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DR Horton Homes

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Last updated: Dec. 2, 2017

596 DR Horton Homes Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 2, 2017

I had a single wide that they was going to sell for me and put me in my new home from them and when it sold I got half after the payoff. I was the one that sold it and the manager and the salesman split my half but I was ok with it. I sold my single wide. So after that done I got a very bad deal from Horton Homes. I had my land and had it set up for the home but they was not happy. So you know what they did? Yep redone it. More money for Midland Mortgage. The lady that was getting the loan for me her husband did the landscaping. Win win for her and Midland and the salespeople and Horton Homes all was in it. But that is just the start of **.

I am still fixing after 10yrs. I had cancer lucky for them. I was so sick. This is all I can do is warn other people about them. Do not buy from none of them or get a loan. Yes I called all the people at the top. They just made threats. So don't think you will win you won't. The way out is don't buy from them. They tried to sell me a heat pump from a heat and air that was in with them. Lucky me the guy from Duke told me it was too small to heat or my new crappy home. So look out!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 25, 2017

A very close friend of mine is in the process of purchasing a DR Horton Homes. While inspecting two lots that his floor plan was built on; lots 6 and lot 24, I voiced my concerns out loud to him in front of the real estate agent that helping in his quest to purchase a home. I saw many red flags if he were to pick the home that was on lot 24; one being soil erosion, thus foundation issues. When we went back to the sales office, he told the sales representative his concerns regarding lot 24 and he wanted lot 6 instead.

There was only $7,000.00 between the two homes and the sales representative tried to give us the "runaround." The sales representative told us that there was going be a drainage pipe put in to solve any drainage problems. I told my friend, that that was B.S. because why didn't DR Horton put the pipe in before building all of the speck homes to the lots that back up to this very large trench; lot 24's backyard was only about 8 feet from the back of the home before it hits the trench and in order to fence the backyard in, the fence would be on the other side of this large trench.

He offered my friend window blinds and other items if my friend would pick lot 24 instead of lot 6. The DR Horton sales representative started to give all this B.S. about DR Horton being an upstanding and honest company and as if we should trust anything that he told us; I took my friend aside and told not to believe any of that B.S.!!! Lot 24 was $7000.00 less than lot 6 and my friend told them that he wanted the home on lot 6 for the same price as the home on lot 24.

The sale DR Horton sales representative finally gave in and gave him the home on lot 6 for the same price of the home on lot 24. My friend also chose his own lender and homeowners insurance company and not using DR Horton's. I am in my fifth new home that was built in 2010, by SDC Homes. I have a well built home and all of the minor issues of my new after I moved into it, were resolved in a timely manner; excellent customer service. During the past seven years that I have lived in my new SDC Home, I have had no major nor minor issues with my new home.

But I did entertain the idea of selling my home and purchasing a new DR Horton because of the area that the DR Horton homes were located in. But while viewing the videos at the DR Horton website about their various homes, I decided to do a little investigating and I came across the "Consumer Affairs " website regarding DR Horton Homes.

I called my friend and told him to check out this site; he already had his walkthrough and will be closing in a few days. He told me that the DR Horton building superintendent was the one who gave him his two hour walkthrough and this man told my friend to make sure he have another final walkthrough on the tenth month of the one year warranty before it expires. This sounds very familiar, since I have been reading all of the reviews. I called my friend and tried to explain to him how DR Horton works to deceived people who purchase their homes; nice and helpful to you, but after they get your money, you no longer exist to them.

I told him not to believe that crap about waiting for the tenth month to submit any issues regarding his new so that DR Horton resolve and correct any issues in his new home. I told him, that DR Horton will only stall in making any repairs, until the home is no longer under warranty, but he believes what the DR Horton superintendent told. I told him to go to this website and read the many reviews.

For myself. I have a well built new home and I have pushed the idea out of my head of purchasing a DR Horton home because of my reading the many reviews.

I wish to thank everyone who sent in a review regarding DR Horton, thus preventing me from making a very huge financial mistake. As for my friend, I just hope that I don't have to say "I told you so!!!"

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profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 21, 2017

DR Horton throws up poorly built homes in predominated ** communities and calls them Express Homes meaning thrown together! No upgrades are allowed yet they cost as much as other comparable homes in nicer areas. He uses the cheapest material and flooring. Linoleum and poor quality carpets! We were not made aware of the express status of the Home until after we signed a contract and wanted to upgrade our floors. Unscrupulous business practice is what I call it! Steer clear of DR Horton and his homes. Also if you insist on buying one do the pre-drywall inspection and the final inspection to make sure it won’t fall down on you while you sleep!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 16, 2017

This is first review for any item online. This is honest and full thought thru review. I hope it help some of home buyers. I am writing this review about the community "villages at Skybrook North" generally called Skybrook North. The builder is D.R Horton. I moved in almost couple of months back reported and shown them lot of issue in my 1 month walk thru. The person doing walk thru and assessments said those are not included. Anything you ask him he says that is not included or does not cover!! He always says that you have do all these before closing. It is hard to find out the all the issue in couple hours before closing (as most of us are first time home buyer we might have given notice to apartment and we may not have time wait further). And all the corners of the home got cracks and not sure how it goes in future. Even though it is brand new home but has the issues more than decade old home.

