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I am a first home buyer and my budget is not very high however, I want a good quality home. I found Dr Horton and at first I was so excited I was going to build. I found the lot and plan I liked. About to sign the contract and they failed to disclose to me that it didn't come with a covered back porch for my dogs. So I moved on to a different house in the same neighborhood. I signed the contract, got pre approved for a mortgage loan and the next day the sales representative called me and told me that this house did not come with a covered back porch either.

They knew that was a must have being so hot down here in Alabama, it is imperative that my dog have shelter. So they offered to build a pergola which has no shade. I was so disappointed that I ended up canceling the contract. They are suppose to be professional builders and they failed to realize that a covered back porch was not on the plan. I ended up choosing a different and better company. I am sorry to say that I nor my realtor will never buy or sell a d.r. horton again.

If I could rate Timberlake DR Horton below zero, I would. They do not tell the truth. Shoddy work. No pride. Argumentative. Defensive. No one should have to move into a house in the shape mine was and still is. I would have been better off with an old resale. My mistake was trusting them. They lost punch list and QC list. Did not even have it at closing. Even after 3 weeks, still no mail receptacle. They say "we don't work for the postal service." Anyone who asks where I live just sighs and says "oh no." I am ashamed of this house and feel unsafe.

Even in other parts of Florida, they know the reputation of the builder and staff at Timberlake. They dump and run. What a sad and shameful experience for purchasing with them. I am sure no one on their staff would allow anyone they knew to move in a house with so many defects. I have 10-12 pages of problems. Don't get caught up with this company or at least in this subdivision. Do whatever it takes and don't even look at these homes.

We had the opportunity to work with DR Horton's Home Buyers Club to be able to have the opportunity to buy our 1st home. We had looked at multiple resale homes and thought we would end up buying a resale. Our experience with DR Horton from beginning to end has been a very smooth experience. Our sales agent Alex who was not only our neighbor to the house my husband and I were renting but also a great friend help get the ball rolling. His knowledge and experience and great customer service is impeccable. His attention to detail and keeping us updated was and still is greatly appreciated.

Before we knew it, we were at our closing date and moving in. The first walk through was a stressful experience but one that was also smooth. The person we did our walk through with, was a wealth of knowledge in construction and an awesome resource. Everything we saw and even things that we did not see have been tended to and we could not be happier.

We were able to check on the progress of our new home practically on a daily basis and thoroughly enjoyed watching the progress as it was getting built. We could not have asked for a smoother transition from renting to buying. There is not a single person who we dealt with at Fort Apache Ranch III that did not make the home buying experience a smooth transition. We thank each and everyone one of them for all they did to help make this possible.

BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA... I know DR Horton is building 5 subdivisions in our city. Please Please read all the reviews and RUN RUN RUN if you are considering buying from this company. I moved into my home 4 December 2015. Christmas day the upstairs plumbing leaked and completely soaked my master bedroom. I have begged for 9 months to fix the water issues outside. My neighbor across the street found no insulation in her bedroom walls. My downstairs has wood floors except my master bedroom, so I decided I wanted wood floors in the room. The company came 16 September 2016 to remove the carpet. My foundation has cracks running every direction. Please stop by Hunter's Gate off 280 and talk to us. Everyone would be happy to tell you all the problems we have with water issues in our yard and how warranty issues are slowly getting fixed. God Bless anyone that owns a DR Horton home.

I fell in love with the floor plan of my DR Horton house. I have learned my lesson. You have to look up the builder and not just buy a house because you like the floor plan and the price. I must add, their nonsense about going with their lender and getting a little more off the sale price, well, good luck to anyone that does this. We were given different dates for closing. It changed 3 times. The 3rd time was the day before we were supposed to close and had a UHAUL and our stuff loaded.

This was the first house my spouse and I bought together and it was supposed to be our forever home. I was excited about the experience of us looking and buying together. THIS HOUSE WAS A COMPLETE NIGHTMARE! There were minor things that needed repaired when we did our walk through. Those were fixed. However, 1 month in, we started seeing other things that needed taken care of. Don't believe them when they say they will fix something up to 9 months after purchase. I think that is correct. It's either 6 or 9. Once you close, they are done with you. They don't care about you anymore.

