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Empire Today has provided carpet, hardwood, laminate, vinyl tile flooring, and window treatments to more than 3 million customers since 1959. The company brings hundreds of samples to your doorstep, and a sales representative helps you choose a floor, takes room measurements, and provides an all-inclusive price estimate. Professional installers can install in-stock styles as soon as the next day. The company offers competitive prices and comprehensive warranties.

Pros & Cons


  • Professional measurements
  • 1-year limited installation warranty
  • Brings product samples to your home


  • Limited financing options
  • Consultation required for estimate

Bottom Line

Empire Today brings the shopping experience to you with its in-home consultations and professional flooring specialists. Price quotes are only available after an appointment, but there is no obligation to buy.

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Curtice, OH

We had hardwood installed in my living room and hallway. The sales rep from Empire was pretty good. The installation took two days and it went very well. We had a lot going on tha...

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Rock Hill, SC

… The installers did a good job. They came in and out, spent a lot of time, and took care of everything, moving my furniture easily. They took precautions not to break or damage a...

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What is Empire Today?

Empire Today offers floor and window renovations for residential and commercial customers. To get started with Empire Today, visit its website to schedule a personalized shopping experience. All of Empire Today’s consultations take place in your home, which lets you find the samples that best match the decor in your home under your own lighting.

During the initial consultation, Empire’s independent contractor measures the room and provides a price estimate. Because measurements are taken before you purchase the materials, Empire Today can ensure that customers get the right amount of flooring needed for the job. All of the company’s installation services include a one-year limited warranty.

Empire Today also offers online tools to make interior decorating easier. The “See a Floor in Your Room” function on its website lets you upload a picture of your room and try different flooring options before scheduling a consultation. In addition, customers can see photos to use as inspiration for different rooms.

Empire flooring prices

While an in-home consultation is required to get an estimate of Empire Today’s products and services, the company does offer regular discounts, coupons and promotions on its website. New customers can get up to $250 off by signing up for Empire Today’s email service.

Financing options are also available. Empire Today’s credit card offers monthly payment options over 12 or 48 months.

Empire Today FAQ

Does Empire Today have showrooms or retail stores?

No. According to Empire Today, the company “brings the showrooms and retail stores to you.” Empire Today opts for a shop-at-home model instead of operating stores.

How do I shop with Empire?

To shop with Empire, book an appointment on its website or call the company to have a flooring specialist visit your home or business.

Is there any charge or obligation for an estimate?

No. In-home consultations through Empire Today are free, and there’s no charge or obligation to buy to receive an estimate.

Do the products have any warranty?

Yes, Empire Today’s products come with a manufacturer’s warranty and a limited installation warranty. It’s best to check with the company for specifics on the manufacturer’s warranty.

What type of financing options does Empire have?

Empire Today offers a credit card in partnership with Wells Fargo Bank. Currently, customers can choose from 12-month or 48-month payment plans.

Does Empire Today move furniture?

Yes, you can request furniture moving services through Empire Today. You’re responsible for moving small or breakable items.

How long does Empire take to install?

As long as products are in stock, Empire Today can install as quickly as the next day. The company works around your schedule.

Is Empire flooring a good deal?

We recommend Empire Today for homeowners and businesses who prefer to save on shopping time and see what flooring looks like in their space before purchasing. Customers praise Empire Today’s knowledgeable staff and the company’s quick service. Individuals with strangely shaped rooms or corners appreciate Empire Today’s in-home measurements, which make it easier to purchase the right type and amount of supplies before installation begins.

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Verified purchase
Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed July 18, 2023

I checked with Empire Today first because of their reputation and they've been around forever. Then when I called to get information from them, they were right out and took care of all my questions and showed me what was there, and got it all rolling. I had carpet installed in three bedrooms, a den, a dining room and a living room. I went with the least expensive one because I'm not rolling in dough. And now I've got a big fat payment. The two guys who did the installation were great. They helped quite a bit. The hardest part of the whole thing was having to empty my house. But that's not their fault. Literally, it was like moving since I was doing all the rooms. The house was basically vacant but they got it done in good time and did a good clean-up.

