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Last updated: Nov. 7, 2017

135 Lennar Homes Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 7, 2017

I've read a lot of bad experiences so I will share mine. Keep in mind I am a new homeowner so maybe all these issues that others complain about I just haven't experienced yet and hopefully I won't. When we first did the walkthrough the construction manager pointed out a lot of things that had to be fixed/repainted that we would have never noticed ourselves. Which really made us trust him and his team. They put stickers on everything that needed to be fixed. Two days later we did our second walkthrough (we were closing in 2 weeks so everything was done quickly) and everything that needed to be fixed, was.

When we moved in of course we noticed extra things that needed to be fixed such as the screen door, the air unit was making a noise, the heater wasn't as hot as it should be, the garage door was having problems, and a few other things. I opened up a ticket with Lennar and literally within 1 business day all the different companies associated with each problem called me to set up an appointment. They all came out the following day and fixed each and every single issue.

Right now I have a problem with the dryer so I just opened up a ticket. These are new homes, never before been lived in, so of course you are going to be the first one to notice each and every single problem it has. But in my case they have resolved each and every single issue so far. One of my neighbors he was having an issue with a water leakage in the attic and they came and had to reconstruct it but they did it. I would also like to add Lennar hires different contractors in every community they build. So maybe the ones in one community were horrible but another community may have a completely different outcome. I was reading a lot of bad reviews so I just wanted to share my experience which has been very good so far.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 30, 2017

Horrible sales and construction... Wish I read these reviews before buying. Though their customer service is better it's not of much help with initial mesh up and pain we had to go through just because after signing contract you don't have any choice left.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2017

We purchased a home from Lennar and moved in September 2016. We had problems beginning with our final walk through. Repairs were not made based on our final walk through and to our surprise the individual we had been working with resigned less than a week after we moved in. We were then introduced to an individual named John and he has proved to be the most difficult, incompetent, and rude Lennar rep. From day one John refused to be an advocate for us in getting repairs fixed that should have been done after final walk through. He couldn’t even find the final walk through paperwork outlining our repairs.

There were areas that required painting, stone in our fireplace that was chipped, wood in our baseboards split, chips in our kitchen backsplash and his response to me was we needed to wait for our one year repairs. Through our first year Lennar and John have refused to put the customer first. At our one year walk through any and all repairs were met with “sorry that isn’t under warranty.” Last night I reached out to John regarding stone that has fallen off the front of our exterior and his response “sorry you are past your one year warranty.” Lennar- what happened to quality workmanship? What happens to ensuring the customer is satisfied? What happened to ensuring you employ individuals who are kind in their responses? Why must everything be a black and white answer?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 21, 2017

In 2013 I had a water leak in my living room. I covered the cost. Today 10/20/17 I get home from work. I go to switch light on and water is leaking from switch. The paint is bubbled, water spot on ceiling and about a foot from switch another water spot. The carpet is saturated. I call Lennar CUSTOMER CARE. BIG WASTE OF TIME. I turned off water because we started hearing water running. My house payment is about 80% of my net. Not sure how this will be fixed. I thought I had a quality home and would not have to worry about events like this for at least 10 yrs. Provided one image.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 19, 2017

I purchased a new home build from Lennar. Prior to the close of escrow I did a walkthrough on the home, tagged areas that required repairs and attention. Upon the close of escrow and moving in many of the repairs were still not completed. I was informed that they would be made and that I would be allowed 30 days after move in to compile a list of additional items/repairs/adjustments that may need to be done. Since closing and moving in, it has been difficult to get my representative, Bryan, to schedule the repairs.

Appointments were made and I was not notified. Workers would show up unannounced. I have continued to have an issue with ongoing grout and tile repairs. They silicon grout being used to "fix the cracks and holes" is not the same color (dries darker than the grout). I paid out the nose for the upgrades and the half-** attempt to make repairs is unacceptable. I will not settle or be told that this is what they use and deal with it. I have also had an issue with representative using an electronic signature of mine back in May 2017 to "sign-off" on repairs indicating the issue has been resolved to my satisfaction. I have had no contact with this representative by email or phone since early September 2017, but he manages to use my electronic signature to sign-off on the repairs. Sneaky and dishonest.

I could go on-and-on about the issues with my home and the other homeowners I have grown to know in the community experiencing the same/similar issues. Warning, do not close escrow until all the repairs are done. Once they have your money they are onto the next home to close. Also, when the representative tells you that a survey is going to be sent and that anything less than a 10 would result in the loss of his/her bonus, be honest when completing it. Do not let the fact that the employee will lose out on the bonus. The simple fact is, EARN IT. Do quality work, provide great customer service and you won't have to beg homeowners to give you 10.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2017

I bought a Lennar home a little over a year ago. The home was brand new. Now the A/C is freezing up. During the hurricane, I filled the tub up with water and my kitchen ceiling started to leak! I contacted Lennar and explained that a new home should not have these problems. All they did is send me a copy of the contract that states I only have a 1 year warranty! So now I find out that many homeowners are having the same issues. I was also told by someone that use to work for Lennar, that Lennar does not fill the A/C unit with enough gas, in to save money. At this point it's on me. But if you buy a Lennar home, before your year is up, make sure you check everything, including the gas on the A/C!

