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Reviewed June 21, 2023

So back in April, we had discovered a water leak that slowly dropped straight to the subfloor. Probably been going on for several months. All flooring including the floor joists were wet. Made a claim with my insurance company. They sent out ServPro from the Dallas, TX. Everything seemed legit seeing as how I didn’t know all the proper procedures. They came out May 26th and started their drying process. A month later they are still attempting to dry the subfloor out. We met with the owner and he advised all of our belongings will be stored in a climate control storage facility and they would remove all subfloor and carpet areas (bedrooms).

I’ve spoken to several other people about ServPro’s work. They all asked the same question. "Why has it taken a month to dry out and it still isn’t dried out to normal moisture levels? It only takes 5 days and if it does take longer then they should’ve removed all the wet flooring a lot sooner than 3 weeks into the project. Why haven’t they supplied alternative power supply like a portable generator instead of hooking numerous amounts of equipment to the house?” I sent the owner of the Dallas branch a picture and asked if the 1 x 6 planks are a part of the subfloor. He replied that it was and I asked how come these are still reading off the charts with a moisture meter and haven’t been removed. He informed me that the planks are left and just get dried out. Mind you they’ve been wet for several months and no mention of the company coming out to spray whatever they spray to make sure no black mold is growing in our home.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed June 4, 2023

Well, we definitely got mostly a joke of a Restoration/"Renovation" team, (with a side of competence thanks to the Floor Guy, maybe 2 other Trim Guys, and their separate *Cleaners) - *which we demanded to have after the collective sham of renovations and messes that were left after his team's unprofessionally prepped & uncovered, 2 month long work storm. We have SO many photos and day by day documentation of the head scratching chuckleheaded incompetence, lumpy walls, lopsided door rehangs, unfinished ceiling fan installs and other non follow throughs.

In addition, many months after their work 'was done', come to find out that the plumber they contracted, didn't even attach one of our toilets correctly and we had to get someone else in to redo the job the way it SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE! (New toilet but they didn't replace preexisting 15+yr flange set up or even set/bolt the toilet down properly, etc.) It seems as if the "ServNo" plumber just said, "they'll probably never even notice..." - it was pretty gross all around & we are also surprised that the town's Building Inspector even signed off on everything throughout - that department is our next review. :( We called ServPro's main numbers and left messages for Kevin - but alas, he has not called back to date. Very much still SMH, but have grown to expect the "ServNo crap show." Consumer beware, when choosing ServPro, in Massachusetts anyway.

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Reviewed May 23, 2023

Servpro attempted to shortchange us with the restoration work. After much haggling and complaining to our insurance the company 'boss' instructed their staff to perform the work they were REQUIRED to do according to the insurance adjustor specifications. Prospective consumers beware!

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Verified purchase

Reviewed May 19, 2023

This unscrupulous company shamelessly imposes exorbitant fees on its customers, taking advantage of their trust and financial vulnerability. We are using them to clean up the DOG DROP, You can see in the Picture, That cost me $479.81, Can you believe that? I am calling them to ask what include, how it cost that much to clean DOG WASTE. But they just **!!

Please see the description of the invoice: Bio Remediation-Cleaning of dog waste in the lobby. Amount: $450. This is nothing short of extortion and blackmail.

Reported to the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs and New Jersey Department of Commerce and Industry.

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Reviewed May 16, 2023

Do this people know that an apartment that has issues there are living plants? NO! They have no clues and they sucked up all the moisture from them plants and killed them which is unacceptable for professional service. They should know better and act accordingly!

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Customer ServiceContract & TermsPunctuality & Speed

Reviewed May 4, 2023

We had a flood in our kitchen and our insurance company recommended Servpro to come out to do the work. They were completely rude, lied to us and the insurance company, overcharged us for what they did poorly, broke everything they touched, charged for stuff they didn’t do, didn’t show up when were supposed to and are money hungry.

When I called they never answered the phone or called me back. I had enough and fired them because the job was only supposed to take 2 weeks but 3 months later they still hadn’t completed the job and on top of that they stole from us. I told them to send an itemized bill of what they did and a copy of the contract I never got because the “manager quit”. It was completely outrageous. I was completely shocked and told her to send me the correct bill and she said it was. They charged me over $14,000 dollars just to tear out my floor and install the new floor that I bought myself (400 sq feet), take care of the mold in the kitchen, touch up paint and replace one of my cabinets. They did more damage than that and they were supposed to buy me a sink, dishwasher, and faucet and pay for me to have someone to put our granite countertops (600 pounds) that they put on the other side of my house.

