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NutraEase is a cookware company that takes innovative culinary concepts developed in America and pairs them with Italian craftsmanship and design. The company’s offerings include cookware with distinctive features like detachable handles. NutraEase products are made with a combination of 316-type titanium stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum alloy.

Pros & Cons


  • Removable handles
  • Works on all cooking surfaces
  • Stackable cooking options


  • Only available through distributors
  • No pricing online

Bottom Line

NutraEase is based in Wisconsin, but its cookware is made in Italy and is available only through authorized distributors. Its products have features like removable handles and stack cooking options. It also offers tableware.

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Candler, NC

I was looking for something that cooks up pretty quick, and yet, on the other hand, nourishing and good for us. The NutraEase guy came to my house and talked to me. He was very ni...

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Canton, GA

When the gentleman came out to the house and he cooked for us using the cookware, I really liked what I saw. It was very good. It still washes very easy. ... I haven’t used all th...

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What is NutraEase?

NutraEase is a modern cookware company based in Wisconsin. It also sells tableware and cutlery, providing a variety of products to help keep your kitchen stocked.

  • Cookware: NutraEase offers multiple cookware sets: Beginner, Starter, Small, Medium and Large. Every set includes at least one saucepan, skillet and a steamer/colander, plus all corresponding covers. Larger sets also include a Dutch oven.

    The Medium and Large sets also come with your choice of either two or five NutraEase premium items. These choices include:

    • Poaching rack and cups
    • Pressure cookers
    • Wok/paella pan
    • Griddle
    • Stockpot
    • Pasta insert
  • Accessories: Along with stovetop cookware, NutraEase has a variety of accessories to help with food preparation. Accessories include:
    • Induction cooktop
    • Royal grater
    • Juicer
    • Power blender
    • Mixing bowls
    • Serving sets
    • Kitchen utensils
    • Utensil holder
    • Sugar and cream set
    • Double-wall ice cream bowls
    • Bakeware
  • Cutlery: NutraEase offers a carving set, multiple knife sets and a complete knife and block set. There are also cutlery accessories, including a knife sharpener, cutting boards, Santoku knives and a meat cleaver.
  • Dinnerware: The company has multiple flatware sets with either 20 or 24 pieces, as well as serving sets. It offers casual china, including several 16-piece sets and simple serving sets. There are three lines of glassware available: wine glasses, drink glasses and water glasses.
  • Filtration: NutraEase has several filtration options for your home, including a compact air filter. It also has two filtration products for drinking water and a shower filtration system.

How does NutraEase work?

NutraEase uses 316-type titanium stainless steel. This material, paired with inner layers of aluminum and aluminum alloy, are meant to provide balanced heat distribution and durability. The products are also built to work with every type of cooking surface.

One defining feature of NutraEase cookware is its removable handles. Users can interchange long and side handles based on their preference. Removable handles make storage easier, too.

NutraEase also offers stackable cooking options so you can cook more using less space.

NutraEase prices

NutraEase doesn’t indicate pricing on its website, and its products aren’t available in stores. Instead, NutraEase is sold through a network of distributors. These distributors can demonstrate the cookware and provide cost info. To find a distributor, you can fill out a contact form on the NutraEase website.

Most NutraEase purchases come with a 50-year limited warranty, promising products free of material and workmanship defects. Electrical components come with a one-year warranty.

NutraEase FAQ

Where can I buy NutraEase cookware?

NutraEase operates through authorized distributors. To buy NutraEase cookware, you need to connect with a distributor near you.

What is NutraEase cookware made of?

NutraEase cookware is made of several materials in order to achieve optimal heat distribution and durability: 316-type titanium stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum alloy.

Are NutraEase products covered under warranty?

NutraEase products come with a limited warranty; most come with a 50-year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

How do I clean NutraEase cookware?

You can clean NutraEase cookware with simple dish soap and water. The cookware is also dishwasher-safe. If you need to get rid of burned-on residue, use a mild, abrasive stainless steel cleanser to lift the stains.

Is NutraEase worth it?

NutraEase has several benefits for at-home cooks who want quality products. The removable handles and stackable cooking options make it appealing to many. That said, NutraEase doesn’t make itself easy to find; you can only buy it through a distributor, and you can only find a distributor through the website.

If you’re willing to jump through these hoops, it does seem you’ll find quality products — but there’s no denying that there are other quality brands available in stores and with transparent pricing.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Dec. 18, 2021

The purchase process with NutraEase wasn't difficult but I would prefer that the product was shipped directly to me for safety. It was ordered through the distributor and he said they get all the products and then, they deliver it to all the customers who purchased. The cookware is a healthier method of cooking but the quality is not as good as I expected. I’ve had it for abut two months and depending on what I cook, the cleanup is easy. I saw how the cleanup was in some of the things that were cooked during the show but after I used it, it wasn’t exactly the same for me.

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Verified purchase
Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed July 29, 2021

I went to visit my friend, and I saw her cooking with NutraEase. What got my attention is the thing on top. I always have issues when I boil rice, and all my gas gets messed up with all the steamed water. I don't like cleaning my gas cooker every now and then. When she was cooking, I saw the way the steam was coming out, and that was what made me fall in love with NutraEase. I made my purchase, and the rep I worked with was right on point. Anytime I called her, she was always there to attend to me. So, ordering was smooth and easy.

