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OK, so I have never had a self-cleaning stove, but I figured it was time, so I bought one from Lowe's last year. It was not pricey, but it is for a downstairs kitchen, so I figured I needn't get too fancy. The stove worked fine UNTIL I decided to use the Self-Cleaning mode. That is when it started smoking and filling the house (3 floors) with an acrid chemical smell and smoke. I contacted GE because it was still under warranty (less than a year old).

MY ADVICE is NEVER buy GE! Long story... they created a "Case", I sent them pics of the stove and the burnt oven and the broken lever that would NOT release after the stove cooled down. Actually, my husband had to pull the plug out from the wall and haul it outside because of the horrible chemical odor and smoke. And the lever would not move. Eventually, we unscrewed the top place and were able to open the oven and take more pics, which we sent to GE.

SO after 4 weeks, they call and say that they will give us "some" money to buy a replacement??? WHAT?? WHY would I want to buy another HORRIBLE stove like that. Anyway, I figured that would be their response because of the other complaints I had read. Of course, they blamed ME, the consumer, saying that there was too much grease??? I followed all the instructions. I cleaned as much as I could before starting the Self-Clean. I will NEVER buy another GE Appliance. NEVER. AND since they do not honor their warranty, why do they give you one?

Literally stopped working after getting wet and the whole system locked up. Repairs proved impossible because we can't get a service technician from the company. It's a lemon. Repairs aren't even guaranteed because the problem recurs if it gets wet. An oven stops working if a pot overflows!! GE isn't even answering our calls. I will never recommend this company. I found it embarrassing. Stay away from this useless expensive paperweight.

This is the worst POS I have ever bought. When you preheat the oven to 350 it goes up to 550 and then you have to wait for it to drop and open the door to expedite this. The glass top gets scratched easy. GE told me numerous times that this is normal. I wish I would have known this before I bought this. Be WARNED. DO NOT BUY A GE PROFILE ELECTRIC RANGE. They are the worst.

I purchased my new General Electric glass top range on 4/2/14. I told the person that delivered it that the door was not closing properly, it was 5/8" open on top. He called GE and they said that there was nothing wrong. The edge of the stove gets very hot and you can burn yourself when using the oven. I called GE consumer affairs on 8/30/16 and told them again about the door and they told me the same thing again.

I had the store repairman come on 9/7/16. He tried to adjust the door to no avail. He also told me he has other people with the same complaint but GE will do nothing. In all my 58 years of owning stoves and cooking I have never had a door that did not close properly. GE should be ashamed of themselves. I will never buy another product from them. I also told them when I broil the door of the oven is hard to keep open. They told me not to open the door when broiling. Their owners manual says to keep the door ajar when broiling. They are not a very trustworthy company.

We bought all new appliances the end of April 2016. The frig and dishwasher are fine. The range is a disaster. I set the oven for 350* and about 10 minutes the beeper goes off. It will be maybe 300*. It will take another 15 minutes for it to reach what I have set it at. The tech came out and he says that is normal, so why have a beeper to tell you the oven is ready if it is not, the 1st time I baked a cake it was not done, then I started using the thermometer. So he tells me to just figure 30 minutes for the oven to get to temperature. In my 60 years of cooking, I have NEVER had an oven that was not ready to put a cake etc in when the beeper goes off. I am very dissatisfied with GE and will NEVER buy another GE appliance. The company called and says the same thing, GE stinks.

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My frustration with GE has reached a new peak. I own a 2005 Dual fuel (electric/gas) range which I purchased in Feb.2006. Unfortunately the touchpad control "lost" the number 5 recently and made it necessary to cook at 324 degrees, not a big problem. Then it lost #1,3,4,5,6, and 0, THAT PRESENTED A LARGE PROBLEM SINCE VERY FEW DISHES CAN BE PREPARED AT 789 degrees.

I proceeded to replace the control panel, but it turns out that is not the problem. The repair requires replacement of the entire face plate with the touchpad. An expensive part, but worth it since the stove is in excellent condition. Unfortunately after days of searching and calls to GE parts dept. and consumer affairs dept. I have discovered that GE NO LONGER MANUFACTURES THAT ITEM! A call to GE consumer affairs dept. yielded the following response: " We will give you a $50 gift certificate to purchase a new stove" I laughed: thinking that was a joke. GE NEVER AGAIN.

