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About Home Nation

Home Nation is a factory-direct mobile, modular and prefabricated home dealer. It provides an online inventory of homes, with upfront pricing that includes delivery charges. Financing is available for all credit types through partner lenders. Homes are backed by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty, with an extended seven-year warranty available for purchase. Home Nation is available nationwide.

Pros & Cons

  • Available nationwide
  • Transparent pricing
  • Financing available through partners
  • Additional installation charges
  • Short manufacturer’s warranty

Home Nation process

Buying with Home Nation follows a four-step process:

  1. Budget: Pricing is provided upfront (delivery included).
  2. Order: The sales agreement is emailed directly to you for electronic signature.
  3. Deliver: Representatives arrange delivery with you 30 days before your home is completed by the factory.
  4. Install: Contractors are hired and installation can be done in as little as a couple of days.

Home Nation service areas

Home Nation is available nationwide. Because it’s a factory-direct company, you order your mobile or modular home, and then it’s delivered to your location. Home Nation is based in Goshen, Indiana. However, it has locations in Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, Alabama, Georgia and Florida to serve customers nationwide.

How to get Home Nation

Home Nation provides available modular, mobile and prefabricated home information online. Homes are listed based on location, with transparent pricing. Pricing includes delivery and no hidden costs.

Once you’ve chosen a home, the sales agreement is signed electronically. If you choose a modular home, you receive a delivery date plan about 30 days before the home is complete at the factory. Your home is then delivered and installed by a professional builder.

Home Nation services

Home Nation is a national new and used manufactured, modular and prefabricated home dealer. Modular homes are built inside a factory and then moved to the home location. This differs from traditional home construction.

Home Nation Inventory includes single- and double-wide mobile homes, modular homes, prefab home packages and park homes.

  • Single-wide mobile homes: Single-wide homes fit on a single semitrailer, which can make them easier to move. Square footage is typically 500 to 1,200 square feet.
  • Double-wide mobile homes: Double-wide homes range from 1,000 to 2,200 square feet, about twice the size of a single-wide home. Double-wides are shipped in two parts and assembled on-site.
  • Modular homes: Modular homes are factory-built to the same codes as on-site homes. After the home is prebuilt in the factory, it’s moved to your location and installed by a professional builder.
  • Park homes: Park homes are smaller than standard single-wide mobile homes and no larger than 400 square feet. Smaller homes typically mean lower overall cost.

Home Nation costs

Home Nation prices vary based on home size and type.

*Pricing based on an Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, ZIP code

In addition to home cost, other factors to consider include installation and financing fees. Installation costs around $1,500 per section (single-wides have one section while double-wides have two). Additionally, you may be responsible for the land purchase, permitting and inspection fees.


Home Nation offers financing if you own the land or have a down payment. Down payments range from 0% to 35% down. All credit scores are considered for approval, with Home Nation lenders specializing in a variety of mobile home loan types. Home Nation does not offer in-house financing, but it works with partner lenders. You can fill out a financing application online.

Home Nation FAQ

What is Home Nation?

Home Nation is a mobile, modular and prefabricated home company. It offers an online inventory based on location, with transparent pricing, including delivery charges.

How does Home Nation work?

Home Nation operates with a four-step process. This includes determining your budget, ordering, delivering and installing. Home Nation also offers financing options.

Where is Home Nation available?

Home Nation is available nationwide.

Is Home Nation legit?

Home Nation offers legitimate mobile, prefabricated and modular home options. It delivers homes nationwide in a factory-direct business model. Additionally, most homes are backed by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty, and an additional seven-year warranty is available for purchase.

Home Nation Reviews

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Home Nation?
    • 4,476,910 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed May 12, 2024

    Home Nation seems like a good company, but we had to plug in our own Jacuzzi tub. We didn't know how to get it to turn on. There are no instructions on anything. That's something we've never had before, and my son had to take the panel off and plug it in, but they didn't tell us that. He looked to see why it wasn't working and that was why it wasn't working. I have a screen door in my living room that has not been put on the house yet. One of the walls is short and light shines through it at night if you leave the stove light on for security. My son comes in late at night and I leave it on for him.

    I asked them to put the deck up level with the door because I have a husband that could be in a wheelchair eventually and it's about two inches short of the door. He said, "We can't do that." I said, "Yes, you can. There's no law that says you can't do that." We have the hot water heater turned up all the way, as high as it'll go, and the bathtub does not heat up enough. I like steaming hot water when I take a bath. My husband has hip problems and ankle problems and he's got one titanium ankle and two titanium hips and he's going to be able to get the other ankle titanium too eventually and he's got his knees to work on. The thing is that it does not heat up like it should.

