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Bought this machine in 2011 from Conn's. We never had a problem, but the only thing was where the bleach dispenser it started rusting and I would just clean it. I did buy warranty, but before it expired I called to tell them about the rust. Conn's said that is a manufacture problem, they only repair. So I didn't renew it. Now the tub makes horrible noise when washing rinsing. And clothes comes out soggy. I called LG yesterday, I thought maybe they could do the Smart Diagnostic and let me know what machine needs. They said if they did the diagnostic it would mess up the machine?? For them to send a Tech out it will cost $414 with one year maintenance or $302 for 60 day warranty. So disappointed, I might as well go buy a new one.

I purchased an LG washer and dryer from Home Depot about 18 months ago. I got their top model at the time top loading. After about 15 months I noticed the paint around bleach dispenser beginning to bubble up and so I removed the blue tray only to find machine has been rusting. I thought perhaps it's because when pouring bleach we sometimes get it between the plastic and machine. Then when looking under, I noticed the entire machine has massive rust buildup to where it's flaking and falling on the plastic edges of the drum.

After contacting LG about this issue they pretty much said I'm out of warranty and oh well. At the rate of the rust I'm guessing another 2 years and metal clips / screws will pretty much break during a spin cycle and nothing I can do about it except share this troubling issue to save someone else thousands of dollars on LG's poorly protected product against moisture. That 10 year warranty sticker is such a gimmick since these won't make it past 5 years with the crazy rust buildup. I did some research online and found that many other users have gone through the same frustration. I hope all the negative reviews will get LG to better insulate metal surfaces in their machines. Even my car comes with 10 year 100,000 mile warranty against rust yet washer has no rust warranty?

We purchased the LG Smart Drum thinking this was a great investment. It was the worst decision we made. It takes hours to wash one load. It constantly errors with UE no matter what load is in there. Even during the clean tub cycle where they recommend nothing in the washer. We have to constantly reload heavy wet clothes to rebalance eventually have to go directly to the spin cycle and shutting off the water just to get it over with. I am lucky to get two loads of laundry done in one whole damn day.

I can't get anything else accomplished because I am babysitting a damn washer. It has caused so much frustration among our entire family because no one can get their laundry done and over in a reasonable amount of time. I am going out this weekend and buying a new washer. It won't be a LG that's for sure. From all the other reviews it appears the washer is a lemon and LG knows it but they don't care. Also, the app they say you can get is not available either. They should be sued for falsely claiming things this washer can do and it doesn't. True balance my butt... this machine is the worst. Buyers beware. You will be sorry.

I purchased my LG front loading washing machine in January, 2011. I followed the manufacturing guidelines to clean and take proper care. I also left the door ajar to lessen odors. NOTHING they suggested helped with the black slime and odor. What a BIG disappointment after I researched to find a good washing machine. How can they say the problem was resolved. That's a total lie. Why aren't companies held responsible for defective designs and extremely poor quality merchandise. Consumers spend a lot of time and money researching for quality products.

I have been married for 40 years with four children and countless loads of laundry. Most of my washers and dryers have been maytag and lasted 10-15 years with few if any repairs. This LG top loader is the worst machine I have ever bought. I purposefully did not buy a front loader because of problems with odors I had heard about. Well I guess a top loader can Smell really bad too. I don't understand how in 2016 we don't know how to make a washer that drains properly. This is a lemon and I will be selling it soon and buying a good ol Maytag. I just lost a lot of money on this one. They should recall all their machines until they figure out and fix the problems.

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My wife bought this LG Washing Machine Model WT5001C from a Best Buy shop. Since the break in we had problems and called technician to fix it. The cost of which now exceeded the cost of the machine. It is a fancy looking washer with a lot of fancy lights. Its sensors have limited light and go off often during a regular wash. The LG Service does not really care. It was a bad experience and recommend don't buy it even if it free as it cause so much inconvenience.

We bought a set about a year ago the LG washer inverter direct drive/true balance anti-vibration system with steam technology and the LG sensor dry with steam technology. I thought it might be too technical but it's easy to use and my water bill is 7 to 10 dollars a month cheaper and we use a 1/4 of the detergent that we did before. And the options are many and it plays a musical tune when it's done not a buzz that scares you and it large enough to do anything. I got the extended warranty because of the electronic board.

Only one problem was the washer is so deep my wife has to use grabbers to get the laundry out of the washer. I think this was money well spent on and I like that the door on the dryer can pull down or from the side, the washer has a glass top that's called diamond glass and a soap and softener dispenser. I did wish they had it in something more than white and I'm still learning thing about it like I can connect it to my phone to let me know when it's done but I really have to say that's pretty lazy. I hope this helps someone if they're looking.

