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Last updated: April 18, 2018

458 Cub Cadet Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Jim of Bangor, PA Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 18, 2018

Tractor (LTX1045) was purchased new in 2011. 3 years later, and of course after the warranty expired, it threw a valve, and the engine needed to be rebuilt. It developed a squeal and slight vibration at the end of the 2017 season. Transmission was shot and needed to be replaced. And, the spindle bearings fell out. For the past 4 or 5 years, I have had to tighten the valve cover each time I use it, or it leaks oil onto the muffler. I also have to tighten the exhaust manifold each time I use it. The parking brake assembly fell apart, and needed to be replaced. I contacted Cub Cadet, and got a nice form letter that did not address any of my issues, but referred me to take it to the local dealer. What's he gonna do except charge me more money. Save your money, and think twice about buying a Cub Cadet. They are now owned by MTD. While their prices are still high, their quality is what you'd expect from a less expensive tractor.

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Timothy of Butler, KY Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 13, 2018

I am very displeased with this Cub Cadet Zero Turn Mower. The mower offers very little traction which makes it difficult to control. The seat switch is far too sensitive. The drive belt is only 1 year old but I have had to slip it back on after it came off and I noticed a large piece of the belt is gone. I purchased another belt knowing that I may get 1 or 2 more mowing opportunities before it breaks. Even the smallest bump will shut the blades off. The only consistent thing about this zero turn is that it continues to tear up my lawn. I want to sell this mower but I would feel guilty of selling a bad product to someone else.

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james of Dorcester, WI Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 31, 2018

I have a Cub Cadet LTX 1040 42in cut. just like a lot of others that have or still own this piece of junk, the deck belt keeps falling off. I mow two acres of lawn. Before I even get halfway done mowing I have to replace the belt. At 38.00 bucks. I do imagine that price will be going up this year. I go through two belts every time I have to mow. Maybe Cub Cadet could send me a case of belts for free. Now that would be something. I can dream can't I. I have replaced pulleys, springs, cables. I can't wait until it is time to mow this year. Right away I have to replace the belt because I said the hell with it last time I mowed and parked the mower in the garage. I am retired. I would like to buy a new mower but they will give me 400 for this piece of junk. But I still have to come up with 1100. With a very limited income I really don't think that will happen. I will be replacing belts again this year.

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Thomas of Flushing, MI Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 14, 2017

Cub Cadet snow blower 1x 21" - The exhaust heats up the (looking forward) left tire and won't allow the snow to fall off. In turn the snow sticks (it doesn't take a lot) to the tire and it jams up between the tire and coupling preventing the tire from turning. So either I drag the unit with only one tire turning, or stop every minute and bang a hammer on the tire dislodging the caked on icy snow. This happens with 1" or 6" of snow, it doesn't matter. This thing is killing this 65 year old man.

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Tim of King, NC Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2017

CC600 28" Walk Behind Mower - Electric start very undependable. Battery charged and it just tries and tries to crank without even firing. Can pull rope start and it starts mostly by second pull. Don't understand. If it would not start with the rope pull, I might understand? Also, when I went to remove the blades to sharpen, one of the nuts was OBVIOUSLY not torqued correctly and almost could not remove (thought it was welded on for a while). At the highest setting for mowing height, front to back of deck shows a good 1/2"+ difference in height. Bought this mower because my wife mows and loves to walk (I have health issues) and she cannot pull the rope start without struggling (she is 65 yrs old). I thought I had researched this product enough but I am apparently mistaken. Not sure how long we'll keep this one. Haven't heard from dealer yet, relating to this.

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Christine of Villa Ridge, Missouri Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 9, 2017

We have a large lawn tractor with shaft drive, power steering and cruise control. I love it. With the power steering it makes it much easier for me to steer.

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AL of Big Bend, WI Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 4, 2017

31BH55TA756 Snow Thrower - After purchasing this snow blower I rented a trailer to bring it home... It is a large snow blower. I then wanted to start it up to make sure it was operating properly. Pushed the gas priming button gas all over the place. Called Cub Cadet for service/warranty for this issue... They told me to talk to their service and repair it myself... Option two rent a trailer return the snow blower either to service or the store. For a cost of $80.00 I have no snow blower. Their customer service was extremely rude. I personally will never purchase their product or recommend their product.