They said that they gave me credit for all of that but it was still that total. Now they have a bill collection agency calling me saying that I owe them the money. I don’t have a useable kitchen and we are on a fixed income and we don’t make much money. Our insurance company dropped us because of them. We are stuck and can’t find a lawyer. I have proof of everything and I don’t know what to do. We don’t qualify for any kind of help

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Punctuality & Speed

Reviewed April 25, 2023

Had a partially flooded basement 48 hours before hosting Easter. Servpro was out quick to clean up. They grossly overcharged for what they did. Did not do what they were supposed to do. Left me with a mess. While they were out quick and dried everything out, they did not do what was promised.

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Reviewed April 21, 2023

Servpro did come out right away to pack out my belongings. The company really needs to watch over their employees, as the first crew that came out to knock down my walls and kitchen ceiling, they would ring my doorbell camera and stick their tongue out! Plus the knockdown of kitchen ceiling, someone got destruction happy and out a small hole in my roof. Thank god I went home and it poured out so I noticed it. When I told the one boss, he acted as if it was already there and said we do not fix roofs. Thank god, the carpenters hired for the job fixed it for me! The two ** carpenters were AWESOME!

I had a lot of issues with this company. My main opinion, is to keep track of what your insurance is paying for to the company. I feel they tried to take advantage of me, as I’m a single woman with no one to help me through this process. So just be careful and keep track of everything! I was very very impressed with the cleaning they did of my belongings, when I finally received them. Just OUTRAGEOUS cleaning!

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Reviewed April 18, 2023

It would be just 1 star but the man that came out for the assessment was fine. The air duct cleaning ppl were supposed to be there at 9:30, it was almost 10 before they arrived. They took a lunch break from 11:30-12:30, multiple smoke breaks, found cig butts on ground. When I went downstairs the guy was just sitting on the sofa. There was mud & dust all over the floor. That night 1 of our plastic vent deflectors fell & broke.

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Reviewed March 24, 2023

We had an absolutely horrendous treatment by Servpro. It took forever to get a hold of them to do an asbestos test in our house prior to opening the wall and checking for wetness or mold. Servpro rep bore three holes. It took no more than three minutes for him to bore the holes, collect a sample and leave us. It then took us more than a month to try to get a hold of them again to find the results of the test. Eventually, they told us it was negative and sent us a bill for $874! They never sent us an estimate before coming and boring the holes.

When we called them today and asked why they didn't send us an estimate, why it took them two months to do the asbestos testing and release the results, and why they are charging us so much, Servpro told us that they bore 14 holes and we have to pay that amount. When we looked at the holes, we saw no more than three. Then they told us on the phone that they bore six holes. When we pressed them on why they didn't send us an estimate, they said they did -- but we have never received an estimate. Otherwise, we would have shopped for other contractors. Servpro keeps changing its story and lying to us. They treat customers like dirt and charge them astronomical numbers without giving an estimate. This business must be shut down! STAY AWAY FROM SERVPRO AND TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE!!!

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Reviewed Feb. 23, 2023

ServPro in charge of safety at Fort McCoy and is totally out of line with their attitudes, their righteousness and taking their job way over the top. Talking to contractors in a belittling way. Overstepping their authority to the point where the behavior is almost abusive.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Feb. 22, 2023

They provided mold remediation services, which were fine. However, they then double charged me for the service, realized they had double charged me so they told me they refunded the additional money. Turns out in addition to double charging me, they then refunded me too much money (seems like a win for me, right?). However, they never told me they refunded too much and I never noticed it on my bank statements the next month when they came out. A year later, when I presume they realized their mistake, instead of calling me they socked their lawyers on me for non-payment and wanted to charge me again for more money than I owed them in the first place. Consider me less than satisfied...