We had shower tile issues. We had an AC go out upstairs after 1 year and 1 month. Literally 1 month after the warranty was up. We ended having to put a window unit in. The whole house was very drafty. The master bedroom was 15 degrees warmer than the rest of the house in the summer. So we added an AC unit in our room. The head builder guy got tired of us hunting him down throughout the neighborhood. Therefore, he told us to go to where the houses were still being built and grab whatever materials we want and fix what we need to. Supposedly his crew was too busy to fix their own mistakes. They use CHEAP materials and throw the houses together way too fast. I only found that out after we had moved in and watched 4 houses around us being built in a month.

We saw people's carpet laying the street. We went in some houses that were still empty because we were curious about what the floor plan looked like. Those guys were smoking inside and throwing their cigarettes on the floor. AFTER THE CARPET HAD BEEN PUT IN. Our foundation was cracking and we had only been there a few months. Anyway, we hadn't even been there a year when we realized, we had to try to sell before the roof caved in and we had no way out. We were a little worried because there were a lot of houses in our addition for sale. People with the same problems realizing they needed to sell and run. However, ours did sell fast. THANK GOODNESS! We were so frustrated and worried all the time about what would happen next, that we couldn't enjoy anything about the place.

I can't believe this company is still going strong. People really should read reviews before they get stuck in a bad situation with a builder. DR Horton has started building a whole new addition just a mile from the one we got out of. I feel sorry for the suckers who fall for their friendly, smiling faces that will turn their back the second you close on the house. I hope you find this review helpful if you have been thinking about buying a DR Horton home.

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In 2011, I purchased my home in the SouthPoint Subdivision in Denham Springs, LA. August 13, 2016 my home was affected by the 2016 Flooding. The wall anchors were not put in correctly. My a\c vent going out was not installed properly. When we gutted the home, we found a broom, soda bottles and donuts in the wall. As a single woman, I was excited to be purchasing my home on my own. There has been drainage issue on the street. My toilet is always backing up. Some of my neighbor's bricks came completely off the sides of their homes. If you are looking to purchase one of their homes don't.

Purchased a new construction home by D.R. Horton, express homes. Loved the floor plan and location, and price. But, you get what you pay for. Closing was bumped out 5 times for lack of manpower and misc odds and ends. First screw up was framing. They closed in a walk-in closet into a normal closet then promised extra shelving which I never received. They took away square footage that I was paying for. We had issues with painting inside and out. We've been in the house since Aug 19, 2016 and have had plumbers out twice for toilets not flushing. We've had tile replaced for cracks. There's still exterior painting to be done.

Here's the icing on the cake though. We're in Texas. It gets HOT. Today, the high was 97. Our air conditioner goes out. Not even a month after we move in. Inside temp reached 91 degrees at 5pm. Service call put in. Technician shows up at 10 pm. He can't fix the problem. Warranty needs to handle it, but he says there are lots of issues and parts are needed to be ordered. Great. I have 4 kids, 2 dogs, 1 ceiling fan, no air conditioner, and it's 90 degrees with no breeze.

Step back to earlier in the day, our building superintendent, Keifer **, says "get a window unit for now", he will take care of it. So we buy a $200 window unit, and all 6 of us huddle in living room for the night. We contact Keifer to let him know the issue and said solution, and that we bought a window unit. He says he can't reimburse us for it. But what he meant was he would buy the window unit, let us use it till repairs were done. And then he would return it to get his money back. What the heck! I just bought a $210,000 home, been in it 24 days and have no air conditioning. I just spent my daughters birthday money on a window unit that I thought DR Horton was paying for. We're not returning it as we may need it later...never know.

The whole process with DR Horton has been a nightmare. One issue after another. Wrong framing. Plumbing issues. Promises unkept. I should've listened to my realtor when she said to not go with Dr Horton. We loved the floor plan, it was well within our approval amount, and loved the location. However the experience was far from pleasant. A new home should have ZERO issues.

Run!!! I would not recommend this company. They will tell you what you want to hear just to get you to purchase a home with them. We had been told our home would be ready by a certain date and two months later, we are still waiting. The structure of the roof had major issues, which was disclosed from us when we bought the home as a spec back in May. I wanted this experience to be exciting and a great opportunity for my kids to be involved in the process of building our dream home. This has been nothing but a nightmare. The only compensation they offered us was a ceiling fan. They can keep it! I wish I could turn back the clock and never sign my life away!

