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LRE3013ST - I was hoping to read that there was a recall on this particular stove because of the Intuitouch control panel. I seem to use the same burner on the left-hand side of the panel and noticed a crack in the plastic. It's only a few years old. Also after oven on for half hour or so it shuts off and FB appears on panel. Why do they make things like used to???

Bought a stove from lg. This is a $2000 stove. New to lg. Just came out in 2016. About 3 months after purchase the stove needed a new brain, 2 thermostats and sensors!!! I need a new stove. LG executive customer service was rude and relentless. They would not replace the defective stove stating it just needs to be fixed. For peace of mind and for your sake do not buy Lg products. They care nothing about the consumer after they get your money.

Bought the LG Flat Top Range Model # LRE3023ST. Have had nothing but problems. Customer Service unwilling to resolve problems. We were sold a defective range. Paid a lot on disability can't replace.

I called to ask about the glass door. The only reason I purchased a new stove was the oven door was cloudy. So I bought a new stainless Steel stove. First the door dented very easy and I had to spend 300 dollars to repair a small dent when I had it just a few weeks. Then right before the warranty was up I noticed streaking inside oven glass. I called and was told that it was not covered. I will never buy another LG product!

Gas Range LSSG3016ST - I have owned this range only 3 months, but I am very frustrated with the moaning whistle noise that comes from the unit the entire time the oven is in use and for 15 minutes or so after the oven shuts off. I thought maybe when it was used a few times it would stop but it hasn't. It is not horribly loud but loud enough I can hear it throughout the kitchen and it really gets on my nerves. I would think for a $2000.00 oven it should be quiet. I am talking with customer service and will write another review per their response. As of this time I am not a happy camper and think this will be my last LG purchase.

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We bought a LG double door gas range - the glass bottom door shattered, it was not in use. LG will not cover repair or replacement. Maricel @ LG states that no warranty covers a glass door shattering. We now have a oven, a year old oven that we dare not use. What will happen during use?

I purchased an LG electric oven range only four years ago. After 2 year two of the burners gave out. After calling customer service; they came over, charged me $250.00 and replaced control panel. This was without any diagnosis. Exactly one year later the burner gave out again. After calling their customer service and talking with technician, they offered another service call and replacement for $250.00. Their reason there is only 90 days guarantee on the parts. Very unfriendly and not willing to accept the an oven and the part that is replaced by them should last longer than one year. They offered I can purchase their warranty for $450.00 and the warranty lasts for one year. It is like their only reason is to ask for more money from consumers without making sure they are happy with the product.

Bought LG black stainless steel appliances. The microwave bottom melted since it has the cheapest plastic material underneath. It melted under standard cooking situation. Uninstalled it and took it back to Home Depot, waited about five days to hear from the Home Depot. Finally got a phone call from Home Depot and stated LG has declined to do anything since the damage happened from outside. I was offered by the store manager to give me a discount on my new microwave that I will buy. Other than that my $300 just flushed out. It's sad to see such a terrible product and service from a company like LG. They make billions of $ by ripping off from the poor. Now I'm left without microwave and my $300. Never spend your money just by looking at its brand name. Knowing they have a name they use the cheapest product and plastic from China and charge the highest dollar amount. Terrible product. I'm a mad and angry person right now.

My husband and I purchased a range from Home Depot 2013 and I thought this was great and absolutely loved the stainless steel and blue inside oven. That was until problem after problem. Why purchase an extended warranty just to find out Home Depot does not have service people in the area to service their products. Why even sell the warranty if you can't fulfill the agreement. I am furious!!! Stuck with a range after a couple of years that burners will not work and oven temperature only reach 350 degrees. Then only to be offered a refund of half of what we paid!! Really!! I will never buy a LG product again!! I also question if I will make any major purchases as this from Home Depot again as well!!! LG consumers beware!!

We bought many things from LG and are unhappy with each product individually. I will never buy from them again. Here's why: The knobs on our range started to break within a year of ownership. The knobs control the gas and so are a very potentially dangerous item to have break. Now all five knobs have broken. I have never seen a range made in the USA where this happened. Beyond that, the customer service for this part is reprehensible. You need to buy a really expensive replacement knob. When I first checked the knobs were something like $60-70 each approximately. You would almost be able to buy a used range with working knobs with that money. Another problem is that the burners won't ignite and we have to use a lighter, like on a camp stove. Well, we will never buy LG again. I spoke with their head of customer service and they will do nothing. Please do not buy anything from lG. You will regret it.