This is the response I got: "We understand that Raul, your customer care representative, contacted you about your recent service request for your home. As Raul indicated, your home is no longer covered under the Lennar limited warranty. We are sending this email to you as a notification that we will be closing this service request at this time. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact customer care limited warranty at www.Lennar.com and select “Contact Us”. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you."

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 9, 2017

I bought a brand new home from Lennar 2 yrs ago & since we moved in it has brought us nothing but trouble & more trouble every day! There’s flooding in the front, side & back of the yard & it takes forever to get someone to look at it & fix it! The AC is just terrible! We have replaced a lot of the parts. Every few months something is going wrong with the AC, it has flooded my living room which is right below the AC storage room. It has caused me so much money fixing the damages caused by their faulty AC/installer.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 6, 2017

Basically you spend about $250,000 on a home and they promise energy efficient homes and they actually fall extremely short for energy-efficient homes. I have found out since purchasing my home that the AC unit in my home is not the right size for the square footage that goes in my home. They said that is incorrect information. They stand by it but my house is hot so I called the manufacturer of the AC unit and they confirmed that it is for an 1800 square-foot home not a 24+ square-foot home. The roof is sinking and no one has fixed it. The warranty people are so uneducated it's not even funny that we have to deal with some of them. So prior to buying a home in this neighborhood make sure you get an independent air conditioning company and independent home inspector To inspect your home.

Approximately 40% of my insulation was not added to the home. That means that the building inspector For the City of Zephyrhills just gave them the OK without going into the attic to see if there was sufficient insulation. Yes, that is correct you cant even trust the city of Zephyrhills to properly do their jobs either. The building inspector was supposed to go in the attic, check the insulation to make sure there was sufficient insulation in the attic and sign off on it. He did sign off on it but after he signed off on it we had 20 bags of insulation added to the attic for insufficient insulation. I have had three AC companies come to my home and say that the size of the AC unit that's in my home is not big enough. This includes two employees from Bayonet Heating and Air-conditioning. Their own employees said the units were too small.

I have also spoken to several Lennar employees and they have told me personally in confidence that the units are too small to cool down this home. I can tell you that I'm not the only homeowner in this neighborhood that is experiencing the same problem. Drive around this neighborhood and ask for Frank and I'll gladly show you what's going on. I will try now not to give them any star ratings because they dont deserve one star rating. One thing I have learned is that when somebody begged you to do a survey from Lennar dont do the survey. After the survey is when they stopped answering my call, stop fixing things.

I felt bad a little bit for the guy because he said he wanted to win a contest so I gave him a 10 rating. He did not deserve a 10 rating. He deserved a sub zero rating! After all this is said and done the personal attacks started against my disabilities by the same person that I gave a 10 rating to. I'm a disabled veteran and he made fun of my disabilities. Not even their corporate office will return calls even on the personal attacks about my disabilities. Their corporate office is too busy pumping homes out they use the lowest grade builders the cheapest builders to get these houses up as fast as possible so they could sell them for as much as possible hoping that no one will notice all the issues prior to the one-year warranty expiring on the new home.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 6, 2017

Do not purchase a Lennar home, the construction is terrible. The customer service is even more terrible. I have a new home which had mold problems. The paint is cheap and comes off. The ceiling is cracking and only 8 months old. Nobody really seems to care enough to come out and do the warranty work. Turned in a list in June and still have a lot of problems. Buyer beware.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 1, 2017

When I 1st purchased my house from Lennar I thought I was buying great quality homes with zero problems plus since I was buying a brand new home I also expect it not to have any problems with the structure, materials and quality. Now after investing a lot money in getting this property I have been having Mold problems in my daughters Room and attic. The 1st time I saw the mold signs more than a year ago I thought It was not a big deal and decided to clean it with CLOROX but over the past year the mold problem had increased substantially to the point there is mold mites all around it. I'm so frustrated because I shouldn't be dealing with this type of problems too soon, I feel like my investment was not worth it at all.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 25, 2017

Lennar homes are installing AC units that are under size for the square footage of the homes. I have a 2200 Square foot home and using a 2.5ton unit. My AC runs all day and doesn't stop. This is a new home. My home should have a 4 Ton unit but a 3.5 Ton would be better so that it can cool the home and shut off for a little while.

