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Humana is out of network with palm beach county, Fl. In the newspaper in September 2015 it said Tenet which is in charge of many hospitals and doctors in my area was trying to negotiate with Humana and that as of now Humana is out of network. When you go to, I was told that I must change to another medicaid plan. When I call Humana they say they are legally not supposed to answer any questions. To call my local department of children and families so every time I call they say they have to receive a letter from Humana or I cannot change my plan. We are supposed to change plans immediately but Humana is not notifying our local or state medicaid offices because they want to keep our business. I have many illnesses and will not get medications. This goes into effect January 2017. I don't know what to do?

I have thyroid disease and must take a ** as I have adverse reactions to ** which is the tablet form. I was paying 0 then began paying $11.00, then $15.00 and now $100.00! I filed two appeals and my doctor who is furious filed a grievance and they denied us. I have two sons and live on disability hence I cannot afford this payment and I am bedridden without this medication! I want to rename Humana INHUMANEA, they give me 10 phone numbers and transfer me in circles! Someone needs to help those of us who are suffering!

Worst health coverage ever, need family doctor referral to see eye doctor and dentist. Constant calls from Humana continue even after begging and spending too much time to be taken off of call list. Feel bullied and beat down. Even getting hang up calls from them. So frustrated can't wait to get plain old Medicare back. I do not recommend Humana Insurance. Family doctor even said they are the slowest paying insurance company and worst to bill. Hope telling them that if the hangup calls and non emergency solicitation calls don't stop I will report them to attorney general. Works and calls stop since cursing and yelling doesn't.

I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled last year, when we sat down to do the payment chart I was told my bill we be about $1,600.00. Well I figured that was what I needed to pay after insurance which is Humana HMO. I was in so much pain and suffering I just paid it to get it done. After a year later my husband is needing similar extractions done and the payment was super high. I told her mine was cheaper last time because of what insurance covered, so she pulled up my chart and told me that Humana cover 0% rejected the whole thing, which is why I paid $1,500.00... So we called Humana and they said "Yes we cover extractions" and also about 6-8 out of 12 codes that was on my chart but yet as of today they just told me, they don't cover that and they won't cut a refund check after one Rep from there said I should get something back because that didn't seem right.

Our dentist office has told us about 4x that over time they send over our chart to them, Humana rejects them. They pay for NOTHING OR at least $10 out of $250 which that's what it looks like. Has anyone had a similar experience? I am about to get a lawyer to look into this. I think they are beating around to give me most of my money back.

Because of disability I had to switch to Medicare from group Medical, and had to choose from ins. on my employer's list. I enrolled in Humana, selected a Dr from their list, and then discovered 90% of the listed Dr's would not take it. Finally was assigned to a Dr 10 miles away (I live in an area with over 300k population). This Dr could not give injections so while I was waiting to get approval to get injections elsewhere I got severe shingles. I wasn't allowed to see anyone w/o referral from the primary, who would not referral w/o seeing me and offering an appt 2 months later. Tried to escalate with Humana, they only would approve a commercial urgent care 50 miles away but none at a medical facility or closer. Because of delay in getting anti viral med I was in severe pain for 6 weeks, and never saw my Dr (I paid cash at ER). Complained no help from Humana.

The next year I had a crushing break to foot and toe. Had switched to another 'approved dr' same thing. No Dr avail, go drive 50 miles with broken foot. I ended up splinting it myself and just stayed off it for six weeks. RX costs me more than using GoodRX would ins. If I saw another Humana commercial with old people talking about how great it is I think I'd scream. But no worries, they just said (5 days before open enrollment) they aren't selling ins. here anymore. But I've still gotten 12 robot calls from them even though I'm on their DNC list, surveys, sales pitches to use their pharmacy, etc. When I see the government has been partnering with Humana on modeling future medical on their method, I shudder to think how much worse it can become (FYI I don't get Extra Help, government handout, etc. I spend $$$$$ for medication after paying taxes, Medicare tax, Medicare premiums).

I would RUN from this company. Maybe in other regions they are better, but where I live I have given in and haven't had basic medical tests for the past two years. The only time in my life I've needed medical, I have gotten nothing but lies, unfulfilled commitments, and the amount of time spent trying to get them to do anything has negatively affected my health.

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I would really rate them -5 stars. The latest issue was when I went to get a flu shot and was told I was no longer covered. I called and was told premiums were due. I informed the customer service rep that I had just sent them the full payment as my online account indicated. She checked and found that I had a credit balance in my account, but it didn't cover the current month. I cannot understand how an account that is carrying a credit can be closed. Luckily the latest payment for $1200 hadn't cleared the bank and I was able to get my money back. I am waiting for the refund on the credit. I found out too late how the medical field feels about this insurance company. SWFL doctors aren't taking it as of 2017. My guess is the company is too difficult to deal with. Blessing in disguise for me I guess.

