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Last updated: Nov. 7, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 7, 2017

Humana is a fairly good insurance company, but if you purchase dental insurance, be certain prior that dentists actually accept it even when their ads claim they do. It's a real pain when you want to cease extra policies because they REFUSE to take your word over the phone. You HAVE to put it in a letter. It's **!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 7, 2017

I myself have humana. I won't even give them the courtesy of using a capital H in the name of their so called INSURANCE COMPANY. See, I have been in this field for 34 years and I have also taught medical billing, coding and insurance for 14. LOL on me right? No, in 2001 I proceeded to study even more just because I seen so much of this ugly stuff. So I tested to become a Medicare compliance officer. Yep, that's right. Now I have that too. At one point I even went to school (only for a few weeks) just to get my broker's insurance license for property and casualty, I just did that for work that my husband had. But I even learned more about insurance, they all really work the same way.

You just have to know how to read what the words mean, that they use when they are giving you those wonderful benefits. That's my problem, I did. But right know, they not only took more then some away, they and our wonderful government took (Obama Care) took a lot from all of us. See, when that nice man, yes he was a nice man but, when he said, EVERYONE WILL HAVE INSURANCE IN AMERICA. I am on Social Security disability and I have been for 23 years. I don't care who knows it. I never wanted to have to do that. All the work I have done, I had to have a lot of education and time and hard work to get there. I really wanted that for my life. I can't do it anymore. But I still try, I even have to do it at least 16 hr. a week, maybe not that but something, I have to get some kind of income to help me with my Dr. co-pay, meds, and all the rest.

With all the education and work I did just to have that career I was not going to give up my career for anything. I never have. Yes, there have even been a few years that I have not been able to do anything at all, not even volunteer at my church when I wanted to. I moved from my home just to be near my only child in another state. I became very ill, my child ask me. "Mom, will you please just sell your house and move back home?" I just said, "Yes, you know I want to do that anyway." My child loves me that much, my child was that concerned about me, my child and their spouse both had to work every day and they were so worried about me being alone in my house every day. I had been put in a nursing home there once already. They told her there was nothing she could do about it.

I told her, "It's okay, just go home. I'm fine, I'm not going to stay here. I will be home in a few days. Just don't give anyone any of my information. Don't let anyone sell my house." I was home in 4 days. See I am the LUCKY ONE all of the rest of the people that EVERY INSURANCE COMPANY IS TRICKING AT ENROLLMENT TIME that is VERY SAD for all of us. I too have my hands full with humana. See I have this program called: Medicare Extra Help? I never asked for it. Hey if you have this you better LOOK AT YOUR EVIDENCE OF COVERAGE, because it is going to let you know how much your deductible is going to be for 2018 part D prescription drug cost/not humana deductible??? Okay okay, okay and when you get your smart summary every month from humana about your wonderful RX benefit for that month. If you do get Medicare Extra Help make sure you look at the last space where it tells you how much they paid.

Now this is why I am telling you this. humana owes me a lot of money. I mean I lot. I never ask for Medicare Extra Help. See Social Security, once a year their computer does a scan and it picks up people's income. When it picks up low income then it detects why it is low. Now Extra Help comes from 4 sources, I know that anyone can look that up. But from what I have read on there today, I think that a lot of people may have humana the same reason I do. I bought humana as a SECONDARY INSURANCE PLAN because I was alone and I had Medicare A and I was smart enough to take part B when it was offered to me 23 years ago at $129.00 a month. I did not need part B at that time because I was married and my husband had a good job with insurance but, I might need part B later and if I did I knew they may not let me have it or they may make me pay so much for it I could not afford it.

So I paid for it for 23 years before I even had to depend on it. But see right now everyone is going to think, "Hey is she stupid, we all paid for it." Yes we did, so did I, I know you did and I am still working. Some of you I am sure you still have to do the same thing I do. That is the problem, we are the ones that paid to have that security in our life when we need it the most, AND THESE PLACES LIKE HUMANA THEY KEEP TAKING IT AWAY FROM US WITH THEIR BEAUTIFUL MEDICARE ADVANTAGE PLAN. See even they try to give it a pretty name. Don't worry I am going to tell you about that Medicare Extra Help, but only the one I get, remember I told you there is 4 programs I did not ask for mine, but I have it. Now read this. I pay for every month from my social security check. Medicare Part D. Medicare Part C. Medicare Part B. HUMANA? EXTRA HELP FROM MEDICARE.

