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I'm a long-standing customer who has spent thousands of dollars between PB & Williams-Sonoma. I ordered a dining table for my new home last month and the delivery guys were not big or strong enough to carry my table in so I had to help them. They got it to the dining room then dropped it on the floor putting a dent in my floor. They didn't speak any English so it didn't do any good to talk to them about it. I got another "white glove delivery" on Friday. (What a joke.) The counter stools I ordered didn't look as good as I thought so I'm trying to return them. I'm at work trying to do this and have been transferred 5 times, and have been on hold for a total of 1 hour, and no one can help me. NEVER WALKING INTO OR PURCHASING FROM WS EVER AGAIN!

I had previously written about an experience we had with our registry & one of the gifts we received, a Revol cocotte (set). I was rather upset as several things happened and wrote WS a letter as well as sending an email outlining my complaints. They sent a gift card with their apologies, which would have covered the defective item at full price. They also sent a replacement item to us, which I did not expect. I am surprised and pleased that they really went out of their way to correct my impression of them. We've been buying WS products for many years & I wasn't planning to continue to shop with them after the registry experience, but they have made it right. I am therefore going to resume my purchases at this company, which makes & acquires some beautiful stuff. Thank you, WS for making the effort and letting me believe again that good customer service is not dead.

Original Review

Signed up for their registry. Received only three of four flatware sets gifted to us, so had to call & get the fourth shipped. I had also received a set of four beautiful Revol cocottes with lids. I was so excited someone got us this set. However, I opened it & two of the lids were chipped. I returned them only to receive one cocotte today. It also has a chip. When I called to ask where the other three are & initiate a return for the yet again defective one, she said they "overshipped" to me 4 instead of 1, therefore I would only be getting the one piece (that presumably the gifted ordered, although I'm not sure now, who knows? Since another guest bought us two sets of the flatware & I only got one of it!)

Normally when a retailer is in error, they don't call the customer & have the customer correct it by returning the overshipment. They just got 'lucky' because they overshipped me damaged items that I chose to return. They shouldn't have been damaged in the first place. Very doubtful I will purchase anything in the future from them. I feel it was poor business the way they handled this. There are so many retailers, no need to be loyal when you don't feel that special as a customer. Multiple errors including defective stuff & a "missed" order... & just a "sorry & move on" attitude.

I bought 2 items and both were not expected quality so returned using their system. 10 days later the acknowledge having received them but that it will take 3 weeks to issue refund. WHAT? Thus online store seems to be a outlet for items that can't be sold in the store due to quality issues. Won't buy from them again. Why are these guys still in business? Overpriced and poor service.

WEB SHOPPERS BEWARE! Being a cyber-shopper I can absolutely warn people away from Williams-Sonoma as a shopping option. I presumed, based on their retail reputation, web-shopping with them would be a rewarding experience. Oh, no. Not so. Not at all! I ordered two fry pans with glass lids on 5/26. Once I'd placed my order I was informed that a confirmation email would be sent to me. They had my correct email address on their order confirmation screen, yet no email came. When, six days later, I called Customer Service. They had no record of my email address on file. What?! The WS website offers you the option of tracking your order through your Web Account. Unfortunately their website is incapable of setting up shoppers' Web Accounts?!

Upon inquiring at their "Help" phone number, I find they have NO tech support for their website. Nor are their Customer Service Reps capable of rectifying the situation. (Finally resolved by a Supervisor.) And in the end, when my order of two frying pans with glass lids arrived...no lids were included in the box. WS can't just ship my lids. I have to return the pans and they will ship out the complete order. Possibly to arrive 6/8. SMH. That's a long dang time. Overall, this was a big FLOP as cyber-shopping experiences go. This was my first and LAST order with Williams-Sonoma.

We order a $3,000 bathroom vanity 6 Months ago. No one knows what is going on. We had the final pieces finally delivered today (legs) 6 months after the fact and the people who dropped it off said they have no idea what's going on. Timeline: Sept. Ordered vanity - said they would schedule a delivery. Oct. Call to check on vanity, backordered. Nov. They said it's still backordered. Dec. Scheduled delivery for Jan.

Jan. dropped off a broken marble top. Feb. received new top, and the base unit, sinks and knobs, (still in boxes) legs are nowhere to be found. March - Scheduled delivery, nothing happened, no phone call. April - Called for the 6th time trying to figure out where the legs are (scheduled delivery). Now (4/21/16) dropped off legs, spoke to the person and said he has no idea what's going on and they are not assembling the unit.

