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Reviewed Sept. 22, 2018

At installation they pushed the dresser back against the mop-board, and I can no longer access the electric outlet. Contacted the salesman twice, with no response. Ten minutes to move the furniture, drops my review from 5 to 2. I went there on the recommendation of a friend in Ankeny, but I won't be doing the same. I was also surprised I can see the seam. I'd have thought by 2018 they would have a method to eliminate the visual.

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Reviewed July 28, 2017

We ordered Karastan carpet from Flooring America -- so higher end carpet. We were told by the salesperson that we would have a seam in our upstairs hallway (as in one seam) and instead what we got was what looks like six different pieces of carpet. I called the manager Dustin and first he asked me if it could be vacuum cleaner lines (seriously I am 46 years old, I think I know what those look like). He asked me how did I know they were seams and I told him because they are lines that go straight across from wall to wall.

Then he wondered if it could be our flooring under our carpet that was causing the lines. I advised him that we have solid hardwood under the floors and these lines were not there with our previous carpet. Then he went into why would an installer want to install carpet with that many seams, it would be 5X the amount of work. I told him I didn't know but would he please talk to the installer. It comes out that the installer did install the carpet with many seams because supposedly it is too hard to get head seams to match up.

We had a patterned carpet installed on our stairs. The pattern is crooked on some of the stairs and was installed the wrong direction on our landing (because supposedly not enough carpet was ordered). Then you have the foam padding showing on the side of the stairs and the carpet was installed in the waterfall method instead of the tailored method like we had requested. Flooring America said they would make it right on the stairs and ordered more carpet.

My next day off wasn't for 2 weeks so it was scheduled for today at 11:30. I called at 12:00 because no one had showed up and guess what? They had forgot to schedule anyone... Are you freaking kidding me? They did scramble around and find someone to come out tomorrow which is a Saturday and replace the carpet on the stairs. They won't replace the carpet in the upstairs hallway because there is nothing wrong with it (the fact that there is a seam every 5-6 feet does not qualify apparently).

I will say though that I really like the Karastan carpet. It is really soft and very pretty. We have 3 dogs so will see how it holds up. Will see how the installation goes tomorrow but I have to say this has been one of the worst experiences I have had with home improvement in the 25 years we have owned a home. Flooring America has a really nice looking showroom and quality products but beware of their installers and also of their math (had an issue also with the salesperson doing some "funny math" with the square footage). I discussed with her and she made corrections which made a $500 difference.

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Reviewed July 9, 2017

Contracted Flooring America for my garage floor using interlocking rubber flooring in my Merritt Island home. I had several quotes from other companies that were less expensive than Flooring America but believed what the sales person told me about their product so I spent the extra money for the interlocking rubber tiles. Beware of what the sales person (Megan) tells you because she's going to tell you what you want to hear or regurgitate what she's been told. Original cost was $6000.00 and due to several issues the cost was dropped to $5275.00.

The floor looks terrible (raised areas and several tiles don't lay flat)! Several areas do not interlock well due to loose tiles because floor was not prepared in any way other than blowing out debris. When the floor gets hot (I live in Florida) the floor gets soft and changes. For the amount of money I spent I expect a nice floor. I was told that the floor was meant to be driven on yet the first time I pulled my car in the garage, the tile pulled up from the trim piece that was to keep it in place. Although the people I dealt with tried to accommodate me, my floor is less than right hence the reason for cost reduction. Had the installers out 4 times for rework and the manager came out once. Very disappointed with the end result and it is very expensive! I wish I had prepped the floor myself and used epoxy paint, I could have done this many many times in my lifetime for $5275.00.

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Reviewed May 15, 2017

We purchased tile for over 12,000 dollars parts and labor for most of our house. We were told it had a one year warranty. After a couple of months we noticed a lot of the tile was cracking and the grout job had some holes in it. When we called Flooring America about it and our sub contractor about it they said to let it go for a while to see if any more cracks would develop. In the mean time we then purchased flooring for another floor, almost 3,000 dollars for that room. We then called one month prior to our warranty expiring to get our tile fixed under the warranty. A gentleman named Cubby was very rude, said our house had shifted and that's why the tile cracked. Our house has been on the foundation for 12 years now, so it just shifted when we put the tile down. This guy named Cubby had my wife crying on the phone and he DID not care. When asked to speak to the owners he said he had been there longer than the owners.

