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After reading reviews and researching TV's, I came across what I thought was a good deal on a Vizio 50' 240hz HDTV in late May 2015. I did not buy the extended warranty (my mistake). After 14 months, the TV was turning on slower and slower. I called Vizio customer support to find out if this was an issue. The technician had me do a few steps to reset the power system. Once I followed their directions, the TV stopped work altogether!

After several phone calls to Vizio customer support and talking with a supervisor, they refused to honor the warrant since it only was a 1 year warranty (I had the TV for 1 year and 2 months)! I admit that the TV was having problems, but they made it worse and REFUSED to fix the situation. They just gave me the number to the "repair" company they use and this company wanted to charge over $300 to fix it (I bought the TV for less than $650). Do yourself a favor and NEVER BUY A VIZIO TV!!! I would give the product 0 stars if that was an option.

My grandfather had purchased my brother a tv. Sooner he passed it on to me. It is an older model but not way old. He purchased it 3 years ago. Now it has a hazard sign on it, and will not let me on Netflix or Hulu. They always say their operator are busy whenever I try and call to ask why it does this.

My wife and I got a 55" E550i-B2 when we bought our house. It was great, until a year and 9 months of having it. The LED backlight went out and when I called VIZIO to see what we can do to fix it, they said that it was "economically" unfixable, meaning it would be cheaper to buy a new one. Really what that meant was "We won't fix our problem." I was even told that this is a common issue with that model TV and they still won't do anything to fix it! I will never buy another VIZIO and I hope that anyone reading this will not either. They said they could sell me another TV at a discounted price. Yeah, okay. WALMART SELLS THEM CHEAPER! Bunch of LIARS! How can a company produce a product and not stand behind it? Great business model, liars.

I can even go into how many calls, emails back and forth. Costco should dump them from their stores. I bought 5 28-inch TV for the office. One died after a year. Called. "Please fill this out and send us picture." Wow. I sent total of 25 picture mind you. The same 3. It took 5 calls to get the pictures to them because they keep sending the wrong link. Then ok, is under warranty. Then they cancelled. More calls, back and forth. They said it was our fault, and we will send out a 28 inch TV to replace it. Guess what happen today when getting the confirmation, it was sent. "Nope we are not sending it, because we do not do that." Huh? Talk to a supervision which was condescending and very unprofessional. Can give two cents. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. They do not back their products.

I've been recommending Vizio sets for years. When a friend bought a new 70" model at Costco, he soon discovered it had no over-the-air tuner, something that has been standard in TV sets since the 1940s. He had to buy a separate after-market tuner that cost $50 and looks very ugly. Vizio justifies omitting the tuner by claiming that 'only 10% of people' watch over the air and it adds unnecessary cost to each set that most users won't use. This 10% number is old... it's much higher now that many people are cord-cutting. They also say this set is a 'Home Display' and touts it's 'tuner free'. Legally they can't call it a TV. Vizio does not deserve your business for this deception. They are a huge disappointment to me and I will never recommend them again.

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OVER 4 YEARS AGO, I was a new comer (legal resident) in the United States. From where I came from, I never got a clue nor did I know what the credit card system was and I never needed or had to have a credit card or a credit score to be able to make purchases in life until I arrived in the United States. It's so hard to get and/or rent a damn house without being faced or bombarded with credit score or credit history interrogations. So as a new comer, I decided to open a credit card with Capital One and start building the damn credit score. When I called Capital one, the only option they had for me was a secured credit card. And I had to put my own money into it to start building my credit score. I did in the tune of $700.00

So on top of my own money I put with them, I get charged $29 annual fee and $14 up, monthly interest fee and if I ever forget any due date I get charged an extra $19...on my own money I put with them. My own $700 I put with them and I certainly understand that Capital One uses my money for business but nooo my $700 have never incurred any interest in for me. In a world of fiscal norms how can you keep using my $700 doing business with, but I don't get interest from it but I you get charge me interests anytime I used it.

The worst thing is that for the past 4 years plus that have been with you Capital One, they had denied all my many applications I submitted to them to give me a normal Capital One credit card that they have been giving to so many other people across America. But Capital One said no to me based on the very reason I came to them to establish a credit at the first place, because I am new in America. I feel so angry and abused by Capital One. And all I want now is close that credit card account. What do you think? And I want interest on my money I put with them...If not...

