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Ace Hardware is a hardware retailer with more than 5,000 stores across the globe. Customers can shop from many different top brands to find what they need for home maintenance and repair. Many Ace hardware stores are independently owned and operated.

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Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed Dec. 2, 2023

We purchased a rv water pressure regulator from the Davis Ace Hardware in Springerville Arizona. We installed it, it did not work as intended. The water flow was very slow. We fussed with it for a while, with no change. It would not work as needed. My wife took it back for a refund a week later when she was heading into town. With the open package, and receipt in hand, she politely asked for a refund. She was exposed to having to go through several level of scrutiny, by different employees, at one point having to wait five to tens minutes while they chose to test it. An older gentleman came back and told her that it works. My wife said, it didn't work for us, and he said, "It works here."

My wife ask for a manager, and made contact with the owner. The owner said they could not return it, they had to make a storewide policy that if the item worked, they wouldn't accept returns. The reason she gave, was because people are returning air-conditioners, and heaters after using them for a couple of weeks. My wife said, she would not do something like that, and also replied, "So I just suppose to put this part in a drawer that doesn't work." The owner replied,"Oh I doubt that will happen."

My wife returned home very distraught, as she has never gone through such scrutiny for simply returning an item at an Ace Hardware store. We later put the regulator on, just to see it still not work. Our original was only replaced due to it had developed a leak, otherwise worked flawlessly. A few days later my wife called the manufacturer of the regulator and they were very accommodating. A Mr. ** was surprised to hear about issue, and advised to try again and let Davis Ace Hardware know, they will stand behind the product. If they had any issues that they could call him and he would verify it.

The following day I returned to Davis Ace Hardware and politely asked for a refund, stating my wife was in a few days ago and was not able to get a refund. I was referred to another employee and sharply told no we will not refund that item. I explained the part does not work as I have reinstalled it after they tested it and it still does not work. The employee stated "The owner has already made a ruling on this, and she had previously came down and talked to your wife about it." The employee said, they will not return it. I left without what I would call a fair resolution.

Essentially it as though both my wife and I were called liars. It is very unlikely at the store they were able to duplicate pressure and flow through the regulator that would be consistent under its intended use. My wife had asked them if they wanted to come over and test it with us, they were welcome. They said they could not do that, which I understand, but we had nothing to hide.

My assessment of the experience is due to the return policies being abused by others, we were victimized by their stereotyping. If we are doing something wrong, I get it, however we had a malfunction part, returned it with receipt a week later under the sixty days as required on the receipt. We did nothing wrong, but it was implied we had. To say the least it was a very disappointing experience.

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Customer ServiceCoverage

Reviewed Aug. 25, 2023

Ace Hardware in Susupe in Saipan. I already open claim to Attorney General. I will report to BBB, Consumer Affairs and all. I bought hose 08/24 then asked for refund 08/25 with same condition because the item is not washer hose but they denied because the product is soaker hose, not refundable. There is no damage at all, can not deny for no reason. I called Lois ** Ace Hardware cor MP to complain. Lois called Supervisor Angie and Angie lie to Lois that I bought 2 days ago and there is water in the hose. This business hurting innocent people by wrongdoing, lie, unreasonable policy. Why nonody explained to me before I purchase this is not refundable item. Why 2 employees eager to find items and recommended to me when I ask longer hose for washing machine? Why this Supervisor Angie lie to Company in front of customer. I recorded the lies.

It is only $29 lost. She took my receipt and products for no reason. I don't want to go back there again to ask my receipt and items. In the US, customer have their right to refund if the item is not damaged, not depend on it's Angie's good day or not. Company has to educate employee not to recommend soaker hose for washer machine. And if the item is not refundable has to customer know that's not refundable. Not up to ANGIE's mood.

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed July 30, 2023

    We have been going to this store for over 10 years now, not to mention we have spent thousands in this store over time. Most of the time we have a decent experience. we were treated like garbage by an employee named Carl, an older, know it all man with a terrible attitude and he talked down to my wife like she was stupid or something.

    We were trying to get a key copied as we have done SEVERAL times in the past. They said they would not do it because we didn't purchase the key from them. Even though we have done this numerous time in the recent past for our car, motorcycle and 5th wheel. The customer in front of us got a key cut that he didn't purchase at Ace. The manager, Colin, a kid no more than 20 years old was contradicting himself about the 'rules" about cutting keys. He told us to go to the Ace Hardware in Gilroy to get our key cut because their rules are different. REALLY???? Wouldn't a "rule" be company wide? Well, they wouldn't do it for us, so we wont be going there anymore.

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    Sales & MarketingPriceProcess

    Reviewed July 27, 2023

    As of July 27, 2023, this program is less of a benefit. The new rewards coupon is Get $5.00 off of $30.00 spent regular price items. This just change from Get $5.00 when spending $20.00. And a while back it was to get $7.00 off. Does not work with sales items. This program has less and less value, not worth participating. We all know we have been stuck with higher prices due to someone's inflation economics. But cost have come down, but retailers are not pass their lower cost to the consumer.

