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Recognized as a top appliance brand for 100 years, Kenmore brings a new level of performance with appliances that deliver time savings, convenience and great results. From quickly cooling drinks to laundry loads completed in less time, Kenmore is the most awarded brand in the industry.

The Kenmore brand understands its customers’ wants and needs. Being in the lives of over 100 million Americans, performance innovations are a top priority of Kenmore product development. Ongoing engagement with our customers before, during and after purchases will help us maintain the honor of industry leader.

Consumer Reviews & Complaints

We purchased the Kenmore Elite Dishwasher, 2 days after the warranty expired, the whole top rack stopped working, needed a technician to come out and charged us another $200 in parts plus the $59 service fee. 6 months later, there is water leaking all over the floor... the motor pump! Been trying to get someone out, they are happy to charge me for an "extended warranty" that is $222.99 that only covers up to $500 in parts. Have been on hold for over 1hour 43 minutes, been transferred a million times and hung up on twice when asked to speak to a manager. WORST decision ever!!! Sears is the such a joke, will never buy anything form them again. Kenmore is a piece of junk!!! Couldn't be more disappointed!!! Save yourself and your wallet the agony and RUN out of the doors of Sears.

It stacks easy, everything has a lot of space. You can put extra if need the extra room. If you give an dinner party you need not to worry, maybe just 2 loads will clean everything. Large room for every dish, glass and even a few pans. It is easy to load. Everything will be clean. No need to prewash. Just rinse off and load. The great part is your plates will sparkle just like your glassware, pots and pan are clean. Sleek, up to date goes well with any decor style you have. It fits very well with new updated modern, it goes well with any color you have, glass, wood, marble, tiles. Or just painted walls. It fits well with everything you can think of. The way that this work horse work, it's worth a lot more than the asking price. If you just look at the style, the amount you can load into it, the job it do, the beauty of it. And it use less water.

Have the dishwasher for 10 years until I moved. There were no problems. Did the dishes nicely. Clean them. Was happy with the results. The dishwasher fit my needs. I did the dishes nicely. I never had any service problems with the item. I would highly recommend it to all of my friends or family. The appearance was okay. Nothing special. Would give it about a five out of ten. The value of the dishwasher was good. The cost was average compared to other brands. Came with a good warranty or guarantee. It is a must-have for any home or apartment.

Good machine. Dishes are always clean. It is water smart. Holds more dishes than most. Very quiet. Does not need a lot of dishwasher soap but still gets the dishes clean. Racks are large enough to hold most of my pans. It has two very large shelves. Only problem is that there is no place for the silverware. Quiet and gets the job done quickly. Dishes come out shining and all the food particles are gone. Very nice. If kept up the work put into fixing up was worth it. Easy to keep clean inside and out. Would recommend this dishwasher to anyone. Does a great job keeping the dishes and pots and pans clean. This dishwasher saves me time and energy. Would recommend this machine to anyone.

Great thing to use. I love it. I would kill for it. LOL. But I know that my mom use it all the time so I bought one as well. The size is big and it fit well in my kitchen. I use it everyday. I never had a day I don't use it. I liked to have another color hut. It's not ugly just rather a different color, not a dark color. My kitchen is a bright kitchen. It cost a lot but I had enough for it so I bought it anyways. it was needed in the house so why not buy one if I had the money.

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It does a great job getting the dishes clean in the first wash without having to pre wash them in sink to wash in the dishwasher. A quiet reliable machine. It is a normal size dishwasher, can fit all dinner dishes, pots, pan, plates utilities in one wash. Very nice look, buttons are easy to read and understand. No need to search for what button need to be pressed. Easy to keep clean and wipe down as needed. Great value on this model of dishwasher, energy efficient, and water saver. With this I feel like I am saving by not having to wash my dishes before putting them in the washer.

Quick, fast, quiet, does the job, looks nice and work great. I love my dishwasher. I can't wait to update all my appliances if this is a good long lasting brand. Perfect size, doesn't take up much space but can hold a good amount of dishes, perfect space for everything, too nice, inner and outer appearance. Nice, sleek, clean looking dishwasher, fits in nicely with other appliances and pulls my whole kitchen together, it gives it that nice sleek look. A very good value for money, they are long lasting and even after years of use are minor issues that cheap, fast, simple, easy fixes so they never really lose their value.