I own a 55" Vizio smart tv which worked well for the first 9 months I owned it. I then had issues with the power not coming on at all. The power indicator light fades on and off. I called Vizio and went through troubleshooting and was told they would send a technician out since it was within the first year that I purchased it. Several days went by and I heard nothing, so I decided to call. I was then told that there wasn't a technician available in my area. This would have been nice to know when I initially reported the problem. I was then told they would replace my television with what I guess is a refurbished one.

So I lost one week with the initial call then the delivery company calls and gives me a delivery date in two more weeks. So here I wait for a product that I paid for and can't use. On top of all of this the delivery company says they'll deliver and they give me a 4 hour window. Some of us have jobs and can't lose out on work. So I have to take off work half a day to wait on a piece of crap product that will probably break within 6 months. NEVER AGAIN Vizio!

I have a 2 years old Vizio tv. All of a sudden Youtube stops working. I called them up, they said Youtube no longer supports the older model! What are you trying to tell me, my 2 year old tv is old. Or I should go buy a Roku to use on my tv. Vizio false advertise, they advertise Youtube, they should equip the tv with softwares that can update, so we consumers can get what we paid for. They are a ripoff. They deserve zero stars. I will never purchase nothing from this company again.

I buy a TV at Costco and instead of safe and reliable Sony, Lg or Samsung decided to let me take the costs and fell into the trap of Vizio. I came home and went quickly install my TV to watch the Olympic Games and to my surprise not the TV is actually a TV! This company sells a product that deprives us of watching traditional channels such as ABC, NBS, CBS, FOX etc... No TV today, Costco already closed and I cannot change the device that I bought today for a real TV! I've never seen a tv "TUNER FREE" and will never buy one! Vizio also says that whoever wants to receiving free over-the-air signals must buy an adapter device... Not recommend this company. The product is not a tv, it should have an announcement making clear what the product offers.

I bought a Vizio E420i-BO. It will not power on. My only recourse seems to be to buy a new TV. There seems to be no recourse through Vizio, although this seems to be a very common problem. I will never buy another Vizio product.

So we bought a 47 inch Vizio from Costco for my son, but alas, after about a year and four months, it died. It just turned off and wouldn't power up anymore. Since it was still under the initial warranty with Vizio, they sent out a technician in just a few days to fix it. Apparently the main computer board was dead and it was replaced. So fast forward to not even a year later and it is dead again. This time the SquareTrade Warranty kicked in. They tried to diagnosis it over the phone but quickly realized it had once again blown the computer board and they decided it was too expensive to fix so we are just getting our entire purchase price refunded.

So, my message to you is: IF you want to try a Vizio and are feeling lucky, then PLEASE purchase the warranty. Ours was only $30 through Costco so a small price for a hard lesson learned. We will NEVER purchase another Vizio again. Our main TV is a Toshiba Regza which we purchased over 10 years ago and it is STILL going strong!! Too bad they no longer sell their product in the US. Good Luck!

I have a 32 inch Vizio TV that I have had for 10 months. I turned it off one night and when I turned it back on the next day there was a 3/8" dot about 1/2" from the bottom and a vertical line from top to bottom. I talked to Vizio tech support. They sent an e-mail requesting pictures of my receipt and the screen and another showing the location of the TV, which I did. Called to verify they had received the pictures and talked to a rep while they looked at them and was told that it was covered and gave me a service request number and told me that someone from a local repair service company would be calling in 3 to 5 days to set up a time to come out and make repairs. Waited 7 days and nothing.

Called Vizio and talked to a lady in customer service to find out the status of the service request. After looking it up she informed me that they had decided that it was something I had done and it was not under warranty and had canceled the service request but guess they had failed to inform me. Talked to her manager and got the same old runaround from him. All he would say was "Sorry we didn't inform you we had cancelled the service, but I had caused it to malfunction."

I have 2 other Vizio TVs, one a 60" which I am going to get rid of and never again have another Vizio in my house. I will post my negative review everywhere I can. I told the manager the same thing and that it would be a cold day in HELL before I ever bought another Vizio product but he didn't care. Never before have I had a company back out of an agreement to take care of a problem like they did but they won't get the opportunity to do it again because I will never buy any product with the Vizio name on it.

The M401i I bought is less than 2 years old and is dead already. The problem started several months ago when the picture would just black out after being on a few hours. Several things helped, changing the channel, turning it off and back on, and a couple of times it would not power off with the remote or the power button on the side, so I would just unplug it for a few (reboot) and plug it back up. 2 nights ago while watching, it made an almost siren like sound and when I looked over at it, it was black. I tried the remote and then the power button to turn it off but they did not work so I unplugged it. When I re-plugged it, the power light was still on, blinking slowly, but it would not respond. Unplugged it and went to bed. Tried it again the next morning and still nothing. The logo appeared on the screen for a few secs then went away; nothing since.