Original review: July 29, 2017

They don't even deserve the one star! Long and short of it... Inspection Items... 7 months later still not completed/looked at. I had to imitate the inspection as it seemed once we closed Lennar forgot who we were... In waiting to be contacted I noticed all the items needing to be fixed:

The carpet in the master bedroom has a noticeable seam that when the carpet guy came to look he said he needed to get someone to move the furniture to get it fixed and he would speak with Lennar about getting that approval - 7 months later... still no word. My refrigerator, that was part of the “Premium Kitchen Upgrade” freezes items placed against the back of the unit, also makes a clicking noise... No one has ever shown up for this. The door jamb for the master was never painted.

There is a noticeable chip in the marble by the makeup vanity in the master bath. There is a spot of something coming thru the ceiling over the bed in the master. There is a nail or something coming thru the ceiling over the couch in the great room. There are two chipped tiles in the great room. The last guy that came out to fix a chipped tile used the incorrect color grout. The grout is pitted from the front door thru to the arcadia doors, that is the worst part of it however there is pitting all over the house and now it seems to be cracking along walls.

Drywall by the garage door has been dented from day one. The sink in the master bath has a chip. The lights in the master bath are crooked they need to be straightened. The doors are off/sticking throughout the house. The front room the window is not sealed tight after a dust storm there was a pile of dirt on the window sill - that can't be energy efficient. Some of the faucets in the bathrooms throughout the house do not have the hot and cold indicators. The toilet seat in the 1/2 bath (guest bath) is coming loose. The hinge needs to be pushed in periodically to keep the lid from coming off. The door in the 1/2 bath is not sealed - I can see sunlight along the right side (the side with the door knob) towards the bottom - again not very energy efficient. The water pooling on the front entry and back patio. The tree in the front yard is hanging so low it hits the sidewalk, so much for included landscaping.

The blower on the AC is so loud that we need to raise the volume on the tv about 5 clicks to continue to hear what we are watching when the AC kicks on... I've gone back to the model homes on 107th Ave and sat there, that blower hardly makes a sound - the volume of the blower placed in this home is not the same - if it can’t be fixed then the AC should be replaced!

The pantry door is missing a bumper. It hits the fridge each time it is opened, I suspect a design flaw. Door bumpers are missing throughout the house, doors hit the walls. Chipped woodwork in 2nd bath by the tub. The counter top in the 2nd bath is pulling away from the wall, the corking along the wall is cracked. I would like someone to get me a copy of the warranty for the cabinets - I am curious about what they recognize as a defect, these "upgraded" cabinets are a waste of money. I am kicking myself for paying extra for this garbage. The "rep" tells me something is recognized as a defect from 3ft away - I can see the dents and dings from across the room! Light bulb flutters from the day we moved in, I was told someone would walk one over that day... 7 months later - I want the freaking light bulb! Not sure where they started walking from but it wasn't the work truck up the street.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 12, 2017

Our three main issues: WORKMANSHIP: Lennar did not complete a 1 year inspection nor will they honor the 1 year warranty on workmanship. My home has issues with the flooring and subfloor. Although my husband initiated requests to schedule the inspection, in 2014 prior to our 1 year expiration, Lennar never honored the request. The closest we have come to cooperation was that they finally agreed to come out, with my husband taking a day off of work. He waited over 6 hours for the Lennar rep who did not show up when promised. After multiple attempts to follow up, we keep getting the runaround, passed off to someone new and every Lennar rep's initial response is to push back because "it's past the one year period." Yeah, I know, we been trying to get this done for going on THREE YEARS!

PLAYGROUND: During the sales process we were told by Beth Hoggard that the current play area in The Meadows at Ravenstone was not the "permanent" playground and that the sad little slide and swings were "temporary." We were told that the final play area would be larger with more options. POOL: We were also told that a neighboring Lennar development, Sherron Farms was planned and that we would be able to join the Sherron Farms pool & clubhouse since we were also a "Lennar Community." Now the story has changed. I can WALK to the clubhouse/pool in progress for Sherron Farms but we are only allowed to join a pool that we would have to DRIVE to get there.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 11, 2017

First, the toilet tank connection broke and flooded our first floor. After a week of hounding them, they came out to fix it -- and ripped out the bathroom and closet nearest. They left plastic partitions to keep us out of the area while it dried. Then they forgot about it for 3 weeks. Only after hounding them did they remember to come back and remove their machines and the plastic. After another few weeks of hounding them, they came back and fixed the walls and fixed the toilet.

When building the house next door, they broke our water line. When I confronted them about this, they told me that we should "deal with it, this is a construction site", despite the fact that we had moved into our house some 4 months previously. Water was out for over a day. At the same time, they broke the water to the sprinkler system, which they still haven't repaired, over 3 months now, despite repeated requests.