When I purchased the product, I started using it right away. I like that it does not stick. Whatever I cook does not stick to the pan. I also like the electric skillet. It is easy to clean. The quality is really top-notch. I have two kids that are picky eaters. I try as much as possible to steam vegetables for them. So, I like the steam. I like the fact that I can cook the meat, and also cook what I want to steam it to be able to get them to eat. I already organized a cookout. I can't wait to tell my friends about it, and also for them to experience it and see.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed July 14, 2021

    I like how my NutraEase keeps the nutrients in the food, and also the lid of it has a little valve that kind of opens and closes and clicks when it's ready. It makes it easy to put it on the pan and then pull it on. Cleaning it has been the hardest part to get used to. I don't feel like it cleans as easy as my other pots and pans, but it's just different. Sometimes, it's almost like you can see where the noodles were on the bottom. There's like a stainless steel cleaner that you can polish it with afterwards. So, that's an extra step in doing the dishes, or we just don‘t worry about it.

    The cookware is really expensive, but I do feel like it's been really nice. It's the concept that we'll never have to buy pots and pan again that makes it worth it when you stretch it out over time. I am happy with it. Last night, I did broccoli in the steamer basket. I put the pot in the bottom and then the steamer basket, and then I put the lid on. Then I waited for it to click and then I took the lid off and it was done. I don’t overcook it where it cooks the nutrients out. Then I did the electric skillet with chicken. I didn't put any oil in it. I just put chicken breasts and seasoning on it, and I put the lid on and it was done in five minutes. It was cooked perfectly.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed July 13, 2021

    We liked that the pots are durable and we wouldn't have to buy pots ever again. I recently got the NutraEase set and I like the skillet that has the oil already in there. The only one I used mostly every morning is for eggs and it's supposed to be greaseless, but I don't like that it burns easily if I don't use grease. On the other hand, NutraEase is great for when you're stepping away. It has a little temperature thing that whistles and the coolest part of the whole thing is not having to stand there and watch over the pot.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedStaffProcess

    Reviewed June 29, 2021

    So far, I've used my NutraEase cookware several times and I am amazed at how easy it is to clean. I've left it on the burner. I've either had the burner too hot or I left it on too long, and it's gotten a little burn in it, and it just comes right off. I'm really thrilled about that. I cooked chicken in it and it turned out very nice, so I'm very pleased with it.

    NutraEase's sales rep was a very good salesman. He didn't spend too much time on the book turning the pages. The product was there and we could see what we wanted to see from it. My girls wondered if he had taken advantage of me because it cost so much. I don't think he did because I had these demonstrations before and bought the products and been very happy with them. I just do want a cookbook. He has sent one and it's supposed to be mailed here, but I don't know when I'll get it.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServicePricePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed June 28, 2021

    NutraEase does what it’s supposed to do. It cooks quickly too. We’re overly satisfied. It is relatively expensive, but for the quality of what you’re getting, it is fair.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed May 13, 2021

    The cookware is worth the cost. But there could be better training for the people presenting the cookware. The person who presented NutraEase to us made it sound like we didn't need oil or butter for any of the pans including the ones on the stove. That's not true. Food sticks if you cook on the stove. I don't know if he was just saying that the electric skillet was the only one that I didn't need oil or butter for but he didn't make that clear when he was presenting it.

    Also, the electric skillet came with a care and instruction manual but nowhere in the manual does it say how the timer works. So I had to try to figure that out. The lids and regulators that let me know when steam hits it get going but I can't figure out the timer. It would be easier to be able to set it for the time that comes in the recipe book instead of having to turn around and use another timer for that. I got a cookbook for the electric skillet and another for the set. But I wanted to cook something from the regular cookbook in my electric skillet. NutraEase could give instructions on how to convert that recipe to cook on the electric skillet or at least give the temperature the skillet would need to be on for the recipe.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed May 1, 2021

    I’m gonna like it very much. The skillets and how the cookware retained all the nutrients in the food really stood out for me. Also, the taste of the food. The shipping went smoothly. I had the cookware in about two weeks or less.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed April 28, 2021

    I bought a big roaster from NutraEase that comes with a little grill underneath. However, it's too expensive and it's hard to clean. There are some stains that I cannot take care of. I have done everything they say. I use warm, soapy water and a paper towel. I don't use anything that scratches anything. Also, I keep going to the internet to find recipes. I didn’t have a guideline as to how to cook ribs or chicken. The lady sent me a book but it's for other cookware. There was nothing on the roaster.

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    Response from NutraEase

    Hello Rosa,

    Thank you for taking the time to submit your review. I will be more than happy to assist with tips on how to clean your product. You may also visit for quick and easy recipes available for your Nutraease items.

    Please feel free to email me at for any further questions or concerns.

    Thank you,

    Customer Care Department

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed March 26, 2021

    My wife uses the cookware and it's super, super good. Everything has been done better than any other stainless cookware. It is warm after cooking. All the food are much delicious than any other stainless steel cooking utensils. The problem is the prices are higher than any other competitive stuff. It's really expensive to normal people. Also, they did the quality of the square type of fry pan less than other stuff.

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