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Reviewed Feb. 21, 2023

We had damage from a hurricane, contacted Servpro right away. Were told someone would be in contact with us within the week. Called for months. Person was finally going to come, contacted me in morning on the way after one appointment. Didn't show so called. Said was at another appointment but would come within the hour, never showed and never called. Since then we paid them for an appraisal, after two months found out they needed a mold report. No appraisal yet. They scheduled an appointment to do a mold test with us today, Never showed up and no call. Not good customer service. The people we have talked to make you feel that you will have results, none yet. We have had 4 Servpro personnel at our home.

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Reviewed Feb. 8, 2023

The woman Kim who is in the Collingdale PA office is very disrespectful, unprofessional, I recommend going elsewhere for services, they need to find someone who can conduct business and treat people with respect, she has zero.

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Reviewed Jan. 26, 2023

We had a busted pipe that caused damage to our kitchen floor. My insurance company USAA uses Servpro because they have a three-year warranty (which they do not want to honor). They use one guy to do all the repairs (we had more than just floor damage). You can tell he was overwhelmed, just by his work. The floorboards in my kitchen are separating, he put plywood on half the flooring which caused an unlevel floor. He put nails on the floor..I don't think you are supposed to do that. He thought it was okay to just leave the microwave and the dishwasher un-flushed...we had to complain about that. My advice is to tell your insurance company that you are going to use someone else. We will never use this company again!

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Reviewed Jan. 21, 2023

I don’t tend to write bad reviews even when the service is horrible, or even when I’m overcharged for contract repair work. But this is a different story. I would advise everyone to stay away not only for your own sake, but to boycott this company in solidarity with everyone that has been screwed. I was told I would be given a totally free quote on the work to be done. Never signed anything and was again told it was totally free since there was no water damage. Months later I get a call that they are going to send my bill to collections. What bill? Have to pay because a person was sent out there. There are other companies that will be completely free, so this is just an attempt to gain more money. Not sure it works that great in the long run but who knows.

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Reviewed Jan. 17, 2023

I had a flooding incident in Nov 2021. They kept the water still running without starting the restoration work resulting in 2 more accidents by Mar 2021. By June the plan was given to complete the project by Sep 2021 but then got delayed to Nov 2021, then to Dec 2021, then Jan 2022, then March first week 2022, then end of March 2022, then April 2022, then May 2022 and finally it was ALMOST complete in June 2022. Every time they will give reasons as if they are amateur organization.

There is a complete lack of transparency (BLATANT LYING) and professionalism to take ownership of the project. On top of that there is bullying for payments and legal threats for 5K$ when close to 310k has been paid. They have hundred reasons to delay the project but are extremely quick to resort to legal threats after 98% of the payment has been made and I was only asking for accountability for the delays. Stay away from these guys. They have been a huge headache for our family.

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Reviewed Jan. 9, 2023

We had a house fire 17 months ago, we lost our house down to the studs. ServPro came to "clean" out our belongings. They painted a beautiful picture, however day one 6 people showed up at 6:00am, and no one spoke English. They stepped on and destroyed most things that the firefighters knocked over. The promised to restore the personal belongings to pre-fire state. We had our daughter's PS4 stolen and had to push for them to replace it. We just received 200+ boxes this week, all mislabeled, smelling of fire and mold. Furniture in parts, water-damaged dressers without drawers, filthy to the eye view. When we opened up the boxes things were all mixed up, our son's belongings mixed with our daughter's belongings. Boxes marked "toys" with a moldy zip lock baggie and some small bouncy balls in it. Stuffed animals still visibility soiled smelling like mold.

I washed my daughter's favorite stuffed 3 times now it still smells. We got back boxes marked "food". They boxed up pantry items and stored them for 17 months all expired and the boxed cereal was apparently drenched in water at one time. A nightstand came here that wasn't ours and the top drawer was littered in mold. The man literally handed me that disgusting drawer and I said what is this? He said, "Yes, welcome." I'm beside myself with confusion as to how a company can allow their workers to do this kind of a job.

When we called to complain to the project manager Damien he twisted my husband's words around to his boss and his boss contacted our insurance representative stating we did not want them to rectify the situation that we were going to throw every box away and claim it. That is not what was said, we simply asked them to redo the job the way the promised to do it originally. Our insurance company spent over 80,000 from our personal belongings to pay this company and they did a horrible job. Everything turned out to be a lie, and now we are left to clean up their mess. Along with the cost to remove all the dirty and broken items our children once called their things. We suffered enough and we are just appalled. Shocked with every box we are left to open and "go through".