I tried the recommendations on the Vizio help site, recycle the remote, tv, etc., but still nothing (the power light would come on but would not stay on). After reading all the reviews from so many people with the same issues, Vizio should be refunding some of the people's hard earned money for those POS! Needless to say, I will Never again buy a Vizio brand. Do I want another tv from them, NO, I want a down payment on another brand...

I purchased a 55" VIZIO TV in November 2014. Like many of the reviews on-line, I experienced the unfortunate backlight failure issue where my TV had sound but no picture. A VIZIO support rep said that the average TV last 6-8 years. Mine lasted less than 2. What's worse is the fact that their support center offered NO assistance and actually would not give me a contact name for their supervisor. Read reviews before you purchase a VIZIO. Far too many complaints about the backlight going shortly after the 1 year warranty period expires. Where there's smoke, there's fire! IMO, this is an inferior product and the service from VIZIO is even worse than that.

I have a 2 year old Vizio E500 series 50" smart TV I bought from Costco. In less than a year it started having network connection problems. After calling Vizio 3x and going thru diagnostics with them they decided to have their repairman check it. He ended up replacing the (network?) board. It's now about a year since and it's exhibiting the same issues. I have an older Vizio smart TV which has never given me any problems. That's why I bought a 2nd Vizio. But after this experience I am not touching a Vizio again.

I purchased a 55 inch Vizio flat screen smart TV and worked well for a few months. Then I started having problems with it connecting to the internet plus speed was really slow. Called customer service and they had do several tests and said they would sent someone to fix it. Repairman came and replaced all the circuit boards except the WIFI (go figure) and as you might expect it didn't fix my problem so I called back and this guy had me run a new bunch of tests and he say "You are going to a new TV" (actually a refurb). So I get the new TV and lo and behold I get a whole set of new problems. I rescan for channels 2 or 3 times a week IF I CAN GET THE "FIND CHANNEL" OPTION TO APPEAR IN THE MENU WINDOW. Very disappointed with Vizio and doubt that I'll buy another one.

I used to think this TV was real nice for a year-and-a-half that I've had it but now it's starting to give me problems. With the apps that are on there Netflix is the worst. I called customer service numbers of times. They try to reset the TV and doesn't stay connected to the internet. You have to put in your password every time you want to watch something. This is the worst idea I've ever had. I cannot wait to get a new one. I can't watch nothing in the bedroom. I have to look at everything on my wonderful Sony 4K 50 inch TV. They need to take these TVs off the market because they're ripping people off. After looking at the reviews of this TV never will I buy this piece of junk again.

We bought a 50" Vizio in January of 2015 at Best Buy. We didn't get the extended warranty because, you know, a TV will last at least 2 years of course! In February of 2016 (wow), the picture would not come on all the time. I searched for a fix and found one online. It worked for a few months, but recently, I was having the same problem - no picture, sound only. I called tech support and was told that the next time I get the TV on, to reset it to factory settings. The tech person even gave me instructions on how to do this.

I got the TV on the next day and reset it as instructed. My TV immediately went out and will not come on at all. The "on" indicator light in the front fades out with no sound, no picture. I called tech support again. They kindly "offered" to have their company come out and fix it for more than $300!! Outrageous. Um, no thanks Vizio. I will not hand you any more of my money for your subpar products that you don't stand behind. And thanks Vizio tech support lady for completely breaking my TV!

About 6 months ago I purchased a Vizio Soundbar system that came with a soundbar, a subwoofer, and two smaller speakers. Everything was great until a couple of months ago, when I would sit and watch tv, and the volume would gradually start drop on the soundbar. Called Technical Support. The lady there was very nice and did a soft and hard reset and it was working great. Then it started to happen again a month or so later. I called technical support back.

COMPLAINT PART: The man I spoke with was very nice and tried to do another reset and resolve the issue, but we soon figured out that since it was under warranty, would need to send a replacement out. So, after they mail me a replacement box, which would take at least 3 - 5 business days, I would need to send it back to them, yet again, another couple of days. Then they would send me out my replacement soundbar system. That's right, another 3 - 5 business days. The process should take about 2 weeks. What happened to customer service? Why did I pay good money for a product and it fail, and I have to wait for Vizio to fix it? An unreasonable amount of time in my opinion.

