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Last updated: Oct. 10, 2017

359 Home Depot Floors Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Oct. 10, 2017

We had our carpet and tile redone by Home Depot. tl;dr NEVER use Home Depot for your flooring provider/installer. They will do every single step incorrectly and act oblivious. Store - we spoke with a handful of people from 2 different Home Depot stores. The workers at the store in Mesa, AZ (Superstition Springs) were especially hard-headed. Each person we spoke with told us something completely different in regards to the flooring we were choosing, the installation process, etc. I finally spoke with a really young guy in the flooring department who seemed new, but offered to do research for me before he just blurted out a random answer. What an amazing concept. Tim and Jamie were 2 of the worst salespeople I have ever spoken with and just so very unintelligent and uninformed.

Measurements - A Home Depot representative came out to measure our home for carpet. We thought he was doing carpet AND tile. He told us he would have to come back another time for the tile. This didn't make any sense, as he was already in our home. He finally agreed to do them both. Carpet - Our carpet arrived on a rainy day on the back of a flatbed trailer, uncovered. So our carpet/padding was sitting out in the rain. The installation went okay though and the carpet looks good.

Tile - I don't even know where to start with this one. When we were in the early stages of the process, the fine people in the Home Depot store promised us that we could get tile done within about a month or so (this was in June and we were set to move into our home in August). We thought this was perfect because our home would be empty during the installation so we wouldn't have to worry about furniture, dust, noise, or our pets. Well then the installers called and our installation date was set for August. Mind you, our carpet had already been installed in July. We were told by the installers themselves that this was odd because carpet should NEVER be installed before tile. Well, ours was.

Due to our schedules, we had to push the tile installation back to the end of September. We were told by numerous reps at Western Flooring (the place Home Depot uses for installation) that our tile installation would take 5 days (day 1 to rip up old flooring, days 2-3 to install new flooring, day 4 for grout, and day 5 for baseboards). They confirmed for us over and over again that it would only be 5 days, even though that seemed very quick. Once the actual installers started working (and we realized how slow things were going), we were finally told that we had "always" been scheduled for a 9-day installation. I should also mention that they sent out one guy and his cousin to do all of our tile. This was scary. Our house was a complete mess every single day. We had no idea that they were supposed to be cleaning at the end of each day until we re-read our paperwork. Dust, tools, tarp, etc were eeeverywhere.

We finally called a supervisor to come out because we were not pleased with the way things were going. This includes scrapes/holes in our walls, scratched furniture, etc. The supervisor, Candido, was great. He agreed with us that the work site was entirely too messy and the work that was being done was questionable. Even though he came out fairly early in the process to visit and clean things up, we are still completely unsatisfied with the finished work.

Now that the job is over, our floor is complete unlevel. There are spots in our kitchen where you can feel that you are walking downward (almost like you're walking downhill) and then suddenly you will stub your toe on a raised up tile. There are a couple of chipped tiles that should have never been installed. The transition from carpet to tile in the bathrooms is also completely weird and again, I often stub my toe. Candido mentioned that he will call us back to schedule some time to fix a portion of these mistakes. I truly hope this is the case because he has been the only person to show care and concern and try to make things right for us.

We are so truly disappointed by this whole process, as well as the end result. For as much money as we spent, I would have never dreamed things would end up like this. I want to give a big shout out to every employee at Home Depot for not giving a single ** about our experience there. Another big shout out to the many employees I spoke with at Western Flooring who had about the same attitude. I will NEVER recommend either business to anyone I know and I will never even shop at Home Depot again. They have made us the most loyal Lowe's customers ever. Again, this is not a reflection of Candido, as he was nothing but great.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 7, 2017

My boyfriend owns rental properties and needed to put down new carpet in one that was recently vacated. It's obvious we’re remodeling the entire place. First, we were told the installation would be within a couple days after the measurements were taken, a week max. Well it was over a week, and they came a day later than scheduled. That means he missed 2 days of work because of these guys. Second, he was supposed to get a call when the work was done to inspect it. He never received a call. Third, they removed a closet door and did not put it back on. Fourth, they did not replace the threshold between the hall and bathroom. Fifth, they left debris everywhere. And last but not least, since the rental is vacant the water is turned off. These people used BOTH toilets and left human waste sitting there. We didn't realize until almost a week after the installation. So you can imagine the smell. Unbelievable.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 4, 2017

    I had ordered flooring from Home Depot in Galveston Island Texas on the 22nd. They told me that I would have it in 7 days. 7 days has come and gone now my new delivery date is October 16th. I've been on the phone with Home Depot listening to their lie after lie after lie. So then I went to Estes Trucking who was to ship the product to me. Estes says they don't have my flooring, it is being shipped to a third-party trucking company. I called the third-party trucking company. They said they don't have my product, that Estes hasn't shipped it yet just to run around game.