WOW, see I only ask for Medicare part B and my Humana Choice PPO, because it already had my dental, script, vision basic needs everything I wanted. Why did anyone change it. MOST OF ALL WITHOUT EVEN ME SIGNING ANYTHING. And here is the worst part that extra help that I am paying for, I am still paying the full part of my cost for my scripts, NOBODY, CAN TELL ME WHERE THAT MONEY IS BEING PAID TO. Nobody, not Humana, not Social Security, not Medicare, not Health and Human Services in Washington DC and even more so why in the hell would I even return a call to our so called state's Rep Gov. Donnelly whose stupid people keep calling me and asking if I would just hear what he would like to do for us about our health care.

Lol, lol, lol, our government is the last people on earth that could help us right now. They are all too busy fighting with each other. What a joke. I am not trying to hurt anyone's feelings but the worst thing anyone could do right now is keep jumping up and falling into other insurance companies' plans to take you under. Everyone just needs to keep reading what ever Blue Cross actions are right now. Blue Cross is the first medical insurance we ever had.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 5, 2017

I have never written a review, but this deserves one! It’s Sunday afternoon, just watching television, a Humana commercial is on boasting about how wonderful they are. My 91 year old grandmother is now in a long term nursing home, she has Alzheimer’s, and is down to about 85 pounds, she has been there about a year or so now and being well cared for, no thanks to Humana. About two years ago my grandmother almost died, she came down with pneumonia, had heart failure, was very confused, and diagnosed with Dementia at the hospital that we immediately took her to.

The social worker recommended rehab, Humana refused to pay for it because she could stand up, and maybe take a few steps. This is actually why she was denied coverage! Never mind that she was weak, having difficulty breathing, and extremely confused. Never mind that she paid her premiums on time for years, up until she got dementia. They would not work with me so that I could make payment because I did not have power of attorney, and so her insurance was eventually canceled due to nonpayment. Do not choose Humana, they will not be there for you or your loved one when you need them the most!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 30, 2017

I am yet to encounter a worse runaround from insurance companies. I work at a provider's office and deal with multiple carriers daily. Policies are changed without notice and despite having a prior authorization, it's a gamble whether your claims will be paid. If they are, months down the road a letter is sent requesting a recoup. When you attempt to file an appeal-- you have to leave a message for a rep; wait days for them to call back and after sending all the paperwork/arguing your case your appeal is still denied. If you have a question regarding contracting-- good luck. The reps will give you co-pay amounts when you didn't even provide them with a user id. PLEASE train your staff. PLEASE route people/providers to what department they actually need! Such a shame this is your healthcare standard today.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

Humana has been making harassing phone calls to my 86 year old mother who is not a plan member nor has she ever been. They have called several times claiming to be Medicare, in aggressive attempts to intimidate her into agreeing to sign up. During one call when my mother was about to hang up the phone, it was handed to a supervisor who was more aggressive. My mother never solicited their business, yet they had all her personal information, using it to confuse her into believing they were Medicare. She called Medicare, concerned with the false claims they made to her regarding her Medicare coverage, and Medicare told her THEY DO NOT CALL PEOPLE. They knew immediately it was HUMANA.

This harassment of my mother cannot be an isolated incident. How many seniors has this company swindled? Where is consumer protection? I have the name and phone number of the supervisor claiming to be from Medicare - From what I understand Humana gets seniors to agree to sign an agreement with them, then they charge them a monthly membership fee and take over their Medicare account — pilfering funds. This is a class action lawsuit waiting to happen, Illegal in so many ways, but their victims are the elderly who often don’t understand what has happened. Humana is not a legitimate company, they are grifters and they need to be stopped.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 22, 2017

I have paid more in premiums than they are willing to pay for my prescriptions. Anything that costs more than 10 dollars, they either take a week or more to approve or won't cover at all. This company is nothing more than a scam. And remember, once you choose this as a part D coverage, you are stuck with it for a year. This horrible company was recommended by an insurance agent, clearly I will not use him again either. I have a chronic illness and my prescriptions are costly, that is why I have insurance. They covered so little, I ended up buying most of my meds from Canada. So in addition to paying for my Canadian meds, I still had to pay my premiums to Humana, meet my deductible for my cheaper meds and wait long periods of time just to find out they wouldn't pay for my more expensive drugs. DON'T CHOOSE THIS COMPANY!!!

