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Cub Cadet engineers, designs and builds outdoor power equipment using high-quality components sourced locally and globally. Through a dedicated and extensive network of dealers and retailers, Cub Cadet delivers a full line of high-performance power equipment and services that cover all aspects of grounds care for professionals and homeowners. Its products include four-wheel-steer zero-turn riders, lap-bar zero-turn riders, utility vehicles, lawn and garden tractors, specialty turf products, battery- and gasoline-powered handheld and chore products, snow blowers and more. Based in Valley City, Ohio, Cub Cadet is recognized worldwide for its legacy in engineering excellence and its dedication to designing for the people who depend on the company's equipment.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 13, 2023

I have had a cub cadet 50-inch riding mower for 8 years. I mow 12 acres with it. I have abused this mower, and pushed it further than it should have went. Thank you for making a quality product that last.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 10, 2022

I purchased a Cub Cadet ProZ 160s The S means it has a steering wheel instead of lap bars. Bought it brand new and as it is advertised it will mow over just about any hillside you would need it to. BUT it just will not mow the grass. From the start it would leave about a 2 to 3 inch strip of grass every where you mowed. It just would not cut the grass where the front wheels would run over it first. I took probably a hundred picture of this and after 5 different service shops and each shop saying the deck was not leveled correctly just one mowing after the previous shop leveled it and then replacing blades 3 times and raising the speed of the mower it stills leaves the same strip of grass.

Cub Cadet refuses to repair or replace it and even lied and said the came to my home and test mowed with at my home and found no problem. Now this was a customer service rep that said this. No has been to my home. Next step will be legal action I guess. Now let's keep in mind all this above listed work was performed in one season and the mower was new. Save yourself the headache and aggravation. Don't buy this product. They will not stand behind their warranty and lie when approached about it. I bought this mower from Solid Rock Lawn and Garden in Kentucky (run from this place). Don't buy anything from them. You will be sorry.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 11, 2022

    I bought a CC30H riding lawn mower and the steering started slipping after 2 years of using this mower. I bought this mower from my friend, his father owned it and passed away 1 month after he purchased it so I did not get a warranty. When I went to the dealer they said that you need to buy a kit to fix the steering because it was a poor design. The kit was only $65 but that is besides the point. If you have a poor design then have a recall to fix the problem, stand behind your product. Any company that won’t stand behind their product will not get my business again. I wish a lawyer would look into this issue and go after them with a class action lawsuit.

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    Rated with 2 stars
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 29, 2022

    Transmission failed just 2 months after 3 year mark. Year 1 had tires leaking air and blades failing after 10 hours of use. Year 2 had metal shield falling off. Year 3 I thought all was well until just now when the transmission no longer engaged. I have about 50 hours of use on it. Now have to find a repair shop.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 21, 2022

    The mower is great for me and my brother's company, we have been using it every day for almost 2 years now. The mower has had some problems as such we need to fire it up with starting fluid but all together as long as you keep it in good condition it will stay good for you. I would really suggest if you're using it as much as I am to keep the blades nice and sharp then it will do an amazing job. And the mower has gotten me good stripes and 10x better at striping lawns, the stripes are beautiful and it's super easy to use. Thanks Cub Cadet!!

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 13, 2022

    I purchased a Cub Cadet lx 42" to find out its junk greaseless mandrels that make noise, wobbly front tires weak frame, can feel it twist when you go through a little dip and a throttle control that is put in the way of my knees which I hit a dozen plus times every time I use it, safety Hazzard. Will be selling this garbage and probably going to lose a couple thousand dollars on it. What a shame. Multi-million dollar company and must hire kids to design and build their cheap but yet expensive product and yes I tried getting ahold of them but of course, they don't answer the phone cause they already have my money.

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    Rated with 1 star
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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 20, 2022

    Buyer beware, I will be giving a review on three companies involved in one transaction. These companies are Tractor Supply, TSC's extended warranty company - Asurion and lastly Cub Cadet. Little back story, I have a Cub Cadet that I bought at Tractor Supply that was made by Cub Cadet, the 1554 series. We live out in the country and I have had this for over 15 yrs and plowed snow, mowed 4 acres and used it in my garden. Naturally after 15 yrs and doing triple duty, it is ready to go over the lawn tractor rainbow bridge. So since I had a great experience with Tractor Supply and Cub Cadet in the past I decided to do it a second time.

    I bought a Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro, 42 in. last year on May 27, 2021 with an extended warranty from Asurion. It mowed really great last year. I used it just like I used the other one in regards to mowing and no snow plowing or garden work. So I put it away for the winter and waited to mow again in the spring and summer of 2022. Since we have had a early spring here in Ohio this year, we had to start the mowing season early. I mowed three times and on the third time the Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro, 42 in. stopped moving. I looked underneath and found that the transmission belt came off and destroyed the fan blade on top of the transmission due to STICKS, Yes I said STICKS. I was VERY, VERY upset because it had not even been a year and I bought it to replace the 1554 series and it broke down.

