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I purchased a Vizio 75 M75-c1 4K HD LED Smart TV on 03/06/2016. I bought this TV from Sams Club. Now at the May 2016 I started to experience problems with the TV. Once the TV was turn on, the HDMI would lose signal repeatedly. I tried different inputs and noticed that on HDMI 4 and 5 were the most frequent. While the TV was on I could see the picture but could not hear the sound or I would hear the sound and no picture (black screen or screen skipping). I would get a strange discoloration of the entire TV.

When I purchased the TV from Sams, I purchased a Protection plan, and the TV came with a 1 year warranty from Vizio. The only downfall for me was that my protection plan doesn't take effect until my 1 year warranty expires with Vizio. So this is where all my headaches began, by having to call Vizio. Once I noticed all the problems with my TV in May, I had no choice but to contact Vizio. They sent out a technician to look and repair what they believed the problem was. A month later the TV was back to acting up. I called Vizio again on 06/14/16 and was told that they would be replacing my TV. So I thought great, this was a quick response. I was told that my TV would be replaced in no more than 10 business days, and I would receive an email with all the details. I never received an email.

I called Vizio again, and was told that the representative that took my call wrote down the claim wrong and left out some important details. I was then told that the TV was going to be expedited, and I would have my replaced TV within 10 days. This never happened. It is now 07/13/2016, and Im still waiting on my TV. I have been in contact with Vizio weekly with no avail. Vizio contracted Manna Distribution Services in Dallas, Texas. I had to contact Manna and vizio multiple times to find out what was going on. I was schedule a delivery for 06/30/16 and again 07/09/2016, and was stood up. No one showed up. I had to leave work earlier and cancel a job, just so no one to show up.

This was after an email and voice mail confirmation of delivery time and date. I had to contact Manna and Vizio to figure out why no one showed up. Both companies have the rudest customer service personnel. Manna nor Vizio understood what was going on with my Delivery and it took days to figure out that Manna stated that they sent the TV back to Vizio per Vizio's request, and Vizio stating that Manna had the TV in their warehouse. I called Vizio for some type of resolution. I spoke with a manager named Marshall which he gave me the same run talk everyone one else was telling me.

Then I spoke to another Manager in the Executive Resolution group named Jamison at ext: 3109. He was by far the rudest person I spoke to. He should not be allowed to speak to customers. I suggested a new TV or a refund. Of course they refused a refund; I was told today that Manna would contact me to schedule another delivery date. All this for a TV that I thought was a good TV. I will never in my life buy a Vizio product, nor will any of my family members or friends. No matter how good the price might be.

Purchased a VIZIO 55" smart TV 13 months ago and it is dark on the left side. I called customer service and they tried some troubleshooting and basically told me I am ** out of luck in so many words. They said the backlight is bad and unfortunately it cannot be repaired so the TV is junk now and I am out $1000.00 and have to buy another TV. They said I should have bought an extended warranty and that with electronics you never know when it will break.

But I see after reading online that VIZIO tvs have many complaints about the backlight problem. SO obviously a common issue with VIZIO brand. It sucks that it cannot be fixed and what a waste of money and electronics. Is this what we have turned into, a throwaway society? These big pieces of plastic should be fixed and not pollute our earth by only lasting one year and throw away. Shame on VIZIO for screwing hard working Americans!!! I expect a tv to last longer than 13 months at that price!! Shame, Shame, Shame!

Purchased a Vizio 48" smart tv for Christmas 2014. Forward to July 8, 2016 and while watching said tv the screen goes black but we have sound. I called Vizio and their support guy told me that the backlight went bad and that there is nothing they can do to fix it, that my tv is out of warranty so basically tough cookies. I stated that a tv should last more than 2 and a half years and was told that they build their products to last 7 to 10 years.