We bought an LG washer and dryer in March of 2014 from Lowe's. Fortunate for us, we bought the extended warranty. In that time until now both machines have been serviced by at least 5 different visits. The washer is the main culprit. It will not complete an entire wash cycle without errors or not washing them at all. The technicians who come and repair them stated these machines are the worst to repair. They really could not find a certain problem but continue to throw parts at them.

The dryer would not heat or dry clothes but seems to be doing better for now. The washer decided to give us a new code last night when it it began to quit yet again, "OE." Reading online this is an error with pump malfunction, kinked drain tube or filter. Now after checking tube and drain, neither is clogged, but now the washer will not drain and has foul smelling water in it. At this point we are done with these machines.

We are going to look for a new washer today, preferably with manual controls. We will keep the dryer until it breaks again, which is likely. These machines being a little over two years old should not be breaking down so often. I will not buy another, ever again, and warning others to do the same. The warranty is almost up and rather having to sit around all day on the appointment day waiting for a technician arrive, we will just take the loss and get another washer. Serial numbers 312PNYU60066 washer, 307KWFN7A275 dryer.

I've not had the problems with mold that others have experienced and the clothes are clean like they are suppose to be after washing. The problem is after paying a minimum of $1000.00 on this washer I expect it to last. I wash 3 loads a week and after 5 years the washer is extremely loud that it sounds like a plane is about to take off or land in my laundry room. The repair guy says the bearings need to be replaced and with all the parts and labor it is not worth it!

We have had this machine for almost two years, but being very busy in our lives have never actually watched the machine go through a full wash cycle, until I did it just recently. I put an average load of clothes in it and started a "normal" cycle. A little later I looked in to see that the clothes were only about half-immersed in water during the "wash". Clearly, this was not good. I see that many people online have complained about this same problem. I find that the washer will only truly fill if the "Bulky/bedding" cycle is selected. Otherwise it simply will not put sufficient water in the tub for a proper wash. My fix to "fool" the machine is: start the load on "Bulky", wait till it fills to the desired level, pause, change to "normal" and proceed. This will not make the rinse cycle fill up, but if you happen to catch it you can do the same for rinse. Sort of makes a joke of this "high-tech automatic machine" doesn't it?

I purchased the set of washer and dryer last year from Sears but I have been regret to change my old Whirlpool set that I had it over 15 years. I only decided to change them because of water consuming. Other than this both were working perfect. I have two football player teens at home and I have to do laundry almost every day but most of the time the clothes are coming out smelly and I have to rewash them and using more electricity and water. I wish I could have my old one again.

Worst appliance we have ever owned! Smart balance doesn't work. It fills up over and over to adjust the load. You have to fold up and arrange your clothes just so or the cycle keeps repeating. You have to rearrange the clothes during cycle no matter if it's a larger load or small load. Now the entire centerpiece comes loose and clothes get trapped underneath it or it stops working mid cycle have to then take everything out, put the piece back and reload! Takes hours and hours to do two loads!

LG Front Load Washing Machine bought in 2013 - This washer gets a horrendous build up of thick black mold in the rubber seal and makes the inside of the washer smell like mold and mildew. The seal has a rim with a deep ridge that makes it impossible to clean properly. My laundry does not even smell clean after I wash it. When you call LG, they offer no assistance and state you will have to pay to have the washer repaired due to it is out of "warranty". They take no blame in the matter at all and tell you it's from improper cleaning. Please, this washer is a WASH OUT! Don't buy LG washers unless you want to get stuck with the bill, the dirty machine and the dirty laundry! Never again will I purchase a LG appliance!

LG Washing Machine Product WT1101CW: 1st-DO NOT BUY ANY LG!!! THEY ARE LEMONS!!! We purchased an LG Washing Machine and Dryer from Best Buy on 11/16/2012. I am writing this review on 9/28/16. I have had to have a repairman out twice and the long and short of it is the transmission & electric board went at the tune of $533.00 for parts and labor. Um I paid $629 for the machine new. I called LG several times. The 1st few times they said there was nothing they could do. Wrong answer! So I called a 3rd time & they offered me an "extended warranty" on parts and labor for 1 year for that repair for $385.00. So they would charge me more than half of what I paid for it??? No thanks. There is no telling what else will go wrong with it.

It's a ripoff when you pay over $600 for a washing machine and it doesn't even LAST 4 YEARS. I read numerous complaints about LG like mine and worse. If we quit buying these lemons they will either have to make a better product or go out of business. Gotta go time to get on Consumer Reports and fork more $$ for a new one. Let's just hope it will last at least 5 years.

