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We recently had a brand new whole house natural gas 22,550 KW Generac generator professionally installed by Reliable Power Systems in Boca Raton, Fl. It was tested weekly but not needed until now, when Hurricane Mathew hit and we lost power in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. It went on but ran erratically, causing the power to boom off and on while running. It was so disruptive that we shut off the lights and TV and went to sleep around 2 AM. At 5:30 AM, what we thought was the fire alarm, woke us up out of a deep sleep. Thank God it did and the Fire Dept. showed up quickly. Turns out it was the CO detector alarm and the FD CO reading was at a dangerous level. We weren't allowed back in for over an hour till large commercial fans were used with every open window and door to get rid of the deadly levels. They also tested the unit outside that had an even higher reading.

The next day Reliable came out and found a faulty air filter and fuel mixer causing it to burn rich, running it in overdrive. If not for that alarm, we'd be DEAD. They want to just replace the faulty parts and be done with it, saying it passed inspection. UH-UH! No deal, we are suing, especially after reading all the many complaints about a grossly negligent company. Anyone wanting to partake in a class action suit can contact us at **. We spent $14,000 with permits and installation and this happened with the first use. This is totally unacceptable. We bought this for peace of mind but we will never trust this unit again.

48 kva generator - Just went through hurricane Mathew in Jacksonville, Fl. Finally the generator gets it test of all tests. Days, maybe weeks without city power. Friday morning the storm begins and boom a tree takes out the power lines and just as advertised the general roars to life. Three days later, generator overheats and auto shutdown. Technician arrives within an hour and half late Monday evening to find a tension spring for the fan belt has broken. Of course the technician has no approved general springs but does rig three automotive pedal return springs to get me through the night hopefully until the real general spring is installed. My point is 10's of thousands of $$$ spent for this very scenario and it general hinges it all on a 5$ spring? I am truly suspect of the engineering and commitment on Generac to high quality and superior generators.

We purchased a Generac portable generator and had an electrician here to install the correct connections for the unit. As required we ran it monthly the first couple of years as directed, although we never had the need to use it for a power outage. When it stopped running we contacted Generac and were given the nearest authorized repair company. We are in a rural area in Duchess County NY, so the cost to have the authorized repair company come pick up the generator was almost as much as our local repair would charge us. And as there was no guarantee Generac would help, we opted to pay to have it fixed, and mailed Generac the information they required, to see if they would offer any money towards the repair. After numerous phone calls and not one return call from Generac, or not one follow through from Generac on anything they promised, we chalked it up.

Again we ran the generator monthly for another 8 or 9 months until while running it made a large bang and stopped once again. It is now sitting in the local repair place needing another $400 to be repaired. This unit has a little over 1 hour run time on it. It has never been used for an outage and basically it is a piece of junk. After calling Generac approximately another dozen times and dealing with people at what we think might be a few levels, we have still never had a return call - even to tell us there is nothing they can or will do. Not a call! The lack of concern, follow through or common courtesy is appalling.

We will junk this unit and never, ever consider purchasing anything from Generac as well as trying to use our consumer influence to warn others about this company. Products can be lemons - as ours must have be, but it is the lack of any customer concern that is by far the worst part. Stay away from Generac - save yourself aggravation!

We purchased a Generac GP17500 portable generator from the end of May and put it into service on June 1st for our summer-only business. It ran for 20 minutes on the first day of our new business and then immediately quit completely. Generac told us to contact an electrician, which we did and paid for at our own expense. He informed us that the switch was bad. It was then sent to Generac's "authorized service center". The authorized service center has claimed that it was a bad generator sent from the manufacturer and he has suggested that we be refunded. He was still waiting for a part on July 6th, when we last spoke to him. For the first 10 days, we rented another Generac and it quit after 10 days.

It is obvious that Generac is not able to handle our needs due to the quality of the Generac generator. Generac and Northern Tool have both refused to refund our money even after the authorized service center informed them that it was a factory defect that caused the problems in the first place. WARNING... if you have any problems after purchasing this generator, you will likely be ignored.