When I tried calling and asking for our salesperson and or the owner, I always got Cubby's voice mail. Our sub contractor will not return any calls either. So buyers beware of Flooring America on US1 in Melbourne. Very polite when they want your hard earned 15,000 dollars. Don't want to help you out when it comes time for warranty.

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Reviewed April 17, 2017

We purchased a 4 star product specifically because we wanted to be sure we could depend on the warranty if floor traffic became an issue (the front entrance is very close to when you walk into the condo). After the first year a stain was tracked in that could not be removed. We had it professionally cleaned, stain went away after cleaning only to reappear several weeks later. We contacted the store and they sent out an independent inspector. The inspector determined it was surface dirt and carpet needed to be cleaned, despite already going through that process we did as we were told. Once again, carpet was clean after the cleaning company left only to reappear a few weeks (or less). While the store did the best they could, Flooring America has not stood up to the warranty. I now have to have a small area rug covering the stain, a nuisance and safety issue because we trip on it periodically. Do not be fooled by the 4 star warranty!

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Reviewed Aug. 22, 2016

Their customer service is very reliable and trustworthy. I'm glad I found this place out sooner than later though they save me a bowl load. Their installation was top notch. No mistakes whatsoever. They did it all in one day. Great employees. They really know what they're doing. Their value is pretty reasonable. Cheapest place around that's why they're one of my favorite floor installers. I'll never go through anybody else. They have the best flooring quality out of all the stores I shopped around before I settled mainly because a customer service's top notch.

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Reviewed Aug. 20, 2016

The people were very helpful and nice. Everything was easy to find. The place was nice and neat and very organized. The service was promoted and very professional. It looked so beautiful. I was very happy with the outcome. The people were professional and took every precautions need to get the job done and to get the job done right. It was not expensive but it was very good value. It looks like I spent a lot of money on it. Although I did not I got it at a very good price. I am very happy with the quality of the product. It is very beautiful and it was fast and easy to install. It looks like it will last for many years.

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Reviewed Aug. 17, 2016

Very easy to use. They have a variety of choices to choose from. Really enjoyed the experience of shopping for my floors and seeing what it could possibly look like. Easy setup and install. I knew what time they were coming to install. They came in and were quick and very clean. They did not make a huge mess and were very quick cleanup. The system was very easy to use. The prices were very good. They have top of the line flooring to affordable pricing. I enjoyed it very much. I would definitely recommend using them. They are easy to work with and even when I changed my mind 5 times they were cooperative and willing to listen.

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Reviewed Aug. 14, 2016

I would greatly recommend, the customer service was great. The employees were very friendly and professional. Treated me like a valued customer. Highly recommend. The flooring was installed almost perfect, as perfect as a person is able to put down tile. They were actually pretty quick so I was amazed at how awesome it looked! The value overall was outstanding. Again, a high recommendation for this company. Great employees, great job on installing my floor and great value, what more can I ask for.

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Reviewed Aug. 9, 2016

The service was fantastic and awesome. They are also friendly and helpful as well professional. They did a great job working on the project without any issues. They are also on time. The installation was quick and hassle-free. It only took them about only a few hours to complete it. They were organized and finished it on a timely mannered. They also cleaned up after their messed. The values is good. It is not expensive and very affordable. You can also use coupons and deals to help us save money. In addition, there is money-back guaranteed if we are not satisfied. The quality was amazing. It looks very expensive without the cost of spending a lot of money. The material that was used was the top notch quality.

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Reviewed Aug. 8, 2016

The customer service was pretty awesome. They knew how to take care of my everyday needs. I'm so excited that I had the opportunity to use this place. I will use them over and over again. The installation was awesome. I am so happy they saved me time and money. Value was extraordinary. Quality is awesome. I love it. And my wife loves it. Thank you so much. I will use y'all again if need be.