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Tom of Gatesville, TX Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2017

In trying to change the blades on my 42" Cub Cadet discovered that the blade nuts were WAY over tortured at the factory. Ended up destroying the mandrill shafts trying to replace them. This shows a TOTAL LACK of quality control by Cub Cadet.

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John of Waskom, TX Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

I wish I could give this less than 1 star. Second time I used it on less than 1/4 acre the a belt broke. After $100. bill I learned to do it myself. I never mowed more than 15 minutes without the deck belt slipping off. Learned how to put it back on in less than 5 minutes without taking anything off or jacking it up. Third year of ownership I have replaced at least 10 (both deck and drive) belts, 4 pulleys, lost track of how many solenoids. Looking to buy a Murray with AP parts. Easy to get parts, not $49.00 for a belt. Easy to work on and less than half the price. So far I have owned a Craftsman, Cub Cadet that I wouldn't give to my worst enemy. Had an old Murray that lasted at least 10 years before rusting out. Can't remember replacing anything but battery and maybe belt because it was old but still working.

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Laura of Cazenocia, NY Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2017

I’ve had a zero turn for a year and 1/2. Guess that’s as long as they last. In the last year have replaced tires 3 times and blades 5 times. Deck cannot be adjusted, but says it can be. They should give me my money back but won’t. It’s so bad and cheap. Tore up my lawn and I should have never bought it. $2000.00. In the garbage. Please don’t buy it. Please. Waste of money.

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AJ of Georgetown, TX Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2017

I bought this LTX 1050 a few years ago and it has caught on fire 3 times. The first time appeared to be due to grass collecting between the engine cylinder head and a shield. The manufacturer put a lip on the bottom of the shield which prevents grass from exiting the bottom. We got this fire put out in time to only cause some minor damage to wiring which I could easily repair. Lesson learned so I made sure to clean this area after every mowing. The second fire was due to a spark plug wiring arcing to the same shield where it rubbed through the insulation, this time igniting grass that had accumulated during that mowing. Again, caught this in time to put it out and only had to replace the spark plug wire.

Not sure what caused the third fire, but the quickness and intensity of the fire seems to indicate a fuel line was cut through and leaked onto the engine due to poor placement and a lack of protection of the fuel line. The attached photo shows what was left of the mower after the fire. I have seen some posts on other sites of this mower catching on fire. If you have one, you will need to be hyper vigilant and I'd suggest carrying a fire extinguisher on the mower. I'll never buy another Cub Cadet product again.

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Randy of Florence, AL Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 16, 2017

Biggest piece of junk I have ever owned. Have to work on or take to shop every time I go to use it (Cub Cadet LTX 1045). Already been through 3 belts, starter, solenoid, battery, two Valve Cover gaskets, blade engage cable, deck pulley. Going back to John Deere. NEVER buy from big box stores. That was my mistake. When I replaced starter, I noticed it was off brand, not even Kohler. Apparently, big box stores are selling cheap knock offs of the brand names. Kohler brand engine, but loaded with aftermarket parts. Two grand poorer and much wiser.

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floyd w of Carthage, TN Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 15, 2017

After owning the Cub Cadet 2550 and the model 3184, that is for sale now, and really liked the idea of an upgrade to the new 2017 Cub Cadet X3 GSX. So I went to my local dealer and bought one. DT McCALLS here in TN and to be pleased with it is an understatement. This and I cut my 2 acres in 1 hour, super handling, plenty of power 24hp, and will turn circles in its own length. The electric assisted deck was super as was the super smooth cutting blades. Please be sure you read and go by the manual before you judge this tractor as I know many mower owners do not do and give a bad review. Remember like the manual states do not mow in reverse before you read the manual!!! Thank you MTD for keeping the Cub Cadet standard a 5 star product.

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Leeanne of Jerseyville, ON Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 10, 2017

Cub Cadet XT1 23-HP 50-in - We purchased the lawn tractor at Lowes and by the second use (less than 3 HOURS of use) it wouldn't start after it was shut off for a minute. Discovered the oil was leaking everywhere... The horrible part was that this was a known recall part (oil drain hose cracked) for months. Lowes and Cub Cadet (MTD just keep selling them instead of fixing the small issue and put people at potential risk from an engine blowing up from oil leakage). Once we discovered the problem... went to Lowes and got the sorry we can't do anything about it and sent us off to the manufacturer. After waiting the whole long weekend, the manufacturer schedules and picks up the mower. 24 hours later (they don't call you, you have to call them apparently) they said the engine needs to be replaced and that it will take more than 2 weeks!!!

