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In June 2009, I purchased a 19 inch Sylvania LC195SLX television from a Target store in Northern California. Within the first week, vertical blue lines appeared on the screen. Sylvania instructed me on how to return the tv, and they sent me a replacement of the same model. In August 2010 I put this tv in storage and moved to South Dakota.

In October 2010, I purchased a Sylvania LD190SS1 DVD combo 19-inch from a Sears store in Sioux Falls, SD. Exactly 3 years later (October 2013), this second television stopped working. The screen would rotate between solid red and solid blue. I removed the first Sylvania tv from storage in September 2014. Now (August 2016), this first tv is starting to fail exactly the same way as the second Sylvania tv. The screen briefly changes to a solid blue screen and then back to the regular picture.

Do not spend any money getting Sylvania televisions repaired! I paid for repairs on the second tv (one purchased in South Dakota). The repairperson was authorized and had over 50 years experience in tv repair. Within 30 days, the repaired tv failed again! Three strikes and I'm out. I will never purchase another Sylvania television. My experience has been that they fail after 3 years! Every other television that I purchased lasted over 10 years.

I purchased my Sylvania 32 inch flat screen about 8 years ago, and have had no problems whatsoever. The day after Christmas 2015 my house caught on fire, my TV was in the garage, that's where I was using it. The house was a total loss, but the attached garage didn't burn at all. The attic which covered the house and garage had a lot of furniture in it and everything up there burned. I was so upset because my TV was covered with a thick coating of sticky smoke and it was full of ashes and water. I drained out the water and plugged it in and turned it on. It was dead. I threw it out in the trash up by the street.

About 3 days later the trash men hadn't been there yet, so I decided to try plugging it in again to see if it would work, to my amazement it worked. The thick gooey smoke crap that covered the screen was almost impossible to remove. My son said "Let's try oven cleaner", so we did and it worked. This Sylvania TV has given me so many hours of entertainment. I have told this story to so many people and I stand behind Sylvania 100%. After reading these other reviews, I feel very fortunate that I happened to get a good one. Thank you Sylvania.

I bought 2 Sylvania 32 in. TV's for the bedrooms. The first was turned on about 3 times then it just went out and never came back on. The other one I have had for about three years, the same thing, it just went off and never came back on. I'll never buy another Sylvania. Very disappointed.

My Sylvania TV goes up to 100 or down to 0 even if the batteries are removed from the remote control. This is very upsetting specially after coming home from work and wanting to relax by watching TV. I'm very disappointed.

I purchase the Sylvania flat screen TV. After 2 months it stopped working. When it is turned on it show a red screen then a green screen and shuts off. I had a warranty but Sylvania didn't honor it. They wanted me to pay shipping, repair costs, then shipping to get it back. I refuse to put any more money in it. I will never buy another Sylvania.

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Apparently numerous consumers have complaints regarding those volume control and nothing is being done to remedy the situation. Off and on for two months I have experienced volume control difficulty. The information in the manual is no help and I am thoroughly dissatisfied with Sylvania customer service.

My only complaint is that it doesn't have a DVD player, but I knew that when I purchased it. The speakers are actually pretty good compared to the last TV I had. It was a different brand and lasted less than a year. It also has a border around the picture which makes the size smaller than you would think. You have a 19-inch set but 3 inches of border around the picture.

32 in Sylvania Dolby, which is PC ready, HDTV -- have owned it for seven years. Capable of closed caption which I use ALL the time. English/Spanish enabled. Picture size adjustable, and I often use the cinema mode. All in all, I have been very happy with this TV.

Whether my tv is on or off it makes clicking noises. Since it's an older tv it's not under warranty.

Flat screen 42-inch tv. 2 black lines in the middle of tv. The lines were a inch long now. They are all the way to the top of my TV. Can you tell me what causes it and if so how do I fix it and how much? Thank you.

There is a problem with interference affecting volume/Menu on my Sylvania 19" special edition TV. I don't know if this is local or common field 'but' it is not coming from my remote because the batteries were out of the remotes. (I think external damages/Effects should be a crime.)

I purchased an 32 in Sylvania Model # LC3200SLX IN 2012. The tv would not turn on or anything after checking all the connections. I took it to a repair shop, and I was told it would cost me $95-$120. The other brands, and older models have last much longer in the earlier years. What is Sylvania's problem? There should be a class action lawsuit filed. And we as the consumer should be able to be reimbursed some if not all for this misrepresentation of this company for these LCD tv(s).

I bought a Sylvania tv in 2011. After one month I watch it, it wasn't turning on. Waste of money. I wouldn't buy a Sylvania product ever in life.

It worked perfectly when I turned it off last night. Today there is no sound. What could it be?

So my parents purchased this TV for me when I went off to college more than 4 years ago (2010) and I have used it very much in my day to day activities, whether it was for hooking up my laptop to have a second monitor, or to connect my game systems and play them on it with my friends. It doesn't see a lot of use from me all the time recently but I have never had any problems with it. All connections are still like they were many years ago (and I have moved hdmi connections in and out of the input side many times) and I think this TV will still be good for another few years as my extra needed laptop monitor. I can see that other customer have had much problems with their screens and the customer service has been bad for them, but in my case, not having to deal with customer support means I had the better end of the stick. Depends on your use for it I suppose. But overall it is a good screen monitor to me.

I will be moving to Hawaii this spring and I will not be needing 2 tv's so I am keeping the smaller of my 2 and would like to sell the 32 in. Sylvania. I have had no problems at all. I watch quite a bit of t.v. since I am retired and home during the day and night. I was trying to get an idea of an asking price since I've had the tv for 4 years. After reading the reviews I'm not going to ask or expect too much. But I must say I've been very lucky compared to the other consumers.