    Asurion - I called Asurion because of the extended warranty and knowing that Cub Cadet would not touch it because it was not a regular warranty issue. Asurion said that because it was under manufacture warranty and that Cub Cadet had to handle it. Since it was so close to the end of the manufacture warranty I asked if they could take over. The lady that I talked to said sure and they would handle it. What happened is that she lied to me and sent the case straight to Cub Cadet, who won't handle it because it is not a manufactured warranty issue. Asurion has used every excuse on why not to honor their contract with both Tractor Supply and Cub Cadet. If you research Asurion you will find person after person, after person, person after person, after person, person after person, after person say the very same thing.

    Tractor Supply - First I called the store where I bought it at and they could only go so far and then I started a three day journey into abyss. I would be told time and time again that the extended warranty should cover this and time and time again they came back and told me that Asurion said that it is just like the manufacture warranty and they would not cover it. I had been told at one time that Asurion would not handle it because Cub Cadet started the claim. Now that happened because Asurion lied to me and said they was going to handle it. Now that is where I am at as of 5/19/21 with Tractor Supply and Asurion.

    The question that I had asked Tractor Supply was "Why in the world did I pay $400.00 for an extension warranty if it won't even cover it and if sticks will cripple it then that means that I bought a $3000.00 paper weight." By the way TSC never answered that question. TSC sent just sent me a email that said my problem was not covered according to Asurion even though TSC's own people said that it should be covered.

    Cub Cadet - Although I did not deal with them on this issue directly, I mention them because this is the kind of crap that they are making. Even the TSC's store told me that this is a tough lawn mower and could handle my lawn. Like I mentioned before "I paid $400.00 for an extension warranty that won't even cover it and if sticks will cripple it then that also means that I bought a $3000.00 lawn mower for nothing." and that is what Cub Cadet is putting out for us to buy.

    Conclusion - I urge all people who want/need a lawn mower, don't buy a Cub Cadet and by NO means buy anything from Tractor Supply and for ALL that it is worth do not buy anything from anyone that use Asurion to cover it. Just before I got ready to post this review, Tractor Supply did tell me that they will give me $200.00 back from my extended warranty cost. That equals to only 6% of the total cost that I spent that the three of them stole from me and people like me with their bait and switch and false promises in order to make a sale. I had a boss tell me one time about dealing with the public, "Sell them the dream, sell them the dream".

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 13, 2022

    2019 zt1-54 zero turn mower left hydrostat quit working carried to dealership. After 2 weeks not hearing anything, called, they said they would have to call Cub Cadet, find out what they wanted to do. Called back a week later they said Cub cadet said tear it down and look at it. Called back a week later they said Cub cadet hadn't decided yet. 3 weeks later I called back they said it's ready, went and picked it up. Head called a few times in the week prior but the service manager was never available till the day I picked it up. It was over a week before I could use it the first time because of rain, done fine. But the problem was it would quit pulling after about a half a tank of gas. Was 3 weeks later before I was able to run it long enough for it to get warm enough and hydrostatic quit pulling again. It only had about a month of warranty left when I carried it to dealership.

    Needless to say they kept it to warranty was over. Have tried repeatedly to contact Cub cadet set on hold for 2 to 3 hours each time no answer. Contact the dealership they said it was out of warranty, would cost me close to $900. Cub cadet only has one phone number for anything related to Cub cadet. I have been a loyal Cub cadet owner for years. I have a 25-year-old Murray GT that still runs and cuts grass like it should. Have a 3-year-old Cub cadet that's a boat anchor. It's ridiculous the cost of the hydrostat is a third of the price of the mower. Will never buy another Cub cadet anything or anything affiliated with them including any of the affiliated dealers.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 25, 2022

    2 year old Cub Cadet battery dead.. Warranty says 3 years.. Called them and rep says it's not covered.. When I told him it says 3years he had no response... Wow.. He directed me to sales for purchase of new battery at my cost...

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 21, 2022

    I can't say anything about the riding mower that I purchased because over a month later I still have not been able to use it. I bought a battery operated riding mower, it arrived without the charger. Called Cub Cadet, they placed an order for me. Called again a week later and was told that the part is on back order and I should receive sometime next month. I can see that the part is in stock with other retailers and that this Manufacturer who sold me the equipment could certainly purchase one of those and send to me but they will not. I asked to have it picked up and told customer service that it was not crated, order submitted. Freight Co called to schedule, I told them it was not crated, pick up scheduled. Truck arrived and refused to take the mower because it wasn't crated. DO NOT BUY DIRECT FROM CUB CADET, go to a retailer who you trust.

    10 people found this review helpful
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    Cub Cadet has created American-made riding lawn mowers since 1961. They create mid-range to high-end riding mowers for homeowners and landscapers seeking high-end features and mowers capable of handling large yards.

    • Riding mower variety: This company offers garden and lawn tractors and zero-turn mowers. A lawn tractor is another term for a standard riding lawn mower, while a garden tractor is a heavier version with a larger engine. Garden tractors typically handle difficult mowing jobs and yards larger than 3 acres.

    • 4-acre capacity: Robust riding mowers handle massive lawns and lots with ease.

    • Good terrain handling: Several Cub Cadet riding mower models focus on powerful engines capable of dealing with slopes and hilly terrain.

    • Maneuverability: Zero-turn mowers provide high-performance handling and cut down on lawn do-overs.

    • Commercial options: Cub Cadet provides commercial-grade riding mower options alongside its residential selection.

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