I bought a Generac power washer. I used it for a couple of hours until it ran out of gas. Per the instructions, I made sure the tank was empty, wiped it down so it was clean and looked like new and parked it in my garage. Two months later, I did the same thing. Next time I tried to use it, it would not start at all, not even a cough. I called Tractor Supply where I had bought it and they gave me the name of a local dealer to service it under the warranty. I dropped it off and a month later he called and said that Generac would not warranty it and I should come and pick it up. I went there and after questioning him discovered that he was actually NOT an authorized Generac facility.

So I called Generac directly and got the name of a real authorized warranty repair shop. I took it there. It also sat for about another month before the service tech called me back. He told me the whole engine was totally rusted out and that Generac would not warranty it. He had not called Generac and refused to call them. I have called Generac several times and eventually got a case number but so far nothing is happening but a snow job. I don't blame him for not wanting to call Generac. Good luck with that. Their wait time is too lengthy and when you choose the * key to get a callback, it does not happen. I called them again this afternoon, 6 hours ago and no callback. I was assured that I would not lose my place in the call line. Seriously???

So to summarize, I bought this power washer in December of 2015 and used it once; I then used it again around February for approximately 2 hours; in March it would not start and it is now August 2016. We want a whole house generator but will look at Honda. I would not buy a screwdriver from Generac. We took very good care of this equipment as we do everything. We are self-employed fabricators and have a workshop full of expensive tools. This power washer was only used to keep our house and sidewalks clean here in Florida. Caveat emptor.

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I bought a new Generac 5500 watt portable generator a couple of years ago. I never needed it for the first two years. Finally in 2016, I removed the generator from its box. I had to put the tires and handle and a few other things together on the unit. After doing as the owners manual instructed to do before starting the unit, I then test run the unit. It started just fine and ran well, it seemed. I paid an electrician to wire into my house electrical box with a box connection outside. That was great and done well. Now the kicker. I plugged in the provided cord that came with the generator into the outlet box on the house. Started the generator and plugged in the cord to the generator. Now turning on each breaker one at a time that was to be used on the control box as one should do.

Once the 4 breakers were turned on, I went into the house to smell an electrical burn smell. The generator fried my garage forced burner, fried my central heating unit to the house, fried my 1500 watt electric oil heater, fried my surge protector to my computer. Generac never paid for the damages and it took forever to get any response from the.

I hired an electrician and come to find out the generator was never set to specs at the factory. The outlets on the generator should have been around 120 to 125 volts output. This generator was putting out 187 volts, good reason it would burn up items in the house. The electrician made the necessary adjustments and it works fine now. SO DON'T trust a Generac generator from the company and think it is going to work properly nor trust them to stand behind their unit. I will never buy a generator from them. I will look for a different company and brand. I was wanting to get a whole house generator some day but not from them.

I bought a Generac generator with my RV. It has always been very hard to start. If I can get it to run it frequently will not charge. It is a piece of junk. Totally undependable.

I ordered a part through AP Electric. It was a Generac part that was shipped directly from Generac. When the package came the part we ordered was not correct... The box it came in was correct but the part inside the box was wrong. Between both companies no one wants to take responsibility and now almost a year later we still do not have the correct part. Mind you we paid almost $300.00 for this incorrect part. Generac is the worst company to deal with. All you get is the runaround and they will not exchange parts for us. All we want is the correct part...

June 1-16 we had a rash of severe thunderstorms. Within 2 weeks we had 2 direct, explosive lightning strikes to our generator (yes. To the generator) & it was dead, along with all the power in house that it was supposed to protect. We were the only house in a large community to be hit. Comments please.

Purchased a 15KW ecogen. We live off grid and have solar and the backup generator. It ran 2 hours and died. I requested my money back. They said, "No" but they would fix it. It was not fixable, it was under their very limited warranty, and it was replaced 3 months later. The new one just died. It has 441 hrs on it and has been well taken care of. The service dealer is 100 miles away because service people must go to Generac's school which costs them about 5k, 3000.00 for the course, 2000.00 for rooms, meals, and the other stuff they require them to purchase. This particular model is guaranteed for off grid, but it really just a piece of junk like all of their products. NEVER BUY GENERAC PRODUCTS.

