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My house flooded on March 1, 2016 from a broken toilet supply line. 3 inches of water in whole house. The water extraction and tear out went fairly well but pack out and construction have been a nightmare. Ladies who packed out house drank water, sodas. Painter helped himself to water, sodas, microwave meals. ServPro said my mattress sets were water damaged but last time I saw them they were fine sitting in the bed frames. They lost or stole my carousel horse which was a prized possession. My house is still not finished going on now 7 months. I have given up on this mess. They should change their slogan to "we screw you anyway we can". Horrible company, run the other way!

Just a heads up. After calling my Insurance company due to a water leak they put me in touch with ServPro of Virginia Beach. We started in March with a small leak and finished August 25th. The first few weeks they never called back and they had been paid 6k. When I posted a negative review on Facebook, I received a immediate phone call. The scope of the work was undefined at first and we went without our kitchen for a month. No sink, no stove. No dishwasher. The other 4 months was waiting on the floors, the cabinets, the countertops. All but one of the contractors they used were subpar. Errors everywhere. The job should have taken about 3 weeks and turned into 5 months.

At the end I asked a reasonable question. "Is there anything you can do with the deductible?" The answer! No! I will share may experience with everyone. FYI... They removed the ability to post a review from their Facebook page. They had several negative posts. They however did have one 5 star review!! It was their operations manager. When they finally finished I would say after great heartache the job was 90 percent satisfactory. Not worth the time and effort!

I was instructed to call ServPro after filing a claim for water damages to my kitchen. The leak was caused by the neighbor above me. ServPro called me repeatedly asking for a day to drop off their equipment, even though the leak had not been repaired. My ceiling was still leaking. Once they arrived, they produced 3 forms with no estimate or total cost or how long the process would take. I was not home when they arrived, they left fans in my kitchen that were nowhere near the damage. I turned them off and asked for them to be picked up. One of the fans were being used to prop the door open for hours. Four months later they are badgering me for payment and threatening to ruin my credit. I am so outraged. Will never use this company again.

We purchased a house in NC and the day before we closed, the 30 yr old oil furnace essentially "blew up" (actually called a "Puff Back" or something like that). It spewed oily black soot throughout the house and coated every nook and cranny. There were "carbon chains" that look like black cobwebs everywhere! We were assured by the ServPro company out of Boone, NC that everything would be as if nothing ever happened. Technically, everything had to run through the homeowner's insurance company since we hadn't yet closed on the house, but we were initially allowed to be involved since we had a legal contract on the house and when the work was completed, we were to take ownership.

We were directly told/assured "everything will be in better shape than when we started" as well as all the insulation that needed to be replaced would be up to code (R38) but we've just discovered after going up to the attic that they only put in R15 and didn't even cover the entire attic area! There are large areas that aren't insulated at all! In addition, they damaged the woodwork in the house, the crown molding, door frames, and baseboards, did poor sheet rock repairs, and extremely poor painting. They didn't even clean everything as we are still finding traces of the soot, etc. Then they refused to talk to us since "technically" we didn't own the house yet!! We were told everything was done, completed, and in good condition so we closed on the house (we were out of state).

In retrospect, we should have had someone do a thorough inspection prior to closing rather than taking someone else's word. We, the new owners, moved in only to discover all the issues noted above and almost two years later, are still finding soot, carbon chains, and poor workmanship. They billed the previous owner's insurance an astronomical amount of money and got away with it. I was actually told by one of their employees who had to come back AFTER we owned the house that they had a bunch of untrained new employees working on our house over the several MONTHS they "worked" there!!

We have had to pay to repaint, repair and replace much of the woodwork and still have more to do to repair what ServPro did to the house. I would have taken legal action except for that technicality that we didn't actually own the house in spite of the fact we had a contract on it. I would NEVER recommend ServPro for anything, EVER!! They were rude, dishonest, and, in my personal opinion, fraudulent in their work and what they billed for!!