I bought a 43 4k Vizio last September 2015. The TV stop working somewhere in May. I called Vizio to get it repaired and the tech came somewhere in June to get it repaired but no luck. Then I called Vizio again to get replacement and the rep ok but now still haven't have the tv yet. Also, Manna delivery company is the rudest people I ever spoken with in my life.

You would think Vizio would make a better THAN they do with all the other brands but as we can see they don't care about their customers and that's sad because without us there would be no Vizio so maybe they should think about that before they're out of business. I will not buy another one if they don't last longer than a year or two then shut the doors on them. I work hard for my money.

I have bought two tvs in two years. Same thing happened on both the screen. Goes blue then black. Can't get the tv to turn on or do anything. This is the last Vizio tv I buy. 32 inch sets, cost 255.00 dollars per set. I'm on a fixed income and can't afford to keep doing this. All I ask is I get what I pay for. Not ripped off.

Purchased my Vizio television 9 months ago and it's been giving me problems since the day I unboxed it. The sound is primarily the issue constantly going in and out. Another complaint is that the satellite becomes fuzzy. I'll never purchase another Vizio, I'll be disposing this television very soon.

I purchased a Vizio 75 M75-c1 4K HD LED Smart TV on 03/06/2016. I bought this TV from Sams Club. Now at the May 2016 I started to experience problems with the TV. Once the TV was turn on, the HDMI would lose signal repeatedly. I tried different inputs and noticed that on HDMI 4 and 5 were the most frequent. While the TV was on I could see the picture but could not hear the sound or I would hear the sound and no picture (black screen or screen skipping). I would get a strange discoloration of the entire TV.

When I purchased the TV from Sams, I purchased a Protection plan, and the TV came with a 1 year warranty from Vizio. The only downfall for me was that my protection plan doesn't take effect until my 1 year warranty expires with Vizio. So this is where all my headaches began, by having to call Vizio. Once I noticed all the problems with my TV in May, I had no choice but to contact Vizio. They sent out a technician to look and repair what they believed the problem was. A month later the TV was back to acting up. I called Vizio again on 06/14/16 and was told that they would be replacing my TV. So I thought great, this was a quick response. I was told that my TV would be replaced in no more than 10 business days, and I would receive an email with all the details. I never received an email.

I called Vizio again, and was told that the representative that took my call wrote down the claim wrong and left out some important details. I was then told that the TV was going to be expedited, and I would have my replaced TV within 10 days. This never happened. It is now 07/13/2016, and Im still waiting on my TV. I have been in contact with Vizio weekly with no avail. Vizio contracted Manna Distribution Services in Dallas, Texas. I had to contact Manna and vizio multiple times to find out what was going on. I was schedule a delivery for 06/30/16 and again 07/09/2016, and was stood up. No one showed up. I had to leave work earlier and cancel a job, just so no one to show up.

This was after an email and voice mail confirmation of delivery time and date. I had to contact Manna and Vizio to figure out why no one showed up. Both companies have the rudest customer service personnel. Manna nor Vizio understood what was going on with my Delivery and it took days to figure out that Manna stated that they sent the TV back to Vizio per Vizio's request, and Vizio stating that Manna had the TV in their warehouse. I called Vizio for some type of resolution. I spoke with a manager named Marshall which he gave me the same run talk everyone one else was telling me.

Then I spoke to another Manager in the Executive Resolution group named Jamison at ext: 3109. He was by far the rudest person I spoke to. He should not be allowed to speak to customers. I suggested a new TV or a refund. Of course they refused a refund; I was told today that Manna would contact me to schedule another delivery date. All this for a TV that I thought was a good TV. I will never in my life buy a Vizio product, nor will any of my family members or friends. No matter how good the price might be.

Purchased a VIZIO 55" smart TV 13 months ago and it is dark on the left side. I called customer service and they tried some troubleshooting and basically told me I am ** out of luck in so many words. They said the backlight is bad and unfortunately it cannot be repaired so the TV is junk now and I am out $1000.00 and have to buy another TV. They said I should have bought an extended warranty and that with electronics you never know when it will break.

But I see after reading online that VIZIO tvs have many complaints about the backlight problem. SO obviously a common issue with VIZIO brand. It sucks that it cannot be fixed and what a waste of money and electronics. Is this what we have turned into, a throwaway society? These big pieces of plastic should be fixed and not pollute our earth by only lasting one year and throw away. Shame on VIZIO for screwing hard working Americans!!! I expect a tv to last longer than 13 months at that price!! Shame, Shame, Shame!