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    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed June 7, 2023

    Think twice before buying any item online and privately owned stores since they claim they are “not affiliated” with each other and each store has the right to deny you a refund with a valid receipt regardless of company policy. I purchased an Ego battery that would charge but not hold longer than 30 min. while in use. 3 days later I tried to return it only to be refused a refund/exchange. This item does not qualify as gas equipment as the owner stated, I hope the $180 is worth him losing local business. I was also told by the manager, to “take the battery and get out of his store” when asking for them to show me the store policy and his last name. Unfortunately, shopping local to support a business was a mistake. I also emailed corporate and never received a response and called customer service with no resolution. No seems to know their policy and makes it up as you talk to them!

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    Reviewed June 1, 2023

    On 5/22/23 I purchased a GE Universal remote to control my Vizio TV it would not set up or work the TV, today I went to return the remote for credit and was told I could not return it because I had opened the package. I told the clerk if I did not open it, I would never know if it would work or not. I was rather shocked to see that an Ace Hardware store would not credit me for the remote that I purchased that would not do what I bought it to do.

    He also told me I did not read the directions correctly; I told him the directions were inside the package I had to open it to get them. I told the man that I would never buy anything else from that store. He went on to tell me he could not resale it because it had been opened, he said he would lose money and must just throw it away, I told him that was what I was going to have to do. He said if I went to Best Buy and bought something and opened it, they would not take it back. I went on to tell him this was America and most retailers will allow you to return merchandise for a refund. That is just common-sense customer service. At the end of our disagreement regarding the return he told to get out of his store, The price with tax was $9.23 it is a sad day when a store owner would pretty much run a customer off and lose future business over $9.23. The guy was abrasive and confrontational. Store info: Elistway Ace Hardware Jacksonville, FL 32221

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    Reviewed April 12, 2023

    I've tried over a dozen times to place an order with Ace Hardware, yet due to their unbelievably high shipping costs, I never have and NEVER will! I'm the procurement manager for our corporation, make ALL purchasing decisions and choose our suppliers, in which case Ace will never get our high-end business vs. all other suppliers of our industrial needs that offer FREE SHIPPING or extremely low, reasonable shipping. Example - had 3 cans of lacquer thinner in their cart, then when I went to check out the price DOUBLED due to their thievingly, over the top, high shipping. Bought it way cheaper from another reputable supplier, for the EXACT SAME THINNER, with FREE SHIPPING. Their HUGE loss!

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    Reviewed April 8, 2023

    I thought they sold Sherwin Williams, they do not. It was Sunday & I did not know if any other places were open. The paint rep told me they could make any of SW colors, upon telling him what I wanted he told me they could not make that one. The $72 can I received was rusted as if it had been outside for 10 years. 3 days later I had everything ready to paint, when I opened the can I realized it was not completely closed (thankfully it didn’t spill in my car). The paint was a huge clump that could not be stirred. When I spent part of my day off work going back to the store to get a new can. Did the mgr or the same paint rep even say they were sorry for the inconvenience, no. I was offered a replacement but they were out of the upgraded bathroom paint I originally bought so I had to downgrade, again without as much as a verbal apology. Then I had to use 3 coats to get decent coverage with the low quality paint.

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    Rebecca increased rating by 4 stars.
    After a positive interaction with Ace Hardware, Rebecca increased their star rating on May 20, 2023.

    Updated review: May 20, 2023

    The company worked with me to help me purchase new mouse traps. It initially was very difficult, but they called me and coordinated with me to get the mouse traps.

    Original Review: March 10, 2023

    If I could give them zero stars I would. They didn't ship me a complete order and when I call to have them ship the rest of the order, after a long hold time, they told me I needed to contact FedEx first to get an incident number and then I could submit a claim. I just wanted my 3 extra mouse traps. Instead I spent $10 on shipping for a $4 mouse trap and a $5 rodent repellent fragrance. They have lost my business over 3 mouse traps they forgot to ship.

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    profile pic of the author
    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 3, 2023

    Cannot believe how lazy and inconsiderate the male cashier was today at the Colbert Ace Hardware. It was 15 minutes till closing when I arrived and attempted to find a plumbing item on my own before asking for help when I couldn't locate it. I went up to the register and asked the gentleman, an older hippie/biker type with bandana headband, if someone could help me... he immediately said no, he was stuck at the register. I asked if there was someone else who was able to assist me... I was completely dumbfounded, “You mean there is no one in this store who can help me find what I’m looking for? I’m the only customer in the store.” He said "No, Ms. ** and me are the only two here.”

    Fortunately, there was a young man with a cute puppy who said he would help. Found out he was an employee who came in for something and volunteered to assist me off the clock. This young man went out of his way to help and not be paid when a paid employee wasn’t willing to do anything but stand behind the register. All this cashier had to do was lock his drawer and walk a few aisles down. He knew there were zero customers in the store. I heard him counting his drawer when I first went back to look. Why do people apply for customer service positions when they possess absolutely no customer service skills and have no desire to? Better yet, why isn’t the owner reading these reviews and correcting the issues?

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