I suffered water flooding to my basement and contracted with ServPRo Fauquier Culpeper Counties to perform restoration of my finished basement. They showed up, sucked up the remaining water from the rug, brought in 2 dehumidifiers and 10 air blowers to dry out the rug. The next day they returned and removed all the baseboard from and took it. When they came back 3 days later to removed the equipment, I asked about replacing all the baseboard. All I got was a dumbfounded look back from them and then they left. Now, Servpro Ads state "Like it Never Happened" which is a false statement. Beware of them, as not all franchises meet the restoration ad and the corporate Advertisement states. The ad is a lie and someone like me should sue for false advertisement...

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On 6/20/16 our condensate pump overflowed onto our utility closet floor, which in turn got water under our hallway floor. We filed a claim with our homeowner's insurance. They chose ServPro to dry everything. For 3 days the company sent out James to put in equipment to dry, scan for moisture, & eventually pull out hall floor. He told me living room & hallway would need replaced because we wanted it all to match.

On 6/27 I called to make appointment for 6/29 to have living room floor removed & both floors reinstalled. Deb was the lady I spoke to. She didn't come off very friendly during our initial conversation. On 6/29 I got a call from James, they had an emergency to tend to on their end & I would need to reschedule. I called SP that day & got a different office lady. I asked for Deb & was told she was unavailable. I told the lady I spoke with who I was & what was going on & she said she would leave a note for Deb to call me. No call that day.

James called 6/30 to tell me to just call back the following week; Deb was out for holiday. I called 6/5 & ever since I have basically gotten the runaround. Deb informed me no appt could be made due to all the emergencies they have had to deal with lately. I adjusted my availability for her & she said she would call me as soon as any availability became available on their part. She told me to talk to my claims adjuster to possibly go with another company to continue the work. This irritated me. They obviously are not staffed enough to finish what they started. I will not be recommending this company to anyone.

My father in law passed away in his house and we needed a bio cleanup done. ServPro came out gave me what I was told was the bill so I signed it and they did the cleanup! They told me to let them "dispose" of all the furniture and brand new computer in the room and that insurance would pay me for items taken! There was nothing on the computer yet they insisted on taking everything reassuring me insurance would refund me! Well 3 days later they came back to get their fans and hit me with a bill that was more than double the first one and said I had to pay another $500 for them coming back to get their own equipment and boxes!

Also insurance would not refund me for anything they took and when I asked for the computer back I was told they disposed of it! Reading other reviews it sounds like they give you one price so you will go ahead with the job then they hit you with a much more expensive bill when the job is done! I lost my father in law and having to deal with these people calling me every day for more expenses was an awful experience! I will never use them for anything ever again nor will my family or friends!

We had a house fire in April, 2016. Our insurance recommended this company for both cleanup and restoration. They were quick. They should have taken their time. They had to be called back in to finish cleaning twice. They said they were going to clean the air ducts and put it in the estimate. They did not. When we came back home almost a month later, we ran the furnace. They had to come back out because he didn't think it was actually necessary (But he had charged the insurance company for it!). They did not move furniture to clean the carpets in the living room. However, they did in the master bedroom. They took the bed down and removed the slats for some reason. Each slat had 3 screws. When they put it back together, each one only had one and in the wrong spots! (We wouldn't have noticed except the bed squeaked every time we sat on it so it had to be tore down and fixed!)

They moved everything around. I mean, they couldn't even put the dishes back in the same cupboard where they found them! They also felt the need to stage the house. Ok so it looked cute, I didn't ask for that! Just put it back! I could go on and on... Onto restoration: If his name is Shawn **, RUN! I had posted on FB that ServPro was doing the work and a minimum of 10 local friends told me not to use this guy because of his shoddy work. I called the guy from ServPro that first came out to discuss what was going to happen and let him know what I had heard. I doubt he did any checking into it, they were friends. Needless to say, I called the insurance company and went with a different contractor!

When they came to my property to finish what they left off, this morning June 22, 2016 approximately 10:45 AM David instead of knocking the door he jumped over the fence and breaking the back door to get in into the garage. I talked to him and he said he got no instructions from the office. While I'm talking to him he push the garage remote trying to open it and I said, "Why you didn't asked me first?" He broke the garage door.

