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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Pur Water Filters?
    • 4,466,033 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
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    Installation & Setup

    Reviewed April 13, 2013

    I have water leakage. I thought it might be from fitting installed on the sink faucet. I installed Teflon tape at that point, but didn't stop the leak. I looked at the sealing area and it is oblong. I have another filter housing and the seal is made the same way on my older one as the new one. The older one leaks less because it has been used less. Not sure where water is coming from that comes out of weep hole under the housing at the back. But when it is pressured up with filter running, I get the leakage. I read through all of the complaints. I don't see any cracks anywhere on my housings on either filter assembly. The sealing area seems to be more apt to leak because of the oblong design. I haven't called them yet, but will.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed April 11, 2013

    I have used Pur water system for years with little to no problems, that is until four days ago. I opened a new box of pitcher filters and have encountered the same problem as others have written about. Water in upper reservoir not yet filtered, flows until the water in lower (filtered) half reaches the filter. I bought them through the drugstore and will try to return. Maybe if we can return filters to suppliers, Pur will have to change. Our calls, emails and rants don't seem to be going anywhere.

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed April 1, 2013

    Pur is selling defective filters for their pitchers. They know that a high percentage of their filters are defective yet when you contact them, they contend it's due to the user's water quality or user error. But the fact is that the filters work just fine if the outlets at the bottom of the filter are not submerged in water. But per the instructions (and the only practical way to use them) is to use as intended and that is to install the filter in reservoir (top half of pitcher), then fit reservoir with installed filter into the pitcher, and fill reservoir with water. As water passes through, the bottom of the filter where the outlets are becomes submerged within the first 20-25% of the water passing. It's supposed to keep passing until the reservoir is empty and all the water has passed into the pitcher, ready for use.

    But they do not work. They are all defective in that once there is the slightest back pressure on the outlets from being submerged, the flow of water incrementally decreases and eventually stops completely. First 5 minutes or so, the water flows free and 20% or 25% of the reservoir empties into the pitcher. Then at that point, the bottom of the filter is becoming submerged. Then over the next hour or two or more, maybe another 20% or 25% of the reservoir manages to flow through. Then at some point it stops. 12 hours or even 48 hours later, about half of the water still remains in the reservoir. The filters are defective, plain and simple. Pur knows they are selling defective units

    Something has changed in the last couple of months. Either Pur or whoever makes the pitcher filters for them changed something in the manufacturing process sometime in the last few months (no doubt to save a few pennies per unit). They are now being made to standards that render them basically useless, defective products, at least for the filters from the production line or manufacturing plant that produces filters bound for Walmart (and likely other big box and discount online retailers). Maybe they still make first quality filters that are offered for sale directly from Pur or from full price retailers, but the ones at Walmart are junk. Same way a lot of things you buy at Walmart, Target or Home Depot are not the same product as the same brand and model of an item purchased elsewhere.

    These huge retailers have immense purchasing power and demand manufacturers to provide products to them at near cost, so companies make new, cheaper product model lines specifically for these big box retailers. Sometimes they re-brand these under a different name or model number, but often they retain the same name/model designation as the higher quality units available elsewhere and provide no indication of the fact that these special big box versions are actually completely different as far as materials used and quality control is concerned. Often companies eventually end up just making all of their products to the new lower standard as it offers more profit to make one cheap version of each product rather than two separate production lines or facilities for the two different quality versions of the same model.

    Regardless of what or why it has happened, I've had my filter pitcher for 2 years or so and the filters have always worked flawlessly for the full recommended 8 weeks (flowing as good the last day as the first, but sometime in the last few months the Pur filters made for the pitchers have changed). The manufacture process or materials or design... something has changed and it has resulted in a decline of quality to the point of uselessness. The filters they are selling are now defective. They do not function, period. 5 of the last 6 filters I've gotten from the last two 3 packs I've bought were defective. They worked for, at most, a week and some only as little as one day or a single fill. Then they stop passing the water through

    I follow the directions, give a new filter a pre-soak and have tried re-soaking them as Pur customer service suggested. Still no good. After that their customer service contends it must be my water somehow (overnight went from clear to loaded with particulates (which is ridiculous since I have well water that pumps into a holding tank in my basement where any and all sediment or undissolved particulates has ample time to settle out). Also, I know with 100% certainty that it has absolutely nothing to do with sediment or particulate matter since the filter will pass the water through with no problem at all if you suspend the upper half of the pitcher to where the bottom of the filter isn't sitting in water (put the upper half sideways on top of pitcher or just by itself standing upright in the sink. Then the water passes through with no problem).

