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I recently purchased all new LG appliances in the new black stainless. Love the door in door fridge, enjoy the stove/oven and microwave, but the dishwasher is impossible. The rack design for glasses will not hold any size glass. Glasses continually fall and turn over during cleaning. Often the very top "new utensil" basket gets caught on the glasses and the racks will not close without being pushed aggressively. The bottom rack has collapsible sections that fall down without force and plates become scattered and stuck together during the clean cycle. The overall cleaning, look and quietness of the dishwasher is good. BUT you will become easily frustrated with the basket configuration. Wish I could return this impossible appliance!!!

I bought a home with a brand new LG Dishwasher. The machine broke in less than a year and LG came out to fix it. The next year it broke again and LG charged me $180 to fix it. Now it's broken for a 3rd time in less than 3 years and LG will not stand by their machine. Now they are saying since I was not the original owner. They won't help even though the machine was never used prior to my purchase. Also their customer service people based in Alabama are extremely rude and unhelpful. I have asked for senior management calls three times and finally got an email. I was told LG would no longer assist me since I was not the original owner. The dishwasher is a lemon. Stay away from LG.

I had a kitchen aid dishwasher for 15 years with no problem. Updated my appliances and got a high end LG dishwasher. It is so disappointing. Bottom rack keeps falling off the track. Dishes don't get clean - have to prewash dishes. Silverware container keeps falling apart. Worst of all - after 1 /1/2 years it has stopped draining. $200 for a technician to come out. I feel violated. I thought I was buying a good brand and it is a piece of **.

Have an LG higher stainless dishwasher that has been determined needs to be replaced by tech. Was offered a white may tag and was told only option or 500 dollar cash. Have been trying to get thru to discuss this matter and cannot get thru after waiting hours for some one to answer the phone. No resolution or cannot talk to supervisor. Bad business on your part. No resolution as of yet.

We purchased these items less than 3yr. ago.1st issue with dishwasher, secured contact with LG, would only replace defective part. Customers responsible for repair, only can use their factory-installers. It was cheaper to just replace with new dishwasher. Now the refrigerator is not cooling. There has to be some sort of being held responsible to their customers. Will never deal with this product again.

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Lasted less than 2 years. The whole bottom seal leaked and flooded the place. This thing is still new... Looks like I just bought it and I check out the bottom and it's plain why it all failed. It's so incredibly cheap I can't believe it worked at all... I am now impressed with LG's ability to make complete and total crap work at all. Amazing **. I foolishly promoted LG based on some early personal experiences with miscellaneous peripherals, now that I have Major appliances with the LG badge I am worried because they seems to all be failing like dying flies in the kitchen. Live just about as long. NO MORE LG FOR MY FAMILY.

We purchased and LG refrigerator and dishwasher about 2 years ago. Have had nothing but problems with the refrigerator, but it is working for now. The dishwasher will not clean the dishes. Because it is out of warranty, I called to get a service appointment set up only to be told that the price which I had been quoted by two of their representatives had gone up over $100 when I finally got to the department which could schedule the service. $100 in less than three minutes? I was told that it was due to "sales tax". Total nonsense as nobody charges over 60% tax and we don't even pay tax on service calls in this state!

After calling back, I managed to get the price back down to what was promised and secured an appointment for the next afternoon. The next morning I received an overnight-mail package. It was the pump for my dishwasher which had arrived before the technician could even look at the machine. Obviously LG has had this problem many times before if they know the problem before they can even look at the appliance! Why was there no recall of the defective part if the problem is that common? This company is to be avoided at all costs. They will lie to you and will do absolutely anything to avoid accepting responsibility for their worthless products! If there were a negative number of stars with which I could rate them, I would.

Our dishwasher got some problem 2 months ago. We called for help. Some technician came and changed motherboard without identifying the actual problem. We complaint again then they asked us to take the dishwasher for repair to workshop on 30th June,16 but until today they have not returned the machine yet. We called few times to LG and Best Denki but they told us waiting for parts and 2 weeks ago they said parts has come but until today dishwasher is not being delivered. Very disappointed with services. My wife having tough time since last 2 months without dishwasher.

I just spent 1 hr and 15 minutes on the phone so LG can "diagnose" my brand new dishwasher--used 3 times! This piece of garbage leaves dishes filthy!!! I heard every stupid excuse why this piece of garbage won't clean. This one is good---we don't have enough water pressure--even though the machine controls the force of the jets via its internal jets. In fact, LG boasts of their "Direct Drive pumps/motor" that supposed to clean so well! It has nothing to do with water pressure because the unit is filled before the wash cycle starts!!! After all the attempts to diagnose the problem via my smartphone, nothing worked. I told them to just get a service repair person out. I was told that if this is the normal operation of your unit, it won't be covered under their warranty and will be charged!!! This LG dishwasher is a piece of garbage, as is their so-called customer service. DO NOT PURCHASE LG!!!