We now have a bathroom vanity in random parts lying across our bedroom. Every time I call I am told we are getting a refund being it took 6 months... (This is our master bathroom mind you) and I was 100% assured that they would assemble the entire unit. Nothing, nothing at all. I cannot even describe the nightmare this has been and will never in my life order from them again. Not out of spite, simply out of the chaos and complete disappointment my wife and I have experienced starting 6 months ago.

I am a very transparent person, I am a handy guy to have around and typically very understanding. But not this time, we rent our house on Airbnb and this has caused so many issues with supplemental income we simply did not have being our entire master bathroom was resting in the hands of a very poor, incompetent system with absolutely zero accountability from Pottery Barn nor any representative to step up and do the right thing or simply know what is even going on. What a waste of 6 months and $3,000. I am requesting a full refund and a call from someone who cares. So in other words, this review will have to suffice as I can 100% guarantee I will not receive that phone call. Thanks for making it easy not to do business with you.

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WE WILL NEVER BUY FROM WILLIAMS-SONOMA AGAIN! Here is my experience: After a few weeks of checking reviews on retailer sites for new cookware, we decided to chose ALL Clad "Stainless Steel TriPly" Model... 10 piece set... and what a great choice we made! I really enjoy cooking, as it's been a family tradition and have been around the Kitchen since an early age while growing up in Italy.

However... About 3 weeks ago my wife and I decided to make the purchase at Williams-Sonoma. We were at their Chestnut Street Store in SF on Saturday March 26th hoping to pick up our new set of cookware as we were hosting a dinner party the next evening. This store did not have them in stock, so I kindly asked the young lady helping if there was another store within driving distance that had them in stock. She found them at the Walnut Creek store and called the store on my behalf to put them on hold. I asked, while she was on the phone with the store if the box was sealed, as I did not want an open box of cookware. She confirmed that the box was sealed and I agreed to pick them up the next day, Sunday March 27.

Next Day I made the trip to Walnut Creek to pick up my new set of cookware. When I got there I was kindly greeted, told them my name and asked me to wait... A couple of minutes later, a young lady shows up with the cookware box. All was good, till they showed me the box, and it was an "unsealed box"... I told them that was NOT what I asked and was very disappointed... that I drove all the way to Walnut Creek after I specifically asked that I wanted an open box. I was ready to walk out!

They called the manager over who went on to explain that the reason the box was open is that they wanted to ensure and confirm it was the "Stainless Steel" model since it did not specify it on the box... I was not happy at all and found the response very odd... (they could not look up the SKU and find out the manufacturer description). They even started to take out a couple of pans from the box to show me that it was all there inside the plastic and carton housing inside the box.

We went back and forth and I clearly displayed my disappointment as I was persist and that I did not want an open box... However, I had to make a choice. The manager then asked me what can she do to make it up... as any manager would not to lose the sale. We decided that an additional 10% off would be fair. So I decided to make the purchase.

Here is the reason why I will never purchase from Williams-Sonoma again. When I got home I had to prepare dinner for my guests, and once I took all the pans out of the box, I found a piece of Williams-Sonoma return receipt with another customer name and address... Apparently they were shipped from the Olive Branch, MS store and shipped to San Francisco, and based on the Return Receipt I found, the box was returned on June 8th 2015 (order # ** and Carton # **). I was lied to during this whole buying experience, from the time I walked into the SF Store up to my dialogue with the Walnut Creek store manager that confirmed that the box was opened before I arrived to ensure it was the correct set of cookware I wanted.

These bait and switch practices by retailers should be severely punished... And I will do my best to post this story in other Social Media and consumer related sites. Interestingly, I am an executive with a renowned Software vendor that sells a platform enabling Retailers to provide a seamless Omnichannel Customer Experience across all consumer touch points. Williams-Sonoma Corporate IT Team has purchased my solution to enable such experience a few years ago... Very Ironic! My Point: I am well connected in the retail industry. BUYER BEWARE... Don't fall for the same Bait & Switch practices of this retailer and its store employees.

