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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about ServPro?
    • 4,476,427 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
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    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed May 17, 2024

    Please get an itemized bill, before you pay them. They over charged my mother thousands of dollars. They charged for work that was never done, they destroyed some of her belongings. They never come and check on the work the employees say they do. If this happens to you or a loved one please call them out on it. I fought them on it and so should you. SO PLEASE BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THE POOR QUALITY OF WORK AND BEING OVERCHARGED!!!


    Did you pay what they wanted or did they take a lower amount or took you to court

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    Reviewed May 3, 2024

    Keep a close eye on your credit card transactions, people. My card was HACKED into after I made a first trial payment to ServPro Team Dobson. I am checking my cards often and to my horror, discovered an extra payment to the Team Dobson that I didn’t make. Immediately reported as FRAUD and requested a new card with a different number.

    My kitchen had water damage from a burst pipe in the ceiling, so I called my insurance company who in turn contacted Servpro Team Dobson. The Team Dobson started with demolition that was totally unnecessary. They removed all they could from the walls that was attached to them permanently (some unique molding pieces I couldn’t locate at all afterwards), ran cords across the room (safety hazard), used ALL outlets so I couldn’t cook a meal, and continued cutting into the ceiling even after meeting resistance due to the metal mesh it is covered with. Boy am I glad that they didn’t succeed. But my insurance company was billed regardless, and no apology.

    The water remediation was included in the demolition phase but didn’t start until a few days later. The repairs didn’t happen because I fired them. At that point I discovered that the walls and the ceiling were still wet. The demolition was totally unnecessary but hey, the insurance company was billed regardless. And where are my unique molding pieces? No telling. The walls and the ceiling remained wet afterwards. I was forced to post a positive review on my phone in haste and under pressure. So now am doing the right thing by posting this review. I will never hire a Servpro Team Dobson franchise again and don’t recommend them to anyone.


    Reviewed April 17, 2024

    I genuinely cannot put into words how amazing this group is they took my sewage emergency and made it into their personal problem to help me get it resolved. I’d highly recommend to anyone who needs any one of their services.

    Reviewed April 1, 2024

    My insurance company hired Servpro who did a fair job on water restoration. The insurance company then refused to pay ServPro which I do not understand and instead of Servpro working out a deal they attempt to put a lien on my Property, slap me with a 10k fine that I am solely responsible for as a first time home buyer. I will never Have anything to do with ServPro and cannot wait until I am finish paying these scum off. That job performed was nowhere near 10k and I have a contractor who restored an entire Unit with upgrades for less. Repeat!! Will never have anything to do with them again. Scum.


    Reviewed March 17, 2024

    Had a small kitchen fire, several people told the staff numerous times the gate was to remain shut, that we had 2 cats and the neighbor's dog was not to be let on the premises. Not only did they lock one of my cats in a closet, they kept the gate open. One cat has been missing for 3 days, and the cat they locked in the closet passed earlier this morning, and they haven't even started the job yet. I am extremely hurt and dissatisfied with these people.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed March 16, 2024

    Was recommended by my insurance so I trusted it. Bad choice. When asked about my repair estimate took forever to provide. Then sent me offensive email saying I don’t matter. The attitude of the local franchise is out of control.

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    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed March 14, 2024

    I had water damage in my apartment and ServPro was commissioned by my homeowners insurance. The day they finally arrived to do demo (11 days after water damage occurred), they left my home a mess! Wood, dirt, screws, and trash were all over the floor. My sink, coffee maker, and bananas were in my laundry room placed next to my cat's litter box. Cabinets were pulled from the wall and not unscrewed, leaving holes in the wall. They scratched my hardwood floors, which I now have to have fixed. My marble countertop was removed, and they placed it behind my couch (part of why my floors are scratched up), then they had to move it after I explained how dangerous that was with a child and pet.

    My child could have injured herself on that marble! They tried to convince me it was safe! The countertop had to be moved for the second time, who knows the condition it is in because it sits on its side, on concrete, behind broken cabinets. I have a toddler, they knew this, and thankfully I left work early and was able to clean up before my daughter came home. Once I arrived home, I messaged the person in charge of my case, and did not respond back regarding the carelessness and unacceptable condition of my home. I spent an hour cleaning up after them. My kitchen has to be contained to protect my daughter because they left it in an unsafe, hazardous condition.

