss we had to deal with their horrible billing. We kept getting multiple bills with different balances. After being sent three bills over the course of a month with different balances due each time, we called. The representative couldn’t even explain the bill or tell us what we really owed. They even randomly charged my credit card $477 and denied ever doing it, though it clearly went through on my statement of charges.

    They have a ton of facilities but none that you can just get the simple things all done at once. I have to get X-rays at one place, get meds at another, see the eye doctor at another, and a regular check up at another. It’s ridiculous how much of a run around circus they have. As a kid I had kaiser through my father's insurance. It seemed great. Now it's a complete letdown with every experience medically and financially. Nightmare of a company!!!!


    Reviewed June 12, 2022

    My husband's work switched him to a union position and we were forced to move from Regence BC/BS, which was a fantastic company in terms of helpfulness and coverage, to Kaiser Permanente, who was similar to a cult, only paying for Kaiser doctors, Kaiser prescriptions, Kaiser referrals etc. I lost my naturopathic doctor I had been seeing for years, as well as my endocrinologist, neither of which Kaiser would reimburse, and they immediately removed me from two of my medications saying they were too expensive. My blood sugars which were controlled and staying in the low 100's, have been in the 300's since they took over my care, my eyesight has become blurry, and I cannot focus at work.