I bought a Generac generator and a 25 K.W. generator (tractor supplied engine) in the mid nineties. Had the gen. in for service over and over but it never would work properly. I finally gave it away. The 25 K.W. was sold as brand new. The fellow that bought it called me and I gave him the paper work he needed for warranty work. Didn't hear from him again so don't know if he got it fixed or had a boat anchor. 2 out of 2 is not a good score. I'm looking for a 2000 w. gen. but the Honda looks like a better purchase for a couple of hundred more.

Generac warranty is a joke. My generator is 5 months old. It stop working, so I call the a generac dealer JACHS Electric Inc. 257 Jericho tpk., Mineola NY 11501 to learn that they only take come to look at the equipment if you provide your credit card in advance of the visit. The unit was not starting and in Generac's manual clearly indicates that you should contact the dealer if it does not start after you try to start on manual. JACHS electric service guy, starts the unit after he uses starter spray for engines and claim that the visit is not under warranty, because they cannot find the problem. They charge $304.00 to my credit card after a 15 minute visit.

I called Generac to obtain the name of distributors to install a standby generator. They specifically advertised this service -- instead of directing you to their website for a list. While there are 23 distributors within 50 miles of my home, they recommended 2. The generator was finally installed 6 months after we signed a contract. After a few curious incidents, we called again and got another referral to their "top" distributor -- who came out and told us the generator looks ok -- but the installation was totally wrong and has to be pulled out and start again -- for several thousand more dollars. I called Generac -- who says they will do NOTHING about this -- relying on their warranty -- which has nothing to do with this situation. They invited consumers to call for a referral, they gave 2 -- with NO disclaimer -- and now are unwilling to stand behind it. NOT a company to do business with.

Absolutely unacceptable that owning the Generac XG8000E, purchased new, for less than 3 years and less than 10 hours of running time, that the motor needs to be replaced. Totally froze up and the only solution provided by Generac Customer Service to the authorized repair shop is a $850.00 replacement of the motor. All manufacturer's maintenance, fuel, monthly start-ups were followed to the letter. This is most infuriating that they don't have a warranty based on length or running hours. Going to get it fixed so that I can sell it to some other sucker and get me a Honda.

1. Battery doesn't hold a charge. Won't that be fun when I have to use it?
2. The Recoil Starter will break your back if your battery is dead. Where is the 20-year-old when you need him?
3. The choke doesn't work unless you're referring to "choke" as in Generac service "choked."
4. Generac doesn't have its own service crews.

5. Authorized "service providers" don't provide home service and good luck getting 4 of your able bodied friends to lift in it and out of a pickup truck you have to borrow.

So I contacted the Generac "service" people to explain my issues... Which they can't fix. Which they don't understand. Which they caused by producing a defective product. Which they touted as great. Which they touted as having reliable support. (Which they don't.) Which relies on irrelevant independent shops to fix their junk. Which demand you drag your really heavy generator to them. Which doesn't do me much good in the event I ever need power. Which means I'm stuck with an unreliable product sold by an unreliable company with unreliable service.

We recently purchased a 22kW whole house Generac Guardian generator. The generator was professionally installed, completely tested and turned up for service on 11/10/15. The first exercise date was set for 11/19/15. We were away from home and did not notice that the alarm light was on until 12/01/15. I made contact with the local service provider on 12/03/15. The service provider came out on 12/14/15 and determined that the unit had internal problems that were too extensive to replace the defective parts. Keep in mind that this generator had never started since it was put into service. I was unhappy to hear that the replacement generator would have a 6 week shipping interval. Today is 2/11/16 and the replacement unit has still not been received by the service provider.

I called Generac customer service on 2/11/16 and they still could not provide me with a shipping date for the replacement unit. I wonder how many recently sold units Generac has shipped out to new customers while we have had to drag out our heavy Korean made portable unit for three power outages since our new Generac has not been available for service. If you have a dependable portable generator and are physically able to set it up each time you need it, save your money, keep your old portable unit and go out and spend the money that you will save on a nice gift for your valentine.

Ordered a Generac XT8000 generator. When it came it was defective. Parts were missing.... holes were NOT drilled. I called Generac. They prompted me to take the 250LB generator to a "local" repair service 35 mile round trip away. I am 72 year old and weigh 145 lbs.... yet the best they could offer was that I take the generator to their service provider. They also said that I should file a damage report with the shipping company. I pointed out that the shipping company could certainly NOT cause the defect (holes not drilled in appropriate spots for mounting hardware). Yet still THAT was the best they could authorize over the phone.