I am my mother's authorized representative, therefore I'm the one who has had to deal with countless phone calls to HUMANA. They tell you wrong information just to get you off the phone, and if that's not bad enough they LIE! They tell you they are "resubmitting claim", "sending to supervisor", for you to find out later NOTHING has been done with your denied claim, and there's no documentation of your past phone call. You also can not complain to anyone higher. My mother switched to Humana 1 yr ago, and we have had to go through hell and back on EVERY claim that has been submitted to them. Not one has just been paid with no incidents.

At first it was she was not covered, which she was. Then that she had a primary insurance other than them, which was not the case either. Thank God my mother has no chronic illnesses, and does not see doctors much. She has had 3 visits, and a lab visit in that year, and we are still waiting on 2 of the claims to be paid. If you do not have time to spend countless hours on phone dealing with each claim, I advise you to go with another company. It may cost you a little more, and I totally understand retirement, and fixed incomes, but it will pay off in the end.

I moved to NV in August and I choose Dr. ** as my PPC. I soon learned that all the PPC Dr in my area were with health care partners. I feel trapped in this constraint. Dr. ** answer to all my problems and complaints is to refer me to other doctors in her group. If you call her office during lunch the phone just ring and rings. I recently tried to make an appointment with a gastroenterologist and their lunch is between 12 and 1. No one answers the phone, it just rings and rings. I needed ** for my liver ailment and Humana won't approve, they will approve **. Dr. ** won't prescribe this because she says an in-hospital medication. I am unable to take this because it gives me severe diarrhea. Please help me resolve these matters.

I just moved to the Ohio area late July. Starting in August I signed up for health insurance. It was my mistake using an agent off the web. After my first 2 bills I noticed I was not getting the coverage I had paid for. Coming from NY things were a lot cheaper. Just the problem, I had also signed up for dental and eye care as well. According to humana I was not signed up for it. While the cost wasn't too bad, $226 a month compared to over $800 where I was, there was a reason why I wanted dental. There is an off chance I may be stuck until Nov 1st to sign up again. This company should be avoided.

I am in need of thoracic surgery to remove a bronchogenic cyst - my second one. To my knowledge I am only the 9th documented case of one returning. That said, mine has grown over 49% in 6 months (Jan 2016 - Jul 2016), no telling how big it is now (Oct 2016). My primary care physician and my lung specialist both petitioned Humana for an out-of-network thoracic surgeon to remove this cyst. Humana denied the claim saying that there was a in-network surgeon who could do the surgery. However, the in-network practice I was referred to, and the only one within my network, reported that they would not remove the growth and would refer me "out-of-network" to a specialist. So I am now in a catch 22 situation where Humana will only approve an in-network practice that has said my surgery needs an out-of-network specialist. And here I sit, with a growing cyst, appealing a decision. This is just wrong!

In Jan 16 I went with Humana thru the market place. Feb 16 my husband was hospitalized and ended up with a bill over 5k out of pocket. In March I had emergency surgery and was in the hospital for a few days. When I got home I had a letter stating that I would only have coverage til May because I was not covered by the market place because I was on SSI (not Humana's fault) which was mentioned to them several times during enrollment. So after I met my deductible I was dropped but my husband and kids still had Humana. Humana transferred over my kids and husband to a new policy and supposed to transfer over all my deductibles that we met.

I went to the dr with my daughter and after meeting deductibles in Feb from my husband’s hospital stay and come to find out my deductible was back at 0 and I was now responsible to meet it again! Well after calling and calling to get the deductible fixed and every time being told that they will work on it and return my call and they never did my deductible. Was never met and I was out of pocketing cost that should have been covered. I had enough and cancelled it in July. Well, now Sept 30th I get a call saying that I owe them money for my policy that I cancelled in July. I NEVER got a notice or a bill or anything at all. These people are crooks and are not willing to right their wrongs but, yet want more money from me. Stay away from these crooks!

Every time I have had to deal with this company it has taken many hours and most time they do things wrong and I have to call back to get things fixed. Every year I spend winters in Arizona and when I call in to put in a temporary change of address, I get disconnected and have to call back. Then it takes at least one hour for them to process the temp change of address. Two years ago, I did this and they ended up cancelling my policy because they processed it as a permanent address change and said that my policy was not available in Arizona. It took many hours and phone calls to get the policy reinstated. Don't do business with this company. They are incompetent and not capable of getting anything right!!!