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 20, 2017

Currently dealing with the NIGHTMARE that is Humana's Managed Medicare plan for my Daddy. He had a stroke. His doctor will only release him to InPatient rehab as he is a fall risk. Humana refuses to approve any InPatient Rehab. Claims unnecessary since Daddy can stand; nevermind he cannot walk, needs a guide belt, a walker and two physical therapists to even attempt a shuffle.

He gets a maximum of 20 minutes of therapy at the hospital he is in. He needs aggressive physical therapy if he is to walk again. But HUMANA, does not care. Refused. Repeatedly. We are told. This is a similar story, I have found, to numerous other people. Please... If you love your parents, do not let a salesman con them into getting HUMANA insurance. It is horrible and will not pay for the care that is needed.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 20, 2017

Humana canceled my husband's policy for nonpayment in error when they had a working cc number! We appealed. They denied the appeal because we failed to send in paperwork they hadn't asked for. I made a fuss. They asked for more paperwork. We sent it in. They denied the appeal on the grounds of something that had nothing to with what we were claiming. We spoke to customer service reps who promised to call back and didn't. I'm pretty determined but this went on for months. They wore us down and we will just switch companies during open enrollment. There is no doubt in my mind that this was done deliberately just to avoid re-instating the policy.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 16, 2017

Humana has been covering my med that keeps me alive for many years. Without notice they cut me off. I feel so sick I don't think I'm going to around much longer. Humana was good at first but now they may be the cause of my death.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 16, 2017

Bad customer service, no cancellation number, transferred five times, this replaces my mom Medicare plan part A and B... Don't enroll in Humana plan. They're horrible... Here is the cancellation number 1-800-258-7197. Ask for Jon. Beware beware beware. Don't do it!

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2017

When I became eligible for Medicare I was warned off Medicare Advantage Plans offered by 'for profit' organizations and I decided on a Mutual Supplemental Insurance Plan to cover the missing 20% coverage, but Prescription Drugs were still not covered. So I signed up with a Humana (for profit) Prescription Drugs Plan. The sign up was easy - one phone call; a couple of minutes, done! I soon found the Plan was not good value and I phoned to cancel - no can do they said, you must wait till the cancellation window opens on 15 October. So I waited and continued to pay. Now the window is open so I phoned to cancel - not so fast.

First I had to talk to a bot, this is a non-human (from Humana, lol,) who claims they can understand and help you (They rarely can, but are real good at wasting your time). Finally after much toing and froing, the bot relented and after some more minutes waiting I was transferred to a customer support person, who asked me a lot of questions, and then said he needed to transfer me. This was upsetting; it only took a few minutes to enroll me, why all this to sign off? Anyway, after another delay I was transferred to another customer support person (I'm not giving names, it's not their fault). She asked me a lot of questions mostly the same, and then guess what? She said she had to transfer me.

What? Now I know older people have shorter fuses, but I swear Job himself would have gotten upset by all this prevarication. OK I waited, then the third customer support person came on, (actually the fourth if you include the bot who suggested he could help me (which surely means support me). She asked some obscure questions about was I returning to an employer program, or going to a new one, and said these were questions mandated by law. I answered them. To which she responded that she now had to send me a form, or I could send a cancellation letter. As furious as I was with this all stonewalling, and knowing the cancellation window closes real quick, I realized I had to await the form as any letter I sent might not cover every little thing they needed in order to cancel the plan and I would be stuck with it again, but the form surely did cover everything as they originated it.