So I said "if that is the case then why don't you replace mine that only lasted for a little more than 2?" He told me that I should have bought the extended warranty, which by the way would be out of warranty too. I told him that and he offered to sell me a new tv at "discount." I laughed out loud for a good 3 minutes and said "why would I want to purchase another Vizio to have it die in another 2 years?" He then hung up on me. Now I see with research that this is a known problem so I am filing a complaint with my State Attorney General. Don't buy Vizio.

I bought a small, 32 inch, HD, Vizio Smart TV from Best Buy for my guest bedroom. After minimal use and less than one year old, it turns off after about 10 minutes. I searched for fixes, found several online, as apparently this is a common issue. I tried all the fixes, nothing worked. I called Vizio, was on hold for 30 minutes, and was told the motherboard they use has defects and would need to be replaced. So why would they sell a TV knowing the main board is defective? The cost of fixing it (nothing offered for free) simply didn't make sense vs. buying a new one from a more reputable brand name. I took it back to Best Buy and the Geek Squad said never buy Vizio products and there's nothing they could do about it except charge me for repairs.

TV broke after only 2 years. They offered a marginally discounted TV in its place. Tried to get TV. Was told that my mailing address had to be where the TV was delivered. I explained to the Rep that I had a post office box. He just became rude and stated I would have to change my credit card to the street address to take the offer. I asked to speak to someone higher. He refused and stated they won't change the policy. I think he actually did me a favor, because it stopped me from buying another piece of crap from Vizio. Never again. Hope company goes belly-up. P.S. Looked into having TV fixed. Told that Vizio has a 2 month plus delay in sending parts. Good luck with that. TV is headed to recycle (Hope they make it into a Panasonic, so it lasts!)

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Everything looks and sounds good but after about 30 minutes the audio starts lagging and gets progressively worse. Goes back to good sync when you change channels but deteriorates again. I originally thought it may be because I run the audio through my stereo. But now I'm using the TV's audio and it's just as bad if not worse. Contacted Vizio a few years ago regarding but never got a response. This TV is a pile of garbage. Will just buy a new one soon. I won't even sell this to anyone. Going to throw it in the trash where it belongs. Will NEVER buy another Vizio product again. Total crap!!!

Bought Vizio 55" smart tv Sept 16, 2014. TV failed 6/26/2016, 21 months after purchase and tv was not used at all for 10 of the 21 months. Contacted Vizio and because out of warranty they just gave me lip service and a phone number for service. Called that number and got recording that they would call me on Monday (it was Friday) - call was not returned. I called them again and they said "Try Best Buy to get it serviced." This tv is the last Vizio product I will ever buy. Junk product, crap service!!

Vizio customer service was great when my 32" slimline flat screen tv went out - even though it had been a couple of years since it was purchased! A very nice and helpful technician came out to my house and had it fixed within 15 minutes max. All I had to do was show him the problem and he replaced the motherboard (for free!!!) - and it has worked wonderfully for 4 years since! I use it as my computer monitor everyday and it is so clear whenever anyone else uses it they always comment on how nice it works (and the feed is via RGB cabling not HDMI). HDMI is great for cable tv or broadcast tv, but there are some issues when used as a computer monitor - but that is another story & not inherent to the actual tv itself... the HDMI issues arise out of how a PC outputs the signal, so they would be apparent on any brand of HDMI tv!

I bought a 70 inch Vizio TV from Walmart in 2013. It had a great picture and worked good. One day the screen just went black. You could hear sound. A friend told me there was a recall on that model. I called support and he confirmed. I sent all the info they required then a rude "customer service rep" called and said all they did was extend the warranty to 2 years and I was out of that by a few months but he did say he would knock 250$ off another piece of junk TV. BEWARE OF VIZIO. THEY SUCK.

The TV after 15 months won't power up light comes on then fades away. Contacted Vizio customer service if you want to call it that. Got no help offered to send someone for over 300 dollars and that includes nothing. My mom is 89 and paid good money for this TV. If you look online you will see this is an issue with their product will never own a Vizio will tell everyone I can to stay away from this terrible company. SAD I have always said anybody can sell you products but you find out what kind of a company they are when you have problems. If I could I would give 0 stars.