    Home Depot is the biggest piece of ** and I'll never go back. Just a bunch of ** Liars. I was even on the phone with one of their supervisors. She gave me 10% off my bill like big deal. You can have your $320 back. Just give me my flooring. So now I'm about to cancel my order with them. My advice to anyone, if you can't buy it off the shelf don't order it especially through Home Depot and Lowe's is just as bad.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 2, 2017

    I bought hardwood flooring and asked Home Depot for a referral for floors as well as sheetrock and painting. They gave me a referral. They said they check out their referrals and make sure they are licensed contractors. Anyway the contractor came out and put down my floor as well as fixed some sheetrock and painted. My floor felt different so I called Home Depot to come out and take a look. They never did. My sheetrock was uneven at the ends. I told the contractor to sand it down. My doors that he painted were painted with flat white not semi gloss. I made him repaint them.

    My closet door had paint drips running down. I made him sand them down and redo. My molding wasn't attached by the wall in one of my rooms and a part of the floor had to be redone. It wasn't straight. The pro didn't know you don't use eggshell paint in the bathroom. He didn't know you don't paint countertop with just any paint and mostly his work was not professional. Home Depot didn't even come out to take a look. After I asked corporate as well as the store (Bridgewater, NJ) who refer the contractor. Home Depot was a huge disappointment to dealing with a pro they referred but even worst they don't check their referrals and their work. I will never use a pro home depot refers again.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 24, 2017

    Home Depot has the worst customer service EVER! We went in and bought a 12x23 carpet remnant. Made a special trip back to pick it up the same day. The very next day we had people come in and get our entire room ready for the carpet. Furniture removed, Padding and tack strip in... Everything was ready! When we brought the carpet inside, we immediately noticed it had 4 inch slices into each side of the carpet. Then we thought we had better measure the length to see how much extra we were going to have. Our room was 11x21. This is when we realized not only did someone cut the carpet on both sides but it was only 19 ft long! Definitely not going to work for our room. So here we all sit... Room torn apart and ready for carpet! We made the call to Home Depot who did not care AT ALL!

    They said it was a remnant and remnants aren't always correct measurements! WHAT! They then told us that we could take it back and they would give us 10% off our next carpet order. Are you serious... Menards is offering 11% off just because! The manager did not care at all and we are left with a mess. DO NOT BUY CARPET AT HOME DEPOT!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 16, 2017

    In early July 2017, I went to Home Depot to have an estimate of the new carpet I wanted to install in the living room, stairs and basement. Although the man they sent out the first time to take the measurements did not include in the papers he submitted to them the measurements for the basement and the closet, they made me pay an extra $20 to redo the measurements in addition to the $35 I had originally paid. But I told myself OK, let's pay $20 extra so that I can have the carpet before school starts.

    On July 29, we were finally able to finalize the deal with minor changes and I was told in writing that the estimated delivery date was between August 7-28. All it takes is 2 hours to install the carpet, yet they refused to do it although I was available all the month of August until August 23 when I officially resumed my work. In the beginning of September, their installation company Romanoff sent me an email and told me that they would deliver it on Monday September 11, which was impossible for me to do unless I wanted to be fired from my job. I called them dozens of times to find another date which was not a Monday or a school day and ironically they suggested another Monday in October, another proof that I was talking to deaf people.

    Then I went to Home Depot and told them: "I am a teacher. The Romanoff company you hired wants me to cancel my classes so that I can have a new carpet. What you are asking is impossible. The only day they can deliver it is Friday 15 of September because I do not teach that day. Either you do the installation on Friday the 15 or I cancel the deal." Finally, after hours on the phone, we agreed on Friday 15. So I cleared my schedule and waited for them to arrive only to receive a phone call informing me that the installation was cancelled because their delivery man felt suddenly sick. I was not born yesterday. They gave my turn to someone else because the day before (Thursday, September 14), I received an email from Romanoff/Home Depot reminding me of next day's delivery.

    In a Kafkaesque fashion, I returned to Home Depot to have them deliver the installation on the date we agreed upon and they refused. I had to cancel the deal and although I insisted to have my full refund including both the $35 and $20 I had to pay for the measurement fees since they did not honor their side of the bargain. They refunded me the amount I paid but with only the extra $20 which I should not have been charged in the first place. If you are a teacher, I strongly advise you to avoid them. Besides their deaf ears, they are unethical and will never honor the delivery date on your contract. As teachers, we have better things to do than waste endless time with Home Depot and Romanoff Customer Service people on the phone.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 4, 2017

    In 2013 I purchased carpet and had it installed. The carpet wear is fine. After installation I called because I felt the tack board through the carpet and called and they sent Nacho the installer back out. His only comment was that he thought I was selling the home, which makes no difference in quality of the installation to me. A new purchaser would care. His remedy was to hammer down the tacks in the walking areas which left the carpet marked and flat. It has never recovered. I had Home Depot come out and look at the damage and they did not offer any remedy.

