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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Amerihealth?
    • 4,481,129 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed June 23, 2024

    Their customer service is very bad. They lied to you what was 100% covered due to family history and later they denied they said that unless you recorded their conversation over the phone (never knew you need to do that). Also, you talked to different person every time you called, they said they are working on your case. Actually no one is working on it. This way your 6 months appeal is delayed or expired. I won't recommend AmeriHealth to any one since their customer service is terrible and you are wasting your time to talk to them. Please use other health insurance but AmeriHealth.

    Customer ServiceSales & Marketing

    Reviewed March 29, 2024

    There's no way I didn't think to look here first before I signed up with this company. It hasn't even been a month and I've been on the phone every day for multiple authentication issues, transportation miscommunication, wrong information for MULTIPLE nurses, and a litany of other things that just don't even make sense to even be happening. It's incredible that there's a review with 5 stars and I just wanna know what kinda drugs they're on cause this is an absolute joke if it's not a scam. STAY AWAY!!!


    I'm 100% agree with you. AmeriHealth Next and its affiliates Caritas NEXT has been so far the worst health insurance company I've had.

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      Verified purchase
      Customer Service

      Reviewed March 15, 2024

      I called Amerihealth 16 times since Jan 2nd, 7 of the calls they filed an appeal on my behalf, only 1 is required, then it goes to the 2d level, which I am not educated in the insurance process (until now). I explained that I have not received any notice from the appeals, nothing, they sent me a stack of denials overnight FedEx on Feb 29th, I then spoke to Patty on the sixth of March, she called my Doctors office while I was on hold she said they did not answer, she asked me to call my physician, I did immediately, they answered right away (as usual) she did not call, I called her back a few days later, she said I should receive a notice from the appeal and it was expedited, I received a recorded call from Optimum on Mar 12 saying they approved my medication, that was all that was said, I'm thinking okay great.

      I then received a letter today March 15th saying that the medication ** has been approved for my pain therapy treatment, ** is NOT an opioid, not at all for pain. I was told 15 years ago by two University hospitals that I will not have any ability to walk by the time I am 50yo, because of the condition of my spine/cord. I am 57 yo now and it has definitely been a challenge, with the medication and my will, I have continued to maintain some quality of life, I have now Paid$1,030.00 at pharmacy for 4 weeks supply of the medication and I am still not approved for the correct medication, I absolutely cannot imagine this happening to someone needing a life saving medication going through this. 12 years without a problem, always one appeal.

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      Customer ServiceCoverageOnline & AppStaff

      Reviewed Feb. 11, 2024

      Just a few weeks into coverage I have encountered numerous problems with Amerihealth:

      I had to call twice to obtain an insurance card.

      The member handbook didn't arrive until almost 3 weeks after coverage started, so I missed out on some important information that would have been quite helpful to have in advance.

      They kept bothering me to take a Health Risk Assessment (HRA), but the website would not accept my member number. It turns out that's because Amerihealth gives the member number with dashes, but the website doesn't accept the dashes!

      The website said to call a number for help with the HRA. I thought that meant they'd resolve the member number issue. No, they administered the HRA over the phone. It was sooo tedious for me and the person administering it.

      After I went through all that, Amerihealth lost the HRA! I had to take it over again. At least online it was much faster than by phone.

      The website "contact us" link results in a 404 "Page Not Found" error message.

      The "secure email" form seems to go nowhere; I've received NO response on multiple queries.

      The provider directory seems to be filled by practitioners who are no longer with AmeriHealth. For instance, my dentist stopped dealing with AmeriHealth SIX MONTHS AGO. The organization has neglected to remove the listing.

      AmeriHealth declines to cover the one Rx that Highmark Health Options covered. It's like it ain't about health and it ain't about care.

      Stay away from AmeriHealth! As crappy as Highmark Health Options proved itself, it's still at least one star above AmeriHealth.

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      Customer Service

      Reviewed Nov. 19, 2023

      My daughter was on Medicaid and we were trying to get a breast pump for her before she had the baby and we were on the phone for numerous hours. They sent one. It didn’t work. We sent it back and long story short after she even had the baby we never got a breast pump, she actually got one from our niece who sent it from Maryland.

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      Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

      Reviewed Nov. 10, 2023

      My name is Carly and I have Amerihealth Caritas Medicaid and I'm a part of the community health choices waiver program. I highly recommend you stay away from this company. In November of 2022 I was dangerously ill and on a feeding tube. I qualified for services such as in home care and an emergency button (examples) at this time. I was in great need of help as I have no family who are able to support me. Despite multiple phone calls, I did not start receiving ANY of the services I needed until MAY of 2023. From November to May, I had been hospitalized with life threatening sepsis twice, had to relearn how to balance/walk and was walker dependent, and was having frequent episodes of passing out. I was also fully gj feeding tube dependent 24/7. These issues were exacerbated because I did not have the help or care that I needed and was supposed to be guaranteed.