Been here 2 months. No one replies to phone calls nor messages... 18 submissions to their warranty website... This is a joke?!? It must be... There's no way anyone could be treated like ** when you paid them cash!! Obviously I'm dealing with expert **!! Boy they are great at intimidation and their "yes man..." you know what a yes man is... Someone regardless if they understand you, they're not listening and just reply without "authority to make the calls on what is to be repaired." Walk thru... yeah ok whatever. 10 minutes didn't get blue tape for over a week... and I had to beg the "super yes man" for a roll??? So read some of this list...

"Super shower" swirled, cracked, scraped, gouged, pitted... bottom gel coat gone (reminder: When I did my walk thru this shower was supposed to be fixed... but when I moved in... the rain shower was stuck on and the rear was a heavy drip which has destroyed this "upgraded shower"). As we meet the neighbors they have swirled, scratched, upgraded "super showers"... but at least the water controls are in the correct positions.

Water controls/Improperly installed in wrong place. "Glass foundation" noticeably unlevel, chipped, swirled, cracked on fascia interior and exterior. (Since 7/12/16 day one) Rear still leaking... Haven't even turned it on yet! 9/9/16. Almost 2 months?? Still dripping after numerous attempts to stop the leaks... Still dripping... still can't use. Every door in the home "Spot rolled", completely noticeable over sprayed doors including scuffs, front entrance door/back has a huge "paint snot", front/Chipped and scratched from workers bringing in multiple stoves.

This is our 3rd stove, also repaint garage door and shutters/Chips, noticeable scratches, cannot clean stucco off black paint. (We would like the front door and shutters painted the color of the garage door if possible - easier for your worker, same paint for all). Both bathroom vanity tops/swirled and now pitting, completely worse after re-polishing... Now round scratches and holes. Master bath/cracked on face (air bubble). Guest bath/chipped in 2 spots. Powder room/back and left side base boards are disgustingly patched... Paint is popping off the wall in sheets. Both bathroom mirrors/cracked (bottom) getting bigger (1 in guest, 3 on master).

Roof/1 inch gap in framework back above patio. Roof/back front sides flashing bent and uneven... Remove and replace all bent nails that are not in all the way(?). Roof/Rear peek straighten bent vent, paint front and rear where the felt was cut back. Garage rail/completely coming off structure (watching for worsening). Terry ** put a nail in it... I asked him not to use a nail. "Please use a screw(?)." Address sign/paint patched nail holes. All toilet seat covers/scratched to extreme. (We expect new ones in a new home. 3 seat covers please... (I can install them.))

Entrance way/Patio and driveway/filled with black paint, red dye, white paint, foot prints, stucco, latter images, images of a section of "a frame construction" also an outline of a person's back and head on my porch in white. Trim on sliding door/top melted deformed pulling off door (Watching for worsening). Master bedroom/broken blinds, completely different color paint "spot rolled" on walls. Front bedroom/completely different color paint "spot rolled" on walls. Guest bath/flat paint "spot rolled" over semi gloss paint. Kitchen/flat paint "spot rolled" everywhere. Ceiling filled 2 holes... never textured, nor painted, popping paint in one area.

Ac hose/Insulation ripped off, ac line exposed to sun and heat(?). (Hello it's Arizona. This hose cannot be exposed. Everyone says that's not good... But it's still the same as day 1). Side garage door/trim separating off frame. Caulk and paint/cracked window frames. Caulk around toilets (I will do). Caulk around outside water valves (I will do). Frame on sliding door/re-paint has imperfections throughout (I will repaint). Side garage door frame/on inside bottom needs caulk. Front door knob/pulled the door knob completely off (I fixed it and all of them???). Caulk/Around attic entrance frame.

Rear common wall/left corner sagging, needs more fascia bricks in corner (Watch for more sagging). Beam between kitchen and living room/cracked. Mom's bedroom/air vent facing wall, turn towards the room. Terry bent the hell out of the vent... and put it in the same position (bent and in the wrong position). Master bathroom/peeling paint on corner. Flat paint rolled over semi gloss throughout. Popping paint in one area. We'll see what game they play... then redemption upon them for the aggravation, pain and suffering!

Disabled veteran was buying house from DR Horton in SPRINGHILL, FL when they could not confirm in writing to be built (as from beginning, said August 2016). We were selling home we lived in (they knew we had to be out in a certain time) and would not give us in writing (in September) concrete date. We backed away and they kept the faith deposit of $2500.00. Disabled veteran put down on deposit. Since this company could not deliver to be built on our timeline from beginning, WHAT RIGHT DOES THIS BUILDER HAVE TO KEEP A VETERAN'S DEPOSIT?