I hope this get out there and other see this... I own an LG washer (front loader) and it trashes our clothes. It's so bad that it actually dictates what color clothes we should buy because it leaves black marks all over our nice shirts. I cannot afford to just buys another washer SO WE ARE STUCK WITH THIS PIECE OF JUNK! I had an extra warranty on it and had the repair guy over many times to look at it, he replaced everything he could think would cause it and still leaving black marks on our cloths. I am typing this at work, I did not realize my shirt I am wearing today was marked all up until my coworker said something. Talk about embarrassing. Bottom line LG sucks for washers and will never in my life buy another one, I will go back to hand washing my cloths! Thank you LG for putting something on the market which cost me lots of money and it wrecked my cloths. A big thank you! A valuable lesson learned.

We purchased an LG Front Loader True Balance washing machine in MARCH 2016 from Lowe's. This past week, SEPT 2016, water started leaking from underneath washer. We contacted LG directly, tried some troubleshooting to no avail. LG customer service asked that we email a picture of our receipt; we did. We called again and someone told us that the machine was made in 2014, purchased in 2016 and they will have to get back to us. Crickets. Then, we called Lowe's. They seemed to be helpful but determined we live outside the service territory and they would have to send complaint back to LG. **!!

We have not heard anything from anyone for 5 days now. No washing machine, 2 school-aged children, one of which has a bug and has been throwing up for the past three days, myself and my husband who will be going to work commando soon. It seems that most products today are just crap. CRAP! Not only are the products crap, but customer service, service repair procedures and overall way of doing business is dead. Off to wash vomit-soaked stuffed animals by hand. As God is my witness, we will never buy another LG product again.

I purchased a top of the line LG stainless washer and dryer a few years ago and both appliances are poor quality. I would not recommend LG to anyone. It has been a frustrating experience, as they are malfunctioning more than they are working! Last year, I waited for months just to get the right parts and then they break down again. My washer is continuously leaking in various places. Service technicians have told me I would be better off with a Kenmore! Very disheartening after spending so much money because you feel you are buying quality. This is surely not the case!

The power button on the washer will not turn on, you have to unplug it then plug it back in after 2 minutes, it will then run one cycle. Called the 1-888 number for Canada helpline to run a diagnostic test with the phone tones using the washer. I honestly believe this is a trick to get you to call and have them try to sell you more warranty. They were no help whatsoever, the information on YouTube is much better and in the end, I ordered the part and repaired it myself for 1/4 the cost. There should have not been any costs for a 2-year old washing machine used by a family of 4! Don't BUY LG WASHERS.

LG washing machine WT4870CW. What a piece of junk this machine is, $727.99 and less than two years old. This machine sometimes has a smell to it, take forever to do a load of wash and puts pulls in my clothing and now it leaks water out over the tub. (A computer problem with the amount of water being put into the machine.) When I originally took it apart to check where the water was coming from I was shocked at how cheap it was built. They advertise stainless steel DRUM but they don't tell you is the outside tub which holds the water is plastic, look like a big water cooler jug, you can see right thru it. They also make a big deal out of the ten year warranty on the direct drive motor because they know the machine won't last that long.

Called customer service for help with my problem, what a joke, had some guy with an accent reading from a book and so much noise in the background I could hardly hear him. He gave me the number for the local repair place in my area and told me I would have to pay for labor but the parts were free. I called them and nothing was free and they didn't even like working on them because they have problems getting parts, most times they have to order them for Korea and they take a very long time to get. In fact the company who repairs them doesn't even sell them because they have so many problems. (They don't like Samsung either, both made in the same country.)

I decided I wasn't putting more good money into a bad product so I'm just going to take my loss. I bought a new Speed Queen with an agitator and all manual controls, I don't need a computer operated washing machine, I have ten good fingers and can turn three dials, and hit one switch. (Top rated machine on the market, fewest repairs.) I will never buy anything made by LG again, I'm keeping my paper work on the old machine in case they ever have a class action suit against them. I hope everyone who has problems with this machine tells all their friends to stay away from LG.

Be careful when using the washing machine. Pieces of the rubber fall apart, rub onto the drum and cause smoking. Now need to purchase another washing machine.

We bought the top of the line LG Front Load Washing Machine 3 years ago. We had a repairman out 1 mo ago to service our LG dryer and while he was here he said our washing machine was about to go. He pointed out the loud noise we heard was from the drum that was about to disconnect from the machine. One month later, that's exactly what happened. When I called LG they said the drum was covered but the service was not. I called two of the recommended service repair people and the estimates I received were $695 and $800. I called LG back and asked if this was typical of a 3-year-old washer. I was told it was not their fault that I didn't buy the extended warranty! They do not stand behind their products!

