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Last updated: Aug. 30, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 30, 2017

It's an electric stove. It burns everything. The burners are covered so whenever you turn it down you have to take the pot off, put it on the other burner for it to cool off, then wait for 5 minutes for it to cool down then continue, especially if you are cooking rice. The worst stove I have ever come across.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 17, 2017

This (Magic Chef wine fridge dual zone mcw44DZ) was bought from Home Depot about 5 years ago for about $450.00 (going by memory). It was installed in an under counter cabinet alcove with required clearances. It has always been warm and heated up the counter top above it despite the 1" air gap around it. This last year it has felt even warmer than usual and we became concerned. Today I emptied it and pulled it out. After I unplugged it and spent 10 minutes emptying it, 10 minutes getting it out, and a couple more minutes before I went to garage for infrared temp gun, back panel at compressor location was 119*!!! It was probably well over 125* at the beginning of that process. That is crazy heat.

I am not putting it back in. I am sure my electric bill will go down now. Otherwise, it has keep wine chilled as it should, but figure it was $90-100.00 a year depreciation, plus ridiculous electric usage, so maybe +/- $10 a month for "cooled" wine? My wines aren't that expensive. For us mere mortals and our $10-20.00 a bottle tastes, the storage costs make no sense. You really NEED to be buying pricey wines to amortize the costs over.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 15, 2017

I purchased the Magic Chef 5.2 chest freezer a year ago model HMCF5W2. This is a HORRIBLE product. Not only did it stop working in less than a year. The customer service department offered minimal help in trying to rectify the situation. Granted it is only a $200 freezer, but lasting less than a year is totally a ripoff. The customer service agent offered to send a repairman to look at the freezer, but stated they are only responsible for the compressor and I would be responsible for the labor. Again, a $200 freezer, labor would have been well over that. I cannot express enough how disappointed I am in this product. Not only did I lose money on buying it. I lost the total cost of the food that was inside it. BUYER BEWARE.

Original review: March 4, 2017

Our Magic Chef microwave that is about 3 years old, started making a weird noise and was running on its own today. We unplugged it quickly, opened the microwave and there was smoke everywhere. Luckily, we were in the kitchen or our house would have burned down. This microwave should not be sold! Home Depot needs to discontinue selling this brand. We will never purchase anything that is Magic Chef.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 6, 2017

Warranty is worthless. I purchased a Magic Chef chest freezer from Home Depot in November, 2015 and it stopped working in December, 2016. The compressor froze up and several hundred dollars worth of meat was ruined by the time I noticed it. I call the Magic Chef warranty service center and then because it was over one year old, by one month, they will only warranty the compressor not including labor to replace it. I would have to find an authorized service center, take it to them, pay them to diagnose the problem and then Magic Chef will send them a new compressor that I have to pay the labor to install and fill with Freon. The cost of all this is more than a new freezer will cost. They also will do nothing about the ruined food that the piece of junk freezer destroyed. I will never purchase anything with the Magic Chef name on it and would recommend others be warned about this company's poor quality and worse warranty.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 31, 2017

Magic Chef model#MCM111OST: This microwave has turned dangerous. I don't believe this is even 2 yrs old. The unit will not shut off with the door open and no feature chosen. How can this brand still be allowed to be on the shelf. Upon looking into my situation I have found a number of complaints on this make along with other model numbers as well. Some customers' unit caught on fire. Now I have to worry if I keep it plugged in will it start to run while I'm sleeping.

So bizarre what corners are being cut when making products today. I have owned several different units throughout my life which have lasted for years and have never experienced anything like I have with this unit. I see that these units are still being sold. Just how much damage need to be done before they recall them. I can tell that Magic Chef could care less. Now I need a new one and know I'm going to eat this purchase. Where do I start. Who do I trust. It's really sad in what this world has come to. I guess this is what we have to put up with if we chose our wonderful modern technically. So I guess the bottom line is nothing is ever made to last. Not even for 2 full years!! So SAD!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 9, 2016

This microwave fits in my very small kitchen nicely and does an excellent job. I use it every day for something. Just wish I could have had a slightly larger size that would accommodate my larger baking dishes. Just no room to put it. This microwave looks nice and is easy to use. It has all the features of a larger unit with rotating plate, easy to read touch pad and quiet operation, and large number readout and well-lighted panel. It is easy to clean. Great for my small apartment.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2016

Bought at Home Depot. Large microwave. I have a tall coffee carafe. This microwave fit it with room to spare. Can't program it to turn on in the morning, but wife & I decided we could live with that. Worked well enough for 10 months. Then it went blank. Thought it might be the outlet. No. It was the microwave. Now it doesn't even tell the time. Dead. Dead. Dead.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 28, 2016

On this past Thanksgiving Day, 11/24/2016, our countertop microwave starting running by itself. I opened the door and it stopped. Shortly, thereafter, it started running again. We found the inside and outside of the microwave to be extremely hot and we unplugged it immediately. The Model Number is MCD1611ST. We purchased the Magic Chef microwave about 2 1/2 years ago from Home Depot. There were other times previous to this incident that whenever we used the unit it would blow the circuit breaker.