    What's wrong are these new, cheaply-made, defective filters have a design flaw that is allowing an air lock or hydraulic lock situation to develop any time there is the slightest of pressure from the bottom of the filter. It flows fine until the bottom of the filter is in standing water, once the outlets of filter are submerged to some point where it creates enough back pressure to allow the lock situation, resulting in decreasing rate of flow and eventually complete stoppage (or close to it). So you fill the pitcher and in the first 5 minutes, it empties 25% or so to the bottom. Then in the next hour or two or five, after the bottom of the filter is submerged, you get maybe another 20% of the water from the top. Then nothing and you go to get some water 12 hours after you filled the pitcher and about half of it is still in the top half. If you're not paying attention and don't notice it's there, you spill it all over the place when trying to pour a glass.

    Complete junk. The people at Pur know they are junk, yet they insist it must be your water or your incorrect use of the product. They must know that their new and unimproved filters are junk by now, but I guess they are going to go with the shortsighted deny the claim method to save a few bucks now. And fold up shop and run with the money when their sales flow starts to resemble the flow of water through their filters (then they'll probably re-open under a new name and try to rip everyone off again).

    Reviewed March 25, 2013

    I have purchased two of their units and they both leak around where they click onto the adapter. When the hot water is on, it leaks a lot worse. Not a good product.

    Installation & Setup

    Reviewed Feb. 24, 2013

    In the very beginning, their faucet filter was awesome lasting 3 plus years. I guess they figured they were not making enough money just selling replacement filters because when we replaced the first one, all the others did not last more than 6 months. Some began leaking the first week. We've tried all different styles, side mounts, top mounts, click mounts. The company ended up replacing 4 for us but on the 4th one, they said they would not honor any more warranties with us because they couldn't believe anyone would have so much problem with their product. We are still buying their crappy product and replacing them every 6 months even though they should be under warranty, because it's the only faucet mounted system we can find. But we are not happy about it.

    For those getting specks in their water or noticing the filters are lighter, remember that you must run the water for 5 min. through the filter when you first get it. It's always been the instruction. And since they changed the 3-stage filters to this new mineral filter, they are lighter. But running the water through it for 5 min. should get any mineral dust like charcoal out of the filter. If your one click filter won't stay on, call 1-800-787-5463. Ask for the sink adapter aerated with metal threading. They will send you one free of charge.

    Reviewed Feb. 17, 2013

    I bought a Pur filter (pitcher refill) and I found the new filters are wet - there is moisture inside the silver package and the filter is covered with water spots. I returned this package to the store and got another one. When I opened the package at home, I found the same problem. What's going on with those water filters?

    Reviewed Feb. 16, 2013

    My silver plastic filter (model number FM-3400B) seemed to work fine for the past year. However, I turned on the water this morning and the unit instantly split apart, violently spraying water all over my kitchen in a 12-foot radius and soaking me. Fortunately, I was wearing glasses; otherwise, I think my eyes could have been damaged by the force of the water explosion two feet from my face. I had to wipe down the entire kitchen - cabinets, walls, and floor. The cylinder holding the filter had split almost in two, just below the seam where the cylinder and the cap meet. This is just poor design/cheap materials/shoddy manufacturing. I like filtered water - but not when it is violently exploded into my face. Never again!

    Reviewed Jan. 14, 2013

    I just purchased a new filter for my water purifier. After the filter was changed, I started to have black specks in my water. I have not had this problem until now. I've removed the system and rinsed everything with warm water, and I put it back together with no change. When you run my water without filter, there are no black specks.


    Reviewed Jan. 11, 2013

    For 10 years, I have bought Pur water filters and have seen the quality go down to zero. The last straw was when I spent a hundred bucks on a faucet mount filter and extra filters. Within a few months, water leaked from the side and then the filter indicator light quit working. These water filters are so cheaply made I'm surprised they last a week. I contacted the company to get a replacement and told them what was wrong. I then sent the unit and filters I bought back with the RMA number they gave me, an added $10 expense. What I got in return was another (Chinese piece of junk) water filter.