Tried to be fixed 3x. A bunch of crap... Get the UE code or whatever u2 and it just stops. LG won't do a thing but send someone out. Hit or miss when doing a load. Plus they blame the customer. Evidently I don't know how to load a washer correctly.

I bought my washer back in 2010 knowing I have 10 yrs warranty on the motor but got fooled by warranty sticker and come to know when my washer stop working I called LG for tech support and it was code error which clearly means motor is bad. Yes LG will honor the warranty but will charge me $302 labor... I am not stupid to pay LG to fix 6 yrs old washer where I can easily replace something for little more money and if I add few more dollars I should be able to buy latest technology washer. I warn all consumer not to be fooled by warranty because it's worthless. I am shopping for new washer and never ever will buy or let any of my friends or family member buy LG product. Their corporate supervisor was very unprofessional and rude.

Extremely unhappy is a understatement! Started rusting after a couple of years surrounding the bleach dispenser and now at just 5 years old it is continuing to rust around the entire washer to the soap dispenser. I've never seen anything like this happen ever in any washer I've previously owned. Not every cycle washes correctly! I would call it a manufacturers defect but LG does not see it that way! After this experience I will never purchase another LG product again!

I purchased the LG "Smart Drum" top-loading washing machine a few years ago. The clothes come out very wrinkled. I now put almost all my laundry in the dryer; it helps remove the severe wrinkling. I used to just hang clothes up after washing them. Now it takes more energy: my own, and the electricity. I just finished ironing a top which I have had for well over a decade, used to just remove it, nice and clean, from my beloved Kenmore front loader, and hang it up. This was the case with all my clothes. I purchased my machine at The Brick, had to leave the country for a few months, and when I returned it was too late to have the unit replaced. Can't really fault The Brick, but they should know these machines are not-so-great. I have read the other reviews on this site, and my experience is not as truly awful as many others. But I will stay well away from LG in the future, and do more homework before purchasing.

UE codes frequently have to balance the load again and again. The machine just keeps wasting water - when it attempts to balance - all the way to the top and then pumps it down the drain and wastes our limited California water. You should do your job and force them to offer a software upgrade online. The machine have the modem cell phone link and customers could upgrade this dumb wasteful software without some LG moron coming out to tell lies and you what you already know. Force them to open the source code and let someone savvy fix the software - other than LG. They should be fined for the water wasting in a drought. This is huge capacity machine that cannot balance a light load.

I purchase the LG High-Efficiency washer and Electric dryer in 2011. For the past several years the bleach dispenser has become increasingly rusted, and now it is to the point where the clothes washed when the bleach dispenser is used are coming out with rust stains. I thought it might help if I left the washer top open after each wash to allow it to dry out, but this has not helped, and the top is becoming so rusted it will soon be unusable. The dryer no longer completes a full cycle on most of the settings - it will begin and then shut down within a few minutes. I am very disappointed in this product and will not purchase another LG set again.

My LG top loader is the biggest piece of crap I've ever owned. Sometimes it takes literally all day to finish one load. Just last night it filled up 6 times after me manually balancing the clothes. There have been times I've put sopping wet clothes in my dryer because I get so sick of the endless cycles. I hate this washer and can't even sell it cause I'd feel like a dirtbag handing it over to someone else. "High efficiency" my butt. Do yourself a favor and NEVER waste your money on an LG washing machine!

I am dissatisfied with my LG top load washer. It is only 3 yrs old and constantly giving UE and UE error code especially on special wash cycles. I had an appliance tech over and paid the $50.00 service charge and they are pointing to the computer and possibly the stator or both. I am scheduled to have an "Authorized LG Repair company next week analyze the problem. This visit will cost $75.00 and it can be applied to the total repair. This is not an isolated problem and I am sure LG is aware of it and they don't care! There is a class action lawsuit against LG for certain models with the same problem but mine is not included. What? Give me a damn break LG. Do you know that you have lost me a future customer and I am now warning others to stay away from your washers! I will let you know if I am going to get it fixed or junk it later.

Purchased LG front load washer model WM2301HW 01/03/2011. Could not get thru cycle without repeated UE error codes, drum not spinning & water leaking all over. 2015 tech replaced board control and other parts. Now I have the exact problem as before. Machine is JUNK. This weekend had to purchase a new washer because warranties much less good customer service or products to say the very least do not mean anything to LG. Out of curiosity checked reviews for LG front load washer & what do you know... Hundreds of other innocent consumers has had to put up with the same abuse from your LG company. We need to all band together and fight the unjustified ethics of LG. I've contacted an attorney; we'll see what happens. P.S... and YES the clothes & washer do stink just like LG company. To the couple of reviews who said their clothes do not smell... You had better get your "smeller" fixed!!

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