When I pointed out how ludicrous this was... the representative said that all he could authorize was that I take it to a service center and get an estimate to repair it. When I asked him if this was the "great service" that Generac touted on the website- he fell silent. Right now I am torn between deciding whether this product is a piece of crap.... or a piece of **!!!!

During annual inspection, tech noticed oil leaking around head gasket. Went to replace and corner piece & bolt broke off. This before using pressure to back bolt off. He stated he had seen the exact same thing a short time ago. The unit has only 44.5 hours of use, including less than 3 years of weekly testing. Part is under warranty, but will cost me $300 in labor costs & 1 months time w/o unit. As a Sr. citizen, this is not an expense I need. This sounds as though this is a defective part, as it has happen at least once before.

Purchase 16000 kw generator in 2008, made it 2 years 8 month (106 Hours) generator spit out all copper windings. 2011 bought 17000 kw (140 hours), made it 4 years 4 month voltage regulator board went burned up going to cost $800 parts and labor to fix. If you buy a Generac guardian standby generator don't plan on warranty fixing anything. They designed not to last but to just get past warranty. Once they get your money they don't care if there is a problem. I spent 4200 on first one then 3300 on second one. Good luck.

Purchased a power washer about June of 2014. Initially, the water hose had leaks and needed replacement which was done without a problem. After using the power washer for about 5 hours, it would not start. I followed the recommendation in the manual, to no avail. When I took it to a service agent of Generac, the repairman said the machine had water in carburetor, motor, etc. and was not worth fixing. There was no resolution. Horrible product. Do not buy!!!

Had the 7500E Portable to ensure power during frequent long term power outages. Kept indoors until needed, used less than 80 hours, maintained as per owner's manual, except changing spark plug. Charged 8 hours and started monthly for 15-20 minutes to ensure working status. Used five times for outages, total under 80 hours, worked well, easy to start. Approaching the 100 hour marker, decided to have the installation electrician do the maintenance, per manual. Installer didn't want to service, called another Generac service company who would.

In removing spark plug (for the first time) they had to use a lot of pressure at an incredible angle to remove the plug. The threads on the aluminum housing had metal chips in the thread, and they could not replace the plug tightly. The resolution was to re-thread the hole at $400. No help or suggestions from the Generac CS people. Should have changed the plug after the first season and would have been under warranty.

I am so glad this happened now that I have read through all of the reviews. I watched the infomercial and called for a quote. Took two months to schedule an appointment in Phoenix, AZ. First dealer came out and we did a complete survey and agreed on a 48KW generator. Would have been about $25K but I never heard from the guy again. Tried to call, email, but nothing. Called Generac directly and they gave me another dealer. Same thing, could not get a quote this time. I am done. It is amazing to me that Generac spends $ on their advertising and then cannot even deliver on a sale let alone and installation on service.

I made the worst error ever by buying a Generac 2000 W inverter generator. This generator was repaired once under warranty, and twice more I paid to get it working when it failed again. Once for the engine, the other for the circuit boards, as was done once under warranty. I took very good care of this generator, and the repair shop said that the circuit board will cost well over $500.00 to replace. I now can only use the Generac generator for an anchor. I bought a Honda generator, and so far have had no problems. I will NEVER buy a Generac product again. I was warned that they were junk but had to learn the hard way.

Hey, Generac, make a change and start making generators that work, don't cost an arm and a leg for parts, and are reliable. Right now I would buy a "made in Red China" generator before I ever go near a Generac, and I will never buy those junks. Generac has failed us. All they had to do was make a product that customers will recommend, rely on, and be reasonable when parts are needed. Maybe someone with intelligence and pride in their products will buy Generac out and make those changes. Right now a big company is buying Generac, and they are doing the same with parts that don't last and cost a fortune to replace.

My installer must have went out of business because they don't answer emails or return telephone calls. Want yearly maintenance. Generac didn't get back to me with a new maintenance firm. Last year they found it was leaking oil so I really want someone to look at it. Calling around and finding out they want $300 to come over and look at it. When I had it installed they told me yearly maintenance would be around $100. If I can't get maintenance what will I do in an emergency??