So they came back and took money from a procedure they paid for over 2 years ago. They said I was dual covered with other insurance. When I asked them what date Humana had for my effective date of the new insurance...they had a date that was the day before the procedure that was done 2 years prior. The crazy part is I just barely applied for the new insurance this year. When they found out I got new insurance they put in their system that I had both insurances for the last 2 years. This is not an exaggeration...I have called over 20 times over the last year to correct the issues with them to get the doctor paid again.

I get transferred, hung up on, calls dropped, mis-transferred almost every phone call I make. It's comical at this point. So initially they took back $1200. They finally reprocessed the claims and repaid $800 - some odd WTF??? Do I go through this whole process again for $400? Their supervisors are not horrible, but their normal reps they must just pick up off the street. I have no problem with getting people off the street, but TRAIN THEM before they talk to people. I had Humana for a year with no problems and ever since there has been crazy problems. Good luck if you need anything outside of the ordinary. Good luck if you need them to pay a claim.

I have dental insurance with Humana. Two fillings were done in mid July. Humana placed the claim into review for a narrative and x-rays. They denied the claim saying that they did not receive requested information. These have been sent three times, the dental office copied me the last time to show that they were sending it. Today, they still claim that they have not received this. They either lie or delay in an effort to halt other work and avoid payment or they are all incompetent. I don't care which. Either way, they are an insurance company to be avoided. I have spoken with their reps on several occasions and sent multiple emails but each time they give the same response trying to blame the dental practice that I know for a fact complied with their request each time.

Humana has violated HIPAA regulations by requiring patients to send back WRONG RX to them. Medicare had informed that once RX is dispensed -- wrong or not -- the RX needs to be discarded. Humana sets their own rules that do not follow Medicare guidelines. Hours on the phone and I get no help. They buy the cheapest generic RX from shady manufacturers. I had my RX analyzed by a local lab and the RX they sent me does not contain any go the medicine -- that's a felony.

After dealing with Humana for 9 months, I've come to realize they are either run by imbeciles or the devil. I was on ** prior to going on Medicare. When Medicare became active, so did my coverage with Humana PPO. They denied the ** but suggested I pay out of pocket $4,000 per month. After that they denied everything my doctor prescribed for my arthritis. 7 months later, I'm in a full blown flare up with a sd rate over 60 and CRP over 20. I'm now sick and can't get the meds I need. My doctor finally got them to cover **. Only problem was my co-pay was $5,000. I was able to get assistance through PAN network.

I have a stack of denial letters from Humana. Some are dated the same day. I finally received an approval letter and was tempted to frame it in a gilded frame. As unbelievable as it may sound, I got a denial letter after their approval letter. I even got another letter stating they needed my doctor's authorization - after I received my first dose! When I called the number on the letter, they were just as shocked as I was. The number on the letter was to the pharmacy who transferred me to the specialty pharmacy who was equally confused.

I asked to speak to the person who sent me the letter, Mr ** whose credentials included director of pharmacy professions. The specialty pharmacy didn't know who this person is. They explained that the insurance side sent the letter. (Insurance side?) So what I take from this is the left hand definitely has no clue what the right hand is doing! Like I said that in title, RUN from this company - stay away from them!

I just went to CVS to pick up my son's prescription. Again denied by Humana. Not on their list of drugs. Here we go again. I spent a year fighting with Humana to have a drug covered which is the only thing my son responds to. We went through appeal after appeal until finally the Medical State Commissioner overturned the decision sending a scathing 4 page letter to Humana REQUIRING them to cover the medication. Humana had to reimburse us for thousands of out of pocket money for the medication they refused to cover. Now here we go again. Some moron at Humana has decided to not cover it yet AGAIN! I will fight them again all the way again. But it is exhausting and ridiculous. Humana plays God. Interfering with your care and your doctor. Your doctor knows what is best for you, not some idiot at Humana. I have had to fight them on medical procedures that I have needed but Humana seems unnecessary.

When did it become their right to play God and make decisions about my care when they haven't even examined me and have no relationship to me. This is the worst health care company ever. They only care about their shareholders and not the people that are their customers. It is a conflict of interest to be publicly traded and pretend that you are serving the interest of your insured. This is why we MUST go to a nonprofit single payer system where they are not trying to serve stockholders! I hate Humana!! I will keep fighting, but I shouldn't have to!!!