    I'm not the type to have them rip it out and try again. I though I with I was. Now I just have padding bunching under the carpet on the stairway and master bedroom. The carpet wearing fine but it's obvious that it is too thin for laying with tack strip. Home Depot and Nacho the installer both blew it. Home Depot is not welcome in my home again. Warranty is 10 years if you have it professionally cleaned annually, which I have not, I clean it. I will call but I don't expect anything good from it. If they repair I will add it to my complaint.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 29, 2017

    We are new home owners in the USA and we bought a laminate flooring for upstairs. Home Depot required a person who would do the measurement, so we paid $30,00 for this service. The lady came to do a proper measurement and she was not sure if the floor needed to be leveled. So another lady came to check the floor if the floor was level enough to lay the laminate flooring on top of the under floor.

    She informed us that the floor did not need any other work. The day of the installation the flooring company told us that the floor was not level and we needed to pay 1,800 extra! Bottom line Home Depot told us that this outcome was our own responsibility! So what was the point of hiring the measurement service! They told us they could not do anything and that was it. Nothing, no sorry, no reimbursement of the $30, no small gesture of any kind. They just did not care. We will never ever buy anything from Home Depot and will tell everybody not to do so either. Lowe is our new home improvement shop.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 28, 2017

    We were excited to purchase Traffic Master flooring from Home Depot. We paid more than we had planned but were enticed by the "lifetime warranty". We had a professional installer who has been in the business for 40 years do the work. The flooring was defective! The end joints stick up so much you can feel them with your feet. The manager at the Eugene store, Jay agreed he sure would not want it in his home. Long story short, Home Depot would not stand behind the defective product they sold us. The manufacturer would not stand behind their product. I am stuck with $1700 worth of defective flooring stacked on my porch that I can not use. What a waste. Do not buy Traffic Master products. I certainly will not be patronizing HD ever again after the way I was treated. People need to know they don't back what they sell.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 23, 2017

    Purchased carpet from Home Depot on August 12th 2017. Waited 2 weeks for it to arrive. When it came on the truck it was totally NOT the same carpet that we had ordered. The samples that got from the Home Depot store & the samples we received in the mail from the Mohawk factory, were a much better grade. The carpet that came on the truck had a very poor backing, the pile was not compact & tight, the shag was shorter and the color was different! Yet Mohawk says it's the right carpet!

    They're basically trying to pawn off a cheaper carpet, while we pay for a higher grade, in the hope that we wouldn't notice it! Home Depot wanted us to install it and then argue with the factory. We refused the carpet and wanted a refund, HD said there would be a restocking fee. After arguing with two different girls at Home Depot I spoke with the store manager and was able to get my refund. I can't believe that Home Depot will back the manufacturer and not the customer on such an obvious difference in carpet!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 13, 2017

    Two years ago, we bought bamboo flooring from HD for our new home. We were on a very tight schedule as our old home had sold in record time and our contractor was unwilling to be flexible with us. The flooring arrived 12 weeks later, but it was the wrong flooring. We could not wait another 12 weeks for flooring and our choices are limited on an island in the middle of the Pacific. We worked out a deal with the local manager to get some inexpensive laminate knowing that it was not the flooring we wanted, but we had to move quickly. Our contractor had already laid some of the flooring by the time we saw it and charged us an additional $4000 to tear up the damaged laminate they had originally sent, laminate that did not match any of our color scheme.

    Two years later, that cheap flooring is buckling and coming up in several places. We decided to tear it up and buy some quality flooring that would withstand our humid climate. We were pleased that HD tried to work with us and gave us a great deal on the laminate replacement, so we looked at their flooring again. We chose Brazilian Koa hardwood, 1/2" tongue and groove. Our flooring was delivered yesterday. We received 3/8" click-seal laminate, not Koa. The boxes are correctly labeled, but the wrong product is inside the boxes... Again!

    How can they make the same mistake twice? The local manager is working with us and is very polite. This has got to be a corporate problem. Where do you get your flooring from? Does anybody do any quality control on special orders? As much as I like the local employees at Home Depot, I can no longer patronize this corporation that appears to be severely lacking in customer service.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 28, 2017

    HD offers a "72 hour install" for carpeting. There are very limited carpet selections for this service, understandable and makes sense. I went to the store to ask about the 3 day install, they kept telling me it actually is 5 day including the measure. We went back and forth a couple times. They say, "It's 3 days from after you get your quote." Ok that makes sense too. So once you get a quote and pay it's installed within 3 days. Great!