I'm finding toothbrushes and toothpaste used and dirty. Something needs to be done about this, this company shouldn't be allowed to stick it to people who have just been through a tragic event. The fire was terrifying, but what followed unfolded to be just as bad.

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Reviewed Dec. 31, 2022

We were flooded in a hurricane so we needed to make sure we got rid of the mold so we called ServPro. We ended up paying $8,000. They pull up in a U-Haul. Then start to tear down the walls but then I was told I had to leave because of this humidifier thing that they never told me about before. I ended having to pay to stay in a hotel for 3 days so that ate up about $700. When we got back they were supposed to leave my garage door opener but when we got home it was smashed in the driveway. And then as we came inside we noticed there there were nails still in the walls all through the house and also I almost forgot to say that the guys were in such a hurry to get out of here because they wanted to go back to their original state that they live in so they were in a very big hurry and rushed through the job. I do not suggest anybody hires this company.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Dec. 30, 2022

My Condominium association hired ServPro of Largo to assist in getting rid of unwanted items. I planned to get new flooring,a new kitchen, redecorate. ServPro arrived late daily saying it takes one hour to go the 5 miles to my home, gave me massive rapid fire lies, refused me an estimate (cost $7,000), took double the time estimated, worked 10 am to 2 pm with lunch daily, gave me a $5 bill forgery for fun. Workers stole all my diamond and gold, Tiffany, Sterling silver, gemstone, Hawaiian, Yukon, First Nation, art show hand made jewelry.

Workers stole my asthma medication from medicine cabinet. This action is dangerous and illegal without a court order or physician order. Workers took my safe with social security card, checkbooks, credit card, nursing license. Identify theft. Workers left my home filthy. I am single female over 60 and had 11 steroid injections the year before due to physical injuries and needed assistance. It took a long time to get itemized bill. I was refused itemized bill due to "fear of it being scrutinized". I notified corporate with no response.

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Installation & SetupStaff

Reviewed Sept. 25, 2022

SERPRO - St Clair Shores MI Team (Joe, Nik, Deven) came in after we had home kitchen flooding; entire kitchen flooring had to be removed (they did in one day), commercial grade fans & dehumidifiers brought in (for a week); got us ready to install new flooring & we back up and running... THANKS SERVPRO ... and especially Joe & his Family.

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Reviewed Sept. 23, 2022

Servpro was sent to my house by the Louisville Water Company. They failed to clean the category three waste or debris for over two weeks. They stole from me and damaged over $3000 of my property, they had to return four different times to complete the job and then refused to compensate me at all for the damage. I involved corporate but eventually they stonewalled me as well. I have filed both a police report and lawsuit in an effort to hold them accountable. I would never want anyone to go through their dishonesty, fraud, and criminal activity. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR ANYTHING!!!! They are the worst company ever!!!

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Reviewed Sept. 12, 2022

Nine months to reconstruct a tiny bathroom and two walls of another room and still not completed properly. Only use this company for mitigation/water removal. I have never seen such incompetence - entire bathroom had to be torn out back to the studs and redone due to sloppy, dangerous work. Walls had to be redone. Tile person did not speak English and so tile work was not done properly. Broken fixtures, paint and debris on everything and never cleaned up despite promises. Another manager had to step in and supervise because the work was done so badly. Our life and house has been upended for almost a year for what should have taken two months tops.

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Reviewed Sept. 6, 2022

There was a leak in my bathroom which cause the flood problem. This leak was in the wall behind the sink and the toilet. The insurance company sent a plumber to fix the leak, then They sent Servpro to put vents to dry the wall. After that They told me that They need to cut 3 feet from the floor and up. They took and broke the cabinets off the kitchen. Also, they took out the sink. They start cutting the wall that was in front of the original damage. I don’t know why? They should only cut the affected area. However, they found Mold in front of the damage area and told the insurance that that the problem wasn’t cause for the leak. Of course, the leak was in the other side. The insurance company denied my claim because Servpro did a bad diagnostic of the problem.