My quick suggestion would be don’t think again. Start running from this builder. Used homes are better than the builder home (We buy new home to get the comfort of the warranty and quality and Peace mind). Try some good builder in the same neighborhood who can provide you the quality building. I don’t know whether putting review properly with good words. My online review would be “Start running from this builder not even think of walk!!”. Thanks.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 9, 2017

Our home was built 12 years ago by DR Horton. We are discovering as time goes on that an endless amount of short cuts were taken in regards to wrapping windows, flashing, caulking and many more which have led to 50% of our windows leaking behind the window trim and then causing rot under the siding. Every side of the house has been compromised and we have had to pay thousands of dollars to repair the rot and window repair. The outside damage has now cause the inside sills to warp also leading to more replacement and repair. There was no flashing placed at the junctions of the siding or at the top of any of the windows and the window in the picture attached shows that they didn't even screw the window to the house itself, there were no screws at all. This is a no-brainer when it comes to building, yet one wouldn't ever know this until years later as a problem arises.

The state of Washington allows 5 years warranty for compensation which doesn't help as this type of damage doesn't show up until much later than 5 years. Homeowners insurance doesn't help with poor quality workmanship either. I don't understand how DR Horton can have a good conscience about their company knowing they are hurting homeowners by their consistent lack of quality skill. Thousands of homes build by DR Horton in the Pacific Northwest have dealt with this issue resulting in anywhere from $8,000 to 30,000 in repairs. Our local news station featured a story on just how common this problem is, addressing issue of poor workmanship, inferior materials and lack or proper waterproofing in protecting the homes exterior. If you are buying a home or building I would advise you to stay as far away from the DR Horton company as possible.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2017

I purchased a brand new home in NC from DR Horton in August, almost 3 months ago. I have had nothing but issues since day one. They make promises to fix things and it just doesn't happen. Today 3 months later I have mismatched carpeting with a lousy seam job in my living room, a dead plant in the front yard and no follow-up.

They keep sending out people to "look" at the problem and no one to fix it. The supervisor of the construction crew said he would personally bring over a shovel and plant a new bush. Well guess what? That was 3 weeks ago and the dead plant is still there. What they call builder's white paint is a farce. It is all chalky and if you run into it and make a mark it will not come out. I had to paint my entire house with decent paint. I also replaced my toilet in the MB because I wanted a comfort height toilet and they would not put one in unless I had a medical disability. Not even if I were going to pay them extra.

I have purchased many new homes, this is my 4th brand new one and one I bought resale. Never have I had as many issues as this house. They put in a gas line for the dryer and did not leave enough room to put the washer beside it. They had to come out, after 40 days, I might add to move the line to the center of the wall. Many other issues so just save yourself the time and aggravation.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2017

When Hurricane Harvey hit the coast I incurred water damage in my home (they were NOT able to identify where it actually came from). Initially DR Horton denied responsibility for the damage even though it was a workmanship issue. I had five different DR Horton reps come by my home all of which provided separate scenarios as to what happened. They denied the claim and said they reserve the right to attribute the damage as storm related. They told me to file with my insurance who is also DR Horton, they are 200 times worse than the builder. They don't return calls and have so many excuses as to why they can't and don't call back in a timely manner.

When they finally call back and go over details they can't explain reasoning. I purchased a cabinet for $856.96 in July which was damaged by the roof leaking and the event occurred in August, they said that it had depreciated in value to $300. I have called many times since September to resolve and we are now in November with NO resolution. I will NEVER BUILD WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN NOR WILL I RECOMMEND THE INSURANCE COMPANY. I have NEVER filed an insurance claim on any home that I have owned and this is by far the WORSE EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2017

I purchased my home in spring of 2015 and now after two and half years, I am convinced that DR Horton's building material is complete junk. Within two months of moving into my new home, I was already submitting orders for repairs. In less than a year, I began having issues with the electricity. My kitchen fuses kept losing power and the breaker kept dropping in the outside electric panel. After having a professional look at it and take the cover off, we saw the wiring for the kitchen breaker burnt and melted! In the living area, I had switched out the light bulbs for brighter and energy efficient bulbs. But after a couple weeks, they began to blink and then completely turn off!