Bought a new house with all new GE appliances. I have a cooktop and all the knobs broke within 2 months, contacted GE and they sent me new ones and they broke in 2 months. In the past 3 years I have changed them at least 5 times (total of 25 knobs) and now every single one is broken. I am forced to use the cooktop without the knobs which at times is very dangerous as I could not properly operate it without the gas leaking.

The dishwasher broke and they charged me $288 to fix it and they did not mount it correctly breaking the cabinet where it was mounted. They guarantee their work for 30 days and it is 32 days today and want to charge a house call for $99 and then labor and parts. When the service guy was fixing my dishwasher I inquired with him about the constantly breaking knobs and he mentioned that he has the same model and it's been a problem - but he recommended me to go to Ace hardware and buy some stuff to secure the knobs and see if it does not break. Every knob the GE charges $13 or so.

I am so done with GE. Never ever going to buy a GE appliance and already recommending my friend not to go for anything GE. I never write any reviews but the reason why I Am writing today is I called their customer service to discuss about my issues. Great news - their system is broke and could not retrieve any of my info or take a complaint! They want me to call after 2 hours once their system is fixed. What a joke.

Not long after purchasing the GE Profile 36" built-in electric cooktop the heat controls around knobs were no longer readable. I contacted GE and they replaced the cooktop. This happened again, same results. The next time I had to pay $150 to replace the cooktop. Three years later same problem. Called GE. Now it will cost me an additional $200 to replace or they will give me a discount on a new cooktop. Are they kidding? This is obviously a design problem. I have to guess if I'm cooking on high, med high or low.

Profile Electric Stove 2006 - I suggest everyone who owns a GE profile electric free-standing to inspect the wiring. If plugs and wires are burnt report it to your underwriter's lab and report it to GE. GE is unaccountable and sells product that is completely unacceptable to the consumer.

Two times now my gas range has been turned on by nurses coming into our home and accidentally lightly bumping the knob, causing the gas to leak into the home for hours and me not being aware. As a patient, bed bound, I could have easily died. Making matters even worst was GE, response was dismissive, hanging up on me, saying "we make appliances easier for elderly to operate", and don't have nurses bump the knobs when they walk by. APPALLING!! Then they closed the case. Not closed for me! What about being safe, for children or the elderly? No, they have catered to make it easy for the elderly that can't turn a knob, putting the rest of us at risk of death. Not acceptable. I was told to buy child covers. Of which we did, how about a patient, and person of any health being valuable enough to make a appliance safe so they don't have to have a camera monitor the stove to be sure no one bumps the stove with their nursing bag?

We are 77 years old. We live close of Mexican border in a very poor, small town. We do not have techs. This past Sat. 7-10-2016 when cooking dinner our stove quit. Couldn't be fixed. Monday morning we drove 65 miles to a city to purchase new stove. Mind you we were not able to cook all weekend. We borrowed a pick up so we didn't have to pay the delivery cost of $65. We asked the clerk of a reputable store to have it converted from natural gas to propane. He stated it would be $250.00. We live on Social Security and had to use all our available money for the stove.

My husband used to work on appliance repair and decided we could do it ourselves. The jets were there but no instructions in what order they should be installed in which burners. We call a tech who drove 65 miles to get here and he said nothing he could do without instruction. Charged us $75 travel time. Called GE phone no listed on so called instruction sheet after getting worthless information from website. Very very unhelpful customer service. They did not care we were old and eating peanut butter. After a very long wait time, got a women who was able to explain how to remove oven door but got cut off. Two other so called representative were unable to give us the info needed. The enclosed info in range was totally useless. We learned how to set the clock but not how to remove oven door (which you do from time to time when deep cleaning or repairing oven) not where to put the propane jets, incorrect burner.

They did arrange to send the repair manual but it would be 24 or more hours. In the meantime we cannot eat. We have a disabled son as well as ourselves and 3 different diets because of illness. They did not care. They did not care that a tech refused to help us. They kept telling us to call a licensed GE tech. When we said no tech in this town and they were at least 65 miles away they said call a plumber. If we don't have an appliance tech why would we have a plumber? He would not have the instructions which should have been in the unit. We don't have the money to go out and eat after the long trip to purchase the range, the $75 to the tech who could do nothing. The earliest they would be able to e-mail the directions was 24 hours. I can mail in a matter of mins. especially if it is vital.

