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I recently purchased the knife set that comes with the wooden countertop block and as I was cutting meat the blades actually broke. I took them back to the store where I bought them and exchanged them. I thought I would upgrade to the larger set that comes with the 2 pairs of scissors and all the knives (21 piece set) that maybe they would be better and I swear to god the knives started rusting the second day I had them. Will never buy anything Farberware brand again. Have spoken to a few friends that used to be avid Farberware brand buyers and they expressed their dislike for Farberware and how their products have gotten worse and they also will not buy Farberware again. Very, Very, Very disappointed.

I have had the blender less than a month. I was making a malt when the blender filled my kitchen with smoke and a very strong burning smell. This is a very cheaply made product that can't even mix ice cream without burning up, I thought for sure I was going to have a fire on my hands. Model #16209, SN# E347709.

Purchased from Wal-Mart - cheaply made. Only owned for 2 months and broke cutting meat. See pictures where scissors broke. You would think the metal frame extends through the handle, but not the case for these cheaply made cooking scissors. Could be these were made in China - muck. Generic junk.

My family has purchased Farberware products for as long as I can remember! I'm 66. That's why I was very disappointed with my purchase of the K-cup coffeemaker! First problem was "catch" that keeps water fill cover closed melted out of shape, due to steam! I now fill it and put a weight on top!! Next problem was it would not brew through K-cup! So I have to put 4 holes in bottom of cup! Then use maker to put hole in top of cup, but have to make that hole larger!!! Finally I can have a [fas]t cup of coffee [not!!] Major improvements are needed!

I bought the set with 17 pieces, which includes 7 travel cups and lids. First try leaked. Second try with tighter alignment leaked. Took cup lid apart to reposition rubber ring. Third attempt leaked all over counter again and is setting in my sink. Me and 3 people cannot get it unscrewed!!

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I was cooking with the skillet and smelled something. There was a black plastic "goop" melting on the outside and inside of the pan by the handle. It looked like it was from where the handle was attached. I checked to make sure it wasn't from the handle itself and it was not. I purchased this pan set at Walmart and will be returning it today. Thank you.

I input data to order a part for a Farberware product, the instructions stated that once my address information was input the shipping cost would be calculated. I followed instructions however no shipping data appeared. I pushed the order button and lo and behold that's when the shipping cost appeared. Good - I knew what the shipping cost was bad - I ordered the item at a cost I would not have accepted, My fault for jumping the gun. Farberware's issue for having a faulty website. Buyer beware. Trying to cancel the order by following the instructions came to no avail - that is another story.

I am very furious with my Farberware cookware set my husband has bought me the other night. The set looked amazing when I opened the box and cleaned them to put away. I went to make breakfast this morning using the 10 in pan, grey set with white/tan interior. Reminder, this is the first time using the set and when I was done with the pan I go and wash it and it's all stained and discolored. I can't get it back to normal. I called customer service about it and staining is not under warranty so there is nothing they can do about it. I would understand over time it get stained and discolored but this is like all brown after using it for the first time. If anyone goes to buy pots and pans for their house I would not recommend Farberware for anything.

I have a small frypan I am about to trash because the coating is peeling and I don't want it in our food. Just wondering if a replacement is possible? Bottom says "durable stainless steel, 8 1/4 in/21cm tooo09, Impact bonded, even heat distribution."

Purchased this at Canadian Tire recently, as it seemed like a great sale. Then my wife and I actually used them and realized that they don't cut through anything except extremely ripe bananas or butter that has been left out in the Sahara Desert sun for 5 hours. When I try to cut through anything denser, I feel like Leo DiCaprio in Revenant, trying to saw a bit of raw meat off a bear's thigh or something except I'm more pissed than he is. I almost lost a thumb trying to dice up some red onion last week. Really really really crappy product. I had Walmart and Dollarama cutlery that have performed more adequately. Don't buy anything from the clowns who run this company or create this product.

