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My Vizio Smart TV has a dark gray band across the middle 1/3 of the screen. After researching online, I see that this has been a problem for years. Since the TV is out of warranty, I contacted Vizio and was told they had partnered with ITI for repairs. I have called ITI twice only to be on hold and then directed to voicemail asking me to leave a message. No one has ever returned my call. Most would consider Vizio a brand name and expect quality products. If consumers don't research, they may be stuck with a defective product. Why have these products not been recalled? Why hasn't Vizio been required to correct this issue with better quality parts?

I bought a 42" Vizio TV just under two years ago. Yesterday the screen went black and now the picture is very dark. I called Vizio and was told the TV was out of warranty but they would repair (?) it for just $221. These TVs do not have any moving parts. A repair would be just replacing a plug & play component I would think. I noticed over 1000 complaints on this website. Wouldn't that trigger a recall or something by Vizio? Seems to me they are trying to make money on repairs of obviously defective products. When I asked how the Customer Service Rep felt about my TV going bad in less than two years, Her comment was,"There is no shelf life on electronics." What an attitude! I don't believe this speaks well for the manufacturing facilities (in Mexico) nor the quality assurance, nor the integrity of the components.

Purchase two Vizio televisions different years. One lasted only about 18 months before it went black. The other one lasted two years. Both TVs were out of the Vizio warranty. Spent over $5000 home purchase on TVs. Only got 4 four years total out of them. Never again. I want to buy American but they don't back their stuff. I wish I would have got a Sony.

I had a great experience with Vizio. We own a 55 in smart tv so when looking at surround sounds we found a display unit at Best Buy. We purchased the Vizio sb4051. In two months the soundboard quit working. I called customer service and was asked to email proof of purchase. Once they received it they approved a replacement once we shipped the bad unit back. Needless to say three weeks later we have a brand new unit. There was no hassle and I appreciated speaking with an American every time I called. Thought I should share my good experience.

My husband bought a TV less than 1 1/2 years ago at Costco. The television just blacked out. We paid a service fee of $75 for a repair guy to come and take a look at the TV. I called 1-855-833-3221. Vizio support explained what happened. After speaking with a service agent at Vizio she stated I should had gone through the ITI repair company 888-248-2708. After speaking with ITI giving the serial number, model stated this TV has had so many poor panel problems. They are NO longer servicing this television. Ref #**. NEVER will we recommend a Vizio!

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My HDMI port was not working. I called them to come out to my house to fix. The man came, took it off my wall, sat it on his table, and begin to work on it. When he was done I helped him put it back on the wall. I proceed to plug it in. It comes on. He goes, "Was that already cracked?" I said, "No, it was not. Nothing was wrong it." He says, "Ima call it in and tell them it was an on-site break." I said, "OK yeah 'cause you broke it not me and I would like a new TV." I go through all the steps -- the pictures, the email call -- to where they finally call me and again I explain, and at the end of the conversation the guy on the phone says, "Well I don't think he did it." WHAT!!!???!!! Customer Service sucked at that point but it really pissed me off then. I'm now without a TV in my living room that they will not replace due to them not me. I JUST WANT MY TV REPLACED PLEASE.

I bought 3 Vizio T.V's - two 32". Both in less than one year the picture went out. I called customer service and got a number for reference to the I.T department I called for one week. No reply. I called Customer service and found out I. T for Vizio does not repair black light issues. I would have to replace both T.V's unless I bought the extended warranty. Do not buy this T.V unless you also buy the warranty and extended warranty.

VIZIO-50" M50-C1 - Had the television since 8/26/2015, and about a month ago the tv started with vertical colored lines. Then the screen would go blank, with sound but no picture. Called VIZIO and they gave me a bunch of suggestions, which none corrected itself. I even called the cable company. The cable tech said it's the television not the cable, so VIZIO said take a picture of the problem when it occurs and send it them, which I did. It took them several weeks to send a tech out with another tv (rectified). After watching the tv for about an hour, I smelled an odor through the top vents, so don't know if this tv is gonna make it to the 90 days of the warranty?

We purchased a 32 inch Vizio TV in Fall of 2014. In February of 2016 our TV started freezing up. We called support and they first said it was the remote.. The batteries was the first thing we checked before calling support. Then they had us try turning off the router, that did not work. We called them back again and of course had to run all of the same tests and now they say it is a firmware problem! They said there isn't anything we can do to fix it, but will need to call a repair place. We spent extra $$ to buy a "good" TV, so glad we got our money's worth. A year and a half, what a deal! NOT recommending anyone buy a Vizio!

Bought a TV in Nov 2015. In August 2016 turn TV and have a circle in bottom. Next day have lines coming out of it. 2 days later another circle and more lines. Like the rest filed a complaint with my warranty and also like the rest of you, they tell me external damage, not covered, “but we will sell you another Smart TV for 179.00 plus your state taxes!” This company is a fraud! 1 star is too good of a rating for them!