On top of everything else every rep we talked to told us the warranty was up as the range was a year old. How do we have any control over what dealers tell us? If you are in the market for new GE appliances make sure you demand proof they are the latest and the best. This customer service is terrible. A brand new stove sitting here and a peanut butter sandwich for dinner.

I ordered and rec'd new GE Profile gas/electric range from Sears. Salesperson did great job, I ordered a whole new kitchen for my new home. The GE range came and was installed. As I was wiping it down I got cut. Examining the range closely, I found that there were several places that were of unfinished, raw-cut metal. Places that would slice my skin. Indeed, as I was checking all the places I would normally be cleaning, I got cut again! Arranged for the range to be returned and went to Home Depot where I had originally purchased a lovely GE range 12 years ago. He showed me the floor model which I examined in their showroom for sharp metal. It was good.

The range came today and I examined it on the delivery truck. Same mess as the first one. I refused the delivery. Called the GE Sales Dept. Said they would look into it, and would I like to order another range. They asked that I send the photos and video I had taken of all the places I had marked in blue tape prior to returning the first range. Fortunate that I did that. I suggested they view the Consumer Affairs Site and return to good manufacturing processes.

The range was fantastic...until it broke after 8 months. We called GE and they sent out a repairman. He said he would have to order parts and come back about a week later. It is four weeks and five visits later and my range is still broken. GE's service process is extremely time-consuming and not customer-friendly. I have called their "customer advocates" to try and find out how many times I have to wait for a repairman before they are going to just replace the range and they can't give me an answer. I have spent over 20 hours waiting for repairmen or waiting on the phone to try and resolve this issue. I would NOT recommend buying ANY GE appliance due to the terrible experience I have had with their 1-year service warranty.

This range is so very difficult to clean or even keep clean. Washing up after making supper has become my worst nightmare. I am now stuck with this thing till I die or smash it with a hammer! I put food on low to just simmer and it will burn on, but you cannot set it any lower. I would never recommend this range to anyone EVER! I am 66 years old and love to cook. This is not my first range so I feel I know what I am talking about.

This is my third GE marathon combination gas top/electric oven. I cannot, however I try when baking a pie, to get the bottom crust cooked properly. The top crust will burn before the bottom is cooked. Apparently according to GE even though the bottom element cannot be seen, it is there. Well it is not doing its job. GE's repair people's suggestion is to turn up the oven a 1/2 hour at high heat before baking. Anyone who bakes knows that a oven is set at 450 for a pie for 10 minutes - so obviously there is something wrong with the design, or they wouldn't suggest such a stupid solution.

Purchased this range 18 months ago. After warranty (1 year) expired we started having problems with the "glow plug" that ignites the convection oven. We paid to have three of these replaced (over $700.00). Being thoroughly disgusted I contacted GE Customer to complain. They were very nice and offered to help us. The sent a GE employed tech to our home to determine the problem... yep bad glow plug. GE will replace no charge... and they did, some three weeks later. Since then we are into our fourth new "glow plug" all courtesy of GE... no charge, except we have been without our convection oven for over five months except for a couple of weeks while the four new units worked that were installed. We have eleven boxes of parts from GE that were not needed to repair the oven. They all came from either Mexico or China. What a massive screw up by the GE Customer Service Dept.

Now the glow plug is out again (made in China) and GE wants us replace the range at a "heck of a deal"... 30% off the MSRP of a new comparable model... No way, we switch brands. Now we find out that GE Customer Service Division has been sold to a Chinese company. Service techs have been let got, the techs' benefits have been reduced to a minimum etc. Such is the condition of our country. We the consumer are being sold out by large corporations like GE. Not sure where I will make my next purchase but to ** with GE.

We bought Built-in Gas GE cook top - CGP350SS from Home Depot Nov. 2014 for $1400. When it was 8 months old, stove won't start cause electrical faults in the stove. GE service folks came in and fixed after a week though stove started working but sparks are still a problem. Now it is 1 1/2 yrs old suddenly we saw fire coming out from under the stove due some gas leak from one of the burners. Will never buy GE products again.