After two years, our LG dishwasher stopped pumping out the water after washing. Upon calling LG customer service, after having to pre-pay an expensive repair bill, they sent a technician to our home to repair the machine. We are now on our fifth visit and the machine is still not repaired. The repair person just took the new parts, put them in the machine, slid the machine back into the cabinet and left, never to return to complete the job.The machine's quality is poor, parts difficult to get, and service totally incompetent. Avoid this company's products at all costs. They are over priced, do not last, and are difficult to get repaired. We also own an LG refrigerator and after one year, the ice maker/water dispenser system totally failed. We are talking about a two thousand five hundred dollar refrigerator. Again, avoid LG appliances, they are junk! Their repair service is just as bad, if not worse.

We purchased this dishwasher from Home Depot on 10/20/2014 and we have had problems since purchase. The dishwasher just doesn't clean the dishes. It is a water saver dishwasher but it doesn't have enough water pressure to clean the dishes. After a huge runaround with Customer Service we did receive a full refund but what a hassle. We also have a LG refrigerator which we had to replace the ice maker within a year of purchase. While these products look good on the outside their engineering needs help.

I bought this dishwasher in January 2015 and it has been a nightmare since I have had it. While under warranty LG had 5 different people out to fix it. I have not been able to use this dishwasher more than able to use it. I paid approximately $800.00 for this dishwasher and the one I had when I lived at an apartment was 100x better than this. Didn't clean well... ALWAYS problems with it. LG would not replace, kept fixing issues with it. I had to have the motor replaced, door replaced, dish soap dispenser replaced 2x, steam vent replaced, hoses replaced, seals replaced and it has been a lemon since day one.

Again, last night after having yet another repairman out and only "repaired" about a couple of weeks ago, it breaks again and won't even come on. Seriously, what a piece of junk. Will never purchase another LG product again. Went out this morning and purchased another dishwasher. The LG is now out of warranty. Oh, and also one of the repairman told me that LG should just replace it and guess what, never heard from that repairman again. They said his work was not up to par... Really LG, I think you're not up to par!!!

My husband and I bought this dishwasher last May 2015 NEW with the fridge and stove. This dishwasher is probably the worst dishwasher ever!! It's the model with the 3rd rack, sounds convenient right? Wrong!!! It sucks, yes I can put knives and silverware on the top row but it leaves very little space for your glasses. So any glass taller than 6 inches does not fit!! Which means they have to take up space on the bottom rack or I'm forced to hand wash!

Now the bottom row... The lines that are suppose to hold the dishes do not stay standing up. The silverware basket is in three sections that is suppose to lock to together, it falls apart if you just put a fork in it. The large bottom rolling basket is constantly coming off the tracks! It takes 2 1/2 hours to run a normal load and an hour to run a quick load. The quick load does do a good job and usually have to rewash items. I hate this dishwasher and the only place it belongs is in the trash dump! WARNING DO NOT BUY IT!!!

Hello, has anyone with an LG dishwasher experienced it "whistling" during the cycles? It happens on normal and other cycles. It stopped for a while, but started back up again this week. I had a repairman out a while ago, but he couldn't get it to "whistle" so he gave up on it... Just wondering if others have experienced this and what they did? Also, the silverware holder comes apart all the time. It is supposed to, but it is getting quite annoying.

I purchased my LG dishwasher on april 11, 2015. I did not purchase an extended warranty as LG was supposed to be a high end appliance company and felt the product would not require service right away. However, I was wrong. One week after my 1 year purchase date, the dishwasher had an oe error code flashing one morning, which I did not know what that meant. So I continue to use it and instead of running at night while sleeping I decided to run before we went to bed. The dishwasher when first starting had a loud grinding noise, which sounded like it was trying to take off and start flying.

I went online to find that this is a problem with the dishwasher and the company does not back their warranty. I started a chat at 8:38 to resolve the issue and remained on the chat until 10:52, with no resolution. I then called the company direct. Spoke with a rep and a supervisor, both of which informed me my dishwasher had no warranty. Only after I had to contact Sears, get a duplicate receipt, upload it to them and they reviewed it. Since I got a discount on my dishwasher due to the door having had swirl marks on the front it voided any extended warranty. Therefore, I like many others will have to pay a serviceman to come repair my dishwasher that I purchased just over a year ago. I would tell anyone looking for any type of appliance. Do not buy LG anything!!! Their customer service is awful and their warranty is ridiculous.

Update 5/13/16: I received from LG names and numbers of authorized repairman in our area. Called their repairman, was told by them "Oh, maam, you are not in my service area." So, therefore, I have no one to service my dishwasher.