The grouting job around the master bath is substandard. Some areas don't even have any grout, and the areas that do show that the grout has cracked away from one side. They refuse to fix. The kitchen and bathroom faucets in every room leak around the faucets when you turn water on, they refuse to fix. The kitchen hood was not hooked up to the outside vent before they installed the cabinets over the top of it, so that it was blowing air into the house, rather than out the vent -- they did fix this. The carpet was not nailed down on the staircase, so it began to slide, quite noticeably. They refused to fix.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 21, 2017

I moved into a new home - Executive home late November 2012. Since then I have had nothing but problems. Tiles cracking left and right, the same ones had to be replace three times before they used a membrane underneath. Many houses in this development had the same issue where Lennar had to replace ALL the flooring. It was a hush-hush issue or I would've made more of a stick since my tiles still are cracking and now they won't do anything about it. I had a roof leak in 2013 and now a second roof leak two weeks ago. Lennar states it's not covered under the 10 year warranty, and in the email Lennar responded, stated that I only had a one year warranty on it.

Have had electrical problems where my breakers would pop when I turned on lights - this went on for over a year. My AC unit was installed wrong where the air flow is not dispersed evenly in the house, so only one side actually gets good ac. Had them come out - Lennar did nothing. Within the first three years had to replace the dryer - stopped working; the dishwasher - stopped washing; the washing machine - started to leak on the floor. Before the roof was leaking, I was sending in a complain about the grading slant that runs "into" my patio where mold builds up. The last two years my health has declined, and now I have a small pond every time it rains behind my patio because of the grade.

Then the roof situation started to leak and the experience with Lennar has been the worst. They advertise that they produce a quality product, and that they have an awesome warranty that they stand behind. They have wiggled all around it. It was POOR CONSTRUCTION when built. This is the second leak 10 feet apart from the first one. Lennar and the Roofing Company needs to take care of this problem. Neither will take responsibility for their poor workmanship. I would NEVER buy from Lennar again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 15, 2017

I am a single parent, work full time, Veteran who utilized VA home loan to purchase my first home. We had regular pest control set up within the first week of moving in. (Dec 2016) We have two dogs, both are on oral flea/tick meds and UTD with all shots. Fast forward to mid-March. My daughter noticed two small bugs crawling on one of the living room interior walls because it was only two, I didn't think it was a big deal. I grabbed paper towel sprayed with raid and got rid of them. A week later we saw another one on my bathroom wall. Still, just one, no big deal. April 22, I was out in the backyard picking up after our dogs and noticed an enormous amount of tiny bugs that jump, all over the backyard. Majority were directly behind the house. We don't have landscaping, but there were weeds growing at the time. The entire front yard was still covered with original mulch laid down by the builder.

Initially, I thought they were fleas because they were jumping. That evening, (Sat Apr 22), my daughter noticed them inside the house, along the floor in front of the sliding glass door. When I further inspected, they were crawling on the wall, crawling in and out of the gaps between wall outlets and drywall and on the windowsill next to sliding glass door. I tried to spray them with raid, and that did nothing. I went to the store to get flea/tick spray and Ortho Home Defense for outside and that did nothing. I ended up vacuuming what was there, only to find that more had crawled in within the hour. That night, as we were about to go to bed, I noticed them on my bedroom windows. My daughter noticed them on my pillow and blanket at the foot of my bed.

That night, we packed a bag and stayed at a hotel (Apr 24). I had our pest control come treat inside and outside the following day for what I thought were fleas. That did nothing. I began to research especially since neither of our dogs have fleas and just to be safe, I went to our Vets office to get a topical flea med. Come to figure out that we have Springtails. I called our pest control the next morning and left work early so they could treat our property/home again. No success. After doing more research on how to get rid of them, I began to reduce moisture in and around the house. Turned off water source outside, raked back mulch away from the house, monitored humidity inside, bought dehumidifier, vacuumed and cleaned with bleach daily. I spent over $1000 in hotel fees after just 10 days of dealing with this.

I have spoken to several pest control companies who have all said the same thing; wait it out, they're seasonal. Or, they can treat but can't guarantee to get rid of them. I contacted the warranty maintenance point of contact and was told to submit a work request. One week later I get an email stating that Pest control is not a warrantable item. I sought help from my realtor who referred me to contact two lawyers.I was told to stick with pest control. Since Apr 25, (now is Jun14) I've had 7 pest control treatments. We've stayed at friends houses that live 20 mins away or even slept in our car, in the garage. I had two separate pest control companies treat, both technicians think that they are coming from under the foundation.

After 5 weeks of this ongoing issue, not having slept in our own home and 7 pest control treatments. I have laid out pest sticky pads along all windowsills and along the ground in front of sliding glass door. You can see the amount of bugs still coming inside the house. I spoke to Fair Housing Commission of CA and they referred me to seek legal action. I wrote a letter to the maintenance point of contact and also sent it to the Director of Construction with everything I've done up until this point. The next day I received an email stating they will seal up the gaps of wall outlets, send a pest control company for a one-time treatment and do the 30-day inspection repairs that still haven't been completed. The repairs for the 30 day TLC have been done.