My garage doors do not work anymore. The plastic on the side of the garage door is bending off. My exterior walls have cracks in them. And on and on. It is becoming expensive to keep up with all these repairs for a new home just two and half years old! I understand problems happen sometimes, and every builder will have some bad reviews. But these guys just really deserve the low rating they have. I personally take care of my belongings so I will reject any blaming against the homeowner’s maintenance. If you’re looking for quality, then avoid DR Horton! Buying a used home over a DR Horton home might even be cheaper in terms of repairs.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 29, 2017

I'm writing this review hoping that someone from the DR Horton corporate office who cares about this company can answer my question: Why is it possible when your closing date is in less than a month, nobody from Dr Horton (sales agent, manager, area manager) would take us to take a look at the house that we about to purchase, so we can see how it looks like, how the construction goes. We don't get any updates about what's going on with the house. They never took us to take a look at what we are about to purchase!!! We've been having this issue since the beginning with the sales agent and we complained so many times to the area manager But nothing has changed. I assume this is the way Dr Horton is tearing their future homeowners, WITH INDIFFERENCE!!!! The worst customer service experience ever!!! So curious if someone from the corporate office will replay or everybody is careless in DR Horton company.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

The reason for my review is to warn other home buyers away from DR Horton. Being new to SC, I've never seen "swales" in landscaping to control water run off from one's property. I have complained to the Warranty Department of DR Horton about the location of this "swale" in relation to the patio and proposed screen room (Both additions to existing home layout). I am told that according to SC building code, it has to be 10 feet from the foundation. However, the patio and screen room could not have been accounted for even though this was a known addition from the start of the project. I have requested to have the yard re-graded and basically I am being ignored and laughed at and was asked the question "why did you close if it was a problem?" strike it up to being naive and trusting of such a well-known company.

The pictures below are of both the beginning of the project and the end. There are ruts in the "Swale" due to over watering and mowing... this is not my complaint... looking at the original picture, there is nothing to indicate they would grade the yard to have a hill and then a swale. I am totally disgusted with the yard and experience sadness and anger every time I look at it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

I think I make wrong decision when I buy the house from DR Horton. Everyone in this company lied for everything. I don’t think this company should build houses. I can’t waiting till I sell this house and make sure I tell everyone about this company lied to me from day one. I should close in July 26 I close in November 18, 2016, and I live in another state and all the house have problems and have bad management. I think he doesn’t like anyone.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 25, 2017

I purchased our 3900 sq ft home in March of 2012. I am writing today to let everyone know to not buy from DR Horton. We have had one problem with this home after another. Once purchased, we discovered that our back door was leaking water, we had mold damage in our guest walk in closet, wrong padding placed throughout our upstairs, carpet seems that shredded in several rooms, grout in the kitchen that never stays, one year warranty pop outs never addressed (we still have blue tape up all over the house marking the spots they were supposed to address), and the biggest issue of all The Grading of our yard. We have serious flooding issues to this day despite them coming out and attempting to put a French drain in. One whole side of my yard is unusable! It floods every rain storm and washes out through the front yard. Mind you we are on a slab foundation. DR Horton never fully addressed this and many other major issues.

We had one warranty guy after another! A crew came in to replace the carpet padding one week before Christmas. Moved our furniture in the Loft, ripped up the carpet from the carpet tags, said they needed other material and would be back the next day, and they never returned! Our carpet is still loose and we had to move our furniture back in place ourselves after two weeks of waiting and no further response or contact. We have an interstate grade hill in our backyard that DR Horton covered up as an easy to maintain hill. It deteriorated fast and continues to do so. Our HOA is constantly harassing us about this problem and we do not have 40,000.00 to fix what DR Horton created.

In all honesty, if the vegetation is removed, the upper fence line will fall from the mud sliding and erosion which will increase our already disconcerting potential for flooding. To make matters worse, my next door neighbor's house just flooded out this week!!! Soaked floors on the back half of their house and they refuse to do anything about the poor grading issue they created for us!!! They are a joke and do not hold up their contractual obligations! We will be forced to walk away from this house without being able to sell it. No one will want this eyesore full of unfixed and disastrous issues. STAY AWAY FROM DR HORTON Carlton Creek Subdivision Duncan, SC!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 20, 2017

DO NOT EVER BUY A DR HORTON HOME!!! VERY POORLY BUILT HOMES!!! Terrible customer service! Not worth it, don't do it! You will be sooo disappointed, angry, sad, and completely disgusted! I will never ever recommend this builder to anyone ever! In fact I will go out of my way to tell everyone that I can, to never buy a DR Horton Home let alone build a new home for anyone. They should be shut down!!! The only reason I gave them x1 star was because I had to select a star to even leave a review. They deserve ZERO stars, F-.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 16, 2017

Do not purchase a home from this company! We have had many issues and getting them fixed has been like pulling teeth. We were having boards upstairs that were making noise when we walked and they came out and fixed them. Then when we had them come out again they couldn’t find any issues and said call them when we hear them again. We put in the warranty request and were told by DR that they had them come out last time as a courtesy and this is not covered so whenever we walk in 3 rooms upstairs the floor makes noise. The paint around our front door and the casing has bubbled and they came out and repainted and it has bubbled. As well as the paint on the exterior of the house just comes off. When it rained recently we found where water was coming in from the top window area. The blinds are cheap and didn’t even last a year before you can’t use the cord to close them anymore.