Generac Guardian 8KV Series Generator. Bought this unit 5 years ago and had it installed by a authorized installer. Paid out close to $4500.00. Unit has almost literally not worked since. I've had service guys out here almost once a month for various things, but about a month before Hurricane Sandy hit in 2013, it died. I had service up here every other day (I have all of the records, so no exaggeration!) for near a month before the storm to replace parts even though the tech said the engine was shot. Generac refused to replace the engine until all parts were replaced. Finally, the day Sandy hit (Monday) they said they'd replace the engine but a load of good it did because we were without power for 6 days and all I had was a boat anchor out back.

A month later the engine was replaced. Twice more we had storms that needed the generator and both times it was offline and out of order for some damned reason or another. Now, the unit is out of warranty and it's still needing parts. I just paid out $275.00 for a maintenance contract but it doesn't cover parts and now it needs another $500.00 in parts. This is ridiculous!! Calls to Generac are like "well, stiff **..." I've had less problems and paid out less money for a old "beater" car. And at least IT ran for a few months. I am told by the servicing/installing company that this is common with this unit and that I'm not the only one who has had these problems. COMMON?? Why won't Generac fix it?

New Generac unit with only 14 hrs run time, developed oil leak. Only 1 service rep out of 5 agreed to check out generator. Two months later, a service rep came out and agreed there was an oil leak. We topped up the oil because it was low and a routine run was scheduled and we did not want engine to burn up. Service rep states that because we topped up oil, warranty is now void! And, service rep will NOT be paid for his service call and we are NOT eligible for warranty repairs.

I have had more problems with a new generator. I do not recommend this company - they are difficult to work with and product is NOT reliable.

I am on my third Generac gen set. The first lasted, and did fairly well, but was built by the original company, prior to the sale several years ago. It lasted a total of 186 hours, and the rings went. It had a four cylinder gas engine. The second one came with the house I bought in Florida. It was about three years old. Since I was not the original owner, end of story. This one, the windings in the generator spun or some such. Had to pay a gen tech guy plenty to find out it was toast.

Bought a new one for the house - a good reputable outfit said Generac was better now. First thing that went was the control board. Took three or four months to get that resolved, and then was within the first year. Now I find out that it needs some part on the regulator or something. The part is $300 plus, plus the trip for the Sutton to come and fix. (I'm on a island) Anybody want to guess what that going to cost? My generator guy said the set on has 22 plus hours. Call them for support - what a joke... The only thing these things are good for is a boat anchor - three out of three = junk.

Purchased at local hardware store on 9/29/14. I used as a backup source of electricity for my mobile grooming trailer only when I couldn't shore line into customers home. We changed oil every week even if unit didn't need it because we wanted it to last. Unit started leaking oil and burning oil. I would have to add oil every time I had to use it for backup power even if we had just changed the oil. Unit would shut down due to low oil and eventually wouldn't start. Tried cleaning the air filter again, but no help. Getting more air flow to carburetor usually would help.

We finally took it into a Generac certified dealer since it was under warranty. They told us Generac wouldn't warranty it because the unit was worn out and the air filter wasn't put back on correctly which is a bunch of bull. It only fits one way. This unit only had 900 hours on it and was 9 months old. As a business person I thought I was buying a great product but apparently it was defective and Generac doesn't want to stand behind their products.

I don't recommend their products to anyone. I had an off brand China made generator for years prior to this one and I wore it out after over 5000 hours and several years of work. I take care of my equipment because I have to have it to make money in my work. This, however is ridiculous. To make matters worse, the repair shop Generac sent it to is charging us a labor bill because Generac denied the warranty work. Bottom line, don't buy their products, they aren't made well and they don't backup their products.

I have a brand new Centurion 5000 watt Portable Generator model#005971-0, never been used for power failure. I just start it up to make sure it runs okay. My three-year warranty through Lowe's was up 7-07-2015. Well, when I tried to start it the other day, gas started to leaking out behind the filter. This should not happen to a brand new generator, I give $818.25 for generator and a three-year warranty. I am a widow, and I don't have that kind of money to waste. I am so very upset, now I can't even start this product. Serial # 5908556A.

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