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    Punctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed March 11, 2024

    Everyone from ServPro was so prompt, professional, and very pleasant. Thank you Rob, Tyler, Calem, Greyson and Drake for the great service!!! Definitely refer you to friends needing cleanup and restoration.


    Reviewed March 7, 2024

    The team was very professional and polite and explained everything carefully and made sure I understood what they were doing and was satisfied with their work. I was happy with what they did and believe they got the job done!

    Customer ServiceCoveragePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 10, 2024

    If I could give less then 1 star, I absolutely would. There was literally so many problems that I could write for days so going to try hitting the biggest points at least to shorten our experience. We had a water leak on hose that connects to fridge while we were gone 2 hours and came back to house having 4-6" of water and every room wet. Insurance sent ServPro over the next day. Said on phone it'd just be for an estimate but started working right away, even before having just 1 of us sign a contract. They started out quick and seemed to know what to do. Also were very nice guys. Started under house saying they had removed all insulation then got to pulling up carpet inside before we even had a chance to grab any personal items. Def had no privacy to do so with picture taking and workers everywhere we turned, which pushed me to get out since was clearly in the way and didn't want that.

    Next day had fans, ozones, and dehumidifiers to start drying it out. By day 4 they had already taken out every single one and didn't come back for weeks, until I started filing complaints and mentioned getting a lawyer then suddenly decided to come talk. They started Dec.18th and day they showed back up was Jan.3rd just to give an idea. In that time they removed our bottom cabinets, hardware, counters, backsplash and tile while we weren't there or told about and took off property completely. Left a bunch of the cabinets still there missing drawers and totally damaged. Treated our personal belongings like total garbage damaging at least 4 pages (just the start) worth of damages. Left over 100 gal of water to sit in HVAC ducts that whole time and soaking wet floors and walls to turn into black mold bad.

    They also left every single one of our personal belongings except kitchen cabinet contents and dishwasher inside without trying to protect any of it. Put mattresses on wet floors instead of leaving where they were just fine on bed frames, shattered picture frame glass shards cutting into our mattress, open bottle of wood glue laying on its side on top of all my photo canvases that were on wall, piled wet and dry stuff together on beds or wet floors, left my HP printer shattered in pieces on floor, packaged things so bad that an adjuster had never seen such a worse job in all his years doing that job.

    Took all my items in dresser drawers after saying wouldn't touch anything in them since had no reason to and didn't even move, left crawlspace under house full of soaking wet insulation, didn't remove hardly any of damaged insulation except 5 or 6 bags full that were thrown and left in my yard, butchered HVAC so needed fully replaced and couldn't be used at all, damaged all my antiques including my beautiful rare cedar hope chest from 1920s passed through generations totally scratched up bad from sliding nightstands on it. Sooo much more including outside damages even. Owner replaced the printer but decided to back out of taking the 2 other items he was there to get in the first place because I said items were missing of great value and significance and wanted help locating but became aggressive and defensive about it. Tried saying I was lying and nothing shows it was even there to start even though I had messages from project manager saying it was and he packed it personally.

    That was only 1 of many lies I caught him telling but first one to call him out on and became more aggressive. I was given a heads up beforehand to watch out because is a smooth talker. Made promises didn't keep, told lies, and even tried saying my adjuster was saying bad things about me to him and that he planned to hire them back in a couple weeks but just fired them for now til I wasn't upset anymore. Can't even count how many times I heard him say "the insurance has to pay for that" or "insurance covers the damages they caused anyway so it's ok" and that's exactly the attitude they worked with.

    Sent a formal complaint in and literally was a waste of time because did nothing. Didn't follow or do a single protocol, was nowhere close to any standards. Most shady and worst company I've EVER seen or dealt with and turned my life into the worst nightmare you can imagine and costing us both out of pocket and taking away cost of repairs on our house by having insurance pay for work they didn't do and overcharging them. How they can get away with doing this to people is beyond me but hopefully I can help save others or get the word out to right people and maybe getting it to stop.

