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Chester, PA

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Windows that I had installed in 2003 started to leak. Not thinking it was my windows, I had two different handymen investigate where the water could be coming into the house. I finally contacted Power Window, who said that it is probably the roof. I contact KPI2 Incl., who said that the windows were installed incorrectly. I again contacted Power Windows. Technician came and caulked around windows and took pictures. Windows still leaked. Next technician agreed that the windows were installed incorrectly. Window still in bay window area was damaged and the soffit area outside. Leak caused water stain on ceiling in the living room. Power Window had to reinstall the bay window and the 3 windows upstairs. They did replace the window still and repaired the soffit outside. They did no reimburse me for any money that I incurred nor did they paint the ceiling.

Money and time lost due to leak:
$79.50—to KPI2 Inc. (investigation of roof/windows).
$255.00—Consider it Done (handyman).
$202.00—Steve's Home Services (handyman).
$155.00—Steve's Home Services (handyman).

$3.97—wood filler.

$24.87 plus $28.57 plus $16.73 (paint/kilz/paint brushes) is equal to $701.l7.

Total is $765.64. Plus 4 vacation days (2 separate days for investigation by Power Windows, day for repair, day for when KPI2 Inc. came to investigate). I still need to get ceiling painted. Since first floor is open, I will have to paint through kitchen.

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