Tonight, my new JS 750 slide in range was finally installed and ready for its first test run. I am heartbroken. When the oven is started, a fan begins to run. As the oven heats, the fan forcefully blows hot air out the vents above the oven door and into the kitchen. As the oven reached the set temperature of 375 degrees, the temperature in the kitchen rose steadily. The hot air continued to blow in my face and my air conditioner was running full blast. This is apparently a feature designed to keep the electronic controls for the oven from getting too hot. I live in southwest Florida. There are not more than 10 days a year when it would be tolerable to have hot air blowing from a hot oven into the kitchen (and with our open concept design, the entire living area).

After waiting for months to own a wonderful new oven, I can hardly believe that I have one that I will never be able to use. I would gladly sell this at a loss, just to be able to be rid of it. But who would buy it after I give an honest answer about why I am selling it? This is the most ill conceived design feature I could imagine. How did it manage to get an energy star rating? Oven heat should stay in the oven.

The paint around the knobs on the back of the stove has peeled off. Contacted GE and they offered to give me the replacement part at a reduced rate but I am responsible for installation. I find it odd that they would be so quick to drastically reduce the cost of the part from $250 to 39.95 if there was not a known problem. I appreciate this but my argument is that they also should reduce the installation as it clearly is a defect and the local appliance repair shops are charging an average of $250 to install. If I chose GE vendor they charge $100 just to walk in the door and then labor which will be at least $300. They adamantly refused to help with the installation.

I bought a GE Cafe Gas Cooktop in May 2015. A month later we started to see some issues with burners and gas smell. It was immediately replaced by the place I purchased from. A few months later we started to notice similar problems and one day one of the burners lost its mind and bursted into flames causing damages to the cooktop, the hood and the backsplash.

We contacted GE and a technician was dispatched; he looked at it and said it had some safety related issues and asked me to contact GE Customer Service. At the same time he ordered some parts. Some used and incomplete parts arrived a couple of days later. I contacted GE Customer Relations department. Due to safety issue customer relations was not able to order parts and transferred me to speak with GE Safety department.

When GE's Safety Department picked up the phone I explained the situation and mentioned that I will file a safety complaint with the State of Texas. And, I was shocked to hear her response when she told me that she would not do anything and told me to go ahead and file complaint with the state. I posted numerous comments on GE's facebook page but every time my comments were removed and finally blocked my account.

I owned a GE electric self-cleaning range for 20 years and loved it. I purchased a replacement last fall. Right away I noticed none of the burners were level. I called the store where I purchased it. They came out and confirmed that none were; however, they said if they ordered replacement burners they would do the same thing! Next - the oven. Even though they put a level on the top of the range to prove it is installed correctly, every time I bake with a marinade, the marinade runs to the front right corner of the range, and it burns on the back left.

I baked a rectangular pie crust yesterday. The left side of the pie crust burned and the right was ok; however, I had to take the pie crust out at 11 minutes, rather than the 13-15 minutes suggested. I went to the local store again, armed with pictures, and their response was - "you have to contact GE. We can't do anything about it." I will NEVER buy another GE appliance, and I will NEVER buy anything from the local dealer.

GE is not honoring their 1 yr warranty with an equivalent replacement on a defective GE Model JGB750 gas range. When using the auto cleaning function, the stove became extremely hot and caused a safety concern. You could not touch the front of the unit without risking getting a burn. Cabinets and dishes were very hot to the touch. GE claims that this model is no longer available. Without notice, they delivered a down level lower spec model as a replacement. The closest model equivalent or better is not allowed without requiring us to pay an unreasonable difference in price. The only stove they will use is the lesser model. We went to five locations to find equivalent. GE does not seem to care, had terrible customer service, and are insisting we have no choice. Take the lesser stove or too bad. I will never buy GE again.

I have a GE Model PCB910SF1SS Stove with convection oven less than 2 years old. The inner glass has a crack down the middle of it. Not sure how it happened but have found that there are so many broken that they are out of parts in Canada and are back ordered from the plant. But according to GE... there is nothing wrong with this model. When you have so many broken that you cannot even stock the part is this not a sign that there is a problem. Glass part is $350. The stove was $1000 and less than 2 years old.

Purchased GE range several months ago and it burns all food that is cooked on large burner. Called GE service and was told not to use large burner for sauces or any food that I could not stand watch it even if it were on low. I previously had a Kitchenaid Radiant Heat cooktop that I cooked on for seven years and never had this problem. Unfortunately we moved and we bought new appliances. We just had the serviceman here and basically he was understanding but he could not help. This cooktop goes on and off and is too hot and you cannot control it.