    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 2, 2024

    Horrible company and employees! We had a flood in Brookline 6/20/23…that night while our basement was flooding we called them to help, they came, saw our finished basement where 2 teenagers bedrooms and hangout space was…they said we have 5mins to pay $7,000 or they were going to leave and move on to the next house. Being that it was 8pm and a foot of water in our basement we went ahead. Paid them and they started pumping the water and capping the toilets and shower drain. They came back 3 days later and installed probably 10 fans. A few days later they said they could see mold so it was our best option to remove the wood floors and 5ft of all the walls and we were given less than 5mins or they would pack up the fans and leave. Always threatening and having no bedrooms for 2 of our kids we needed this process to continue.

    It took them on and off coming to our house for over 3 months to finish pulling up our floor boards and walls. So by October they were done. After having issues with employees and smoking in our house….peeing in water bottles we did not have them do the restoration. Our insurance gave us $26,000 (for ServPro and to remodel and repurchase furniture we lost). By December we got the bill of $20,000 on top of the $7,000 we paid to start. Insurance gave them $6,000 but we used the other money to get the basement livable for children (cost about $50,000) because our contractor had to fix the job Servpro did.

    Since we got the bill in December we have been getting phone calls and emails weekly. When saying we are doing our best to repay they get an attitude and will not even consider a payment plan for the $16,000 balance left. From construction crew, managers, accounting, all horrible and wish we never used them because come to find out our floors never needed to be pulled up nor did a lot of other things they said we needed to do!

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 1, 2024

    Unprofessional, poor job quality, lack of respect, horrible time management, argumentative, poor communication, untrustworthy, lack of integrity, lazy and came back onto the property after they were fired and told to leave. A property damage incident is stressful and traumatic, Servpro compounded the situation with their complete lack of decency. Horrible company.

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    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 27, 2024

    I used Servpro for cleanup after smoke damage. To make a long story short, one of the cleanup crew was cleaning my kitchen ceiling fan with Easy Off oven cleaner. I was surprised, but the young lady told me it worked great on fans and not to worry. Later a young man was standing on my countertop cleaning the kitchen cabinets. When the crew was done for the day, I noticed a 2 foot area, where the man had been standing, on my Formica countertop that was damaged. It was etched. The gloss was completely gone in the form of a wet swipe of a rag that had been allowed to dry. You could see the wet rag imprints. I showed it to the crew who looked scared when they saw it. Very noticeable.

    I saw that there were no clearly marked bag for clean rags nor for dirty rags. Just one black hefty bag on the kitchen floor full of rags. I put 2 and 2 together and knew what had happened. The man must have used the easy off rag to wipe something off the counter. There could be no other explanation. The lady who seemed very upset, said, yes it did look like that. I asked the crew, "in your training, are you taught by Servpro to protect countertops with a barrier?" They said, no. I told them not to worry, that I would not blame them, but the company.

    On the phone, the owner's son corroborated what the crew said about the fact that they do not put a protective barrier over countertops. He said, "No. That's not in the training". I told him that was incredible knowing how expensive some counters can be!! Well, I cannot tell you the amount of grief that Mr. **, the owner, and his son put me through over replacement of the counter whose color had been discontinued, necessitating me having to buy a whole new counter. I had a professional come and look at it, and said yes, that it had been etched.

    I got my insurance company involved, said I would be willing to go to court, talked to various agencies who could help me to file a complaint, and it took months of this until Mr ** finally agreed to give me a quarter of the amount it would cost to replace the counter after I sent him an estimate. He said the counter was older, hence the low amount of money (my counter btw was in great shape without any major issues. The son had come out to see the counter, saw some spots of slight wear around the sink and deemed it old and damaged from age. I had taken excellent care of the counter. He also looked at the damage done by Servpro without comment).

    I told the owner, Mr. S., after all the months of hassle they put me through, that unfortunately, his company would be getting a negative review. He then told me he could then sue me for libel!! I was scared for over a year to make a Google online review. I saw this site and decided to report the Truth about my experience with Servpro of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. So, that is my story in shortened form. My advice is to find any other company.


    Reviewed Jan. 26, 2024

    We had a small fire in the kitchen. Now my floors throughout my entire home are ruined due to negligence. Baseboard heaters ruined bent/broken. Items taken from home God only knows if it’s returned. Day one after fire and everything’s upside down. Mentally going through it they take that to their full advantage. Multiple guys showed up instantly. Things were stolen “accidentally'. They talk a good game. Then ruin your home. If I could rate negative stars and warn anyone I would hope this helps. They drain the insurance for NOTHING. Save yourself from being taken advantage of. Do your homework before letting anyone in your home. It’s been since December 23rd. My house is now worse than it was when they showed up.