Today, I had a scheduled timeframe given by the builder of 12pm-4pm. I work overnight so I stayed awake to ensure I wouldn't miss the appointment. 4pm comes and no call/no show from pest control. I contact the builder and was told they were running late, that they could be here in 20 min. (this is at 4:39pm). I replied and said, no, the sched time was 12-4. I made sure I was up and available. About 5:05 the doorbell rings. It's the Pest control. I still haven't slept and still have to try and get sleep for work tonight. I allowed them to treat. However he only treated outside and told me to go buy a fogger for inside.

I am beyond displeased with Lennar. I am fearful that because these bugs are seasonal, we are going to have this every year or after it rains. I can't afford to be displaced from my brand new home. Aside from our infestation, our 30-day Inspection was done in late Feb 2017; we moved in Dec 1, 2016. Those repairs from that 30-day inspection have just been completed today, June 14, 2017. We also have hairline cracks in the stucco on the bottom corners of the most windows, inside and outside. There's a cargo strap hanging from the bottom of the stucco on the side of our garage. A crack in the driveway which I was told was going to get filled in, but hasn't. I wished I would have heeded the warnings from the bad reviews I've read about Lennar. Save your money and buy elsewhere. I am losing my mind with this bug problem and a home I am paranoid to be in. DON'T BUY A HOUSE FROM LENNAR.

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Original review: June 13, 2017

We closed on our new construction home February 28, 2017. During the walk-through we could not believe the 3 car garage had a crack from one stall all the way to the third stall. Lennar told us the cracks were within industry standards. The same with the covered lanai in the back of the home. Huge crack from front to back. After moving in, we noticed several other problems with the house. The sliding glass doors did not operate correctly. The garage door openers did not operate correctly. A palm tree is dead in the front yard. The exterior water faucets do not operate at all. It's like pulling teeth to get someone who really cares to come out and fix these problems. DO NOT buy a Lennar home.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 8, 2017

We went through the process to buy a new home from them at the housing known as Landera in San Antonio Texas. We got rejected during the process. We laid down $500.00. Earnest money down. The check cleared the bank in 8 days. After our loan was rejected during the process we were told we would get the refund within 8 weeks. Now it's 12 weeks and no refund has been issued. I posted it on social media and was quite disturbing how we found out we are not the only ones they did this to.

So we made report to the BBB and found there are many reports made about the same thing. They have no right to keep the money. If this is the way they are we can only imagine how shoddy their homes are. DON'T LET THEM RIP YOU OFF LIKE THEY DID US AND MANY OTHER PEOPLE. We have started legal proceedings against them. QUIT RIPPING PEOPLE OFF. PAY THEM WHAT YOU OWE THEM. Bottom line. If anyone reading this had the same problem get a lawyer.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 8, 2017

We purchased our house here at Lennar at Caroline Hills (Jacksonville, FL). We were just looking for potential houses since we just moved here from San Diego and we still had a lease that time. When we walked in, the consultant was very nice. We told her we still have a lease but we're checking the area so we know where to buy once our lease is done. She said Lennar will do the lease buyout. And if we purchase that day we will have a low interest rate and Lennar will pay the closing cost ($13k). See thought we got ourselves a good deal. The consultant took a copy of our lease from our landlord. She said she already spoke with the property manager and that the lease will be taken care of.

Fast forward one month later. She said Lennar won't pay the relisting fee, and the lease buyout only covers the prorated rent. I kept asking her for the lease buyout agreement. I didn't know who else to contact so I posted in their Facebook account and I received a call. He said he will review our contract and get the said of the consultant who was helping us. Guess what? The lease buyout was denied by Lennar because they gave us low interest rate and paid for closing cost. We were NEVER informed that they won't cover the lease buyout.

Now this consultant said we should be thankful because she got us a deal. We have a meeting on Monday, but she texted me and said nothing will be settled. The way they do business is NOT transparent. After you close the house they won't honor their word. I'm really shocked about this. I have all her text messages assuring me the lease will be taken care of. When I called the realty company that managed the house we rented they said Lennar didn't respond to the lease buyout they sent. We were telling our friends and co-workers about Lennar and how they will take care of their lease if they bought a house, but now they just lost potential clients because NO WAY we are going to refer them after the way they treated us. We were so trusting but they betrayed our trust.