I wrote a review for 4 GE appliances on their website. 3 were favorable, 1 for the range was not. They accepted the good reviews and refused to post the unfavorable one. UNBELIEVABLE! The range is horrible. The 2 ovens do not bake well at all. The temperature for each oven is all over the place. Meats look raw after cooking and forget about baked goods. I have a GE Profile stove in another home that is about 7 years old and is great. That is why I purchased another... I've had the tech here 3 times and GE keeps telling him and me this is normal operation. The convection turns on and off every 60 seconds and can't maintain a normal temperature range. I would never purchase another GE appliance especially because they only want good reviews so no one can read the bad. How dishonest.

I own all GE APPLIANCES and the gas stove is giving us a very hard time. The customer service is looking for excuses to say it's out of warranty but guess what? We have owned them all for 6 months only and the warranty should be up to 1 year. They sent 5 techs, none of them are able to fix it and GE doesn't want to replace it. They really are dishonest and liars. They are jeopardizing our life and our baby with the most defected gas stove. I will call a lawyer and possibly have them served by law.

I purchased all GE appliances for my kitchen remodel in 2014. The cafe series gas range that cost well over $2000 has never worked right. We have called GE 3 times and they have sent their GE repairman. He has replaced many parts but still the oven will not maintain a cooking temp. We have had many family dinners ruined! The temp seems to hold until you put something in the oven! Never buy GE.

I really love to cook. When we purchased our home in Redding 3 1/2 yrs ago, the kitchen had been remodeled in 2010. It included a Model PP989SN1SS GE black glass cooktop. I have said, "I hate this cooktop" so many times since. I can't count them. Even though it is fairly new, I must replace it. I will never buy another GE product. This stove top has a lot of settings for each burner, but it is only a timer. It only has 2 modes, on and off. So, let's say for medium, it goes on high and off for a little while, then back on high, and off for a little while. There is no constant heat. When you try to simmer, it goes on high and boils and burns food, then goes off for a while, etc.

This must be the cheapest way to trick a consumer into thinking they have a cooktop that one can regulate. I REALLY hate to try to prepare food on this cooktop. I am old enough to remember electric ranges that actually worked and stayed on low because only a few of the coils came on and stayed on. Evidently this method that works costs more than just on high, then off. Seems like GE's main goal is their profits and not customer satisfaction.

My stove is a flat top stove bought in 1998. It was only $400. I liked the flat top for easy cleaning. The stove is a simple one and I've only had to have the oven element replaced once. However, older ovens had an element you could unplug yourself and replace. With this model, a service person had to replace the element. It has been good. A deal breaker for me would be low quality construction and complicated instructions/buttons. I like simplicity since I don't cook a lot. This stove came with stove top cleaner and a scraper along with instructions on how to clean the top. It's easy to clean, lightweight so it's easy to pull out for cleaning behind it.

Great range for the price. Well made. Would prefer it to have a stainless steel top. Ranges no longer come with a supply cord. The oven uses dual elements when using the bake part of the oven. The light is bright. The broiler is typical of all electric stoves and performs as it should. The 4 burner top heating elements are the better kind with more coils and will heat from very low to high. The oven's lowest temperature is a little high at 170 degrees. 125 or 150 to keep something warm would be better.

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GE has been in business for more than 100 years and is one of the most recognized names in American manufacturing. It introduced one of the first mass-market electric stovetops in 1928: the Calrod Electric Range.

  • Flexible choices: GE offers a variety of product lines designed specifically for small homes, large homes or businesses.
  • Robust warranties: GE offers extensive warranties on all of its products, usually with the inclusion of home visits from maintenance personnel.
  • GE Fits! Guarantee: GE guarantees that it can find a cooking appliance that will perfectly match the existing dimensions of a client's old appliance.
  • Extensive special features: GE includes a variety of special features for select models, ranging from advanced software to the latest in induction technology and more.
  • Made in America: GE guarantees that most of its appliances are designed and manufactured in the United States, and provides information outlining what percentage of an appliance's components were made in the U.S.
  • Best for Users cooking for one, users cooking for families and users cooking for businesses.

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