      I finally got a hold of a supervisor, got assigned a new service coordinator, and started getting services in May. My first caregiver didn't show up, and the second one tried to take advantage of me and I asked for a new one. The third one I felt iffy about but was so incredibly desperate for help that I toughed through it. I ended up struggling to get my needs met even with this caregiver because she would only get me to grocery store/dollar store/pharmacy if I paid her for gas and I didn't always have the money. Turns out it's against the rules of the company and I was never supposed to pay her and she was supposed to help me meet my needs. I asked her directly if her company covered her gas costs and she said no and that she couldn't take me when I couldn't pay her.

      She also did a few other things I found out later were not above board. Not to mention she did the very bare minimum to help because she felt I was an easy case. I now do not have a caregiver and despite recent bad medical news and a likelihood for needing more help again, I do not want to go through this process all over again. It's draining and scary. I'm autistic. I struggle with social cues and I easily believe what people say. I should have never been put in this position.

      In addition to these things, over the last year, it has been incredibly difficult to get a hold of my service coordinator or get the services I need. I end up in situations where I'm without a way to meet my basic needs for weeks at a time, sometimes longer. I don't think that this is entirely my service coordinator's fault. I think the caseloads are high, the pay is low, the training is bad, and the paperwork makes things impossible. But for this part of my review, I'd like to hold Amerihealth themselves accountable. I'm a sick and disabled client with 24 diagnosed conditions who is trying to just survive. I should not go for lengthy amounts of time without the things I need to meet my basic needs.

      Pay your employees better. Train them better. Higher enough people so that people like me don't slip through the cracks. I'm tired of suffering due to lack of support that is SUPPOSED to be guaranteed with the insurance program... On top of all of the pain that comes with my infusions, injections, testing, pain, and severe symptoms. Our whole system is broken and it shouldn't be this way but my goodness we have to start somewhere.


      Reviewed Oct. 25, 2023

      Expensive and hardly pays for anything. Hard to find doctors who take it. Pays only part of very basic items, like primary care doctors, until very high deductible. Very expensive. Created an account just to say how unhappy I am with this company so hopefully buyers beware this coming insurance rotation.

      Reviewed Aug. 30, 2022

      Ameri"Health" refuses to credential PA's, even though PA's are highly qualified medical providers with extensive training. By doing so, they are depriving consumers of the stellar healthcare services that they deserve. Meanwhile, Ameri"Health" credentials NP's, in spite of NP's vastly inferior training.

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed July 15, 2022

      AmeriHealth New Jersey is by far the WORST health plan company I have ever had. Given that I live in CA, I have access to the MultiPlan and PCHS network of doctors and almost 90% of the time, they deny payment saying the doctors I've found on the MultiPlan site are out of network. Each time, I (or the billing departments) have to spend HOURS with mostly rude people in their customer service department to get their error corrected. They have even denied an emergency hospital visit saying that the emergency hospital I went to was "out of network" and that in advance I should verify if the emergency doctor that would be treating me is in the network. WHO DOES OR KNOWS THIS IN AN EMERGENCY? They eventually relented -- seeing their error -- but only after almost a year of fussing with them.

      Most recently (I'm still dealing with this) they denied a telehealth visit, first claiming that I can only use AMNJ's own telehealth service (I had to prove to them that any telehealth visit of a doctor in network is in my plan); then they changed the story saying the doctor was not in network, then it was the billing code. I just called again asking (as if for the first time) if this doctor is in network and the gal confirmed that they are in network, assuming they billed using the same NPI number (they did), assuming they are using the same address (they are) and assuming they are still participating in MultiPlan and PHCS (they are). Truly crazy making. I encourage anyone thinking of joining AMNJ to look elsewhere!

      Reviewed May 27, 2022

      This review has one star and believe me it only got that because you had to put a star down I would have given it -5. I changed insurances to Amerihealth because of the dental it was never explained to me very well I was pulling my own teeth at the time. I went to the eye doctors and believe me if you have vision troubles your crap out of luck. You can't find anyone that will get you frames you have to pay for your own frames because no provider will take their insurance. I was told I need

      Cataract surgery. I went in had my right eye done. 2 days before my left eye was supposed to be done. I was denied. I am now waiting on an appeal I'm walking around with one lens in and one lens out I have massive headaches my depth perception is almost nil and I can't drive my car because I can't see all that well. So if you're ever told you need cataract surgery or eye surgery at any time get it in writing that you are getting both eyes done. If not you'll be walking around the same way I am. I'm getting to the point where I can't stand the headaches anymore and it's only been 7 days. Imagine I've still got to go through 30 days to wait for a decision on the appeal. I changed because of the dental and I found out yesterday that all the dental does is a yearly cleaning and every two years x-rays it's worthless.

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