This is where things stand right now. Now I've stayed pretty sharp for my age and I'm not intimidated or frightened by protocol, but many people of my age might be, and would give up and suffer on with the wrong Humana Plan rather than handle all this rigmarole nonsense. Does anyone in the Federal Health Department care that older people are forced to jump these ridiculous hurdles? Can't they insist that enrolling and leaving these programs should only take about the same amount of effort?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 5, 2017

Whenever I have called the number on back of card I am lucky to get the help I need. It is so hard to get beyond the voice that answers! I put my personal info + ID # twice only to have them tell me they don't have me in their records? When The voice finally connected me to real person, she got to my records right away? This year I got a new book on Humana without talking to agent to discuss what they offer, again! A sweet lady named Cory gave me phone #s to call a stranger in the office! When I had fusion on back, was promised home health for mo but it never happened? Dr gave strict limits on what I COULD DO!?

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 2, 2017

If you're looking for a Medicare Advantage Plan, please, please, please look elsewhere. If you don't you'll regret it. Humana doesn't care if you live or die. Since being with them for 8 years now, I've filed 6 complaints to Medicare. I've also had to file complaints to 2 congressman to get Humana to take my complaints seriously. They deny claims for no particular reason, require you to provide proof of referrals from your doctors, and make it extremely difficult to talk with a human being on the phone.

You can call Humana 5 times asking about a benefit you may need to use, such as x-rays, CAT scans, etc. and get 5 different answers. Humana mail order pharmacy is worse. I've had medications take 3-4 weeks to arrive. When you call to report a missing medication, they blame it on you. If you have more than one prescription sent in and have a co-pay and one has a zero balance, they'll hold the one with zero balance until you pay for the one with a co-pay.

I see in the 2018 handbook they no longer cover basic dental care. Good thing because I've argued with about 12 Humana employees about 2 dental claims my wife and I had in 2 states where the dentist was covered in network and they claim in all instances that they've never heard of the dentists, even though I called in all cases to get approval beforehand.

The latest nightmare that's lasted for about 3 years is their website. EVERY claim they process is shown as out-of-network. The troubling part is, I've never gone out-of network. I always confirm that all providers are in the Humana network, always. I've brought this to their attention many times and they always say the same thing on the phone "We don't see that on our end". Just 2 days ago I talked until I was hoarse to a rep that swore I was lying.

If you don't mind screaming into the phone for hours on end or writing letters to Medicare or your congressman about them not processing claims correctly, then Humana is for you. Be warned, Humana ONLY cares about signing up patients so they'll get re-reimbursed by the federal government. They do not care one bit about their customers. I just saw their latest infomercial yesterday on TV. I almost threw up before I could change the channel.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 23, 2017

My wife has been enrolled in the dental service plan since Jan 2016. The plan was automatically renewed for 2017. Her online profile shows active, but Humana denied the June teeth cleaning claim because internally she is profiled as not eligible. Reported the problem on July 17th. Customer service agreed that her internal profile was incorrect and would take a 21 day turnaround to resolve. Humana failed to keep this service level and as of 09/22/2017 the claim is still not paid. Four escalations with Humana still has not resulted in a paid claim. Humana has continued to withdraw premiums from our account in spite of her not eligible profile. Humana refuses to establish an escalation route. Each call results in a status of under supervisor review.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 22, 2017

Humana prescription coverage plan drops a 60-year-old disabled man. There was a lack of payment since May. The gentleman contacted Humana on March 13th and let them know his new card number with new expiration date. They show no record of that update. On the 18th of September. The gentleman I spoke with stated that letters did not go out to this gentleman. On the 21st a person contacted this gentleman and said yes indeed the letters did go out. Although we don't have any record of having them. The gentleman paid the past due balances for May, June, July, August and September on the 7th of September. The final notice and the dis-enrollment came on the same day which was last Friday. It was dated August 12th. At this point a disabled gentleman with a heart condition and spinal injuries he needs critical medicines.

This company did not send the information or make any contact with us until it was too late to do anything about it. The gentleman had longevity with Humana. We aimed to correct the problem. He at this point does not have Medicare Part D prescription coverage. Due to negligence on the part of Humana. They can state that they sent letters. However the receiver did not receive any letters. Again the credit card was updated with the correct and new expiration date. They claim they have no record of that as well. If you care about your loved ones please do not use Humana. The gentleman has an insurance agent who will no longer endorse Humana.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 6, 2017

Switched to Humana for 2016. Dropped them for 2017. It took the place of my Medicare and secondary insurance. They said it would be easier but it was not. Some of my medical providers would not accept it and DID NOT want to get on it. In fact one of my providers got upset because the Humana office that called to see if they would start accepting their insurance got pretty pushy with them.