Overall I will NEVER buy Cub Cadet or anything MTD touches again. I will NEVER buy power equipment from LOWES again after this poor customer service of a brand new piece of equipment that was sold with a known faulty part. I buy power equipment and such often being on a farm. I'm also making sure that every farmer surrounding me knows about this particular issue with cub cadet/MTD and about the really poor customer service from them and Lowes. I can honestly say I've never experienced such things in my entire life growing up with power equipment on farms etc.

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william of Imlay City, MI Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 7, 2017

Cubcadet 50" lawn tractor XT1 endure series - Had tractor delivered from Home Depot 5-4-15, they say it has 3yr warranty, but didn't tell you it has to be serviced by authorized dealer. OK even if you didn't take in for service that bolt (that holds elec pto onto crankshaft) should never broke unless defective, because had to heat the broken part to melt the locking compound from factory. The broken piece would not move until heated. So they don't stand behind their product. Don't buy a Cub Cadet unless you plan taking in for service. Also my tractor only had 100 hrs on it and service tech told me that was high hrs on it, if you still plan on buying one keep your hrs. Under 100 hrs, the only reason I am writing this is to let people know that the warranty is very misleading.

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Jeff of Guin, AL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 3, 2017

Cub ltx1045 - Biggest mistake I have ever made. In last 10 years since buying it, I have spent a fortune replacing belts on this thing. Already this summer, I have replaced 4 at $32.95 each. MTD has taken what was once a good quality mower, and turned into a pile of crap. I will never own another one or any other MTD made product.

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Chris of California, KY
Original review: July 25, 2017

Bought the XT-Mower in December, 2016. Was looking forward to using this big riding tractor on our 4 acres. This mowing season - have spent over $300 in replacing mower belts. Why? During mowing - small twigs (1/8" diam) from our trees get caught on the top of the mower deck and stick in the pulley. This breaks the belt. Followed up with Cub - they said, "don't mow over branches, that the mower was designed to cut grass only." We have 4 acres - have to rake each time I mow? Ran a small John Deere mower on this property for 4 years before I moved to this mower. Not a problem with belts breaking. I would not recommend to anyone to purchase a Cub Cadet mower. They have a design issue - most likely cost me more money in broken belts.

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Patricia of Crossville, TN Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 22, 2017

I purchased a Cub Cadet LGT 1054 riding lawn mower from Tractor Supply in 2013. I paid $2600 for this piece of junk. The mower constantly broke belts, drive belts and deck belts. Twice the machine stopped moving, wouldn't go forward or reverse. The deck is poorly designed and Cub Cadet knows this from all the problem reviews. The way the deck is designed, debris can be thrown up and wedge in the pulley breaking the drive belt and resulting in damage to the trans pulley fan. I had to have the idlers and bushings replaced.

After spending all that money, the mower did the exact same thing... wouldn't move forward or back. My repair guy said this is a design defect that will keep happening, he tried to find a fix for it but no luck. The starter also went on the machine. So I have a $2600 machine that won’t start and won’t move forward or in reverse. Cub Cadet should not be allowed to sell this piece of junk when they know it has design flaws. I will tell everyone I know DO NOT BUY A CUB CADET.

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Robin of Knoxville, TN Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 21, 2017

My husband is a disabled veteran. We bought this piece of crap three years ago. We've gone through 5 belts, 2 batteries and had to pay for a poorly designed deck to be refitted. Don't waste your time with Cub Cadet customer service. It is sitting broken down in our garage again and can't afford to fix it. I wish we had bought another Craftsman. Had that mower for 10 years with basically no problems.

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Richard of Orange City, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 18, 2017

The Cub Cadet is a piece of junk. Got it March 10, 2017. Already in the shop. It won't start and they tell me I need a new air cleaner, a spark plug, and a new carburetor. Which in four month should not go bad. I would not buy another one of these. They say it is because of the gas that you buy today. It will gum it up if it sets more than 3 to 4 weeks. But I buy gas every time I use it. I had a Husqvarna for 10 years. Never had any trouble with it. Just the deck rust. I do the same with this mower as I did with my Husqvarna. So shows that there is something wrong with cub cadet mowers.