    My husband doesn't really get any comfort, and neither do I. I've got a bad back. We're not spring chickens. Also, they didn't bother to tell us our heat detectors are not smoke detectors, and every time you turn on the stove or the oven or you boil water on the stove, it goes off. They're too high in the ceiling for me to reach. I am a short person. There are things that I don't understand why they're left like that. They tell me, "Well, take pictures and we'll deal with it." It's hard to do that when I work. There's their 1.6-gallon flush toilets. My son uses half a roll of toilet paper every time he goes, and the damn things won't flush right. His girlfriend got it unplugged the second time. The first time, I had to call a plumber.

    The light switch in my bathroom goes vent, light, light. It's supposed to go light, light, vent. When you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and you need to flip on a light, trying to figure out which light you're gonna hit doesn't help. I have fallen and broken five ribs. So, I need to see where I'm going so I don't fall. They want me to take pictures of it. How do you take pictures of a light switch and try to explain to them that this is wrong? I plan to get a ramp up to the deck eventually, but there was no reason why they couldn't have raised it two inches and made it flat, so that he could just roll in there. I've seen other people in there with decks that are right straight with the thing.

    The door on the front, for a long time, I couldn't get it to shut and lock. The plate that the locking mechanism goes into is not even there. They had cracks. There were cracks everywhere in that trailer and I had to have my son-in-law patch them. They told me I had to get somebody else to do it, but they also told me that they would take care of all that. I also can't get some of the windows up all the way. I'd love to open up the windows on the nice days, but I can't get them to raise up. I'm gonna have to get some WD-40 and squirt them. They didn't tell me if I could pull the inside glass part out to wash the outside of the windows.

    I got a light switch and they're not normal light switches. I had a light switch that blew for some odd reason. I had trim around where the furnace sits. It's about an eighth of an inch and it was a little piece of wood and it wasn't tacked down all the way and my grandchildren found it and broke it. I'm not a happy camper completely. The hot water is what pisses me off the most. You turn on the sink and you wait till it gets warm, turn it off, and turn on the bathtub and it's a little bit warmer, but not much. The plumber that I had there to take care of the toilet that my son clogged said that when I turn the sink on, I'm just washing out the cold water out of the pipes. The high temperature is good for the dishwasher and the clothing, but it still sucks to take a bath in.

    The home is nicely built. I can't hear anything outside. We had a tornado warning and I heard it but as far as car doors and people hollering up and down the street and dogs barking, I don't hear anything. So, that's good. I like the style of it overall but there are things there that they just flew over. There are nails where they put the drywall in and you can see the top of the nail and you're not supposed to do that. We also have a spackled ceiling with texture. It waves. A ceiling should be straight. They didn't come back, they didn't try to help me, and they didn't tell me what to do with the thing. A couple of times I called and I didn't get an answer and there were no callbacks. I know they're busy people, but this is a $120,000 trailer.

    Another thing is when they put the air conditioner in, they changed the thermostat and it's not a very good thermostat. It's sitting on about 80 now and it's freezing cold in there. I still can't even figure out how to get the filter out. I've tried everything to get that filter out of there to change it and I can't. The cabinet doors in the bathroom are tilted. They're not lined up. On the countertops, the plastic they put on it instead of something solid is coming off already.

    I had a big island put in it and some of the decorative pieces have fallen off. I also told them I wanted brown cherry cabinets and it took forever to get it put together. That's another thing that aggravated me because they kept saying, "Well, maybe next week, maybe next week." And when they said, "It's done," they showed me pictures of it and it was white cabinets. I do not like white. I have grandkids. I make messes myself. It took them another six to eight weeks to finally talk them into putting the brown cabinets in. Then the drawers are wonky on them. They were really nice and polite about everything. It's just that when it came to deliver it and getting it there and getting what I wanted, the rep swore down I put white on there and I know I didn't put white cabinets on there. I just don't like white on everything.

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      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPrice

      Reviewed May 10, 2024

      I bought from Home Nation and it was a little nerve-racking. Everything was done online and by phone. Their website was easy to navigate and the home was affordable. But when they delivered my home, it rained here for two days that they couldn't do the setup for two days. So far, there are some things that need to be addressed and they told me to make a list and take pictures to send to the company to let them know.

      Verified purchase
      Installation & SetupPrice

      Reviewed May 10, 2024

      It was a smooth process with Home Nation. It was easy from start to finish - picking out the mobile home, making sure it was the right one for my mother, and doing the wiring process. The installation was a little more difficult though. We thought Home Nation was a one-stop shop but found out that we had to get another vendor to do the anchor. That was a process that we were not clear about. I thought it was already in the price then realized I gotta come up with a few more thousand dollars for it.