    Profile pic of the author.
    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Jan. 24, 2024

    Mario ** was wonderful in the beginning. After responding to my uninhabitable unit the beginning of December, I have to email, call and text multiple times before I receive a response. Seven weeks later and I am still waiting for a status. Very disappointed and I am out even more money because of their lack of care for their customers.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 21, 2024

    My insurance company paid my invoice in full and Servpro never said a word. My insurance company filed bankruptcy shortly after making the payment so I was not notified by them. Servpro knew they were paid in full December 31, 2022 and they knew I was waiting for them to get paid in full so they could deliver my belongings because I had just spoken to the project manager December 7th via email. I assumed the reason I hadn't heard from anyone was because of the bankruptcy. But I did make several attempts to contact Servpro via email, phone, and even had a lawyer write a letter and send it to them concerning my belongings. NO RESPONSE!!!

    The only reason I found this out is because the insurance adjuster handling my insurance company's bankruptcy TOLD ME the accountant at Servpro said that my account was paid in full December 31, 2022, this was the beginning of JANUARY of THIS YEAR! I called. I got lies. The project manager is not in. All the managers are at lunch. I have all of this on video folks. I can't make this up.

    So I go up there. Magically everyone I been trying to talk to for over a year is there. And THEY STILL REFUSE TO SPEAK TO ME. They had a note on my account that says NEVER EMAIL OR MAIL THIS CUSTOMER ANYTHING EVER!!! SWEAR. Then they gave me a lawyer's name and number and kicked me out. The lawyer sends me a letter graciously offering to take the 32k bill down to 10k and I gotta pay to get my stuff and move it myself and take down my social media posts and sign a nondisclosure form... Then they will give me my stuff back... If not, they will take legal action.

    What kind of trash takes advantage of a widowed veteran, single mother of 4 kids that just had a house fire? This is despicable and I will not let them get away with what they are trying to do to me. I don't care if I have to take a loan out, they will see me in court. And they are going to return my belongings. That's just all there is to it.


    Reviewed Jan. 18, 2024

    The workers for ServPro were wonderful. Very professional and knew what they were doing. On moving my stove they broke it. Many different people tried to fix it, it couldn’t be done. The owner refused to buy me a new one. They broke it I have to replace it. Don’t ever use this company. They will rob you blind.

    Profile pic of the author.
    Contract & TermsPunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 18, 2024

    Had supply line break in downstairs bath. Sprayed water for approximately an hour. Called ServPro. Came out within 2 hrs. Wouldn't do any work till all paperwork signed including waiver to cancel the contract within 3 days. DO NOT EVER SIGN THIS WAIVER!! They started work drying. After a couple days they destroyed the kitchen floor, partial demo not finished in kitchen or bathroom, and cut out 5 inches of drywall throughout kitchen and bathroom. There are multiple layers showing, damage to sub floor and that's how ServPro left the job.

    3 month later and kitchen and bath destroyed. ServPro reconstruction team never showed up, no one did an on-site estimate and insurance sent a check for 889.00. ServPro's amount wasn't included in total claim and they received their money direct from State Farm. So minus deductible we received check for 889.00 for a destroyed bath and kitchen. DO NOT USE SERVPRO FOR ANY JOB!!! A TOTAL NIGHTMARE COMPANY AFTER INITIAL DRYING PROCESS.

    Profile pic of the author.
    Installation & SetupPrice

    Reviewed Jan. 17, 2024

    Charged my insurance over $2200 for a slight amount of water remediation. 7 fans & 2 dehumidifiers. They charge by the hour for the drying equipment! They said the new floor & wall repairs would be done this week. NOPE! They are trying to get more money out of me even though I have already asked for and received 2 increases from my insurance company to meet ServPro's estimate, which is changing again. My new flooring cost $387 and they are charging over $1500 to install it. One room!! $190 to paint with one coat on each doorjamb.