D.R. Horton has been nothing short of a nightmare. We bought a town home in the Legacy Farms community in Saratoga Springs, UT. The flooring has issues of telegraphing (sub floor seams showing thru). This issue is caused by moisture getting into the sub flooring and warping it. This was brought to the attention of the Superintendent (Dustin **) whom indicated they would get it fixed. When we went to look at it again, prior to closing, their fix was to cut joints in the vinyl put some self leveling compound down, and then install another layer of vinyl. Never addressing the actual problem of the sub flooring being warped. We brought this up again before closing and was again told they would fix the issue and to go ahead and close.

After closing we requested to meet with the Superintendents boss (Brad ** and Syd) whom felt that their band-aide fix was appropriate and well done. They never addressed the actual issue of the sub flooring being warped and actually indicated that the Radon System had mediated the issue. (Radon system is not a moisture control system, it is a gas mediation system). They did see the telegraphing was still there and indicated that they have done all they are going to do. Now D.R. Horton refuses to return calls, emails, or provide an inspection from an independent Congoleum inspector in which we requested, or give us information on what the product type is.

We (my husband, my realtor, and myself) have sent numerous emails and made several phone calls. We also called the Corporate office to go above Brad and Syd and was directed to Dave, whom again will not return calls, emails, or anything else. I should also add that we did request an independent inspection by the manufacturer and D.R. Horton attempted to setup a meeting with their flooring sub, not the independent inspector. D.R Horton is all about their quantity and not their quality. Their lender division of their company is the only amazing experience I have had during this whole process. I will never recommend them to anyone.

My wife and I identified major issues prior to our closing and prior to the walk through. It has been a year and they are still avoiding to complete and satisfy the poor quality product. We have standing water around our entire home and the water has invaded our foundation and driveway. The compacted pad that was built on has become soluble. My driveway has been cracking everywhere because the weight of my cars. Water percolates up through my driveway cracks and in the garage. This is all related to the property never excavated and graded properly. It is plainly obvious there is no concern. I pray daily this matter could be resolved but I do not believe that this company has any customer service values.

When we bought our home at the end of our street, they were all brick. Now DR Horton has bought the rest of the lots in this subdivision and they are putting cheap, thin vinyl siding on these homes. This greatly reduces the value of our brick homes. And we are not happy. Their landscapers haven't been seen in almost a month and the grass around the vacant lots is getting very tall. Someone is keeping the lot around the sales office cut but that is all. Our homeowners' association fee is ridiculous compared to the value. We were hoping for a community pool but it doesn't look like this is going to happen.

Our closing date originally was to be 7-29, then it became 8-17, now it's supposed to be 8-24? Would you have confidence in these predictions? Our current quarters, a hotel! In the meantime each representative has a different reason for the delays... None very plausible!

We were so excited to purchase our 1st brand new home & ended up going with Dr Horton. Upon doing a walk through we noticed a very large water stain in the garage ceiling. We were assured via email that the problem was taken care of, because I wouldn't close without it. However, 3 months into owning the house, the same leak appeared. We had them come out, as it's under warranty, and they said I had to wait until summer to find the problem as it could be the HVAC. That was a seven month wait.

From the moment we closed on this house we have had to have the window company come for torn screens & a broken frame. The sub floor has had to be repaired twice & still needs additional work. The electrical co has had to be here 3 times for major work. The painting & drywall company has been 3 times. The cabinet company has been here 2 times to fix doors & missing pieces of molding. This has been the worst house buying experience I could ever imagine. We were supposed to move into a brand new home & have that warm fuzzy feeling, yet we've been living in what we consider a nightmare. The quality of product that DR Horton puts out is terrible!!! Please do your research before ever purchasing a home from them. They do not value you or your time.

I purchased my home July 2013. I began having problems with my heating and air in November 2013. It has continued until now. No heat in the very cold winter, to no air conditioning here in July 2016. I have one unit outside and a zone board in the attic to switch the heat and air upstairs to downstairs. It has fallen down, not worked properly... The installer came several time and now! The coils had to be replaced, my ac keeps going out, there's been a freon leak, valve had to be replaced and a manufactured welding problem.