ALL of my medical providers were unhappy with the switch. It was hard to find new medical providers that would accept me as a new patient where I have never had a problem in the past - or since I have switched back to my previous providers. Their web portal and explanation of benefits were difficult to navigate or understand. Final straw: we were on vacation in Michigan and I came down with a bad sinus infection. I went to an urgent care facility knowing it was probably out-of-network but I was too sick and time constrained to find another one. I was treated and paid the full bill for the office visit. They did cover their portion of the medications.

After returned home got online and electronically submitted and claim form using the medical codes that were listed on my paperwork from the urgent care facility. They refused the claim. Multiple calls and waiting time to be told it was missing the medical diagnostic code. Called provider, they gave me the same numbers I had previously listed. Called Humana again - would not allow me to resubmit online as would be automatically kicked out as duplicate. End of November mailed me a new form (wouldn't fax) and had to fill out again and put "corrected claim ####" at top of form.

When hadn't heard anything by mid-January called and spent a 30 minutes while they hunted for the original and the resubmitted form to file. Received another denial letter in February. Numerous calls and time to be told wrong code again. They would not tell me what the correct code for a sinus infection was. While I was online she called the providers office and left a message on their voice mail. I was told they would follow through. In March I called back and we repeated the 3 way call. Finally in July I called my Human Resources office. Only then was the case handled and I received a check to cover the out-of-network cost.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 5, 2017

Humana never told my 81 year old mother that they would drop her insurance if she moved to another state. Her doctors in the new state didn't know this either. So she ended up with almost a 2000 dollar medical bill that Humana refused to pay. She has now been in the nursing home since 8/26 to receive physical therapy for a broken leg. The new state's Humana still has not approved her therapy. It's been 10 days. Humana is not only crooked, but they also cause harm to their customers. I will drop them for my mother as soon as open enrollment happens.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 5, 2017

Deny, deny, deny. For the last year and a half I have had to deal with Humana's incompetence in handling and getting claims paid. They had me listed in the wrong state (LA--listed as New Orleans, LA--is not Vegas people, read the entire address!). They claimed the codes were changed--they were the same codes they approved within the same coverage year. You must have ordered something extra--nope, didn't. I chased all this idiocy for more than a year. They have the power (they think) to keep stringing you along till the end of time. They bounce you from one rep to the other, they don't care if you get cut off, or they have sent you to the wrong department. They think you will give up--DON'T.

How did I get results??? When you get a claims rep, immediately ask for a manager, not a supervisor, to expedite your claims mishandling. Take names, extension nos., employee numbers, and let them know you are doing that. Take notes with dates and times--document the daylights out of your conversations. But that most instant effect? File complaints not only Humana, but now go to Medicare and CMS (same but not the same for paperwork work). Make sure you politely and firmly give them all the details and all the screw ups and denial and mishandling for your claims. Boom! Fixed mostly within 24 hours. They oversee these clowns. Get the rep from Medicare's phone number--and they will get this done--freely and apologetically. They are your new best friend. No more games from Humana anymore.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 30, 2017

Humana's customer service is horrible. In order to get results to requests they have to be done through Facebook to get their attention and even I had to file a complaint to the Attorney 's office. It took more than 60 days for Humana to assume responsibility for the payment of a rendered service. Even though that Humana advertise services nationwide, they do not have any providers in the Keys so they had to pay for the services because it was not up to me as a subscriber to pay for the bill if they don’t have the providers available in the area.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 25, 2017

Medicare covers most of my medical bills. Humana is my secondary insurance as well my husband's, which he wants me to use, but it doesn't cover the bill as well as my old insurance did.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 23, 2017

Humana has been a very good health insurance. I have been with them for a long time and have never had any problems. I would recommend them to anyone.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 19, 2017

In April I had severe neck and shoulder pain. Had gone to my MD and in and out of Urgent Care. I called HUMANA nurse advice line and was told by HUMANA RN to go to ER for further treatment. I would NEVER go to any ER without calling my insurance company and getting an OK. I went that day and HUMANA is now refusing to pay $800.00 charge because they did NOT think it was an emergency. Took me 3 weeks and numerous phone calls to everyone I could to get a copy of that conversation. Finally when I received it, guess what? They erased the last half of the tape to cover their butts. How convenient for them huh? This is NOT an honest practice and you really have to be careful.