Completely dissatisfied! I own a small bake-from-home business & am horrified to see flakes of the non-stick silver lining on my food. Fortunately this was food made for home. I was able to remove those parts. I purchased this 9" cake pan with lid because I loved the look and desired functionality of it w/ the lid. But now I see I cannot trust Farberware. Photos show food with flakes stuck to it & pan with missing parts. FYI I used a plastic/safe spatula.

My wife purchased a "Non-Stick" frying pan, and within a few months the "Non-Stick" material started to peel. I sent it back, as it was still under Warranty, and Farberware (Meyer Corporation) sent it back with a form letter to wiggle out of their Warranty obligations. We are both very upset, and plan to let everyone know about our bogus Warranty denial experience with Farberware (Meyer Corporation).

My wife and I purchased a set of Farberware pans for $60.00 which seemed like a great deal considering the reputation of this company. I was cooking some eggs last night in the fry pan. Suddenly the smell of what I can only describe as burning metal filled the house. We had to open the windows, it was so offensive. I will be contacting Farberware at the next business day available. I am just wondering if anyone else has had this experience? We are very surprised at this product having purchased from this company over the course of many years.

Bought can opener. Only used it a few times when the part you turn to open can cracked. It is made of plastic. I am tired of spending money on junk made in China. I will made sure anything else I buy is not made there. Hopefully, there has to be products made in USA.

Purchased a Farberware toaster oven from Wally-Mart. Before even trying to use it I noticed the how poorly it was built. The cooking racks do not even fit in the oven well enough to hold food to be cooked, meaning food fell and caused burns to my hands while using. Next it started making very loud banging noises then quit working altogether. Called 800 number only to be hung up on after minutes of sales offers followed by the most intentional terrible noise. All this happened in the span of two days, now I am out $50 and have to suffer with the disposal b/c it is illegal to throw away in this state. Very dangerous product and clearly evasive company to do business with.

I own a Farberware air-insulated baking pan. When I bake cookies or brownies on it, little pieces of the non-stick coating flakes off and sticks to them. Farberware will not replace the pan under warranty.

My office is very chilly and because of this, many of my coworkers have personal space heaters in their individual rooms. I purchased this fan heater last night so that I could warm up my own room. I took it out of the box, brand new, and plugged it into the wall far away from anything that could possibly be hazardous. At first the fan wouldn't run but it seemed to be warming up a little. So I figured maybe since it was brand new, it needed to warm up first or something. I set it down on the ground safely and turned my back to it to start up my laptop. It smelled a little warm but it was brand new so I figured that was normal and would wear off soon. I turned back around and THERE WERE FLAMES COMING OUT OF THE CENTER OF THE HEATER. FLAMES. IN MY OFFICE.

Luckily I'm not one to panic so I blew it out quickly and unplugged it, opened the window, let the smoky air out of the room before the alarms were set off. But what if I had left it to "warm up" and went to use the restroom? This piece of trash would have actually started a real fire in the office. People could have been hurt all because Farberware wants to sell a horrible piece of garbage. Completely irresponsible, Farberware. You should be utterly ashamed of your company and your product.

About a year ago we purchased a knife set from Walmart. So far 3 of the knives have broken off at the handle while cutting food. I could send you a picture of the recent one. Not real happy with this product.

Farberware replaced a can opener manual 8 weeks later handle broke / not worth shipping it back as cost 1/2 of value to return. Must be low quality China junk. Won't purchase any Farberware products again. Be warned inferior products.What's a lifetime warranty good for?

After I purchased the set of knives from Kohl's I noticed a rusty staining happening about 1 year after owning them. I found a Farberware FB page to ask what I am doing that is causing the spots and posted a photo with no response. At that point I was willing to try to fix the problem do whatever is recommended to care for the knives. I have searched on the web and still cannot even get to a Farberware page. When I click on the Farberware.com site it says "page not found". It has now been 2 years and I am in need of new knives as these are truly embarrassing.