On January 22 we had a house fire. We contacted ServPro of Eugene Oregon. At first everything was fine, we were given an estimate and told the representative that we could not go past that estimate because we would need at least half of our insurance to replace what we had lost. We were told that 3 to 4 workers we come and pack up our house, should take no more than 4 days. Everything went downhill from there. It took them 2 weeks because they only had 1 person and a trainee. Then we got a call from our insurance adjuster telling us that they received the bill from ServPro and it was for over 28000.00 (the estimate we were quoted was between 5000.00 to 10000.00).

After having a very heated conversation with the supervisor (during that discussion he had the nerve to call me a liar), he called me 2 days later to tell me that they were going to lose money but would drop the bill to 15000.00. What he didn't tell me was that they stopped cleaning out belongs. When we got our stuff back and started unpacking this is when we discovered that lot of things hadn't been cleaned and smelled like smoke. We had to rush the boxes out of the house. I still can't believe that these people think it's OK to treat their customers so horribly at the worst time of our lives. Please think long and hard before choosing this company.

I have resolved my issues with Servpro, and I am very pleased with how they handled things. Thank you.

Original Review

The apartment building I lived in caught on fire. My insurance company called ServPro in to possibly restore my things. They came into my home and started packing my things up without my permission. I continuously asked them for a estimate from day 1. They would not give me one and tried to reassure me that it would be okay. To make a long story short they hustled me and tried to max out my renter's insurance policy and tried to tell me 'well it's not your money anyways'.

First of all they don't know a damn thing about what your insurance company will do so don't let them tell you that. They will hold your things and not return them. They still have my things. I told them they can keep everything. I'll start all over. They tried charging me $14,000 for cleaning when I don't even have $14,000 dollars worth of stuff. They are a BIG rip off. Don't let them in your home. I will be calling the BBB on them and I'll also be contacting their regional manager. I told them from day one don't try to hustle me and that's exactly what they did. Do not I delete. Do not let them in your life at all. They tried to make deals with me outside the insurance company. Don't trust them at all. Some of the people are very nice, but the people in charge will try to hustle you out of your insurance policy money.

In December our insurance hired them to come to clean the house after pipes burst while we were away. They came fast and set up equipment. They hooked up sump pumps and drained the house. In doing that they cut out the sump pump we had. When they left at night they would turn off the sump pumps they had and they would come back to the basement with 2-3 inches of water again. This went on a few days until my wife finally called the main office and complained.

They wanted to be the company to totally redo the interior of the house. The fact it took 3 weeks to get the basement to stop flooding and total lack of communication made us change our minds and hire a different contractor. They were hired to dispose of the fridge, stove, washer and dryer. Those items are sitting in my garage. They failed to do so. After we complained AFTER we got the bill about that they did remove a few hundred dollars.

Then they took a bunch of stuff from the basement and threw it into the garage. My garage now smells and has mold growing. Not to mention in doing that they broke a reptile tank and my pressure washer. They did replace the tank but lied about the pressure washer. I am also missing tools from my garage. In short they overcharges, set it up so it took longer, trashed the garage, broke items, stolen items and didn't communicate. Then they went and billed insurance FAR more than the job was worth and tried their best to badger my wife into signing documents before reading and acknowledging that the work was done. Then even though they know it had to be done with insurance, homeowners (us) and the mortgage they continued to call us daily (a few times day at that).

I had a hot water heater break and flooded my basement with fresh clean water from the tank. I call Servpro to come and extract the water from my basement carpet. They are not 24 hrs 7 days a week like they advertise but they finally came the next day. When they came they immediately started talking about cutting my basement walls, ripping up my carpet. The problem with this is I am experienced in this work. They did not check anything, they didn't ask any questions about whether the carpet was glued or staple down. That is important because that tells you whether the carpet can be saved or not. They never asked how long the basement was flooded so they had no way of knowing whether all of that work really needed to be done. They automatically just choose the very expensive option so they can get the most money out of me as possible.