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Original review: June 7, 2017

Lennar Homes, new home 8 months old surface cracks in the stucco all over home 5 places. Made an appointment and the inspector came a day early at 8 am. No advanced call. Look at all the cracks and said "we do not fix those not covered under warranty." I explained that our neighbors had the same problem and their cracks were fix. He said he did not care about their home just mine. Both built by WCI home builders. Lennar bought WCI about 4 months ago. This guy looked unprofessional with a stick on name tag. I asked him how long he work for Lennar Homes and did not answer me. DO NOT BUY AN LENNAR HOME. Check reviews first. Terrible reputation. WCI was a good home builder until they were bought out. Now stay away from WCI HOMES and LENNAR.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 3, 2017

We placed a deposit on a Coach Home at Bonita National in April 2017. Before the 15 day period, we canceled. We were told the deposit would be returned in 2 to 3 weeks. Still, no check after more than 6 weeks and the agent won't return my telephone calls. Beware of this company.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 24, 2017

We purchased a home in late January 2017 and had a couple issues at move in, but, they were resolved and I thought it was no big deal and then I got to know the HOA! What HOA? They are non-existent! Our neighborhood is full of violations and no one is sticking to the rules. Now, I don't know about you, but, when I pay $400,000+ for a home, I don't expect my neighbors to grow corn in their side yard next to the sidewalk on a corner lot! I have presented an entire list of violations to the HOA and was told basically... tough! The homeowners are livid! And worst of all is that half the community is still not built, so we have another year for individuals to place more violations in their yards, eg. statues, hideous artwork and little signs stuck in the ground of dogs pooping saying, "Please don't poop here". This community is not the community I dreamed of when we bought this home. I expected the HOA to do its job and protect my investment!

Then to make it worse they tell you that you have to pay 3 months upfront to Lennar for the HOA (Campbell Property Management of Lake Worth). You think it is going for the first three months of your HOA... oh no, it goes to Lennar to line their pockets! You never see a dime of that money. We are paying for a non-existent HOA who lines their pockets with your money and does NOTHING in return! I can't wait for the builder to leave this community. Sad part is... what state are we gonna have to dig ourselves out of?

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Original review: May 11, 2017

We bought a new Lennar home in Menifee, California. About a year in numerous nail pops appeared which they came out and fixed. However when the painter showed up more nail pops had appeared and I waived the painter off and called the drywall guy. I was told that this was a one time deal and and that I had already had it done. After contacting my Lennar rep the drywall person was sent back out and pops patched. Well again more pops have appeared. Since the drywall guys are here to texture the work already done they have agreed to address this. I have no doubt more will appear and I will be responsible for them as it's been made very clear this it and future work would have to come out of Lennar's pocket. Really?

So I get that screws have replaced nails to save money but this is ridiculous. These nail pops appeared to have no specific gestation period and randomly appear. I believe this problem falls squarely on Lennar's shoulders and I should not have to incur cost when you consider what it cost to purchase our retirement home. And buyer beware as the same policy of one time deal applies to exterior stucco cracks.

I get there is a settling period for a new home as this is not our first rodeo. I did believe that Lennar should be more forthcoming when purchasing and divulge potential one time problems. Lastly when the workers come out they will only do what you show them. They do not inspection themselves as I found out the hard way leading to incomplete work that required several follow up visits and extreme inconvenience. FYI, we bought our first home in the early 90's and this is our third and hopefully final home. None of these nail pop and stucco issues occurred at our previous homes.

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Original review: May 4, 2017

I purchased my house in April of 2009. During the first year they had to fix unfinished drywall in the shower, I have cracked tiles in all rooms where there is tile. They continue to say it is normal wear and tear however it was showing up within first 30 days and they covered it with grout, which tells me it was cracked when it was installed, they never fixed it and it continues to worsen. For the first several years our neighborhood was infesting with these bugs that would be in the sinks, bathtubs and backyards. They only came out at certain times of the year and have finally went away after years of treatment.

The a/c and furnace has broken several times within the first couple years and the HVAC people I had service it noticed they soldered for the wrong type of pipes (which only took 3-4 years to notice). The landscaping was horrible. All trees they planted either never grew or fell over after they got a certain height because they were not properly planted. I have cracks in the ceilings, crown molding/chair rail. The water heater broke within the first two years. The wood trim on the rails and front of the house look rotted out. That is just a few of the issues. The general response you get back from Lennar is that it is normal home maintenance. I do not know how they continue to sell homes. I was a first time home buyer that was suckered, can't wait to sell it and find a new home builder.

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Original review: April 15, 2017

Thinking about buying a Lennar Home? Think Twice! Let me share my experience with you! The Dream and Trust phase! Relocating to Orlando was a very exciting time for us. Our daughter lives close and we were excited to find a home close to work as well as brand new in a gated community. The home was very nice and with a conservation lot. It was perfect for us. Our salesperson took the time to point out our back property line and all the features the house had to offer. She even told us that Lennar was going to come in and level off some of the land behind the house to give us some more backyard space before they finished up in the community. They said they were going to be finishing up in the community shortly and the house would come without a lot premium that normally ranged in the 30k to 50k range. We felt like we had struck gold!