When communicating ANYTHING with HUMANA get names, dates and times and I recommend that you record conversations as they will try to cover up anything that costs them money. I learned an expensive lesson and I am taking to a higher level. Would not recommend this company to any Senior unless you can afford ER visits when they refuse to pay a legitimate claim. I guess you get what you pay for as HUMANA has a zero copay. Buyer beware and look around as there are other reputable insurance companies.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 1, 2017

Moved from Florida to Las Vegas -- so knew I would need a new primary care doctor. Called Humana to change my address - and get instructions on how to get list of approved providers on the Internet site. Found listing of approved providers --- and started going thru ones listed as accepting new patients. The first 5 I called said they are NOT ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS... contrary to information shown on web site. Eventually I found several that were accepting new patients, but wait times ranged from 7 weeks to 6 months before appointment could be scheduled. Finally forced to chose Doctor from Iran, who was trained in Ecuador. Can't wait to find out what he is like... but he was the only Doctor available.

Then I got a letter from Humana that was sent to the wrong address, fortunately, the post office was able to deliver as Humana had the street and city correct--- but the wrong house number. Imagine my surprise when I opened it up---- to find out that Humana had retroactively cancelled my insurance policy!!! Got letter July 17, dated July 13 --- that my policy was cancelled June 30 --- because I had a new mailing address! I called Humana --- was told they do this all the time when people move -- we have to get a new plan. How come they did not inform me that was going to happen when I called to change my address?? As far as I am concerned --- the ** that run Humana should be publicly flogged and crucified... Their organization is lousy, NO customer service... Total crap organization. Give them your business at the risk of your health and financial well-being.

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Original review: July 29, 2017

This company is a scam as I bought Humana one dental and now I need a root canal and was told that they do not cover that but on their website they say they do. So I will be reporting them to the state insurance commission asap. And I will be ending my dental plan asap. And just a heads up they will continue to take money out of your account if you put them on autopay as I did but I will get a new debit card before the end of the month. Also I will let every one I know not to do business with this sorry company.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 26, 2017

I'm so dissatisfied with this company that it bring me to tears when I have a doctor visit. Because I'm not sure if they are going to pay my bills or not, sad I'm in the doctor office and they call me to the desk and said we can't wait on you because your bill was not paid through Humana and they said you have a primary inc. Which I don't. So got to leave until it's straighten out and pay the bill. I call and tell me I'm not enrolled with them and I've had a card since 2016. Finally I'm transferred to someone else and they fine me in the system. This was May! Bill is not paid, my understanding my co-pay is a 186 dollars and I've met that. But I go too the hospital for a medical problems and I can't it's a 300 dollar deductible!!! How? I pay a hundred and twenty five dollars a month! What for? I have never been so dissatisfied in my life! If I had that type of money what the purpose! I would not recommend them to any one! If I could I would take that one star back.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 24, 2017

First let me open with the very first thing under member rights on the Humana website. "1). Be provided with information about your Humana health plan, its services and benefits, its providers, and your rights and responsibilities as a member." My husband and I have been attempting to go to an urgent care clinic for the entire day. We started by going to one across town where we have been to multiple times in the past. As it turns out, they no longer accept our insurance plan. However, they are still listed as accepting our insurance on both the Humana website and the Humana representatives on the phone claim they do as well.

Our second stop I called ahead and was told they did take our insurance. As it turns out, no they didn't. At this point I called Humana only to be told that they try to keep the list of providers up to date, but they obviously can't. I was given two more locations over the phone via Humana that take our insurance. Well surprise, none these other two locations actually don't take our insurance either, so now we're up to 4 locations. I call Humana back again which is a labor in and of itself and tell them that this is unacceptable, that part of our agreement as a paying customer is that they provide us with a list of providers. Why am I the customer spending an entire workday doing their job for them?