Before We closed we were told that whenever a house was built next to us that they would replace our sod on that side of the house but when it came around to that time they didn’t stick by their word. Their contractors parked in my yard on my grass and a delivery truck with lumbar backed into my yard and left tire marks and I voiced my concern about my sprinklers possibly being damaged and the person in charge of warranties came out and basically dismissed my concerns even though I have pictures of all these events and issues and there are other issues outside but don’t wan't make post too long. Their customer service/warranty department will ignore your emails or dismiss your issues. I would NEVER purchase another home from this company!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2017

DRH is the most unethical and untrustworthy home builders that we've ever dealt with. We moved in when the community was very new and the lies were still fresh and believable. Lied about building clubhouse and new amenities. Lied about boat concierge. Built 2000 sq ft ranch style homes in a section which was only suppose to be 4500sq ft - 6000sq ft. Improper grading on the yards which caused lots of drainage issues. Doug ** from DRH offered to pay us $10k to keep quiet about ruining our property value but we had to sign all our rights away. Customer service department is the worst yet. It's their goals not to help fix any of your issues. They build cheap homes and don't stand by their products. Their sales team still sells the same lies they did 8-9 years ago. I'm always shocked and amused when I see their signs that say America's #1 Builder. I would NOT recommend ever buying a house from this unethical builder.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 7, 2017

Hello my name is Edwin **, I purchased a new house in March 28 2016. I have been having window leaks in about 3 windows. I have sent emails and claims to the local branch and it seems that no one cares about you after you have purchased the house. It's brand new and I do have a contract that states warranty for the house, I'm close to seeking legal assistance.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 3, 2017

My name is Chad ** . A retired United States Marine living in a DR Horton home at **. We saw the home of our dreams and trusted in the DR Horton name plus Mr. Horton values he built these homes on. At the point of signing the paperwork our only holdback was a cracked countertop, but was assured it would be fixed. It was but not in a timely manner (3 months after buying the home). In the process of them putting in the new countertops they broke all my backsplash in the kitchen and damaged the cabinetry and a drawer. It's been close to six months now and at every turn and every email sent out no answers are given. I am not asking for anything extra just a finished home.

I still believe in DR Horton the builder but I also believe they do not know how me and the families of Rye Wilderness are being treated. The salesperson Patrick ** is a good person but he is in sales and can't do anything for me at all. I've contacted the contractor John ** several times no luck. I've went to emailing Mr.**@DRHorton.com and he has tried to help but it's not a warranty issue. It was a construction issue (i.e. John ** the Head Contractor). So where do I go from here? Already contacted Head Quarters in Texas and they said someone would get back to me and that's been 2 weeks ago. This all started out as a dream home coming true... These issues are all simple fixes that can be done in less than 3 minutes, so the question is why push these items this far when I was a proud owner of a DR Horton home... One of the owners pushing my friends & family to purchase these homes. So Why?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 2, 2017

As I am reading the reviews about DR Horton, I am not a bit surprised with the comments and experiences shared by everyone. I had similar issues. The quality of work or the lack thereof is so disappointing to say the least. We were suppose to close June 30 but was delayed to Sept.! The reason they told us was because Berkeley county is delaying the permits as they are inundated with building permits and such. I went to the county office myself and found out that DR Horton did not file the permits until June 29, day before we were suppose to close. They blamed all the delay on the county. We didn't get a 30 day final walk through. We were told a week before closing that we were closing in a week! Just lies after lies. We put blue tapes all over the house that needed repair but they only did half of it and told us to put the rest on the 30 day list. What a joke! Never again and I will not recommend this builder to anyone!

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 2, 2017

I purchased my DR Horton home in Ashburn VA in 2013 and I regret it very much. I have purchased a new home before from KHOV and the customer care is night and day. KHOV responded and took care of every issues right away and made sure we were satisfied but DR HORTON is the total opposite, they worked hard to hide from you until you just give up. This is the same experiences my neighbors had. The quality of materials and workmanship is horrible. Drywalls not secured to ceilings. Recessed lights just started falling off. Roof and bathroom leaks. My lawn never grew grass because they just laid the sod on top of left over building materials like gravel, cement and 4x4s. A lot of the trees they planted died within a few weeks and promised to replace but never did. I will never recommend DR HORTON to anyone.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 1, 2017

If you want a quality home DO NOT PURCHASE ANY HOME FROM DR. HORTON HOME BUILDERS. DR Horton can only sell you a low-quality home with many defects and when they attempt to fix problems they make things worse than they ever were. You actually wind up with worse problems than when they started. They wrote the book on excuses on why so much low-quality materials are in your home. They continued the book and fabricated reasons why low workmanship standards are accepted by DR Horton. Their repairs are generally incomplete and carelessness in their workmanship is what you will find all over your home. Check the thousands of consumer complaints about DR Horton, the complaints are a real eye-opener and will surely steer your purchase away from DR Horton to a reputable and quality home builder.