I was told that my 60 inch LED TV was failing to come on because of a lighting tube was not functioning. I've only owned this thing for less than two years. One should not have to buy extended warranties, just to be able to trust a brand. I own 3 different Vizio products (sound bar, dvd & tv). Best believe I will go without a tv before I purchase another Vizio product!

We had a Vizio for 3 years, so out of warranty. It worked great. There was a Vizio software upgrade last month and as soon as we installed it, the TV crashed. All we could get was the white Vizio logo, and then a black screen. We were told it was a firmware issue and that it had nothing to do with the software installation. Really? The only thing, they said, was to have their tech company do repairs for $379. I spent almost a month going between Vizio and the tech company. Finally, we got a tech person out and the TV still crashed after the repair, except this time we had colored lines all over the screen. Vizio continued to insist this was a real repair issue. All doublespeak to me. In my opinion, Vizio won't stand behind its product; customer support is trained only to tell you they really can't do anything; and the managers give you the same company line. I will never buy a Vizio product again! So disappointed.

Our 2 year old Vizio caught on fire! Thank God my son was awake and old enough to alert us in the other room. I AM GLAD WE DIDN'T LEAVE IT ON WHILE sleeping! No more Vizio's for our home! Every Vizio we have owned is short lived and turns on and off.

OK so we bought our Vizio 60" Led tv a couple of years ago and a couple of days ago we turned it on and it had a black line going from left to right on the mid lower part of the screen. It started dark but then faded. If you got really close you could see that it was 2 lines close together. So after about 3 days later the lines started to kinda fade - turn more white than black. Oh and the screen started going dark on the left side too!!

Now this is very upsetting because we have taken such great care of this tv - it's been my baby. We even have it plugged into a surge protector and I limit the time we spend on it. Didn't let it overheat - things like that OK maybe a little ocd but even after all this the tv is messed up!!! I'm so mad - when we contacted Vizio they were rude and acted clueless. Couldn't even tell me if this was a common problem or not - really useless!! After Googling our problem or how to fix it I see that this a common issue - we had a Mentik tv longer than this one!! WILL NEVER BUY VIZIO AGAIN!

I purchased a Vizio 60" LED TV in November of 2013. I did not buy the extended warranty and now (2.5 years later) my TV has completely died. It started with 1 black horizontal line which then turned into 5 after only a few days, then it just went off completely. I tried working with Vizio customer support but they were unwilling to help me because the TV was outside the 1 year manufacturer warranty period.

I tried reasoning with them saying I shouldn't have to buy an new TV after only 2 years. That's just a joke. It all fell on deaf ears. They do not care about their products or their customers. They offered to sell me another TV at a discounted price. They told me that my TV was unrepairable and they would not be able to help me. I advise anyone and everyone to STAY AWAY FROM VIZIO! They are con artists and will seduce you with a low price only to bail on you when your TV breaks right after the warranty expires. I'll never purchase any of their products again. The lesson here is to save your money and spend it on a higher quality product. I wish there was a way to force the manufactures to give a longer warranty! I got a better warranty on my vacuum and it sucks! <-- (Haha)

Bought a brand new M65-C1 in February 16, and exactly 4 MONTHS later I have a green line going down the entire right hand side. Called the warranty department and they are more than happy to send me a replacement unit, although "it will not be a new one, but rather a refurb"..... SERIOUSLY?! I have never had a TV go south on me, much less 4 months out of the box, and good customer service, to ME, would dictate that you send me a new replacement. This was the first time I've veered away from a Samsung product, and will be the last. Please learn from my $1000 mistake and the advice of MANY other reviewers on this forum and put your hard earned $$ into another brand, be it Samsung or whoever you choose, just NOT Vizio. Junk.

In February this year, I upgraded my television from a 32" Vizio to a 50 inch Vizio. I thought this was a name I can trust and had no problems with my 32". Came home yesterday to a small black spot on the bottom of the screen. Today there is two 50 cent piece size black spots. They say the warranty is void because I damaged my tv, though I have been home alone all month and have not touched it in any way out of ordinary. They offered to replace it for $350, but I will not be buying a Vizio again.