A few months after getting the range, the knobs started breaking. Like a good homeowner, I started repairing them, with epoxy, then tape reinforcement with epoxy and finally... after a while, I just couldn't repair them anymore. The design and materials are just plain wrong! I'm a mechanical engineer and I can clearly see the design and choice of materials is faulty. I called LG and after an hour of conversation, they sent me out a "complimentary" set of replacement knobs, "free of charge/ONE TIME DEAL". Well, those broke within 3 months.

I called them back, and after being on hold for 45 minutes, the supervisor said, "There is no point in continuing this conversation. We will not do anything about the breaking knobs" and hung up. This is very frustrating. There has to be a recourse on this. How can we hold them accountable for selling a faulty product? Aren't there consumer protection agencies specifically to protect us from irresponsible businesses such as LG?

LG company did not honor any recall for the control panel that was suppose to be under a recall because it was two years old. The LG representatives worked very hard to guarantee that I would not be getting any help either by getting them to repair the oven, send me the part, or provide me with technical support. There are not many parts that can go wrong but expensive if you guess wrong. The recall item was the control panel (board) but there are two in question. One for $60.00 the other for $170.00.

I purchased this Ceramic-Glass Radiant Cooktop on March 2, 2016. On July 7, 2016 called LG due to the front part of stove top would no longer lay flat. They sent a service person out July 8th and he stated that it was cosmetic and therefore it was not covered on the warranty. I stated to the service department that clearly this was a defect in the manufacturing of this appliance. At no prevail LG refused to repair my stove and hung up. The email sent only listed the company name which is East Electronics and their # 757-753-2907.

I did not know about this site when we purchased our LG products, freestanding double oven electric range, french door refrigerator and washer and dryer. Had the microwave but took it back right away as it was so dark inside and the light very dim. Bought a KitchenAid microwave and previously dishwasher. I have a problem with the self-clean feature of the oven. I have broiled steaks on the quick broil feature. Guess what when you use this feature, the fat will splatter inside the oven. After cooking the steaks I cleaned the oven but the floor of the oven in front of the door did not clean. It looked really baked on and you could not wipe it clean at all. I have the blue enamel oven. I did not touch this area - afraid I would void the warranty so called the executive warranty dept. Spoke with Wendy and she said they should be able to schedule an appt for Friday. Waited for the call but none came so we assumed they would show up on Friday.

NO SHOW NO CALL. Called back and Wendy said her computer was down but we did get a response to schedule for the following Friday. Repair guy said it should not have done that either. Called Tech department and they told my husband to put wet paper towels over the area and use the easy clean feature. It did remove the baked on mess so they told us they would not warranty it. I was so madddd!!! I called and spoke with Brenda ** and she told me I didn't need to get an attitude with her. I explained that I am allowed to cook in the oven and that food will splatter (she said splatters are not covered by warranty). The oven has a self-clean feature and of course LG expects food to be splattered why else would you have a self-clean feature? I expect it to work and not to have to clean it first before I use the self-clean feature. The feature cleaned the oven beautifully except the foot and half area in front of the door.

I told the rep that I felt it was a seal problem and it wasn't getting hot enough in that particular area to clean the food. She was going to check with her tech and emailed me that it was not covered under warranty. I emailed her back that was unacceptable. I wanted the general manager's number and I was going to the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General's Office. I will not give up. I know they want me to cause our warranty is about up also and if they stall me then they won't have to deal with it. Now I just need to figure out how to contact him but am filing a complaint with both agencies. I did not know about this site before buying our products.

Electric Range LDE4413ST - The ceramic cooktop developed white spots above one element the first time the element was used. This did not happen over any of the other elements. Contacted LG, they said this was normal and this would happen above all the elements. It has not. The other elements have all been well used now and still look new. The problem area however has developed what looks like tiny cracks around the embedded spots. LG still maintains that this is normal and refuses to do anything about it. Previously have owned several LG products and was satisfied with them but I will not buy or recommend another LG product after this experience.

Oven has a characteristic that is not mentioned in manual or by salesperson. Oven heats up to 100 to 125 degrees higher than what was set as preheat. If you put your food in when it beeps you will burn your food. Had techs out after buying my own thermometer to fix problem and was told that is how this oven works. Never had an oven operate like this. DON'T BUY!!! Stay away from LG!