When you're raising a brood of boys that eat constantly, your Kenmore dishwasher never stops running! Keeping my dinnerware spotless for years too! I cook almost every meal at home for 4 people. I load breakfast, lunch AND dinner dishes throughout the day/evening with a little room to spare for a midnight snack. THEN, I turn it on before bed, ready for the next day's meal. Wash, rinse, repeat! Dependable and reliable. Until the day I moved out of our 18 year residency of our first home, our Kenmore dishwasher kept the appearance of new! I hated to leave her behind! Any brand dishwasher, (Kenmore) that can last 18+ years IS A GREAT VALUE! My ex still lives in that home, my son recently out of the service, moved back in. Is still filling that Kenmore dishwasher since he was a teen. I'd say... THAT'S A GOOD VALUE FOR OUR MONEY!

Have purchased several Kenmore Elite appliances over the years, but it appears the quality control and service is declining. Bought a Consumer Report highly rated KE dishwasher. CR has subsequently noted consumer complaints about the dishwasher. Mine is still under warranty and it stopped working. The control panel needs to be replaced and being told the part is on back order and no idea when it will be available, but no earlier than four weeks! Thinking maybe because I am still under warranty, I am back in line to those who are out of warranty and need to pay for the part. It is inconvenient when an appliance is not working for a week or two; crazy that any company thinks it is acceptable to sell appliances that cannot be repaired for a month or more.

Simple function, cleaned dishes really well, easy to use, energy-efficient and fast drying time, easy to load, very little leaking, easy for children to load and unload. It was big enough to hold and clean my family's everyday dish use. It sometimes had to separate the really dirty pots and pans from the dinnerware. It blended well into the rest of the kitchen. Easy wipe down. Really up to date looking but not standing out. Easy to match with my existing appliances. I thought it was a little pricey but the price was worth the quality of the machine. Very little maintenance cost and upkeep. I guess paying for the brand is worth it.

It performs very well. Makes life real easy. Stops the wife from bitching. Very satisfied overall. Easy to fill. Dishes come clean the first time. It's convenient. Fits right under my counter. Makes it so easy to load. Less stress on the back. For me it's the perfect size. My dishwasher is white, and blends well with my kitchen, and since my formica counters are white, it looks like it belongs there. I have had my dishwasher about a year now. Works as good as when I first got it. Easy to maintain. In the long run well worth every penny I spent on it.

This appliance was easy to install. It doesn't use a lot of water. There is plenty of room to stock up all of my dishes. I think I got a great dishwasher. Thank you. There is room for all or most of my entire collection of plates, bowls, utensils, cups, etc. It does the job every time, in a quick amount of time, every time. This was a good buy. Snazzy design. Simple, compact, easy to use. I purchased the black model. It's modern look, fits well with today's kitchen trend. Whoever created the blueprints for this is a genius! Affordable. You get what you pay for. But with this, I got much more than I bargained for.

It cleans the dishes well and it never leaves spots or any residue on the dishes. The dishwasher gets everything nice and clean and I never have to worry about opening the doors and seeing leftover food on the dishes inside. This dishwasher holds A LOT of dishes. When I have family gatherings I never have to worry about everything not fitting. The racks are far enough apart that I can put lots of pots and pans in there also It looks great! It has a nice clean look to it, I hardly ever have smudges on it. It always looks clean and perfect. It matches with other chrome appliances that I have in my kitchen well. This dishwasher was a great price. I felt that I got a great deal it was priced right with the other dishwashers and I felt that I got a great deal and was not paying more than it was worth.

Powerful dish washing machine that helps. Your life is not complete until you owned and ate off dishes that come out of Kenmore dish washing machine. Perfect size, did not have tear apart the kitchen. Kenmore always fits like glove. Fits all dishes, great on water, not a waste of time putting your dishes in one. Nice, elegant, cute, powerful, sleek, one of a kind. A blast from back in the day. Updated beyond any dish washing machine compared to. I want to take dishwasher out on date but unfortunately I look a little weird so I have secret relationship. Don't tell anyone. Value above the rest of all dish washing world. Super value dishwasher, not even close. Beyond the space station, dishwasher does not even come close Kenmore quality.