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Reviewed Aug. 5, 2016

The first contact was great and the product was great. However the installation was a nightmare. The salesman miscalculated the square footage even having all the numbers I gave him for a competitor's bid. The salesman was forgetful on his promises. We had severe damage to our railings, walls and front deck. There was incomplete work even after they were sent back. It cost several thousand dollars to fix. Our front deck was damaged and was resurfaced. I supplied photos to the owner and he was very nice and I really thought he would intervene and step up, but he didn't. To add insult to injury the company only had written authorization to charge 50% of the deposit and it was clearly agreed to and in writing the balance would be cod. The salesman charged my card without my authorization and didn't follow up on reimbursements or fixing repairs.

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Reviewed Aug. 5, 2016

I love how they were able to answer all my questions to my standard. They were able to help me make a decisions when it comes to what kind of flooring that I want and what was in my price range at the time. I would like to thank them for helping me. The installation was a lot better than I thought it was. It definitely surpass my expectations. I love how they were able to do the installation in a timely manner. I also like that they were able to explain to me what they were doing so it ease my concern.

I love the value of this flooring. Everything went according to plan with the installation and the type of flooring that I choose. I love how my flooring looks now. It definitely made my rooms stand out more than they did with the old flooring. I absolutely love the quality of this flooring. It sturdy and soft to my touch. I was initially worried that it would not be the quality that I liked. Now my opinion of that has changed. It's exactly what I was looking for in a floor.

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Reviewed May 26, 2016

I contracted with Flooring America in Columbus, GA. to install new laminate flooring in four rooms of my house. I have done lots of home improvement projects over the years, but this was by far the worst experience I have ever had with a contractor in my life!! I am writing this review to hopefully help other consumers to avoid doing business with this company!!! The stress of this experience has nearly put me in the hospital. I am having heart palpitations and many sleepless, stress-filled nights.

Here are the many mistakes this flooring company made: They did not show up on the installation date the owner had agreed to a month beforehand. I arranged with my employer to work from home that day (my employer did me a big favor allowing this), and I sat there all day waiting for them. They did not even call me!! They were late showing up the next day, and only one experienced guy showed up!! I expected at least three installers!! There was a young apprentice too. This was his first floor installation!! They started to install the wrong product!! They were going to install some cheap Chinese-made laminate - not the high-quality American-made laminate I paid nearly six thousand dollars for!! It is a good thing I caught this error before they started installing it!!

Before I purchased anything, the owner had come out to my house to measure, and I explicitly told him I wanted to keep the tile in front of my hearth. Silly me, I assumed he would have written up a work order telling his installers this!! Instead, they ripped out half the tile before I could stop them!! The owner then blamed me for not telling the installers to keep the tile there!! I did not hire his installers - they work for him! I communicated what I wanted to the owner! The installers were putting in the wrong T-molding - there was a big bump in the middle of the doorway! I actually had to go on YouTube and show them what T-molding is supposed to look like! It turned out the T-molding was a new convertible type they had never used before.

After four agonizing days, the floor still wasn't finished. I was having to move a mattress from room to room during all this, and as a result, my sleep was seriously disrupted. Late on the afternoon of the fourth day (it was a Friday since they did not start until Tuesday), the installers discovered they would not have enough flooring to finish!! Can you believe this?? What kind of contractor does not order enough product?? They left a big gaping hole in my living room floor!! The owner could not be reached for hours, and when I finally talked to him, he said "Well what do you want me to do about it at 6 PM on a Friday"?!! The shortage would have been discovered on Thursday if they had shown up on Monday like they promised!!

Another week passed with me not being able to use my living room before the new order of product came in. In the interim, I inspected all the flooring they had put down, and I found a whole bunch - at least 13 - damaged boards! They installed damaged boards in the middle of the Master bedroom floor and living room floors!! They told me that in order to replace them, they would have to remove all the existing flooring they already installed, and it would take several more days!!! Will this nightmare ever end?? They eventually agreed to try to rip out the boards without having to pull up the entire floor.