We purchased all LG products and all of them have not lived up to our standards. The biggest problem is the knobs on the gas stove. The knobs should be ruled as DEFECTIVE and DANGEROUS. In my career I travel quite a bit and even though I have adult kids at home sometimes they do not notice when the gas is on because of the broken knobs. The white plastic on the insides have cracked causing the knobs to just turn but not completely turning the stove off. I have contacted LG and I too have been told to purchase new knobs, however you can purchase the knobs but the problem is still not fixed.

I noticed that the new LG stoves have knobs that are very steady. Why not just replace the old knobs with the newer model knobs. I pray that before anything happens like gas explosions, gas leaks etc., they would ruled out that the knobs are defective and update all the former customers with the new knobs. A couple of thousand dollars is better than a couple of million for major lawsuits.

First service call was scheduled for 4/1/16, arrived on 4/4/16. We were informed the hinges, bracket assembly were bent and lock for self-cleaning was broken. Seal gasket was improperly installed. All parts were ordered under warranty including a new burner for the top oven and a new motherboard. 4/22/16 LG service tech replaced all parts ordered, neither oven would heat up afterwards. A new motherboard was ordered, no functional ovens now. 4/26/16 motherboard replaced (3rd one), both oven temperatures erratic, sometimes too hot other times never reaches set point.

Called Executive Customer Service as recommended by LG tech, they sent A&E Factory Service to check the ovens. They found the probe sensor was faulty in the upper oven. Ordered part and replaced by A&E Factory Service. Upper oven seems to be maintaining a 350 degree set point, lower oven still overcooking/burning food in the back of the oven. Lower oven still unacceptable for baking anything and LG nor A&E can repair the problem. LG refuses to replace the unit even after nine service calls in a two month period and numerous parts replaced. The problem seems to the convection burner/fan unit in the lower oven. I've read other complaints on ConsumerAffairs concerning LG ovens, so I know I'm not the only one experiencing these problems. I'm still waiting for copies of the service reports.

I hate all LG appliances refrigerator. Worked two years. I have no ice maker. Microwave worked 4 years and now my stove will not cut off. Your company sucks.

We purchased an LG refrigerator, microwave and range about 8 years ago, all stainless steel. I have had nothing but problems with each one. A few days after microwave was installed, little dents started to appear on top panel. When I called customer service about this problem, they told me that it must be my fault that the dents are appearing--really??? The range knobs have melted and stripped, so now I have to use a pliers to turn the stove on or off.

They did send replacement knobs the first time it happened. Now when I call again because of this defect, they tell I have to purchase them at the tune of several hundred dollars!! And by the way, the supervisor I spoke to was nasty!! The plastic drawers have cracked in the refrigerator and the sliders to slide drawers back and forth are breaking. My husband has duct-taped the inside where it is breaking. We are so disgusted with LG and their customer service dept. We would never recommend their products or ever, ever purchase another thing from them.

I purchased my LG Range in the hopes LG products would live up to the hype! In fact I bought all LG appliances. To my disappointment only the washer and dryer have lived up to my expectations. Anyways on to the range. My range was purchase in 2009 and the knobs became loose and wobbly by 2011. However, I kept using them until they completely broke off. After speaking with customer service and explaining the defect they reluctantly sent me out a brand new supposedly "updated" model of the knobs with the defect fix... WRONG!

Fast forward to 2016 present day my knobs are loose, wobbly, and a couple have broken off. I called customer service and they tell me because they already sent out the updated knobs in 2014 they could no longer replace them. I explained it was a manufacturer's defect and the knobs they sent out were the same defective knobs. The rep transferred me to Executive Services Corporate Office where I spoke to "Jewel". She was very rude and short with me, continually stating "It's our policy that we can't send out any more knobs" and gave me the parts ordering department so I could pay for a set myself. She even went as far to blame me for the broken knobs saying that maybe I was using the oven wrong and she doesn't live in my house so she can't verify that I'm telling the truth that the knobs are defective.

She was cold and had no interest in hearing my side of the story. Basically she told me I need to eat the $150 cost of replacing the knobs every two years! Which clearly exceeds the cost of the range! She even hung up on me because I asked her questions she refused to answer because she knew it would expose LG as a fraudulent company that doesn't stand behind their product. I called back and spoke with Erica who was very nice and said she would forward the complaint. For now it looks like I'll have to eat the cost of the new set and repair the factory defect with a fix I found on YouTube which involves fitting a brass tube over the knob post. I hope we can win this battle against LG! Clearly the knob design is very poor engineering on LG's part or just too cheap to use aluminium instead of chrome plated plastic!