    I wish I would have read the Consumer Affairs reviews instead of the Google reviews! Who knows when the repairs will be made to my house. They delayed the work again today saying they needed more information for the insurance company. All of that has already been taken care of! I have already signed the paperwork and paid them 50% of the total cost of the job, but with this new delay today and reading these reviews, I may just ask for my money back and go with a different contractor. This is ridiculous!

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 10, 2024

    My nextdoor neighbors in my condo building had a fire and their apartment sustained a lot of significant fire and smoke damage. ServPro was hired to come in and do remediation. Living next door and sharing a wall with that unit, I expected there would be noise when it came to the demo and other heavy activities, so I asked if they could remember to shut the door as I work from home. The demolition work was indeed incredibly loud and distracting as they were tearing out the ceiling, which I expected, but they kept leaving the door to the apartment open, so all the noise would spill out. I asked multiple times nicely, and in Spanish, for them to close the door (all the windows in the apartment were open for ventilation.) Not only did they leave the door open, they then started playing music in Spanish very loudly and leaving the door open. Again I went to ask them to close the door because I work from home.

    The head guy told me to "get out" and turned the radio on. I said I would need to call someone. He said, "Yeah. Yeah. Get out. Call whoever you want." He then cornered me in the apartment by the door and shouted GET OUT at me repeatedly to bully me out. I had to call the building management, who contacted the owners who are traveling and have an infant, so they could contact the company to get their manager out here to tell him to turn off the music. Only then did he turn the music off, but was not asked to apologize. The manager said he thought there had been a misunderstanding. I explained that there was no misunderstanding, the man understood my Spanish completely well. Also, the apartment still reeks of smoke and they scratched the walls of hallway with their equipment on the way out of the building. Find someone else.

    Profile pic of the author.

    Reviewed Jan. 6, 2024

    They cleaned up my house from smoke damage. Overcharged my insurance Co, and not doing everything they listed the invoice. I have to complete the new work because My insurance Co and me couldn't afford their ridiculous high rate. They are a very transparent co that doesn't give you an estimate at all. They promise you the world only to make the company lots of money. I warn everyone to never hire such a rip-off Co like Servpro. Do your research before signing any forms. I'm learning from experience that I am a taken victim of a major rip-off company.

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    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 3, 2024

    I am a recent double amputee who needs help in getting my home cleaned so it can then be maintained from that point. I scheduled with Toni twice. The first time, an adjustor popped up on the day that I was scheduled and they had to cancel and reschedule. I was understanding and happily rescheduled. The next appointment, Brad suddenly had a secret emergency that he didn't tell anyone about. I called 30 minutes after my appointment time and Toni didn't know what was going on. She called me back and said that another client had called in about an emergency and Brad had not informed anyone of it. Abysmal communication and plainly despicable people who do not care about potential customers.

    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupContract & TermsPricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 1, 2024

    On the evening of 3/29/21 our father’s home sustained damage due to an electrical fire. He escaped uninjured but was forced to relocate. This Cedar Rapids home is a pillar on First Avenue’s Northwest side and has been in our family since our grandmother purchased it in1951. 3/31/21 was the day that our father signed the contract with ROBARB, LLC dba SERVPRO of Cedar Rapids, IA to complete the restoration of our family home. The owner, project manager, our father, as well as three family members, and our insurance claims representative, were present at this meeting. They assured our father that their company could take care of all cleaning, restoration, and storage of his personal property and that the timeline for completion would be 6-9 months.

    At the time, it was reassuring to our father that a local company would be overseeing the entire process of restoration, reconstruction, storage, as well as “cleaning”. Little did we know that this journey would consume almost three years of our lives. Nov. 29, 2023, marked 32 months to the day that our father signed the contract. Yes, the exorbitant bill has been paid but there is much left to be said. This is a forewarning to anyone who may ever need assistance after a disaster when decision-making is driven by emotions, distress, and uncertainty. Please read through our experience so that you will be better prepared than we were when our father signed his agreement in 2021.

    Our father passed away on 10/1/21 and was never able to return to his beloved home. Throughout the reconstruction, we were continually given multiple completion dates by both the project manager and the owner of the company beginning in July 2022. The delays required our family to obtain two claim extensions from our insurance company, as this work was not completed within their 2-year underwriting limit for the claim. Also, because of multiple delays, family members who eventually purchased the home were forced to reapply for mortgages due to the expiration of rate locks they had secured with their financial institution. By the time they could close on the transaction, their interest rates had increased by over 2%.