Whats the catch I wondered? They kept saying they were wrapping up in the community and that the house had been used as a show home for the model so they were ready to move on. We asked about the community and if there were restrictions about building a pool. We were told that plenty of our neighbors had pools and there were no restrictions regarding having a pool for the property. We felt comfortable and bought our home and moved in January 2015.

Reality begins to set in!

We attended a house warming with some of our new neighbors and learned that Lennar Homes had a pending lawsuit or legal action against them regarding the swale located behind some of the houses along our street. We were a month into our new home and didn't think much of it at that point. We loved the house and were enjoying getting settled into Orlando.

In December of 2015 we approached several pool companies about building a pool and the cost associated with it. We got several bids and selected Artesian Pools, a local favorite and well respected pool company in the neighborhood and Orlando area. They came out and did an evaluation for us and informed us that the drainage swale behind the house needed a 10 foot setback. The area for the pool was very limited and the setback came up to within 7 feet of the house. They drew up plans for a very compact pool and at one point it was 2 feet from the house. I approached the HOA and showed them the plans. They told me that I should wait for a couple months as Lennar was going to vacate the existing swale and fill in the backyards of a dozen houses making the backyards larger and more usable. That was February 2016.

In March of 2016 we received the attached letter from Lennar describing what they were going to do and they needed our consent to proceed. We were still very content at this point and decided it would be OK to wait a few months to have the area we needed for a proper sized pool. Lennar begins to show its true colors to its homeowners!

The next year turns out to be a roller coaster ride of misleading information, unverifiable processes, lack of communication, and a continual feed of "we are doing our best to make this happen" rhetoric. The county had all of the approvals complete by October. That seemed like a long time to me but I wrote it off to red tape of government procedure. I was frustrated but felt that we were closer to the end as we only needed 12 mortgage companies approvals to begin the work. After all, the property values of all of the homes were going to be increased and we were told by Lennar that work had already been done on several of these.

It began to enter my mind that Lennar was not going to be making a sale with this project and it represented 100% expense to them. Why would they be in a hurry to spend the money to make this happen? I began to wonder why they would do it at all if there was not a legal press or something making them commit to this project. I began to question the real concern for homeowners who had spent upwards of 300k for their homes. It's now March 2017 and we still need 9 of the mortgage companies to approve this work that will add value to all of the homes.

It seems very cold and uncaring of Lennar Homes to #1) have known of this issue since before we bought our home in 2015 and not disclose that limitation in our sales presentation. (Yes, it was in the plat diagram that was presented at our closing.) The lesson for me here is to make a closing last 10 hours if needed to reveal any restrictions on your land or house that is known. Good business would have communicated it or CORRECTED it once it was a known issue. #2) to present Lennar as a caring company ready to make it right, and drag it out for who knows how many years? If this were going to generate a sale for Lennar I'm certain it would have been completed within 2-3 months of decision to act.

#3) to ignore the homeowners who have a stake in this. I have over 60 calls to Lennar (no less than 20 hours on the phone), and have worked my way all the way up the ladder to the Director of Land whom I have emailed on 5 occasions and he has yet to make contact. He did send me a note saying he was glad I brought this to his attention and he would like to discuss it with me. I responded with my number and have reached out again on 4 occasions and have not even received the courtesy of a response. #4) I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and as of today 4 weeks later, Lennar has not responded.

I would caution anyone thinking about doing business with Lennar Homes to make sure and do your homework. They will sell you a bill of goods that they care about their homeowners, but that care should come from action and follow through, not deception and avoidance. The real shame of all of this is we actually enjoy the home and it is built well. Trust and recommendations are built on more than brick & mortar. I would not recommend Lennar Homes to anyone. An investment in a home should be taken more seriously and Customer Service is the true measure of a company. Lennar Homes gets a D minus in my grade book! Tell your friends "Buyer Beware"!

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Original review: March 24, 2017

I have seen and experienced firsthand how Lennar Homes treats people - especially their homeowners. Do yourself a favor and find another home builder. Lennar will not keep their promises. They will beat you up on any and all work that needs to be done on your new home after the ink dries on your contract. Do NOT believe anything that they tell you. They will not make repairs in good faith after you purchase your home.

I would especially be careful with the structural aspect of your home. Get an engineering report just to be sure the structure of your home is sound. Get the grading report for the grounds around your home. Chances are good if you had to wait a long time for your landscaping to be put in you will have grading issues. Have your sump pump and underdrain video scoped as an added measure. For a few hundred dollars you can save yourself $30,000. Lennar will look the other way if there are structural damages or drainage issues on your property and they have no problem passing the costs associated with these issues onto the homebuyer if they think they can get away with it and they will try. Lennar has no shame in making the homebuyer responsible for their poor workmanship.