I bought an LG dishwasher LDF7774ST. This dishwasher is not cleaning my dishes. I followed instructions from Troubleshooting manual but still did not clean my dishes. I placed a glass that I only used to drink water with; but it did not clean. It came out dirty. Called LG Headquarters - they sent several Local Appliance Repair Co. but to no avail (8 service calls). At this point, LG representative told me and my husband that they have nothing they could do. I urge consumers to not purchase LG dishwashers because they don't work. They look good but life is not good with this dishwasher.

My husband and I were recently upgrading our stainless steel appliances. Keep in mind I loved my old ones but my daughter was getting a new house so we thought we would give her ours and get we! I did some research and found the items I wanted at Lowes! I had them delivered and loved the way they looked! After my first load of dishes I was wanting my old appliances back. I called lowes and they told me oh they would never recommend an LG Dishwasher! Not only is the dishwasher horrible it does not get the dishes clean and leaves water and spots on everything but the stainless steel always looks horrible! I've had stainless before but for some reason this brand is horrible! I am now noticing small dings in the appliances. It is just my husband and I were very careful so the durability of these appliances is horrible.

Man I wish we would have paid for new racks for our old KitchenAid. My blood pressure rises every time, every time I load up this crappy LG dishwasher. The tines are badly located, what is with the big area on the lower rack that had no tines? Because of the rack/tine design, we get about 20% less dishes in this thing. Then it runs forever but that is part of all new dishwashers. I like how sites say to run the water first so the water is hot. Yep KitchenAid heated the water much better. It had a heating element on the bottom that dried the dishes. KitchenAid had a filter on the bottom that was easily removable. The spray arms on the LG are so flimsy. I wonder if they will last 2 years. Errr!!!

We purchased all brand new stainless appliances including washer, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, stove, microwave oven. To our disappointment three of the appliances all have black mold. Just the appliances that have anything to do with moisture. This is not a healthy situation. Please see attached pictures.

My husband and I bought one of our first brand new appliances last April when we purchased our first home. It was an LG dishwasher and let me just start off by saying that it is the worst appliance I have ever used, which is completely disappointing. Out of all of the machines I have used in my life this one wins the prize of worst dishwasher. First of all, when I am busy cleaning the kitchen I have got to remember to pull out the bottom rack slowly and carefully, otherwise it will just fall off the "track". To say there is a track though isn't really accurate. It seems like LG just decided to throw some wheels on the rack and call it a day. Don't get me wrong, I don't come in like a raging bull and just throw everything open. I just don't think it should have to be in my mind to remember to open slowly so things don't get all thrown off. It's very annoying.

Another issue I have is that the dishwasher doesn't clean! The normal cycle will not clean my dishes. I have to use the heavy duty option in order for them to come out even a little clean. I have always rinsed my dishes before putting them in any dishwasher I have ever used, but this one requires my dishes to be put in completely spot free. If they are not spot free, they do not come out clean. It really is almost pointless to even use our LG dishwasher. Last but not least, the soap dispenser gets stuck quite often! I run the dishwasher on the heavy duty cycle for almost 3 hours, and find out the soap dispenser didn't even open! We bought our machine from Home Depot in Pontiac, MI and can't imagine buying another LG appliance. We were excited to have our first new appliance but were let down. Life's good but LG dishwashers are not.

No matter what we do the dishes are always dirty. We have to completely pre-wash or half the silverware is unuseable. The thing is a piece of **. LG products are a joke. Every LG product we have bought has broken or worked poorly.

Spent a lot of money on this attractive stainless dishwasher. After minimal use (work out of town, used it maybe once a month) the pump quit. I live out of town, can't get anyone out here to try and fix it. Guess it's going to the dump, probably only did 20 loads of dishes. Lousy loading racks. Though the interior is quite large, the racks don't seem able to nest as many dishes as my old one. About all this dishwasher does is look nice, stainless, hidden controls, sleek handle. Never ever buy a LG dishwasher. Even if I'd have bought the extended warranty, the pump and service call are not covered.

It does wash the dishes clean, but is noisy and slow. I like that I can pick a bottom or a top wash or both. It's white, so can go with any kitchen, but is getting a bit long in the tooth. It cannot take really good water pressure as it causes it to make a high pitched sound and water has to be turned back to a trickle. The door did not last long - I am going to call it. The hydraulics of the door have given way and is very heavy - does not affect the wash but is not a good thing to have happened. Other than those things it pretty good.

LG cleans fairly well, but if dishes sit they get moldy. It's quiet when running. Quiet. Would like to have had the racks designed differently to accommodate more sizes of dishes and glassware. White, plain. The brackets supporting the dishwasher broke within a year so my dishwasher is without the side supports that hold it in place. When the dishwasher door is opened, the racks all slide forward and the lower rack goes off the tracks quite quickly.