I told Servpro to leave my house. I called another company, they came right out and did the work without ripping up my carpet or cutting my walls. Servpro operates hoping you as the homeowner will be ignorant and let them tell you what you need to do in your home. You are the homeowner, they are there to do what you want, you are the boss. If they give you a problem ask them to leave and find someone else to do the work.

ServPro treated my house with chemicals after a stove fire in my house on 12/24/2014, and from the first day, I came in, I started getting violently sick... and both bailed on me. Yeah, they replaced stove, only way I could get a new microwave attached above stove, because everything I heated in tasted like toxic metal, from fire, Literally, had to call adjustor, who referred me to manager; And invite them over to eat a meal with me cooked in microwave. Well, next day I had a microwave **. (Fortunately for me I saved the old one.)

I wish now, I would have kept on until they came here to stay - never would have happened, they would never let anyone/Anything they cared about do that. It seeped into everything in the house. I tried "desperately" to work with them for 6 months. And forced into first time ever, legal... I will be the one living with a permanent lung illness causing physical and neurological problems, diagnosed finally in December, 2015.

If anyone out there has been through a chemical experience with ServPro, and not felt right afterwards, please let me know, because they all tried to tell me in was in my head, at a suppose to be my insurance agent and one service person with Servpro, whom I had been dealing with. Instead, I got bombarded with dozens of Servpro executives and state auto adjuster at my door.

They were and are liers. Cause I am the one living 24/7 with what they caused. Being nice got me nowhere but trusting my inner guidance and knowing myself. So please trust yourself no matter: How many high and mighty "so called powerful people" are trying to get out of doing the right thing. The really crazy part is it would have only cost them several thousands of dollars, to fix the whole problem. State auto that day threw me out of the hotel - they only paid for a week back to a house that made me sick, sick sick to come back too. So I had to find places to stay.

You know, it's sad and literally cry, that the entire two (2) years, despite all my efforts asking them to put themselves in my shoes "literally wear them". Everyone involved in this whole experience (other than me) has went to their comfortable, beautiful home and life and the peace and serenity of what my home was before. Would everyone, good, bad or indifferent experiences, PLEASE READ SERVPRO LOGO AND GIVE ME YOUR THOUGHTS. With all my heart, I appreciate everyone reading this. This is the first ever thing like this I've done. In the 58 years of my life. May everyone be treated with dignity, respect and care.

Well, I live in Sandusky and my water heater broke and flooded my finished basement. It was finished and looked great so you can imagine I was very upset. My insurance agent recommended the ServPro in Tiffin and I decided to continue with them since their website was very informative... Nowadays I won't go with anyone unless I can read about them on their website, and they even had pictures of their people. When they showed up they were very fast and careful. I was surprised by this. I had never heard of them before. Anyway, they got the cleanup all done in a couple hours and had all their equipment drying out my entire basement the same night. They even recommended a bunch of trusted contractors for me. James was the guy's name and he was so patient with me and my wife throughout the whole thing. Recommend every time.

ServPro came out because our basement had flooded. My husband left for ten minutes to pick me up from work and we noticed later that evening that $400 was missing. We had cash in an envelope in a drawer in our kitchen, set aside to adopt a dog the next day. My husband called the franchise owner to complain and he said his guys would never steal and that we shouldn't have left money out.

I had a house fire on 5/24/2015. First, it took me several days to report I had a fire (over the holiday weekend) to Occidental Fire & Casualty. No one answered the phone until 3 days later. In the meantime, my church ordered containers because all of my personal items needed to come out of the house. (U-Haul containers were filled.) They called in an independent adjuster, Custard Insurance Adjusters, Inc. ServPro was then called by him. The owner of ServPro of Portsmouth promised to take my personal items and furniture back to his office, catalogue, clean and take them to a secure temperature controlled environment.

On 6/28, I received information that my U-Haul bill was due and containers were still on lease to ServPro. After calling the insurance co. to report, ServPro said I could come on July 2 to view the items. On July 1, I went to ServPro to find ALL of my contents still locked in the hot containers, not cleaned. I went inside, took pictures where they had it written on a board, to do before I got there! Unbelievable!! The owner tells me I cannot see my property because I will be upset. I had to hire an attorney ($13,000 in debt) because no one would tell me anything - lack of communication!

