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Recognized as a top appliance brand for 100 years, Kenmore brings a new level of performance with appliances that deliver time savings, convenience and great results. From quickly cooling drinks to laundry loads completed in less time, Kenmore is the most awarded brand in the industry.

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Reviewed July 31, 2023

Problems with this washer since day one. Towels always smelled mildewed, it can't handle more than three towels and several other items. Stays broken with no codes. Does not ever finish a load without shutting down leaving wet, soapy clothes. The only way to fix this is to run the rinse and spin cycle. Drags large items over the impeller and they come out dry. Does not dissolve soap pods and they come out all over the clothes. One load will work and the next will not. Stops mid cycle full of water. Time for another brand.

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Reviewed March 17, 2023

I have a Kenmore model 41382 and it constantly has the error code OE and is full of water. I had a newborn trying to get his clothes done and I’m stuck wringing out 40 pieces of clothes trying to get this washer to work again after I drained the bottom part like it said. I will not forget about how this washer let me down in the worst time.

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    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 11, 2022

    My 2 1/2 year old Kenmore washing machine model 20372 stopped working. The dial on the control panel would not change the cycle. The start button would not start the machine. I did not have an extended warranty. I called sears for repair. They asked via text what the issue was. When a man, Victor, arrived he said he was told it was the lid locking mechanism. He was not the man that had been texting me. He said that guy, Justin, didn't work there. He said I was right. It is the control panel and it needs a new one for $400. He said that part breaks frequently on the Sears machines. To fix it there would be another service call, Plus labor which would be at least around $700 altogether. He still charged me for the service call even though he did not touch the machine and did not diagnose anything I hadn't already told him was wrong with it. That was more than I paid for the machine in May 2019.

    I called Sears parts and the control panel is $343.00 including shipping, so he was inflating the costs. I decided to not repair the machine. I am awaiting my new Maytag machine I paid $800 for. Sears customer service was not helpful and said, if you had the extended warranty it wouldn't be so much to repair. I expected to have to pay for the repair, but it should not be so expensive to repair. The after market costs of a washing machine are what makes it expensive. The appliance industry wants you to buy the warranty, charges high fees for service calls and labor to repair it and the parts are so expensive it ends up costing near the amount that the entire machine cost originally. What happened to a company producing a quality product and standing behind it. They don't seem to care about their reputation.

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    Reviewed Nov. 18, 2022

    My new Kenmore washer does not clean well at all. It fails to get out the mildest of dirt and soiling. I have worked for a number of years as an appliance repairman and seen some pretty bad washers come through, but I've never seen a brand-new washer perform this poorly on a regular load of dirty clothes. I've run heavily soiled clothes, medium soiled clothes and lightly soiled clothes through this machine and it just can't cut the dirt. The machine uses less water but does so at a clean wash's expense. It has a fancy control panel but it is of no use if the machine can't clean.

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    Reviewed July 31, 2022

    Kenmore High Efficiency water saving washing machines DO NOT CLEAN! Absolutely the worst machine! Even with bleach used on heavy load cycle, towels & face clothes come out as filthy as you put them in! Not saving any water when you have to wash 3-4 times! Zero stars.

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    Customer ServicePrice

    Reviewed July 28, 2022

    Reviewing the Kenmore 110.20232711 Series 100 H.E. washing machine from Sears. I can honestly say that I have never been quite this dissatisfied with a washing machine costing more than $400.. The machine has NEVER been able to complete one single solitary load properly without having to babysit the thing to make sure it doesn't destroy itself on a spin cycle with no apparent way to stop the machine short of yanking the plug out of the wall.. Pause/cancel button totally ineffective! Numerous calls to sears begging for a replacement or refund. (First time I tried was 4 days after I bought it.) Their exact words were "yeah those machines don't have any warranty or guarantee, so you're "S.O.L."" I asked the woman to repeat that just to make sure I heard her correctly..

    I will absolutely NEVER do ANY business with them of ANY KIND, EVER AGAIN! It ALWAYS balls all of the clothes up on one side, throwing it massively out of balance.. The last and final load, even when holding the cancel button down constantly, it won't stop.. It was literally spitting chunks of molten plastic out of the bottom!! Before I could pry the stupid thing away from the wall to unplug it, desperately trying to stop the madness, smoke started pouring out of the control panel on top!! That was the last straw, it's now DOA at 1 month over 1 year old.. And that's only 1 ½ loads per week..

    DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS GARBAGE! Save your money and buy something that is quality made and reliable.. My new machine is a Maytag Commercial simple plain Jane, no fancy crap I'll never use.. There really is no comparison.. It cost me twice as much, but with a 5/10 year warranty on the Maytag it proves to me that they've got the guts to stand behind their machines!!