March 2016, I bought a Vizio soundbar from an eBay retailer. It stopped working after 6 months. I contacted Vizio tech support to start the process. I followed their procedures and provided them with a screenshot documenting the proof of purchase. They accepted, and replied with a case number and a phone number to continue. Contacted them again, they REQUIRED me to try troubleshooting using Bluetooth connectivity to see if it was still malfunctioning. Ok, so I did. Same results. I called a second time, they claim the proof of purchase I uploaded the first time didn't have enough information and required more info. So, I uploaded a screenshot of a different screen from eBay that included the seller's name, price, date of sale, etc, all the details they required. Again, I received a reply that included my case number and the same phone number to call to proceed with tech support.

I call, they place me on hold multiple times, as they browse through the notes. They come back on the call and ask if the seller is a "company" or a "person"...back on hold. After five more minutes and apologizing for the wait, they state this case would "ordinarily be subject to warranty replacement or repair at this point," but cannot honor the warranty of their product because the eBay seller I bought it from is not an authorized Vizio reseller. They cannot "verify the chain of custody" and thus "have no idea what happened to it after the eBay seller bought it from Sam's Club." I don't care if 50 people bought and sold it before me, a defect is a defect. Honor it, and it's for this reason I will NEVER recommend another Vizio product. All that, for a $90 soundbar. You're welcome, Vizio.

We purchased this TV 15 months ago! For $750 they offered to send me another TV that's worth $700 for $550. Why would I purchase another TV from you that would last only 15 months! Do Not Buy A Vizio!

I purchased a 4K Vizio Smart TV in February of 2016. In July of 2016, I started having problems with the TV. I turned the TV on in the morning and it was working just fine - the screen/picture was perfect. I ran a few errands and came home later that day and when I turned the TV on, there was a black circle in the lower left hand corner, right above the power indicator. Upon further inspection, I found that the metal frame of the TV was singed and had melted a bit, and the screen had some tiny cracks right above this.

I immediately took pictures and began a live chat with Vizio tech support. I emailed them pictures and received an email in reply asking me to call their customer service. I did this and the tech looked at the pictures and said that he had never seen anything like that before, so he needed to speak to his manager. When he returned to the phone, he informed me that the damage had been caused by an impact and was not covered under warranty (please note, this TV is mounted on the wall - the bottom of the TV is 4 feet from the floor. Nothing touched this TV). So the TV that I purchased less than 6 months prior was junk.

Since the black circle was only about the size of a quarter, I decided to keep using the TV (I don't have another $650 to go out and purchase another TV). It worked alright, and the circle even got smaller and almost disappeared. Then about 2 weeks ago, these horizontal, flickering lines started appearing on the bottom of the screen. The longer the TV is on, the higher up the screen these lines stretch. If the TV is on for an hour or more, the lines reach halfway up the screen.

I again started a live chat with tech support, but they would not even discuss the problem with me because the TV has already been damaged. Stay away from Vizio - there is a reason they don't stand behind their product. Additionally, I only gave this product one star because you have to give a rating to submit a review... My personal opinion is that this product/company deserves no stars.

I purchased this TV in November of 2014, now less than 2 yrs later it goes out only showing a white screen. So I call them and they inform me that it's out of warranty... Oh and I can't purchase one either... so just my lost of 600+ dollars for a TV made by Vizio. To me this company is a big scam!!! How do you sell an item that you don't expect to last a year? And how is ok not to offer a warranty to the customer... regardless if it's a third party company or not if they are selling your product the same standards should be meet!!! They charge all this money but the first time it's an issue with their products it's the seller or customer fault... that they're scam, because in my opinion if you selling any item stand by it!!! But the fact that don't shows they have no faith in their products so neither should we... unless you have money to throw away, don't spend it with Vizio!

I have had 2 different TVs from a warranty issue and a technician "repair" one on site. Still have the same problems with the TV. This was their solution the third time.

I have purchased 2 Vizio TVs in the last 2 years and BOTH have died. I should have learned my lesson with the first. Both died at 18 months to the day after purchase with very light usage. I WILL NEVER BUY VIZIO AGAIN. I advise anyone who reads this to WARN EVERYONE against this brand!

I bought a 48" VIZIO from Walmart in March 2016. It was a displayed. The manager told me that they sold that tv to Walmart 2 yrs ago... Now less than 6 months my husband just move the tv to clean the entertainment center. Put it back half of it was showing image. The led was broken inside. Go to Walmart. They told us to call VIZIO so we did. Send them pictures of the tv. They told us it was physical damage. It not cover. Now it our loss. Their representative was very rude. The manager try to sell me another tv for replacement. Crazy right. Their products is cheap and not durable... From what I see they should not be able to keep selling those cheap brand to rip off people. Walmart need to stop doing business with VIZIO. Look at their reviews on Google. Not even 3???