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Sarah of Little Hocking, OH Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 17, 2017

Deck/Belt Issues - LTX 1040. This mower has performed well up until this summer. We have replaced the belt 3 times and two of the spindles. My husband has done an exceptional job maintaining the mower (oil changes, tuning, sharpening blades, etc.). We do not live on rough terrain. The mower is not being used outside of what it is made for. I have once again ordered another belt and we are considering getting some other replacement parts. However, this should not be happening. I should be able to get through 20 minutes of mowing without the belt coming off. With as many complaints that are coming in, I can't believe Cub Cadet is not even attempting to correct the issue or offering some kind of refund for the inconvenience of their poor design. Why are we, as customers, having to pay for their mistakes out of our own pockets?? DO NOT BUY A CUB CADET!

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Joe of Robeline, LA Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 14, 2017

I bought the Cub Cadet LTX 1040 last year, and this mower is without a doubt more high maintenance than my ex-wife. For starters the belt is constantly coming off during mowing. My yard should only take one hour to cut, but often turns into three hours or an all day affair. From reading other reviews as well as being told by the company themselves this is due to a design flaw. Really? They are building and selling a product that they know has a design flaw year after year? This is unacceptable! I am a disabled Veteran living on a fixed income. I cannot afford the cost of maintaining a poorly built product by a company that just does not care. They are ripping off consumers. I am now in the market for a new mower built by anyone but them.

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DORIS of Bay Minette, AL Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 11, 2017

I have a Cub Cadet 42" Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower that I've had since 2013. I have had one problem after another with it. I have put several batteries in it, had parts replaced, several sets of blades and it has never cranked good. Even with a new battery, most of time I have to put a charger on it for awhile before it will crank, once cranked it will DRIVE okay, except for engaging the mower blades. If and when they turn on, it will mow okay, but the problem is you drive over half your yard before they will engage. As of yesterday, they will not turn on at all. I just contacted one of the websites listed by Cub Cadet to get some answers. The first thing she asks me, "Do you have fuel in it." My response, "It's full, that much I can tell you." After telling her all my problems as listed above, she ask, "Is there anything else you want to tell us about your problem", and I tell her "No, except for what I have already told you."

She then says, "I will transfer you to our representative and he can answer your problem." She transfers me, the first thing they do is tell you "It will cost $5 deposit and then $27 and we need your credit card # and etc. If you are not satisfied with our answer, we will refund your money." Sure, they will. I have been scammed before and I'm not about to give you that personal information. Oh, and one more thing, the first contact asked me, "Will you be fixing this yourself?" I said, "I am a 77 year old lady, who lives alone, and if it is something simple, I can probably fix it." She then transfers me to the representative. I don't mind paying $27. (to begin with) but since it is Cub Cadet's troubleshooting website, they should give you free help. I live on a very budgeted income and I can't afford to pay someone to mow my grass every week. Oh, did I mention I paid $2600 for this mower. It looked very good, but looks don't get the work done.

I had another riding lawn mower by another Company and I should have stayed with that brand, but was talked into buying this Cub Cadet by sales people, won't mention name. I will never buy anything with that name on it, again. I have been reading several of the reviews, and have related to all their problems, but haven't seen one similar to the one I have. Maybe, I didn't read far enough. I also, saw maybe half a dozen reviews that were completely satisfied with their mower. I hope you continue to have good LUCK with it and I hope this helps someone to not make the same mistake I made in purchasing this mower.

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Pete of Gaylord, MI Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 7, 2017

I have a RZT 50. After 14 belts. My Friend and I was looking over my mower for possible problems that the shop I bought it from couldn't find. So we put a straight edge on the motor pulley to the deck. It was off 4 inches. Found the frame the motor sits on is bent down due to being so cheaply made. Too thin on metal. This is why most people are changing all these belts at 40 to fifty dollars at a time. Cub Cadet needs a fix and pay us for all these belts.

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Robert of Carlyle, IL
Original review: July 4, 2017

I bought a brand new Cub Cadet 1054 riding lawn mower from Bluff equipment in Bluff City Il. I paid $3,000 for this nightmare. Would anyone believe that it broke down very first time I used it? It had a 27 hp Kohler and 54 inch deck. I looked back behind me and thought it sure is cutting the grass uneven. I stopped and found that the rod that holds the deck up in the front broken. I mow 1 acre, mind you. I took the broken rod to the dealer to find out the part was on back order due to being defective. The dealer tells me to mark the nut and count the turns to back it off for proper reassembly.