I have experienced the worst insurance company I've dealt with ever. Dating back a year ago when they declined covering my insulin in acting as a doctor which they are not they declined coverage because they felt that I needed oral when my doctor expressly felt otherwise. They tried to weasel out of covering an accident in which I went to the ER that was covered under my plan. Recently I had to take my wife to the ER because, she was running a fever, severe pain, dangerously dehydrated etc. These crooks sent a letter saying that they would not pay a dime because they deemed that it wasn't an emergency. Their customer service is a joke as well. I would like to know why insurance companies are allowed to decide your health treatment over doctors? By doing the corrupt garbage that they do it discourages people from seeking health care in emergencies. Stay away from this company.

Due of my credit card expiration Humana had been cancelled my insurance without notifying me or sending me any mail or emails to me. I try to work with Marketplace to re-open health insurance with Humana. They have been working on last 3 month nothing has been resolved yet. I spoke with Marketplace they told me that requested to Humana and Humana says that he never got any request from Marketplace. I am tired of calling both parties to fix issue. I have having serious health issues no one is talking me without insurance. I am really helpless. What kind of stupid insurance government making legal? If I died who will responsible for me? Since 3 three months I have been suffering with serious health issues. I need help emergency help. Is there any way I could get help. I am having kidney stones bothering me unable to concentrate and lost my job.

Our Humana coverage ran from 1/1/2015 through 12/31/2015. At that time, we did not give any permission for renewal. In other words, Humana coverage was to end 12/31/2015. Humana deducted three premiums from my checking account for the months of January, February and March 2016. These were for $91.70 each. When I discovered this in May 2016 I requested a refund and it was denied.

I filed a Grievance and mailed it to the Appeal Department. Humana determined that I should receive a refund in the amount of $366.80. That was July 19th. On August 4th -- not having received the refund -- I contacted Humana. I informed them of my correct address. They said they would reissue the check. Here it is 5 weeks later and still no check received. I know they would not wait this long if I owed them money! While the amount they owe me might seem insignificant, I am on a fixed income and had to pay the credit card bill for the amounts they did not have my permission to charge.

Humana pre-authorizes medical services, then in some cases with large bills refuses to pay the provider, leaving customer on the hook. They have done this on two occasions with me, totaling over $1,000. The company is lying and crooked. BEWARE.

It has become such a problem having claims denied that I don't even want to go to the doctor anymore. I have had multiple issues with Humana continually denying to pay for routine medical procedures. I was recently sent to a collection agency because Humana took so long to review a claim that they denied. I have wasted hours of my life on the phone with incompetent customer service reps. It is beyond frustrating. If you are considering Humana insurance, I would strongly encourage you to keep looking. I would not have this insurance if it weren't a group plan provided through my employer.

I moved from GA to VA and was assured by the Humana sign up representative that the psychiatry care was extensive. I suffer from Major Depression and have had many suicide attempts over the years. I enrolled in Humana on June 22, 2016, but the insurance did not kick in until July 1st. I then had to wait four weeks to see a Primary Care doctor to get a Psych referral. I called Humana and explained that I was going to run off my antidepressant RX and this could be very dangerous for me. The rep told me at least 10 times, that I could not see a Psychiatrist until I saw the Primary Care doctor.

I pleaded with her, sobbing, and crying telling her I was not doing well, and asked her what I should do. So 10 more times she told me the same thing and with each repetition she got nastier and nastier to me. I eventually gave up trying to get her to see my problem and at the end of the call, she wished me a nice rest of my day. I was so upset that it took every ounce of my emotional strength to resist the urge to kill myself. These people are completely without human emotion and are quite possibly evil.

Never have gotten any answers to my questions through Humana's customer service - it is so bad that every time I need to call for help - I might as well talk to my dog... Ugh! Need an in network medical supply company in Charlotte county Florida that can give me the supplies I need for my cpap machine... Apparently Humana customer service cannot or will not give me this information. How do you train these people who usually "piss off" your customers!!!

I moved from AZ to WA end of July 2016. I called to change my address, fully expecting the policy to change to WA as well. I was informed on Aug 9, 2016 after receiving a letter dated Aug 3rd 2016, they were cancelling my policy effective JULY 31st. Customer service intimated I should have applied to HUMANA in WA!!! So then Customer Service say sorry, nothing they can do. I'll have to enroll in October. Meanwhile, I have prescriptions I can't fill. Isn't Humana a company hired by the government to manage Medicare? This speaks Class Action Suit to me. How can a company inform you that they are cancelling a policy AFTER the fact? And then not making it right...

I am very disappointed in the lack of training of the representatives at Humana. Every time I have called, I have been placed on hold for lengthy periods of time only to be transferred to numerous representatives due to the lack of communication. I feel that the representatives do not pay attention and instead just pass on members to someone else. Today I was placed on hold for over an hour and transferred 7 times, finally speaking to a supervisor.