Electric Range model number LDE3017SW. After only using my electric range a couple of times, I noticed steam and grease lines inside the door between the two glass panels. These lines and this film and grease have continued to cover the inside of the double paned window. My range always looks dirty as if I need clean the door windows, but the grease lines and steam lines are on the inside. I called to ask them to come to fix the seal or replace the door and they said they are unable to do so unless I pay someone to come take the door apart to clean it. I should not have to disassemble the door to clean it. The seal between the window panes are faulty or defective.

I had my first Maytag range for the first 34 years without anything beyond normal wear and tear from use. This LG one cooks and bakes well, but has this issue which is hard to look at everyday. Also, the top is white and the burner glass top areas already have stain. This is not as big of an issue for me as the streaked windows in the door. LG has refused to send anyone out at their cost when this is a manufacturer's defect.

LRG 3081ST gas stove - My first problem was that Best Buy never warned me that to convert this stove to propane was going to cost close to $300.00. The next problem was as soon as I started to use the product, the fan in the convection oven does not work most of the time, the controls are very difficult to use and very confusing, one of the burners does not work! After contacting Best Buy they told me I had to call LG, which I did. After many tries and disconnected calls I finally reached a person and he reluctantly set up an appointment with a local repair shop, and although she agreed the fan should work better but after calling LG they said it was normal and there was nothing she could do. But they did agree it probably should have a new burner but that is still on order. The stove is basically a cheap "POS". I would not recommend anyone to buy this model.

I have an LG electric stove. THE OVEN HAS NEVER WORKED WELL. I've had it serviced several times. The digital portion and a sensor was replaced with new less than a month ago and it still does not work. I'm trying to roast some Brussels sprouts at 425 and it has been heating up for over an hour and is only up to 350. Don't buy this brand unless you want to spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen and get to know the repairman real well.

Used broiler one time. Noticed the knobs looked as if they were melting. Called customer service. I asked if there was a recall. They know, they said they were sending a set of new knobs at no charge. Called over a week later. They said it was denied. I did not receive a reject letter or call from LG. Filed a complaint with them on the phone. Receive a complaint number. Filed another complaint on line today and on this web site I agree there should be a recall for the stove knobs or a way of fixing the problem.

LDG4313ST Gas Range - Since buying this range in December we have had 3 major problems. 1. Finish on bottom panel peeling off. 2. Convection oven making a loud noise, spewing soot, and setting off our carbon monoxide alarm. 3. Oven temperature varies hugely. I contacted LG the first time letting them know I read the owner's manual I was given and saw nothing about foil placed on the bottom to catch drips. I make an apple pie during the holidays and for years I have always put foil on the bottom of whatever range I was using to catch the drips. Never had a problem before. Got a form letter saying that though placing foil on the bottom was a common practice that in THEIR ranges you could not. I further investigated their manual and found something in troubleshooting about it. By then, it was too late. The form letter gave no information about how to get a replacement panel. Poor customer service number one.

The first time I tried to use the convection oven it smelled weird and then set off the carbon monoxide detector. I found soot on the front glass door. I entered another complaint. This time they sent out a service person. He called them and turns out this is a known problem. The oxygen/gas mix is too rich. So we have been waiting for over a month for the mod. I call appliance company. They say it's back ordered with no known date for coming in. I also have them order the base panel. They got the part number. 50 bucks. Irked me, but figured at that point it wasn't that much, I would pay for it.

After a long 40 minutes on hold to get to customer service at LG I was first told the mod was back ordered. Then I was told that it was the base plate that was back ordered and they could get the mod part within 3 or 4 days. I said, "Fine, fix the dang convection oven so I can use it." Even though there are only 2 screws to install, they say base plate must be put in by a tech. They confirm they won't pay for it, even though we have been waiting a month to even get any news about parts.

THEN, this weekend I attempted to bake a cake. I have noticed some issues with cookies, but managed. The cake rose as it should in the middle and then fell by the time I looked again. I checked the temperature and according to the panel, (I shut off and then turned back on to see what temp it thought it was) it was down to 250 when I had it set at 350!!! What the heck!!! I then checked the complaints on LG stoves and many people have problems with widely varying temperatures. LG has refused to allow techs to replace the control boards saying this is how they operate!!! They have come up with lots of excuses with customers.