    I pick the carpet and pad that I want but I explain to the sales person that I am willing to change to whatever is available because I am trying to get this done quickly, the 3 days is more important, I don't want to be stalled because the carpet I selected is not available. (None of the choices are all that great anyway). I scheduled my measure appt. They came the next day, on time, very professional, took measurements quickly and they look accurate. So far so good. The quote was sent by the end of the day. I went to HD the next morning to pay. You have to pay in full upfront.

    I notice my order says "5 day install". Arrrgh! I really thought I was clear about getting it done quickly. Ok no problem it’s just a couple more days... I get a call from the installer the following morning to schedule the install. They can't come out for an additional 3 days. It’s Friday and they are counting business days. So what I thought would be done by Tuesday or Wednesday with a "72 hour install" is now a week from Wednesday! Thing is, if they can't do the 72 hour install why advertise it and just piss people off?

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 28, 2017

    We were trying to get some tiles right away for our home so our builders can put it in. We asked the specialist to get the flooring tiles together so we can get it and be on our way. The specialist was very slow in doing everything. He kept on talking and talking which was very annoying and we just wanted our products. He was very laid back in his work and took his sweet time in getting everything. Making us wait and telling jokes and everything. We got irritated and we started to tell him to go faster yet he just gave us a stare and smirked. Very rude customer representative. Terrible training that was provided to these workers.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 25, 2017

    Seven weeks ago I bought a house and went to Home Depot for linoleum and carpet for whole house. I was told that I would receive product and it would be installed and completed NO later than the 21 of July. Well here it is the 25 of July and still NO carpet or linoleum has been received nor installed??? It was bad enough when they say free installation, they don't mean everything - just the carpet, no padding, no linoleum - just carpet? That I feel is something they need to let you know. But that was my fault because I didn't ask. But still going on 2 months and still nothing. It’s insane!!! If it's going to take months they definitely need to let the customer know before they buy!!!???

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 18, 2017

    We bought carpet for the whole house from our local Home Depot (718 S. Washington Street, Papillion, NE). The installation began on June 15, and hasn't ever been completed. They carpeted 2 rooms (living room and a bedroom), then stopped, apparently because the rooms took longer to carpet than they initially envisioned. The contractors have called 5 times to set up appointments, and then later (on the appointment day) cancelled, causing my wife to stay home needlessly for those 5 days. Our house has been taken apart now for 5 weeks, with all furniture unavailable. Contractor and local store no longer return calls; the Home Depot corporate customer care staff members refer me back to the local store. We made the mistake of paying in advance of installation. Now I believe I will have to start a legal action to get our money refunded. The carpet itself is of good quality, but the installation process has been utterly unacceptable.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 15, 2017

    Purchased carpet for 1100 sq ft on June 29 from 7 Day install collection. On day 9, 2 inexperienced installers came & worked from 9 AM-7 PM & the following day from 9:40 AM-4 PM. However as of today July 14 the job is still not complete. They did finish the stairs, but the carpet tacks on the stairs are sticking out & poking us when stepped on. Home Depot representative (Jessica) outright blamed us for choosing lower grade carpet. Never once in the store we were told we are buying carpet that will cause injury to our feet. We are a household with a small child & a pet. In addition Home Depot is ignoring the fact that we were guaranteed 7 day install, but the job is still not done. Very disappointed & frustrated.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 14, 2017

    Let me start by saying I have a contract, which is not being honored. We my husband and I have talk with manager and asst manager at the Home Depot in Pell City Alabama 289 Vaughan lane, Pell City Al 35125. We have also talk with customer service with no satisfaction and nobody seems to be able to fix the problem. As I stated we ordered carpet on June 15 from this store with the free installation if you buy carpet from them. We paid 35.00$ to get the two areas measured. The areas are 2 outside porches covered and screened in both with carpet already just wanted new. Everyone was told it was going on the on these porches not to mention the carpet I ordered was indoor outdoor. The measure was done, I want to add I ask everyone I dealt with if they thought there would be a problem as the carpet was going on porches and everyone assured me they do outside areas all the time.

    3 weeks after we ordered we called the store to see why we haven't heard from them and they tell us they can't do it, we have already paid for the product, when we ordered it 1332.75 plus 35.00$. Their explanation is their installers won't do it. I have talk with 3 independent installers who will do it but Home Depot won't. All I want is my carpet. Customer Service is so unprofessional and management has no problem solving skills. None of these people call you back either, you just have to keep calling them. I will let you know how my problem gets resolved, I don't usually complain but I feel like they do not care about their customers. I will never go to Home Depot after this. And will start posting this on my Facebook page.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 12, 2017

    I purchased all of the tile and supplies from Home Depot. At every juncture I explained that I emptied the Home Depot of the tile and had to order a pallet online to get the required quantity. I explained at the start, in the middle and at the end that I would have the 3 rooms empty, carpet removed and baseboard removed and all I needed was the tile (purchased as described above). When I purchased and scheduled the estimate, when the estimate guy came out, when I tried to schedule the installation.