The next day they came and left my house with holes in the wall. The cabinets broken and without the sink. My house is a mess and They told me that I need to fix it myself even though They destroyed everything. This is not fair. Don’t chose this company to fix anything. They would go to Your house and destroy everything they can just to make more money.

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Reviewed Aug. 30, 2022

Water leaked damaged floor. These guys came out, stripped my bathroom, worked 4 hours and left. Since then I have been stood up four times by them saying they would be here to finish the job. So far they have not showed up and I would like to have my bathroom back.

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Reviewed July 9, 2022

Servpro out of Palo Alto, CA, Gary ** misrepresented the cost of repairs that were not covered by insurance, etc...And the contractors they hired did shotty work, made a mess...They got paint all work window and door jambs...

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Customer ServiceContract & TermsCoverage

Reviewed June 24, 2022

UPDATE: Servpro finally offered me a refund if I would delete my reviews. They then denied me the full refund because my BBB one could not be fully unpublished! They tried to get me to sign a legal contract covering them but basically screwing me and getting me to agree to non truths.... When my attorney recommended a few minor edits and to where I couldn't be sued later for partial BBB info still up due to my complaint they backed out.. Be cautious as this is only paying for refunds to silence those with bad jobs not making right unless any bad job information is removed and only benefiting their reputation!! Bad business!

I paid them 11k to remedy mold in my attic to keep my family safe. They did the job and missed many areas. After I called and said I would take legal action the supervisor rushed out within 2hrs leading me to believe he was going to make right. However, he followed with immediately voiding my warranty instead due to saying there was new growth and wetness and high humidity. So all they did was deceive me to cover their **. I've had 5 other companies out and every one has told me the only mold is what still has their scrub marks visible through it where they missed, that the humidity is some of the lowest of all houses in the valley, and even during rain there is 0 wetness. They also used insulation that is not as thick as it should be. The spots totally missed were in corners I heard them arguing over who had to go into and not wanting to while doing the job.

I feel stressed out for months now trying to get another company to be willing to come in behind their poor job and coming up with the money to redo a job that they failed to so properly. Meanwhile exposing my kids to mold I paid them to remedy. When you call other remediation ask them how many customers they have been having to fix Servpro jobs this month. The number is alarming....

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Verified purchase
Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed June 17, 2022

Please beware, especially if your insurance company provides you with the option to select this company for repairs. My husband and I were supposed to have our cabinet under the sink rebuilt as well as floors, base shoe, baseboards and quarter round installed as a result of water damage. This project began in late February/early March and still is not completed nor is it done right. Therefore, we made the executive decision to stop work and doing business with this company.

So let me first start by saying, the general contractor they assigned, was not an effective communicator nor did he properly check behind his guys’ work which after every job was faulty which included gaps in areas of our floor where the LVP floors were cut too short to reach the walls and also, the toe kick that was installed around our cabinet was not installed using the correct size materials and therefore has gaps in which you could literally stick your whole hand inside to get to the subfloors. Not to mention, the guys that were sent to do our floors broke something on our washing machine and never notified us but asked my husband where the nearest hardware store was and went to Ace to get a part to fix it but it still wobbles.

Also, they did not install our toilet correctly as it was crocket and it wobbles because it’s not properly sealed to the floor. The guys who installed the floor played loud music, laughed and joked loudly the whole entire time they were in our home and could be heard upstairs. When they were done, they simply called to me from upstairs and said they were finished. Before I could even make it down to inspect the job, they were walking out of the door. They did not ask me to do a walkthrough or anything. As far as the cabinets go, I continued to call and text Johnny asking for updates and he would always give me the run around about the cabinets saying that he would check and get back to me.

So finally we decided to not have the cabinet job completed because he told us that the guy he had was giving him the runaround and he assigned another guy for the job who would call us and come out and do measurements (which by the way should have been done in the initial estimate that was done in February, 2022) but of course that never got done and we never received a call. Also, the contractor kept saying things that needed to be done in our kitchen weren’t in our estimate from State Farm so they had to add them in however, State Farm was not even the ones who did our estimate, it was Servpro. The guys who he sent to complete our quarter round reeked of alcohol and one was holding himself when he walked into my house asking me to use my bathroom. Also, they did not have the right materials and claim that they did not receive a work order to complete the toe kick.