I am satisfied at how clean everything is. I would describe my dishwasher's performance as very nice. I would recommend it because it washes those dishes right up! The dishwasher doesn't take up the whole kitchen which is nice. It is smaller than a refrigerator and larger than a trash can which is a good size for a dishwasher to be. It could always be smaller, but then it couldn't hold more dishes. The more dishes that get clean, the better, so I'd say the size is just right!

This dishwasher is on fleek. The color and model are super pleasing on the eye. The manufacturer obviously knew what they were doing when they made this dishwasher. I love it. The value is very good. If you are thinking about buying a dishwasher, you cannot find a better value anywhere else. Give up your search because this is the epitome of value. It is a good dishwasher.

It works great, best thing I ever bought. Gets my dishes very clean, a great investment. Good size, all my dishes fit good. Very happy with it. No more hand washing to do, saves me time. I can do other things. Not miss out on hanging out with family, like in past. No more stuck in kitchen, whilst family or company visits. Satisfied. Giving it a 10+. Very nice, matches everything in kitchen. I highly recommend buying this product and any other item made by Kenmore. I would buy it again and again.

This dishwasher is a thing of legend. It's magnificent mechanism, leaves my dishes clean, sterilized and ready for action. The way it sanitizes my cutlery makes me swoon and wanting to use again and again. There is not much more I can say about this machine except that I wish it was portable. Ninety-nine percent of my dishes fit in this machine. This machine is worth its price in gold and I would spend that money again.

Have always used Kenmore appliances and they are dependable and the performance is a leader in its class. Strong long lasting and I extremely love this dishwasher. The size is the right amount for my needs. Fits right in to the kitchen decor and I am proud to have this dishwasher in my kitchen. Try it for yourself and you will see how much you will fall in love with this dishwasher. Many different styles that you can choose from so do not be afraid that there is not the right one out there for you. Different styles and many different colors to make your kitchen the perfect place to be. Value speaks for itself because of the name involved in this appliance. Strong and dependable are just a few of the many things you will love about this appliance.

This dishwasher cleans really caked on dishes, pots, and pans without rinsing them first. It saves on water, but it has a sprayer nozzle that really does the job the first time! It has a bottom and a top rack that seem rather wider than my replaced one. Also, each rack is long enough for you to place dishes for up to 6 people. On the bottom there is ample space for pots and pans and a big silverware tray. I chose the stainless steel look because I love the shine of it when I clean the front. It fit perfectly in the space that we had our old dishwasher without any problems. Once I used it the first time I knew we had chose the best dishwasher, because it is very energy-efficient and does not use a whole lot of unnecessary water. The spray nozzle is the benefit of using less water because it is so powerful and it cleans everything spotless.

Great. It was what I needed. Get all the dishes done at once, make the job a lot easier. Always can depend on it when you are behind on your dishes to get the job done. A great way to make sure everything gets done on time: Start it up at night. When you wake up in the morning your dishes will have that fresh clean smell and ready to be used. It's get tough spots undone. Bad and good experience at that same time because the quality was not what I thought it would be. It still got the job done.

It worked really well. It got all the things clean that we needed. It worked exactly the way I needed it to work. It worked smooth, very reliable, nice model. It is a very nice size. Big enough to fit 20+ dishes of any kind in it. Very lovely dishwasher. It has all the tools I need to get my dishes done. Works great. It's black, very big, has silver bars. Has a silver back to it. The inside that holds the dishes is white. Very clean inside. Bottom of the dishwasher is silver as well. Mostly black but has some silver and white. The perceived value of the dishwasher is to wash the dishes to the best of its ability. It gets every little of stains out of each dish. It makes sure your dishes are the cleanest they can be.