At this point, I have no intention of calling them back. I am copying all the complaints about their ranges and going to see if I can get Home Depot to take it back. It's a piece of junk. If they won't take it back, then I will start with LG. I want a refund. I do NOT want another stove from them. I will never again buy another LG product. They have awful customer service and don't seem to give a crap about the fact their products don't perform as they should. One positive note. The melting knob problem is fixed on this model. Only if the ranges worked.

We purchased a brand new LG stove/oven in 2014. The control panel started giving us issues about a month ago (27 January 2016). We reported the issue to LG customer service and they offered an extended warranty for about $275.00. We purchased it and their repair representative arrived at our home. He verified that this was an LG product by model and serial number, and confirmed that the stove/oven was produced in 2013. He then said that he didn't have the required parts to perform the repair, and that LG no longer makes the parts. Since then, LG won't fix their own product because we don't have the initial purchase receipt. We have been arguing with so called LG executive services ever since. Ultimately, this is an LG product, LG took our money for the extended warranty, and they are incapable of fixing their own product. Is this fraud?

I waited 40 years to have a nice kitchen, and I was taken in by the good looks -- and yes, I admit, the blue oven -- on the LG. What a mistake! We bought the 5 burner gas range, dishwasher and the microwave with the expanding vent. The dishwasher was a lemon out of the box -- Lowe's just picked it up and left a new one. The microwave vent kept popping out, no way to secure it. We had to take the same product as a replacement because the bracket was drilled in the new tile wall. Waited TEN WEEKS for the replacement. I can faintly smell gas from this range; a snarky local repairman insists it's my imagination.

I entered a second complaint when the oven started to fluctuate wildly - set it at 350, it soars to 475 and then drops to 300. I love to bake and gave up on my holiday baking because this was so bad. The repairmen - from a second place - gave me a little lecture about 'reading the handbook' and not using an independent oven thermometer. I haven't cleaned the oven since these issues started -- I'm afraid it will start a fire. I wasn't happy that LG never followed up on my complaints, either. I want to replace my refrigerator next -- you can bet it won't be an LG product. I am bitterly disappointed in this stove. I feel like I'm stuck with it unless I just toss it to the curb. I could never sell it to anyone. I'm calling again tomorrow and telling them I want it replaced, repaired or refunded -- I don't expect any satisfaction at all. I wish I had found this page before I bought LG products.

My gas range started having problems with the control knobs at about 4 yrs of use. We have babied and done all we could do to keep them together. I have looked at the price of replacement knobs and the price is crazy. By the time you purchase 5 knobs you could purchase another gas range. I guess that is what I will have to do. The stove still works very well. I would never recommend the purchase of any LG product. My dishwasher is LG and I cant use it. It started shocking everyone when being used.

Purchased my LG gas range in April 2014, six months later I noticed the knobs were melting. I called LG, they offered knob replacement. I wanted to know why this was happening, then they said they would replace the gasket. The technician came out and did replace the knobs and gasket. At the time I asked "what happens if this happens again?" Sure enough, six months later, "melting knobs", LG offered the same solution. I argued this should not be happening, concerned heat was escaping, did not want the same repair. The second technician agreed I needed a new oven and called LG while he was here. They refused to give him a return authorization number. The technician said there was a recall and I should be persistent. Well after 4 calls to LG, they have refused my claim, was very rude and dismissive... This company needs to be taught how to treat people... We need a class action lawsuit!

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LG's history stretches back to 1947 when "Lucky" (Luk-Hai) was founded in Korea to produce plastics and other consumer goods. Since then it has become one of the biggest brand names in consumer electronics and appliances across the world.

  • Large capacity options: Although LG doesn't offer an industrial product line, it maintains a variety of large capacity consumer units, giving users the benefits of increased space while maintaining in-home styling.
  • Flexible support: LG gives consumers a variety of ways to pursue support issues, including easy phone calls, email or live chat support. In many cases, users can quickly schedule an in-home visit online.
  • Extensive heating options: LG offers one of the largest arrays of model choices for consumers interested in convection or induction heating.
  • Styling: LG has been recognized by several consumer groups for its commitment to providing best-in-class styling for its kitchen appliances.
  • Smart home integration: LG maintains a company-wide smart home initiative, so its cooking appliances often come with an array of software and other electronics features for integration into a smart home.
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