    One note... During my purchase Home Depot # 1 ran out of the tile and this Home depot # 2 was called and the manager "confirmed" that his store had cases (boxes) of my tile. I went directly to that Home depot and there were zero cases of my tile. I had to collect free tiles on the shelf to compile my cases.

    When the estimate was complete it was over $5000. I explained that could not correct, and then the lady at the Home depot flooring dept said that the quote included all of the prep work (which I previously had told her that I would do), the tile and materials (which I had previously told the her that I had purchased from Home depot) and the installation. So she said that would have to be fixed. Of course if she had been listening nothing would have needed fixing.

    So when I finally physically went down to this Home Depot as I was scheduled, the lady who could adjust my estimate went to lunch. I left and ran errands and came back two hours later. That is when she said that the Home Depot installers would probably not install my tile because I had a mixed purchase, some from the Home Depot store and also some online. That is when I got aggravated. I asked why she did not tell me this before I paid for the estimate? I had also explained this to the estimate guy. She first accused me of not telling her that, and I immediately corrected her.

    I ended up speaking with the on duty manager and she told me the same thing, that the Home depot installers would not install the Home Depot tile because it was a mixed purchase and the tile may not be uniform. I explained how that information should have been relayed earlier. When I made the online purchase at the Home Depot, when I paid for the estimate, when I first asked that the estimate be corrected, at no juncture did these lame employees tell me this SHOW STOPPER information. All I got was my estimate payment back.

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    Original review: July 7, 2017

    3 times I have had a horrible experience with their flooring subcontractor. I have rentals and am constantly buying flooring, appliances, paint etc. This last time they showed up 3 days late, never calling to let me know! I talked to 4 different people trying to find out where the installer was, and was promised a callback from 3 of them, which never happened. I just got off the phone with Kristin at the Aberdeen WA store and she did a perfect job of talking over me and passing the blame along with making excuses. Their service stinks, the work was sub par. They cost me money without even an apology, so 3 strikes you're out. Lowe's has my business now and will be installing carpet in 2 of my units on the 13th.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 1, 2017

    The carpet quality is fine, everything else ridiculous and could have been prevented. Do yourself a favor and go to a reputable local carpet vendor and not Home Depot even if costs a few extra dollars. You will not regret that decision as much as you are likely to regret buying from Home Depot - there is just no human intelligence, supervision or accountability.

    I ordered carpet for two rooms. When the carpet arrived the installer said it was defective and that the layout was wrong--I have to take his word for it. The layout map generated seams that abutted a main entrance door and left a triangle patch at the foot of the stairs, clearly unwise and prone to early failure of the seams even if it saves 5 feet of carpet. The layout map was never discussed with or approved by me and is a good example of why a computer program to minimize the amount of carpet is moronic without human review. So I learned, Home Depot or any other vendor, ask to review the carpet layout map first and don't assume the person walking around your house with a laser measuring device knows what he or she is doing.

    Multiple conversations with Home Depot local store and central office resulted in them agreeing to reorder and remeasure the layout. I agreed to pay for any extra needed carpet. The first installer cut the carpet but did not tack it down. According to the second installer he undercut it so that it was unusable even if I wanted to use it in one of the rooms. Thanks, bro. Home Depot did not remeasure anything or generate a new carpet layout map (the installer gets it on an iPad). So the second go round a different installer arrives with the same amount of carpet and the same bizarre layout diagram. There is enough carpet for one room but not two (we are talking just a few extra feet, not a massive amount). It is Saturday and no one answers the phone at the local Home Depot and no one is available at their central dispute service. I am glad they record calls because that will verify what was agreed to, unless they edit it.

    So now they are laying carpet in one room, the second room remains after a month empty and torn up. Since Home Depot contracts with local installers they will do nothing without explicit approval. This being Saturday it has taken two hours to get to someone who would do that. To short circuit problems I am willing to pay for a few extra feet of carpet but I still cannot get an answer about that and have an empty nearly unusable room. I'll bet they are going to want to charge me for all new carpet in the second room, a major cost compared what it would have been had they been competent at measuring in the first place. I will fight that battle when it comes, hopefully not. Granted this is a first world problem but annoying and expensive. Home Depot is not much less cost than a responsible local vendor. I have learned my lesson and I strongly encourage anyone reading this to heed my bad experience.

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    Original review: June 29, 2017

    We had water damage to our bathroom floor and needed it replaced. Went to Home Depot. Of course the estimate tripled in price by the time we were supposed to have it done. Installers came out and did a shoddy job. The baseboard was the type for a living room or dining room and was way off scale for a small bathroom. Plus it didn't match any of the baseboards in the rest of the house. Large gaps, bad cuts, etc. SO I called them and complained and had two people come out and look at it. The first was a service manager that took pics and the second was an installing supervisor (he left me with no card so I am assuming that is what he was). He told me all would be fixed, with new baseboard, trim that was messed up would be fixed. He really sounded like he was going to get it done.