The new part comes in 3 weeks later so you can imagine what the yard looks like. I used the same number of turns to put the deck rod back on. I'm now good to go right? Wrong!!! The bearings go out on one side of the deck. I take it to the dealer to get warranty work. I mow 3 weeks and the other deck bearings go out. Dealership warranty again. I start mowing again. The rider is now constantly throwing off the belt. I talk to the dealer and am told that I'm mowing too big of yard (1 acre) and running the deck too low (setting #4).

I take it back to the dealer to find out that the replacement deck holder in the front is 2 inches longer than the original one that broke, causing the deck to run unlevel. It was repaired under warranty. I should be ready to mow now? Nope. The front wheels fell off. Each one on separate occasions. I call the dealer again and am told that 1 acre of grass is too much to mow with a 54 inch deck, I mow too low below #4 setting, I go too fast around corners etc. Etc. The mower had 71 total hours on it when I sold it as is for $700. I was glad to even get that out of it. The Cub Cadet is a absolute piece of junk. It caused me misery and quite a bit of gas making trips to the dealer for repairs. Cub Cadet is a absolute DON'T BUY!

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Dawn of Hope, MI Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 18, 2017

I purchased a Cub Cadet RTZ March 18th, of 2009. I loved the feel of the zero turn and no steering wheel was what really cinched the sale. Worst mistake of my life. It would go through belts every other use. Took it to be looked at, was told to check the pulleys because they were known for problems on this mower.. Why didn't they tell me that before they took my money? Fixed the pulley, and the breaks lessened to about 3 a season, but at $40 bucks a pop it was still too much. Finally paid for a heavy duty pricey one and it's lasted ever since.

5 years warranty ran out, mower was doing fairly well except for the tires which were always going flat and or coming off the rims. Wth? Took them to be checked out, nothing wrong with them but yet they continued to randomly fall off the rim and was always flat when I went to use it. Constantly having to air them up sometimes in the middle of use and I only mow 2 acres. Still dealing with things that should not be a problem like the blade deck constantly jumping off it's setting and when I turn the corner I can see where it damn near mowed down to the dirt. Couldn't find any reason for it to continue doing that so I reverted to pressing my leg against it while mowing to keep it in place. That got old fast as I constantly had bruising from it trying to jump off the setting. Past the warranty, what are you going to do?

May 17th, 2017 Still have the same annoying problems but had always tried to keep it in the best condition I possibly could. Regular maintenance was priority number one. If I took care of it, it would take care of me and $3,200 was a lot for me and I was always told Cub Cadets were the best and made to last. Wrong!! Mowed half the lawn that day but it was really breezy and warm and grass was all over me and the machine. I cleaned it off, took a break, had an ice cold tea and then got back to work and mowed the other acre. Parked in the shade, cleaned the mower deck top and bottom as always, put the deck at the highest setting and drove to the garage and parked it just like I always do. Jumped off the mower, took off and put away my ear mufflers, brushed the grass clipping off myself this time, made sure I got all the grass even on the top of the engine (Yes I'm anal about this part) and proceed to walk to my house next door to take a shower.

Shower took about 8 minutes and when I opened the door I could smell smoke. Ran to the window to look and the yard was filled with black smoke. Threw on my bathrobe and grabbed the phone and out the door. My brothers garage was rolling with black smoke and flames. I could feel the heat from my porch some 300 feet away. Called 911, the neighbor showed up because she saw the smoke. She ran to the house and got my brothers dog out and we waited for the fire rescue (volunteer). 21 minutes later, they show up, 3 townships of fire trucks but they couldn't save anything. It took the garage, the house (my childhood home) and a shed some 50 ft behind the garage and melted the siding on one side of my garage. Devastated to say the least.

Called Cub Cadet and tried to talk to someone high up, after several calls and waiting a day someone finally called me and tried to write it off with an "I'm sorry for your loss" blah blah blah. Then they asked "How do you know the lawnmower started the fire?" Because the fire chief told me so. He also said if I would have been on it 10 minutes longer it would have blown with me on it. They hemmed and hawed for a while trying to place blame on anything but their product. When I told him the engine blew up, he stated"Oh, well that's the engine manufactures fault then, not ours". Regardless they talked about possibly coming to get it so that it could be tested in a lab. That phone call didn't get me anywhere.