When I called our contractor, of course he did not answer, but replied through text saying that he contacted his boss and would deliver materials which never happened therefore that is why the baseboards that were used as toe kicks didn’t work. The guys also broke one piece of quarter round in our dining room but instead of using a new piece, they decided to try to glue it together but did so unevenly and it looks very sloppy and not of good quality. Then, the guys left without putting quarter round at our back door and when we called them to notify them, the man wanted a picture which we sent and he then said through text that he did miss that spot but he was already on another job and that if we agreed to let him paint our hallway (which by the way had nothing to do with this job) he would come back and fix that piece.

I was so shocked and appalled that a “professional” would be soliciting us for another service without even properly finishing the job he was being paid for. So I expressed to him that we would not need a paint job now and I told him that the general contractor was coming back on Monday to inspect so he texted me and said he would have it done by then. Of course, he never called and never came back to do the job. The contractor did not come as scheduled Monday because I texted him to ask him about the time of his arrival and he wanted to postpone to the next day.

When he did come the next day, he never actually walked through to inspect his guys’ work. He only looked at the things we pointed out to him, attempted to fix our toilet and stayed at our home for about 10-15 minutes. We paid Servpro over $2,800 in a deposit for a job that was done incorrectly and was delayed with awful communication. I’m still left with a bad taste in my mouth wondering why on earth I had to call these people so many times to beg them to do the work they were getting paid for and not to mention just doing the work RIGHT!

Also, when we ended the job and called the company to complain, they never asked for pictures, nor did they come out to inspect, nor did they have the contractor’s supervisor contact us to discuss the issue; they simply claimed they gave us credits which by the way we haven’t been able to see because I asked for an itemized receipt of the charges which has yet to be sent to me. I just cannot believe my husband and I experienced this nightmare which is still hunting us because they are claiming that we owe them more money.

Do not use this company unless you want to waste your time and hard earned money for very Inexperienced and careless work that could have been done in a day but was stretched out over months. My husband and I still have to pay someone to correct the work they did and it just isn’t fair! We are hoping that this review will be seen and help others from making the same mistake we did and basically being misled, mistreated and robbed! Please, do not use this company nor the contractor mentioned. I wish there was a way I could post photos and screenshots of the communication between us. If I could write about everything we experienced with Servpro, it would take up too much space. Trust me, don’t use them or you will be sorry! Tell your insurance company, “No thanks!”

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed June 1, 2022

I had a washer leak in my unit. They took 3 hours to get there. I did the extraction for them. And their water meter was wrong. I went in with my own professional behind them and tested with brand new meters. They lied to my apartments trying to get me in trouble. They also only tested where there were pipes in the ground feeding to my laundry and sink. Bunch of scammers trying to make money on apartments exaggerating stories. It was a washer leak. Not flooding as they described. The project manager was rude enough to say he isn't allowed to tell me what my damage to the apartments were. Already a scam. And then he told my manager I should move so he could have his team do demolition for 45 days. Totally unnecessary, I was the one that fixed all of the problem anyway. Then they still came by and took all the trim off my walls leaving my apartment in worse shape than before as if they have such a huge job to do.

I spent 2 weeks with 13 fans, 2 dehumidifiers and 1 hepa while my daughter consistently got bloody noses while my apartment manager didn't care. She told me to leave them on even if they cause us damage physically. Then when I complained about the physical hazards she messaged that she will cancel my lease in retaliation. I hate the entire situation. And the men that were there were completely rude to us. Showed up 3 times after we asked for a phone call first and told us that management let them in. Two of the three times I was getting dresses. Totally unprofessional.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed May 25, 2022

After initial 1st day of work cleaning my basement, I got a walk-thru of what to expect when they came back to finish the job. I found out they just sent a team back to collect their 4 de-humidifiers and leave, after all, I paid them AFTER their 1st visit. Nothing he told me on that walk-thru was true. All lies. My wall paneling was not cut at the seam, to be tacked back up later. They had cut it sideways and thrown my 3 sections of paneling away in the trash. Carpet was not straight-edge cut with edge molding put on as I was told. When I called them, they told me they " never deal with carpets" or any "reconstruction". My basement looks like hell and today I have to call a carpet man out and pay him to fix my carpet. As for my paneling, I don't have clue what to do? Hang a blanket over it?

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