I ordered a media console at the end of January 2016. I received an email that it would be available for delivery between 2/12-2/26. I emailed the company (homedelivery@wsgc.com) on 2/12, 2/19, and 2/28. I never heard back once, even though their email explicitly states that "You can schedule delivery via email." I called on 3/16, was on hold for 15 minutes, then hung up on. I called again on 3/30 to cancel my order, and was assured it would be delivery would be scheduled. I received confirmation of a 4/6 delivery date, and an email confirming the same.

Today is 4/6/16 and I was just informed by the male agent (name indecipherable) in the furniture delivery department that I will not be getting my furniture delivered today. The agent: "Yes, I see that we were supposed to deliver today. Yes, I see that it has been available to deliver since February. No, it will not be delivered today. It was not placed on the truck. We are completely booked tomorrow and Friday. We can deliver on Saturday (I am not available) or next week."

When I try to cancel the order, I am put on hold for 10+ minutes, so I hang up and call customer service, am transferred BACK TO FURNITURE DEPARTMENT! Woman agent (Pam) claims she will refund the order, and as a courtesy to me, will also refund the delivery and handling charges, which are normally not refundable. (What is going on? Really?!) West Elm, its parent company Williams-Sonoma, and other brand Pottery Barn (and all its spin-offs) have lost a customer for life. I am shocked that this company is still in business.

I ordered an antipasti plate from Williams-Sonoma. I refrigerated the contents immediately and did not open them. A couple days later my cheese began to turn green. A couple more days and the entire cheese was green. I called to request anything - a replacement, a refund, etc... and was denied! I have pictures! I was willing to return the cheese. This used to be such a wonderful, customer-centered company which is now just a corporate greed machine! I have never had such problems with Crate & Barrel or other stores where I will continue to do my shopping, but not W-S. So disappointed! So un-American!

A year ago we purchased an expensive premium set of private label Williams-Sonoma cookware. About 2 months ago we noticed that there was material that is stuck to the surface that we can't remove. We are empty nesters and consequently don't use these pans heavily. I called WS and was told flatly they have a 30-day return policy! We hadn't even used all of the pans in 30 days! The cookware is manufactured by "Scanpan" for WS and their product is guaranteed for life and yet WS is for 30 days. Williams-Sonoma advertises itself as a premium company. This return policy is not that of a premium company. Wal-Mart or Target has a better return policy than this "premium company".

Rude customer service! They advertise any item 20% off but when I wanted to purchase none of the items were on their list. They said that they can remove any item from sale whenever they want which is complete crap. I'm sticking with Amazon. Don't want to support this B.S. company. Be aware of their scam!

The light fixture we ordered turned out to be large for our purposes. We're in the process of returning it. Williams-Sonoma charged us for delivery both ways and charged us a "surcharge." The rep I spoke with could not tell me what the surcharge was for. Basically, we're out $140. I'll never order from WS again. I think their stock chart says it all.

I had purchased a Le Creuset pan from shop and pot online. Both were on sale and online. I had to return the pan and the pot. The store will not return the pan as they say it was on clearance. There is nowhere written in the shop that clearance items are non returnable. The store manager was rude enough. I requested her to give the store credit. She did not agree to it not even exchange. I am just frustrated with the whole episode.

Still Pissed: Ordered beef and chicken Demi-glace last December. Received the chicken ok. The beef jar was glass and therefore was shattered upon arrival. I returned the beef and was promised a replacement by January 27. As of February 14, no replacement beef demi-glace nor any notice from Williams-Sonoma. I am very disappointed because having been a customer regularly in Chicago and appreciated the customer service and product quality. It really pisses me to have such a bad experience with my order of chicken and beef demi-glace. I receive the catalogue, but am now very reluctant to do business with a company that fails to deliver a promised product. I misplaced the order with the number after several phone calls before I reached a live voice that promised the beef demi-glace would reach me by January 27.

This is my first run-in with Williams-Sonoma, but it is worth sharing. I received a promo code for 15% off, but it did not work (and I tried several times over the course of a couple of days). I contacted the company and asked for another code. I was told they could not issue another code, but would issue a 15% refund for whatever I purchased - just send them the receipt from online or in store. Easy enough, right?