All D.R. Horton’s Customer Support Personnel who are sent to investigate problems come prepared to give every excuse in the book why your problems are not their fault and how your problem isn’t covered under the warranty. I have had the experience of battling DR Horton for over thirty months on so many issues of poor workmanship to substandard materials. I been finding serious problems with my home since the second day I occupied my home. I’ve had now (6) Windows Replaced due to WATER INTRUSION, I had the three bedrooms rugs replaced three times and they still had to be torn out due to dampness and mold. The rugs would peel up and smell rotten. DR Horton Warranty people told me that this is NORMAL in all homes… the rugs just need to be stretched again. REALLY??? I’ve had continuous water intrusion since I moved in.

On a recent repair by DR Horton sub-contractors, they found that my rear wall that had two of the six windows leaking into the wall. This window was not sealed from the outside properly. They sealed it correctly and now this window does not have water intrusion. I asked them to check the rest of my home when they put me out of my home for 21 days so they could bunch up the many repairs that accumulated. They never checked the home and now I again have water intrusion in all the other areas they failed to seal. The repairs were done in the end of June this year 2017 and we did not have any serious rain until Hurricane Irma when my baseboard moldings which were just installed by DR Horton warped dramatically and pulled away from the sheetrock leaving a large gap.

When I reported this to DR Horton Customer Service they sent someone out who was a novice and could only utter words that he was programmed to say defending DR Horton Home Builders. He kept referring that I am out of warranty. Let me tell all of you reading this, you are never out of warranty if you are on record when you report the un-satisfactory deficiencies in your home prior to the warranty expiring. Also certain parts of your home have a ten-year warranty. Also shoddy workmanship and sub-standard materials that are not to code is a violation of building requirements and regulations and is in effect and active throughout the life of the home. I’ve been told by (2) Licensed Builders that they suspect the bottom courses of block may not be filled to code. Water intrusion has already caused me many problems.

As of now my brand new 5 ¼ inch replaced baseboards have warped away from the sheetrock once again the entire length of the home. So do you think the water has intruded because it is the exact same scenario over again? The manager of DR. Horton Service told me in writing that these brand new baseboards warping and breaking away from the sheetrock is NORMAL & COMMON. Have any of you ever seen this in a well-constructed home?? I think not. DR Horton wants me to wait and see if it gets worse… Do I wait until my home floods??? The problem exists now… It needs to be waterproofed and sealed correctly according to code. I do not want to be flooded out in a major hurricane. This DR Horton Home is the worst constructed home ever. Serviced by their do-nothing excuse filled Customer Service Personnel. DO NOT BUY A HOME FROM DR HORTON. Southeastern Region, Palm Bay, Florida. Keith Williams, Pres.

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profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 20, 2017

DR Horton finished building the homes in our subdivision (Heatherbrooke) in Acworth, GA and left not finishing contract agreements! Once homes were sold they left not finishing the retention ponds etc. They also left our subdivision in horrible financial shape for the HOA needs! They underbid what HOA dues would be when in fact the HOA dues necessary to maintain common grounds was almost double! They return no phone calls and have left a job unfinished! This company is far from one that should be recognized as reputable and honest!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 12, 2017

There have been several minor issues with my home that was built by DR Horton. For example, tacks sticking up out of the carpet which is a easy fix. I was lied to about the carpet in general. I was shown a home with linoleum floors then told I would have them. I have had issues with the power going out and breakers tripping for apparently no reason. Recently I noticed my roof leaking in my loft area, my home is less than two years old. Two days ago I also noticed the roof leaking in my laundry room. I contacted DR Horton because I do not believe a home that was built less than two years ago should have a leaky roof and was told that this is more than likely not covered under warranty without even sending someone to my home to check the issue.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 22, 2017

I am a resident of a DR Horton Home in the Patterson Ranch community and my family was very excited to be a proud owner of a DRH home in July 2016. We were promised an inspection walk through prior to moving in, a 30 day walk through and 1 year walk through. We had an initial walk through with a lot of issues reported, some got fixed before we moved in and the rest are history. Little did we know that the stickers which were put during the walk through would stay like that for a year with no action taken. We have completed our one year, there is no follow through from the builder for a check in which is very disappointing from a leading builder like DRH.