    Right off the bat, the filter light indicator didn't work at all. The funny thing about all this is that on the outside of the shipping box, it said, "made in the USA." Who do they think they are kidding? They think the consumer is stupid and try to get every penny of profit they can out of a cheaply made piece of garbage while the consumer pays the price. I hope this backfires on the miserable company that makes these. A class action lawsuit is in order here!

    Reviewed Jan. 8, 2013

    I've used Pur faucet mount filters over 5 years with slight leaking and indicator light problems but now, with the new click mount, I am thoroughly disgusted. The threads on the adapter are too few and renders my new unit useless. I, too, have filters waiting to be used. I called. They finally answered and will send out a replacement adapter that is metal. They will come in the pack of 4, three of which I don't need. They're not good stewards of conservation.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Jan. 3, 2013

    The indicator light started showing all three colors blinking and blinking. I cleaned it up thoroughly, didn't work, changed filter although it was only 2 weeks old, then the light seemed to be working correctly for a couple of days and dead again. I called the customer service today and waited for more than 10 minutes to get through an operator. He says there is an internal battery that cannot be replaced and as long as water flow is fine, the quality is fine. Otherwise, I have to buy a new filter if I want the light working. I'm stunned and not happy with the product. He says the battery would last about a year or could be quarter. Does that mean I need to buy the faucet attachment every year or up to four times a year? I remember there was a bar type filter indicator in the past that did not require battery, but it is no longer in the market. Please make more sustainable product.

    Reviewed Dec. 31, 2012

    My last Pur Water Filter indicator turned red after about two weeks of using it. This is too soon for average usage of the filter. I bought a new filter and the indicator instantly turned red upon turning the water on to filter. I re-installed the filter and the Pur attachment, and yet it's turning red. There is no safe indication (green) or beginning to get low on filter (amber). Has anyone else experienced this?

    Reviewed Dec. 28, 2012

    I live in an apartment and the water pressure is very high. The snap-on Pur Water Filter doesn't stand up to the pressure. It would be nice if there was a filter that screwed on!

    Reviewed Dec. 13, 2012

    I too am going through the Pur Water Filters almost every week. I purchased from Amazon and posted a complaint, and they credited my account. But no matter where I buy the filters from, they don't even last two weeks. Next step is to complain to the company.

    Reviewed Nov. 26, 2012

    We keep replacing our PUR water faucet filter for the same reason. It works great for a while and then it will pop off the sink faucet. We keep putting it back on and it keeps popping off. It wouldn't be so bad if they would replace the part or make it available to purchase separately so that we don't have to buy a new faucet filter.

    Reviewed Oct. 20, 2012

    I recently purchased the Pur faucet filter system. It fell off the faucet with the adapter in it, and I can't remove the adapter from the system. I can't screw it back on as is. Anybody know how to get it unstuck?


    Reviewed Oct. 14, 2012

    I see that most people are posting here regarding the PUR faucet attachment and filter, but I am curious if others have had a similar experience with the PUR Pitcher Refills (Model CRF-950Z). I firmly second exactly what Elaine of Greene, RI posted here on September 27, 2012 regarding the PUR Pitcher Refills. I have been a satisfied and loyal PUR customer since 2006, and am actually still using the same PUR dispenser I bought back then! I initially switched from Brita because I found the PUR filters, back then, lasted much longer and were an overall much better value. And I continued to use the same dispenser for years, replacing the filter every couple of months as suggested. Sometimes the filters would last up to 4 or 5 months before they slowed to a standstill and stopped filtering effectively. I was always happy with the value I was getting for my money.

    However, in the last few months I have noticed a drastic drop in the amount of time the replacement filters are lasting. I went through a box of 3 in 8 weeks. I have not changed my water drinking habits at all in that time, nor have I changed location. At first I thought it was a fluke, perhaps a defective or very old batch of filters. So I just used the 3 I had purchased, figuring the next batch would be back to normal. A few weeks ago my wife bought a new box of 3, and the same problem is occurring. Each filter is lasting a maximum of 3 weeks (and that's being very generous). I have come to the conclusion that the company has drastically cut back on quality and that loyal customers, such as myself, are being scammed. My father would call this a prime example of the ol' bait-and-switch.