Original review: Oct. 19, 2016

My Magic Chef over-the-range microwave caught on fire while in the "timer" mode. I was cooking on the stove below and set the timer on the microwave as I normally do. No food was inside the microwave. Then after a few minutes the microwave automatically activated into VENT FAN mode by itself, which usually does happen from heat from the stovetop. In the manual this is a normal "safety function" to cool down the microwave from the heat from the stovetop.

I soon began to smell something burning. I opened the microwave and there were flames inside. I ran & shut the circuit breaker off and my husband was able to put out the flames. The glass turntable was shattered & burnt; the rubber gasket was on fire and the bottom of the inside of the microwave was burnt & charred. Good thing I was in the house when this happened. Otherwise the fire would have spread throughout the kitchen & possibly burning down the house. Very scary incident.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2016

I purchased this microwave 1.1 cu.ft. counter top microwave oven on 7-28-2016. It is now 9-18-2016 less than 2 months and this microwave has been making noises when in use for the past 3 weeks. What are you going to do about this? I purchased the microwave at Home Depot.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 21, 2016

Purchased the microwave when my 30 year old GE microwave died in October 2015 and no parts were available. The only service in 30 years was replacement of a light bulb. Saw an ad in the local paper in early November for a Magic Chef for $54.88 + tax at Wal-Mart in Buffalo, MN. The unit died in mid-January. About 60 days in my kitchen after being used to heat up occasional cups of coffee or heating water or soups or defrosting frozen stuff. 60 days!!! I've had dogs run over by cars that lived for 10 years afterward.

Called MC customer service whereupon they directed me to a service center 30 miles SW of my home. They confirmed with me that the microwave was built within the previous 12 months, so it would be repaired under warranty, even though I did not have a proof of purchase. I took the unit to the service center which turned out to be a part-time appliance repair shop which was empty of any appliances until I brought the dead MC microwave in. That was a 60 mile round trip.

Ten days later the MC customer service called to tell me there were no parts available for the unit. They would send me a new microwave but I must pay the $29.30(?) shipping cost. After I had a conversation with Wal-Mart Customer Service, Magic Chef customer service called me again and said I would receive a new microwave after I drove back to the service center, retrieved the microwave, cut off the power cord, took a photo of it and the serial/model number plate and emailed it to them. Thinking about it on the way home with the junk microwave, I considered whether having another oven for which there were no replacement parts available was wise. I decided it was not so went to Wal-Mart with the oven to try to get a store credit to buy another oven.

I won't even add the experience of talking to the Buffalo, MN Wal-mart store assistant manager about Wal-mart taking the unit back, giving me a store credit. They would not give me a store credit because I did not know what the PUC code for the product was. It was printed on the microwave carton and on the proof of purchase, neither of which I had. After this experience I came to understand why Wal-Mart can't find any employees for their stores. The search for a 17% bottom line profit exceeds customer service. According to an online story last week, the Waltons received over 5 billion dollars for their share of the chain.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 9, 2016

I bought a Magic Chef model number MCO165UW, it stopped working without warning just over two months since I got it. It won't power-up even if I try it on different outlets, nothing is working. After reading all of these comments, I have a very bad taste in my mouth for this product. I just wasted my money.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 28, 2015

Magic Chef Chest Freezer 6.9 cubic Ft Model HMCF7W2 - I purchased this freezer on October 11, 2015 because it seemed to be an amazing bargain!! Well I learned BUYER BEWARE, not only did my freezer stop working in 65 days but Magic Chef said they do not cover content and if I would have read the manual completely I would know that contents are not covered. Home Depot said even though it is under warranty the only way they would cover the content is if I spent the money to buy an extended warranty.