My daughter and I had taken the closet doors down so they would be out of their way and when they were done, they asked if we wanted them to put them back up. And we said we could do it. When we put them up, we found out that the installers hadn't taken the carpet or padding out underneath the strip, so none of my closets would open or shut because it was too tight. We adjusted them all the way out, up at the top and at the bottom, and there was just no way. So, I ended up having to complain a little bit. If they would have installed them differently, they would be okay. They were trying to tell me how you need to trim the door. But this type of door is made out of metal. They had to come back and I suggested they cut the carpet just underneath the strip so the strip sets down farther, which was what they did. And it worked. They completed it and they all worked perfectly after they left the second time.

The customer service set up the appointments and did the kind of things you'd expect them to do. A couple of installers brought someone who didn’t speak or understand English. It was no big deal. It’s just that it was uncomfortable because I had to keep asking the other guy all the questions. But that's the way the world is now, so I didn’t take it too seriously. They were very professional and accommodating. When the guy came back the second time, there was a little bit of an argument between him and me. He said there was nothing they could do to fix the closet doors and that it was not part of what they do. I said I just paid $6,000 and I'd hoped he would do it. So, we started troubleshooting.

My daughter came up because she lives next door and she had to get the doors off. Because the guy was so short, he was having a hard time lifting it enough to pop it off so he could work on it. But once we got those off, everything was good. He even told me that he'd been doing it for 30 years and that he was thankful because now he knew something that he didn't know before. They had never cut that strip out. I got the idea from seeing somebody do it and I knew what it was. The customer service rep told me that, if necessary, they would give me the bottom strip that it guides in. I asked if the guy was gonna have them so that if something happens, he's got them with him. And the rep said the guy carries them on the truck.

The installers weren't planning on putting new strips on, only redoing mine. Mine were screwed down and he removed all the screws and nailed them down. I asked him why he would do that and he said it's because the screw head sticks up too much. It's been in there all these years and we're unable to adjust them ourselves because they're nails. He totally worked to please me. But there was a little bit of back and forth. I didn't appreciate him changing it over to nails because the reason you have screws is so you can adjust them up or down.

I started out saying the service was great and I made it sound bad but it wasn't. But there were challenges that I had. I had to pay extra but there were five items that we left in the house because they had a way of being able to move it around. And you pay extra to have the installers move anything that's too heavy for me to take out. So, that was helpful. I had three beds, one in each bedroom that they moved out of the way until they did the room and then moved it back in. The guy was very nice to save my room for last.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupContract & TermsSales & MarketingStaffProcess

    Reviewed July 6, 2023

    We had used Empire Today previously. This time around, we got carpet for our daughter's town home. The sales rep was great. We didn't have any issues with the sales rep, but Empire hires third-party installers, and the installers were an absolute disaster. The process to notify you of when they're coming all the way through the installation process with an installer is not done well. I have already advised Empire that the process was poor. We specifically told them when we purchased, and it was on the paperwork. The sales rep did represent us correctly, but we were very clear that we needed to be present for the installation. So, we needed sufficient notice so that we could be there. We were 30 minutes away from where the installation was taking place.

    We got no notice other than when they called and said, "We'll be at your home in 15 minutes." They woke me up out of sleep which is fine. I understand they start early in the morning but they could have called the night before and say, "We're coming in tomorrow." I asked specifically, "Are we the first stop, the last stop? Can you ballpark me a time?" They could not give me any answer. So, I accepted that and moved on. At 7 o'clock in the morning, when I got a call saying, "We're 15 minutes out" and they were not supposed to start until 8:00 AM, and it's 7 o'clock in the morning, I can't move that fast even if I wanted to.

    When I spoke to Empire, they explained, "Well, we're very sorry. We didn't mean for that to happen. That happened because we do hire third-party contractors this, that and the other." I said, “Well, that's all fine and dandy, but you need to figure out a way to work that communication out.” My daughter is now in the town home by herself, and she was really hoping for our guidance. We were flying down the road trying to get there. We just told our daughter, "Don't let them start until we get there." We didn't know what else to do.