The worst part about them having to rip out the damaged boards is the fact that I already spent at least 8 hours caulking and painting the baseboard molding in those rooms. They refused to do this, and the baseboards looked horrible, with nail holes and big gaps. The expensive, beautiful laminate flooring will not look nice if the baseboards look awful!! When I was done caulking and painting, the baseboards looked great. Now I have to do it all over again!! Here's the kicker: During all of this, the owner refused to come out to the work site to see how things were going!! I live ten minutes from his showroom!! But he would not come out to see all the problems, and he was very hard to reach on the phone too. When I complained about this, he told me "I can't be available at all times"!! He was very solicitous when I was shopping for flooring, but as soon as he got his money, he stopped caring about the quality of the installation!!

I need to say in closing - I do not blame the installers for any of this. They were very hard workers, and nice guys. The owner bears 100% of the responsibility for not communicating with his installers, not providing them the support they need, not hiring enough installers to get the job done in a timely manner, and not ordering enough product to finish the job! He had no interest in my satisfaction as a customer, after I had spent $7,295.00 with his company (which included counter top installation also). Flooring America is a Buyer's Co-op, and there is no corporation to complain to. If the owner of the individual store is incompetent, the consumer is out of luck! The original name of this company is "The Mill Store, Inc". But they are using the name "Flooring America", so they should have to comply with all the guarantees on the Flooring America website!!

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Reviewed Jan. 7, 2015

My new carpet looks great after an incorrect measurement by the salesperson, was rejected by the installer, reordered and (after a minor delay) it's perfect. The installer was professional and appropriately apologetic. It is rare to find a company that backs their products and service in this way. I also felt like the salesperson and management was supportive throughout the process. I will be definitely use them for my next carpeting project.

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Reviewed Aug. 19, 2008

Last summer (2007), I purchased Congoleum's DuraCeramic Flooring from Gary ** of Flooring America Floor and Wall. After purchasing the flooring, his employee Rick and others laid the flooring in my kitchen in August of 2007. Following the installation, cracked grouting appeared as well as some cracked tiles (it's just my husband and I and a 40 pound dog who live at my home, and we aren't real rough on our things). After contacting ** in the fall about these concerns, they then came in the winter of 2008 to redo the flooring (they took up pieces that were damaged and did all regrouting). In March, my husband and I again noticed some cracking in a few of the tiles and the floor was especially hard to clean, although I had use the cleaner they recommended and/or the Windex or vinegar and water combination they said I could use on the floor.

My husband then contacted ** and was informed Gary would be on vacation until I believe the end of April of 2008 in Florida. In April, we again contacted ** and Gary began connecting us with Jeff ** the distributor of the Congoleum product. Jeff ** said an independent party would have to come to the home to establish whether it was a problem with the installation or whether the problem was with the product or in fact a problem within the home. I was informed that the information was being sent to initiate an independent party calling me to schedule an appointment to come to my home to determine the problem. No one ever called. Upon contacting Jeff to inform him that nobody had called, he did some back checking and discovered additional information was needed on a form and that the paperwork hadn't even gone in.

Then, in July of 2008, I contacted Jeff to once again say I still hadn't received word from an independent party. Jeff went back to the claims department and they said they never had the number they needed to get things started. At this point, Jeff ensured me he would connect with the right parties and told me he would call me after ensuring the claims department had the right number to initiate the independent party. As you can guess, no call. Basically, a year ago I bought, purchased, and payed for a floor I am unsatisfied with and I keep doing all of the work to try and ensure I have a quality product. Jeff ** keeps telling me his company has downsized and people just aren't able to get as much done. I am sorry for that, but Jeff isn't the one seeing cracks in his floor and he is not the one keeping tabs on this.

Basically, I feel at this time if I don't see action I'll need to go to small claims court, but I really don't want to go that route if I don't have to -- I AM GETTING FRUSTRATED. I feel as if Gary ** pawned me off on the distributor and the distributor is providing me with no numbers so that I can contact an independent party to take a look at my floor on my own. I would really appreciate your help with this. NOTE: I have kept thorough notes with dates and discussion notes each time I've contacted Gary and Jeff. (however, they are at home as I am typing this elsewhere since we do not use e-mail at home).