I was emailed a list of 32 supposed urgent cares in our network by the second Humana representative, but hilariously all four of the clinics we tried that don't accept our insurance were on it as well. I called 2 or 3 others on the list for good measure and only one of those clinics claimed to take our insurance. So they may as well have sent me a list of every urgent care clinic in our city and told me to figure it out myself. Considering litigation because this is completely unacceptable and sub par healthcare. This company should not be allowed to charge people an exorbitant amount of money for a service they aren't providing.

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Original review: July 14, 2017

I am considering changing back to Anthem this October because of the need for a referral for every doctor you need to see. Even the doctors offices find it excessive. Everyone I tell that I have to get a referral before I can see a doctor thinks it is a bad practice. My feet hurt very badly for a week, I finally decided that I needed to see someone. So I called the doctors office and got an appointment quickly but oh wait "you need a referral." So I called my Physician, "please try to hurry and get me a referral so I can see this doctor, my feet hurt badly." I don't like to go to doctors and won't go unless I need to, so I don't just make appointments needlessly.

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Original review: July 5, 2017

There was an error made by Medicare who wrongly suspended my coverage. They quickly admitted the error and reinstated my coverage. BUT THAT DID NOT MATTER TO HUMANA!!! Without any explanation, they refused to admit my coverage without explanation. I am a licensed attorney in California. When I asked Humana for their office that would deal with the legal consequences of their negligence, they had nobody in California. They referred me to a South Carolina office that was closed. If you do business in California you must have an "agent for the service of process" in California. They illegally refused to provide this information. The Secretary of State should cancel their license to operate in this state but that office is also totally incompetent!

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Original review: July 4, 2017

Humana is definitely just another business. My experience with their business from signing up for my son to finding some doctors that accept this insurance this mess. Everything is a fight. This wound vac is horrible. Constant problems, a total nightmare and I can't believe this is allowed. The wound vac is creating more problems it's total garbage. If you can get KCI wound vac do it. It actually works good. Humana legally cheating their paying clients and gets away with it.

It's all about the money with Humana. I'm so sorry we changed insurance after moving to Florida. Medicare approved corrective boots for my son and when we changed insurance to Humana they denied the boots. I wouldn't recommend Humana to anyone. I wish I had something good to say about this illegal business but I don't. They are total bad karma. SHAME ON HUMANA. The only reason I give them 1 star is to post this not because they deserve or have earned it.

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Original review: July 3, 2017

Rather than paying $320 dollars for a mistake they made (all is documented), the workers at Humana Medicare have used various techniques to discourage me from holding them accountable. Here is the list: left me on hold for 40 minutes - then transferred me where I was on hold another 20 minutes, given me an incorrect address for the grievance and appeals department, transferred me to a wrong number- transferred me to another wrong number - and another wrong number and another and another all in one call, had multiple oral and written errors in each and every communication, which became the focal point rather than paying the bill, disregarded my grievance which was based on updating my benefits for the new year (the rule) and receiving incorrect information which I did not know until I had already acted on the given information only to find out the customer-service representative didn't know what she was talking about.

99% of calls are not returned, if returned and the receiver isn't immediately available the phone message states to call the number on the back of your Humana card and give a stated reference number but when I called the reference number wasn't in the Humana computer, and twisting the information -- i.e. saying that my dental provider had to send in the appeal -- the dental provided as pointed out to Humana workers many, many times didn't make the phone call. I did. The list goes on and on.To the point, Humana personnel consistently avoids the payment they are accountable for and does every possible trick to discourage a client from collecting. It is no wonder that the Medicare Advantage health plan ranking from NCQA has Humana rated "F" for customer satisfaction.

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Humana expert review by Joseph Burns

Humana is one of the largest and best-known health insurance companies in the United States. It offers health care services for individuals, business owners and military personnel.

  • Large variety of plans: Consumers can choose between HMOs, PPOs and other plans. There are group plans available for employers.

  • Well-known company: Humana has been in business for a long time and is one of the best-known health insurance companies in the United States.

  • Supplemental and low-cost options available: Humana offers supplemental insurance for seniors and low-cost insurance for people on fixed incomes.

  • HMOs and PPOs are cheaper: Health savings accounts and other plans tend to have higher premiums or higher deductibles.

  • Offers Medicare Advantage plans: Humana offers Medicare Advantage plans.

  • Best for: Heads of families, senior citizens, employees

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