In one week I have been denied seeing a ophthalmologist in Nashville, that they previously had in their network. He was a specialist that I needed to consult about a previous procedure. Today I was denied pharmacy coverage for ** 100 mg tablets, an old, old drug that has been used forever for bladder infection pain and was previously covered by Humana and Medicare. Even United Health Care covers this drug, which costs a few cents per tablet to produce, but costs over $2.00 each at Walgreens!! This is pathetic and a direct discrimination against their female patients.

This company is horrible. Thanks to Obamacare we can only get our insurance once a year and if like in my case the company makes a mistake then you are screwed. So I set up on automatic payments from my bank account with one of the reps for humana, that was never done so because I was out of town. I didn't get my mail to see the letters they sent. So now because humana screwed up not only did they have a payment of over $700 dollars my family doesn't have insurance... And it's been 2 months of calling them weekly to get my refund. UNBELIEVABLE. They are rude not helpful and a JOKE.

My coverage was to begin on June 1, 2016. Today is August 2, 2016 and I still am unable to access my prescription benefits! After NUMEROUS calls to Humana, I am still unable to fill any prescriptions! I am out of blood pressure, diabetic, and heart meds. Humana blames Walmart... Walmart blames Humana... Result still no meds. I'm on hold yet again with Humana being told, "This is really messed up". All the customer service operators were very nice and tried their best to resolve the problem only It ended up never getting resolved. Each time I am assured the "problem" is taken care of... yet my card still is refused. I have paid monthly premiums to no avail... I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND even if the amount is lower than other programs. I will be switching when renewal comes around in Oct-Dec! My FINAL STEP is to call the Indiana State Insurance Dept.

I would like to state my experience with Humana Insurance Co. and I have one bit of advice for anyone trying to decide what company to purchase a supplemental insurance. RUN, DONT WALK!!! I have had a problem with Humana going back to October 2015! I called Humana in February 2015 to let them know I was moving to Mexico for an extended period of time. I told them Mexico did not honor American companies there. They told me "fine. We'll note it on your account." I also asked them if I needed to do anything else and they said no. Big mistake taking that advice.

In October, I received a notice that I owed $596.00 for the months from March through October. I have made no less than 30 phone calls all to no avail. I told them that I spoke to a gentleman in February and he said I did not need to do anything else in order to stop my coverage. NO ONE LISTENED!!! Some said, "Oh, we do not see any notes of you dropping your coverage." Or some said, "Yes, we see where you called at the end of February, but you did not send a letter to follow-up." I told them I was never told to send a letter.

I have spoken to supervisors and they were no help. I also went to the local office of Humana in North Raleigh several months ago. I spent 2 hours waiting to talk to someone. When I finally spoke to her, it took over an hour to relate what I have been going through. She said to call her in 2-3 weeks and she would try and help me. I have never spoken to her. I called several times and was always told to leave a message and someone would get back to me. No return phone call ever.

I had decided I needed expert help, as I finally realized what Humana was doing. I purchased a new plan in February 2016, thinking the past problem was resolved. I realized that they were taking my monthly payment and applying it to my past due balance. I contacted the NC Insurance Commission. They forwarded my complaint to Medicare. I called Humana last week and was told a resolution letter was in the mail. I incorrectly assumed they were going to offer me a solution, like maybe me paying half and then lowering the past due balance. What did I get? A letter telling me they had heard of my complaint and I owed $497. And a threat that they would take my account to a collections agent if I did not pay the past due amount. I will never pay that bill. This is 100% Humana's fault.

The latest problem with them is that when I called to purchase the coverage I specifically asked if the 3 doctors who I see were in network. They assured me they were. A few weeks ago I received a notice from Humana that I owed over $400 for doctor visits that were not covered under my policy. I called them and told them I had checked to see before purchasing this coverage and was assured they were all in the network. So I now owe over $400 for visits that were supposed to be covered. What do they say? "Oh, we are sorry for the mistake, but there's nothing we can do."

I have spent countless hours on the phone and I always get the same response, "Oh we are so sorry you are going through such a bad time", but bottom line they would not budge, even though this is entirely their fault. I am considering a lawsuit and would like to know if anyone else is interested in starting action against this aggressive, clueless, biased company. It is unthinkable that at 73 years of age, I have to deal with their incompetence and have spent so much time and effort to get this resolved. All for nothing.

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Humana is one of the largest and best-known health insurance companies in the United States. It offers health care services for individuals, business owners and military personnel.

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