This dishwasher is quiet and cleans my dishes very well. I am very happy with this dishwasher and would highly recommend it if you're in the market for a dishwasher. It is a perfect size for an average family and fits with your kitchen without taking too much room. All my dishes fit into the first time. Very nice appearance and really fits in with my other kitchen appliances. I am very pleased with this dishwasher. It fit into my counter without taking up a lot of room. I thought it was a little pricey, but with the job it does it was well worth the cost. I have had other brands and they did half the job this one does.

Cleans well and easy to operate. Doesn't leave streaks on crystals. I can fit heavy pans and has space for small items. Not noisy. For the price it's very economical and easy on the pocket. Well built. Clean, simple design, blends well with the rest of the kitchen. Handle is very ergonomic, racks easy to clean and easy to maintain. Good value for price. As expected from the Kenmore brand. For no frill dishwasher this is a good buy.

Kenmore dishwasher is fast and quiet and has a great service. It is sleek and just the right size and love the chrome color. I love the modern look. The price was great, got amazing deal and free installment.

This dishwasher has served me and my family well for 2 years and it still has room in the tank left to be the most efficient dishwasher you can have. The holding space is amazing and it's good for those very big dinners. I mostly pile on my large objects on top of the smaller one so that everything will be clean. The dishwasher has a neutral color to it. Great for home projects that don't need much color or depth into it. The holding space is whitish/grayish look as well. It has saved me a pretty penny whenever the soap is running over. Power/Cost efficient so you don't have to worry about your bill rising.

The first wash brought my utensils and dishes back to life - everything was clean and shiny. It is a great machine for the price we paid. Have had this for about a year now, no complaints or problems with it. Size is perfect for my household. Although there was absolutely nothing wrong with our dishwasher, we decided to get the one that matched our other appliances. We weren't sorry! This is an excellent appliance. It's quite running and does a great job of cleaning the dishes. It's easy to operate.

I only had to rinse any heavy or dried food off. It cleaned very well in a quick amount of time. Has good options for cycles. I have a family of 5 and this dishwasher was good for that amount of people. It got a workout on holidays and family gatherings. Most pots and pans fit well and were cleaned to my standards. Easy to clean inside and out. Mine was white and the surface was very easy to keep clean. No fingerprints. Just wiped it down with a soapy towel and dried it off. I ran it empty to clean the inside. After comparing prices and brands, the Kenmore stood out as the best value. I have not regretted buying this dishwasher, it has delivered in all areas, cost, reliability, getting my dishes clean and overall satisfaction.

It works well in general. It was a good deal for the price and seems like it will last a long time. The silver is easy to clean. I'm a fan of this brand in general. Their products last and their prices are great. The Kenmore dishwasher has plenty of room. On a huge holiday style meal I can most of the utensils and plates in without any issues. It is really almost too big for just a few plate family meal in general. This Kenmore dishwasher is a good looking appliance. I have the silver metal colored model. It has stayed in very good shape since I got it. It is easy to clean for the most part. In my humble opinion, this Kenmore dishwasher was a very good deal for the money.This Kenmore dishwasher is well built and looks good. I would say buy it.

The dishwasher worked very well and lasted the family longer than other brands we have had. There was no residue that I would need to wash off, which made it very convenient for me. The size of the dishwasher was perfect. Not too big or small and the door was light enough to be handled by kids. It is an average size compared to many different brands of dishwashers nowadays. The dishwasher was very stylishly made and it was black so it was somewhat kid proof when it came to getting dirty easily. It had a very pretty pearly black finish which gave it a lot of style and was a beautiful addition to my kitchen. The value of the dishwasher was average, compare to the other brands that were being sold at the time. It was affordable on a slightly flexible budget and was worth the price I paid for it.

This product has a good performance. Quiet and sophisticated system. Make my dishwasher time unique experience in my house. Good performance is a goal and a reality in my house. Standard size make very easy move the appliance. The kitchen look very good and have space to all my dishes and never cause any damage. Good performance for this appliance. The modern appearance makes easy to recommend the dishwasher to other people. Good performance and appearance. I love the finished gloss of the dishwasher. Look beautiful. The appliance value is low. The appliance cost varying, but is low price when compared with other brands and appliance. I am very satisfy with the cost.