The reason I am writing today is about a major water leak which happened on June 22nd 2017 with a pool of water on our ground floor coming through the sprinkler right after my husband took a bath in the master bath tub. We had someone come in the following morning to check and told us they will be contacting us to get to the root cause of the leak. After 3 weeks of wait, someone did come in and identified the leaks coming from two places, master sink and laundry pipes. Everything was tore apart, the ceiling near the kitchen area where the water was dripping, master bath cabinets, mirrors and washer/dryer removed in the laundry room and huge dryers were placed to remove the moisture.

We were told that the drying would take 2 days before someone would check in and start the work to fix the piping and leaks. No one came, repeated phone calls to the company and warranty and I was being told that the builder did not approve on several occasions. Finally the approvals went in and the company who was in charge of fixing came in after another 3 weeks of torture with loud noises from the dryers, no access to laundry, master bed room which was full of the cabinets, mirrors and boxes. On Aug 4th 2017, we finally had workers come in to check that there is no moisture anymore and turned off the dryers. Wow it took them 6 weeks since the leak to finally claim no moisture after all that drying. The drywall was patched and painted for 2 more days and they left saying that they did not get the approval for plumbing yet.

I had to go thru the same agony, several calls to DRH warranty rep, James and leaving voice messages with no response and finally I met a DRH warranty rep, Eric who was working on my neighbor’s house and I told him the suffering we were going through last two months. He called the contracting company and finally I got a call that they will be at my place on Aug 22nd to fix the plumbing and put the cabinets back. We took the day off just like we did for all the other times the workers were in before and no one turns up. I know this is a long email but I am beyond frustrated now. We have lost hope on DR Horton, the company which claims they are top class, I have to tell that they are cheap, very horrible customer service and do not have any concern for the residents who have spent millions purchasing so called luxury homes.

It is not just me alone in this struggle, our entire community of 60 homes in Patterson Ranch have faced similar experience, very dissatisfied with the service and the quality of the plumbing in our homes, I know at least 5 homes who have had major water leaks in our neighborhood. I have the open items from my initial walk through from over a year back hoping that they will get to it someday. I hope this is reaching the right people at DRH and some action is taken or else you will start hearing from more and more people like me who are beyond frustrated and disappointed with the poor quality of homes you are building and cheating people of their money!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 9, 2017

I have only been in my home for 4 years, and in that time I have experienced water leaks and damage to include structure damage. First every time it rain hard water comes into my home from the bottom of my kitchen door and it was never corrected correctly. Then one day I noticed that the trim around my garage door was bulging out, I called someone to come look at it and I was told that the house design has what they call a "Death Valley Zone" and the flash there was not installed causing water to penetrate behind the siding into the wall, causing water damage the Low Bearing Beam.

I called D.R Horton and they told to call my homeowner's insurance because my water damage warranty expired and I responded "but the house has a 10 year Structure warranty" and they responded that the structure damage is not cover because it was damage by water. Keep in mind that it was damaged by water because they did not properly install proper flash to divert the water. I called my homeowner insurance and they won't cover it because they say the damage was caused by a "design flaw". Well damage estimated cost is $7,000 that is not covered by either D.R Horton or homeowner ins.

As I research my homeowner's insurance, I noticed that the policy has on it as the insurance agency "D.R Horton Insurance Company, Inc". Yes, same company that build the house is also the insurance agent. So there no way that this policy could ever benefit me. Then I come home one day from work and it is raining in my garage. I called a plumber and they found a pipe on my wall on the second floor that was installed with a kink in it that eventually sprung a leak in my wall and causing extensive damage to my drywall on the ceiling in the garage. I called my homeowner's ins. which the agent is D.R Horton themselves again and they told me that the $2,100 water damage would be cover but I would first have to pay a $5,000 deducted because my policy has a $5,000 deductible per claim. At this rate they will never pay for anything.

And now my roof has started to leak into my closet on the second floor, I called a roofer to come give me a estimate on how much it will cost me to fix the leak in the roof, In the meantime I have not been able to get a hold of someone from D.R Horton but even if I did they will wiggle their way out of paying out anyway. I really hope that if a lawyer reads this or anyone that have any idea of how I get some legal counsel on this situation to please contact me. I really could use some help in getting some resolution. Please contact me at my personal email: **. Once a dialog has begun I will provide my cell number. Thanks in advance.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 8, 2017

We have been in our home for nearly 8 months now and amazed at the lack of customer service after purchasing our new home. The yard has to be the biggest issue for me. We have standing water throughout our yard that remains for 72 hours or more even after a light rain. Three separate warranty claims have been filed and they have never come out to even look at it. The water runoff has begun to create large washouts that are eating up my yard. That combined with the exterior bricks cracking and the subpar quality throughout the home I would recommend that nobody ever buy from them.