    Today, while replacing the 1st filter in that new box of 3, I noticed something else that bears mentioning. I'm not sure if others have noticed this, but upon examining the actual dark blue filter up close, it appeared there were some subtle but dramatic differences from what I believe the old filters looked like. At first glance they were the same color and the same shape. However, and I'm not sure how I missed this in the first box of poor-quality ones, the filter now felt very light in weight compared to the old ones. And for some reason one can now easily view some portions of the filter's components through the top vertical slots in the casing. I don't believe this was possible before, but I can now easily see a bright white cottony material bulging inside the casing (some fibers are even hanging out of the vertical slots).

    Could it be that somewhere along the line a few months ago PUR replaced the normally high-quality "innards" of their pitcher replacement filters with much lower-quality materials? And would this explain the drastic drop in performance? Of course they're still charging the same price - with no package or labeling redesign that might suggest a change in the product. I want answers, or I will be switching to another brand and leaving PUR behind.


    Reviewed Oct. 7, 2012

    I purchased the most expensive chrome adapter/platinum. It fits at an angle, it could not be adjusted. The filter lasted only a short amount of time, not much use. I purchased another filter, not cheap. It did not last a full month. I kept getting a red light! Very angry and very dissatisfied with this product. It was a waste of my money!

    Reviewed Oct. 7, 2012

    I purchased a Pur faucet mount about a year ago. Yesterday, the filter indicator light stopped working. Now the product does not work the way it was designed, and I just bought a three-pack of filters!

    Reviewed Oct. 5, 2012

    I have bought 3 of these PUR water filters, and each and every one has sprung a leak and/or popped off of my faucet. The longest one lasted a year and that was the most basic old style one. I still have five packs of filter to use up, and when they are gone, I will be switching to a Brita pitcher (my father-in-law had his for more than seven years). I keep hoping that I will be able to buy a good quality PUR product in the future but that will never happen.

    Reviewed Sept. 30, 2012

    I had this PUR sink filter adapter for 4 days. It worked great, and then it simply blew off the faucet, never to work again. I should have learned the first time - this is my second PUR faucet filter, but it seemed like the company had gotten its act together. Nope. I'm going to order the new adapter they offer at the 1-800 number on the box, but man, what a consistently crappy product. After this, never again.

    Reviewed Sept. 28, 2012

    I too purchased a Click-On PUR water filter that won't stay on the faucet and falls loudly in to my sink! I've had it about a month and suddenly it began falling off and now will not stay on at all. It falls off every time I turn on the faucet. How can PUR sell a defective device like this? I called them and they are sending me a new adapter so this is an on-going problem for them. It's definitely not just my unit or faucet.

    Reviewed Sept. 27, 2012

    I have been a Pur user since 2008 and have been very happy. However, the past packs of filters have been unacceptable and I get the pack of five! I'm disappointed to say the least. I would expect more from your company. Those filters only lasted two weeks! The filters are not what they used to be, maybe 8 gallons.

    Reviewed Sept. 20, 2012

    We just bought a Click on Pur Water Filter from Home Depot. I completely agree with the other comments. It will not click on to the adaptor at all. The adaptor will not hold the filter. It is a complete waste of 40 dollars and we can't even return it to Home Depot as we brought it with us to North Africa. Forty dollars in North Africa can buy 400 loaves of French bread. There should be a lawsuit.

    Reviewed Sept. 20, 2012

    PUR Faucet Mount Water Filter - I have had to buy at least 2 replacement faucet mounts because water is spraying all over me whenever I turn on my faucet. I cannot get the junk to stay on anymore. It just falls off and I have a carton of replacement filters bought at Costco to "save money." What a joke this greedy company is. No, I don't care to wait to get a replacement adapter in the mail, the thing is total junk. I had a heck of a time just unscrewing the plastic thing to replace the filter last month. I am going to learn my lesson and buy another brand that has favorable reviews, that won't have to be replaced constantly. I wish P&G would get sued for ripping people off.