A few months later, I found out ServPro disposed of my vanities, and personal property from my garage, and damaged my kitchen cabinets and left them setting wet, and filthy with soot. So when it came time to put the cabinets in everything is a complete disaster - with ServPro to blame. Then on Feb. 2, 2016, ServPro was to deliver my contents. They came with my furniture and contents packed in a truck like it was headed for the dump! Took pictures of that and insurance adjuster saw it.

Now that ServPro has milked my homeowner's policy for things they NEVER DID, I have damaged furniture and a mess of damages that I have yet to be paid for. We are living in our home, sleeping on air mattress for 3 weeks because ServPro damages my contents and almost 9 months after the fire - nothing is done! This is the worst experience I have ever in my life been thru and cannot understand how they get away with it!!! I will be back on the phone with the Regional Mgr. and the SCC.

THESE FOLKS ARE CROOKS! In October 2015, I had my property damaged at a local storage unit after it got invaded with rodents. I had insurance to cover this type of damage. The storage facility said they contacted Servpro to with help their situation. I filed a claim with my insurance and tried to make arrangements for them to pick up my belongings. For weeks I called several times to get a date and time that I could meet with them as they picked up my belongings. No one ever returned my call. I finally called the storage unit in november and was told my belongings were already picked up. No one called me from Servpro to let me know to meet them there. I kept calling Servpro to get an update and again no one ever returned my call. I had filed a claim with my insurance and was told I had a $2000 policy. I sent them photos of the damage and asked for $1000 to replace some damaged furniture.

In December the insurance needed an invoice to complete my claim. Again, I called ServPro several time to get one until I finally spoke to someone in accounting. I SHOCKED to see an invoice for $3700. I called for an update on my insurance claim and was told they paid my $2000 directly to Servpro. Here it is in February and they still have my belongings. I called them and insisted to talk to a manager. She tells me they are waiting for payment on the balance and as soon as they get it they will return my belongings. I told her no one ever called me to tell me they were picking up my stuff, no one called me to tell me how much it was going to be, and no one ever returned my call period.

Obviously, had I know how much they were going to charge, I would have cleaned my own stuff. The manager at ServPro told me they don't give estimates, they just do the work, then bill. So unless I pay the 1700 they will not return my belongings. DO NOT USE THEM. They will charge an outrageous amount and hold your belongings as ransom. I will be filing a lawsuit so I would appreciate if anyone can tell me of a similar situation.

Let me start by saying the people at ServPro of Aiken are very polite. I had a small amount of water damage and they were prompt in bringing in fans and a dehumidifier to stop any further damage. Our insurance company recommend ServPro because they have a 2-year warranty. We had Solid Brazilian Cherry over cement. ServPro subcontracted Merit Flooring of Aiken to R/R the flooring. A Merit representative was prompt in coming to my house to measure the floor (about 748 sq-ft) and take a sample of the floor so it could be replaced by like wood.

Then ServPro seemed to have disappeared. I had to make repeated calls to find out when work was to begin. I had to stay home and wait for their return calls that didn't come. I had to remind them to send a POD before work could even start. It was 5 weeks after the water incident before Merit showed up. In removing the old flooring, the flying wood pieces damaged my walls. Merit workers said ServPro workers would fit it. The flooring is now an engineered wood of inconsistent pattern. Merit said that hardwood cannot ever be put over concrete and that is why they had to use the cheaper engineered wood. (No refund to my insurance company.)

The installation is horrible. There are gaps at the ends of many boards and now there are gaps between the long sides of the boards. Some of these gaps are so large one can see the trowel marks on the concrete. These gaps collect dirt and sand. Overall, a horrible installation. Workers also left cigarette butts in the yard, general trash and damaged the aluminum thresholds of two doorways.

ServPro workers were suppose to stain and replace the quarter round and transition pieces. They wanted us to buy the wood and the stain. They did relent and purchase the wood but got the wrong color stain. Again, they wanted us to buy the wood because they stained it wrong. We finally bought the correct stain. The transition pieces they bought were incorrect and broke lengthwise. They wanted to piece together trim around the fireplace.