Bought a Vizio TV 6 months ago, then all of a sudden it just turns off and will not turn back on. That happened on a Sunday late and I couldn't contact their help line. That Monday I called first thing and the lady went through some steps and the TV would not turn back on. She stated that the power source had to be replaced? 6 month old TV mind you. I question their product at this point and wondered what are they going to do. She told me that they would send someone to fix the TV, I was getting a little annoyed at this point because they would not replace the TV. She stated that free replacement only happens in the first 30 days. I asked how long would it take to get a repairman out to look at it. She told 3 to 5 business days, man now I'm really annoyed at this point. So I wait my 3-5 days and nothing.

I called back and spoke to someone else and I didn't like what they had to say so I wanted to speak to a manager. He got on the phone and he danced around and finally got to tell me how it works. They try to fix over the phone and when that doesn't work they tell you someone will be out there to fix but in reality they already know what the problem is. The manager stated that "it takes 24 to 48 hours to process your claim then 2 to 3 days to ship the parts then a couple of days to set up a repairman." I asked him "How do you ship parts if no one has looked at it," he stated that "There is only 4 parts in your TV." So they replace all 4? My next questions was "Why can't you overnight the parts?" He said "We don't have that agreement with the shipper"??

If you listen to their recording while you are on hold it states that they have award winning customer service! Which in my opinion they do not and by the other reviews I have seen they don't. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER VIZIO PRODUCT AGAIN! Lesson learned!!! I am still waiting on the repairman and been without a TV for 10 days.

My less than a year old smart tv was turning itself on and off for about a week. I moved it to a different outlet and it seemed fine, until 2 days later when it just stopped working. The receipt was printed on thermal paper, which after so long is essentially a blank piece of paper. Silly me thought my bank statement with the pos purchase would be sufficient, especially considering it was purchases from a military exchange. Joe ** can't walk in and purchase anything. We were told a copy of the bank statement showing the amount is "not sufficient proof" because anything could have been purchased.

Not likely military members are purchasing $800.00 worth of booze and towels and this Indiana location. This was my first Vizio, and will be my last. Their products are inferior to others out there, yet they cost more and do less. Very dissatisfied with this product and plan on making it my mission to tell any and everyone I can about their level of commitment to their product (none) and how they treat their consumers, especially those who have served their country in one capacity or another.

As a long time customer of Vizio, I've enjoyed their products, customer service, and pricing in the past. I recently ordered the new for 2016 VIZIO SmartCast M-Series 65 Class Ultra HD HDR Home Theater Display directly from the Vizio website. The website notes that the product ships within 30 days, so I called to see if they knew if it would ship closer to 1 day or 29 days. The agent had no idea. I ordered it anyway.

Within just over a week, I got a shipping notification from a 3rd party delivery company. They only deliver during weekdays, and they give 4 hour windows. I scheduled a delivery for the morning of June 13, and I got a confirmation email. On the morning of June 13, I called the delivery company to see if they had a better delivery timeframe, and they told me the order was cancelled by Vizio.

I called Vizio customer service, and they confirmed that the order was completely canceled. They told me the product had some known defects, so they were recalling all units. Unfortunately, they apparently forgot to call me and let me know about the cancellation, and I had already taken the day off work and hired my handyman to come out and mount the TV. I let them know that their oversight had cost me quite a lot of time and money, and asked if they were able to do anything to make it right. The short answer - no, they can't do anything, not even the manager who I asked to be escalated to.

I asked him when the charge is going to be reversed on my credit card, and he gave me a wishy washy response. So now I have a $1600 hold on my card, I lost a vacation day, and my handyman is going to want compensation for coming out. Thanks to Vizio, it's on me to deal with - they refused to simply credit my account a nominal amount on a future order! Screw these guys, I'm never buying Vizio again.