I made my purchase in the store and scanned the receipt. I was then told that they could not process receipts and suggested that I take it up with the store manager. When I complained and showed them what they promised in writing, they FINALLY offered to issue a gift card with the 15% refund. Not what I wanted, but I was trying to be a good sport. THEN I get the card in the mail and it's to be used at WEST ELM, NOT WILLIAMS-SONOMA. Seriously? So one final e-mail later stating their mistake and I received a response telling me that my purchase was from West Elm (which it wasn't, I never shop there), but that I could use that card in any of their stores. What in the world?

I bought their best kitchen shears online for over $40. They arrived opened, dirty, scratched, sticky. I requested return for replacement. Sent them back with provided label. The email said they would send a replacement as soon as they receive the return. I have UPS confirmation they received the shears over one month ago. No replacement and no refund and no contact from them. I emailed three days ago. Automated response was that most emails are responded to in 24 hours. No response. They have my money and the used shears they sold me as "new".

I was confirmed to get my furniture delivery from 1 to 5pm. I scheduled a day off from work to wait for the delivery. No call all day long!!! 6pm nothing!! I called customer service only to be talked down to by some loser calling herself a customer service representative!! Horrible service!!! I was on hold several times for 30 minutes!!! Seriously!!! 30 minutes!!! I will NEVER shop with Williams-Sonoma/Pottery Barn ever again!!!

Williams-Sonoma has given me the absolute WORST online shopping experience I have EVER had. I purchased $2000 worth of items and spent $200 on next day ship over the weekend for a dinner party I am having tonight (Thursday). I have been calling each day this week frantically checking in and they have been totally useless. They guaranteed me it would get here today when of course 90% of my items haven't even been shipped and it's the fourth business day!!! They said on the phone "Oh, but it doesn't really mean next day, but it looks like it will get there"! How useless! I now will be buying china elsewhere and return 100% of the items I purchased there and vow to never shop there again. Worst shopping experience and worst customer service ever.

My $100 rabbit-type corkscrew stopped working -- the screw would go in, but when I tried to extract the cork the screw would unscrew right out. I tried to get assistance or even instructions to have this fixed, and after several exchanges the final reply was "Regrettably, we do not offer repairs, and we do not have specific instructions. We apologize for the inconvenience. Our company is dedicated to providing quality merchandise and excellent service to our customers. When it is brought to our attention that we have failed in either of these respects it is a matter of serious concern. We truly appreciate the time you took to share this feedback, so that we may ensure your comments are reported to the appropriate individuals and considered for future improvements." This is not even a third-party corkscrew that they retail -- it has their name embossed on the handle.

Purchased Magimix Robot-Coupe toaster. I love it, love it, love it. Best toaster I ever had. Well worth the money if you like your toast toasted right, English muffins come out perfect, raisin toast, scali bread, frozen toaster pastries. Once you know what number or level to set at, it's great. Some people say burns top, only happened 1st time then worked perfect. Love it, would highly recommend.

Waited for over 15 minutes to get waited on then the clerk starting talking to another customer who had just walked in and totally ignored me. Left all my purchases on the counter and walked out. Called the manager to discuss what had happened and person answering the phone hung up on me when I asked to speak to the manager. This happened at the Summit store Reno, NV.

I purchased a chrome-colored Nespresso coffee maker as a gift for my mother on Dec. 20th as a Christmas gift. The item was on sale when I purchased it. All of my mom's appliances are brushed chrome so we decided to take it back to exchange the item for the color she wanted. The store manager in the Williams-Sonoma in the Pleasanton mall (Stoneridge) refused to do an exchange (with the receipt) and wanted me to return the item for what I paid (sale price) and pay full retail for the other color since the sale was over.

It was a $100 difference. Item had only been purchased 2 weeks prior. I did have the receipt and the item had not been opened or used. The exchange was for the same item but only in a different color. I called another location 25 minutes away and they were more than happy to exchange. The store manager had no reason not to exchange this item at the Pleasanton store. I have heard too many other horror stories to continue to give this company my money.

I needed new cookware and William Sonoma had a sale on Calphalon cookware. My first time purchasing from them and it turned into an exercising or should I say challenge of maintaining my cool with this merchant. The checkout screen did not discount $20 from my purchase order using VISA Checkout as the offer stated it would. No way possible to cancel the order online. Only calling their customer service number was the option and I waited multiple times up to 15 minutes on each call before reaching someone on the other side of the line. When I did get someone, I was bounced around between people and finally disconnected without getting my order cancelled.