They finally came up with trim pieces that they then cut wrong and refused to fix. They painted the hall ceiling with the wrong type of paint. The dents from the removal are still in the walls. After 5 months and several visits from the owner of ServPro, I finally gave up. My 67-year old husband got on his hands and knees to fix what was fixable. The gaps from the installation of Merit are not fixable. I will never recommend Servpro of Aiken or Merit Flooring of Aiken.

They are terrible! They are crooks!!! We had a house fire, and I was told they would come in and clean everything, inside my cabinets and everything. They didn't. They didn't do a lot of what they said they would. Well, my husband decided to hire them after we finished painting to clean our floors, without talking to me. There was paint and plaster on them. We had a friend come over and over sprayed pretty badly and had to get it fixed. Well, they ran a scrubber over it and said that was the best they could do because that's all that "general scrubbing" would get off.

Needless to say, I didn't hire them to come sweep and mop my floors and pay them $675!!!! The payment was made in advance and I have been arguing with the "owner" for two days now and they will not be coming back out, nor reimbursing us. Very disappointed and will tell EVERYONE -- DO NOT USE THEM!! THEY ARE CROOKS!! I didn't hire them at all, and now after my bad experience and looking at their reviews, I NEVER would have. I am completely disgusted with them. Please, do not waste your time or money on them. Because we did, and still had to do our floors ourselves!!!

Myself and a friend started a cleaning service a couple months ago. We both have full time jobs but we figured we could pick a few house to do some everyday house work to make some extra money. Point being we are just two moms who do people's homes weekly or biweekly etc. We were contacted by a family member that they needed us asap if we felt we could handle the job.

The family of 9 had been staying in a hotel for over 2 weeks already due to a chimney fire. This all happened days after Christmas. Plus the mom is due with 8th child in less than 10 days. One child has severe asthma. She has been known to have anywhere from 10-15 attacks a day. This home is a very old farm house and is extremely big. When the fire company came in they had to put a bunch of holes in most of the walls of the house. Luckily the sunroom, kitchen and one bathroom didn't get that damage. They still have smoke damage and a bunch of dust from all the walls that were bunched through. The poor family didn't know what they were going to do.

They decided to hire ServPro to come in and clean the 3 rooms so they could at least get back in the house while the contractors worked on the rest of the house. Mind you all the kids are home schooled. So after having ServPro come in and clean because they say they are the best at disaster clean-up the family was all excited that they could finally get the 7 children and themselves out of the little hotel they had been cramped up in for almost 2 & 1/2 weeks. Now it was stressed over and over again about the child with severe asthma. When they went to the house to look it over and see what they needed to do to set it up for living again they were so disgusted. We got a phone call asking us to come asap and see if we could help. Needless to say we took the job. This is what we walked into though.

Everything they owned was either just thrown in piles in closets, thrown in trash bags, or never touched. Between the 2 of us it took us 7 hours of non stop cleaning to scrub the 3 rooms, ceiling to floor. Now we are talking about a average size bathroom and sunroom. The kitchen is a little bigger than average but it was wood walls and floors. We had to use 2 gals. of cleaner to get it all clean. It was unbelievable the amount of smoke, dirt and dust that they never touched. I really have no idea what they did do but I will tell you it wasn't much if anything. I didn't feel it was my place to ask how much they/insurance company had to pay ServPro but for them to have to turn around hand pay us like $300 to re-clean everything they got paid to do already and didn't it complete bull crap.

I asked the wife "Why don't you follow through with this and take them to court?" She said "With me having a baby in less the 10 days and having to get the rest of our things out of the other big part of the house in 3 days for the contractors to come in I don't know how I could do anything." She is at the point where she just wants her home back for her family. Money is tight but she knows that her family's safety is more important than money.