It is amazing that a unit under warranty and less than 90 days old would only totally be covered under warranty if you bought a Home Depot extended warranty!!! I lost over $300 in food! Neither Magic Chef or Home Depot were sympathetic to this outcome! Stay away from this appliance, spend money for a quality unit manufactured by a quality company! Remember Cheap is Cheap.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 20, 2015

I purchased a Magic Chef Microwave in 2006. Almost 10 years later it's still running! I've never had any trouble! Although I don't see a lot of good reviews on them, I feel I did get one of the best they made!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 11, 2015

Hi, I recently bought a microwave from the home depot. One week in, the plastic film over the push control buttons started cracking and peeling off. I really like the microwave, it looks really bad though. Unsatisfied. Model HMM1611ST .530171700160.

Original review: Oct. 5, 2015

I received this item as a gift last year for my birthday in June. I am the only one using this product. The other night I heated up a bowl of soup and it worked fine. Tonight I tried to heat up a tv dinner and nothing. No matter what I tried it would not heat. The lights come on and the carousel goes round but no heat. After reading the other reviews I don't even want to get it fixed for fear they will put in another defective part and it will cause a house fire. Poor quality parts - just another way to cheat the American Consumers.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 29, 2015

I bought a Magic Chef microwave, Model No. HMD1110W, less than two months ago. I have had a problem two other times with it shutting off for no apparent reason. I was cooking some rice tonight, and midway through cooking at 50 percent power, it happened again. The outside of the unit felt very hot, and when I opened the door, I noticed a burnt plastic smell. Now I'm afraid to use it at all.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 22, 2015

Our 2009 Puma RV came with a magic chef microwave oven installed. We only use the RV about 3 weeks each summer so this microwave had very little use on it. We woke up in the middle of the night by the sound of a beeper going off. We did not fully realize what was going on until a short time later when I heard the microwave running and jumped out of bed to open the door and turn it off. It started again by itself that afternoon. This was a very frightening experience. It could of set the camper on fire. I want to warn others who may have travel trailers with this microwave.

Original review: Sept. 21, 2015

Paint chipped off inside door and rusted. Rust continues on the inside of the door and inside of the oven there is large dark areas of rust starting under the paint.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 11, 2015

I purchased the fridge in January 2015 in Home Depot, 7 month later in July it broke... for the second time! On the second day after purchase the fridge started making high pitch noise and Home Depot replaced it fairly quickly. However the worst thing is not the fact that this "refrigerator" is a very unreliable product, the worst thing is Magic Chef or how they also call themselves MC Appliance or MCA Corporation is the fact that they don't care about their warranty responsibilities at all!

However 7 month later I wasn't as lucky. The first time I scheduled the service call I waited on my only weekend from 9 to 5 at home and nobody showed up. When I called them the next day, they told me that my service call was cancelled but they don't know why!!! When I asked them to reschedule to the nearest available date, they told me that they have to talk to the maintenance people. Then I called back again and they told me that they don't have my information! Now you can imagine what kind of company this is.

Now about the cost. Yes it's cheap but once your fridge breaks you lose all your groceries because they rot. I lost $150 worth of recently purchased groceries. Then you would have to eat outside. Because of this "wonderful" company I am eating outside for already 3 weeks, spending about $20 a day on 2 meals. All together I spent on the food about $550. If I subtract the cost of groceries I would have purchased, the amount of money I WASTED because of this company totals to about $300! While the price of the fridge is $324. My advice stay away from Magic Chef products as far as possible, pay extra $300 and buy a high quality product. Otherwise there is a good chance you'd stay without a fridge, forced spending money on the outside food for weeks!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 29, 2015

We purchase our Magic Chef NCD1311ST microwave oven in November of 2014. Within a few months, it was having heating issues - not heating in the middle. You had to place things off centered for them to heat. This week (July of 2015) the microwave shot sparks during heating. After we took the food out, a few minutes later we smelled an electrical fire and looked and it was smoking. This is day 3 now waiting on Magic Chef to tell me where to take it for "repair." From what I have been reading, I don't want it repaired, even though that is my only option. These appliances are going to hurt someone or burn a house down. This company has horrible customer service.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 26, 2015

I purchased a Magic Chef 1.1 cu. ft. Digital Microwave, Stainless Steel, MCM1110ST from Walmart in Brunswick GA. in Feb. 2014. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that when you opened the door it would switch on and run until you closed the door. I attempted to find a number to call the company unsuccessfully. Then today July 26, 2015 I noticed that although the timer will come on, the microwave is not working. Although I know that nothing lasts forever, I did expect it to last at least 2 years (my last one lasted almost 13 years). The comments on the Walmart site were positive so I thought it would be a decent microwave. The next one I will have to research a little better because either the people hadn't had them very long are they were expecting a lot less from it than I was!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 26, 2015