Christian, customer service, stated there was no recall. He further stated that the set not qualify because I tried to have the set repaired. When I had called Vizio previously, the tech did not inform me of any of this information. The set I'm throwing away is LFTRNWCP432977. The set I am purchasing is not a Vizio. Don't buy a Vizio. They have already cost themselves two sales. They should be out of business by 2023 but I wish it were sooner. Wait, the customer service tech said he could help if I mash the v button.

Just bought a VIZIO 48" TV E48U-D0. Following the instructions in your installation guide, first time set-up we plugged the HDMI CABLE into the receiver as shown in your illustration pg.12/13. This did not work. After working over an hour, we called a technician. $90.00 later the technician plugged the HDMI CABLE into the internet connection outlet and the set went on immediately. Your guidebook is wrong and it cost me time and money!

Vizio Smart TV - HUGE disadvantage for people without smart phones as the only way to access the MENU settings for Audio or Picture are via the app. After contacting the SUPPORT they informed me that it was stated on the box that you need to have the app to do that. What it really says on the box is that it is APP enabled meaning yes its cool I can use a smart phone to access my TV, Not that you can ONLY access the menu settings via the smart phone app. My suggestion to Vizio is to install a menu button on their remote to remedy the problem. Bad design flaw is all that the issue is. Simply put could all be solved even with a firmware update to have multiple buttons being depressed to access the menu feature.

We have a 50 inch E500I-B1 TV purchased from Sam's Club approximately 2 years ago. When I tried to turn the TV on I had no audio no picture. I tried 5 times to call tech support, my call would not go through. I then emailed tech support and explained my problem, I was also given an chat tech support address if the issue was not resolved. I followed their directions nothing worked. I tried the chat address that was provided and I was informed there was no such address. I have read other complaints and see that I have the same situation as a lot of other customers. I wonder how this company is allowed to continue to sell an inferior product and provide lousy customer service. Maybe it is time to file a class action lawsuit.

After reading reviews and researching TV's, I came across what I thought was a good deal on a Vizio 50' 240hz HDTV in late May 2015. I did not buy the extended warranty (my mistake). After 14 months, the TV was turning on slower and slower. I called Vizio customer support to find out if this was an issue. The technician had me do a few steps to reset the power system. Once I followed their directions, the TV stopped work altogether!

After several phone calls to Vizio customer support and talking with a supervisor, they refused to honor the warrant since it only was a 1 year warranty (I had the TV for 1 year and 2 months)! I admit that the TV was having problems, but they made it worse and REFUSED to fix the situation. They just gave me the number to the "repair" company they use and this company wanted to charge over $300 to fix it (I bought the TV for less than $650). Do yourself a favor and NEVER BUY A VIZIO TV!!! I would give the product 0 stars if that was an option.

My grandfather had purchased my brother a tv. Sooner he passed it on to me. It is an older model but not way old. He purchased it 3 years ago. Now it has a hazard sign on it, and will not let me on Netflix or Hulu. They always say their operator are busy whenever I try and call to ask why it does this.

My wife and I got a 55" E550i-B2 when we bought our house. It was great, until a year and 9 months of having it. The LED backlight went out and when I called VIZIO to see what we can do to fix it, they said that it was "economically" unfixable, meaning it would be cheaper to buy a new one. Really what that meant was "We won't fix our problem." I was even told that this is a common issue with that model TV and they still won't do anything to fix it! I will never buy another VIZIO and I hope that anyone reading this will not either. They said they could sell me another TV at a discounted price. Yeah, okay. WALMART SELLS THEM CHEAPER! Bunch of LIARS! How can a company produce a product and not stand behind it? Great business model, liars.

I can even go into how many calls, emails back and forth. Costco should dump them from their stores. I bought 5 28-inch TV for the office. One died after a year. Called. "Please fill this out and send us picture." Wow. I sent total of 25 picture mind you. The same 3. It took 5 calls to get the pictures to them because they keep sending the wrong link. Then ok, is under warranty. Then they cancelled. More calls, back and forth. They said it was our fault, and we will send out a 28 inch TV to replace it. Guess what happen today when getting the confirmation, it was sent. "Nope we are not sending it, because we do not do that." Huh? Talk to a supervision which was condescending and very unprofessional. Can give two cents. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. They do not back their products.

I've been recommending Vizio sets for years. When a friend bought a new 70" model at Costco, he soon discovered it had no over-the-air tuner, something that has been standard in TV sets since the 1940s. He had to buy a separate after-market tuner that cost $50 and looks very ugly. Vizio justifies omitting the tuner by claiming that 'only 10% of people' watch over the air and it adds unnecessary cost to each set that most users won't use. This 10% number is old... it's much higher now that many people are cord-cutting. They also say this set is a 'Home Display' and touts it's 'tuner free'. Legally they can't call it a TV. Vizio does not deserve your business for this deception. They are a huge disappointment to me and I will never recommend them again.