    Then the problem got even worse because the installer showed up. He spoke very little English. He walked in the house with my daughter and said, "Oh, by the way, I brought my wife." It was weird and fine because his wife ended up being "his helper". But when you watch videos and you receive commercial reviews and other reviews for Empire, that's not the image that is portrayed to you when somebody shows up with their wife and says, "I'm here to install your carpet." It was just a little bit weird. It's acceptable if this particular installer's wife was his helper. Instead of saying, "I brought my wife," he should have said, "My helper and I are ready to get started." We moved past that.

    All this took place while we were on the phone on our way to our daughter's town home. Our daughter called back and said they said they don't take apart furniture. That was when I really got angry because we had the discussion with the sales rep, and we specifically said there's no furniture in the home as you can see. It was literally the day after settlement. There was no furniture in the home. We asked the sales rep, "Is it okay if we put my daughter's bed up, just the bed so that she has a place to sleep for the next morning?" We explained the bed to him, and he said, they can move furniture. We watched the preparation video that Empire sent us, which clearly spelled out that they will move pieces of furniture. They explained how they do it.

    The installer got upstairs with his wife and took a look at the bed and said, "Well, we don't take apart furniture." So now my daughter was standing there going very confused because she was there when the sales rep said it. It was written on the paperwork and in the contract that they do do it. Then the process was then delayed because now my husband and I were rushing to get there so that my husband can run up the stairs and take a bed apart. So, the installation went poorly because of that.

    The carpet was installed beautifully. He did a nice job. His helper wife cleaned up everything. There was a couple little spots on the stairs where we asked him to make some changes to how the carpet was installed. But other than that, the installation in and of itself was done fine. The carpet is beautiful. There were no issues with that. The problem is with Empire hiring third-party representatives that come in and install. Empire has to work harder to get a communication system in place so that more feedback is given to the customer as to what to expect and when to expect it. Even the sales rep called me back after the install and said, “That should never have happened because your contract says they will do that.” That was very disappointing. They owned up to it though.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPriceOnline & AppStaff

    Reviewed June 1, 2023

    I am very busy running a dog training business out of the home and I needed somebody that could come to me and bring me samples. I liked that Empire's website had a little option where I could take pictures. They kind of did this virtual overlay that gave me an idea of what the flooring might look like in the room even before the consultant guy came out with the samples. I liked him a lot. He was really good and prepared. I gave him my thoughts about looking online and what I was looking for. He showed me those and a few other options. In the end, we found a nice medium meeting ground place for what I wanted versus what my husband wanted as far as price point and quality.

    I had two different spaces done and for safety reasons, I stuck with replacing the carpet on the stairway itself and for the master bedroom and the upstairs hallway, they pulled the carpet and had the engineered hardwood flooring installed. I had two different crews -- one was the wood crew and one was the carpet crew. The installation had to be scheduled on different days and I was trying to get the bedroom taken care of before I went out of the country. The wood was done before the staircase carpet and the only issue was that at the very top where the carpet installer did the transition, he felt he could have done that better if the staircase was done first. The wood guys didn't wanna leave their job not finished so they put a little cap over and the carpet guy had to work around the cap instead of going under it. It looks great but from his point of view, he would have liked to have done the carpet first.

    They were very professional and did a good job. The only thing I wasn't anticipating was that my dogs would have to be crated the entire time. When they were working upstairs, I figured I could just secure and keep them downstairs but they needed to be able to go in and out of the house and saw outside instead of in my room. It totally made sense. I just wasn't mentally prepared for that. One of the dogs is my seizure alert service dog and having to crate him could have been problematic but I just stayed in the room where he was. It was fine. I understand why they needed to do that. Also, when they had their lunch break, they took lunch outside so that I could let the dogs out and told me to let them know when I'm ready. They were really accommodating with that.