    Because the project manager was rarely on-site, many unnecessary setbacks occurred. On 5/8/23 the SERVPRO of Cedar Rapids project manager admitted to his failures in a meeting that was prompted by our family and several Cedar Rapids Building Inspectors. He assured us that he would “Make it right”. When the General Manager was asked about this, his response was, “The comment made by ** to "make it right" was never meant as a financial commitment to the ** family on behalf of Servpro.” If not a financial commitment, how else could Servpro make things right for their admitted negligence? Here are just a few of the adversities that occurred over the course of 32 months:

    - Multiple subcontractors were used during the reconstruction, including out-of-state subcontractors. Their availability was limited and sporadic. When one subcontractor failed to complete a job, another had to pick up where the first one left off.

    - The errant disposal of original wood trim that had not been damaged in the fire. We happened to be at the house one day when a ROBARB, LLC dba SERVPRO of Cedar Rapids employee was removing a pile of debris that included some of the original dining room trim. We rescued those few pieces, but some had already been discarded. New wood base and case moldings had to be milled - and our family was charged for this work.

    - Family heirlooms were lost at the SERVPRO storage facility including all the curved wood shelving for a cherished antique china cabinet and the hardware for our grandmother's century-old, custom-made dining room table. The project manager was made aware of these missing items, and we have had no resolution. Our mother’s antique cheval bedroom mirror was also lost. We were reimbursed for this item, but the heirloom is now gone.

    - Over $4,300 in damages to personal property were incurred during the move-out with White Glove Movers, as well as during the cleaning process at Servpro’s facility in Hiawatha, Iowa. Although the damages were paid, this further supports our opinion that their sub-contractors and employees lacked the expertise required in dealing with vintage and antique personal property - see photos attached.

    - A water leak in the kitchen ceiling damaged newly installed drywall due to a sub-contractor failing to properly install a water line

    - The side entrance to the home was secured by a pole affixed to the base of the door for 2.5 years before a new door was finally installed.

    We received the final invoice on 11/15/23 from the General Manager, although no final inspections had yet been completed by the City of Cedar Rapids Building Department. This was quickly brought to his attention, and it was made clear that no payment would be remitted until there was proof of passed inspections. As one would expect, the inspections happened quickly since payment was being withheld. Interestingly, this was our first communication with the company’s General Manager over the course of 32 months and it was made blatantly clear that interest would accrue if the bill was not paid within 30 days. How unfortunate that this same sense of urgency was nonexistent throughout the restoration process.

    One would have to question the 56% increase in costs from the initial dwelling claim estimate to the actual invoice. It is quite astounding that the final invoice was 18% more than the actual assessed value of the home. We find it ironic that in the community we live in multiple homes have been built from the ground up in much less time than it took SERVPRO of Cedar Rapids to complete the restoration of our home. To ensure that other consumers are not burdened with the experience that we endured, we suggest that you consider the following:

    1. Take the time to read the ROBARB, LLC dba SERVPRO of Cedar Rapids contract thoroughly. If you don’t understand the language, have an attorney review it for you. It will be money well spent. If you or your attorney have any hesitation at all, take your business elsewhere.

    2. If it is an insurance claim-related repair and your insurance provider insists this company be used to perform the work, we strongly advise you to create a service agreement addendum that outlines dates for completion and monetary penalties for failure to meet those deadlines. If SERVPRO refuses to sign your service agreement addendum, take your business elsewhere. Before you engage in a contract with this company, request the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all subcontractors that will be involved in your project. Confirm with them their availability and work history with SERVPRO. If they cannot provide this information, take your business elsewhere.

    3. Demand the construction/remodel restoration credentials for all SERVPRO employees assigned to your project, as well as references from clients for work they have completed. If they cannot or will not provide these credentials and references, take your business elsewhere.

    4. If your insurance provider insists that you use ROBARB, LLC dba SERVPRO of Cedar Rapids, remind them that YOU are the customer and then take your business elsewhere.

    5. In our experience, the spoken and written words of our project manager as well as the owner of SERVPRO of Cedar Rapids proved to be consistently unreliable. In hindsight, we should have taken our business elsewhere.