I've contacted the BBB to see if this will be replaced. The parts are under warranty but the labor is terrible!!! As of today, I have no ac in my home and have the windows up. I have contacted my homeowners insurance company to see what can done through them. I really thought I got a great deal on my home... All I've gotten was headache after headache!!! Cheap flooring, hvac and materials!!!

Closed on June 24th, which was rushed and home not finished. I have tried for a month to get the corrections done on our new home. NO RESPONSES, BY TEXT, PHONE OR EMAIL.

I purchased my home in December 2014. Right away there were issues with the closing - they rushed it for 30 Dec, but weren't ready to hand over keys. After I got that fixed, I wasn't given the right keys! If the person who walked me through the house that first time had not still been on the lot, I wouldn't have been able to get in for another 3 days (it was December 31st). I immediately noticed things I'd requested be done, weren't. I was promised again that they'd be taken care of during my first inspection. I admit they did take care of some of the items, but not all of them. I won't go on about all the other issues, but the main one is a large hole near the outside stairs at my house. The fix action was to place a cinder block and stick in the hole. What was at first 1-2 feet big/wide, is now about 3 feet big/wide. I'm now looking for legal representation to sue. Good thing I kept pictures and emails.

I purchased the model home in my subdivision in January 2008. I was thrilled to be in a new home that no one had ever lived. That is, for a while. Shortly after I moved in I notice that the carpet in the closet of my master bath was soaking wet. I called DR Horton and they sent someone out right away to fix a drainage problem they said was in the tub. I have to point out that the tub had never been used. At any rate, the repair was made and the carpet replaced. Then about a year later the carpet in my living room started to bubble up in a couple of places. I called DR Horton and they said it was not covered. I paid to have the carpet stretched. That held up for about two years and then the carpet began to bubble up in the living room again and in the dining room. I decided to have it replaced with an expensive laminate floor. About three months later it started to buckle in the same place as the carpet had bubbled.

The flooring installers attempted to fix the problem, but in less than 6 months, it started to buckle yet again. At this point, I had the laminate removed and replaced with new padding and new carpet. It looked good and held its shape for about a year. Then it started to bubble up yet again and in the same place as the original carpet. Once again I had the carpet stretched. Now here I am in July 2016 with bubbles in the carpet not only in my living room but in the dining room and two bedrooms. One bubble in my living room is so big that I have almost tripped over it. I am actually fearful that someone will trip, fall and sue me. There has to be something terribly wrong with the slab this house is built on. I cannot afford to replace the carpet again. DR Horton will not return my calls. Another thing... my central heating/air went out and had to be replaced just a few days after the warranty went out.

I WOULD NEVER BUY ANOTHER DR HORTON HOME AND WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THAT ANYONE (NOT EVEN MY WORST ENEMY) BUY ONE OF their houses. One of my neighbors had to have her entire bathroom floor ripped out, including having the tub/shower removed because water leaked under the tile and she actually had water standing in the floor. DR Horton would do NOTHING to help. Her house was newer than mine. I firmly believe that these people take whatever shortcuts they can to get a house built and sold.

I purchased a home from DR Horton in August of 2010. The home was already built and sat on the market for 18 months prior to my purchase. The house was built on a slab foundation on backfilled lot. I was never aware the lots were backfilled to build the home sites. I requested DR Horton to send someone out and look at the stability of the slab because I noticed cracks in the outside brickwork of the house, then found a large crack in the slab itself running completely across a corner of the master bedroom. Finally, DR Horton contracted RamJack to put in 16 piers around the back of the house and through the slab itself. They also installed french drains all the way around the house because we discovered that water was flowing through the slab at 7 gallons per minute. RamJack has to put sump pumps into the hole they were installing the piers in.

Now, a few years later I contracted with Lowe's to install laminate flooring in my home and they refused when moisture readings return at 19%. I've contact DR Horton and their warranty company about the continued moisture problem because I have a 10-year structural warranty. Their response was that this did not fall under their structural warranty and they would not help me. I am currently seeking legal advice.

Another bad experience with our Dr Horton house that was built 3 years ago. The water line installed by Horton has just cost us $1000. Last year we had to replace the hot water heater. A new house should not be a money pit.

I'm now in the process of building a Horton home in Mobile Al. My experience so far has been horrible. Lies after lies. I'm so afraid after reading all the reviews we've made a very bad decision. We signed our contract in April, put down our earnest money, and it's July and all we have is a red pad of dirt. Our closing date was suppose to be in Aug. We got a call saying it's now Sept. All of my request have been denied. When we first start everything was "YES, we can make it happen." Now that they have our money it's been "NO, it can't be done." I'm very discouraged.