    I'm liking the flooring a lot. The carpet is much nicer than the carpet that I had before. It was a different texture so that the dogs weren't trying to paw at it like they were with the last one. And I love the engineered hardwood floor. I was concerned at first because the boards are thicker. There was a thinner option but the consultant said that this exact same floor and a wider board was on sale. It was a difference of close to $3,000. He said he felt that this would be a good option for me and he was right. I am happy with it. I've got three other bedrooms and I'm gonna have them put the same engineered hardwood in those because I was very happy with them.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed March 31, 2023

    A salesman came and he measured everything. He was really pushy and wouldn't stop talking. After three hours, he was still talking and I was falling asleep. That was when he left. His price was pretty high. I then had a guy call me on the phone and he knocked it down $1,000. I was telling him about the first guy and he said he would get another person out there. A lady comes and she was really nice and she measured everything. She gave me another price that was even lower. I told her, "How can it be that low? There's gotta be some gimmick to this. Is this a good carpet?" She said it was the best carpet they got.

    In November, we decided to pay half down. But I said, "You know, we got a lot of things going right now. We got Christmas coming up and New Year's and then we're gonna Mardi Gras ourselves. And so, you know, it has to be after all that." And they said, "Well, no worries about that. Just let us know when you wanna do it." We did it a month or two ago.

    This is when it gets a little difficult. There were two guys that came in. One spoke no English at all and the other one spoke poquito English. I don't speak Spanish. There was no communication there at all. What wasn't measured was a little closet just to put towels in. It's about 2-foot square. The guy raised trouble with it and said, "It's not on the map." I said, "I think you might have a little bit of extra carpet, put that in there," and they did. They had some carpet left over, which upset me because they took it. I paid for it, so why didn't I get it?

    We had moved everything off of the floor except for the furniture and that was a hard deal. They were in and out of here in for a couple of hours and we let them do their thing. We didn't get in their way. When they were getting ready to leave, I inspected it and everything and they weren't there. They have put the carpet in that little closet that we talked about. We were gonna actually save some of the old carpet to give to another person. But I couldn't communicate with the installers, so they just ripped it up and took it out in sections.

    They moved the furniture so they should have remembered where it was when they moved it. They didn't. Things were all off-centered or not in the right room. I had file cabinets in another room and I said, "You need to put those back in my office." They pushed them instead of carrying them. They pushed them from 30 feet on the brand-new carpet, which was stupid. While they pushed them like that, they put a dent in my file cabinets and that upset me a little bit. We had a brand-new Tempur-pedic bed and it's quite heavy. They moved it and it was off-centered. They really didn't wanna do it but they ended up doing it for us to get it centered again. They then cleaned up and left. I have filed a claim for the file cabinets that were dented and I took pictures of them. I need to call them back to find out exactly how I can send it to them.

    Empire should have had somebody there that could speak English so we could communicate with them. That aside, the carpet is wonderful. It's got a good pad underneath it and it's a beautiful carpet. Anybody that goes upstairs now either has to take off their shoes or was given these little boot covers to put on. We also had some people from Best Buy come to deliver a TV for us and they kept on telling us how cushiony the carpet was. We also had somebody from the air condition people and they even commented on how wonderful the carpet was.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Jan. 10, 2023

    When looking for flooring, I wanted to be able to move the furniture around without scratching the floor. The floor being water-resistant was important too because I'm on the first floor. Empire's price was competitive and the timing was a factor in my going with them because they were gonna start sooner. The installation was performed in the living room and it was all one straight run to the dining area, the kitchen, and the front hall. The initial investment I got was to lay the flooring over the existing flooring. When we found out there were actually two layers of existing flooring, that went out the window and they had to factor in removing the two layers. The salesman gave me a higher price but he had to get it by the office. An installation team showed up on a Saturday morning and the sales guy could not be reached. The office gal wasn't ready to okay the price.