Purchased this tv Nov. 2012 from Target. This was going to be our bedroom tv. Probably gets used about 5 hours a week. Well this past week it just went dead. Will not power on at all. Never ever will I buy another Sylvania product to get only 2 years out of it, and barely used. Big rip-off!

I have a 6 year old 46 inch sylvania lcd tv. I've never had any problems with it until yesterday I've lost all COLOR. Now only black and white with some faint lines of gray thru it. I've unplugged all power cords from tv and infinity box also all the cords connecting them to each other. Blew connector ends and the import of each device and reconnected in same places even tried again with new cords I've never opened before. NO improvement. Any suggestions on what I may try to reboot trouble shoot or just correct this problem. Is it worth it to call in home service / repair or take it to a tv repair shop. I'm quite stressed. Any tv I've ever had before has lasted decade or so before replacing and that pretty much was just for upgrade newer model. In fact one of my younger daughters is using my oldest daughter's first tv in her room now. No problems. Still it is now a big fat heavy bubble back tv 18 years old. HELP me please.

I could be just way too old school and think 6 years working great is way too young to trash but no clue costs of repairs. Doesn't even make me feel any better my dad bought me this 6 years ago and what he paid for it I can get same type lcd and size for more than half LED than what he paid then 3-400 I've seen in walmart nowadays smart tv of course more but darn it buy new repair or is there something pretty simple I can at least try. Thanks, single cheap/bankrupt mom of 4 daughters

My parents bought this tv with their savings and were super excited to finally have a large flat screen tv. Less than a year later it started shutting itself off. My parents were unable to return it to Kmart where it was purchased. It was a complete waste of their money. I have attempted to get it fixed but have found no one who can fix it. My parents live on a fixed social security income and cannot afford to replace the size of this tv. I am upset that Sylvania is apparently ripping people off by what I have read on the consumers sites. Had I read these reviews first I could have saved my parents their money by telling them to purchase a different brand.

Out of nowhere my TV started beeping every one to two minutes. I unplugged all wires - it's still beeping, no power, no cables, nothing. Beep beep beep is all I hear. What the????? Crazy it's driving me. Hello, what's wrong with it? Picture and everything else is fine.

Need a replacement for a Sylvania Netbook SYNET61601X, the 10" Magni Plus Netbook. I've searched for 2 full days and the few places that used to have them say they don't know if they will ever get them in stock again. I use this Netbook in my business and now it's WORTHLESS, can't get any help for contact information from Sylvania. This is POOR customer service- so there goes the name in any future purchases NEVER AGAIN ANYTHING: SYLVANIA!

Purchased my Sylvania 32-inch from K-Mart after Christmas 2011. Power quit less than a year later; the television would not turn on. Took the unit for repair. A new power supply was installed for $100. Less than a year later the exact same thing happened. TV won't turn on. Set is now hanging dead on my wall as I refuse to sink even more money into this defective product. Like everyone here, I will never buy another Sylvania and I will advise anyone in the market to follow my lead.

Several years ago I bought a small (20?) inch Sylvania TV for my bedroom and I absolutely love it!! Have never had a problem with the TV but did recently have to replace the remote as I dropped the first one too many times. Was going to buy larger Sylvania TV for my living room but am reluctant after reading the reviews. I wonder if the fact that I use an indoor antenna makes a difference. Maybe something in the TV reacts negatively with satellite or cable.

Not sure can blame tv but channel six sound comes & goes. Have always been happy with 37" Sylvania hdtv I got in 2010. But on again, off again - sound on channel six is not a good thing. Are there any solutions?

We bought t.v December 2013 from KMART, quit working February 2014. No power, think there should be a recall. I paid real good money for this Tv and will never buy another Sylvania product!!!!! Very disappointed!!! I remember Sylvania as a child, used to be pretty good quality product, but not anymore.

I purchased a 32 inch flat screen in 2011 and it just blinked out while I was watching it, I had the TV maybe a yr. I didn't get a warranty so Sylvania CSR said it was nothing they can do. I didn't buy the warranty because honestly, I didn't think it would have any problems with it so soon.

TV is approximately six years old, just started shutting off on its own. Found that if you unplug it and wait a half hour or longer, plug it back in, it might work but you don't know for how long.

I have DISH satellite service for my Sylvania TV but the DISH tech support rep was unable to help me and just decided to replace the receiver. However, what I should have done first was do a Google search first because right after my call ended with the rep, I was determined to resolve the problem on my own. So I came across a site that said to verify that the TV was not accidentally muted on the the remote. Then using the Sylvania remote, I was supposed to select the Menu button and look under the TV sound category and keep pressing the "volume" button until I would get sound, but nothing happened. Then I was instructed to **Gently Remove the Smart Card from the Receiver Box, and Reinsert it in the Slot**, the sound FINALLY came back on!! Now, I have to wait for UPS to tell the delivery person to send the receiver back to DISH! *sigh* >: | Anyways, hope this helps you all!!

For the past 2 weeks, my television started to malfunction. While watching a television program, the television would turn off and come back on. This morning I went to turn the television on and it would not turn on. The television does have on the red stand by light, but the TV will not turn on. I called the company and they stated this problem has never been reported to them before. They suggested that I unplug the TV and leave it off for 30 minutes and then plug it into a different power source. This should cause the TV to reboot. All was done and nothing was accomplished. Since I am out of warranty, there is nothing they will do for me.

We bought our Sylvania less than 2 years ago. It worked fine until last night. Now it won't turn on. We've tried everything. First we thought it might be the remote so we changed the batteries. No such luck. What a huge disappointment and a big waste of money. No more Sylvania products will enter this household.

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