This is suppose to be the happiest time for myself, husband and children and so far it has not been. I've picked out brick color and now been told the color I picked out is discontinued... They're waiting on more samples to come in. I asked for hardwood floors throughout my entire home, now I've been told it can't happen. The lot I picked I was told I couldn't get it. I HAD to take the one they told me to take. After we signed the contract we were told that we had to take the upgrades that were "secretly" put into the contract. I wish I would have read all these reviews before I signed on the black line. Sincerely, an unhappy soon to be homeowner...

We are part of a new development in Prominence down in Florida. From the beginning of the sales to the purchase which have been full of lies from anywhere to what the community was offering as part of the fees to the date for closing. The closing was supposed to be in April 2016. We are now in July 2016 and fighting over mold and a lengthy punch list. Which guess what they lied about. Even with pictures and full documentation they covered up the mold with wet sheetrock, this after receiving an email that the mold had been re-mediated. I didn't trust this since there were so many other incidents that I won't even list. So, I went back and cut a hole to check and as stated there was the mold, even more mold and wet insulation and wet sheet-rock. Guess what, they tried to lie again and say that we were vandalizing the unit... REALLY! They threatened us.

Currently we will not close without proper documents from the remediation and mold free certificate that they said we would have to pay for. This is against the law, by the way. So, now we are again trying to close and won't. To top it all off, they sent a front person to close who wasn't even a closing attorney, he too threatened us with keeping our deposit if we didn't close on D.R. Horton's schedule.

The workmanship of the unit (it is a threeplex) is horrible. The workmanship is cheap not to mention the punch list before closing was a page and an half. And they were forcing us to close... we have not as of date. Still fighting... The staff has been uncooperative and really downright ugly. I could not or would not recommend a DR Horton home to anyone. If you are considering or stuck with a home by them be your own advocate and fight for your rights. Don't let them BULLY you as that is their way of doing business.

We recently purchased a DR Horton homes in the Lexington SC area. We are originally from NY, we picked our lot and our plan. Everyone seemed nice and pleasant to deal with. Since we lived in NY while the house was being built we kept in communication by phone, email and text. But none of the photos ever showed the back of the lot. We were told that the property (.4 acres) would be cleared graded and seeded. We arrived for our walk through and found an 8 foot tall earth embankment 15 feet from our back door with roots and rocks. We were promised that the property would be leveled, graded, seeded and we would have clear line of site from our patio to our property markers. We have dogs and a small child.

Once we closed on the property we were told that they could not abide by their original agreement because of the septic system. But they would cut it back and give us a tiered pressure treated retaining wall with stained access the upper level. The retaining wall was shots down by corporate bosses due to cost. I now have the 8 foot earth embankment which spans the width of my entire property dividing my property in half. I have made several calls to the local, regional and corporate office but all fell on deaf ears. 3 of my neighbors have had similar experience. Please do tons of research on your home builders before committing to them. Beware DR Horton works under numerous names throughout the country.

Will you buy my house back from me? We built in a subdivision that boasted beautiful, full-brick homes. Agents Vickie **, Russell **, and contractor John ** promised us that it would stay that way because DR Horton tries to help maintain property values. Four years later, the new homes are all vinyl, fake wood flooring, gutterless, and have exposed block/concrete foundation (which is against our HOA restrictions). We have seen our appraisal values go down, and now that we have listed our house for sale for 7 months now, we keep getting the same comments from prospective buyers: "We LOVE the house, but the neighborhood seems to be going downhill." "We are worried about the resale value in your neighborhood." We have tried to reach out to our HOA representative, Charles **, but have received no response.

Multiple members who built in "Phase 1" of our subdivision are very upset with the way DR Horton has pulled the bait and switch with the neighborhood. We have showed the house over 40 times, and every critique is about the neighborhood. DR Horton has reduced the value of our homes so much that now, renters are becoming homeowners in our subdivision, but still with a rental mentality. The yards are unkept, multiple homes have cars that stay parked in the road for weeks at a time, accumulating trash and other debris, and now 5 bedroom homes are being sold at a base price lower than the purchase price of our 4 bedroom home. DR Horton, will you back buy our home? We will pay closing costs and your agent fees just to make our payoff!