    Second installer comes out and the first thing he says is, "What am I supposed to do". Are you kidding me. Why would you send people to jobs with no idea of what they are doing? Especially if you are fixing a previous job. He did put the new baseboard down, but the first installers had cut the wall in places so now there are large gaps and chunks above the baseboard because it is a shorter one. No trim was done at all. I immediately called the service manager and he said he would look into it. That was a week ago and nothing. They said this installer (contractor I guess) does the whole area. So in my mind why would they care what we think. Now I don't know what to do. No one does their job anymore. And now we are stuck with this crappy looking baseboard.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 21, 2017

    We ordered Bamboo floors from Home Depot. They arrived 2 weeks late. That put us out another 2 weeks for installation. Home Depot estimator came out, took pictures and measurements. Everything went south the day we finally got an installation date. I must say before continuing, I have no real problem with our installers Eddie and Brandon. They left a little floor leveler behind on our existing floors, no big deal. Our installers had no idea we have a Murphy bed. Pictures were taken. Next, they had no idea we needed carpet removed. All listed in the contract. Remove the carpet and I get told 1600 dollars for floors to be leveled. My problem is $200.00 in material and 1400.00 in labor for a 2 hour job! I know I agreed to it, but didn't realize that in the time I went home to pack a few more boxes, I got sodomized by Home Depot! I thought this was a bigger job. Not a bucket of screws and some mud from a bag and it only took 2 hours.

    Do not use Home Depot for anything. Tried to work with Pat the manager at Home Depot on Princess Anne in Virginia Beach VA to no avail. Avoid Home Depot at all costs. If not, forewarned is forearmed. I'm a combat vet, I'd rather revisit the rag heads than darken door of a Home Depot again. At least when face the enemy, you know where you stand! Home Depot, piss on your back and tell you it's raining!

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    Original review: June 8, 2017

    We went to Home Depot in Milltown NJ to get our carpet. We went to the front to pay and I told the clerk I wanted to pay for everything in full. She charged us $3233.39 and said we were paid in full. She gave us a receipt and stapled it to a pack of paper. Neither myself or the rep reviewed the packet or signed anything in the packet. After the carpet was installed I received a call from Home Depot saying we owed an additional $354.50. I explained to them that we paid in full and they told me we only paid 90% and owed another 10%. I explained to them that we were told that we paid in full and we never reviewed or signed any contract stating otherwise.

    I spoke to several people from HD that just kept repeating the same thing and would not listen to me, very rude too, blaming everything on us. We recently received a letter from James ** the General Manager there threatening to sue and put us into collections. That seems like a pretty extreme thing to do without a signed contract. If Home Depot has a 90-10% clause they need to explain it and get people to sign off on it, they did not do that. I feel they need to own their mistake and leave us out of it. We paid what we were told we had to pay. We did not agree to more. I will not go back to a Home Depot again.

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    Original review: May 31, 2017

    Bought runner from Home Depot about 20 feet. Three days after installing it I started seeing black carpet beetles. While doing a deep cleaning of the house, we found a massive amount of larvae all over the runner. We took the runner out and have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on cleaning supplies, laundromats and bombs to get rid of the bugs. It has been over 3 weeks and we can't get rid of them. We been forced to stay with my in-laws because we have a five month old baby and a dog. We have spent over 80 hours just cleaning the house. We had to throw out furniture. It has been a nightmare. Contacted Home Depot and they indicated to bring the runner back with the receipt and they can reimbursed me. We threw the rug out. We don't want it near our house.

    The receipt I cannot locate but is not even about the money. The rug itself cost about $30. Is the amount of money and time that we have spent trying to get rid of these bugs that came from a rug that was infested at a store in Home Depot (Piscataway, NJ). I contacted an exterminator to come and fumigate the house. This has been a nightmare. I literally have spend over $1000 trying to get rid of these. I tried writing a review for the rug and Home Depot rejected my review. Do NOT BUY RUGS FROM HOME DEPOT. PLEASE INSPECT THEM.

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    Original review: May 25, 2017

    We had a laminate floor installed by Home Depot and the guys did a wonderful job. So much so, we ordered the next laminate floor from Home Depot also. The catch being they sent different installers. The second installers were at best awful. I wish we would have never left them in the house. They cut my door jambs too short and extremely uneven (1/4 inch height difference from side to side on a 4 inch molding). Cut into custom cupboards, leaving visible cut marks way above the floor, trying to trim them for the floor height difference. Pretty much ruining the molding and cupboard corner and ends. Really beat things up. The floor transition strip had glue squashed out on all sides and peeled up within a week. Not to mention they did not bring the floor close enough to the wall to put the moldings back on without falling to the subfloor. There is at least 1.5 inches of space for floor expansion on the walls.