    Reviewed Sept. 17, 2012

    I bought one of the plastic faucet models. Within six months, it started leaking all over the place. I called customer service and asked for a replacement. They would not send me one! I would not recommend that anyone buy one of these PUR products.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Sept. 13, 2012

    Call 1-800-787-5463 and PUR will send you a replacement sink adapter/aerator, with metal threading, for free, no questions asked. I went all around to different hardware stores and an associate at Home Depot told me to call the number on the box. They apparently must be having this problem nonstop because they didn't even ask how long ago I bought it, warranty info, etc. Get your free adapter; I’m just waiting on mine to arrive.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Sept. 10, 2012

    Things I never wanted to know about a water filter – We had a white unit that screwed on. It got so leaky so fast you couldn't literally get a glass of water that wasn't 3/4 straight tap. Hubby called the company and demanded a replacement (about 3 months old) under warranty. They sent us a silver side mount, one that clips on. It is still clipping on. The light still works. It is still watertight. Inside it, there is a thin O ring on the front part (where the water-out is) and a groove just before the end of that whole piece that it goes in; if that O ring is missing you don't get a seal. And you have a mess. Hubby and I are forever having wars about it still filtering or not, and I will change it when I finally decide it tastes so bad that I want to start buying bottled water at the store (that was reason why we bought this). Do the filters eventually clog enough they don't work anymore? I can say that it's at least two weeks after it turns and doesn't even blink red anymore that I change it. I would like something better, that's for sure.


    Reviewed Sept. 7, 2012

    I am having a problem with the plastic adapter like everyone else. I didn't realize it was such a universal problem until I stumbled upon this page while looking for the Pur customer service number. I was going to see if they would sell me an adapter so that I didn't have to buy another unit. Now I can see that it's just not worth it.

    Reviewed Sept. 6, 2012

    The plastic adapter does not hold the Stage 3 PUR filter. The filter falls off when I turn the water on. It fell on a glass and broke it. Someone is going to get hurt!


    Reviewed Sept. 5, 2012

    After one week of use, the whole unit fell off from the faucet nor will it stay on after putting it back on. The plastic adaptors are cheap. I wish I had read these reviews prior to buying this piece of junk. I won't buy a Pur product again.

    Reviewed Aug. 24, 2012

    I had an old PUR filter attached to my faucet that worked very well. It needed replacement and the only available attach-to-faucet filter one is the clip-on and it is awful. It's only been a couple of days and it no longer stays on. This adapter is ridiculous. I bought one a couple of years back and took it back to get a non-clip-on one, but now they don't have the old ones anymore. It's an awful filter and these complaints should make someone do something. I might as well have thrown $40 out the window.

    Reviewed Aug. 16, 2012

    Filter is falling off and scaring the crap out of me and waking up the rest of the family in the morning.

    Reviewed Aug. 7, 2012

    My daughter replaced our Pur water filter with model FM5050B. It was on 3 days. I turned on the water, it came off and water sprayed everywhere. I was soaked. I put it back on and thought it was okay. My daughter used it and she got sprayed. Right now it's sitting by the side of the sink because we are tired of being soaked by the faucet when the Pur falls off. This really stinks!

    Reviewed Aug. 2, 2012

    Stage 3 PUR filter - The plastic adapter does not hold the filter in place. Where can I get a metal replacement? If PUR Co. does not have a solution, please tell me how I can recover the amount paid for the filters and the equipment. I have read all the complaints and it’s a shame that you have not retired the product from the market.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed July 21, 2012

    Back in May, after having my filter system for just over a year, the indicator light quit operating. I called the customer service number, and their representative said (or at least I thought she said) that they would send out a certificate for a new one. Well, I ended up getting a certificate for $10 off a new one. Now, just the other evening, I have leaks coming out of the side of the case! I can't believe that this is only 15 months after I bought it! I don't think I'll buy Pur again!

    Reviewed July 13, 2012

    I ran across this site while shopping for replacement filters. As for the quality of the filter housing, I've accepted that they're like everything else these days - disposable. I simply expect to have to replace the filter housing every 2 or 3 years. I have not had any trouble with the clip on design falling off. I rather like being able to take it off so readily for cleaning and on occasions, when I might prefer to have it off to fill a bucket or wash my hair in the sink and want the available space its removal provides. The water quality from the three stage filter is awesome compared to the stink that comes out of the city well.