Since initially reported to the Deerfield Beach, FL office, approximately August/September 2015, our 2nd story bathroom and hallway have been plagued with a condensation problem that has resulted in mold growth on the ceiling and walls. Despite numerous phone calls and two on-site visits, the issue continues to present. We fear the mold will continue to spread among our home and possibly turn into a toxic mold, and therefore, health issue. Dr. Horton has yet to resolve this important safety, health, and moral matter. It is now outside the warranty period of 1 year, and this situation is still ongoing.

We have attempted to work with Dr. Horton in a cordial semi-aggressive manner to get this issue taken care of, but no one seems to really care whether or not the issue is repaired or not, and one worker that they send out passes the buck to the other, and so on so forth. We have been left no other choice other than to escalate this matter to authorities that may be able to push Dr. Horton to do what is right. No new home owner and a new construction home should have to deal with this mess or experience any mold issues whatsoever. It is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. We will continue to contact other agencies such as the U.S. Department of Health, Consumer Affairs, Florida State Attorney's Office, and local media outlets until our problem has been finally rectified and put to closure.

These folks are a bunch of con artist. They smile in your face and lie about everything damn thing. They don't stand behind the repairs that need to be made on a freshly built house. You give them the list of repairs that need to be made and they point the finger at everybody and argue over who should fix it. Then they half ass fix it and get smart with you when you call them on it. They lied to everyone in our subdivision about their lot line. They marked off a huge yard space the whole time the house is being built. And then the day before closing they change the stakes and your yard is the size of a freaking porch. Almost everyone in our subdivision went through this. We were told that a common area was to be left for the kids. The greedy pigs shoved 2 more house there and now the kids have nowhere to play. No pool, no play areas, nothing. They won't even put freaking flowers at the entrance of our subdivision.

This is the 5th house that I've had built in my lifetime and DR Horton is the worst EVER!!! The owners in the subdivision can't even sell their houses due to the ** work that was done. Why should we have to pay outside contractors out of our pockets. They are CROOKS!!! Use someone else and save yourself some heartache. We are currently speaking with an attorney to see how to get a class action lawsuit started.

Recently I was shopping for new homes in Columbia area and come across the new homes in Manors Of Belleclave-WildWood. They have very bad communications as the agent called me after I left 10 messages. Finally when we go and visit site, it was so bad with lot of highway traffic and voice. Even though the area is good, but the reputation with DR Horton and Crown was too bad. We decided NOT to buy home with DR Horton.

I have been living here for 28 years, and DR Horton bought the property around me on three sides. I have a 30 foot undisturbed buffer, but every time someone moves in, the buffer is their backyard and they cut down all of the trees. I call the marshal, and he makes them replant the trees, but they only replant a few. This problem could have been prevented if DR Horton had told them at the closings about the 30 foot undisturbed buffer. I have spoken with the homeowners, and they said that they were told that they could do whatever they wanted with it. If DR Horton had planted the cypress trees around my property, like I was promised at the zoning meetings that I went to, this problem wouldn't be happening.

The lots are so small that if they fell out their back door, they'd be on the buffer. I don't live in Providence Walk, but I feel like I do, because they've got houses in front of me, beside me, and behind me. If there was a zero instead of one star, they'd be getting a zero. All of these workers throw their beer bottles on the buffer, their food bags, their supplies, their paint cans, their saw blades, and I've talked to them several times about it, but they have no respect for me.

We have been living in a DR Horton house for 2.5 years now and besides having a horrible yard- landscaping is not their specialty. We have had slight issues with our HVAC unit not efficiently cooling our upstairs both summers. This recent April we had it completely stop working and called Darden & Green (DR Horton's contractors for HVAC units) as well as 2 outside companies: Freedom & Overflow. It was one of the outside companies that found faulty wiring that had caught fire, fried & disintegrated resulting in the issue. Not only was it not in spec it had actually become a fire hazard.

To replace this it cost $470 and led to a replacement of one of the valves which cost close to that amount. I contacted warranty who said they never reimburse and who said since it was out of warranty they would do nothing. When I told them I would hire a lawyer because that was negligence on their part as the general contractor and they just happened to be lucky it didn't become a huge issue until after their 1 year warranty had expired they said to send the proof (pictures and work report). After they saw it was in fact faulty wiring through the pictures, they then said because we didn't contact them first that was why they would not reimburse us.

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