    6. A formal complaint was filed with SERVPRO’S corporate headquarters in Gallatin, TN, only to be deferred back to the local franchisee. Be aware that SERVPRO INDUSTRIES, INC. prioritizes supporting their local franchisee rather than their paying customer. Take your business elsewhere.

    We have documented communications with ROBARB, LLC dba SERVPRO of Cedar Rapids, including emails, photos, and videos of the multiple challenges our family has faced since March 31, 2021, but anticipate that this business will have contradictory responses to our testimonial. However, the facts remain. It took this company 32 months to complete a project that they committed to our father would take 6-9 months. Their Facebook page immediately removed the option to post reviews after ours was posted.

    We say all of this to create awareness for consumers. If a natural disaster or any unexpected catastrophic event impacts your family, take the time to thoroughly consider all your options. ROBARB, LLC dba SERVPRO of Cedar Rapids may tout themselves as trusted leaders in the restoration industry with promises to return your property to “like it never even happened” condition but be prepared for a journey that will leave you questioning the capabilities of this business, as well as their ethics.

    In our opinion, this company is a high-dollar carpet cleaning business, at best. They lack the competency, expertise, and organizational skills required to perform restoration and remodeling services. Their slick advertising proclaiming their ability to provide these services is blatantly misleading. We are steadfast honoring our father’s legacy. He was a lifelong Cedar Rapidian and proud WWII Veteran who entrusted and believed that ROBARB, LLC dba SERVPRO of Cedar Rapids had the utmost concern for our situation and would complete the repairs of his home in a timely manner. He came from a generation that entrusted people to follow through with what they said they would do. If our parents and grandparents were alive today, they would be demoralized by what has transpired over the past three years. Please share this review with those who may benefit from it.

    Greg & Amy **

    Fairfax, IA

    #consumerprotection #cleanup #firerestoration #servpro #disasterrecovery

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    Reviewed Dec. 20, 2023

    4 days after we lost our home in Sandy we were contacted by the company who gave us an estimate of five to seven thousand dollars but the bill came in at $13,000 and insurance agreed to 11,000 but they pushed to get the higher amount and would not accept the flood insurance amount.


    Reviewed Nov. 23, 2023

    Well, this company did restoration on our home about it took about 6 months. It's about what it took them to get done and they told us over and over and over that it'd be done. You know by the end of the week and then another week went by. And they knew that my grandfather was waiting to come home, they had my grandparents in a motel room for almost 6 months but they prolonged it by far. Then they ripped them off on top of that and on top of all that they kept telling us it'd be done next week next week, well, guess what? My grandpa died in that motel room. The simple fact is, they lied to us multiple times, said be done the following Sunday and then they said be done the following Sunday, they didn't put the floor down the right.

    They put a used door in the bathroom and replaced it with another used door, they did not do anything correctly. They pretty much ripped grandparents completely off. And my Grandpa died in the motel room and my Grandma got to come back. The week after he died. Then they stood here in the kitchen and told my Grandma that they would make sure that the door would be replaced in the bathroom and that the things that were not done be fixed, would make sure it's done. So they signed off the check and of course, they never came back and fixed a thing. They used door trim for trim throughout the whole house cut so many corners. It's unreal. They didn't even properly do the bathroom. I can put picks on if anybody liked to see them. All I know is this company is horrible. They lie and cheat.

    If I was you I wouldn't hire them. Also, that was paid to put a brand new furnace in, they sent somebody out here to put the furnace in and guess what the furnace is leaking water everywhere. The bathroom is leaking water already everywhere. I'm in this just. I can't believe this is happening. This was a brand new furnace, especially after you know, my Grandma's husband just died. They're gonna still cut them corners and just totally ripped off. I mean the furnace now. We don't even know what to do about it. There's water leaking out of it everywhere and it's. They were paid to put a brand new furnace in. So you tell me, is that right for a furnace? You know a month after they did the work for it to be leaking water everywhere. Is it right for them to come here and not complete the job? Not fixing things that they by all rights should be fixing. I guess just goes to show you how crooked these people actually are.