Cleans very nicely but is just starting to get noisy. Love the ease of use and the rinsing it spot free. Perfect for a family of 4 but I can see it's going to be too large when kids go to college soon. Modern looking, looks up to date. Wish I had gone with the stainless steel finish but that was much more money. I love the dishwasher but sometimes it's too large like when the kids go away for weekend with friends.

Runs silent and cleans well. Steam sanitize, power scrub, regular modes as well as ability to choose wash strength. Standard, under counter. Has very clean lines with no brand on the visible front of the machine. When first purchased, the original dishwasher was faulty and would not work. We purchased through Best Buy who replaced the machine a week later and since then we have had no issues with it.

Happy with the way it performs. It is just every year, this being year 4, I have had to have a service technician come out and replace the whole pump assembly. The dishwasher starts squealing during the whole wash cycle. Not much at first, but after about a month of running almost everyday, it goes to constant. The noise is quite annoying. Like I said today is the 4th time I am having service for this issue. Thank goodness they offer the extended warranty. I will keep purchasing as long as they offer it. But seriously after purchasing a 800 dishwasher, I am still spending 100 for the extended warranty every year.

Bought an LG Dishwasher from the home depot. From the beginning it would not drain. Contacted LG and the sent a repair man 4 times to fix it and it still does not work. Contacted them in October 2015 and said part was on back order. Called again today and was told that the warranty was now expired and refused to fix or replace their product.

I just purchased new LG appliances about 4 months ago. All are ok except the dishwasher. There are two main issues I continue to have. The bottom rack continues to come off track and it appears the design of the dishwasher does not have a large enough track to keep the wheels on track. I continue to have issues with the dishes not getting clean. If we do not pre-rinse the dishes completely, they will come out dirty with the residue dried on. I generally use the "normal" cycle, which takes 2 1/2 hours.

I called customer service and was told that the "normal cycle" is designed to reach a temperature of 96 degrees and have a moderate spray intensity. The agent further explained that this is not a sufficient wash cycle to clean dishes unless they are completely pre-washed! She recommended using "Power Scrub", a cycle that takes close to 3 hours, or adding in addition rinse cycles to The "normal" cycle. I am so disappointed that I spent over $700 on a dishwasher that is not designed to wash dishes! Please DO NOT make the same mistake.

This is the first step on my mission to educate my friends before anyone buys a new dishwasher. Do Not buy LG brand dishwasher. If you do, do yourself a favor and buy the extended warranty, you will need it. I started having an issue right after mine went out of warranty. I paid for one repair, about $150, and that didn't fix the problem. Then I had a different repair person come out, factory authorized mind you, and he replaced some parts. He was here 3 times for another $350 and the problem persisted. I didn't bother to call him back, just thought I could live with the noise that was coming out because the machine was cleaning my dishes just fine.

However, last night the same error code that started the whole thing happened again. So today I called to speak to LG Consumer services. I once again got the runaround, with the "technician" telling me I had to perform something on the machine and see if it worked. I gave him hell and reminded him how much I spent on the high end dishwasher and how much I have spent in repairs already and I think it's BS to expect the consumer to do anything to try and fix it. The first time I called, he had me running around looking for screwdrivers so I could level a dishwasher that didn't need leveling! So, I told him I wouldn't do what he wanted me to and I didn't expect to have to pay for yet another service call for this crappy machine.

I wanted to speak to his supervisor. When she got on the phone, I went through the whole thing again and of course the parts that were replaced are now not under warranty, so the only thing they could do is suggest I call the repairman again and have him call them to assist in figuring out what the problem. Of course I would need to pay for all of this, since there is no warranty left. I told the supervisor that I don't think that I will. I will go and buy a different dishwasher of another brand before I put more good money after bad. I have already spent more than half in repairs on what I paid for the stupid thing in the first place.

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LG was founded as GoldStar in 1958 in Korea. It is one of the world's largest producers of consumer electronics and household appliances.

  • Moderate to luxury pricing: While LG doesn't offer discount models, it does have a range of pricing to fit most budgets and a variety choices in features.
  • Steam washers available: Hot steam can loosen even the toughest food debris, and many LG dishwasher models use its Truesteam Generator to maximize cleaning power.
  • Height-adjustable third rack: Rearrange the interior of the dishwasher to accommodate different loads as needed.
  • Half-wash mode: Get the convenience of a two-drawer dishwasher in on large tub using the half-wash mode, which allows you to only wash dishes in half of the dishwasher.
  • Large capacity: Wash up to 14 place settings at once. This feature makes holiday cleanup a breeze and is useful for smaller restaurants.
  • Best for Businesses, homeowners and families

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