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Reviewed Sept. 17, 2006

After purchasing our first home, my wife and I were looking to fix different aspects of the interior to make them more appealing. One of those aspects was the kitchen and dining room floors. We found flooring that we both liked at Feasterville Flooring America and decided upon it for our installation. The sales rep, Paula, put together pricing for us for the subfloor and installation of flooring material that was slightly out of our range at the time and we had indicated that we would take care of the subflooring ourselves to reduce the costs to what we were able to afford at the time provided that the floor would retain the full warranty including anything that might result from the preparatory subfloor installation or flooring installation.

Paula indicated, again upfront, that this would not be a problem as long as the subfloor was approved. I then asked her if she was certain that the full warranty would be in effect with this installation, making it clear to her that we would otherwise return at another time when we could afford the full cost of them handling all the installation. She again indicated that this would not be a problem as long as the subfloor was approved.

The installation mgr, Tom, had made an initial inspection and had asked that certain areas be reworked. We took care of all this and didn't hear from Tom again until the morning of the installation when he did a cursory review of the work, approved it (and I had him indicate this on our paperwork to ensure that the full warranty (as previously discussed and agreed upon) for the flooring and any installation, theirs or ours, was covered). After Tom left, I had found an imperfection in front of the refrigerator prior to leaving for work that I thought was going to delay the installation of the floor. I was surprised to receive a call at work from my mother-in-law indicating that the floor was being installed.

I was unfamiliar with the process and thought the installer may have corrected the subflooring imperfection but later found that he took no care in his work and installed over the subfloor regardless of imperfections. After discovering this we contacted Feasterville Flooring and requested that they repair the floor as expected under the warranty. John ** was sent out to inspect the floor. He pulled up a section and said the problem was a result of the floor prep. Regardless, this goes back to our initial conversation with the sales rep, Paula, and the corresponding discussion and agreement that we were to receive the full warranty for the floor or we would otherwise return at a later date to request our flooring needs.

Feasterville Flooring America is denying any and all discussions and agreements regarding the warranty at this time and is attempting to approach this on the premise of standard work and warranty practices regardless of what we have in writing. In any other case, this would be understood but due to the agreement between the sales rep and my wife and I as well as the subsequent approval for the sub floor by the Installation Mgr (which was clearly indicated on our sales form), the actions of Feasterville Flooring America can only be perceived as a failure to properly provide the services requested by the customer in addition to misleading and misinforming the customer to placate them into a monetary contract.

The extenuating circumstances are being approached as a method to extricate Feasterville Flooring America from the verbal and written agreement(s) put forth in the beginning of this contract. I've taken this as far as their corporate office, attempting to work this out with Neil **. He has done little to address the issues and has only taken the position that John ** of Feasterville Flooring America has put forth.

To further emphasize and summarize the ordeal, we only signed into the contract under the agreement that a full warranty would be instated for the work done as well as any condition resulting from the prep and subfloor work prior to the floor installation and that we would otherwise return at a later date to request materials and services for the work to be done. Feasterville Flooring America has ignored this since the first sign of trouble with the floor.

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Reviewed June 27, 2006

I spent $9,068.60 on wood flooring to cover 725 square foot of floor. Within months after the install portions of the flooring began coming loose. I was advised this was normal for some areas to come loose and they drilled holes in the floor and injected glue as a solution. Approximately 3-4 months later they had to come out and drill again. Right before my 1 year warranty was up they came out and did a very large portion. This was the 5th time they had come out for the same problem. They have been out twice since then for more repair. Finally I complained that drilling more holes in my floor was not the solution. I counted more than 20 drill holes in my floor and uncovered one nail that they had concealed in a problem area.

At no time did they mention moisture as a problem. However, when I complained the floor needed to be replaced they cut a section out of my floor to begin testing. The first test revealed <1% moisture. The second test (performed by a different individual, the glue rep) reported moisture as the problem. After 2 years of dealing with this issue they claimed no responsibility and have not even bothered to offer to fix the area they cut out of my floor for this so-called testing. The floor is junk and has been since they installed it. They are now claiming I am out of warranty anyway even though this has been an ongoing complaint with no resolution.

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