      Verified purchase
      PricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed April 28, 2024

      We weren't happy at all with Home Nation. It was a horrible experience. The trailer came in and the doors on it were damaged where it had hit the wind when coming down the road. There are several things. It looks like somebody dragged something across the vinyl floor in places where it put holes in the floor. We went to put the washing machine and dryer in. There was a floor joist running right in the middle of the dryer hole that they had cut. The hot water heater was a used one. It came out of another trailer. We had a professional there that worked on it and the bottom element was burned out. They say there was no way it could have been a brand new one due to the age of that element. There are a lot of issues. My wife got a three-page list. They came and did a couple of things, but they said they couldn't do anymore. So, we had to wind up hiring people to come in and finish everything.

      The sales lady named Cathy was a good girl. I really enjoyed working with her. She was the one that talked it up like it was gonna be the best deal I ever had in my life. Instead, it was a horrible experience. I would never ever do that again. It took six and a half months to get them to come over to repair the door. Then when they got here, the people that were working for them, they said that Home Nation is a bad company. I had to put plastic over the doors to keep water to come in, and there are staples all in the side of the vinyl siding. We won't ever recommend anybody to buy a trailer through Home Nation. They don't stand behind anything.

      We were trying to have our installers lined up for them to come in to put it in when they dropped the trailer. They told us six different days that the trailer was gonna be there and it never showed up. I had to pay them $300 a trip to come down to put that thing in. We paid 54 plus tax but by the time we had to fix everything on it, we could have bought one locally and it would have been the same price. We feel like we got a used trailer. The stove was new because it was all wrapped up in place. But everything else in that home seemed to be used, even the sinks. Overall, we won't ever go through that again. I'd rather pay double the price than have to deal with that.

      Verified purchase
      Installation & SetupPriceStaff

      Reviewed April 27, 2024

      Something I never thought I would ever do is buy something sight unseen. It was a little scary, but I'm happy with the way it turned out. The rep was reassuring. She knew what she was talking about so that helped a lot. She walked me through each step as well. However, for the 50,000 that it cost me to have the home built and installed, they hit me with taxes on it. It was from my IRA. I'm over 66, so I'm having a hell of a time. I was wondering if there's any way they could send me a statement. I've also got a couple issues that I need to have addressed and trying to get my contractor back here. It’s turning into a nightmare. Home Nation could be easier to get ahold of.

      Verified purchase

      Reviewed April 25, 2024

      My experience with Home Nation was terrible. When the home was delivered, it had molding and paneling that had fallen off the walls. It had siding. It had fallen off the outside of the home. The siding to this day has not been fixed and it's been almost 11 months. There are still some molding that's not fixed. And there's a crack in the ceiling that they didn't fix too. Also, when the home was delivered and we turned the water on, the hoses were not connected properly to the faucets. And the water ran all over the floors.

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServicePriceStaff

      Reviewed April 24, 2024

      I spoke to them on the phone six months prior to going there. Once I sat down, the first person that greeted me was Lauren and she was the one that helped me with the first purchase and the second. It went smooth. I told her what price range I was looking at. She informed me the price. I asked her, “What's a better price you can give me?” She told me, “This is the best, and these are the options.” Told me what colors. They gave me the same way when I bought my brand new house. They gave me all the options that were included in the house.

      The communication is great. I could text Lauren on the side, “Hey, Lauren. Give me this information.” “All right. I will email it to you.” Once we gave the payment, it took three months. That was Home Nation's timetable from the house going on the land, and getting off and getting delivered. They held it out for a month because our land wasn't ready, and it was smooth. No additional cost.

      Verified purchase

      Reviewed April 24, 2024

      Home Nation was really easy to work with. The one lady I worked with was the best out of everybody I talked to through there. She's on top of it. She follows up. She's still in contact with me. I might be purchasing another home through her. It was a breeze. Home Nation took care of us well. Upon delivery of the home, there were a few damaged items. I just had to reach out and send pictures. They replaced the damaged goods.

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupCoverageStaff

      Reviewed April 24, 2024

      At first, I thought Home Nation was great, but now I think they totally suck. The rep was friendly and responded to questions, but on the negative part, he doesn't hold his word. Another thing is we ordered the home to come with a propane furnace. It came with a natural gas furnace, and it went out the first week that it was lit. I've called and emailed Home Nation. They told me to get a heating company out to see what was wrong with the furnace, to pay for it, and they would reimburse me. I've never been reimbursed. Now, they don't answer my phone calls or my messages.

      The furnace had to be completely replaced and it was not covered under the warranty. We had to pay another six grand out of pocket for a new furnace. Home Nation said we should have known it wasn't hooked up right. They don't install houses, so we had to pay to have somebody else come and do it. It was a referral through them. Besides that, the propane company hooked up the furnace and there were no leaks. They didn't say any different either.

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