    We also found charges that were not on the bill when we paid it in the store. We did not authorize these charges. Customer service at Home Depot is by far the worst we have ever dealt with. No reputable flooring company would treat a customer the way Home Depot does. Nobody calls back, no one is available in the store, corporate does not call back. You pay upfront, they do a crap job and no one cares. You will need to return extra flooring to the store because Home Depot will order lots of extra flooring and other unnecessary items. Then they come along with the excuse "Pergo won't warranty your floor unless you order these items".

    Home Depot offers a one year warranty. It takes weeks to get your money back. The crappy floor installation took place the first week in March and we are still working on getting it straightened out and we are heading into Memorial Day Weekend. The second floor experience by far outweighs the nice job the first group did. I would never recommend Home Depot to anyone I know. In 50 years, I have never had such bad customer service on a home improvement... and so many lies.

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    Original review: May 22, 2017

    We ordered carpet for the basement of our new rental home in another state. We are scheduled to rent the property next week and have arranged to have for all furniture orders to be delivered following this carpet installation. We waited 8 WEEKS for the carpet orders to be processed and installation be scheduled. This morning (morning of the delivery) - after arranging to take the week off from work and drive three hours to the property - we received a phone call from the local Home Deport (installers) that the carpet cannot be installed. We received an email with photos, stating that "The installer would not recommend installing."

    While we appreciate the "inspection" of the carpet by the installer the morning of the installation - we are NOT pleased with the quality of carpet Home Depot is providing. Why wasn't this inspection prior to being delivered to the local Home Depot? Why wasn't the carpet inspected upon delivery to the store? If this company wants to live up to its vision of providing quality service and products then perhaps Home Depot needs to reconsider how they do business! WE DO NOT RECOMMEND ORDERING CARPET FROM HOME DEPOT.

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    Original review: May 21, 2017

    I recently decided to put wood laminate flooring into my home. Mind you the area I am doing is not very big but is roughly 400 square feet. I took a trip to my local Home Depot and found out that they do the install for .89 cents per square ft with the purchase of laminate that is 1.39 or more per slat. I did some math and thought to myself ok with the materials and labor and tax I'd be looking at roughly 1300 or 1400. So when I spoke with one of the reps there, he informed me that "Yeah, that sounds about right," with all the costs and fees. So in agreement, he told me that I would have to pay a 50 dollar fee to have someone come look at my home and do measurements which was completely fine with me and he also pointed out that the 50 I paid would be put towards the cost of the job.

    I made an appointment, had a gentleman come out for 15 min and then leave. He told me I would be getting my results by email but instead I received it by phone the next day. Let me say it wasn't 1300 or even close to 1400. They told me it would cost 3000, for the install of a 400 square ft home. Can I say, "Wow you cannot be serious." Immediately I drove to the store to find to my surprise nobody there to help me and when I did find someone, she finally pulled up my order form and with a sign right behind me that says NO HIDDEN FEES, she began to tell me about all the hidden fees they throw in. AWESOME RIGHT! So as I stared at her in total disbelief I said, "Ma'am, the only reason I came and paid my 50 dollar deposit was because I was misinformed by one of your coworkers. But now you're telling me I literally just gave you money for no apparent reason and it's nonrefundable."

    Now I'm sorry but how are companies allowed to pull stunts like this and take people's hard earned money with a total disregard or lack of common courtesy or decency. It's not like I have money floating around my home. I honestly wonder how much money they make off of people like me each and every day. Home Depot needs a change and hopefully one day someone can bring them down.

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    Original review: May 19, 2017

    Lied to by store employees and management - I placed an order for 45 boxes of tile at Southside Home Depot in Jacksonville, FL. When it arrived on May 3, 2017, we sent our tile guys over to pick it up. They started laying the tile, but mid-day they came to me and informed me they didn't have enough boxes. We counted the empty boxes and there were 32. I called up Home Depot and asked the tile guy (Joe) where the other 13 boxes were. He said he put them all on our tile guy's truck. I said, "Did you count them?" He said, "We put them all on." I said, "Did you count them." He repeated his nebulous answer. I repeated the same question 5 times, and 5 times he insisted they put the entire order on the truck. Furthermore, he informed me it was fruitless for me to complain because the tile guys had signed the pick-up confirmation form which stated 45 boxes had been picked up.

    I got off the phone and began to wonder if my tile guys had stashed 13 boxes away somewhere. I told them that Home Depot said they picked up all 45 boxes. They were infuriated and started speaking words in a language I couldn't understand. I checked their truck and didn't find any hidden tiles. Next I went to my computer and checked the time of my e-mailed pick-up confirmation. It was 8:53am. And the tile guys arrived at my home a few minutes after 9am. My home is 10 minutes from Home Depot, so I realized the tile guys didn't have time to offload 13 boxes of tile somewhere. I then asked the tile guys if they signed anything. They said they signed nothing. I then started to suspect the Home Depot folks were lying to me.