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed May 22, 2022

    Sears Kenmore used to make a reliable appliance. Went into the store talking about how much I loved the KENMORE ELITE top loading HE washing machine that they had on display, went on and on about how big the drum was and how much I could fit in there so I purchased it in December of 2018. Paid over $1000.00 for it. The sales person never told me that the washing machine never filled all the way, maybe it was my fault for not asking but why would you make such a big drum if you couldn’t put a lot of clothes in it.

    I actually returned to the store after trying the machine out and spoke with the sales person who told me that they don’t make machines that fill up anymore, which I found out is not true, I have never hated an appliance as much as I hate this washing machine. Not only does it NOT get the clothes clean, it has ruined all of my new towels and my clothes, not to mention how long it takes for a load to finish. I would love to meet the Genius who claims to be an engineer who designed this washer without a post, all of the clothing and or towels, sheets etc. end up balled up or twisted up on one side or the machine gets unbalanced, even after carefully placing the items evenly around the drum. I would NEVER purchase another Kenmore product.

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    Reviewed Feb. 20, 2022

    My Kenmore Elite top loading washer does not adequately submerge my clothes, especially comforters in the bulky/bedding setting with water. Nor does it agitate and move the clothes around to wash them. The drum simply goes back-and-forth so the same clothes that were on the top at the beginning of the cycle are still on the top at the end of the cycle. Bulky items never change position at all. Furthermore, I do not use bleach, but the bleach container has eroded and rusted all around it. I am not satisfied with how this washes my clothes.

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    Reviewed Feb. 19, 2022

    I have been a Kenmore user since I started buying appliances. I have never been disappointed, and so I keep coming back. This low efficiency washer is awful. Hardly adds any water at all; its "washboard" does its best to destroy and rip up your clothes (I have pictures if anyone doubts me); this cycle is so long that you cannot do more that one load of washing in one night. Laundry used to be fun for me. And BTW, clothes are still not clean.

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    Reviewed Oct. 22, 2021

    My washer, a Kenmore top-loading washer, model 2002 was purchased brand new from Sears. It is exactly 9 years old. It still washes, but for about 3 years now, it ALWAYS gets out of balance! The ONLY time it doesn't bang around out of balance is the very rare occasion I wash an extra small load. I am one person and wash 1 medium load about once a week. Sometimes a sort of large load,

    This washer has never been heavily used in any way. But, no matter how carefully I arrange the laundry in the washer when it gets to the spin cycle it sounds like someone is banging around inside it with a sledgehammer. The machine usually moves out of place it bangs so hard. There is no way to balance a load in this machine! Also - I HATE the 'safety' lid lock button that makes me wait forever to be able to open the lid and try to re-arrange the load so it will not bang - but half the time - I can't really see why it's out of balance and rearranging often still doesn't work ANYWAY.

    This was the least expensive washer they had - but I urge you - DON'T buy it or buy any they have similar to the 2002 model. My mom had a Kenmore that lasted over 35 years. Boy, the old saying 'they don't make 'em like that anymore' is an understatement. I'm of the opinion a $300+ washer that gets medium use should last AT LEAST 15 years BEFORE it presents problems. This one started this problem at 6 years old. Also - I hope my next washer does NOT have a 'safety' lid lock. It is an entirely unnecessary issue that presents way too many problems!

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    Kenmore Appliances author review by ConsumerAffairs Research Team

    Kenmore is a household appliance brand that has been marketed and sold by Sears since 1927, underlining Kenmore's long time commitment to delivering quality to consumers. Kenmore washers are produced by popular brands like GE, Whirlpool and LG.

    • J.D. Powers' award: Kenmore has won plenty of awards for its washing machines, including "Highest in Customer Satisfaction" for its top-loading washing machine in 2014 by J.D. Powers.

    • Sanitize cycle: Kenmore washers are loaded with great features, including the sanitize cycle on many of its Elite® washing machines. The Sanitize cycle helps kill 99.9 percent of harmful bacteria without using strong chemicals like bleach.

    • Best Washing Machine of the Year award: heaped plenty of awards on Kenmore in 2014, including the Best Value Washing Machine of the Year award for their Kenmore 4.0 cubic feet Front-Load Washer and the Best Washing Machine of the Year award for the Kenmore Elite® 5.2 cubic feet Front-Load Washer.

    • Plenty of options: Kenmore offers plenty of options for customers, including top-loading washers, front-loading washers and extremely energy-efficient models.

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