    Reviewed Nov. 17, 2023

    About fed up with SERVPRO that services Hampton VA. They send supervisors that promise you that we are gonna make it right. Then don't show up anymore. The crew that does show up we have to use translation app to talk. Floor was put down wrong and had to redo that. Dishwasher was put back wrong and now is broke. ReInstalled granite countertop with unskilled labor. Had to redo that. Now I find out when they put the sink back they didn't use plumber tape on the water connection so I had another flood issue. What a joke of a company.. Never again @SERVPRO

    Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 16, 2023

    Main sewer line collapsed and has to be replaced. My insurance (homeowners) has contract with Servpro to do cleanup from backup of sewage in my basement. I am a senior, disabled adult. To say I have been to hell and back dealing with all different people/companies in order to take care of this issue of cleanup and replacement of main sewer line in front yard is putting it mildly!!! I have only now read ALL the terrible reviews for Servpro. Had I known how difficult and rude they were while trying to get cleanup, I NEVER would have gone with them.

    My home in uninhabitable right now, as I cannot run any water(no toilet…no shower, etc). They must have called me 5 times within first 2 days of claim being initiated!! State Farm has me in a decent hotel until I can get new sewer line installed. The excavation company that “I” chose has been exemplary and even though they are booked out 3 weeks, they have worked me in…(7 days from when I first contacted them.) $10000.00. But I have to have a home to live in. Communication is virtually nonexistent with Servpro. I drove all the way over (with my little Maltese sitting in my lap) on the interstate yesterday, as I was told they would start cleanup. 2 “kids” in their 20s met me at front door. I asked them where their cleaning equipment was. “We are here to inspect (mitigation). No cleanup!!

    This whole terrible experience of having to replace sewer line has been a nightmare…dealing with sooo many different people. State Farm, I thought would help me out more, but I received the following, as far as cleanup: “we have nothing to do with that… you need to contact your adjuster in Atlanta”. I have been in contact with adjuster concerning this issue over a half dozen times. So, as agreed finally (after insisting supervisor come to my home yesterday) they instructed me to leave my back entrance unlocked, so they could gain access first thing in the morning. I was leery, but agreed, since I had an early am appt. With my physical therapist who is trying his best to get me to point where I can “get out of bed in am, without falling down immediately). I severely injured 2 discs in lower back…herniated.

    To make a long story short, they had me so worked up and in tears yesterday, I left back screen door unlocked, but “out of habit”, accidentally locked main door. I am home now, waiting for callback from young gal that I have been working with (State Farm adjuster in Atlanta). No wonder ServPro is advertising constantly on tv!! I went through the terrible derecho that hit 1/3 of Iowa… I was unlucky enough to be smack dab in its path with 105 mph straightline winds uprooting trees and power wires on top to all the tree debris…streets impassable. $50,000 damage to my home in Aug 2020. I had Nationwide insurance at the time.

    That awful disaster I had to deal with was NOTHING compared to now… having to deal with ServPro!!! Their lack of communication, not to mention the “attitudes” of their service employees is pathetic and inexcusable! I know that I will have to pay out of my own pocket (living of S.S. Check, month to month), in order to get a decent company to do the cleanup in basement. This is covered with State Farm but only with Servpro…NO!!!! Save yourself the aggravation and time..choose another company!!!!

    Reviewed Nov. 15, 2023

    I had a leak from my wall, they came in packed up all my furniture, sloppy workers. Took too long to repair, supposed to be out two weeks, lazy workers. And the boss sound like a use car salesman. A lying boss. After they say they was finish, some of my property was damaged and missing (stolen). Let everyone know Park City's Servpro is a rip-off. Location Dallas.


    Reviewed Nov. 12, 2023

    We had a fire in the basement last year. Servpro showed up without contacting them. We allowed them to start the cleanup, however, not too long after we found missing items. Some of the items could not be replaced. We informed the police, and the head of the company disputed our claim saying, "He trusts his employees!" They had the key to the house and in a few days a laptop was returned. The owner still disputed his employees stole. I would NEVER recommend the ServPro in the Homestead PA area. Things have not been returned other than the laptop.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Oct. 23, 2023

    Had a water leak in basement, Mitigation was effective and efficient. I was told repeatedly by workers to feel free to find another company complete repairs, should have listened. On several occasions workers were no show on call. I completed a satisfaction survey (I did not give high marks). The survey supplied to my insurance company has been cut and pasted with all high marks.

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