    Reviewed July 2, 2012

    This is the second snap-on PUR Filter (model FM3700B) that I have purchased and it is giving me the same problem as the first. It was constantly falling off of the faucet. I was finally able to get it to stay on and then the indicator light stopped coming on. When I called customer service, I was told that they would send out an adapter to take care of the unit falling off. Then, the representative explained that the filter was still functioning appropriately, even though the light was no longer working. She said the light is an indicator only and explained how I could tell when I needed to replace. I told her I just purchased the system on March 21, 2012 and it should not be malfunctioning in any way. She then provided the address to return the product. My problem is that the return should not be at my expense. Prior to purchasing the two snap-on units, I had used several of the older models that had to be replaced due to leaking. It’s time to look for a better product.

    Installation & Setup

    Reviewed June 26, 2012

    The new snap-on Pur water filter is practically useless. Installed according to company directions, the whole thing falls off after short usage. The reason could be due to the two threads provided on the plastic adopter provided by the company. I understand that the company has come out with long threads. I will be happy to receive the same at the earliest and give a feedback to the company.

    Reviewed June 20, 2012

    I moved into this apartment that already had this unit installed. I purchased a new filter, as the old one indicated it needed replacement. Since I installed it, the water squirts out the seams in the unit (not near the faucet mouth). I took it apart and tried to analyze how the water even gets into the filter to become filtered. The faucet water enters from the side and is encased in the housing with the filter, but from what I can see, there is no way for the water to actually enter the filter, except by a little hole at the top of the filter, but the water would have to fill up the entire housing and be forced into the filter by some magical means to enter. So when the water pressure gets too great in the housing, it squirts out the seams, along with some of it coming from the "spout". What is with this design? How can I make it stop leaking? Is water actually getting filtered? I don't believe it is.


    Reviewed June 12, 2012

    I've used the PUR Water Filter for years, until they changed the design. The snap-on bushing is simply a poor design. In their desperate attempt to save money they chose to go with a cheap plastic bushing that doesn't stay mounted. The fact that the company is aware of the problem and still does nothing to remedy the problem is unforgivable. They continue to make an inferior product knowing that they're losing customers. Their choice is disgraceful and a sad testament to "excellence". I believe that hot water causes the bushing to expand when not using the filter. The expansion and contraction causes the bushing to fail and the filter blows off the faucet. A metal bushing would solve the problem, but that would cost an additional 25 cents. Shame on the company.

    Reviewed June 10, 2012

    Like everyone else here, I've been using the faucet mount for years. For the last few years, it leaks and sprays everything around it. I can't replace it with the new product after reading all the problems with it staying on the faucet. I noticed today, while changing a filter, that water comes into the side of the filter. How in the world does water actually get processed through the filter? It's a blue, hard plastic filter and I see no way that the water actually goes through it.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed June 5, 2012

    I had an old style Pur Water Filter and it split and started leaking. I bought a new one (the snap-on kind that everyone is having trouble with) and the red light indicator goes on now after about 3 weeks of use (consistently). The filters used to last at least 2 months. I contacted customer service and they said my water quality must have deteriorated. They sent me a coupon for a refrigerator pitcher, but the filter in it only lasted a short time as well. My friend had tried to use a new style filter and it wouldn't stay on her faucet, so she gave it to me. I tried hers and it did the same thing. Red indicator light goes on after about 3 weeks. I now have 2 of these worthless filter systems.

    I think they changed the indicator lights in order to sell more filters, but $17 bucks every 3 weeks is not bargain and I'm now searching for another way to filter my drinking water. This product went from being a decent deal to being a complete ripoff. And I don't like talking to someone in the Philippines about a problem. Proctor & Gamble needs to pay a little more for labor and maybe then they wouldn't produce such a crappy product.

    Reviewed June 5, 2012

    Faucet Adapter, not the Pur Water Filter - I had the adapter replaced about 6 months ago. It doesn't last very long. The threads wear out very easily. I need another replacement.

    Reviewed June 3, 2012

    I really like the filter, but have found one inconsistency I really am not pleased with. One filter, the water flows really well and the next one, the water flows very slowly. When using the slow one, I can't wait until it is used up yet the one that flows well seems to be used up very quickly.