Bought a Vizio 55" TV at Target last year and the screen went black. Had sounds. Did a reset and nothing. Unplugged all connections and waited three hours. Plugged the power in. It came back on. I would not recommend this TV.

VO42L - About 2 years after purchase, inverter boards died. Repaired and got another 2 years out of it before it began randomly shutting off. Vizio makes disposable products. Buy them only if you are rich enough to afford to buy a new TV every 3 years or so.

This product has been nothing but a lemon right after purchase. It will not stay on, cuts itself off within seconds of trying to watch Netflix and other such applications. I've tried contacting tech support and read up on fixing this 'bug' to no avail. Never again will I purchase a product made by this company!!

I purchased a new Vizio tv model E701i-A3 serial no. LFTRNXBP1704563 for $1600 from Best Buy. I only got a little over one year use from this tv before the screen turned blue. Sound still works. So annoyed I was forced to buy a new tv. A Samsung works great. No problems. Recommend Samsung 65" curved tv. Then I learned my Vizio tv had a recall and I was never notified. So now my tv sits on a shelf for over a year and nobody did anything to help me or notify me of the recall. I was just ignored. So do not not buy anything from Vizio or BestBuy. This is the worst tv I have ever bought and am upset Best Buy sold it to me. Customer support is terrible. They just keep telling you to call all these numbers. It has a recall. I should have been notified and my tv fixed or send me the part and I will gladly have it installed. I payed $1600 for this piece of junk.

I bought my 55" TV (model XVT553SV) directly from Vizio almost exactly 4 years ago for about $1,350. I registered it with them as soon as I got it. It has worked well until about a week ago. All of the sudden it started having red static/flashing across the whole screen (difficult to see the full effect in pics since it flashes/strobes). If I leave the TV on long enough, it will go away for a while, but then will come back. It happens on all inputs from all devices (including Blu-ray, cable, internet, etc.).

I found various sites stated that this is a common issues created by failing component inside Vizio TVs. When I emailed Vizio, they suggested that I power cycle the TV. Others with this problem said they had tried this with no success, but I did it luck. The email from Vizio said to call them if power-cycling did not work. So I called Vizio and spoke with their technical support. Their only reply was that I was out of warranty and could speak with someone about repairing the TV for whatever it would cost (based on others who did pay to get it repaired, this would cost several hundred dollars). Good thing I have a ton of cash floating around...oh, wait...I have a baby due in 3 months...never mind.

Most companies will stand up for their product and will assist if their product fails, even outside of warranty. Vizio is not one of those companies. They will be happy to sell you a very expensive TV knowing it will break in a short period of time, and will be glad to help you pay more to fix it when it breaks. Save yourself some headache and time if you are thinking about getting a TV. DO NOT BUY VIZIO. Save up the extra money to buy a good quality TV from another company that will stand behind their product. I should have listened to others who said that Vizio only sells disposable TVs.

I just got off phone with Vizio tech support for the 3rd time in 5 days. My tv keeps turning itself off and on, freezing up and having trouble with it logging in apps. No real help here, go through a dozen tests, always the same getting nowhere fast. I was told they make log records of calls but this fellow said, "No, they don't". Now this guy is telling me to shut off my router and modem. This should fix my tv turning off and on. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

OMG!!! What a piece of junk. I bought a Vizio E-series 55" Smart T.V. from Target 1-1-2015 for $660. It broke in two months. Under warranty, but had to do a lot of work to get a replacement unit. Each time it took about two weeks to get a replacement. It broke in three days. Next replacement lasted three hours. Fourth replacement (an upgraded M series) arrived with a cracked screen. Next replacement lasted 6 months. Broke right after warranty expired. You don't get a year warranty on a replacement (I think they are just refurbished junk). I've replaced the main board and T-con boards (Chinese made) three times at $25-29 for main, $8 for T-con. Now it is about to go out again. No other electronics on the protected outlet have issues. The only parts to repair it have the same defects so it's good $ after BAD. I'll never buy (or accept as a gift) another VIZIO anything!!