I've had the microwave for years, it works, but if I actually used the microwave to any real level of use I'm sure it'd be dead by now. Everything you heat takes twice as long as any other microwave, despite having the same rated levels. Popcorn, which I usually air pop, is 2x as long as the bag says, then the internal circuit breaker trips and you're left with a lot of unpopped kernels. The fan never vented from day 1. The lightbulbs broke underneath and there is no room to get anything in there to replace them. The plastic fan grill randomly broke off one day, the handle broke off too. It's just a piece of trash. If I did anything more than defrost frozen bread in it I'd have to replace it.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 17, 2015

I had a warranty claim which was accepted by them on a microwave. They told me to take it to the warranty repair shop which I did. The microwave has been in there for 2 months now and it's still not fixed and the shop doesn't know when it will be fixed. The shop keeps telling me they are waiting for parts from Magic Chef. Shame on them for not fixing my microwave. Now I have to go buy another!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 20, 2015

Magic Chef Microwave 1.1 - I only had it 4.5 months and it stop working completely, and I can't access their website or nothing. Not a good product.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 14, 2015

Magic Chef 1.6 cu ft Model MCD1611ST - Bought microwave at Menards. Worked well for about 14 months then switch membrane went bad. Start button stopped working. Bought another switch membrane from a Magic Chef parts store, MC Appliance. I suspected that one was a problem due to scratches. Out of desperation I put it in anyway. That pad didn't last 2 weeks, same issue. I research on the internet and find out DAEWOO the membrane manufacturer has had massive problems with that very pad. If I would have only known. Neither Magic Chef nor the other company warrantied the microwave or the part. This thing is absolute junk and I highly recommend NOT to BUY ONE.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 19, 2015

I purchased a Magic Chef Microwave (MCM990W/B) in 2013 and was satisfied with it. Until today April 18, 2015, out of the blue it started acting badly and sound like it was going to blow up. I unplugged it, cleaned out the inside which was not dirty, wiped it dry and waited to turn it back on for a good while. Checked manual for anything else that could have been wrong. Nothing found so I turned back on and tried again and it was even worse. I won't be able to get it fixed because warranty is over, now I already have to buy a new one after just two years. Last one I had was a cheap one that lasted for 10 yrs and still worked with no problems, just wanted something new. I was reading other reviews that others had same problem. I think something should be done about it before someone gets hurt. If an elderly person has that happen they may panic and run off before turning it off or unplugging it. I'm so disappointed because I don't have money to burn either trying to buy another one.

Original review: April 13, 2015

Microwave rusted inside within a month. It looks inside like I've had it a lifetime. I have only had it few years. It quits in middle whenever it pleases. It blew fuse and ruined my outlet. Rewired cord and outlet. Put in a new fuse only to put something in for 50 sec and quit again after 2 seconds.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 15, 2015

Microwave Model MCM995KB - We had this for about several months and the other day it flared up like it was going to explode. This appliance isn't over a year old and it has flared up again yesterday. Would never buy another magic chef item again.

Magic Chef expert review by Jonathan Trout

Magic Chef got its start over 85 years ago and today makes a variety of kitchen and home comfort appliances. It offers several models of upright and chest freezers that range from 3.0 to 9.0 cubic feet. They also sell a portable freezer. Check Magic Chef’s website for places to buy their products.

  • Upright freezer: Magic Chef’s 3.0 cubic foot upright chest freezer includes an adjustable temperature control and manual defrost. It has a reversible, recessed door handle; two wire shelves; and a completely flat back for placement flexibility.

  • 6.9 cubic foot freezer: The 6.9 cubic foot chest freezer is designed with a flush back to fit up against most walls. It features an adjustable temperature control, manual defrost, recessed door handle and indicator lights to let you know the unit is running.

  • Warranties: Both models come with a 1-year parts and labor warranty and a 5-year warranty on the compressor.

  • Manuals: Magic Chef includes both models of chest freezers manuals online for easy access to instructions and product registration.

  • Videos: Videos explaining each feature for both models are available online.

  • Best for: consumers needing a compact chest freezer.

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Jonathan Trout

ConsumerAffairs Research Team

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As a member of the ConsumerAffairs Research Team, Jonathan Trout believes having access to free, comprehensive information on products and businesses is vital to making smart purchasing decisions. He focuses his efforts on researching and reviewing multiple brands across a variety of industries, with the goal of writing unbiased buyers guides to help inform consumers on impending purchases.

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