    I called the manager and he reiterated the same false story that Joe told me. He did walk around the store while I was on the phone with him and he said he didn't see the other 13 boxes anywhere. He insisted the tile guys picked up all the boxes. I told him the timeline didn't add up. I then insisted that he pull the video of the loading dock for that time period. He said he would, and that it would take a while, and he would get back with me. He never did.

    However, a couple hours later Joe called me back with a very different attitude. I couldn't take his call at that time, but he left a message saying that they had actually only loaded 32 boxes onto the truck. Eventually, after several calls to the corporate office, Home Depot did refund the other 13 boxes, and gave me a small discount and free shipping on re-ordering. However, it would take another week to get the tiles in, so our floor was one third unfinished for over a week.

    While I appreciate Home Depot's attempts to make it right, the problem at this store is a mindset that the customer and his workmen are lying. That created a lot of friction with me and my workmen, and I spent half a day calling Home Depot multiple times, talking with the corporate office, trying to calm down my tile guys, and then re-ordering the missing tiles. It was a real circus.

    This all could have been avoided if the store employees had followed the proper protocols of counting the product before they released it. Even if they failed to count it, they could still have avoided the problem by admitting they never counted it instead of lying and trying to cover up their blunder. I have since bought over $1000 of purchases at Lowe's (stuff I would have normally bought at Home Depot). It will be a long time before I shop again at Home Depot.

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    Original review: May 15, 2017

    I ordered a 6' x 8' end of outdoor carpeting. It was less than $30. There was NO mention of shipping. AFTER I placed the order, I was billed $118. It immediately went to my credit card, literally in seconds. They had changed my order to TWO carpet ends, and added FIFTY FIVE DOLLARS to ship them. I tried to cancel online, but there was no response when I clicked. I tried four times, just to be sure. I tried to call, and again, was unable to get through all their lineup of "selection". There was no mention of cancellation of an order. In my humble opinion, that is fraud at best, and outright theft at worst. I will use my Chase credit card to contest this insult. They will never have my business again, and I will tell all my friends and online acquaintances about it.

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    Original review: May 12, 2017

    We had whitish-gray backsplash tiles installed on April 24. The next day, with the supervisor present, both men (installer and supervisor) were mumbling about the grout and tiles. Neither said anything to me, the homeowner. The problem? The grout was changing the color of the tiles from very light gray to brown. Later, I learned that the supervisor told the USIG manager they had turned to dark gray, as if that was acceptable. While they were there, I noticed the tiles seemed darker, but didn't realize the extent of it until they left and I had a chance to appraise it properly. When I called USIG the next day, they said to wait a week for the tiles to dry, apparently to see if they would change color back to light gray. They didn't.

    By this time I had remembered that the young installer, who didn't speak English and had to communicate via a translator app on his cellphone, had given me a container that he didn't use, saying I could return it to get my money back. When I looked at the can, it was Grout Release and clearly stated that it must be applied before the grout to "Protect against grout staining tile and stone." He didn't apply it! Moreover, he had spent time installing tile in an area that was not indicated on the specifications. I wanted him to leave at 5pm, but he insisted on staying until 8pm to finish. Apparently, he ran out of time (by wasting an hour doing the wrong thing), then cut corners by not applying the required Grout Release that was part of the job.

    When the inspectors finally came (after several phone calls) on May 3, they agreed to pay us for the four tiles that should not have been put up ($50). They told us the color of the tiles was "close enough". Ha! If I can upload pictures, anyone can see they are completely different. They did not offer to replace and re-do the job correctly, or to reimburse us for the labor and time spent on tiling the wrong wall. They also offered to give us credit for the extra supplies to save us a trip to Home Depot (we've been back twice to talk to managers and could've returned it ourselves). I haven't seen any refunds, as yet. They also offered a $150 credit at Home Depot (haven't seen that, either). None of these "offers" addresses the fact that our once-beautiful kitchen is now covered with muddy-looking backsplash tiles. We wince whenever we go in there.

    One more thing, both the installer, supervisor and regional managers explained how we should apply the can of "sealer", which came with the other supplies, when the tile dried. We have no intention of doing this since we hate the brown tiles and don't want them permanently sealed. However, we realized that we had not bought a "do-it-yourself" kit, and it was their responsibility to apply this sealer. We did not sign on to do the labor ourselves. At this point, we are waiting to hear from a manager at Home Depot, who is trying to discuss this with USIG and get a satisfactory resolution for us. We do not want to communicate with USIG directly since we've only gotten the run-around.

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