If your driveway cracks they will only fix (not replace) it only if the crack(s) exactly meets Lennars required size standards for them to justify the repair. While you may believe the driveway needs to be replaced Lennar will not do it and you will have a battle on your hands and a cracked driveway to deal with. It will be the same situation for any and all workmanship on your home you will be battling for your new home to be up to snuff but it will never happened. Before you know it your year warranty is up then "See ya... Thanks for buying."

If you want to save yourself some headache and constant bullying from your homebuilder buy from a reputable homebuilder NOT Lennar. You will be saving yourself thousands of dollars and months/years of headaches. It's a roll of the dice with these people. Lennar has little integrity and no loyalty to their homebuyers and they lose no sleep passing thousands of dollars of repairs onto their customers.

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Original review: March 12, 2017

I had put a deposit of $6000 down on a townhouse in Maryland and ended up changing my mind. I was told the deposit would take 30 days. After 6 weeks I was told it may be a few more weeks. Those of you that have gotten refunds - how long has it taken? Thanks!

Original review: March 10, 2017

RUN do not walk away from buying a home from this company. Their customer service stinks. They show you all the bells and whistles to owning a Lennar Home. Don't believe a word they say. They tell you one thing and it's another. We build our home late 2016, it's a beautiful home, but then they put cheap appliances that within the first month of being installed need repairs, or replaced. We had shingles missing from our roof, crown molding with cracks, wood floors that haven't been sealed properly, a river that runs in between our houses after it rains, that's just to name a few.

Oh! AND the house that is built next to us... Ya, Lennar thought it was a good idea to put the same brick and stone in it that we have on our house. We were the first two couples to pick our lot and have our house built. I have been going over the heads of people to complain about it, but it doesn't work of course because they have their money and don't care. Everyone from Renee, to Rick who is Director of construction couldn't give a rat's behind, they just want to hurry and get the houses built so they can earn their money. RUN from Lennar company, I'm telling you, they treat you wonderful at first, then, they don't care.

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Original review: March 9, 2017

Our house located in great park of Irvine California was built by Lennar and has numerously terrible issues. We strongly regret the decision to purchase a house from Lennar. Not to our surprise, we have also heard that Lennar was dealt a class action lawsuit due to the bad quality homes it provided for the Woodbury new home project which is also located in Irvine California. After we moved in we discovered that our brand new house had a terrible squeak everywhere upstairs including bedrooms, hallways, the laundry room, closets and bathrooms. Lennar tried a few times to repair the squeaky floor by adding the screws after we reported it. Unfortunately these poor attempts to fix our problem only made it worse.

After discovering the problem, Lennar decided to try to fool us with its gimmicks to "fix" the squeaky floors because they didn't want to do what actually needed to be done (opening the drywall, removing the tiles, replacing plywood and joist, etc.). We hired licensed and experienced floor experts--they told us that our new house's second floor had severe fundamental issues which caused the terrible squeak all over upstairs. There are many cracks on the granite in our kitchen's island. Lennar agreed to replace the granite after we attempted to contact them multiple times. Its customer care manager left us a voice message which clearly promised that Lennar was going to replace the granite. Shockingly, Lennar broke its promise.

Our master tub was also cracked. Lennar pushed us to let them repair it instead of doing the replacement they should have done from the beginning. (Again Lennar is trying to find shortcuts.) We generously gave Lennar the opportunity to fix the crack after Lennar promised they would do an outstanding repair. Lennar also claimed that they would replace a new tub for us if the repair was not good. Unfortunately, the repair was a complete failure and the tub got much worse. Lennar's service care manager tried to fool us and refused to replace the tub as he promised before.

Lennar's tub contractor sent its inspector to our house to examine the situation and agreed that the previous repair was a failure. We asked him to let us copy the inspector's report as a record. Instead, Lennar's service care manager set up an email between him and the owner of the tub contractor, which indicated that the cracked tub had already been successfully repaired because he didn't know we had the copy of the report. Lennar completely disappeared after we presented him with the inspector's report to clearly prove Lennar's service care manager is a perfect liar. In fact, Lennar has manipulated its contractors to fool us and trick us on much more than one occasion.

We definitely wouldn't have bought Lennar's house if we had known its bad reputation beforehand. Who knows what will happen in Lennar's new project in Beacon Park and Parasol Park of Irvine California? Buying Lennar's house is the biggest mistake in our life. We were forced to complain to California State License Board (CSLB). Finally, Lennar Home got punished by California Government (CSLB) for its odious and disgusting conduct.

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Original review: Feb. 5, 2017

I purchased a new home from Lennar 3 years ago, we paid the deposit before the construction was started. By the time it was finished, we found the quality was very bad. A window on garage door could be missing! The internal walls around light switch area were not patched, toilet paper handle was not installed, etc. It was very obvious that they rushed to deliver this house so they could start the new project in different locations for more expensive homes. Now after 3 years, the ceiling of the garage starts showing the water leak from the above master bedroom room, it looks like I have to cover a big cost by myself for this repair work.

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