OVER 4 YEARS AGO, I was a new comer (legal resident) in the United States. From where I came from, I never got a clue nor did I know what the credit card system was and I never needed or had to have a credit card or a credit score to be able to make purchases in life until I arrived in the United States. It's so hard to get and/or rent a damn house without being faced or bombarded with credit score or credit history interrogations. So as a new comer, I decided to open a credit card with Capital One and start building the damn credit score. When I called Capital one, the only option they had for me was a secured credit card. And I had to put my own money into it to start building my credit score. I did in the tune of $700.00

So on top of my own money I put with them, I get charged $29 annual fee and $14 up, monthly interest fee and if I ever forget any due date I get charged an extra $19...on my own money I put with them. My own $700 I put with them and I certainly understand that Capital One uses my money for business but nooo my $700 have never incurred any interest in for me. In a world of fiscal norms how can you keep using my $700 doing business with, but I don't get interest from it but I you get charge me interests anytime I used it.

The worst thing is that for the past 4 years plus that have been with you Capital One, they had denied all my many applications I submitted to them to give me a normal Capital One credit card that they have been giving to so many other people across America. But Capital One said no to me based on the very reason I came to them to establish a credit at the first place, because I am new in America. I feel so angry and abused by Capital One. And all I want now is close that credit card account. What do you think? And I want interest on my money I put with them...If not...

I own a 55" Vizio smart tv which worked well for the first 9 months I owned it. I then had issues with the power not coming on at all. The power indicator light fades on and off. I called Vizio and went through troubleshooting and was told they would send a technician out since it was within the first year that I purchased it. Several days went by and I heard nothing, so I decided to call. I was then told that there wasn't a technician available in my area. This would have been nice to know when I initially reported the problem. I was then told they would replace my television with what I guess is a refurbished one.

So I lost one week with the initial call then the delivery company calls and gives me a delivery date in two more weeks. So here I wait for a product that I paid for and can't use. On top of all of this the delivery company says they'll deliver and they give me a 4 hour window. Some of us have jobs and can't lose out on work. So I have to take off work half a day to wait on a piece of crap product that will probably break within 6 months. NEVER AGAIN Vizio!

I have a 2 years old Vizio tv. All of a sudden Youtube stops working. I called them up, they said Youtube no longer supports the older model! What are you trying to tell me, my 2 year old tv is old. Or I should go buy a Roku to use on my tv. Vizio false advertise, they advertise Youtube, they should equip the tv with softwares that can update, so we consumers can get what we paid for. They are a ripoff. They deserve zero stars. I will never purchase nothing from this company again.

I buy a TV at Costco and instead of safe and reliable Sony, Lg or Samsung decided to let me take the costs and fell into the trap of Vizio. I came home and went quickly install my TV to watch the Olympic Games and to my surprise not the TV is actually a TV! This company sells a product that deprives us of watching traditional channels such as ABC, NBS, CBS, FOX etc... No TV today, Costco already closed and I cannot change the device that I bought today for a real TV! I've never seen a tv "TUNER FREE" and will never buy one! Vizio also says that whoever wants to receiving free over-the-air signals must buy an adapter device... Not recommend this company. The product is not a tv, it should have an announcement making clear what the product offers.

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Originally sold exclusively in warehouse clubs, Vizio has emerged to become one of North America's top-selling TV brands, offering a wide range of LED-based LCD TVs and available at many major retailers. The company's UHD TVs are the first to include Dolby's high-dynamic range vision technology.

  • LED zones: Superior picture quality is achieved by 16 to 72 (depending on the series) active LED zones that adapt to you to deliver brighter brights and blacker blacks.
  • Smarter TV: With a remote that has dedicated buttons for Netflix, Amazon and iHeartRadio and built-in apps and WiFi connectivity, Vizio takes Smart TV and makes it even smarter.
  • Ultra HD: 4K Ultra HD models have ultra-sharp 2160p resolution that deliver superior picture quality, as well as upscaling for those times you're not watching 4K content.
  • High-dynamic range: The Reference Series is available in 65 inch and 120 inch and comes in amazingly clear high-dynamic-range-enabled 4K Ultra HD, which is the benchmark for superior picture quality. With this TV, you will be ahead of the curve of the possible color spectrum.
  • Wide range of models: Vizio offers TVs in several series for different consumers, from basic models to their Reference Series that has top-of-the-line technology and a cutting-edge design.
  • Best for Movie and TV connoisseurs, bargain shoppers, home-theater enthusiasts and researchers.

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