My tenacity kept me trying and when I finally got a second person on the line, they could not cancel my order because it did not show up on their computer screen, even though I was able to see both orders on my account on their website. How can this possibility be a major retailer? I have gotten better customer service from mom sellers on eBay.

I ordered one item on December 5th with the promise that it would arrive on the 14th. They billed me for the item but I didn't receive anything by the 14th. I email customer service, it takes 5 days for them to respond with a generic "We're shipping as fast as we can" mass email. I call on the 21th and wait on hold for 30+ minutes before I have to hang up. I call again on the 22nd and finally get a human being. She is unable to tell me anything about this order and it is her best guess that the item is currently being shipped. She will not let me cancel the order and assures me that it will be delivered by the 24th.

Right after Christmas the website updated saying that the order would arrive on January 4th. Today is January 4th and the website just changed back to "In Process", so it hasn't been shipped yet... I try to call their customer service line and Verizon says "This call cannot be completed as dialed..." So we call the nearest store and talk to a manager. She calls customer service on her side and no one can seem to be able to (A) Figure out the actual status of this order or (B) Cancel it.

This shipping is one thing but upon reviewing my bank statement, Williams-Sonoma made a $116 withdrawal and then 10 minutes later re-deposited this money. I did not make this charge. Williams-Sonoma just decided to make fraudulent charges against my credit card for no reason at all. This company is out of control and I am very concerned about the theft of my credit card information.

Williams-Sonoma does not honor their delivery promises. I ordered 3 Le Creuset gifts for my 3 sisters on 12/13, to be delivered by 12/21, as we were all meeting in our home town in Florida for a very rare Christmas family reunion. They were never shipped and the tracking number could not be used as "no information available". I called on 12/27, and not only got a very rude representative named Tiffany, who kept leaving the call (which made the call last 40 minutes total), but also several times asked for a supervisor and was told that Tim could not take the call but would call me within 48 hours. He refused to speak to me. Of course I never got a call back, and now on 1/4 as I tried to follow-up on my order again, saw that on 12/28 the order was cancelled. I have never had such bad customer service... Ever. I will never shop at Williams-Sonoma again. And I used to love that store.

I purchased a Toddy cold brew coffee maker on December 13 that was to be used for a pre-Christmas gathering. It was 5 days before they shipped it and another 6 for us to receive it, on the 24th, too late to be used. By comparison, I purchased some presents on Amazon, also on the 13th, that I received on the 17th and 18th. The excuse from Williams-Sonoma? "Gee, we're busy because it's Christmas."

A friend sent me a gift from Williams-Sonoma, purchased at the Rosedale Shopping Center in Roseville, MN. It was meant to be a Christmas gift and according to the receipt enclosed, the four items were purchased on November 13. I know she had difficulty with the order, as they called her three times near the holiday, having, apparently, lost my address. She finally learned it would be delivered between Christmas and New Year's, which it was, on Dec. 30.

The box was so poorly sealed that the bottom came apart but that was noticed by the UPS driver, who brought it in upside down. The real issue is that the price was left on three of the four items, and in case that wasn't enough, the gift receipt was stapled to a print-out showing the price of all four items. I will never mention this to my friend, but I'm advising her NEVER to shop at that store again. She was furious enough about the incompetence that she may not need my advice. Very bush league for a store that's supposed to be so great.

I ordered an $80 Rowenta iron to be delivered as a Christmas gift and given expected delivery date of 12/14. I never received the order and the online status changed to not available. I called customer service and dealt with a very rude, disrespectful customer service rep who is incompetent and is trying to tell me they have hundreds of orders that need to be shipped and very arrogant in answering. Even I talked to the supervisor after a long wait of 30 mins and she was rude, arrogant and told they cannot do anything to at least expedite the shipment. I will never buy from Williams-Sonoma again. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

Before this review was published, WS refunded me and shipped my order. It arrived too late for when I needed it, but their customer service reps were quick to respond with an apology.

Original Review

On 12/23/15 I ordered several jars of spices through the Williams-Sonoma site. Later that day I received an order confirmation with an estimated delivery date of 12/29/15. My credit card was also charged at that point. I didn't receive any other emails about the order, so on 12/29 I realized I should check the status. The order still showed as "in process," so I called customer service to inquire. The first time I called I was on hold for about 5 minutes before I was disconnected. The second time I was on hold for over 20 minutes before speaking to a customer service rep. She was nice and helpful, but I learned from her that the spices had been out of stock since I placed the order and she didn't know when they would ship. I canceled my order and requested a refund which she processed.