We bought this home to facilitate our growing family. We hoped this would be our forever home and now we are siding with the fact we will probably have to move again in a few years versus constantly fixing everything that breaks. Their warranty service is full of excuses and won't really repair anything. It's all patchwork that will come apart again. By far and away the worst purchase of my life!

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Original review: Aug. 8, 2017

Our retirement home is now our greatest nightmare. I have a punch list of 50-60 items. Every time they fix anything they uncover something even worse. Our biggest and first item on our list was the yard. We were told "it will lay down". They promised in writing to fix. They have sprinkled sand from a wheel barrow on it 4 times. First rain, it washes off. Then you begin to see what is really going on. They have buried all of the construction debris, 2x4's, nails, bricks, concrete leftovers. We replanted yard and it was beautiful for a couple of months. Then it gets down to the piece of plywood or the concrete and it dies. They are saying it's just erosion we have to fix ourselves. At least tape if you speak with someone. Their mouth is moving, they are lying. From the top down it is one lie after another.

Material is the cheapest they can find. Paint is diluted down 10:1. They will not write down everything that is wrong, they want a bonus. Once that is received you might as well they are done. Their workers are illegal and can't speak enough English to answer a question. "Yes Ma'am this is gray grout." No it is red. 15 visits we bought our own. We paid 3600 for a very nice upgrade in bathroom. They did not order our tile so they put gray walls, brown floors with a deep gray grout. I cried every night. "Go pick out another tile and we will put it in," they say. They would not pay. They run out of tile, hide it in a corner, fireplace, also an extra we had to prove it should have. A Air condition guy accidentally sprays Freon on your roof hearth.

This was supposed to be the best year of our life and we have had more than a hundred workmen all hours day or night. Yes they are supposed to call, no they don't. If you have an appointment they have a death in family, sick children, taking father-in-law off of life and so on. Oops the father-in-law died 4 weeks ago, his men he let off for funeral, they actually quit.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 5, 2017

My husband and I bought a garden home in Tannehill Preserve from DR Horton. This was the home we were going to retire in. We have only been living in our home for 6 years. One day when we outside doing yard work we notice the siding on our house had started to bubble up and began to look wavy from the side. We contacted DR Horton Warranty Department regarding this matter and were told that it would fall under the first year warranty. Now how in the heck can siding on the out side of your home fall under the first year warranty. We were told that several times when we contacted them trying to get this matter resolved. Now they are telling us that they will replace only that side of the house when the other side is starting to do the same thing. Why I want only one side replaced on a home I have only had for 6 years.

For one thing after 6 years it is not going to match and the color will be also different if I ever wanted to sell our home for any reason, we couldn't because the outside of our home will look stupid. DO NOT BUY A DR HORTON HOME THEY DO NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR HOMES OR THE QUALITY OF IT. THEY BUILD WITH CHEAP GRADE MATERIALS AND NEVER FIX ANYTHING. This is the worst company in the world to build homes. You can get a better grade house by buying a mobile home.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 26, 2017

I am writing this review to warn anyone buying a DR Horton home to run the other way. When you are signing the contract they get you very excited. Once you close it is a very different company. They use the cheapest labor possible which do the cheapest jobs. It has really been the worst experience of my life. They outright lied about everything. We were misled almost the entire way through. When we closed we were told all the issue would be taken care of. We have been here 4 months and have issue after issue and the warranty process is a joke. They constantly reschedule and give excuse after excuse. The times they have made it out I have had to call for someone else to come out. I have been told by the contractor himself that the reason we are having all these issues is because DR Horton uses the cheapest materials. I advise anyone who reads this to make sure you really take this seriously. RUN AWAY!!!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 25, 2017

In April 2016 we contracted with Emerald Homes Div of DR Horton to construct a home on an empty lot in North Myrtle Beach, SC. That was the first lie. DR Horton DIDN'T EVEN OWN THE LOT!! Next lie, your home will commence in June 2016 and expect 100-120 to completion. The home didn't start until Sept. 2016, AND Horton did not purchase the property until Aug. 6, 2016, So they couldn't start building until they owned it. Next lie, The Sales Rep on Site, met with me at their "design center" to select cabinets, flooring, trim etc. on June 3, 2016. All selections were made, and photographed!! When I asked the Sales Rep for a copy my selections, I was told "I'll have it for you in a week." Never saw it again until sometime in Aug 2016 when I allegedly signed a document that had white trim, Avanti white cabinets and white windows.