    The issue was with the communication between the front office and the sales guy. The sales guy did the work on a Thursday or a Friday and he was not available on the weekend for some reason. The office gal would not authorize the installation team to start the job even though I was willing to pay more if it turned out that way. I just wanted to get the job going. At that time, I had all the furniture out and I was living through the weekend with a refrigerator in my bedroom.

    After some beating around, the installation team left and I had to wait a couple of more days and a different team came out and the price was accepted. One thing was nobody also made it clear to me until the very end that I had to have the stove out. At the last minute, I had to get some things moved. I'm 50 years old so that's not that easy.

    That aside, I was very impressed with the crew that did the work. They were very hardworking and they did a very good job. They had to remove floors without damaging the existing baseboards and that was not easy. They had things watered so it's leveled. They had to level it with some kind of liquid type of material that looked like a bit of a watery cement almost. The boards themselves are nice and leveled. There's no end sticking up. They did a nice job with the seals. The installation crew also put everything back.

    If one of my neighbors asked about Empire, I would tell them to be careful about the details. Other than that, the crew worked quickly and they did a good job. I'm very happy with the way things look. I like the idea that this flooring is lighter colored. It makes the room a little lighter. I was also amazed how the crew could take things out without scarring up the baseboards. The removal was excellent.

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    Verified purchase
    Installation & SetupStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 25, 2023

    The rep was very helpful in showing me how the floor would look by taking a picture. The only shortcoming was that he underestimated the amount of time the installers were gonna need to install the vinyl. He thought that the installers could just lay the vinyl on top of the sticky tiles, but there were a number of them missing. They ended up having to take up all of the old flooring before putting down the new one. So they spent a good couple of hours more than they anticipated. Other than that, the quality was excellent.

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    Reviewed Sept. 24, 2023

    Today not tomorrow not next week, it is TODAY!!!! That must be why they are called Empire TODAY!!! You see this company is built upon the 1 time close!!! The Salesperson told me so… What does that mean, well it meant that I was not going to have any time to do my due diligence or do any research on the company or if they were my first vendor they I spoke with, anytime to check on pricing.. They wanted to close TODAY and TODAY only… Do not worry about them measuring anything or them showing you numbers, if you are not buying today then there will be NONE of that…

    Let me say I am in Sales, I own a Solar/Alarm/ and Turf company and we value service, the guy that came to my home valued HIS commission and His commission only… Thus if there was not going to be a sale today, then there would not be any kind of service either.. The interesting point is once which was after he left my home, I started to do some research on the company it was clear that they were not service driven, They may be a big company but what I saw today and read today was a company that was not about me first and was about them first and that is not how I do business.. So I will look at the other companies because I won't buy from Empire Today or Empire Tomorrow, or Empire EVER!!!!

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    Empire Today
    Response from Empire Today

    Les, We always aim to deliver a great experience and are gutted when we don’t meet expectations. Thanks for taking the time to bring this to our attention. We will use the feedback to improve. Thank you for your feedback.

    Verified purchase
    Punctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 24, 2023

    When the installers came to do the carpet, they seem to be unaware that they were moving furniture, which we had let them know. There was a miscommunication and they didn't send extra help. The installers were here from early to very late in the evening. But they did a good job on the floor.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Sept. 23, 2023

    I had a good experience with Empire Today. They had better price and they are quicker with the way they handle things. I had them install carpet all through the house. We looked at different carpets and their rep put in her input. She was very nice and friendly. The installers were great. They took out a big closet that was inside my closet, which I didn't expect them to do. They moved everything and put everything back. They took apart the bed. They moved everything out. They did a great job. They put a leveler on where the floor wasn't level. I was impressed by them. They didn't speak English, but one guy did.

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    Verified purchase
    Installation & SetupPunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 23, 2023

    The sales rep from Empire was very nice and warm. Our flooring is dark beige, toffee color and a nice pile. It came with the padding. The flooring's very soft to the feet. I like going barefoot. So, it's very nice. We had done it on one of their 50/50/50 deals. The installation was very quick. The installers came when they said they were coming. They installed it, cleaned everything up and left in a short time. They were easy to work with and they did their job well. I would recommend Empire.

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