My brothers insurance company had an inspector come out and he tagged the item "EVIDENCE DO NOT DISTURB" Sorry Cub Cadet, you can't have any of it, but you're welcome to come look. In the end the insurance company decided not to pursue it because of the small amount of insurance my brother had on the place and blamed it on grass clippings. Grass clippings??? Wouldn't everyone's lawn mower be exploding then?? So now I look for a lawyer willing to take the case on contingency. Anyone know someone?

In the meantime, I catch word of another person who had the exact same thing happen to him but he only lost his garage and his insurance company covered it so he never filed a claim with Cub Cadet. Same year and model as mine. So... to finalize... Cub Cadet is a greedy non compliant company who builds crap merchandise and sells it for an exorbitant amount of money and never takes ownership of their own faults... and why would they when it's so easy to just blame someone else? Save your money and look elsewhere for a quality mower. Avoid Cub Cadet at all costs, you'll get burned in the long run....possibly literally.

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Okan of Glenmoore, PA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 8, 2017

I bought this tractor at Home Depot on the recommendation of the Pro-Desk people, who said that Cub Cadet 1054 is the best one for the farm we owned. I started having problems at the 6 months time and went and complained. They did not want to do anything and said your tractor is warranted for 3 years, and it most possibly has spark plug and filter problem and they had me buy those items to replace them, I trusted them.

At about year and a half later, all along having belt problems, stalling problems and every other aggravating and frustrating issues I went back and complained about the tractor, not working properly. I said, "This is a lemon." I wanted it exchanged and/or taken back. They would not because it had too many hours on it even though it was warranted for 3 years. Manufacturer would not do anything and Home Depot after few months of letter writing they finally gave me $700 adjustment to get it repaired. I had paid $3500 for the tractor. Now it is totally dead. Not even working. It was a LEMON, it still is a LEMON. Cub Cadet LGTX1054 54 in. 27 HP 722 cc V-Twin... - Home Depot.

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Pamela of Lawrenceburg, IN
Original review: May 27, 2017

The first year of owning my Cub Cadet was fine. But the years after have been a nightmare! I think the company should replace my mower and everyone else's who has had to spend the money that I have just to keep the heap of junk running! I've spent double the amount in which I spent to purchase it, on parts and labor. Labor, oh my lord do they suck it to you! Never again will I ever buy anything with Cub Cadet's name on it. They should be forced to go out of business! Dissatisfied customer.

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RANDALL of Fairmont, NC Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 26, 2017

Just paid 1600.00 for a Cub Cadet riding mower. Used it twice with 4 hrs on it. Drive belt came off took it back to the dealer and has been there for a week. If you are thinking about a Cub just think don't buy. RUN as fast as you can. When I get it back I want to get rid of it. Not sure how.

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Jason of Buford, GA Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 17, 2017

I have a Cub Cadet XT2 LX46" riding mower that caught fire in my garage after using it for 20 minutes to cut my lawn. It was purchased a year ago and had less than 20 hours on it. It was practically new, garage kept, and clean, so it was not a wear issue or an issue with grass accumulation or a bird's nest or anything of the sort. After doing some research it appears that this has been an issue with many model of Cub Cadet mower's, likely due to a leaky valve dripping oil onto the muffler. I have yet to contact Cub Cadet customer service but if the other users who have experienced the same issue are any indication, customer service is not going to be very helpful. I am just thankful that I caught the fire in time and my home didn't burn down as I parked the mower in the garage after use. I will never buy another Cub Cadet lawn mower.

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Cub Cadet expert review by ConsumerAffairs

Cub Cadet has created American-made riding lawn mowers since 1961. They create mid-range to high-end riding mowers for homeowners and landscapers seeking high-end features and mowers capable of handling large yards.

  • Riding mower variety: This company offers garden and lawn tractors and zero-turn mowers. A lawn tractor is another term for a standard riding lawn mower, while a garden tractor is a heavier version with a larger engine. Garden tractors typically handle difficult mowing jobs and yards larger than 3 acres.

  • 4-acre capacity: Robust riding mowers handle massive lawns and lots with ease.

  • Good terrain handling: Several Cub Cadet riding mower models focus on powerful engines capable of dealing with slopes and hilly terrain.

  • Maneuverability: Zero-turn mowers provide high-performance handling and cut down on lawn do-overs.

  • Commercial options: Cub Cadet provides commercial-grade riding mower options alongside its residential selection.

  • Best for: Property managers, landscapers and homeowners looking for high-powered riding mowers.

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