IN fact we had ordered almond windows, almond trim and white cabinets. We had no idea that "Avanti" was the style, not the color. Needless to say, everything changed on our house!!! Next lie. That we would be in by Sept. We had a 6 month lock on rate of 2 5/8% so they had to finish by end of the year which they did, but with incorrect specs as noted. Next lie, I asked for a copy of the "plat" with notes and elevations and easements. I received a platted lot map with NO EASEMENTS!! And no notes for a drainage ditch, which now ran across the entire width of our rear lot line AND was full of water most of the time! Which was promised that it was "only temporary"! 7 months later and it's still there and now we have stinky smelly ugly ground water bubbling up!

We had some issues with landscaping and I requested an "as built" survey to include an "elevation map" so I would know if the lot was graded properly. I got it and my lot NOW HAD A 20FT WIDE EASEMENT ACROSS THE WIDTH OF THE REAR YARD! We have had water flow problems with the internal plumbing since day one and no one wants to fix it! NEVER NEVER NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM DR HORTON OR IT'S SUBSIDIARIES!! THEY ARE LIARS, AND JUST SUCK!

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Original review: July 20, 2017

I purchased my house in 2015 and they still haven't corrected my problems even though two people from Customer Service has seen and acknowledged my issues. I purchased upgraded large porcelain tiles for most of my house; there's some substance (grout haze?) on numerous tiles in every room. I contacted the seller before moving in and was promised that it would be cleaned within a week. I informed her that my furniture would be in their way and was told not to worry that they would move it. It still hasn't been cleaned and I've tried everything I know of except for muriatic acid which I've requested they use. I had two cracked tiles near my laundry room replaced a few months ago and now those two tiles have cracked also. I also have a tile that wasn't glued down properly and they still haven't replaced that either.

I purchased their upgraded bronze package for plumbing and lighting. In my MBR shower, they used a chrome drain plate that I've asked them to replace numerous times! Their employees ruined my MBR tub and they sent someone to repair the tub, however, he damaged the drain plate and they refuse to even replace that. Their "upgraded lighting package" is of extremely poor quality. The only thing holding the glass shades up in my kitchen are the light bulbs; it's very obvious to see. In the bathrooms the lights over the sinks will not stay in the up position; there are 3 lights on each fixture and the arms holding the glass domes won't remain in the up position. They sent a "supervisor" (lots of those) to fix it and not even a week later it had fallen again. The pipes behind my toilet protrude from the wall; they sent someone to fix that and the following week it was once again sticking out from the wall! It should have been tied down.

Their employees are obviously untrained and don't know what they're doing. Their employee turnover is ridiculously high. I purchased a hose bib to be installed near my garage and that was missing. They finally put it in last month; the plumber had to cut through drywall and remove a brick. When he finished he said someone would be back soon to clean up, repair drywall and replace brick etc. No one has yet to come and I've called and left numerous emails that go unacknowledged. Major problems with their well and irrigation system; it broke down so often that I had to pay $2,000.00 for a new well and I've had no problems since. I have sprinkler heads that were placed under existing plants. The sprinklers shoot water up 5-6' on my brick. Some areas don't get water.

Before laying the sod my backyard was never leveled and there are numerous areas that sink in. My neighbor witnessed them laying sod that was full of weeds! The landscaper sent 2 of his best employees to come out to determine the problem which they did. However, he refused to use their advice as it would cost money. Instead he sent someone out with a huge plastic tank that he filled with water and proceeded to roll over my weeds and grass. It looked like something taken from the Flintstones cartoon! Obviously it didn't help at all; it was just a gesture to placate me. The supervisor in charge of my house was fired just after I moved in. I've built with Centex and Winchester Homes and I've never had the problems I've had with Horton; never again!!!

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DR Horton Homes expert review by Joseph Truini

D.R. Horton Homes is a family-owned construction business that started building homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area more than 35 years ago. It’s now the largest homebuilder in the United States.​

  • National powerhouse: D.R. Horton Homes builds houses in 26 states ranging from New Jersey to Florida and California to Washington—and Hawaii, too.

  • Many different model homes available: D.R. Horton provides potential owners with model homes of various sizes that are placed in distinct communities to give people a greater sense of their options.

  • Help with mortgage process: Once a buyer has chosen a home plan, DHI Mortgage, a wholly owned subsidiary of D.R. Horton Homes, can help buyers secure financing for a mortgage.

  • Well-known company: D.R. Horton has been in business since 1978 and has won many awards in the homebuilding industry. It has been ranked the Number One homebuilder by Builder magazine every year since 2002.

  • Website offers help with the whole process: On the company’s website, prospective buyers can access the homeowners’ portal to learn everything they need to know about purchasing a custom-built home.

  • Best for: D.R. Horton Homes is best for highly independent people, budget-minded buyers and people who want to choose customized features.

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Joseph Truini

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Joseph Truini is a home improvement expert who writes extensively about do-it-yourself home remodeling and repair, woodworking projects and tools and techniques. His work has appeared in several national magazines, including This Old House, Popular Mechanics, Country Living, Woman’s Day, and Today’s Homeowner.

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