I have this set of pots for a couple of yrs. The black coating inside started to wear off right away. The bottom of the pots are all discolored and the worst of all... One pot has A HOLE in it. Luckily I noticed water all over my stove, counter and floor, before I would've gotten badly burned!! Set has lifetime warranty but YET they refuse to replace it. Farberware wants me to ship out the pots AT MY EXPENSE, despite the fact that I sent them email pics and video showing the damage!!! I will never use Faberware again knowing other companies stick by their product.

I bought a nice Farberware can opener, looked like it would work with my arthritis hands. It was very hard to turn and to keep on the can. I've had it about six months. Finally it just won't work any more. Paid $8.00 for it. Now I've got to replace it. I bought it at my local Brookshire's grocery store. Have a receipt packed in my files. Will not file anything. Just wanted to complain to the company.

I have 4 pots that do not work. Loved using 6-8, 12 cup. Also own 50 cup. I need to have them replaced. 50 works well. Hard to find. Please let me know what to do next about getting them replaced. I miss using them.

There was significant rust on every piece of cutlery, including the scissors, when I opened them. Unfortunately I discarded the receipt, thinking Farberware had a great reputation. I cannot return them and I don't want to use them. Now I have an entire, unusable, rusty set of brand new knives that I paid for. I would not recommend these China-made products to anyone.

I have just bought my knife set about 3 months ago. I love them. But they are starting to rust at the handle and on the blade. And I have two of them broken now. I paid a lot of money for this set. I hope that I can get something done at this. I hope that the gift don't do the same as mine did. Thanks.

Handle cracked and fell off in first month. I epoxy glued and duct taped it back on. The gears wore out by the third month, useless. Will never by a Farberware product made in China again, waste of money.

And buy several products of this company and only use 2-10 times after break down. Stop working according to these and cannot return to the store, saying lifetime warranty and do not meet the guarantees.

My Children purchased a Farberware deep fryer for Father's day and while cooking with it the unit exploded. As the oil was heating up no food in it yet, I reached to remove the cover. Before I lifted the cover it shot off and hit the cabinet above it and the oil spilled all over my 14 year old daughter causing 2nd degree burns to her hand, stomach, and both thighs. We contacted farberware and was told to return the product. I don't believe that this should have happened and feel that this product isn't safe or maybe my unit was defective but I don't know what to do at this point. My daughter has medical expenses, ambulance fees and the kitchen smells like oil and I can't off the floors.

As with many of these posts, I also had a strange problem with a Farberware frying pan that I have already used on several occasions. My daughter in law gave me a set of red Farberware pots and pans for Christmas last year (purchased at Wal-Mart in Augusta, Maine). I also have used this brand for years and knew it to be quality. Tonight that changed a little when I was frying a grilled cheese sandwich on the electric stove in my apartment. When I flipped it for the last time, I temporarily placed in on the top of my stove/oven (full sized HotPoint). When I lifted the pan, it left a red mark in the shape of the pan on the stove top. I've never seen this before and I wondered why it did that. Before I completely research this, I wanted to post my experience. Farberware, if you're watching or listening, fix it!!!

After over 40 years of having Farberware Elect Coffee Pots, several years ago my 8 cup pot finally needed to be replaced. I figured it was worth the over 50.00 for a new one since this had lasted at least 30 years. Well the new one went to crap within 2 years. Went back to the store and **. They replaced it for me. Now this one also around the 2 year mark has started to go cold. I did some online investigating after the first one that was replaced and found out that Farberware sold out to China and that they are no longer making them here in the USA... So there goes another fine business that has gone downhill with sending overseas. I will NOT buy another Farberware unless I find an old one that was made in USA. They work. The new ones don't!!!

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Founded more than 100 years ago, Farberware is available at major nationwide retailers. A few different lines are available, each designed for cooks starting out on their kitchen adventures.

  • Nonstick finishes: Consumers can choose lines of products by Farberware that are coated with a nonstick finish.
  • Metal-utensil safe: Many items can safely be used with metal utensils without risk of damaging the finish.
  • Even heat distribution: The stainless steel construction in the company's cookware allows for even heat distribution.
  • Best for Beginner cooks and home cooks.

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