Vizio sent someone to replace the power board and the mother board. It died again 2 months later. They honored the fact the problem started before warranty expired and replaced both boards AGAIN. IT DIED AGAIN. This time they said to send back the TV and they sent me a refurbished TV and it died in 3 months. Same problem. Screen went black. This is terrible. Do NOT buy a Vizio. With all these complaints, could someone with clout call Vizio on our behalf?

Let me start by saying this TV worked pretty well for about 2 years. Once it passed the second year mark it started showing signs of problems. First problem I started noticing was that the contrast and brightness started going haywire, the darks were excessive to point of pitch black. Second issue was a weird shadow effects that was in the bottom left corner of the screen, just a little round shadow that would eventually disappear. After a few months of that it started flickering and moving from the bottom left corner towards the bottom middle of the screen. That eventually started migrating upwards more and more and now when I turn the TV on the entire middle length of the screen is shadowed, the whole entire middle strip about 3 inches wide and the entire length of the screen.

Contacted support and explained I was wondering what the problem was and was curious if it was a brightness failure and also curious why the stickers on the back of the TV were actually meant for an entirely different TV. The model number and serial number on the stickers are not even the same ones that match if you got through the settings menu and view the system information directly on the TV. The stickered serial number and model number match, but not what my television actually is, they are for the 42" model with WiFi and Ethernet capabilities.

As I was talking with tech support he promised me there were those capabilities and continued explaining how the system information was different than the stickers. After spending 31 minutes dealing with that, he mentioned to turn off the Tv, wait and turn it back on to see if it fixed it; it did not. He then proceeded to mention to me how it was probably the back light; interesting how that's what I mentioned to him and he said the same thing.

After ending with customer support I contacted a friend who is a TV repairman by trade and let me know that the amount of labor required to replace the problem would cost me almost as much as a new TV now and that it's not worth it; mentioning that he has had people come in with broken Vizio TV's and Westinghouse TV's than any other TV in his 17 years of experience. I will never purchase this brand ever again, so disappointed that created an account on here to just review the company.

I purchased a Vizio smart tv. I paid extra for the smart part of the tv, 55" Vizio. Two times the YouTube app would not work. First time it happened I called customer service, I had to unplug the tv, blah blah blah. About 4 to 6 months later YouTube wouldn't work again. I call customer service. They tell me my TV is obsolete and blame YouTube for updating their app, so I have a thousand dollar tv that is obsolete. Customer service thought it was comical, and there's nothing they will do about it. I WILL NEVER BUY A VIZIO PRODUCT EVER! Just a heads up folks, just my story and opinion of course.

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Originally sold exclusively in warehouse clubs, Vizio has emerged to become one of North America's top-selling TV brands, offering a wide range of LED-based LCD TVs and available at many major retailers. The company's UHD TVs are the first to include Dolby's high-dynamic range vision technology.

  • LED zones: Superior picture quality is achieved by 16 to 72 (depending on the series) active LED zones that adapt to you to deliver brighter brights and blacker blacks.
  • Smarter TV: With a remote that has dedicated buttons for Netflix, Amazon and iHeartRadio and built-in apps and WiFi connectivity, Vizio takes Smart TV and makes it even smarter.
  • Ultra HD: 4K Ultra HD models have ultra-sharp 2160p resolution that deliver superior picture quality, as well as upscaling for those times you're not watching 4K content.
  • High-dynamic range: The Reference Series is available in 65 inch and 120 inch and comes in amazingly clear high-dynamic-range-enabled 4K Ultra HD, which is the benchmark for superior picture quality. With this TV, you will be ahead of the curve of the possible color spectrum.
  • Wide range of models: Vizio offers TVs in several series for different consumers, from basic models to their Reference Series that has top-of-the-line technology and a cutting-edge design.
  • Best for Movie and TV connoisseurs, bargain shoppers, home-theater enthusiasts and researchers.

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