Now on another note because they decided to just throw things in bags and in closets they have no idea where anything is. So it will prob take a good 6 months to get life back to normal and everything back where it needs to be. Once she has the baby she will be down for at least 2 months. So what is to say that nothing is broken or even taken? They will not know until they go to find it or need it. I wish I could show you the amount of dirt we cleaned up. You would think there is no way anyone cleaned in there.

I honestly suggest you go with another company if you need a disaster's clean up or any type of cleaning. I was trying to find where to write a review and all I found was all negative reviews. I wouldn't even give them 1 star but you have to at least do that to write a review. So please I am not gaining anything by taking time out of my busy life to write this review. I really just don't want anyone else having to go through all this like this poor family did. Now they live in upper Maryland so maybe it is just that franchise but like I said all I see is extremely bad reviews. It is so sad that people can take advantage of a family when they are in such a bad position already.

At first I thought they were great until I had to rebuild after they took all damaged parts out. Nothing was done right. Called they told they ruined furniture. They said it wasn't worth much anyway. All walls were cut wrong. I could go on forever. 2 other people on the block had same problems. These people were just here to rip us off and they did it. NEVER, NEVER GO TO SERVPRO.

I had a small leak in my kitchen faucet and a drain stopped up. I noticed something soft under my feet, not able to figure it out, called a plumber to come. The plumber came out later that day, and he explained to me what was wrong, the drain was stopped up and the water back up in the pipes and with no place for the small amount of water to go, the water it backed up under the floor where the vinyl was which caused the soft spot. I called State Farm not knowing at that time what damages I had. State Farm Agent Brian ** called State Farm Adjuster Chris ** who in turn came out for inspection. THIS inspection was prior to ServPro doing any work. At a later date I requested that he come back to my home for a re-check of ServPro. Terrible job and what a mess they left my floor in. He never checked the kitchen floor and we were outside. He told me he had to leave.

Updated on 12/2/2015: I have again contacted State Farm asking for a return call, I have not received a call. This ordeal should have been handle and file closed. My kitchen floor is still not repaired. All I am asking that since Servpro has a direct contact with State Farm, State Farm charged their bill against my name in their file, yet refused to allow their bill of almost a $1,000.00 to count against my deductible. I have a $2,000.00 deductible. I took that deductible because of the high premium. I am 76 years old and live on Social Security. What am I supposed to do??? Had Servpro never be called by State Farm, the small leak on the floor would have dried. I need help.

There was a mold issue in the building, and I called ServPro of Mount Vernon to assist. Not only did I not receive an initial call back, when I did call them back, they said that this person never spoke with me. Then how did I know the employee's name? After almost two weeks of waiting, they showed up, looked at the mold, and they stated that there was nothing they can do - they actually didn't know how to proceed! They advertise that they are highly trained professionals. After my experience or lack thereof, with this company, I spoke with some other management companies in Westchester. No staff is trained by ServPro - they just hire and fire everyone on their staff every month, as there are always different employees. Highly unprofessional.

They didn't do anything but set up machine that didn't do what they told us they would do and charged us over $700.00. Also, notice tools missing from tool box in garage. Do not let these people in your house!!! State Farm Insurance needs to sever ties with this company.

If you want to spend a ton of money to have your house destroyed call ServPro. They are the most unprofessional company on the planet. They were supposed to clean, deodorize, etc. my house. What they did was break, steal, and literally make me allergic to my own home. Everything was not done or done very poorly. The worst part was they stole my son's PlayStation 3 and his games, and when confronted went into hiding. Our work was done November 11 to the 16th. They refuse to work weekends, show up late, and basically do absolutely nothing in the contract. This company needs to be put out of business. They have no respect for your home and property.

Called the number in Mt Vernon New York - recorded message said it was a different phone number. This was after numerous calls - no one ever got back to me. Called main number - they listened to my complaint. Called the number and then contacted the owner's wife and gave me her home number - I spoke to the wife who assured me her husband would call me back in ten minutes. This is over a week later and no phone call. I DO NOT USE UNRELIABLE PEOPLE. STAY AWAY - JUST MY SUGGESTION.

Servpro came to clean up water damage and in the process of removing the vanity they created a leak in the plumbing. This leak was not there before they came and they turned off the water outside so it would not leak. Then they returned to say they did not do the leak and I need to get a plumber.