Purchased a Vizio 48" smart tv for Christmas 2014. Forward to July 8, 2016 and while watching said tv the screen goes black but we have sound. I called Vizio and their support guy told me that the backlight went bad and that there is nothing they can do to fix it, that my tv is out of warranty so basically tough cookies. I stated that a tv should last more than 2 and a half years and was told that they build their products to last 7 to 10 years.

So I said "if that is the case then why don't you replace mine that only lasted for a little more than 2?" He told me that I should have bought the extended warranty, which by the way would be out of warranty too. I told him that and he offered to sell me a new tv at "discount." I laughed out loud for a good 3 minutes and said "why would I want to purchase another Vizio to have it die in another 2 years?" He then hung up on me. Now I see with research that this is a known problem so I am filing a complaint with my State Attorney General. Don't buy Vizio.

I bought a small, 32 inch, HD, Vizio Smart TV from Best Buy for my guest bedroom. After minimal use and less than one year old, it turns off after about 10 minutes. I searched for fixes, found several online, as apparently this is a common issue. I tried all the fixes, nothing worked. I called Vizio, was on hold for 30 minutes, and was told the motherboard they use has defects and would need to be replaced. So why would they sell a TV knowing the main board is defective? The cost of fixing it (nothing offered for free) simply didn't make sense vs. buying a new one from a more reputable brand name. I took it back to Best Buy and the Geek Squad said never buy Vizio products and there's nothing they could do about it except charge me for repairs.

TV broke after only 2 years. They offered a marginally discounted TV in its place. Tried to get TV. Was told that my mailing address had to be where the TV was delivered. I explained to the Rep that I had a post office box. He just became rude and stated I would have to change my credit card to the street address to take the offer. I asked to speak to someone higher. He refused and stated they won't change the policy. I think he actually did me a favor, because it stopped me from buying another piece of crap from Vizio. Never again. Hope company goes belly-up. P.S. Looked into having TV fixed. Told that Vizio has a 2 month plus delay in sending parts. Good luck with that. TV is headed to recycle (Hope they make it into a Panasonic, so it lasts!)

Everything looks and sounds good but after about 30 minutes the audio starts lagging and gets progressively worse. Goes back to good sync when you change channels but deteriorates again. I originally thought it may be because I run the audio through my stereo. But now I'm using the TV's audio and it's just as bad if not worse. Contacted Vizio a few years ago regarding but never got a response. This TV is a pile of garbage. Will just buy a new one soon. I won't even sell this to anyone. Going to throw it in the trash where it belongs. Will NEVER buy another Vizio product again. Total crap!!!

Bought Vizio 55" smart tv Sept 16, 2014. TV failed 6/26/2016, 21 months after purchase and tv was not used at all for 10 of the 21 months. Contacted Vizio and because out of warranty they just gave me lip service and a phone number for service. Called that number and got recording that they would call me on Monday (it was Friday) - call was not returned. I called them again and they said "Try Best Buy to get it serviced." This tv is the last Vizio product I will ever buy. Junk product, crap service!!

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Originally sold exclusively in warehouse clubs, Vizio has emerged to become one of North America's top-selling TV brands, offering a wide range of LED-based LCD TVs and available at many major retailers. The company's UHD TVs are the first to include Dolby's high-dynamic range vision technology.

  • LED zones: Superior picture quality is achieved by 16 to 72 (depending on the series) active LED zones that adapt to you to deliver brighter brights and blacker blacks.
  • Smarter TV: With a remote that has dedicated buttons for Netflix, Amazon and iHeartRadio and built-in apps and WiFi connectivity, Vizio takes Smart TV and makes it even smarter.
  • Ultra HD: 4K Ultra HD models have ultra-sharp 2160p resolution that deliver superior picture quality, as well as upscaling for those times you're not watching 4K content.
  • High-dynamic range: The Reference Series is available in 65 inch and 120 inch and comes in amazingly clear high-dynamic-range-enabled 4K Ultra HD, which is the benchmark for superior picture quality. With this TV, you will be ahead of the curve of the possible color spectrum.
  • Wide range of models: Vizio offers TVs in several series for different consumers, from basic models to their Reference Series that has top-of-the-line technology and a cutting-edge design.
  • Best for Movie and TV connoisseurs, bargain shoppers, home-theater enthusiasts and researchers.

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