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I continually receive requests to increase my life insurance. They state "without significantly increasing your monthly premium". At what point is a 165% increase not a significant amount. From $102.93 to $265.99 per month for $24000.00 more in insurance. Seems wrong to me.

Elder Abuse. The life insurance policy sold to my mother amounts to a scam. Shame on AARP. People buy policies with the AARP mark thinking that they have been reviewed and approved. I am not going to be sending AARP my $12 fee last year. What are they doing with those funds?

I was really thinking about signing up but after reading reviews FORGET IT. Sounds like the only ones giving good reviews are still alive lol. Family members of deceased members ARE NOT GETTING PAID AS PROMISED! So the living members will not know the encounter awaiting their family after their demise??? No thanks.

I sent in the paperwork in May of 2010 and I have moved 2 times since and never received a penny from these people for my mother's insurance. I do not understand why people trust AARP. She had the medical reimbursement coverage and I sent in a copy of the medical bill. Not even a reply.

My mother passed away on April of 2011. She had a $30,000 policy. My two sisters and I found her policy in her lock box which stated what we knew and what she told us, $30,000 policy. When it was time to pay out they only paid us $10,000. We asked why and they said she had lowered her policy to $10,000 a few months ago. No evidence of this. We have the original policy. They would not give us paperwork stating that she changed it, just their flapping gums. I would not recommend this company to anyone. I agree they are SCAMMERS!!!

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Too MANY times not being able to log into my actual Policy Account as I'm told "You must be a registered member". What a load of manure!! So I re-register! I am told "You already have a current account." I'm ready to blow a head gasket, but settle down as I don't know if they'll pay for my unexpected death!! Catch-22.

My wife and I both have now retired from local government and wanted cheaper insurance. We joined AARP and New York Life Insurance, and after two months I received a letter that I was turned down because of diabetic history. My wife has a two year waiting period. Now we can not go back to our old insurance. Thanks, ALOT AARP.

My mother passed away 8/2015, she had a brain hemorrhage which led to her having a stroke, she had a 30k policy thru AARP with NYL, I being the beneficiary submitted all paperwork, as of Jan 27, 2016 I have not heard from them, after I call I get a letter from claims with no signature, stating they are waiting on paperwork. It is now mid February I just contacted the insurance commissioner, because though she passed within the contestable period, it was no preexisting condition... And they keep asking for the same paperwork over and over, I would not insure my pet Maltese through this company. And I love him like one of my children. NOT RECOMMENDED.

For people my age (50) and over, it was very simple to join. Affordable rates, easy pay options made it very simple. I would truly recommend A.A.R.P. They took the worry out of getting life insurance. There was no forms to fill out, no long health questions that you didn't have answers to. Help is always available.

There are only a few questions asked to qualify for the AARP Life Insurance and the premiums are low. It was easy to apply online and also easy to pay premiums online each month. I do not have insurance with an employer and this was the best choice I made. I found out about this insurance once I turned 50 years old and I also pay $16.00 a year to be an AARP member which is not much for the benefits you receive. I would recommend looking into getting this life insurance because there is not health exam to qualify.

The thing that I enjoy most about AARP is that they have the most comprehensive help and caring employees I've ever had. Every time I've had a dispute or a complaint, they would immediately take care of it, and send me on my merry way. If I had to choose between a different insurance company, I would stick with AARP. I would definitely recommend them to all my friends and family.

My mother have a policy with them for 10,000. Her policy was 1 year and 7 months old. They have only three question that you have to answer on the application. I answer those question. I even wrote in that she had a heart attack 2 years ago. So that issue the policy a standard policy. I worked for an insurance company in the past. They ask you over 20 question about your medical history and before they issued you a policy they would check it out. But AARP don't do that. My mother pass month ago a heart attack. Now they say if they would have known this that they would have declined her. They never had no intention to pay on this policy. AARP is a fraud. They will collect all of your premium. Did when it time to pay off they come up with all of this about her when those wasn't any questions on the application so I won't recommend AARP to no one. They will not do you right. Yes they have consumer services. But when it time to pay they won't, so beware.

Very satisfied with AARP NYL insurance co. No medical physical was needed and it is convenient to pay online every month. Was able to search online through AARP for the best insurance policy for my family. If you need insurance of any then AARP is the place to look for affordable deals on every kind of insurance.

Have no problems with AARP. I pay a low rate and it's well worth it. I would tell others to definitely get life insurance even if a small amount. I have had aarp for a yr now. Before that I had globe insurance and did not like the results of the billing twice. Globe life did not receive my payment on time and they dropped me.

I have had an awesome experience with AARP. They have been helpful to me about letting me know what I was covered for and how much. They explained my policy to me thoroughly and let me know when something was to change or if a new deal came along that was better for my circumstances. I don't make a lot so letting me know these deals and having a lower price at the same time letting me know if something was to happen, my son would be taken care of is a peace of mind for me.. so thank you AARP for being an awesome insurance company.

I have had very little experience with my life insurance company. But the little time that I have had they have provided me with good information that was beneficial to me. Their customer service department has been very responsive to my needs. The rate for my age was very reasonable and it was easy to sign up. I would recommend anyone to use AARP life insurance.