1- CLEANING BATHROOM/ BEDROOM-upon further inspection of the bedroom, it clear that the walls were not clean. I can tell this not only by dust, cobwebs and pencil marks from when I was hanging pictures are still on the wall. Pencil comes off with a very small amount of water as you know. Not sure why the walls in the bedroom were not clean properly per work order. The rug was cleaned and that was clear. They also disposed of trash and gloves placing them in my trash cans, I would imagine you would pack out what you pack in? Hmm... Someone or both cleaners smoke a lot as there were about 10 cigarette butts in my outdoor trash bucket. I appreciate the gesture of not leaving them in my driveway but again why stink up someone elses trash can. It reeks of smoke and is disgusting now.

Both days they were here and probably started close to 930am and received calls close to 2pm saying they completed the jobs. Now call me crazy but the bathroom which is less than a quarter of the size of the bedroom took just as long as the bedroom?! Not to mention the walls in the bedroom were not cleaned?! My best guess is they took roughly 4 hours to clean the rug in the bedroom.

2- DUCT CLEANING-915am on the 28th, received a call from Alex saying he was at home depot and would be late. Estimated arrival 945am. Alex called me at 1pm to say the job was done. I was a bit surprised as the job took them less than 3 hours to complete. As I mentioned to you over the phone 2 office lights were left on, things were not put back the way they were and Alex must have decided to use my wet/ dry vac that was in the garage to suck up some of the material. It was left plugged in right next to the system unit was being cleaned with a fair amount of duct dust etc. I also found the head of MY wet and dry vac in the guest room near the register. Why would they decide that it was okay to do this? From the looks of it they rushed out of there without even taking a second look around. I have enclosed numerous photos of the dust left behind and the walls in the bedroom.

This is unacceptable and I want to speak with your supervisor as soon as possible. You guys came highly recommended and meeting with you Joe gave me plenty of confidence that I was hiring the right crew. Sadly, I was proven wrong and feel the job that was performed was less than satisfactory. I feel as if I wasted 3 of my mornings waiting till the crew arrived to then leave to work. I thought the job would be in good hands. Clearly, I should have been on site the entire time making sure they were doing what they said they were doing. I am starting to wonder what work your folks actually did sadly, leaving an awful taste in my mouth. Joe, I am a very easy going guy and rarely get this fired up. I just cannot see how this would happen, I really don't.

I used my insurance company for a water damage in my home. They came out and dried out the rooms and advised me it would be about 3 weeks to rebuild my bathroom and dinning room. ServPro is the worst company I could of ever hired. They subcontracted out this work to a contractor that very poorly tried to rebuild my bathroom with no success at all. After 4 months of plastic still in my home and not being able to get the company back out to my home to finish up. It is now October 29th and I still have to access to my bathroom and there is a broken bathtub that they damaged and the surrounding is still not up. I have had to resort to filing claims with the BBB, Attorney General's office and L & I. I have also had to hire an attorney to get ServPro out to finish the job they never completed. This company is a total Joke and if your need help, I would not recommend this company to do anything but take your $ and run.

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ServPro has franchises throughout the country, and they are one of the leading mold removal companies in the U.S. ServPro specializes in water and mold damage restoration, and they also have the ability to detect the source of the moisture that is causing the mold.

  • Presence: ServPro has more than 1,600 franchise across the USA and Canada, so it is easy to find a location nearby.
  • Legacy: The mold removal company has been around since the mid-1960s, which means the company has a long legacy in treating mold and water damage. ServPro has been one of the country’s best mold removal services for more than 45 years.
  • Skill range: Professionals at ServPro are trained in a variety of mold situations, which means they can respond to a situation fast without having to wait for an expert to be available for treatment.
  • Customer service : Because the company is so widespread, it’s hard to predict the quality of the customer service or quality of service. Quality varies from franchise to franchise.
  • Price: The company is older and established, so it charges higher prices than many of the newer and less-established mold removal companies.
  • Best for Property and homeowners, insurance professionals

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