It's unacceptable to me that I was never informed that this item was out of stock. It's not my responsibility to track that information down. It's also unacceptable to me that my credit card was charged before my order was processed. I had ordered the mulling spices to take as gifts for a New Year's party, and now I have to scramble to find something else last minute. Had I been notified immediately that my online order wasn't a go, due to lack of inventory, I would have checked my local store right away, but at this point I was informed by customer service that the item is out of stock everywhere. This whole experience is incredibly frustrating and a huge waste of my time. I'm very unhappy and won't shop at WS again. This company needs to have inventory and customer notification systems in place to match their high end products and prices. Ridiculous.

I ordered products for Christmas (hand soaps, lotions, dish soaps) on December 10th... I received one email confirmation stating they had received my order. They charged me the day I placed the order. Five of the seven items were received Dec. 22nd. Two of the items still are not here as of Dec 29th. I have emailed five times to cancel the remaining items which I haven't received but was charged for on Dec 10th and never once did I received a response. I have called numerous times and sat on hold for 30 plus minutes before hanging up... Today I reached someone after 22 minutes on hold. I kindly requested that they credit me for the items not received... Customer service rep said items were going to ship soon and they had charged my account today. Really??? First of all they already charged me on December 10th. Now they have charged me again for items I have tried to cancel by email and phone calls that I don't want...

They were Christmas gifts for crying out loud! It is not the amount of money nor the items that I am not receiving but the business practice and pitiful customer service of Williams-Sonoma that I can not take. Seriously, a business of this magnitude cannot respond to emails or have enough customer service reps to take phone calls where you don't have to sit on the phone for this unacceptable amount of time. Consequently, the rep I spoke with today after all my tries stated she would credit the additional charge and my original charge for items that had not shipped and cancel the order for additional items... We shall see. I told her of my difficulty reaching Williams-Sonoma and my frustration and her response was people had to wait over an hour today so I was lucky I only had to wait twenty minutes plus. WOW! That made me feel so much better about WS.

Also, I asked for an email confirming our conversation and she said they had no way to send me an email regarding our phone call or cancellation confirmation of the order. What??? All I can say is I will never ever order from Williams-Sonoma nor will I step foot in their store. Not that they care. Williams-Sonoma needs an overhaul in their customer service and my suggestion is have your customer reps at least say I'm sorry rather than make excuses for all their unprofessional business practices. Unacceptable customer service for a company who thinks way too highly of themselves.

I placed an order on Dec. 23, and paid for the "overnight delivery by Dec. 24" option that was provided on the site. No delivery on the 24th. I called the automated line and found out that not only did they completely lie on the site, my order hadn't even been shipped yet. I sent an email. Got an automated response telling me how much they cared about the customer experience and promising a response within 24 hours. 3 days later, no email response. No delivery. They charged my credit card ON DECEMBER 23. So far today, I have been on hold for TWENTY MINUTES trying to cancel this order and get my money back. I have been a WS customer for 20 years (mostly in the stores) and I will NEVER shop there again. This company is made up of arrogant, condescending liars who clearly do not give a crap about their customers. DON'T SHOP HERE UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED TO GET RIPPED OFF.

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Founded in 1956, the company is most well known for its culinary offerings, but Williams-Sonoma branched out into home furnishings with great success. It has everything you need for almost every room in your home.

  • Easy returns: Sometimes a piece doesn't work quite the way you think it will, and if you buy from Williams-Sonoma, you can return most items for any reason as long as it's within 30 days and you have the receipt.
  • Free catalogs: Williams-Sonoma will send you a free catalog so you can see exactly what it offers. If you can't wait, just go online and start browsing the online catalog.
  • White glove delivery: Some purchases qualify for optional white glove delivery service, which means the item will be delivered, unpacked and assembled where you want it. They even take the packing materials with them when they leave.
  • Warehouse sales: If you're looking to score a favorite piece at a deep discount, make sure to check out the warehouse sale section of the website for special offerings.
  • Fabric swatches: If you need to test a certain upholstery or wood finish with your existing decor, you can request swatches or stop by a store to get a better idea of what works and what does not.
  • Best for Luxury buyers, interior designers and professionals.

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