Rates are affordable, agent explained every detail in the policy, your present health is not a problem for them to cover you and you are guaranteed coverage. They have different terms, such as Term Insurance and whole Life Insurance. Being a member of AARP has made me eligible to have coverage and has many benefits to me. I am confident that my family will not be left with huge funeral costs and that gives me peace of mind. They keep me informed about new items and products that are available to me through their email. Can be contacted easily if I have a question or a problem.

I, too, received $38 after making monthly payments for the past few years. My experience with AARP is that every time I made payment whether online, personal check or money order, they never received payment until a few months when, alas, I found the payment. Many times my bank account was overdrawn because AARP claimed they never received payment online and a month later they found the payment when I did not have the funds. I finally decided to cancel all insurance with them, sent them a registered letter, return receipt requested, and guess what? They never received it even though they signed the return receipt acknowledging receipt. I'm not sure if this is a game they play of never receiving letters or payments, or perhaps it is the city I live in, Philadelphia, but I will never deal with them!

Glad that I have insurance. But the cost is high because of my age. Least I can leave my girls a little something. I would like it more if my payments were lower and did not go up every 5 years. It's from AARP through New York Life and it will help older people so that is a good thing. Their customer service people are very helpful and really listen to your questions and concerns. I like what AARP offers in deals. I have saved a lot of money by being a member.

I originally selected this policy as a term policy and at a later time was offered the option to convert it to whole life, which I did. I have an auto pay set up, so I don't have to worry about missing or forgetting a payment. AARP offers many benefits for seniors, life insurance being only one. I have had no problems communicating concerning my policy nor have I experienced any issues at all. When I choose this insurance, AARP offered the best financial solution for this uninsured person.

I have found that working with the AARP (which my policy is actually New York Life) that they are extremely helpful and take the time to review my needs as a person. As I get older, they are in contact to give me more information on what is, or might be necessary, to help if something happens to me. I also purchased another policy directly from New York Life for additional benefits which I have carried for two years now. They are a great company and AARP spends a great deal of time helping people in my position.

The people I have talked to have been very friendly and supportive and have answered all of my questions without a problem. They are ready to assist you and have explained some questions that I had in detail so that now I understand what the policy contains. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for insurance.

I am satisfied with my insurance company AARP. It fits my budget and protects my family. There are so many benefits to having this insurance and so many trustworthy products you gain access to for being a part of AARP. I would add to this insurance but I would not change it.

The price is great for the amounts covered. It is whole life insurance, at first. It was easy to buy, and all my questions were answered by the literature they sent to me in the mail. Unfortunately, the rate goes up as you get older. They send you offers each time that you would get an increase (which is every 5 years) asking if you want to convert to Term Life for a lesser rate than your new one for whole life would be. They offer automatic debit monthly payment plans. If you don't have much money, it's a good way to be covered.

They were very easy to work with over the phone. Required a few health questions & information about my doctors & health. This company made it easy for me to find a policy that fit within my budget and allowed me to have enough coverage that my final expenses would be paid and I wouldn't be a burden on my family. I would gladly recommend them to others that are of advancing age and on a fixed income.

Outstanding sign up. Customer service during the The process was quick and not too intrusive. The premiums are quite manageable for the coverage offered. I had resisted buying life insurance for a long time because I didn't think I could afford it, but the variety of plans offered made me comfortable with signing to. I'm glad that I did.

Prompt payment on claim when my spouse passed away. They were very kind and thoughtful and very sensitive to my situation. I had to wait a few weeks for doctor's records and they always kept me informed. For this I would definitely recommend them to anybody looking for a good life insurance company. They made me feel important to them.

I have had my policy now for more than 2 years and when my payments go up I get prior notice beforehand. They give me the option to upgrade it and lock in my current rate so it doesn't go up every 5 years. The notices I get are gentle reminders and they have never come off hard lined, but actually care about my business in making sure I got the coverage I need for Final Expenses for when I do kick the bucket.

Like the coverage but every 10 years the policy premium doubles and when you reach 70 the amount of coverage you have been paying for years is cut in half.

I have been with AARP FOR 3 years now, I just learned that if I was to cash my policy in with them I would get $16.94 back out of $1,584.00. Why? Because they said it's a Term Life insurance, not cash out insurance. I felt that with my age I needed to look into a Long Term Med. Insurance just in case I needed to be hospitalized in my older age. I would have that insurance to rely on. I'm 53 years old, I do have other Life insurance, When I turned 50 years old, AARP contact me. I have other insurance just in case my family needed it in the long run for me but, Woo, if I have just knew which insure I was buying into. People Make sure YOU look at all fine print when working with this Company. And also do you know it go up after every 5 years of aging. This is Crazy. Can't turn back with this one, because I will lose out. Next time I'll stick with United Insurance Company.

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AARP is a large organization boasting over 38 million members ages 50 and up. They opened their doors in 1958 and now have offices in all 50 states.

  • Great products: AARP markets insurance products by New York Life – a highly rated insurance company.
  • Member supported organization: AARP often provides discounts to members.
  • Unique policies: AARP markets “no physical exam” insurance meaning customers may be able to find an insurance policy through AARP that they cannot buy elsewhere.
  • Life insurance : AARP is not an insurance company as suggested above. They only market life insurance and annuity products by New York Life. New York Life often sells pricier policies than many consumers can buy elsewhere.
  • Cost : “No physical exam” life insurance is often much more expensive than alternatives. Even people with existing health conditions can typically find coverage without going this route.

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